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									                          Kick Racism Out of Sports, Schools and Society

       This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the
       views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may made
       of the information contained therein.

Minutes of the KROSSS meeting Madrid 16-18th May 2009

The KROSSS project team plus external evaluator and film producer gathered at Tajamar School

              Project Number: 142471-LLP-2008-1-NO-COMENIUS-CMP
Venue: CECE Office
Marques de Mondejar 29
Manel Becerra Metro Station

John Rullestad                     PPS Karmøy, NO
Randi C.Jøsang                     PPS Karmøy, NO
Maud Ellen Mikkelsen               PPS Karmøy, NO
Eddie Sternhoff                    Sportsklubben Vard Haugesund, NO
Cecilie Brekke Strand              Sportsklubben Vard Haugesund, NO
Borghild Skeie                     Sportsklubben Vard, NO
Selina Martin                      CECE Madrid, ESP
Enrique Nieto Garcia               CECE Madrid, ESP
Will Hammonds                      The Change Institute, London, UK
Lakhbir Bhandal                    The Change Institute, London, UK
Samir Singh                        FC Arsenal, London, UK
Gert Larsen                        PCA Albertslund, DK
Louise Sjøgrean                    PCA Albertslund, DK
Jesper Therkildsen                 PCA Albertslund, DK
Ronnie Badeby                      PCA Albertslund, DK

Pål Karlsen                        Snøball AS, NO
Asad Ahmed,                        External Evaluator Copenhagen, DK

   1. JR to chair the meeting, CECE to write minutes day 1 and CI (Will Hammonds) to
      write minutes second day.

   2. Minutes of Board meeting held in Norway January 2009 - approved

   3. WP1 Progress/Status reports and WP 11 Dissemination from all partners

      Meetings/Activities about the Krosss project:

      Norway (PPS and Vard):
         a. Head teachers and deputy head teachers in Karmøy
         b. Educational politicians in Karmøy
         c. Staff at PPS Karmøy
         d. The General Secretary of the Norwegian Football Association, Ms. Karen
            Espelund, and two of her staff responsible for inclusion in football in Norway
         e. Local meetings between Vard and PPS.

      B. Activities:
          f. International week at Kopervik Primary School with a lot of sports/
               KROSSS activities as part of the programme. Aimed at both pupils and
          g. The family learning project to parents at Karmø Adult Education Centre

            Project Number: 142471-LLP-2008-1-NO-COMENIUS-CMP
            h. Promoting the KROSSS project in local media
            i. Presentation of KROSSS as part of exhibition European Schools Project
               conference in Tarttu, Estonia (130 participants)
            j. Presentation of KROSSS as part of the exhibition at the 9th National
               Education Conference, Haugesund, Norway (420 participants)

        Spain: (CECE):
        a. Articles in two magazine
        b. Blog on the Web
        c. Meetings with Tajamat school
        d. Contact with sports clubs in Madrid near Tajamat school to plan future
        e. Web site with article about KROSSS
        f. Suggestion to see into the use of Facebook and Wikipedia regarding the project

        England (CI and Arsenal):
        a. Background for the research done so far regarding the literature overview
        b. Arsenal Double Club model on how to have sports as an important factor in social
        c. Introduction about Kick Out Racism/ Show the Red Card

        Denmark (Albertslund):
        a. Preparing and disseminating the logo competition to all partners
        b. Information to local schools an stakeholders
        c. Article in staff magazine

John Rullestad (NO), chairing            Eddie Sternhof (Vard, NO), Will Hammonds (Change
                                         Institute UK) and Samir Singh (Arsenal,UK) discussing
                                         Further plans in the KROSSS project

   4.      Course outline, WP6 Course marketing and WP8 Course delivery

                a. Contents day-by day ideas
                b. Presentation by Pål Karlsen of film potential titles for integration in the in-
                   service training:
                       i. This film should be 4 /5 minutes?, this film is for the teachers and
                          not for the children and not use for both.

               Project Number: 142471-LLP-2008-1-NO-COMENIUS-CMP
                     ii. This film is just a start to the teachers to begin the course with a
                         general topic.
                    iii. Several clips are much more flexible to use in a course or in a
                         website. Information and dissemination.
                    iv. Opportunity for people to be active during the conference
                     v. Multicultural, examples, has to be illustrated and demonstrated.
                    vi. Interviews
                   vii. How shall the film be used and in what context?
              c. Promotion of course -how, to whom?
                 EUs database
                 Brochure has been distributed on electronical network/e-mail and at
                 courses/ conferences
              d. Course- organization
                      i. Dates: 18th-25th April 2008
                     ii. Venue Emirates Stadium, conference centre - Samir to check out
                         availability and also hotel options
                    iii. Cultural/School visits: Samir and Lahkbir to check out..
                    iv. Application deadline: 15th Sept 2009 to National Agencies

   5.     WP 7 Web site - status
          Input on materials, product and links for the site where given by all partners.
         John to liaise with Webmaster Margareth Tangen of PPS about updating of contents.

Tuesday 12th May 2008
Selina Martin               CECE Spain
Enrique Nieto Garcia        CECE Spain
Cecilie Brekke Strand       Vard Norway
Eddie Sternhoff             Vard Norway
Jesper Therkildsen          PCA Denmark
Gert Karlsen                PCA Denmark
Louisie Sjøgren             PCA Denmark
Ronnie Badeby               PCA Denmark
Samir Singh                 Arsenal UK
Will Hammonds               CI    UK
Lakhbir Bhandal             CI    UK
John Rullestad (Chair)      PPS Norway
Maud Ellen Mikkelsen        PPS Norway
Randi Jøsang                PPS Norway

Pål Karlsen                 Snøball AS
Asad Ahmed                  (External evaluator)

During the morning the project team were taken on a guided tour of the Tajamar
school that gave the team the opportunity to see the facilities of the school. Following
the tour Enrique Garcia gave a presentation of the history, ethos and running of the

             Project Number: 142471-LLP-2008-1-NO-COMENIUS-CMP
Enrique Garcia (Spain left explaining to Gert Larsen (PCA, DK),John Rullestad (PPS,NO) and Samir
Singh (Arsenal.,UK) about Spanish education system

1. General Business
    A secret ballot to select the project logo was held. The choice was between a
      Spanish entry and a Danish entry. The Danish entry was selected. A prize is to
      be provided by AFC.

    JR requested that all pictures taken by project participants be sent to John as
     soon as possible. Pictures will be used for the website and reporting to the

    Interim report - expenses and staff costs forms to be completed and returned
     to John for the interim report

2. What is racism and the legal contexts relating to it?
Asad Ahmed conducted a workshop with the project team that explored the meaning
and features of racism in society. The group shared a series of concepts and words
that they felt would underpin their vision of a racist society.
Following the exercise AA distributed material relating to the legal context of anti
racism and inclusion, including;
     The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

    The European Convention on Human Rights and fundamental freedoms

AA also provided an example of similar local initiatives including the ‘Declaration of
Dublin Inner City Partnership Anti-Racism and Diversity Plan’

              Project Number: 142471-LLP-2008-1-NO-COMENIUS-CMP
AA also provided copies of the ‘Doll Test’ that had been shown at the first project
meeting as well as a story from US radio that highlighted how language and
representation can be infused by racist language.

    Meeting second day. Enrique NietoGarcia (Spain,right) presenting Tajamar school and its’
    Involvement in sports.

3. Evaluation Reports
     AA provided further guidance on using the Leminskat project management

    Evaluation reports for each work package covering points A, B, C of the model
     to be returned to AA prior to the school holidays. (All WP leaders)

4. Soccer Tournament
A separate meeting was held by the sports sub-group which found the word
tournament limiting in order to describe the kinds of activities that will be undertaken.
     Possibility of sports club partners to attend the ‘Colourfull Football’ soccer
      tournament being held in Vard 6th June to be investigated. Eddie to send an
      official invitation to Arsenal and Albertslund

    The group also discussed the potential for electronic and physical school

5. Next steps
Action                                               Partner           Date
1. Work package evaluation reporting (to Asad).      All               Prior to summer
 i. Provide reporting covering points A & B of                         vacations
      Lemniskat model
 ii. Assessment of central question
 iii. Observations and description of current
      context in relation to central question
 iv. Analysis explanation and hypotheses
2. Status report for interim report (to John)        All               22nd May
   i. Complete and send status grid to John re
      what done to date – including dissemination
  ii. What is being planned
 iii. Financial reporting                            PPS and CI        1st Nov
 iv. Interim report submission

              Project Number: 142471-LLP-2008-1-NO-COMENIUS-CMP
3. Literature review                                CI             22nd May
 i. National case study instructions to be sent
      to partners                                   All            30th June
 ii. National partners to contribute examples of
      relevant national material and stakeholder
      contact details
4. Course contents- ideas: (more to be              PPS?           Ongoing
developed)                                                         All items except ix. to
Course programme to be written up: including                       be ready/discussed at
aims/objectives/target participants etc                            November meeting
 i. Commence development of potential               All
      course materials
 ii. Development of case studies (including         All
 iii. parents involvement)
 iv. Schools/cultural visit                         AFC
 v. Education policy and integration speaker        AFC
 vi. Racism awareness section                       AA/ CI
 vii. The Vard model                                Vard           Asap
 viii. Kick it out - visual presentation            Arsenal
 ix. The KROSSS Market Place                        PPS
    x. How is the KROSSS issue in my country?       Course
 xi. Based on input on contents - ideas for         participants
        short introductory films                    Pål
 xii. Short course description for the EC           PPS
        training brochure
5. Schools programme                                PPS/ PCA/      Ongoing. Item at next
 i. Commence development and testing of             CECE/ AFC      meeting
 ii. Adaptation of existing Arsenal teaching        Samir with
        materials for KROSSS with                   support from
        examples/inputs from partner countries      All
 iii. Samir to send materials to partners to test   Samir
        in schools in DK, NO and Spain

6. Next meeting                                     All            22-25th Nov 2009
7. Course Dates                                     AFC and CI     18th-24th April 2010
Course organisation: estimates for                                 London
accommodation, travel and food costs to be sent
to John
8. Conference dates                                 PCA and PPS    8th-10th September 2010
Possibility of promoting the conference as a                       Haugesund/ Karmøy
contact seminar to enable teachers to access
Comenius funding to attend
9. Web site                                         PPS            Updating by 1st June
PCA to send logo to PPS                                            2009
10. Draft of minutes from meeting in Madrid         Day 1: CECE    22nd May 2009
                                                    Day 2: Will
11.Wikipedia                                        John to
                                                    with Enrique

               Project Number: 142471-LLP-2008-1-NO-COMENIUS-CMP

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