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									Question 1

Question 2

Five equally spaced buoys represent the direct passage across Lake Theta from the Stanford to the
Fairview landing.

Outboard and Speedboat depart from Stanford in their respective boats to go to Fairview.
Outboard advances direct whereas Speedboat needs to stop at the Cranfield landing to refuel.

Outboard just passes the second buoy as Speedboat stops at Cranfield. Outboard is passing the third
buoy as Speedboat leaves Cranfield.

They landed at Fairview simultaneously.
a. How far is Cranfield from Stanford?
b. How far is Fairview from Cranfield?

Problem 14.4 A Prism

A rectangular prisms surface area is equal to 324 cm . If its length and width are 12 cm and 8 cm
respectively, find the prisms height.

Question 3

Determine the maximum number of 20 cm by 15 cm Christmas cards you can make from a 3 m by 2 m
cardboard sheet, if each card has four pages (i.e. 2 leaves).

Question 4

A cars engine has 6 cylinders, each of diameter 9.6 cm and height 10.4 cm. Find the capacity of the
engines cylinders in cc (cubic centimetres).

Question 5

A rectangular swimming pools depth is 1 m at the shallow end and gradually increases to 4 m at the deep
end, as shown in the following diagram.
a. the cost of painting the pool at $5 per square metre
b. the amount of water (measured in litres) required to fill the pool

Question 6

A swimming pool has a length of 50 m and a width of 36 m. The pools depth is 1 m at the shallow end
and gradually increases to 2.5 m at the deep end. Calculate the capacity of the pool in litres.

Question 7

A shoemakers knife consists of a large semicircle and two small semicircles with diameters that add up to
that of the large semicircle, as shown in the following diagram.

                                                  1. Use a compass to draw a shoemakers knife.

3. Find the area of the face of the knife.

4. If the thickness of the knife is 1 mm, find the volume of the knife.


5. Draw a shoemakers knife on graph paper.
6. Draw a line PQ perpendicular to AB; and draw a circle of diameter PQ as shown in the following

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