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									                              World Learning
                            Request for Proposals
                 2010-2011 Community Connections Program

The US Agency for International Development’s Community Connections Program contributes
to economic and democratic reform to promote mutual understanding in Europe and Eurasia–by
providing participants' broad exposure to U.S. society and helping to create personal connections
with Americans and advancing democratic and free-market principles in a region where those
principles are still tenuous. This program is expected to:

      Expose participants to the institutions and challenges of a democratic, free market

      Inspire participants to implement change in their home countries;

      Build public-private partnerships; and

      Create professional linkages between the American host communities and the
       participants' home communities.

Close collaboration between USAID staff and Embassy Public Affairs staff ensures that the
Community Connections program is based on current public diplomacy needs. The Community
Connections program is a valuable tool for ambassadors and embassies as it gives US embassies
the opportunity to recommend visitor profiles and programmatic themes and provide input on the
selection of visitors and hosting organizations.

World Learning, the USAID FORECAST implementing contractor, is in its final year of
implementing the USAID Community Connections Program, a five-year contract. Visitor
recruitment and preliminary selection are carried out by World Learning’s three sub-contractor
organizations: PH International in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, and Ukraine; American
Councils for International Education in the Central Asian Republics; The Center for Social and
Economic Development in Moldova, and World Learning’s field office in Belgrade is
responsible for the recruitment in Serbia. Additionally, USAID is currently conducting the
recruitment and selection in Belarus and Uzbekistan. Recruitment is conducted through a merit-
based open competition.

World Learning identifies U.S. Host Organizations for the overall implementation of the
program based on an open and rolling call for proposals. Host Organizations are tasked with
arranging for site-visits, training sessions, home-stay placements, cultural activities, logistics and
interpretation. Host Organizations work closely with local businesses and public and private

organizations that volunteer their time and resources to develop and implement programs for
Community Connections visitors.

Professional groups of ten visitors each will be formed based on specific themes. Programs are
3-weeks in length have a home-stay and cultural component requirement.

World Learning and its sub-contractors will be responsible for visitor recruitment and selection,
international travel arrangements and purchase of airline tickets, preparing visitor documents
necessary to secure visas, enrolling visitors in USAID’s Health and Accident Coverage (HAC)
program, and monitoring Host Organization performance.


The Community Connections procurement process is conducted in two stages:

Stage I:
All organizations must meet certain standards to qualify as Host Organizations for Community
Connections and an open competition is conducted to determine the pool of organizations that
meet the standards to qualify as Host Organizations for Community Connections programs. All
successful applicants will proceed to Stage II.

Stage I is a pre-qualifying stage and organizations need only submit a Stage I once. During this
stage, prospective Host Organizations will submit a proposal that demonstrates their specific
capability to host Community Connections groups in a cost-effective manner. All organizations
who are interested in participating in the Community Connections program must pre-qualified
and participate in Stage I.

Stage I proposals will be reviewed and ranked by a Technical and a Budget Committee for
program content and administration, cost-effectiveness, and other criteria spelled out in this

Stage II:

World Learning will use extensive theme-specific data and information provided by the Host
Organizations in Stage I as well as the information and data generated through the
implementation of past CC programs to match the most suitable Host Organization to each

Host Organizations will be sent Capability Statement Requests (CSRs) if your institution has
been identified by World Learning as being specifically well positioned to implement that
particular program. One pre-qualified Host Organization will be asked to submit a Capability
Statement for each program. Upon receipt of USAID approval of your Capability Statement,
World Learning will be able to officially award the program to your organization.


This solicitation invites your organization to submit a Stage I proposal Community Connections
that describes specific and detailed capabilities for organizing and implementing
community-based programs for professionals and entrepreneurs from Armenia, Azerbaijan,
Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Moldova, Russia, Serbia, Tajikistan,
Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

Offerors must demonstrate experience/capacity to provide visitors with a professional hands-on
experience, a home-stay, and exposure to American life and culture. Community Connections is
not academic in nature. Rather, it is designed to provide practical exposure professional fields in
the hopes that visitors will gain valuable transferable knowledge and skills. Offerors will
demonstrate their ability and experience in providing a combination of professional enrichment
activities through lectures, site visits and volunteering.

The proposal should specifically address the offeror’s ability to host these groups. The proposal
must indicate on the checklist (Appendix 1) all those themes in which the offeror has the
community resources to design and deliver successful programs. Offerors should check only
those themes for which you have specific expertise and community resources.

Professional visitors will be leaders, or potential leaders, in their respective fields. Stage I
proposals must demonstrate how the offeror has worked closely with community institutions to
create a program to expose visitors to U.S. practices for a three-week period. All visitors must
have the opportunity to observe and interact with their professional counterparts. Visitors should
be encouraged to participate in community volunteer activities, when appropriate. Visitors will
not be required to speak English, therefore professional interpretation must be provided.


To be considered eligible for Stage I pre-qualification, offerors should submit a complete and
thorough narrative that describes their capabilities in a convincing and comprehensive manner.
Proposal Sections B&C below must not exceed 15 pages total, and should address the following

Section A – Summary Information
    Cover sheet (template provided)
    Capability list of themes, countries, and availability (Appendix 1)
    Summary list of similar visitor exchange programs conducted from 2003-2008 in the
       template provided (Appendix 2)

Section B – Corporate Capabilities
    Demonstration that the offeror has actual experience in providing similar services as
       requested in this solicitation.

Section C - Technical Content

Proposals should include the following components:

   Programming Capabilities:
    Demonstration of expertise in program themes as indicated in Appendix 1
    Local resources, experts and action planning facilitators available to implement programs
    Successful history of arranging professional training, seminars, and site-visits
    Ability to conduct effective action-planning sessions
    Active home-stay network with families willing to host visitors
    Specific community activities that involve visitors in community and American cultural
    Demonstrated ability to prepare and orient the local community for hosting visitors
    How the offeror utilized lessons learned from hosting previous visitor exchange or other
      similar programs
   Regional expertise:
    Special ties or connections the organization and community have to specific countries
      participating in the Community Connections Program
    List of professional interpreters committed to working with the offeror
    Examples of program monitoring systems the offeror has in place to ensure successful
      home-stay placements, and the ability to make changes as needed

Section D- Management and Staffing

   Program administration
    Experience of program management staff
    Appropriateness of level of staffing to successfully implement a program
    Resumes of key program staff should be included as Appendix 3. No single resume
      should exceed two pages

 Logistics management
    Experience in managing all the logistics of visitor exchange programs, including cultural
      activities, coordination of home-stays arranging action planning sessions, airport meet
      and greet, local transportation, hotel arrangements, per diem disbursement, and medical

Section E – Proposal Budget
Total costs, including program administration and visitor costs for a Community Connections
program, should not exceed $1,652 per visitor per week/visitor if the visitors will be utilizing
public transportation for the professional or cultural part of the program, or $1,637 if public
transportation is not utilized (see budget). Hosting Organizations are expected to demonstrate a
minimum cost-share of 20%.

Using the attached template in Appendix 4, please submit a budget for a three-week program.
Fixed pass-through visitor costs have already been included in the template.

 Section F – Letters of Reference
Offerors are required to submit 2 letters of reference as Appendix 5 from previous funding
and/or programming agencies.

Section G –Tax Exemption Status
Copy of IRS notification of current tax-exempt status as Appendix 6.


Proposals will be reviewed for program content, cost-effectiveness, and other criteria spelled out
in this solicitation by the World Learning Technical and Budget Committee. Committee
recommendations will be forwarded to USAID for final selection of Stage I pre-qualified Host

Note: Points will be deducted for not using the templates provided.

Each submission will be reviewed and ranked according to the following criteria:


The Technical Strategy/Approach includes the following elements:
Programming Capability: The offeror’s demonstration of sufficient skills, experience, and
expertise in program themes indicated on the RFP checklist; record of arranging professional
programs, appropriate home-stay placements; arranging cultural activities; arranging
professional interpretation.
Regional expertise: The offeror’s demonstration of knowledge and/or regional expertise specific
to Community Connections countries or regions.
Monitoring procedures: The offeror’s ability to provide examples of program monitoring
systems to ensure proper host-family and job-shadowing placements; experience managing crisis
situations and making program adjustments, and experience conducting program evaluations.


The Management and Staffing Plan demonstrates the offeror’s ability to manage program
implementation efficiently and effectively:
Program administration: The offeror’s experience in staffing to manage visitor programs;
appropriateness and level/number of personnel, the organization’s ability to manage and report
on the financial aspects of the program; and ability to deliver a cost-effective program.
Logistics management: The offeror’s experience in managing all the logistics required of
Community Connections programs, including airport meet and greet, local transportation,
coordination of home-stay placements, cultural activities, action planning sessions, hotel

arrangements, per diem disbursement, and medical emergencies.


The corporate capabilities and experience section focuses on the existing capabilities of the
offeror and its actual experience in providing similar services to those required in this RFP.
Under this evaluation factor, the Technical Committee will review the level of demonstrated
capability and experience in running similar exchange programs.


The Technical Committee will take into account letters of reference from previous funding
and/or programming agencies. The Committee may also use performance information obtained
from sources other than those identified by the offerors.


The Budget Committee will evaluate budgets for successful demonstration of responsible fiscal
management, accuracy and completeness of budget templates, and competitiveness. Evaluation
under this factor will focus on cost containment and the offeror’s ability to provide the minimum
required 20% cost share of legitimate expenses. Scoring will be based on how well the offeror is
able to keep within the established range stated in the RFP.

World Learning may exclude an offer so unreasonably priced, in relation to the stated range as to
appear that there will be little or no chance of becoming competitive. Awards resulting from this
solicitation will be made to the responsible offerors whose proposals represent the best value
after evaluation in accordance with the factors as set forth in this solicitation.


Stage I proposals may be submitted to World Learning at any time. Please submit
our proposal, with all required appendices and attachments electronically to Lisa Posner Olocco,
Director, Community Connections.

An e-mail confirmation will be sent to you. If you do not receive an acknowledgement email
you should assume your proposal has NOT been received. Offerors will be notified of the
results of their submission by e-mail.


For further information regarding this program or the competition, please send your inquiries to

                      COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS

                         CONTACT INFORMATION


                                                 Appendix 1

                                        Community Connections
                              2010-2011 Host Organization Theme Expertise


    Themes for the 2010-2011 Community Connections Program have not been finalized, however
    we have compiled a list of program themes based on over 300 programs implemented under

    Please indicate your organization’s expertise/capability/interest in each theme and assign it a
    preference/capability rating as shown in the table below. This is important because it will enable
    World Learning to better distribute programs to Host Organizations based on your resources,
    expertise, and preferences.

           If you do not have any resources for a theme or there is little interest in a theme please
            leave the cell blank.

           If you rate a theme as a 1, i.e. your organization has excellent resources and this is a
            preferred them, please provide supporting information. It can be names of similar
            programs, specific professional resources, and/or organizational talents.

           If you rate a theme a 2, i.e. your organization has good resources and it is a theme of
            interest, you may, although not required, to provide supporting information.

           If you rate a theme as a 3, i.e. you only have moderate resources, no supporting
            information is needed.

    Note: Send an appendix listing any supporting information you provide.

                                                                         1                    2                    3
                                                                 Excellent resources   Good resources &    Moderate resources
                                                                 & preferred theme;     preferred theme;
                                                                 Examples required     Examples optional
1      Accounting
2           Agribusiness
            Agriculture (specify types of issues for rating 1,
3           2, or 3 in attachment)
4           Food Processing
5           Farmer's Associations

6          Water User's Associations
7          Other
8    Arts & Craft/Handicraft Management
9    Banking & Finance
10   Bed & Breakfast Management
11   Book Publishing
12   Business
13         SMEs
14         Business Schools/Education
15         Associations
16   City Planning/Urban Development
17   Civic Activism/Engagement
18   Combating Corruption
19   Community Assistance to Vulnerable Children
20   Conflict Resolution
21   Corporate Social Responsibility
22   Cultural Preservation
23   Disability Issues
24   Disaster Preparedness and Response
25   Drug/Substance Abuse
26   E-Government
27         K-12
28         Higher Education
29         Adult Education/Vocational Training
30         Special Education
31   Economic Development
32   Elections and Campaigns
33   Energy Efficiency
34   Environment
35         Natural Resource Management
36         National Parks
37         Forest Preservation
38   Film Production
39   Foundations
40   Government (local/state)
41   Health Care
42         Infectious Disease Control
43         Family Medicine
44         Women's Health
                                                 - 10 -

45         Maternal and Child Health
46         HIV/AIDS/STD prevention and treatment
47   Historic and Cultural Preservation
48   Hotel and Restaurant Management
49   Housing: Public and Private
50   Human Resource Management
51   Human Rights
52   Human Trafficking (women, children, labor)
53   Immigration
54   Industrial Waste Management
55   Information Technology
56   Infrastructure Finance
57   Judicial Reform
58   Juvenile Justice
59   Law Enforcement
60   Legal Systems
61   Library Management
62   Media/Journalism
63          New Media (internet, blogs, etc.)
     Mining (specify types of issues for rating 1, 2, or 3
64   in attachment)
65   Minority Rights
66   Museum Management
67   NGO Development and Management
68   Oil and Gas Production
69   Public Relations and Marketing
70   Public Safety
71   Religion
72   Rural Economic Development
73   Social Assistance and Poverty Alleviation
74   Sports/Recreational Management
75   Summer Youth Camps
76   Theatre Management
     Think Tanks (specify types of issues for rating 1, 2,
77   or 3 in attachment)
78   Tourism
79         Green Tourism
80         Rural Tourism
81   Visual and Performing Arts
82   Volunteer Management and Development
83   Water Management
                                          - 11 -

84   Waste Management
85   Wine Production and Tourism
86   Women and Children
87       Domestic Violence
88       Women's Rights
89       Preventing Child Abuse
90   Youth Advocacy/Development
91   Other (list)

 Preferred Countries:

 Please note ONLY the countries from which you would agree to receive visitors:
                                                                       TYPE ‘YES’ TO
         COUNTRY                                                        THOSE THAT
         Kyrgyz Republic

 Offeror’s Availability
 Please indicate the following:

   Our hosting organization can consider hosting groups throughout the year. We do not have
 any blackout dates.

    Our hosting organization is UNABLE to host visitors during the following periods. Please do
 not contact us for groups arriving in the following months:
            - 12 -

January              February
March                April
May                  June
July                 August
September            October
November             December


       Program                                                 Professional                                            Home Stay
                                                                              Number of        From           To
(Open World, Community                Theme                         or                                                  (2+ wks)
                                                                              Participants   (xx/xx/xx)   (xx/xx/xx)
   Connections, etc.)                                           Business                                                YES/NO
                             COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS
                               OFFEROR’S CHECKLIST

The following attachments must be included in your proposal submission:

                            Community Connections Cover Page – Contact Information

                            Appendix 1: Theme & Region Checklist

                            Appendix 2: Corporate Capability: List of Visitor Exchange
                             Programs conducted between during 2003-2010.

                            Appendix 3: Staff Resumes

                            Appendix 4: Proposal Budget Templates

                            Appendix 5: 2 Letters of Reference

                            Appendix 6: Tax Exemption Status

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