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                             Wednesday, September 29, 2004



     The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of Mt. San Antonio College was called to
     order at 6:00 p.m., on Wednesday, September 29, 2004. Trustees Baca, Bader, Chyr,
     and Hall were present. Trustee Chen Haggerty arrived at 6:10 p.m.


     Christopher C. O'Hearn, President; John S. Nixon, Vice President, Instruction; Nancy M.
     Rice, Vice President, Administrative Services; Wade Frary, Vice President, Human
     Resources; and Audrey Yamagata-Noji, Vice President, Student Services


     The Board adjourned to Closed Session to discuss the following items:

        Conference with Labor Negotiator Wade Frary, Vice President of Human Resources,
         per California Government Code Section 54957.6
         Mt. San Antonio College Negotiator, regarding Faculty Association, CSEA 262 and
         CSEA 651, Management and Confidential
        Public Employee Discipline/Dismissal/Release, per California Government Code
         Section 54957


     The public meeting reconvened at 6:45 p.m.


        The following faculty and new staff were introduced to the Board:

         Marjes Jackson, Admissions & Records Clerk III, Admissions & Records
         Patricia Maestro, Counselor/Coordinator-Learning Communities
         Joseph Magoni, Mechanic, Facilities Planning & Maintenance
         Karen Rosas, Secretary, Business & Economic Development
         Recognition

              Mike Mendoza, retiring Graphics Technician, was not able to be present to receive
               his Certificate of Service acknowledging his 27 years of service to the College, so
               it will be mailed with the Board‟s thanks for his service.


     It was moved by Trustee Chen Haggerty, seconded by Trustee Baca, to approve the
     minutes of the regular meeting of August 25, 2004. Motion unanimously carried. Student
     Trustee concurred.




         Sherry Bex, student and Associated Students Senator, informed the Board that
          students are circulating a petition to remove both Greling Jackson, Associated
          Students President, and George David, Associated Students Vice President, from
          office. She said over 385 signatures had been obtained in just one day.
         Former Associated Students President Becky Meza addressed the Board regarding
          the press release distributed by Greling Jackson. The press release states that
          Associated Students Vice President George David was illegally removed from office.
          Ms. Meza referred Board members to Education Code Section 76061 which indicates
          a student‟s eligibility requirements at the time of election and the minimum standards
          a student shall maintain. Mr. George David addressed the Board last month
          regarding Board Policy 5410, which states that an Associated Students Officer must
          be enrolled in the College with a minimum of nine semester units and must maintain a
          cumulative grade point average of 2.5 at the time of the election and throughout his or
          her term of office. Mr. David said that current Code requirements, and an opinion
          from the Chancellor‟s Office, state that students shall maintain enrollment in five
          semester units and maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.0. Ms. Meza said
          she believed it was unscholarly to reduce the standards, adding that she felt changing
          the eligibility standards should be a student decision rather than a Board decision.


     A.       Greling Jackson, Associated Students President, said he was surprised at the
              students‟ comments, although he had heard informally today that there was a
              petition for his recall being circulated. Mr. Jackson read a report that he plans to
              present to the Associated Students on Thursday, September 30. In the report, Mr.
              Jackson says he would rather have students come directly to him if they have
              concerns, noting that a formal recall would also unseat both vice presidents.
              Mr. Greling summarized a letter from George David, which serves as a cover letter
              to a grievance filed by Mr. David. Mr. Greling said that out of respect for those
              individuals, he would not publicly indicate their names. Mr. Greling gave each
              Board member a copy of Mr. David‟s grievance.
     In closing, Mr. Greling announced that the Student Senate has been seated,
     although there is some question as to whether it was done properly. Those
     Senators present introduced themselves to the Board. Mr. Greling also introduced
     Jack Zerrudo and Victor La, the ICC Chair and Vice Chair.

B.   Robertson Wellen, Academic Senate President, reported the following:

        The Academic Senate adopted Resolution 04-07, Distance Learning Moratorium
         Repealed, on September 9. It was approved by the College during the
         Academic Mutual Agreement Council meeting of September 22. Professor
         Wellen said he believes the College‟s distance learning program will meet
         students‟ needs with certified teachers using the latest teaching techniques for
         teaching on-line. Both the College administration and faculty have committed to
         building a strong, well-supported, and quality distance learning program.
        The Senate has had a first reading on a resolution supporting the use of
         counseling documents, “The Role of Counseling Faculty in the California
         Community College,” and “Standards of Practice for California Community
         College Counseling Programs.” Mr. Wellen said he expects to see more
         resolutions in support of College counselors.
        Minor changes have been made to the Academic Senate constitution – mostly
         just updating, although one more Director position was added to the executive
         board and a term limit of two terms was added for both the President and Vice
         President positions.
        Vice President John Nixon attended the last full Senate meeting and responded
         to questions from faculty. Most questions related to the College‟s decreased
        Professor Wellen announced that Academic Senate Vice President Phillip
         Maynard has been appointed by the Academic Senate for California Community
         Colleges to the Equity and Diversity Action Committee for the 2004-05 academic
        The Academic Senate Fall Plenary Conference will be held October 28-30, in
         Newport Beach. Both Professors Wellen and Maynard will be attending.

C.   Bob Lee, Classified Senate President, reported the following:

        President O'Hearn recently met with the Classified Senate Executive Board
         where they discussed the role of the Classified Senate and their mutual intent to
         support the student learning process at Mt. SAC.
        The Senate is working to expand its scholarship program, revise the new
         employee mentoring program that started last year, and will again be promoting
         the United Way Campaign.
        Mr. Lee invited Board members and all managers to a Management Luncheon
         to be held on Friday, October 15, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., in the Student
         Center. The Classified Senate plans to make this an annual event. The event
         will be catered and will include entertainment.

D.   Representing the Faculty Association, President Terri Smith Long reported the
        The Faculty Association is hosting an Open House for part-time faculty on
         October 12, from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., and on October 13, from 5:30 to
         7:00 p.m. During the open house, part-time faculty members will meet Faculty
         Association officers and hear about the benefits of membership in the
         Association. The event will be held in the Faculty Association conference room.
         Board members are invited to attend.
        The Faculty Association‟s fall conference will be held in Monterey on October
         15-17. Twelve Mt. SAC faculty members will be attending. Professor Long will
         be conducting a workshop at the conference entitled “Leadership –
         Strengthening Your Local,” where she will share the progress made at Mt. SAC.
        Though not officially negotiating, the Association and the College have held two
         negotiation meetings. Dr. Long welcomed Ginny Burley, Associate Dean,
         Humanities and Social Sciences, to the College‟s negotiating team. Two task
         forces have been formed to work on department chair compensation and
         exploring the possibility of providing access to the Student Health Center for
         part-time faculty.
        The Faculty Association voted this week to approve the change to the calendar
         to provide two sessions next summer rather than one.

E.   Representing CSEA, Chapter 262, President Mark Fernandez reiterated his
     comments from last month that CSEA is working on reopener issues and hopes to
     publish the recently completed contract soon. Mr. Fernandez said he was pleased
     with the Board agenda addendum regarding the resolution opposing the California
     Performance Review‟s recommendation related to the consolidation of the
     Chancellor‟s Office and the elimination of the Board of Governors. Mr. Fernandez
     said CSEA is against virtually every recommendation made by the California
     Performance Review.

F.   Representing CSEA, Chapter 651, Art Morales thanked the Board for the two
     percent on-schedule increase to the salary schedule. He said members of CSEA,
     Chapter 651, didn‟t feel they could initially accept the offer because they were in
     negotiations at that time, but very much appreciate the Board‟s willingness to make
     the offer retroactive to July 1.

G.   President O'Hearn shared copies of the new 2004-06 Student Handbook and
     Calendar with Board members. This is the first time in recent history the College
     has had a student handbook.
     President O'Hearn reminded Board members that the College will be visited next
     week by an accreditation team from the WASC Commission. Twelve members will
     spend three days interviewing faculty, staff, students, and administrators, and
     reviewing documents to acquire as much knowledge of the institution as possible.
     Their goal is to determine if what we have written in the self-study is an accurate
     reflection of the College. President O'Hearn invited Board members to the following
     three events:
         Open Meetings:       October 5, 5:00 p.m., in the Board Room
                              October 6, 11:00 a.m., in the Board Room
         Exit Meeting         October 7, 1:30 p.m., in the Music Recital Hall
          President O'Hearn announced that students will begin moving into the Learning
          Center on October 11. He said this is an exciting time because it will begin the
          avalanche of students moving into new buildings over the next ten years.
          President O'Hearn introduced CB Brown, Director, Public Information & Marketing,
          and asked him to give a report on the National Council for Marketing and Public
          Relations‟ regional Medallion Awards competition. In the spirit of the recent Olympic
          season, Mr. Brown reported that Mt. SAC brought home the Gold Medallion of
          Excellence for the e-card College Brochure on CD and two Bronze Medallions for
          the annual report and our high school recruitment ad, “It‟s all happenin‟ @ Mt. SAC!”
          Mr. Brown commented that the e-card was an idea brought to Mt. SAC by President
          O'Hearn two years ago. The second edition of the e-card is currently being
          revamped into two cards – one for student recruitment and one to be used as an
          institutional marketing tool.
          Mr. Brown added that Board members may have noticed the many “faces of Mt.
          SAC,” displayed on new street banners. About 45 banners are being hung at all key
          entry points to the campus. They communicate our values to the many motorists,
          pedestrians and future students who pass our campus every day.


     Board members were provided with a written report on Career Placement Services
     available to Mt. SAC students and graduates, prepared by Steve Woodyard, Director,
     Career Placement Services.

     Over the past three years, Career Placement Services (CPS) has recorded a 72% increase
     in the number of job referrals given to students. During the 2003-04 year, CPS listed 2,347
     local, off-campus, part-time jobs for students and placed 221 students into on-campus
     Work Study positions. CPS also listed 1,655 local, full-time jobs during that same year.
     Also, during the 2003-04 year, CPS provided services to 4,512 persons, of whom
     approximately 300 were graduates.

     Dr. O'Hearn thanked Mr. Woodyard for his excellent work.


     It was moved by Trustee Hall, seconded by Trustee Baca, to approve or ratify the
     following items:


     1.   Approval to renew the agreement with the law firm of Liebert Cassidy Whitmore to
          provide legal and consulting services to the College in regard to employment
          relations and education law, including representation in labor negotiations and in
          administrative and court proceedings, as requested by the College. Term of the
          agreement shall be from October 1, 2004 through September 30, 2005.

     2.   Approval to enter into a contract with “Making Connections,” to hire an independent
          contractor, and to rent facilities and purchase food from Hilton Burbank Airport and
          Convention Center (Mt. SAC #948).
3.   Approval to accept funds to continue participation in the California Community
     Colleges Foster Parent Training Program (Mt. SAC #992).

4.   Approval to apply for two grants from the California Community Colleges
     Chancellor‟s Office; one titled “Industry-Driven Regional Collaborative-Rapid
     Prototyping and Rapid Skill Development” for $501,491, and the other titled
     “AmeriCorps” for $45,390.


5.   Approval of acceptance of funds for the Regional Health Occupations Resource
     Center and the Small Business Development Center.

6.   Approval to submit the following grant proposals for the Small Business Development
        LA Works - $500
        San Dimas Chamber of Commerce - $3,000

7.   Approval of expenditure authorization for Professional & Organizational Development.

8.   Approval of new credit programs for Fall 2004.

9.   Approval/ratification of additions and/or changes to Community and Noncredit
     Education Programs.

10. Approval/ratification of contract education agreements – The Training Source.

11. Approval of CalWORKs Students Additional Child Care Sites.

12. Approval of 231 Grant Funding (Federal Workforce Investment Act, Title II: Adult
    Education and Family Literacy Act, Section 225/231).

13. Approval for Mt. SAC‟s Wind Band to attend the New York Wind Band Festival on
    March 26-30, 2005.


14. Approval of Appropriation Transfers and Budget Increases.

15. Approval of the year 2005 contract for the Chancellor‟s Office Tax Offset Program

16. Approval of an agreement with COR-O-VAN Moving & Storage to perform relocation
    services for the new Language Center, Health Careers Center, Welding and Air
    Conditioning Building, Art Gallery/Classrooms Buildings and the Administration

17. Approval of an agreement with J Marin & Associates, Inc. to perform consulting
    services for the Financial Aid Media Campaign.
     18. Approval to renew an agreement with The Liquidation Company to perform auctions
         for the College‟s surplus and/or salvage equipment.

     19. Approval of a contract with Quantum Power (for the Pump Station No. 3 project)
         and H2 Environmental Consulting Services, Inc. (for the Planetarium Renovation
         project) to perform professional design and consulting services.

     20. Approval of the following Contract Amendments:

                Contract         Professional Design and Consulting Services - Planetarium
                                  Renovation – Travis Engineering, Amendment No. 1.

                Contract         Testing and Inspection Services – Air Conditioning and
                                  Welding – The Vinewood Company, Amendment No. 1.

                Contract         Testing and Inspection Services - Swimming Pool Renovation
                                  – The Vinewood Company, Amendment No. 1.

                Contract         Joint Educational Transit Joint Powers Authority – Amendment
                                  No. 4-2004.

     21. Approval of the following Completion Notices:

                Bid No. 2592     Campus Infrastructure – Phase B, Electrical, Shasta Electric
                                  LP, Contractor

                Bid No. 2594     Fencing at Parking Lot R, All Cities Enterprises, Contractor

                Emergency Resolution No. 03-13, Transite Pipe Removal (Natural Sciences
                 Building), Janus Corporation, Contractor

                Emergency Resolution No. 04-01, Transite Pipe Removal (Swimming Pool),
                 Janus Corporation, Contractor

     22. Approval and acceptance of the following donations/gifts to the College:

            Kaiser Permanente – Baldwin Park – Emergency Gurney-type Beds (12), various
            manu-facturers, brands and models, valued by donor at $1,200, to be used by the
            Technology and Health Division.

     Motion unanimously carried.


     Trustee Chyr asked Board members to make the following corrections to the Personnel
               Page 35, under Stipends – Beckett Ogden (Costume Design).            The amount
                should read $4,500, not $6,000, with payments of $1,500 per show.
               Page 36, under RHORC. The wording, cost of living increase is incorrect and
                should read, corrections to the hourly amounts submitted to the Board in July.
   It was moved by Trustee Bader, seconded by Trustee Hall, to approve the Personnel
   Transactions, Reference No. 3, dated September 29, 2004, as corrected. Motion
   unanimously carried. Student Trustee concurred.


   Trustee Hall asked for clarification as to why the administration would recommend awarding
   the bid to Ran Graphics, Inc., when there was a lower bidder under Bid B. Vice President
   Rice explained that the College had accepted Bid A, and Ran Graphics, Inc., was the only

   It was moved by Trustee Hall, seconded by Trustee Chen Haggerty to approve the
   following bids:

           Bid No. 2618     Printing of Credit Class Schedules for Spring 2005 Semester.
                             Bid A was selected and awarded to Ran Graphics, Inc. The
                             quantity of schedules to be printed will be determined at the
                             time of printing.

           Bid No. 2619     Door-to-Door Delivery of Class Schedules for Spring 2005
                             Semester. Awarded to CIPS Marketing Group, at an estimated
                             cost of $45,100.

   Motion unanimously carried. Student Trustee concurred.


   Trustee Hall said he noticed that the College is back charging LeMar Construction for
   backfill and compacting of a retaining wall. The Board had a discussion last month on
   this item and he wondered if it was the same issue or a similar issue. He also asked if
   the College can unilaterally impose such back charges.

   Gary Nellesen, Director, Facilities Planning & Management, said the LeMar Construction
   issue is a different, yet similar, issue than the one discussed by the Board last month.
   Mr. Nellesen explained the College‟s rights and the contractors‟ rights related to the terms
   of each contract, adding that he doesn‟t believe LeMar Construction will place a claim
   against those funds.

   It was moved by Trustee Hall, seconded by Trustee Chen Haggerty, to approve the
   following Change Orders:

           Bid No. 2532     Language Center and Health Careers Center Construction –
                             LeMar Construction – Change Order No. 4.

           Bid No. 2533     Language Center and Health Careers Center Construction –
                             Mariposa Horticultural Enterprises – Change Order No. 1.

           Bid No. 2535     Language Center and Health Careers Center Construction -
                             Earl Corporation – Change Order No. 8.
           Bid No. 2540    Language Center and Health Careers Center Construction -
                            Herzig Corp. – Change Order No. 6.

           Bid No. 2541    Language Center and Health Careers Center Construction – Air
                            Flow Mechanical – Change Order No. 5.

           Bid No. 2542    Language Center and Health Careers Center Construction – C
                            & H Electric – Change Order No. 6.

           Bid No. 2580    AIRC/Welding Construction – Earl Corporation, Change Order
                            No. 1.

           Bid No. 2583    AIRC/Welding Construction – Plumbing, Piping & Construction
                            – Change Order No. 2.

           Bid No. 2585    AIRC/Welding Construction – Shasta Electric – Change Order
                            No. 2.

   Motion unanimously carried. Student Trustee concurred.


   It was moved by Trustee Baca, seconded by Trustee Bader, to approve a two percent on-
   schedule increase to the salary schedule, not including health and welfare benefits, to
   employees represented by CSEA 651, retroactive to July 1, 2004. Motion unanimously
   carried. Student Trustee concurred.


   It was moved by Trustee Hall, seconded by Trustee Bader, to approve an agreement with
   Bovis Lend Lease to perform construction management services for the Agricultural
   Sciences Complex project. Motion unanimously carried. Student Trustee concurred.


   Trustee Hall said he understood that the first year of service will be funded from Measure
   R funds and the following two years will be funded by the general fund from savings
   created through the Energy Conservation Project. He asked if the College has a
   projection of how much savings the College will realize. Vice President Rice said it is a
   very complicated formula, but the College is projecting a savings of over $100,000 per

   It was moved by Trustee Baca, seconded by Trustee Bader, to approve a Power
   Protection Plan agreement with Caterpillar, Inc. to perform maintenance services for the
   cogeneration system in the new Central Plant facility. Motion unanimously carried.
   Student Trustee concurred.


   Trustee Chyr said the administration is pulling the recommendation to the Board to
   approve HOK architects for the Agricultural Science Complex. As a result, the following
   should be removed from the administration‟s recommendation: page 81, item no. 1,
   Agricultural Science Complex; page 83, the first paragraph under Fiscal Analysis; and, on
   page 84, eliminate Agricultural Sciences under the recommendation.

   Trustee Hall asked why the proposed design budget was a different percentage for the
   two projects. Vice President Rice explained that 8% is the standard for new construction
   and 10% is the standard for remodels.

   It was moved by Trustee Hall, seconded by Trustee Bader, to approve contracts with tBP
   Architects (for the Child Development Center project), and HMC (for the Gym Remodel
   and Seismic Retrofit project) to perform professional design and consulting services.
   Motion unanimously carried. Student Trustee concurred.


   It was moved by Trustee Chen Haggerty, seconded by Trustee Baca, to approve the
   following Change Orders:

         Bid No. 2578   Athletic Fields – Excel Paving Company – Change Order No. 3.

         Bid No. 2589   Athletic Fields – Mariposa Horticulture – Change Order No. 1.

         Bid No. 2595   Athletic Fields – Michael Anthony Companies – Change Order
                         No. 2.

   Motion unanimously carried. Student Trustee concurred.


   It was moved by Trustee Bader, seconded by Trustee Baca, to approve Resolution No.
   04-04 opposing the California Performance Review‟s recommendation to consolidate the
   Community College Chancellor‟s Office, the California Postsecondary Education
   Commission, the California Student Aid Commission and the Bureau for Private and
   Postsecondary and Vocational Education into a single division of Higher Education,
   reporting to the Secretary of Education and further opposing the elimination of the
   California Community Colleges Board of Governors. Motion unanimously carried.
   Student Trustee concurred.

   Trustee Hall said he is concerned, in general, about the California Performance Review in
   that it seems to be a significant step backward in terms of what community colleges have
   been able to achieve within the political system over the past five to seven years. He
   pointed out that, in this year‟s budget, the Governor cut back increases to both the UC
   and CSU systems, but left proposed funding for California‟s community colleges virtually
   intact. He thinks the proposed changes would reduce the status of community colleges
   at the State level. Trustee Hall suggested that, if the Board of Governors is to be
   removed, the Board of Regents for the UC and CSU systems should also be removed.

   Other trustees concurred with Trustee Hall and said they hope these proposed changes
   do not become a reality and restated their belief that government at the local level best
   reflects the will of the people.
   Copies of the Board-approved resolution will be sent to our local legislators and the


       Trustee Chen Haggerty offered congratulations to Professor Phillip Maynard for his
        State Academic Senate appointment. She also expressed her pleasure that the
        College‟s distance learning program can now grow. Trustee Chen Haggerty
        congratulated the College on the new student handbook and said the new street
        banners look great.
       Trustee Bader congratulated Student Trustee Le on his recent newspaper article.
        She said she was very impressed with his GPA and the number of languages he
        speaks. Trustee Bader commented that she was also very pleased with the new
        student handbook, especially the section informing students about financial aid.
       Trustee Hall said he believes it‟s important that the College shares the resolution
        adopted this evening regarding the California Performance Review with the news
        media and elected public officials. Trustee Hall also commented on the following:
                 He enjoyed the 9th Annual Taste of CIMA and said that Bowzer‟s Rock „N‟
                  Roll Party was an outstanding event.
                 He is pleased to see the College moving forward with the CSEA contracts
                  and the final acceptance by CSEA 651 of the 2% on-schedule salary
                 Trustee Hall pointed out that earlier the Board approved the appointment
                  of Bovis Lend Lease to oversee the development of the Agricultural
                  Sciences Complex. He said that is near and dear to his heart because
                  he‟s vice president of the 48th District Agricultural Association and now
                  the new president of the Southern California Agricultural Literacy
                  Foundation, which supports the 48th District. According to Trustee Hall,
                  the 48th is doing its part to bring notoriety and recognition to Mt. SAC.
                  They will be hosting the State Secretary of Agriculture at an event to be
                  held in the Music Recital Hall for approximately 250 teachers from the
                  area and recognize their participation in the 48th District Agricultural
                  Association‟s programs, on December 11, at 11:00 a.m.
                 Regarding the accreditation process, Trustee Hall said he believes the
                  College is fully prepared for the process and expects the College will
                  receive another six-year accreditation.
       Trustee Baca also congratulated Professor Maynard on his statewide appointment,
        and commended Professor Terri Smith Long on her leadership and involvement at
        the State level.
       Student Trustee Le said he had the opportunity to attend an ICC workshop last
        week and, during his speech, he congratulated the newly appointed Senators and
        ICC Chair and Vice Chair. Mr. Le said that on behalf of the Board of Trustees and
        Mt. SAC‟s Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Honor Society, he volunteered to help out at the
        Taste of Cima, which was a great event. Student Trustee Le said he is one of the
        Vice Presidents of PTK and recently was able to attend and speak at one of their
        orientation meetings, where he shared information on scholarships and community
        service requirements. He told Board members that the PTK induction ceremony is
        scheduled to be held November 4.

   The meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.

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