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									(702) 792-6678 •                                                   Dateline USa                                                         LAS VEGAS ASIAN JOURNAL • JUNE 17-23, 2010                           A

               From The FronT Page                                         Americans get most radiation from medical scans
Aquino urged to review...
                                                                              We fret about airport scanners, power lines, cell phones and even
                                                                           microwaves. It’s true that we get too much radiation. But it’s not from
                                                                           those sources—it’s from too many medical tests.
PAGE A1                                                                       Americans get the most medical radiation in the world, even more
   Santiago said she would not        deficit and the growing public       than folks in other rich countries. The US accounts for half of the most
want to offer Aquino any unso-        debt.”                               advanced procedures that use radiation, and the average American’s dose
licited advice.                          Santiago said she had watched     has grown sixfold over the last couple of decades.
   “I think we should just leave      on the History Channel a docu-          Too much radiation raises the risk of cancer. That risk is growing
him alone,” she said.                 mentary on the assassination         because people in everyday situations are getting imaging tests far too
   “I’m very concerned that           of Aquino’s father, Sen. Be-         often. Like the New Hampshire teen who was about to get a CT scan to
America is showing its hand too       nigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr., and        check for kidney stones until a radiologist, Dr. Steven Birnbaum, discov-
early—giving him the big build        she could not see the reason         ered he’d already had 14 of these powerful X-rays for previous episodes.
up. So that is going to provoke       Americans had to show this           Adding up the total dose, “I was horrified” at the cancer risk it posed,
the suspicion in the minds of         documentary on the death of          Birnbaum said.
many that America is intending        Aquino’s father, emphasizing            After his own daughter, Molly, was given too many scans following a
to manipulate the Aquino presi-       the mastermind behind the kill-      car accident, Birnbaum took action: He asked the two hospitals where
dency,” Santiago said.                ing had never been identified        he works to watch for any patients who had had 10 or more CT scans, or
   “I think that America, just like   and so on, “and in effect glorify-   patients under 40 who had had five—clearly dangerous amounts. They
the Filipino nation, should leave     ing his dad.”                        found 50 people over a three-year period, including a young woman with
him alone and stop sycophan-             “In my mind, there is no          31 abdominal scans.
tizing like everybody else with       doubt that his dad is a genuine         When other radiologists tell him they’ve never found such a case,
respect to this new president. So     national hero, but I’m very sus-     Birnbaum replies: “That tells me you haven’t looked.”
I think that, finally with respect    picious as a thinking Filipino          Of the many ways Americans are overtested and overtreated, imaging
to policies, he’s an economics        citizen on why the Americans         is one of the most common and insidious. CT scans—“super X-rays”             Dr. Steven Birnbaum works a CT scanner with a patient at Southern New Hampshire Medical
graduate. We’re hoping that           should suddenly show this kind       that give fast, extremely detailed images—have soared in use over the        Center in Nashua, NH.                                                         AP photo
he will be able to address im-        of a documentary when the son        last decade, often replacing tests that don’t require radiation, such as     of Geiger counter” that a doctor checked before ordering a test, said Dr.
mediately the biggest economic        is entering into public office,”     ultrasound and MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging.                           Prashant Kaul of Duke University.
problems such as the budget           Santiago said.                          Radiation is a hidden danger—you don’t feel it when you get it, and any      He led an eye-opening study that found that US heart attack patients
                                                                           damage usually doesn’t show up for years. Taken individually, tests that     get the radiation equivalent of 850 chest X-rays over the first few days

LA City proclaims...
                                                                           use radiation pose little risk. Over time, though, the dose accumulates.     they are in the hospital — much of it for repeat tests that may not have
                                                                              Doctors don’t keep track of radiation given their patients—they order     been needed.
                                                                           a test, not a dose. Except for mammograms, there are no federal rules           How much radiation is risky?
PAGE A1                                                                    on radiation dose. Children and young women, who are most vulnerable            It’s hard to say. The best guess is based on the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear
                                                                           to radiation harm, sometimes get too much at busy imaging centers that       power plant accident and studies of Japanese atomic bomb survivors
with members of the Los Angeles Filipino Association of City               don’t adjust doses for each patient’s size.                                  who had excess cancer risk after exposures of 50 to 150 millisieverts (a
Employees (LAFACE) and officials from the Philippine Consul-                  That may soon change. In interviews with The Associated Press, US         measure of dose) of radiation.
ate General in Los Angeles.                                                Food and Drug Administration officials described steps in the works,            A chest or abdominal CT scan involves 10 to 20 millisieverts, versus
   “Filipinos have contributed widely and distinguished them-              including possibly requiring device makers to print the radiation dose       0.01 to 0.1 for an ordinary chest X-ray, less than 1 for a mammogram,
selves, they are a vital part of the Los Angeles City,” said Hui-          on each X-ray or other image so patients and doctors can see how much        and as little as 0.005 for a dental X-ray. Natural radiation from the sun
zar.                                                                       was given.                                                                   and soil accounts for about 2 millisieverts a year.
   Singer Bernardo Bernardo regaled the council with his rendi-               The FDA also is pushing industry and doctors to set standard doses           A big study last year estimated that 4 million Americans get more than
tion of Magsimula Ka. One by one, councilmembers comment-                  for common tests such as CT scans.                                           20 millisieverts a year from medical imaging. Two percent of people in
ed on the positive impact that Filipinos have made to the city                “We are considering requirements and guidelines for record-keeping        the study had high exposure—20 to 50 millisieverts.
of Los Angeles.                                                            of dose and other technical parameters of the imaging exam,” said Sean          Another study by Columbia University researchers, published in 2007,
   “I don’t know where our health industry would be without                Boyd, chief of the FDA’s diagnostic devices branch.                          estimated that in a few decades, as many as 2 percent of all cancers in the
Filipinos,” said Richard Alarcón Councilmember of District                    A near-term goal: developing a “radiation medical record” to track        US might be due to radiation from CT scans given now. Since previous
Seven.                                                                     dose from cradle to grave.                                                   studies suggest that a third of all tests are unnecessary, 20 million adults
   “The Filipino community has done well pushing their chil-                  “One of the ways we could improve care is if we had a running sort                                                                            PAGE A4
dren in education,” added Councilman Tony Cardenas of Dis-
trict Six.
   LAFACE President Cora Aragon Soriano said it’s important
for Filipinos residing in the US to continue to celebrate Philip-
pine Heritage despite not living in the Philippines.
   “We wouldn’t be here if we were still under the rule of Spain,”
she said. “It’s the idea of being free. Yes, we are in America
now but we’re still Filipinos so we’ll celebrate being Filipino.”
   More than 50 Filipino Americans attended the proclamation,
a far cry from the ten people that were present in last year’s
Philippine Heritage event at the City Hall.
   David Rockello of The Greater Echo Park Elysian Neighbor-
hood Council said this event would only grow larger in the com-
ing years.
   “I think a lot of Filipinos now realize how important it is for
the city council to recognize them,” he said.

Dodgers celebrate Filipino...
   Asian Journal’s President          rice.
and Executive Editor Cora                Mike Nailat, a resident of
Oriel, who is also a member           Historic Filipinotown, said the
of the board of trustees for          Dodgers and Filipinos make a
Ayala Foundation and a board          great combination.
member of SIPA; Executive                “For us Filipinos, this night,
Director of SIPA Joel Jacinto,        we’re recognized in a more
Winston Emano of Festival of          mainstream level. We’re al-
Philippine Arts and Culture           ready Dodger fans so I think
(FPAC) and Meg Thornton are           we deserve a day like this,”
Asian advisory board members          said Nailat.
of Time Warner Cable.                    Jackie Arande, a 26-year-old
   Also present during the            advertising executive, came
game was Erika Johnson, ad-           with a group of 10 people. She
vertising and promotions man-         said this night is all about par-
ager for the Dodgers.                 tying.
   A celebration of being Fili-          “I love how this night unites
pino                                  us and brings us all together,”
   “This night is just a great        she said.
way to celebrate us,” said San-          Jason Lacsamana, director
chez, the 14-year-old singer          of youth initiatives and spe-
from San Diego who has near-          cial projects at Orange Coun-
ly 50,000 YouTube subscribers         ty Asian and Pacific Islander
and four million hits in one of       Community Alliance, summed
her videos.                           up the Philippine Heritage
   Manny Ramirez hit a boom-          night best.
ing two-run homerun in the               Lacsamana said the Dodgers
first inning as Filipino fans         brought together the commu-
were filing in to the “My Town”       nity not only to watch the team
section of Dodgers Stadium,           play but also to celebrate Fili-
giving the Dodgers a lead that        pino culture and the diversity
they would hold for the rest of       of Los Angeles.
the night.                               “You don’t see this in the
   Ignacio Rodriguez of the           other sporting teams here in
Dodgers Marketing department          Los Angeles. You never see
said the ‘My Town’ section of         the Lakers host a Filipino
Filipino Heritage Night was           Heritage night. You just don’t
nearly a complete sell out. The       see this on a normal basis but
Dodgers gave away a special           the Dodgers have done this
more than 1,000 commemora-            for years,” he said. “This is
tive “My Town” t-shirts mark-         really special it’s like a barrio
ing the occasion – a red and          fiesta.”
blue shirt with an eight-rayed           “This night is also special
golden-yellow Philippine sun          because it gives us Filipinos a
as the “O” in Town.                   chance to honor our family,”
   “These aren’t the most de-         he added. “As the son of im-
sired seats out here but it’s         migrants, I don’t want to for-
great when the community              get the sacrifices my parents
comes together and celebrates         made for us. Although we’re
the Filipino culture,” said Ro-       Americans now, it’s important
driguez.                              that we still remember where
   This is the fifth time the         we come from especially at an
Dodgers have hosted a Fili-           event like this.”
pino Heritage night. The team            Ramirez’s two-run homerun,
began honoring the Filipino           Blake DeWitt’s two added RBI’s
community in 2006.                    and Jonathan Broxton’s ninth
   This year, many Filipino           inning saved closed out the St.
fans sitting at the “My Town”         Louis Cardinals, completing a
section again came out wear-          sweep of the National League
ing Dodger Blue and enjoyed           Central team Wednesday night
a night of all-you-can eat            – making it a win-win situation
dodger dogs, popcorn, nachos          for the Dodgers and Filipino
and chicken adobo with garlic         fans.

Pacquiao willing to...
anyone other than Mayweather) always okay.”
  In an interview with Univision recently, Golden Boy Promotions
president Oscar De La Hoya disclosed that negotiators are close
to finalizing the details of a Pacquiao-Mayweather showdown,
which is projected to reward each boxer at least $40 million.
  Though humbled by Pacquiao in their 145-pound duel, Cotto
merited a second look after the Puerto Rican dethroned Yuri Fore-
man with a ninth-round TKO in their WBA junior middleweight
championship fight on June 5.
  A Pacquiao-Cotto II will be at 154 pounds, which could give
the Filipino pound-for-pound king his eighth world champion-

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