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Yes_ Ski Liberty is having a great season_


           NEWS-JOURNAL                       VOLUME 2 , NO.3                   •     W W W.E MMI T S B U R G.NE T              •    M ARC H 2010

                                     Businesses endure the blizzards
New water plant
in Emmit Gardens
You might have noticed that
Lincoln Ave. was torn up             James Rada, Jr.                                   Restaurants, which depend on            The Palms also saw its busi-          Zeigler said he’s busier than usu-
recently - Page 3                                                                   customers being able to get to          ness drop off during the snow, al-    al right now with framing work

Carroll Valley Police here to stay
Poor communication led to
                                     T     he two blizzards in February
                                           snowed in homes, caused acci-
                                     dents and closed schools. Through
                                                                                    them, saw their business affected.
                                                                                       “If another storm was going to
                                                                                    fall on a weekend, I would just
                                                                                                                            though the restaurant managed to
                                                                                                                            stay open. The business the res-
                                                                                                                            taurant did see was people from
                                                                                                                                                                  that needs to be done.
                                                                                                                                                                     Melissa Wetzel saw a similar
                                                                                                                                                                  thing happen with her accounting
rumors that Police Dept              it all, local businesses adapted and           cry,” said Bob Hance with the           town who wanted to get out of         business. Being tax season, this is
would be disbanded - Page 4          found a way to deal with the roughly           Carriage House Inn.                     the house and people on their way     a busy time for her, but when the
                                     40 inches of snow that fell in the area.          The saving grace for February        to Ski Liberty, according to Lisa     snows hit, clients canceled their
                                        Zurgable Brothers Hardware                  for the Carriage House was the          Rodgers with The Palms Restau-        appointments and her workers
COMMENTARY                           sold out of snow shovels, ice melt,            Valentine’s Day weekend, which          rant.                                 couldn’t get in.
Pure Onsense                         rock salt and sleds during the bad             was very strong for the restaurant.        For the Rebecca Pearl Gallery,        “Nobody could make it in,” said
Some wonderful things, have          weather. The store closed early a              It helped offset businesses loss-       the blizzards meant they saw a log    Wetzel, who stayed in the apart-
yet to catch on in America:          couple days, but was able to open              es from when the restaurant was         jam in their business. People who     ment above her office during the
the metric system - Page 9           every day that it was supposed to.             closed and when customers were          were interested in framing or art-    storm. “We’ve had to reschedule
                                        “The snow was definitely good               just staying off the roads.             work stayed home during the bad       all those appointments.”
Down Under                           for our business,” Ornodorff.                     The other encouraging sign that      weather and then came out when           The result is that Wetzel is over-
Remembering the life of the             Similarly, Harrington and Sons              Hance said he’s seeing is that the      the roads were clear.                 booking her time and working even
great modern dissidents              sold out of their snow blowers.                restaurant already had more group          “I think the net effect between    longer hours to catch up on all of
in America - Page 9                     “We actually sold out a couple              bookings for this year than he had      the loss from being closed and the    the rescheduled appointments.
                                     times,” Paul Harrington said. “We              in all of 2009.                         burst of business we got when we         Things are back to normal
                                     reordered and tried to get as many                “We feel we’ve seen the bottom       opened up is a net wash,” said Jay    now with businesses hoping
ARTICLES                             as possible from Boston where the              and are coming off it,” Hance                                                 there won’t be one last snow-
                                                                                                                            Zeigler with the Rebecca Pearl
The Blizzard of 2010                 snow wasn’t as heavy.”                         said.                                   Gallery.                              storm for the season.
I’ve always been disappointed
in the winters of the

                                     Yes, Ski Liberty is having a
Emmitsburg area... until now
- Page 10

                                     great season!
Pastor’s Desk
Pastor Rice on the future! An
amazing and wonderful place
or just a maze of confusion
and turmoil? - Page 12
                                     James Rada, Jr.                                   This season Ski Liberty opened a
Pets Large and Small                                                                bit later than usual, but now it ap-
So you want to be a Purple
Martin Landlord? - Page 16
                                     I  t’s March and there’s still good
                                        skiing at Ski Liberty.
                                        “Usually things are beginning
                                                                                    pears that it won’t end the season
                                                                                    until later than it usually does.
                                                                                       Ski Liberty has 16 trails, four
The Founding of Emmitsburg
                                     to slack off at this point, but we             of which are expert level, and the
March 5th marks the 225
anniversary of the founding
                                     haven’t seen it yet,” said Anne                vertical drop on the mountain is
of Emmitsburg - Page 20              Weimer, director of marketing                  620 feet.
                                     at Ski Liberty in Carroll Valley.                 The lodge was renovated to cre-
Mount Sports                         “Since there’s still snow covering             ate more of an alpine lodge feel to
Despite only starting in 2006,       the golf courses and fields, people            it. A new ski lift replaced an old-
the swim team has their              are still thinking about skiing.”              er lift on the back of the mountain
Conference by storm - Page 23           Despite two blizzards that near-            and more snowmaking machines
                                     ly shut down the region for days in            were added so that 100 percent of
                                     February, it still looks like it will be       the trails can be covered.
JOURNALS                             a great season for the ski resort. The            “We’re trying to make sure ski-
                                     early February blizzards dumped                ers have a better ski experience
The Retired Ecologist
Of Snow, and Silence, and
                                     twice as much snow on the moun-                here,” Weimer said.
Salvador Dali - Page 14              tain than it got all of last season.              While the snow helped out Ski
                                        “The natural snow has absolute-             Liberty, the resort staff found them-
Four Years at the Mount              ly been a blessing,” Weimer said.              selves needing to help out the com-
                                                                                                                               Thanks to over 40 inches of snow from two back-to-back snow storms,
Senior Jacqueline Quillen            “Many years all we have to rely on             munity. During the snow storms,                         the slopes of Ski Liberty have been packed.
ponders the future as her            is snowmaking.”                                the Ski Liberty snowcat was able
Mount life comes to a                   Having natural snow not only                to reach six people who have been       at the airport. Ski Liberty brought   ogy back online here at BWI Mar-
close - Page 24                      minimizes the costs associated                 stuck on the road for eight hours.      a groomer to the airport to help      shall. The Airport, the FAA, and the
                                     with running the snowmaking                    Area emergency equipment couldn’t       clear snow from around a sensitive    airlines are appreciative of the fine
Cold War Warriors                    equipment , but having snow on                 reach them, but the snowcat could.      communications antenna.               work performed by the entire Lib-
Navy Captain John Murphy’s           the ground reminds people that                 Ski Liberty personnel also helped          “This was an innovative, out-      erty team,” said Paul J. Wiedefeld,
“Was that it? The beginning          skiing is still available.                     the Carroll Valley road crew clear      side-the-box solution that brought    Executive Director of the Maryland
of World War III? Did we miss           It certainly encourage the First            roads and pull cars from ditches.       an important navigation technol-      Aviation Administration.
it?” - Page 30                       Lady and her daughters to take ski-               “We’re all part of the same com-
                                     ing lessons. First Lady Michelle               munity and you need to help out                                                        PRE-SORTED
The Zookeeper                        Obama and her daughters, Sasha                 when you can,” Weimer said.                                                             STANDARD
Layal Watkins never has              and Malia, spent the day at Ski Lib-              Ski Liberty was also called on                                                      U.S. Postage
been, a real girly-girl. Sure,       erty on Feb. 13 learning to ski.               to help out Baltimore Washing-                  Postal Customer                           PA I D
she loves a spa day with                “It was their first time on the             ton International Airport outside
a manicure/pedicure... -                                                                                                                                                  Emmitsburg, MD
                                     snow and we were honored to                    of Baltimore. The two blizzards
Page 31                                                                                                                                                                    Permit No. 94
                                     have them,” Weimer said                        dumped nearly 80 inches of snow


                                                                                                                                                            1 East Main Street
                                                                                                                                                               P.O. Box 543
                                                                                                                                                      Emmitsburg, Maryland 21727
                                                                                                                                             Office Number: 301-471-3306 Fax: 301-447-1730

                                                                                                                                  News, events, history, humor and culture for the Historic Toms Creek Hun-
                                                                                                                                  dred geographical area: Emmitsburg, Zora, Carroll Valley, Fairfield, Harney, and
                                                                                                                                  Rocky Ridge, Detour. The Emmitsburg News-Journal is published the first day
                                                                                                                                  of every month by Toms Creek Hundred LLC.

                                                                                                                                  Senior Advisers
                                                                                                                                  Eric Glass, Taney Corporation

Around the town
                                                                                                                                  Dan Reaver, Emmitsburg Glass

                                                                                                                                  Managing Editor, Michael Hillman

T    he Emmitsburg streets, water and
     charter review committees are
gone. In their place is the citizens ad-
                                              The parks and recreation com-
                                            mittee and planning commission
                                            are unaffected by this change. The
                                                                                    in full compliance. The remaining
                                                                                    20 businesses have until the end of
                                                                                    the year to comply.
                                                                                                                                  Assistant Editor, Katherine R. Au (MSM Class of 1998)

                                                                                                                                  English Editor, Brittany Morris (MSM Class of 2010)
visory committee. The commission-           parks and recreation committee has
ers decided that the change was need-       not had trouble with attendance         Council passes purchasing
                                                                                                                                  News Editor, Jim Rada
ed because many times the disbanded         and the town is legally required to     ordinance
committee could not even get enough         have a planning commission.                The Emmitsburg Town Council                Advertising, Sharon Graham
members to attend to have a quorum                                                  recently passed a purchasing ordi-  
and be able to conduct business.            Businesses complying with               nance. Purchases under $5,000 can
                                                                                                                                  Graphic Design and Layout, Brian Barth
   The new committee will make              grease trap ordinance                   be made without soliciting bids or  
recommendations to the commis-                 The Town of Emmitsburg has           approval of the town commission-
sioners for rules and regulations to        begun to enact the grease trap or-      ers. Purchase between $5,000 and              Copy for advertisements must be received not later than the 18th of the month. Adver-

improve the quality of life in Em-          dinance that it passed last year        $20,000 on budgeted items will re-            tising rates are furnished upon request. Newspaper mailed free of charge via Standard

mitsburg. The committee can have            to keep grease from commercial          quire three written estimates but it          U.S. Postage to residents of Emmitsburg, Zora, Carroll Valley, Fairfield, Southern Adams
                                                                                                                                  County, Harney, Rocky Ridge, Detour, and Sabillasville. Subscription rate for patrons out-
up to 10 members, including some-           kitchens getting into the town’s        still does not require board approv-
                                                                                                                                  side of distribution area is $45.00 per year for shipping and handling.
one who does not live within the            sewer system. According to Town         al. For purchases over $20,000 will
town’s boundaries and a town com-           Manager Dave Haller, 26 busi-           require contracts.
                                                                                                                                  Letters to the Editor, notice of upcoming events, news stories, and interesting and
missioner who will serve as liaison.        nesses were contacted about the            “I think this will be a major benefit
                                                                                                                                  creative articles are welcome and may be submitted via regular U.S. Mail to P.O. Box
   Commission President Chris               need for their kitchens to comply       to the management of the town both
                                                                                                                                  543, Emmitsburg, MD 21727, by email to, or at our office
Staiger said that the new commit-           with the ordinance in early De-         at your level and the town level,” said
                                                                                                                                  on the square - 1 East Main Street.
tee creates a, “grassroots ability for      cember and by the end of January        Town Manager Dave Haller.
ideas to circulate up to board.”            six of the businesses were already         The ordinance passed on a 4-0 vote.

Around the borough                                                                                                                Willoughby on unsupervised
                                                                                                                                  walkie. Have you seen him?
C      arroll Valley Borough May-
       or Ron Harris and Police
Chief Richard Hileman awarded
                                            the dam to determine the extent
                                            of the problem.
                                               During routine maintenance
                                                                                    The erosion caused by the water
                                                                                    have undercut the ground beneath
                                                                                    the spillway and created the cav-
Detective Clifford Weikert a class          work at the lake in November            ern. Given the size of the erosion,
1 commendation during the Feb.              2009, borough workers discov-           it was estimated that the leak had
23 borough council meeting. The             ered a hole next to the spillway. At    existed for quite some time.
commendation is a result Weikert’s          first they thought it was a gopher         The engineering findings discov-
quick response, prolonged pursuit           hole, but when they investigated,       ered that seepage through the lake’s
of burglary suspects and the recov-         they saw that below ground, the         earthen embankment is not a prob-
ery of about $2,000 in stolen good.         hole opened up much wider form-         lem. The dam remains stable and is
   The pursuit took place during the        ing a small cavern.                     not in danger of slipping.
Jan. 8 snowstorm in Carroll Valley             The hole was widened and wa-            Due these findings, KPI’s rec-
and lasted 2.5 hours. Weikert pursed        ter could be seen gushing from a        ommendation for repair is, “The
the suspects from Carroll Valley and        crack in the spillway into the hole.    process will involve coring holes
into Fairfield. Police used Google sat-     The borough engineer was called         into the floor of the spillway, and
ellite maps on an in-car laptop to try      in to examine the leak. Borough         injecting grout into the voids un-
and figure out where Weikert was and        workers also lowered the level of       til it is filled.”
where he was heading. Weikert final-        the lake so that it was well below         The hole created beside the
ly found tracks that led to the suspect’s   the spillway. They also put sand-       spillway can be repaired by bor-
apartment where the suspect was at-         bags at the top of the spillway to      ough personnel by opening it up
tempting to get rid of his wet clothes.     divert water away from the crack.       and filling it in with layers of grav-       “Someone has taken Willoughby, the statue of a dog that has
   The Carroll Valley Borough                  Upon further investigation, it       el and earth.                                greeted residents and visitor to Emmitsburg for years, on an un-
Council heard an update on the              was discovered that a seam be-             The next step is to present the           scheduled walkabout. If you’ve seen Willoughby or have any in-
repairs to the Lake May dam. KPI            tween two pre-fabricated pieces of      findings and repair plan to the              formation on his whereabout, please contact his owners or call the
Technology in Dillsburg, PA, did            the spillway had opened up allow-       Pennsylvania Department of Envi-             News-Journal at 301-471-3306. No questions asked - his owners
test borings in the ground around           ing the water to leak underground.      ronmental Protection for approval.           would just like to have him back home safely.

Mayor wants bus service to Gettysburg
T    he boroughs of southern Ad-
     ams County would like to get
closer to Gettysburg. That’s why
                                               The Freedom Transit has been
                                            in operation since July 2009. It op-
                                            erates five replica trolleys on three
                                                                                      The Blue Line route for the Free-
                                                                                    dom Transit comes down Fairfield
                                                                                    Road as far as Deatrick Commons.
                                                                                                                               of the common questions that Carroll
                                                                                                                               Valley staff hears is whether there’s a
                                                                                                                               bus connection to Gettysburg.
                                                                                                                                                                                 sider his idea as a pilot program to
                                                                                                                                                                                 see if there is enough ridership.
                                                                                                                                                                                    “It’s bringing all of us closer to-
they are asking that the Adams              fixed routes around Gettysburg.         Harris envisions another route being          Harris has spoken to the bor-                  gether,” Harris said.
County Transit Authority consid-               “What I’m trying to do is pro-       added to the end of the Blue Route         ough councils along the route and                    A ride on the Freedom Transit
er extending the Freedom Transit            pose we have a connection to Get-       that continues down Fairfield Road         they are writing him letters of sup-              is currently $1, but it is expected
down Fairfield Road to a point past         tysburg,” said Carroll Valley Bor-      with stops at the various boroughs and     port. He plans on taking the letters              to rise to $1.10 soon. Transfers are
the Carroll Valley Borough Office.          ough Mayor Ron Harris.                  Carroll Valley Resort. Harris said one     to ACTA and asking that they con-                 free.
                                                                                                                      MARCH 2010 | EMMITSBURG NEWS-JOURNAL | 3

New water plant designed in Emmit Gardens
                                                                                                                                                                    to the west of town and outside
Y    ou might have noticed that          would have cost us to open it up          in the neighborhood, though this        the additional water taps bring
     Lincoln Avenue was torn up          later just for the new pipe,” said        house could cost around $2.5            the total water in town in bal-          of the town’s boundaries.
recently. It was hard not to miss        Town Manager Dave Haller.                 million to build. This amount           ance with the total sewer taps.             Hoover said that when the de-
the big ditch in the ground. The            Since the new pipe is capped           can nearly be covered by the cost       This is good because they are            sign work is completed, he ex-
reason for the inconvenience was         at both ends, you might be won-           of the taps when they are sold.         usually given out together and           pects that the plan will be shelved
that the Town of Emmitsburg              dering what its purpose is.                  “It looks like a house, smells       the town had plenty of sewer             for awhile.
was replacing and repairing wa-             At some point in the future,           like a house and works like a wa-       taps to allocate to future growth           “The market is going to tell
ter and sewer pipes that run be-         one end of that pipe will be con-         ter plant,” Haller said.                but not enough water taps.               us when to build this thing,”
neath the road.                          nected to the existing water sys-            The completed plant will               Another advantage of the new           Hoover said. “When we start
  However, while the ground              tem and the other end will be             treat water from wells 7 and J          water plant is that it creates re-       seeing growth again is when we
was open, town officials also            connected to a new water treat-           and provide between 400 and             dundancy in the town’s water             are going to need the additional
took the opportunity to have             ment plant in Emmit Gardens.              425 additional water taps to the        system.                                  water.”
new pipe laid for a four-inch wa-        Design work is nearly complete            town.                                     “If something catastrophic                Haller said when the plant
ter line to run from the town            for a new plant to be built on               “Today the town doesn’t need         happened to the line from the            does come on line, the way it
pool to Emmit Gardens.                   property the town owns on First           the additional capacity, but our        existing plant, the town would           will most likely operate is to be-
  “By laying the pipe now while          Avenue.                                   projected growth says we will,”         have no water period.”                   gin supplying water only when
the ground was open, it only cost           The new plant is being de-             said Mayor James Hoover.                  The existing town water treat-         the existing system’s daily capac-
us about one-third of what it            signed to look like another house            Haller also pointed out that         ment plant is in the mountains           ity is reached.

Seeking reimbursement for snow removal
W        hen six people got stranded
         on the roads in Carroll Val-
ley, emergency vehicles couldn’t get
                                         It normally would have been 80
                                         hours. He said the workers got little
                                         sleep and poor food as they worked
to them. For eight hours they en-        hard to try and keep the 65 miles of
dured the cold in their vehicles until   Carroll Valley roads open.
Ski Liberty brought out its snow cat        “I pushed those guys to their
to rescue the stranded people.           very limits,” Hazlett said.
   It’s just one of the problems that       They crews experienced mul-
happened during the blizzards of         tiple equipment problems such
Feb. 6 and Feb. 9 that dumped            as a plow breaking off a truck,
about 40 inches of snow on Car-          stripped gears, a broken axle, a
roll Valley.                             blown transmission and more. Ve-
   “We weren’t finished cleaning         hicles also got stuck or slid off the
up from the first one yet when the       road into ditches.
second hit,” said Carroll Valley            The borough got some help from
Borough Manager Dave Hazlett.            Ski Liberty. The resort brought
   Because of the unusual condi-         out its snow cat and opened up
tions of the storms, the borough has     some roads and helped pull some
an opportunity to recover some of        of the town’s vehicles out of ditch-
its snow removal costs. To begin the     es. Members of the Carroll Valley
process the council had to declare       Police Department also helped the
both storms disasters for the bor-       road crews keep roads open.
ough, which it did on Feb. 23.              Hazlett said the crew was grateful
   “We have the potential of recov-      for the appreciative residents who
ering upwards of $80,000 from            thanked them and even brought
the government,” Hazlett said.           them food. Others weren’t so un-
   During the two-week pay period        derstanding, leaving angry calls on
around the blizzards, Hazlett said       the road department answering ma-
that the average hours worked for        chine or shining flashlights in the         Farmers with big tractors found themselves in high demand after the big blizzard. Most, like Joe Wivell, (pictured
the roads personnel was 180 hours.       crew’s eyes at night.                        above) and Bill Kuhns dug their neighbors our for free and in doing so were truly the unsung heros of the storm.

Fear of no police department rallies Carroll
Valley to support department
S   ome poor communication be-
    tween Carroll Valley Borough
President John Van Volkenburgh
                                         spends annually to fund the police
                                         force and how that money is being
                                         spent. At the end of the presenta-
                                                                                   speakers seemed to fall into two
                                                                                   camps: those who were support-
                                                                                   ing the police department and
                                                                                                                              Van Volkenburgh said he only
                                                                                                                           wanted the public safety commit-
                                                                                                                           tee to consider different options and
                                                                                                                                                                    banded. “My family resides in
                                                                                                                                                                    Carroll Valley and I like know-
                                                                                                                                                                    ing the help is there if we need it,”
and the borough’s public safety          tion, he asked, “Is it time for a ‘cost   those who supported the depart-         what the most-effective use of the       Van Volkenburgh said.
committee and between a report-          analysis’ to be completed on the po-      ment but wanted to make sure            funds are. Dale Buffington, a mem-         While that may be, some speak-
er from a local newspaper and his        lice department? What is our return       that the funding was being spent        ber of the public safety committee,      ers found his choice of words dur-
headline writer caused a fear in         on investment? What are our op-           effectively.                            said he got the impression that Van      ing his committee presentation
Carroll Valley that the police de-       tions and what do they look like?”           “I want to live in this commu-       Volkenburgh did want to pursue           to give a different opinion. Van
partment would be disbanded.                The department employs three           nity and always see that [Carroll       disbanding the department.               Volkenburgh made it clear that
   “The borough council has              full-time and one part-time offi-         Valley Police Department] patch,”          Van Volkenburgh says that he          disbanding the department is not
never had the topic of disband-          cer. Though this is not enough            said resident Dave Etchison.            doesn’t want the police force dis-       on the table.
ing the police department on its         staffing to provide 24/7 cover-
agenda and it’s not on the agen-         age, it has costs taxpayers of Car-
da tonight,” Van Volkenburgh an-         roll Valley roughly $330,000 a
nounced at the beginning of the          year.
Carroll Valley Borough Council              The article in a local newspa-
meeting on Feb. 23.                      per read “Carroll Valley council
   The worries began after Van           president wants to disband police
Volkenburgh made a presentation          department.” This set off a com-
to the public safety committee as        munity effort in support of the
a public citizen. He made a Power-       police department and a rumor
Point presentation that focused on       that the council would be talk-
the amount of money the borough          ing about it at their meeting. The


Bollinger family runs family of businesses
James Rada                                   Josh became partners with his           Though the relationship between          Josh is her son. The business also em-        The companies employ about
                                          parents and started Bollinger Con-      the construction and the home               ploys Josh’s bother and sister-in-law.     50 people, though that fluctuates

I  t’s always nice to see a local resi-
   dent create a successful business
in Emmitsburg. Josh Bollinger has
                                          struction, which does primarily
                                          residential construction for other
                                                                                  business is obvious, the connection
                                                                                  with the other two businesses is not
                                                                                  so much. However, maintaining the
                                                                                                                              His father passed away in 1994.
                                                                                                                                 Josh has lived in the Emmitsburg
                                                                                                                              area all of his life and is a 1981 grad-
                                                                                                                                                                         widely with workers who are used
                                                                                                                                                                         on a job-by-job basis.
                                                                                                                                                                            Like most companies, the reces-
done it four times.                          “He had a good reputation be-        vehicles for the home business and          uate of Catoctin High School. His          sion has hit the Bollinger compa-
  Josh Bollinger runs Bollinger           fore he went into business for him-     the construction business is a costly       parents met when they attended St.         nies hard. They instituted a hir-
Construction, Bollinger Homes,            self and he got framing jobs right      expense unless you own your own             Joseph’s High School together. He          ing freeze and are working to keep
East Park Automotive and T&M              away,” Rosie said.                      automotive company. Likewise,               has sponsored and coached sports           busy.
Crane from his office building on            Josh expanded Bollinger Con-         it can be expensive to rent a crane         teams and continues to support the            “Everybody is in the same boat
Creamery Road.                            struction by moving into the de-        and sometimes difficult to sched-           community in a number of ways.             and as long as they’re sending
  “Josh worked in construction all        velopment business with Bollinger       ule the use of one to set roof trusses         Though the Bollinger companies          some money in good faith, we’re
his life, but he decided he want-         Homes in 1995. He bought East           and other work, unless you own the          are based in Emmitsburg, some of           going to be fine,” Rosie said.
ed to start his own company in            Park Automotive (formerly South         cranes.                                     them may range quite far to work              Business is slowly beginning to
1992,” said Rosie Bollinger, who          Seton Auto) the same year. T&M             “He’s a local boy who has real-          on projects. Bollinger Construction        pick up and Rosie said she would
handles the marketing and other           Crane became part of the business       ly done well,” Rosie said with a bit a      has done work from Allentown, PA,          like to see Bollinger Homes really
duties for the companies.                 group in 2000.                          pride in voice. It’s not surprising since   to Blacksburg, VA.                         grow in the future.

Daughters of Charity consolidation will
cause some changes in Emmitsburg
James Rada, Jr.                           in St. Louis, MO. Besides the           innovative, inventive, collabor-            Charity have served. Many of               of the collection. Stewart said
                                          provincial house in Emmits-             ative, and inclusive. We want to            them are being donated to a si-            the Daughters of Charity would

T     he Daughters of Charity are
      consolidating their provin-
cial houses in order to stream-
                                          burg, the other provincial hous-
                                          es in Evansville, IN and Albany,
                                                                                  do what is best to advocate for
                                                                                  the issues of immigration, hu-
                                                                                  man trafficking, social injus-
                                                                                                                              lent auction the Daughters are
                                                                                                                              holding in May to raise mon-
                                                                                                                              ey for some work that the Seton
                                                                                                                                                                         like to create a research area for
                                                                                                                                                                         researchers who want to use the
line their operations and free up            “It was a hard decision, but         tice, and national health care re-          Shrine needs.                                 The retirement facility for el-
more sisters to work in the mis-          the Daughters are looking for a         form,” concluded Sister Claire                 The remaining Emmitsburg                derly sisters will also continue
sion field.                               way to do what is best to serve         Debes, provincial superior in               sisters will become focused on             operating in Emmitsburg.
   “This building is no longer a          the poor,” said Lori Stewart, di-       Emmitsburg.                                 Heritage Ministries as the Na-                One challenge will be for the
Daughter of Charity provincial            rector of development and pub-             The sisters have already begun           tional Shrine of Saint Elizabeth           Daughters of Charity to find
house,” said Lori Stewart, di-            lic relations for the Daughters of      preparing for the change, which             Ann Seton and other historic               uses for their underutilized space
rector of development and pub-            Charity.                                won’t become official until July            buildings related to Seton will            in the provincial house, which is
lic relations for the Daughters of           The shift means that seven sis-      2011. Stewart said that the sis-            remain in Emmitsburg.                      part of the 390,000-square-foot
Charity.                                  ters who serve in an administra-        ters have been going through                   The Daughters of Chari-                 facility the Daughters of Chari-
   After months of meetings,              tive capacity for the St. Joseph’s      closets and storage areas that              ty archive will benefit from               ty own in Emmitsburg.
planning and discussions, the             Provincial House will be trans-         haven’t been explored in awhile             the changes. The archives from                The American Daughters of
Daughters of Charity are con-             ferred to St. Louis and then pos-       and finding mementos and arti-              Evansville and Albany will be              Charity celebrated their bicen-
solidating their provincial hous-         sibly out into the mission field.       facts from different places and             transferred to the archives in             tennial last year.
es into a single provincial house            “Our mission calls us to be          parishes where Daughters of                 Emmitsburg, increasing the size

Trish Rowe opens her own agency
                                                                                                                                                                            Rowe has lived in Fairfield for
                                                                                                                                                                         35 years and is a graduate of Fair-
                                                                                                                                                                         field High School. She owned
                                                                                                                                                                         a flower shop, café and bed and

A    top local Realtor has now
     opened her own real estate
company in Fairfield. Trish Rowe
                                          nia in places like Fairfield, Carroll
                                          Valley, Gettysburg and Waynes-
                                          boro and in Maryland locations
                                                                                     Rowe feels Fairfield is a great
                                                                                  place for a Realtor, despite the
                                                                                  struggling housing market.
                                                                                                                              a normal pricing structure. Peo-
                                                                                                                              ple are buying older homes mostly
                                                                                                                              only due to the builders stopping in
                                                                                                                                                                         breakfast called Trish’s Treasures
                                                                                                                                                                         for 23 years. During her career as
                                                                                                                                                                         a Realtor with Exit Realty, she was
recently opened Trish Rowe Realty         such as Emmitsburg, Thurmont               “Fairfield and Carroll Valley are        the area. People are buying the extra      a top sales person among the com-
at 138 W. Main Street in Fairfield.       and Frederick. Rowe is also a grad-     holding their own in prices,” Rowe          second home for vacationing from           pany’s Pennsylvania agents.
   Trish Rowe is licensed in both         uate of the Certified Distressed        said. “Actually the market needed           Silver Spring in their 50’s and 60’s          You can learn more about Rowe
Pennsylvania and Maryland. She            Property Institute specializing in      to decline to get back to normal.           years of age. The first home buyers        on the Internet at www.trishrowereal-
services south central Pennsylva-         short sales and owner’s hardships.      This is a normal market now with            are around 20-27 yrs old.”        or by calling 717-642-9400.
                                                                                                                      MARCH 2010 | EMMITSBURG NEWS-JOURNAL | 5

One hundred years ago this month
March 5                                consequence was the school be-            public library was held on Monday
                                       came uproarious with laughter             evening at the whole of Miss Belle
A Day at the High School               and it took ten minutes to get ev-        Rowe. Reports were received from
After these ten long years that I      erybody settled to work. I think,         the different officers of the commit-
have been away from the Emmits-        if I am not mistaken, that is the         tee in ways and means of increas-
burg High School, I now recall         standard time to quiet a school           ing the efficiency of the library were
vividly, certain happy days which      full of laughter, especially when         considered in planned. The pro-
I spent there. One day in particu-     the teacher laughs himself.               ceeds of the cake and candy sales
lar I will try to describe to you.                                               amounted to $11.05. The commit-
                                                                                 tee returns thanks to all who con-
The welcome old bell that hangs        March 11                                  tributed both as donors and as pur-
In the lofty tower was rung and all                                              chasers. Last month the committee
the scholars took their places. The    Never Laugh At the Pitcher                mailed a printed letter to each per-
boys and girls of the infant room      After much trouble and correspon-         son who for some reason or another
seated themselves in Miss Ruth         dence the managers of the Miney           had allowed his or her subscription
Hoke’s room. School was opened         Creek baseball team and the Gray-         to run out without renewal. Over
with music and devotional exer-        son’s specials finally arranged again     30 of these letters were sent out, but
cises. Then all the scholars went to   between those two teams which             so far, we regret to say, only one re-
their respective rooms, the doors      was pulled off at Zora this week.         newal has come from the source. It
                                                                                 is hoped that many others will re-        The old Emmitsburg High School on Frederick Street (South Seton Ave.) The
were closed and work began.            The Graysons won by a close score
                                                                                 new their subscriptions in the near       building now houses a printing business, and on the second floor, which was
                                       16 to 6.
                                                                                 future. An institution of this kind                      added after this photo was taken, apartments.
First the C class in History came up
to recite and all did very well with   The game went nicely want until           depends upon the support the peo-
the exception of one boy who, when     the second inning when the Min-           ple of the community give it.
he got to the blackboard to discuss    ey Creek boys were at bat. Some                                                     William Henry Welty                    justice for the tree will soon be
his topic, discovered he had for-      careless fellow sitting on the fence      Sunday’s Electrical Storm                 William Henry Welty, of Emmits-        served.
gotten everything he knew about        laughed and pretty nearly broke           On Sunday evening and unusually se-       burg District, died of typhoid fe-
this particular subject, but sudden-   up the game. The Grayson pitch-           vere electrical storm for this time of    ver Tuesday, Welty was 60 years        Emmitsburg Milk Company
ly recalled something from a pre-      er, heard the merry laugh and grew        year passed over Emmitsburg. The          old. He is survived by his two         The Emmitsburg Milk Co. Has
vious lesson, that had been drilled    wroth and exceeding fierce and            disturbance was pretty general and the    sons, William and James, and by        installed a complete cold storage
and hammered in by the Professor.      through an wild pitch. By the time        lightning was seen in every direction.    four brothers and two sisters. He      plant. Their milk will be the same
And so he roamed across seas, des-     the catcher ran out up to the barn to     The reflections of several fires were     was greatly esteemed by a large cir-   pure sweet milk in summer that it
erts and mountains into Egypt and      get a step ladder to retrieve the ball,   plainly seen on the north and onto the    cle of friends. After brief funeral    has been in winter. Milk can al-
commenced his discourse on sphinx      the ball was in the creek.                Southwest. The latter was the shed of     service at the home of his son Wil-    ways be procured at Mr. Brown’s
and pyramids, in which he partially                                              Frank Borres of New Midway which          liam in Detour, the funeral took       residence and on short notice
succeeded. After some ten minutes      Later, one of the Miney Boys pret-        was struck by lightning.                  place in the Rocky Ridge Church.       will be delivered to any part of
of pumping the Professor got about     ty nearly got home, but on the                                                                                             the town at any time. Beginning
62 percent out of him. His subject     way from third he fell. After one                                                   High School Festival                   April 1, Patterson’s dairy will sell
was something about Babylonians.       of the Miney Boys failed to catch         March 18                                  The scholars of the Emmitsburg         and deliver sterilized milk in bot-
                                       a high pop fly, the Miney pitch-                                                    high school will hold a festival at    tles and pints and quarts or from
Next was the A and B classes in        er beaned the batter on his back.         Mr. Breichner’s Son                       the school building on Saturday        the wagon as formally to suit the
Latin Grammar, Nouns and verbs         The next throw was wild, but              Operated on                               afternoon and evening beginning        purchaser. After this date milk
were alike to one boy, so the Pro-     the catcher managed to catch it           On Tuesday Dr. Stone and Dr. Jami-        at four o’clock. Chicken and ham       also be on sale at Patterson’s meat
fessor told he and another boy,        on the second bounce and would            son operated on Newman Breichner,         sandwiches, cake and ice cream         market at all times.
who was equally efficient, to write    have put the runner out at first          son of the proprietor of the Emmitt       will be served. The proceeds are
a new Latin Grammar with his           had the first baseman not been            House. It will be remembered that         for the benefit of the Athletic As-    New Dump Opened
compliments. Next came recess          off the field taking a smoke break        last summer this lad fell from the bal-   sociation. The public is cordial-      The Emmitsburg railroad, until fur-
and when the good old bell had         at the time. The runner was try-          cony of the Emmitt House. The in-         ly invited to attend to help make      ther notice, has given the use of its
tolled again, work began once          ing for second when the supper            juries he sustained at that time made     this a success.                        dumping grounds at Emmitsburg
more.                                  bell rang and the umpires had to          his operation necessary. It is thought                                           to the citizens for a dump. Earth,
                                       leave. When they came back the            that there will be no further troubles                                           ashes, tin cans and all other refuse
In Composition and Rhetoric            game was over. The management             from the injured bones.                   March 25                               not deleterious to health may be
the teacher gave one of the boys,      of these two teams would like to                                                                                           dumped their. The agent at the sta-
“Washington at Valley Forge” to        hear from others who think they           Car for Sale                              Tree Burned in Park                    tion will direct anyone inquiring
discourse on. This is his version—     can play ball.                            Having contracted for a larger car        The big oak tree on the fireman’s      where the refuse can be thrown.
”Valley Forge was a small village                                                I wish to sell my Snyder 1909 two         ground was set on fire on Mon-
and George Washington marched          Our Flourishing Library                   cylinder solid tire runabout, with        day evening by some boys. The          To read past editions of 100 years
in there one bright winter morn-       The regular meeting of the execu-         top Lance horn complete. Practi-          boys scattered as the flames rose.     ago this month visit the Historical
ing and captured the village. The      tive committee of the Emmitsburg          cally new a guarantee for $325.           But names have been named and          Society section of .

From the desk of County Commissioner Snyder
T     he year 2010 in Adams Coun-
      ty will be remembered for re-
cord snow storms, back to back, with
                                          law and the United States Constitu-
                                          tion requires a national census count
                                          once every 10 years. The Census
                                                                                        The Adams County Board of
                                                                                     Commissioners in 2007 approved the
                                                                                     Adams County Green Space Program
a total of four (4) feet in one week.     data determine the number of seats         Guidelines and invite participation
The county fared well with no ma-         each state will have in the U.S. House     by eligible entities to partner with the
jor problems occurring. Thanks to         of Representatives. Census data also       County to preserve lands in Adams
our Director of Emergency Servic-         can help determine the allocation of       County that include agricultural open
es, John Eline, and his staff for a job   federal funds for community servic-        space recreational and park lands.
well done.                                es, such as school lunch programs             The program provides finan-
   Adams County residents will be         and senior citizen centers. Let’s look     cial assistance to municipalities and
hearing the term ‘Census 2010’.           at federal funding – for every per-        not for profit organizations to part-
A complete Count Committee as             son not counted in this year’s census,     ner with the county to protect lands
been formed in Adams County by            the local government loses $1,300          in the county. Projects have a match
the Commissioners. Vickie Corbett         to $1,500 per year in federal fund-        of 50% or greater to be eligible. In
and Darlene Brown have accepted           ing, or $13,000 to $15,000 per per-        2008 and 2009 a total of one (1) mil-
Co-Chair persons of the commit-           son until the next count. Every dollar     lion dollars was allocated to the pro-     ty from Gladfelter Pulpwood Com-          county maintenance personal were
tee. Census questionnaires are going      lost from federal funding is made up       gram with a match of 2.6 millions          pany for $12.5 million dollars until      making renovations for the 4th Court
to be mailed or delivered to house-       from local TAX dollars. If you have        dollars provided by local municipal-       funding could be generated to re-         Room. This project was complete on
holds in February and March. The          any questions or concerns, please          ities, state or federal funds. A total     coup their purchase cost. Funding,        schedule. The Commissioners are
individual in whose name the hous-        call the Commissioners at 717-337-         of 750 acres were preserved by this        now in place, generated by Pennsyl-       pleased with the end results and the
ing unit is owned or rented should        9820 or you can visit the website at       program in 2008 and 2009. Appli-           vania Department of Conservation          performance of the maintenance Di-
complete the questionnaire on be-                 cations are now being reviewed for         and National Resources (DCNR),            rector and staff for undertaking this
half of every person living in the res-      The Commissioners are continu-          the year 2010. This does not include       the Richard King, Mellon Founda-          project. The energy saving project is
idence, including relatives and non-      ing to explore up-grading the radio        the acreage preserved by the Agland        tion, the U.S. Department of Agri-        well underway at Green Acres Nurs-
relatives. The Census day or Count        system. We are taking time to evalu-       Preservation Program in the county.        culture, County of Adams, a group         ing Home, Courthouse and District
day is April 1, 2010…It is important      ate the need during this process. The         The Gladfelter Tree Farm, number        of five (5) southwest county munic-       Magistrate Carr’s building. The proj-
to complete the Census form, which        goal is to develop a system as good        1, a property located in western Ad-       ipalities and private trusts and indi-    ect is about 80% complete. The cost
consist of 10 questions, for many         as or better than what we have now.        ams County exceeding 2,500 acres           viduals, making the final transfer on     saving on energy will pay for the im-
reasons. If the form is not returned      There is a committee helping to de-        in size, and containing head waters        February 26, 2010 to DCNR and to          provements over the next 15 years.
Census takers will visit households       velop the system and the needs of          of numerous regional streams, ex-          be managed by the State Bureau of            This has been a winter to remem-
that did not return a questionnaire       all emergency and law enforcement          ceptional wildlife habitat and for-        Forestry as an addition to Michaux        ber but before you know it the snow
by mail                                   agencies. The county will be taking        est land, was for sale in mid 2007.        State Forest for public recreation and    will be gone and lawns will be green,
   Residents may ask why it is so im-     its time to explore all the options, in-   In March 2008, “The Conserva-              Water Shed Protection.                    snow blowers in storage and lawn
portant to be counted. Well, it is the    cluding tower sites.                       tion Fund”, purchased the proper-             As mentioned in my last article, the   mowers will be humming.

From the desk of Carroll Valley Mayor Ron                                                                                                                                 On Monday, March 8th the

Snow in the Valley
                                                                                     ized information for 72 years af-          in attending. On Monday, March            Public Safety Committee is
                                                                                     ter it gathered. April 1st is Na-          1st the Planning Commission will          scheduled to meet. On Tuesday,
                                                                                     tional Census Day. This day                meet. March 6th and 7th, Straw-           March 9th the Borough Coun-

D      on’t know if you noticed but       Be Counted                                 is being used as a point of ref-           berry Hill Nature Preserve is offer-      cil will be held. Finally, the
       we do have snow. I have been                                                  erence for you to complete the             ing a 90 minute program on the            Parks and Recreation Commit-
told that we had an accumulation          In March, the United States (U.S.)         form and return it. Census tak-            history of maple sugaring. After          tee plans to meet on Wednes-
of 26 inches which may have set a         Census Bureau will be mailing out          ers will be deployed during the            the lecture, the attendees are led to     day, March 24th. The Borough
new snow record for Carroll Val-          the census forms. The 2010 Cen-            period April to July 2010 to vis-          the forest where they select a tree,      Council, Planning Commission
ley. The snow has brought out the         sus hopes to count all U.S. resi-          it households that did not return          drill into in, hang a sap bucket,         and Borough Committees meet
best in us – that is neighbors help-      dents – citizens and non-citizens          the form. By law, in December              collect snap and watch fresh sap          at 7:00 pm and are held at the
ing neighbors.                            alike. To accomplish this goal, the        2010 the Census Bureau will de-            being cooked down into syrup be-          Borough Office.
   We are a community of indi-            Census Bureau is sending out a             liver the population information           fore their eyes. The program costs
viduals. Sometimes because of our         short 10 – question form to ev-            to the President for apportion-            $5 for members and $8 for non-            Again, if I can be of help, please do
busy schedules and our desire for         ery household. You are required to         ment. And by law, the Census               members. To signup and to check           not hesitate to contact me at may-
privacy, we may never get to know         fill in the form to account for ev-        Bureau completes the delivery of           on start time contact Strawberry or call me at
our neighbors. However, during            eryone living at your address as of        redistricting data to the states in        Hill at (717) 642-5840.                   717- 642-8269 Ext. 32.
times of need we are pleasantly           April 1, 2010. The census pack-            March 2011. You cannot fill out
surprise by our neighbors.                age contains a prepaid envelope so         this form online.
   I have heard many stories where        that you can mail it back. If you             If you are interested in taking a
our people helped others clearing         do not fill it out, you will be visit-     look at the form before it arrives,
out their driveways and offering          ed by a census taker who will ob-          go to, click
to food shop for those who were           tain the necessary information.            Read More under The Whole Sto-
caught short. One such example is            The information you provide             ry, and on the left side of the web
how Brian Wyant who in a qui-             is protected by Title 13 of the            page, click Explore the form here.
et unassuming way helped many             U.S. Code. Violating this law              Please fill out the form. It will help
local retirees in the “K” section         is a crime with severe penalties           the Borough of Carroll Valley bet-
to clear their driveways. People          – a fine of $250,000 or impris-            ter plan to serve your community
like Kevin Richards, Bob Mawl-            onment of to five years or both.           needs.
er, Cindy Clark, John Eddins, Ja-         Our Pennsylvania Attorney Gen-
son Montgomery and others make            eral, Tom Corbett, has said that           Upcoming Events and Meetings
Carroll Valley a “caring communi-         case law exists which has prov-
ty” of individuals.                       en even FBI and immigration                Some of the upcoming events or
   I also want to thank our Munic-        may not have access to personal-           meetings you might be interested
ipal Services Department for the
great job they are doing in clear-
ing our 65 miles of trails. Please
remember that in some places in
Carroll Valley snow narrows the
road, so slow down when driving.
   By the way, it was reported by that on February 13th
the First Lady Michelle Obama
and her two daughters, Sasha and
Mala enjoyed a day of sking and
snow tubing at Ski Liberty.
                                                                                                                    MARCH 2010 | EMMITSBURG NEWS-JOURNAL | 7

From the desk of County Commissioner Gardner
Mixed Signal!                                                                    unnoticed by the general public.
                                                                                    The County Commission-
                                                                                                                         is the wrong time to even con-
                                                                                                                         sider raising tax revenue when
                                                                                                                                                                 rienced a deferral of almost $200
                                                                                                                                                                 million in projects. As the county

I  s the economy in recovery? Has
   the recession ended? Have we
hit the bottom?
                                        declined dramatically and proper-
                                        ty taxes are falling due to declin-
                                        ing assessments. Budgets are be-
                                                                                 ers have been working on reduc-
                                                                                 ing our budget by going through
                                                                                 each and every program with our
                                                                                                                         many of our constituents are al-
                                                                                                                         ready experiencing the impacts
                                                                                                                         of the economy on their personal
                                                                                                                                                                 revenue declines, so does our abili-
                                                                                                                                                                 ty to support debt. The county has
                                                                                                                                                                 deferred schools, roads, branch li-
   The state of the economy is a        ing slashed and unfortunately it         budget office, division directors,      household budgets. We will live         braries, park development and even
full of mixed messages. There are       only appears to be the beginning         and department heads. We are            within our means.                       some maintenance projects due to
signs in some areas that the econ-      of tough budget years for local          reviewing every areas of our bud-          Citizens should expect service       fiscal constraints.
omy is recovering while there are       governments.                             get searching for millions of dol-      reductions and the total elimi-            While the economy will re-
signs in other areas that the econ-        In Frederick County, we are fac-      lars of reductions. Since almost        nation of some programs. The            cover, there is uncertainty as to
omy continues to be distressed.         ing an almost $30 million deficit        60% of our budget is funding to         County Commissioners expect             when. Most economists agree
Housing starts seem to be up,           for the upcoming fiscal year , FY        public education which is large-        to introduce the budget in mid-         that the recovery will be slow. In
unemployment has fallen slight-         ’11. This follows a reduction in         ly off limits for cuts due to state     March and will hold public hear-        county government, we are pre-
ly, but there is fear of commer-        the current year operating budget        laws, major reductions have to          ings in April and May. The bud-         dicting that our revenue picture
cial foreclosures and bank failures.    of 9% versus the prior year. Many        happen in other areas of the bud-       get should reflect the values,          will not begin to recover or im-
The mixed signals create a lot of       programs were cut around the edg-        get including public safety, librar-    priorities and needs of the com-        prove until 2015. We will thus
uncertainty.                            es, highway and road maintenance         ies, parks, and public works. The       munity. Nothing is more impor-          change our focus to maintaining
   While the federal government         accounts were cut, capital projects      reductions in services will be no-      tant than where we spend our            existing infrastructure and pro-
is busy printing money to balance       deferred, and some reserve funds         ticed by the public and citizens        tax dollars. Thus, citizen input        viding essential services.
its budget and provide stimulus         were hit. Education has been held        will begin to question the wis-         is critically important to assist in       So, what can you, the resident/
funding, state and local govern-        harmless and has actually expe-          dom of the choices.                     identifying the priorities and val-     tax payer do about this? Pay at-
ments are facing massive deficits.      rienced a slight increase in their          The County Commissioners             ues of our community.                   tention, get involved, let us know
Tax revenues have fallen signifi-       budget due to stimulus funding.          have no plans to raise taxes or            The capital improvement pro-         how you feel! Public input will
cantly in all areas. Income taxes,      These reductions to the county           fees. The budget will be balanced       gram, which is entirely separate from   make a difference in our budget
sales taxes, recordation taxes have     budget to date have gone largely         entirely by reducing spending. It       our operating budget, has also expe-    process. Stay tuned!

From the desk of Town Council President Chris Staiger
S   pring is right around the cor-
    ner, or at least that’s what
they’re telling me… We seem to
                                        to cover emergency related expens-
                                        es. So, all in all, I think we’ve made
                                        it through okay! Bring on spring!
have survived the worst winter in          One specific bit of town govern-
the last ten years, with a nod to       ment news I would like to share
the fact that March can still serve     concerns recent changes to the
up a big storm. But at this point       town’s committee structure. The
I’m trying to look at the glass as      Water, Streets, and Charter Review
half full! As you’ve seen, town staff   Committees have been discontin-
was hard at work putting things         ued while a new Citizens Advisory
right as quickly as possible - and, I   Committee has been established to
think, with GREAT success.              replace them. The older committees
   I did find myself joking with        seemed too narrowly focused to get
people that you could get out and       “traction” or prove sustainable.
around town the morning after the          The new committee will have
snow ended (in both cases), but         an open agenda to provide recom-
the real question was how far you       mendations directly to the Board of
could then get if you tried to leave    Commissioners. It will have up to
town! Thanks also to partners at        ten members with a Commission-
Bollinger Construction, WF De-          er acting as Chairperson and there-
lauter & Sons, and S&W Con-             fore a direct link between the com-
struction who provided addition-        mittee and the Board. My hope is
al plows and heavy equipment.           that this body will serve as a source
   Finally, thank you to all of you     for grass roots recommendations to
who were able to at least get some      the town government. The meet-           The Town Council continues
sort of path cleared on your side-      ing schedule has not been set, but       to dedicate the second meeting
walks. It’s always dangerous to         I would expect once a quarter un-        of the month to planning issues
walk in the streets. Please contin-     less projects are actively being pur-    and I hope to make hay while
ue to keep in mind your friends         sued. If you would like to serve on      the sun shines and have our new
and neighbors who aren’t up to          this committee, please send a let-       template in place before devel-
the shoveling or don’t have a snow      ter of interest to the town office at    opment pressures renew again.
blower. Events like these are when      300A South Seton Ave.                       In this same context we also con-
we should all pitch in to help where       Otherwise, we continue to             tinue to try to better define our re-
we can.                                 work toward redefining our zon-          lationship with the County in terms
   So our infrastructure survived       ing and development ordinanc-            of authority, responsibility, and ex-
largely intact, although there were     es so they are in line with our          pectations - keeping the lines of
one or two sewer overflows when         Comprehensive Plan goals and             communication open and the rela-
inbound volumes four to five times      newly defined State require-             tionship cordial, but continuing to
the design capacity of the plant oc-    ments. I expect to have a Mu-            protect our interests as a municipal-
curred. Once again, staff has found     nicipal APFO ordinance on the            ity. Best wishes for a safe and happy
ways to cope with heavy rains and       books by the end of the year.            month! - Chris Staiger
snow melts so that all effluent can
be processed - except in the most
dramatic instances.
   No one was hurt during snow
removal operations and I am not
aware of any major accidents or in-
cidents specifically related to the
weather. The budget will take an-
other hit, but a manageable one.
The Town Office is already working
to claim funds that may be available
from different tiers of government


Words from Winterbilt
                                                                                                                                                              mess which included my recom-
                                                                                                                                                              mendation that we should put
                                                                                                                                                              high school seniors in charge,
                                                                                                                                                              since they know everything.

Bonuses—Again?                                                                                                            I think Congress must have
                                                                                                                       been confused and reversed who
                                                                                                                       was to give up something. Would
                                                                                                                                                              I am sure that many of you
                                                                                                                                                              laughed at that idea, but I bet
                                                                                                                                                              you’re not laughing now. How-

T    here has been lot written          family - and the company went          is not that responsible in han-         it not have been better if the bank-   ever when you think about it,
     and discussed about the bo-        broke because of mismanage-            dling our money. They are very          ers who when broke - gave up bo-       in a strange sort of way adults
nuses that the financial institu-       ment, the very same management         good at giving it to their friends      nuses? Would it also not be bet-       that act like children are al-
tions are giving out, and right-        that’s receiving bonuses. Maybe I      and they don’t know what a              ter if the auto executives who         ready in charge. I am not talk-
fully so. In a previous paper           am being too hard on this, may-        “Balanced Budget” means. They           went broke gave up something?          ing about the bankers, but the
entitled “I would take twice the        be my perception is incorrect,         consistently overspend, go into         Seems to me the only people do-        congress. As strange as it may
betting for half of the money,”         and then again, maybe not, may-        debt and then need to borrow            ing a day’s work, the auto work-       sound, adults that act like chil-
I explained why bonuses should          be I do get it! If the congress had    more money. I wonder if the             ers, are the only ones that were       dren are not that responsibly.
not exist. Apparently congress          not bailed them out, the compa-        big banks on Wall Street are us-        suppose to give up something.             When someone says that bo-
and Wall Street failed to read          nies would have failed, the man-       ing congress as a management               Let’s revisit my idea of the        nuses are required to keep the
the article. I believe it would be      agement would not be employed          model! This would explain a lot.        bonus in reverse law, or tying         best and brightest, they should
proper for me to re-state at least      and they would not be receiving           If you are a large company and       compensation to work complet-          preference their words with
part of my case as to why bo-           a pay check, must less a bonus.        are suppose to be responsible for       ed. I do believe this could solve      “Once upon a time.” That’s how
nuses should not be given out.             “They really don’t get it”          money that is not yours, like pen-      a lot of problems. We could            a fairy tale begins. If they were
   Bonuses are for good work it is         To correct this problem I would     sion funds, etc., and you lose          even expand it to schools. The         speaking the truth, they would
a reward for doing good work. If        suggest that we create a new law       the money - then you don’t re-          students that study hard and           preference their words with
you spend all of the money and          directly related to compensation       ceive a bonus, you owe a bonus.         do well on test should receive         “This is no bovine fecal materi-
then someone has to bail you out        and we would call it “Bonus in            We should all remember and it’s      the highest grades. The teach-         al” Bonuses for failed manage-
-you have not been doing good           Reverse.” If you are a large com-      not as if you need a reminder, that     er’s that teach the best and have      ment of companies that went
work. When you are entrust-             pany and are suppose to be re-         it was congress that gave billions      the best results from their stu-       broke, is not only absurd it re-
ed with very large sums of mon-         sponsible for money that is not        to the Wall Street banks - with         dents could receive the high-          wards individuals for poor be-
ey (not your money, but mon-            yours, like pension funds, etc.,       no strings. Which is why we are         est salary. Fairness and equity        havior. It has been over a year
ey from other people) then you          and you lose the money - then          so annoyed with the bonus issue         what a novel idea. Of course we        since the financial meltdown on
have a responsibility to be reason-     you don’t receive a bonus, you         and I would predict not for the         all know that the students who         Wall Street and not one law re-
able and prudent with the money         owe a bonus. I know this is a cra-     last time. Of course Congress also      study the most usually receive         lating to financial responsibility
- period. Of course this could also     zy idea, that of tying compensa-       bailed out the auto industry but        the best grades, but in general        has been enacted. I guess the 400
mean we need to fire congress.          tion to performance. I think that      when they did that they insisted        the majority of teachers receive       million that the financial indus-
   Like many of you when you            if we did this we could solve many     on concessions from the unions.         a salary. Apparently the bonus         try spent last year on lobbying
hear a news report about new            problems. I wonder why no-             Let me go over that to make sure        in reverse rule works well for         congress - is just a coincidence.
bonuses being given out - your          body has thought of this before.       I have that right, the banks; the       children, but not for adults….         Hum, “Once upon a time.”
heart rate goes up, you grit your          While I do think this is an         billionaires get billions with no          I think Congress must have
teeth and you think, “they really       outstanding idea, I do believe it      strings and the people that do          been confused and reversed             “The significant problems we face can-
don’t get it” The company they          would be difficult to pass it in       physical labor and actually built       who was to give up something.          not be solved at the same level of think-
work for pays them a salary so          Congress. After all (and this may      something are suppose to give            Of course this takes me back to       ing we were at when we created them.”
they can feed and shelter their         surprise some of you), Congress        up something to keep their jobs.        my first article on the financial      - Albert Einstein

Pondering the Puzzlement                                                                                                                                      I’d have to make my own cush-
                                                                                                                                                              ions. All that requires a knowl-
                                                                                                                                                              edge of lumber and tool craft I
                                                                                                                                                              don’t have. I’d also have to learn
Jack Deatherage, Jr.                       Instead of trying to grow food      of bread. Which leads me to Arete          There is a chance I’ll abandon      to sew. Which would require my
                                        for a market, she seeks perfection     in knife sharpening. I used to car-     the bread and knives in favor of       learning about fabric!
Bushido: Japanese, the ‘way of the      among the rows of peppers and          ry an Arkansas stone and always         something I’m already good at-            Life would simpler if I accepted
warrior’.                               cabbages for her own use. That         kept my pocket and belt knives          napping. Currently I don’t have        what is available from the stores.
                                        led her to taking a serious look at    sharp enough to shave with. Hav-        a chair suited to perfect napping,     But where is excellence in that?
Arete: Greek, the goodness or ex-       her soil and what she feeds it. As     ing long since stopped carrying         but I’ve been considering one
cellence of a thing.                    a Pagan, her first concern is to do    most of those tools I also lost the     based on the Adirondack style.         To read past editions of Pondering
                                        no harm to the earth, her Mother.      stones and the ability to put a ra-     I’d have to make it bigger to ac-      the Puzzlement visit the Authors’

B    ushido and Arete have worked
     their way into a conversation
I’m having with my homesteading
                                        Seeking the best additives to feed
                                        and encourage the life already in
                                        the soil has become part of her
                                                                               zor edge on a blade. Like the Tex-
                                                                               an, I’m finding I need to expand
                                                                               Arete into other areas of my life
                                                                                                                       commodate my long frame, and           section of

friend in Texas. She was trying to      Bushido, the way of the warrior        if I want success in something as
express her attempts to perfect a       gardener.                              simple as building bread.
wheatless bread she could tolerate         At her urging, I’ve begun to           I think the Texan set me up!
eating on a regular basis. I made       consider Arete in my life. I’ve been   Knowing how lazy I am she
some comment about the Sam-             seeking the perfect loaf of bread      tricked me into working toward
urai Code of Bushido requiring          for more than 20 years. Now I’m        a goal I wasn’t likely to resist. She
the practitioners to seek perfec-       taking a new look at my past ef-       knew very well what would hap-
tion in every aspect of their lives.    forts and have decided to toss         pen once I began seeking Arete in
She came back with the Ancient          much of what I thought I needed.       bread!
Greek’s goal of Arete.                  No more expensive flours or addi-         I guess working toward per-
   The Texan is evidently a very        tives to improve flavor, crumb or      fection in simple tasks isn’t so
good cook, though few people are        crust. I’m bread building with “off    bad when I take time to consid-
likely to ever test that brag because   the shelf ” flour my mother would      er how everything sort of pulls
she seldom cooks for any but her        have used.                             together. I’m thinking the mead
husband. I’m always getting pic-           The only items my moth-             ferment could be used to start
tures of meals she put together         er wouldn’t have used (they were       the bread ferment. As I’ve not
along with descriptions that set        never in her house, but are a must     yet found the patience to let a
my mouth to watering.                   in mine) are good olive oil, a bak-    mead age to perfection maybe
   For her, Arete in the kitchen is     ing stone and parchment paper. I       I could pass the time working
the goal. Having decided on that,       have a recipe I’ve had some success    out the perfect bread and get-
she quickly realized that perfect       with, an Italian bread from Peter      ting a knife sharp enough to
meals require perfect meats, veg-       Reinhart’s “The Bread Baker’s Ap-      slice it. While I wont go so far
etables and seasonings. Those, she      prentice”. Armed with these essen-     as to try growing perfect wheat
hasn’t been able to acquire from        tials, I become a Samurai follow-      I could get serious about grow-
her readily available sources. She’s    ing the code of the Bread Builder.     ing excellent lettuce, or chick-
turned her mind to her garden              And what a Samurai! I haven’t a     ens, or beef to put between the
and the livestock she keeps.            knife sharp enough to slice a loaf     perfect slices.
                                                                                                                        MARCH 2010 | EMMITSBURG NEWS-JOURNAL | 9

                                                                                                    GENERATION X PERSPECTIVE

Pure Onsense
                                                                                     If the idea of term limits is to           In a column in last month’s is-         search, to name a few), our po-
                                                                                  be considered at all, it has to be         sue (“How come you got us into             litical system of representative
                                                                                  done across the board as a con-            this mess?” p.9), Lindsay Coker            governance is designed to be ac-
                                                                                  stitutional amendment. Such a              cited Mikhail Gorbachev’s distinc-         cessible to ordinary citizens.
                                                                                  move is not unprecedented. We              tion between a statesman and a                Aristotle said, “A good citizen
Scott Zuke                                 Any means of dislodging this           already limit the presidency to            politician: “A statesman does what         must have the knowledge and
                                        status quo are certainly worthy           two terms with the twenty-sec-             he believes is best for his country,       ability both to be ruled and to

S   ome wonderful things, for
    whatever reasons, have yet
to catch on in America: the met-
                                        of renewed discussion, but per-
                                        haps the most effective reform
                                        is one that may be deduced
                                                                                  ond amendment, but even look-
                                                                                  ing further back we see examples
                                                                                  of democracies and republics in
                                                                                                                             a politician does what best gets
                                                                                                                             him reelected.” Cicero also put it
                                                                                                                             well when he wrote, “So the aim
                                                                                                                                                                        rule,” and this is a major reason
                                                                                                                                                                        we should mourn the loss of civ-
                                                                                                                                                                        ics courses in public education.
ric system, the afternoon siesta,       from his actions rather than his          which measures were in place to            of our ideal statesman is the citi-        Increasingly it seems that poli-
curling, to name a few. One idea        words. Having been in office for          defend against the rise of overly-         zens’ happy life--that is, a life se-      ticians are viewed as an exclu-
that seems conspicuously ab-            over a decade he has chosen to            influential career politicians.            cure in wealth, rich in resources,         sive class, a select group of indi-
sent from political discourse in        voluntarily limit his term, a wel-           In the Roman republic a con-            abundant in renown, and honour-            viduals solely imbued with the
recent months is that of consti-        come decision, but not one that           sul, the highest executive officer,        able in its moral character.” The          skills and institutional knowl-
tutionally mandated term limits         we can typically count on poli-           was elected for a term of one year,        best way to ensure that the states-        edge needed to govern. This se-
for elected officials.                  ticians to self-impose (for exam-         and could not be reelected to that         man’s understanding of what is             verely limits the good citizen’s
   For many years confidence            ple, consider Rep. Roscoe Bar-            office until another ten years had         good for his country is as accurate        chances of participating in the
in Congress has been bottomed           tlett [MD-06], who advocated              passed. In the more chaotic 5th            as possible is to ensure that he has       political process, and this is only
out due to the stultifying effects      for constitutionally mandated             century Athenian democracy,                spent enough time as a private cit-        a psychological consequence, to
of partisan politics, where lines       term limits in his          the citizens could vote to “ostra-         izen under its laws, and that he is        say nothing of the more tangible
are not drawn in the sand but           1992).                                    cize,” or banish a rising political        aware that he will be returning to         obstacles that a challenger fac-
carved in stone, and even hon-             The main argument against              figure from the city for a period          that roll very soon. Ideally, “poli-       es when campaigning against an
est attempts at compromise are          term limitation is that voters            of ten years. This was not done            tician” would become only a brief          entrenched incumbent.
answered with sharp criticism or        should retain the right to vote for       on any charge of wrongdoing,               bullet-point on a citizen’s curricu-          While voters on both sides of
outright dismissal.                     whomever they wish to represent           but often because the politician           lum vitae.                                 the aisle have expressed support
   The strongest condemnation           them, especially since an incum-          was too popular, and thus a po-               Rather than calling forth               for mandatory term limits (the
of Congress in recent weeks             bent is often the most qualified          tential threat of someday becom-           charismatic and well-connect-              Republicans have repeatedly
came from one of its own mem-           candidate in an election. Voters          ing a tyrant. Themistocles, whose          ed rising politicians, a prima-            turned to it as a campaign ploy,
bers, as Illinois Senator Evan          are rightly concerned about any           military strategy single-handedly          ry goal in enforcing strict term           at least as recently as last year),
Bayh announced he would not             limitation upon their most basic          saved Athens and its democracy             limits is that it would create a           CNN contributor Jack Caffer-
seek reelection. In an op-ed for        political power, but the system           from the invading Persians, was            demand for new public servants             ty’s observation that “It’s an idea
the New York Times he laid out          as it is now is, in its own way,          exiled in this way.                        to be drawn from the ranks of              that’s long past due and it will
a daunting list of dysfunctions         even more restrictive. While it is           Even with our constitution’s            ordinary, good citizens--those             probably never happen” appears
with D.C. politics, from a bro-         often said by critics of that vot-        innovations in checks and bal-             who may very well be charismat-            likely to hold true for the fore-
ken campaign finance system to          ers should be allowed to enforce          ances, the lesson we can learn             ic and well-connected, but aren’t          seeable future. The same might
overuse of the filibuster.              term limits at the ballot box,            from the past is that it is surpris-       seen or seeking to be seen as              be said for American adoption
   The bottom line, in his words:       there is no incentive for con-            ingly easy for voters to willingly         modern day aristocracy. While              of the metric system and, sadly,
“Congress must be reformed.”            stituents to put forward an in-           elect their own tyrants, and thus          some professions do indeed re-             the siesta. I’m holding out a lit-
He goes on to discuss a few pro-        experienced representative while          there are many good reasons to             quire special education and are            tle more hope for curling.
posed changes, but one wonders          other states retain their seasoned        place certain restrictions on who          best left to highly-trained pro-
how his decision to abandon the         and well-connected career poli-           is eligible to run for office, and         fessionals (law enforcement,               Scott Zuke is a 2005 graduate of
Senate fits into any of them.           ticians.                                  for how long.                              military service, and climate re-          Catoctin high school

Down Under!
                                                                                  history, came to flower in Caesar’s
                                                                                  Rome, and has been alive and kick-
                                                                                  ing ever since. Attempts in the past
                                                                                  to shine a light in dark places have

Left,right, left,                                                                 largely failed, as mainstream media
                                                                                  is by and large part of the right wing

right, left...
                                                                                  stream, but, and here is the nub of
                                                                                  my article, the success of this book
                                                                                  could only have happened in a De-
Lindsay Coker!                          that his duty to all Americans, and          The strength of any nation is di-
Melbourne Australia                     by extension, all people, was to ex-      rectly related to anyone being able
                                        pose what he believed to be a con-        to freely tell people the truth. Not

T      his month I would like to re-
       member the life of one of the
great modern dissidents in Amer-
                                        spiracy of the right to (a) remove
                                        unflattering history from common
                                        knowledge and debate, (b) discred-
                                                                                  some half-baked jingoistic wish list,
                                                                                  not some untruth that has the ve-
                                                                                  neer of age, but provable, demon-
ican history, Howard Zinn. Born         it any and all attempts to tell any       stratable facts. And this is what Mr.
of Immigrant Jewish parents on          truth that was against their interests,   Zinn has done. Many, many critics
August 24, 1922 in Brooklyn, he         (c) promote their world view at all       and criticisms have been made of
passed away last January 27, aged       costs, (d) ensure that the great ma-      the book, but it has been embraced
87.                                     jority came to believe that this was      by many thousands of ‘ordinary’
   His ‘A People’s History of the       the right and only way for govern-        Americans, to whom it is primari-
United States’ is possibly the most     ment to be run.                           ly addressed. An understanding by
important non-fiction book to have         During one of the many inter-          the people of all a nation’s history is
been published in the 20th century.     views he gave on this and associat-       more than power, it gives empower-
It was the runner up for the Nation-    ed topics, he said in 1998 that his       ment, and this was the ultimate aim
al Book Award in its year of pub-       aim in writing A People’s History         of this man.
lication, 1980, and since then has      was the making of a ‘quiet revolu-           Some of his ideas have, of course,      nation is to remain strong.                rights or constitutional liberties.
sold over one million copies in Eng-    tion’: Not a revolution in the clas-      been shown to be based on a less              Zinn also produced a version for        Our people are basically decent and
lish, and countless more in transla-    sical sense of a seizure of power, but    than complete understanding of hu-         young Americans, and I can do no           caring, and our highest ideals are ex-
tion. Zinn was awarded Diplomat-        rather from people beginning to           man nature: Workers may take pow-          better than to conclude with his in-       pressed in the Declaration of Inde-
ic Friends of the World prize for the   take power from within the institu-       er over their workplaces, but sooner       troduction to this. I titled this piece,   pendence, which says that all of us
French version of the book in 2003,     tions. In the workplace, the work-        or later generally become part of the      ‘Left, Right, Left, Right, because         have an equal right to ‘life, liberty,
while various high Schools and Col-     ers would take power to control the       right. Unionists are often less than       not only are there two political cate-     and the pursuit of happiness.’ The
leges across the United States have     conditions of their lives.                capable of making sound commer-            gories in play, but we all march on-       history of our country, I point out
adopted it as a reading text.              The importance of his book is          cial decisions. Altruism in business       wards. With Zinn, may it be to-            in my book, is a striving against cor-
   It’s not my intention to review      not in the doctrine, but rather in        is scarcer than hen’s teeth, and self      wards a more balanced, humane              porate robber barons and war mak-
the book – anyone can read it and       the searchlight he turned on histo-       interest does tend to rise to the top,     society.                                   ers, to make our ideals a reality.”
form their own opinion – but rath-      ry. Ignorance, in the sense of not        whether it’s a multi-national or a            “I want young people to under-
er to put it in context. Zinn was an    knowing what has been covered up,         union. But that, as I said earlier, is a   stand that ours is a beautiful coun-       Let’s give thanks to Howard Zinn,
avowed leftist, a renowned scholar      is not bliss, but numbness. The no-       fact of life. Revelations of cover ups,    try, but that it has been taken over       and above all, lets give thanks to De-
and teacher, and he was convinced       tion of ‘ignorant masses’ predates        however, are vital if the health of a      by men have no respect for human           mocracy.


As a native New Englander . . .
Michael Hillman                         my hopes up that this winter just
                                        might be the one I’ve been waiting
... I’ll be the first to admit, the     for, my hopes were dashed when
Blizzard that descended upon the        any trace of it was gone with days.
area on February 9th & 10th got         While January’s cold snap was
my attention, and got it good.          reminiscent of the temperature
   Having grown up with snows           one experiences in a New England
that really did leave drifts too tall   winter, but the lack of snow made
to look over, I’ve always been dis-     the cold pointless.
appointed in the winters of the            So when the weather channel once
Emmitsburg area. Sure, the his-         again became abuzz with talk of a ma-
tory books do talk of storms that       jor storm, I shrugged my shoulders; I
caused life to come to a grinding       would believe it when I saw it.
halt for days at a time. And there
have been the occasional storms         The first storm
that gave one pause, like the great
storm of 1993, but nothing like         But just to be safe, I fired up the
that could even compare to a tra-       emergency generator which had
ditional New England Nor’easter.        sat dormant since last summer,
   It’s usual for the first snow of     and filled up the extra gas cans.
a New England winter to come            It’s one thing to not believe a fore-
in October. By November, roads          cast; it’s something totally differ-
have become snow packed lanes;          ent not to be prepared in case it
the asphalt surface was in hiber-       did come true. Having suffered
nation. The rest of the country         through three days without pow-
would have flowers blooming be-         er after the storm of ‘93, I wasn’t
fore we would see it again.             ready to risk it again, no matter
   In New England, snow falls           how jaded I had become.
upon snow. We didn’t keep track of         When the first flakes started to fall
how much snow a storm dropped;          that Friday, I crossed my fingers. May-
instead, we measured the feroci-        be this will be the storm I had waited
ty of the winter by how deep the        20 years for. But by 11:00 that night,
snow was that blocked doors from        with barely 8 inches, I resigned my-
opening, or by how long snow            self to the fact that I would wake up      Taking Care of Daily Chores             going to have some mighty tired          ward and my mind suddenly filled
mounds in shopping mall parking         the next morning to yet another dis-                                               horses tonight.” And we did.             with the thought of him falling in
lots lasted. If come July snow was      appointment. Boy was I mistaken.           The first order of business was             As the horses played, we busied      the snow, so I did what anyone
still present, then all agreed it was      It snowed all night, and by             to free up the backdoor of the          ourselves with digging out and re-       stupid enough to be doing what I
a bad winter.                           morning, nearly 20 inches covered          barn which was wedged shut by           filling the multitude of bird feed-      was doing at the time would do; I
   Coming from that environment,        the landscape. In the mountains            the snow. Once freed, the ardu-         ers. At times, the back yard look like   asked him to canter!
living in an area where people pan-     above Emmitsburg, the snow was             ous task of clearing a path to the      LaGuardia Airport at its peak. Blue         We didn’t canter long before
icked at just the thought of a light    as deep as 43 inches. But I was            ‘muck heap,’ where the manure           Jays were stacked up by the dozens       my senses regained control of
dusting, winter has always been a       happy with 20, especially know-            was piled, took priority. With          waiting for their turn at the peanut     my body. “Well that was a dumb
major disappointment for me.            ing that the cold weather that was         four stalls to be cleaned, the sin-     feeder; Nuthatches, Chickadees,          idea,” I thought.
   Year after year, I eagerly antici-   to follow would ensure it would            gle wheelbarrow filled quick-           Finches and Sparrows mobbed the             Having proven to myself I
pate a major storm, only to be dis-     be around for a while.                     ly. The ability to empty it would       sunflower and thistle feeders.           wasn’t too old to be stupid, I un-
appointed over and over again. I           My wife, having gotten up be-           mean the difference between be-             For most of the afternoon, I         tacked my horse and turned him
grew jaded as weather forecast-         fore me, had already made the start        ing able to keep the horses in-         watched as the horses played. I          free once more.
er’s hyperventilated into brown         of a path to the barn. I followed in       side, where they would be safe          found myself thinking that, had I           By dusk, both the birds, horses,
paper bags while prognosticating        her tracks to retrieve the snow shovel.    and warm, or outside, exposed to        been younger, I would have jumped        and my wife and I had had our fill
the storm of the century, only to       My Jack Russell managed to put only        the elements. For my wife and I,        at the opportunity to ride one of        of excitement, and the farm went
wake up the following morning to        two of his four paws out the door be-      there was no question what took         them in the snow. “You’re not that       quietly to bed.
a coating of snow. And when we          fore he decided being an outside dog       higher priority.                        old yet,” I told myself, and like a         Sunday was spent digging out.
were lucky enough to get a good         wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. My        When the storm finally ended         warrior going off to battle, I hiked     The radio was abuzz with talk of a
snow, it was always followed by         lab mix on the other hand, bounded         that afternoon, and the sun made        out in the waste deep snow and re-       major storm on Tuesday, but I was
a stretch of warm weather which         into the snow drifts with all the glee     its guest appearance, I shoveled        trieved my youngest horse.               happy enough just enjoying what
quickly turned the storm into a         one expects of a lab.                      a pathway to the paddock gate.              We gingerly walked about the         nature had given us the day before.
distant memory.                            With the snow still coming              Even though the snow was now            field. His easy-going manner I              By Monday, the storm which was
   Let face it, winters around here     down fast and furious, there was           more than two feet deep, I knew         had become so accustomed to              now blowing outside my window
just suck for a native New England-     no doubt in my wife’s or my mind           the horses would enjoy some time        during seasons of green grass, was       was increasingly becoming more om-
er, no ifs, ands, or buts about it.     that this would be a rare ‘indoor’         out.                                    replaced by a gawking way of go-         inous. I cast a wary eye to the snow-
   While the December storm got         day for the horses.                           The first to go was the oldest,      ing. But I persisted. I asked him        covered roofs of my house and won-
                                                                                   at 23, he had seen a lot in his life,   to trot. He shifted his balance for-     dered how much they could take.
                                                                                   but nothing like this. He walked
                                                                                   up to the wall of snow where I had
                                                                                   stopped shoveling and turned and
                                                                                   looked at me with an express that
                                                                                   said, “OK, so now what am I sup-
                                                                                   posed to do now?”
                                                                                      The next horse I retrieved was
                                                                                   one I knew would plow right
                                                                                   through the snow, and he did.
                                                                                   But still the old horse refused to
                                                                                   budge. He waited until the last
                                                                                   and youngest horse had been
                                                                                   turned out, and a suitable path
                                                                                   had been made for him through
                                                                                   the snow, before he dared venture
                                                                                   out into the snow-covered field.
                                                                                      For the next hour I watched as
                                                                                   the horses gallivanted about in the
                                                                                   deep snow. My wife and I laughed
                                                                                   as simultaneously we said, “We’re
                                                                                                                      MARCH 2010 | EMMITSBURG NEWS-JOURNAL | 11

                                                                                                                             THE BLIZZARD OF 2010
Dumb Ideas                                the night to the tune of twelve inch-
                                          es or more. I made my way out to
On Tuesday, with the forecast now         the barn where I was once again
calling for an additional 16 to 24        shoveling the pathway to the muck
inches, I decided to lighten the snow     heap. I was just about to step out
load on the roof. Knowing my luck,        the barn door when out of the cor-
I recognized that had I tried to clear    ner of my eye I caught a solid wall
the roofs while standing on them, I       of white bearing down on the farm.
more than likely would have fallen        The Blizzard was officially on!
off. So I pulled out the ladder and,         By the time my wife made the
placing it against the roof line, be-     30 foot trek from the muck heap
gan to shovel them off.                   back to the barn, the wind was
   All was going as planned until I       howling. With difficulty we man-
dislodged one huge pile of snow;          aged to close the door, but not be-
unfortunately, as I quickly discov-       fore snow had made it halfway
ered, the mound had been keep-            down the 60 foot barn aisle.
ing the top of the ladder in its             ‘OK Guys,’ my wife said to the
place. As it slid off the roof, the       horses, “It’s another indoor day for
ladder began to slide sideways. It        you guys, so settle down and get
was a long way down ... too long.         used to it.” Having learned our les-
   I dropped the shovel and grabbed       son from a near brush with death
the rain gutter and righted the lad-      a year ago, the horses were given a
der. What to do next was the ques-        warm bran mash for breakfast.             Braving the Elements                     floor for them and they rushed to            By now, with the sun setting,
tion of the moment. I had cheated            As I prepared to brave the winds                                                it with abandon.                          the horses had finally realized
death the day before by riding in the     and return to the house, I caught a       By two the fire was beginning               I checked in on the horses,            they were not going out. Dinner
snow; could I cheat it again? If I let    glimpse of Riker, the oldest horse        to die, and with it, the temper-         who greeted me with whinnies as           was all they had on their mind. I
go of the gutter for a moment, the        in a mad weave. This was clearly          ature in the study was becoming          if to ask: ‘Can we go out now?”           smiled at the thought of watch-
ladder moved. I quickly calculated        outside of his daily routine and he       noticeably colder. I could pro-          I threw each a flake of hay and           ing them the next day as they
that I would only be 1/4 of the way       wanted out. “Sorry guys” I said to        crastinate no longer. The dogs,          headed to the back to get my arm          once again pranced around the
down before it would fall, carrying       him, “you’re better off in than out.”     bored from doing nothing all             full of fire wood.                        snow-covered field.
me with it. I thought about climb-           By the time I got to the back          day, jumped at the thought of               As I turned the corner near the           The sun has now set and with it,
ing onto the roof, but then remem-        walkway, the path I had taken             going out. “You’re going to have         door, I saw a finch fighting the wind     the wind has returned. Even though
bered why I had opted to use the          out to the barn had disappeared.          to stay.’ I told my Jack Russell.        to make it into the safety of the         I am warm, I can’t help but worry
ladder in the first place.                It occurred to me that I proba-           He would never make it past the          barn. Reaching out my hand, I gen-        about the birds that spent the day in
   With nothing else to lose, I leaned    bly should bring in a load of fire        huge drifts that now blocked the         tly grabbed it in midair. It was clear-   a life struggle with nature, or the fe-
the ladder in the direction opposite      wood, but thinking is about as far        pathway to the barn. And had             ly exhausted. I set it down on coun-      ral cats that increasingly have called
of the way it wanted to go, almost        as I got. I would soon regret it.         he, I knew only too well that he         tertop, but then thought better of it.    our property home.
to the point where it began to slide         Having ‘blown’ opportunities           would show no mercy for the              Picking it back up, I carried it into        All I can hope is that they
in that direction, then quickly made      other snow storms had offered, I          birds that I knew had sought ref-        the main and much warmer part of          have found a safe spot to hide
my way down the ladder as it swung        was determined not to blow this           uge in the barn. Their day was           the barn and set it down in a pile        and will be there in the morning
back. I no sooner touched ground          one. Having yet to lose power, I          bad enough without having to             of straw, sprinkling some sunflower       to greet me with the sunrise that
then the ladder fell.                     turned on my computer and be-             deal with a stupid Jack Russell          seeds for it to feast on.                 will bring a much different day
   “Well, that was a dumb idea,” I        gan to write. It was a perfect day        chasing them.                               “There you go,” I said to him.         than today.
thought.                                  to write. No one was coming over,            The wind nearly ripped the            “You stay here. It’s safe here.” He          A day to recover, a day to dig
   Cold and tired, I retreated into       and I sure wasn’t going out. The          door out of my hands as I stepped        looked up at me as if to say thanks.      out, a day to thank God that we
the warmth of the house, vowing           wood burning stove in my study            outside into the gale. My labbie         But I found it was me who wanted          live in a time where we can ap-
never again to regret the lack of         was going full bore and the room          mix led the way. That is, until she      to thank him. His trust in me had         preciate a blizzard like today
New England winter storms. The            was nice and warm. No writer              came face to face with a six foot        made my day.                              from within the safety of a warm
first snowflakes of what will un-         could ask for more.                       snow drift. Like Riker before her,          By four, the wind was dying            a house. But most of all, appreci-
doubtedly be called the great bliz-          My intention was to write about        she turned to me as if to ask what       down enough that I dared to ven-          ate the opportunity to be remind-
zard of 2010 were just beginning to       this storm, but I soon found myself       to do next.                              ture out refill the bird feeders and      ed that all God’s creatures contain
fall. It was going to be a long night.    sidetracked writing a story about            “Go on,’ I said. With my en-          waterer. By now the birds were so         his divine spark.
   While the snow fell fast and fu-       the great storm of 1993. It was the       couragement, she made a mighty           hungry, that they mingled at my              As the winter winds once again
rious at first, the much anticipated      storm that saw a neighbor’s house         leap and came down in the middle         feet pecking at seeds that fell as        howl, I find myself thinking of an
winds were absent. At ten, I took         burn down, which led to one of the        of the drift. Then crawling for all      the feeders were filled.                  age old poem, a poem fitting to
the dogs out. The air was still and       sweetest dog We’ve known coming           she was worth she finally made it           Having noticed that many birds         conclude this tale with.
quiet. A light snow was falling and       into our lives. Almost six years had      to the other side of the drift. I fol-   had taken refuge under my truck,
not a sound could be heard.               passed since he had died, yet his sto-    lowed suit.                              I threw a handful of seeds under          Scatter Out the Crumbs
   A snow plow had made its way           ry had remained unfinished. As the           As expected, the barn was full of     it. Back in the barn, I checked in
by a few hours before, so it was          day was much like the day we first        birds. A few gave flight at the sight    on the bird I had grabbed from            Amidst the freezing sleet and snow,
easy walking. As I walked, I found        saw him, it seemed fitting to final-      of me, but I spoke softly and put        the air. He was sitting on top of          The timid robin comes;
myself back in the late 1800’s.           ly finish the story I had started the     them at ease. “Don’t worry guys,         a bale of straw. He chirped at me         In pity drive him not away,
This is what winters must have            Christmas night he had died.              you’re ok. Just hunker down.”            when he saw me, as if to say “I’m          But scatter out your crumbs.
been like for the first owners of            As I wrote, I kept a wary eye             I spread some bird seed on the        still here.”
my house. It was peaceful, almost         on the birds that called our farm                                                                                            And leave your door upon the latch
innocent in quality. It was at times      home. With the wind now gusting                                                                                               For whosoever comes;
like this that living in the country      to 40 and 50 mphs, our feathered                                                                                             The poorer they, more welcome give,
was worth its weight in gold.             friends sought shelter where they                                                                                             And scatter out your crumbs.
   But it wasn’t the blizzard everyone    could. Fortunately, even with the
had predicted: just a typical New Eng-    deep snow, the many native plants                                                                                            All have to spare, none are too poor,
land snow falling upon a snow-covered     of my wife’s garden offered refuge.                                                                                           When want with winter comes;
landscape. I was finally had my wish. I   Those unable to find foliage to re-                                                                                          The loaf is never all your own,
was finally at home at my home.           treat to sought shelter in front of the                                                                                       Then scatter out the crumbs.
   Little did I know, as I turned my      garden’s picket fence. As the wind
electric blanket on that night, that      whipped the snow against the fence,                                                                                          Soon winter falls upon your life,
mother nature was just warming up         a wall started to grow, which created                                                                                         The day of reckoning comes:
for the big show the next day.            a hollow on the opposite side that                                                                                           Against your sins, by high decree,
                                          provided some protection.                                                                                                     Are weighed those scattered crumbs.
The Blizzard Is On!                          Around noon my wife in-
                                          formed me that she had just used                                                                                             —Alfred Crowquill
I woke up to the purring of a cat,        the last piece of firewood in the
not a howling wind as the me-             wood burning stove. I glanced                                                                                                But of course, as bad as the Blizzard
teorologist had predicted. Huh,           out the window and watched a                                                                                                 was, it paled in comparison to the
so much for the big blizzard, I           chickadee holding on to a branch                                                                                             digging out from it. For that part of
thought to myself.                        for dear life. Yes we needed wood,                                                                                           the story, turn to Layal Watkin’s The
  Snow had indeed fallen through          but not right now.                                                                                                           Zoo Keeper article on page 31


Talking about the future
Pastor Reginald Rice                      erated technology? Oh yeah. The           become the Baltimore Symphony’s          absolute certainty as to what’s go-
Incarnation, United Church of Christ      space program. Before bridging the        music director. But despite her in-      ing to happen, the general consen-
                                          space between us and the stars may-       tellect and charisma (which rivals       sus among folks who have studied

T     he future! An amazing and
      wonderful place or just a maze
of confusion and turmoil? I am not
                                          be we need to look more earnestly at
                                          the space that separates us from one
                                          another. What do you think?
                                                                                    that of Lenny Bernstein) we need
                                                                                    not just someone but something to
                                                                                    revitalize the world of the perform-
                                                                                                                             this thing from an objective per-
                                                                                                                             spective is that the sun will set
                                                                                                                             and rise again on a new day with
a futurist, scientist, psychic or soci-                                             ing and visual arts in years to come.    no apparent change. But they do
ologist. I am someone who believes        Education–Please Remember                 Many orchestras have experimented        hope that years later people will
that reflecting upon our hopes for        to Remember                               with video projections during per-       look back at the time around “the
the next two, five, ten or more years     I asked a friend of mine who has a        formance and some even with audi-        great alignment” and say, “you            addictions, abuse and other dark
may help us in getting through            PHD in Education what he saw in           ence interactive compositions (the       know, this is when things real-           angers in ourselves that fuel those
the tough times we face right now.        the future for education. Basically       audience uses clickers to vote for       ly started to change.” We can just        same fires which can direct pas-
Ahead are what I’ll call conversation     he expects a revolution in how we         which direction the composition          hope that it will have been for the       senger planes into public build-
starters. You may agree, disagree,        learn brought on by technology.           will take).                              better. What do you think?                ings and convince human beings
Regardless, what I really hope you        He imagines a classroom in which             I hope that new media will en-                                                  to become walking bombs.
do is talk to others about your re-       information, images and comput-           able visual arts to come out of the      Economies of What?
actions to these ideas. Perhaps as a      er power at the fingertips of ed-         museum (some artists like Chrysto        The last century saw a shift from an      Will Religion Be “Hi-Tech
result our path ahead can have real       ucators and students will change          are doing this already). Or imag-        economy of subsistence to an econ-        Holy?”
and meaningful direction.                 the very way we learn. I don’t have       ine a play in which each audience        omy of consumption. What will the         Yes we have seen what I’m sure
                                          any problem with that as long as          member has an opportunity to             next paradigm shift be? Regardless        some folks consider the “invasion”
Paper or Power?                           we don’t forget the need to reclaim       interact with the cast during the        of what it is I’d like to see our chil-   of technology and modern mu-
A good indicator of how well we           the power of memorization.                show. Arts are not an extra. They        dren receive better education about       sic into the world of worship and
are doing a decade from now might            I know, memorization went out          are a reflection of who we are and       such things as supply and demand,         church but that is a small matter
be found beside the sink in a pub-        with reciting the times tables, nam-      a catalyst for what we will become.      the relationship between interest         compared to what I see is needed.
lic restroom. Are we all using those      ing the presidents and all those other    What do you think?                       and inflation, the jobs and market        And what is needed is not about
electric hand driers that some of us      dinosaurs of years gone by. But con-                                               cycles and most of all, the stupidi-      technology, it’s about humility.
hate or is there still concession being   sider this. The best computers need       And Then There’s That 2012               ty of too much credit. Maybe the             The failure of the “Council on
made to the impatient who simply          more than the best hardware and pro-      Thing–Will It Be Mayans 1,               kinds of consequences we are now          Church Union” to unite all main
must grab one of those forest felling,    grams, they need memory. Without          Universe 0?                              reaping can be avoided by a gener-        line churches under one banner
germ spreading, landfill bloating pa-     the capacity to store information, no     The Mayan Calendar (which is re-         ation that knows some basic truths        back in the early 1970’s was the
per towels? Whether we opt for pa-        information can be processed. I say       ally a mosaic of calendars) reach-       about resources, wealth and the rela-     beginning of what has been the
per or power will say a lot about us.     all ahead with technology in the class-   es fundamental synchronization in        tionship of scarcity, time and effort.    most precipitous drop in tradi-
If we humans go the route of pow-         room but please train, drill and prac-    late December 2012. That means           My greatest hope is for an econo-         tional Christianity in our nation’s
er driers we are not only helping the     tice the next generations so they will    that all their little calendars align    my of “stewardship.” As opposed to        history. Denominations were too
environment but our souls. Power          have the memory capacity to put to        (kind of like a new year’s celebration   an economic engine driven by re-          proud of their petty particulari-
driers force us to slow down, pay at-     work all those concepts they have ac-     that occurs once every several thou-     lentless consumption an economy           ties and too stubborn to see one
tention to what we are doing in the       cess to. What do you think?               sand years). No big deal. It’s just      of stewardship is a heart driven by       true center. The problem is solved
moment and they reward us with                                                      how their calendar is designed.          compassion, conservation, human           very simply. Humble up. Forget
warm soft hands like no paper tow-        Medicine–Enough Wonder                       We also know that at that time        values and thrift. Is stewardship and     the differences. Define common
el can deliver. Saving the environ-       Drugs, How About the Wonder               an astronomical event of colossal        conservation better than consump-         goals. What do you think?
ment, slowing down a notch, liv-          of Compassion?                            proportion will take place when          tion? What do you think?
ing in the moment, enjoying a basic       Maybe if enough people become             the earth and sun align with the                                                   Don’t Mess With The Public Library
bodily sensation. That’s a good fu-       ashamed of living in the richest,         center line of our Milky Way Gal-        The Ugly Side                             Will the most institutional and dem-
ture. What do you think?                  most powerful nation on the plan-         axy. And, just to sweeten the pot        I remember reading a Time Mag-            ocratic of all democratic institutions
                                          et that has the least efficient and ef-   the earth will also have complet-        azine article back in 1976 which          be changed in the future. I hope not
Space, The “used to be” Frontier?         fective health care delivery system       ed its once every so many thou-          mentioned that one of the great           much. Some good things shouldn’t
When I was a kid I thought space          in the industrialized world things        sand year axial wobble. All of that      dangers of the future would be nu-        change more than they need to.
exploration was the coolest thing         will be different. Health care for all.   is scientifically proven. It’s the       clear weapons in the hands of ter-        I hope, in addition to still being
going. But I grew up. Extended            If that’s our future we’ll be right up    way things are. The only amazing         rorists. That idea has stayed with        points of shared information, librar-
space travel for people is not only       with where most of the rest of the        thing there is that the Maya had         me all these years. In a post-nine        ies will more fully become points of
expensive but there is as yet no way      industrialized world is today.            such sophisticated knowledge. No         eleven world, when people start           intellectual exchange. Places where
to prevent the muscular atrophy              In the last fifty years we moved       big deal. It’s how the planets and       talking about what is next I surely       knowledge is not just disseminat-
that is experienced due to long peri-     from regarding natural, tradition-        stars move.                              can tell them what I hope is NOT          ed but created. A good example of
ods in zero gravity. And how about        al and spiritual remedies as “al-            The final thing is the tough and      next. Regardless of whatever fu-          this is Wikipedia on the net. Imag-
that price tag? Then again there          ternative” to considering them            controversial one. The Mayans            ture we may imagine or hope for,          ine the excitement if shared creation
is all the technology we’ve gotten        “complementary.” That’s progress.         predict that things will change at       the pivot point from which it will        of information could take place in
from the space program. Well that’s       Maybe in another fifty we’ll call it      that time in ways that will make         either catapult into reality or slide     public as well as virtual forums?
a two edged sword. Some advances          “integral” medicine. Can your Ivy         for a future totally different from      into oblivion is what the dark forc-      What do you think?
have been great, but who can afford       League educated physician say,            the present. Is it the end of every-     es of anger do in our world. My              Obviously I believe the future
them? The people who can pay for          “acupuncture?” That would really          thing? Will humanity be wiped off        three point perscription for elim-        needs to be slower, more thought-
them I suppose, not me. And then          be progress. What do you think?           the planet? Will there be natural        inating terrorism in all forms: 1-        ful and thought filled. A place
there’s the whole notion that tech-                                                 catastrophe, wars, epidemics, etc?       ever decreasing reliance upon oil         where we seek less outward action
nology is in a runaway state. Accel-      Music and the Arts                           While no futurists, psychic,          as a global commodity...2- inter-         and more inward satisfaction. But
erated technology that is running         Three years ago I was delighted           apocalyptic, scientist or self re-       national mandate for shared lands         that’s just what I think. What do
away with us. What caused accel-          when I heard that Marin Alsop had         specting Mayan will weigh in with        in the middle east...3-attention to       you think?
                                                                                                                            MARCH 2010 | EMMITSBURG NEWS-JOURNAL | 13


The Book of Days                                                                                                                                                                from indulging himself with one drop
                                                                                                                                                                                of water during a long sultry harvest

The legendary history of St. Patrick                                                                                                                                                But human endurance has its lim-
                                                                                                                                                                                its: when the vesper bell at last rang
                                                                                                                                                                                for evensong, Colman dropped down
                                                                                       sation of alarm among the country           called. Innis-patrick, where he found-       dead—a martyr to thirst. Irishmen
                                                                                       people.                                     ed another church of Kirkpatrick.            can well appreciate such a martyrdom;
                                                                                          The most absurd rumours were                Again landing on the coast of Ire-        and the name of Colman, to this day,
                                                                                       freely circulated, and credited. One        land, he founded an abbey in East            is frequently cited, with the added ep-
                                                                                       far-seeing clergyman preached a ser-        Meath, called Domnach-Padraig (the           ithet of Shadhack—the Thirsty.
                                                                                       mon, in which he cited this unfortu-        house of Patrick), and built a church            The shamrock, or small white clo-
                                                                                       nate snake as a token of the immediate      in Dublin on the spot where St. Pat-         ver (trifolium repens of botanists), is al-
                                                                                       commencement of the millennium:             rick’s Cathedral now stands. In an is-       most universally worn in the hat over all
                                                                                       while another saw in it a type of the       land of Lough Deng, in the county of         Ireland, on St. Patrick’s day. The popu-
                                                                                       approach of the cholera morbus. Old         Donegal, there is St. Patrick’s Purgato-     lar notion is, that when St. Patrick was
                                                                                       prophecies were raked up, and all par-      ry: in Leinster, St. Patrick’s Wood; at      preaching the doctrine of the Trinity to
                                                                                       ties and sects, for once, united in be-     Cashel, St. Patrick’s Rock; the St. Pat-     the pagan Irish, he used this plant, bear-
                                                                                       lieving that the snake fore-shadowed.       rick’s Wells, at which the holy man is       ing three leaves upon one stem, as a sym-
                                                                                       ‘the beginning of the end,’ though          said to have quenched his thirst, may        bol or illustration of the great mystery.
                                                                                       they very widely differed as to what        be counted by dozens. He is common-              To suppose, as some absurdly hold,
                                                                                       that end was to be.                         ly stated to have died at Saul on the        that he used it as an argument, would
                                                                                          Some more practically minded per-        17th of March 493, in the one hun-           be derogatory to the saint’s high repu-
                                                                                       sons, however, subscribed a consid-         dred and twenty-first year of his age.       tation for orthodoxy and good sense:
                                                                                       erable sum of money, which they of-            Poteen, a favorite beverage in Ire-       but it is certainly a curious coinci-
                                                                                       fered in rewards for the destruction of     land, is also said to have derived its       dence, if nothing more, that the tre-
                                                                                       any other snakes that might be found        name from St. Patrick: he, accord-           foil in Arabic is called skamrakh, and

A     lmost as many countries arro-
      gate the honour of having been
the natal soil of St. Patrick. Scotland,
                                            snow-balls: which having been done,
                                            he breathed upon it, and it instanta-
                                            neously became a pleasant fire—a fire
                                                                                       in the district. And three more of the
                                                                                       snakes were not long afterwards killed,
                                                                                       within a few miles of the garden where
                                                                                                                                   ing to legend, being the first who in-
                                                                                                                                   structed the Irish in the art of distilla-
                                                                                                                                   tion. This, however, is, to say the least,
                                                                                                                                                                                was held sacred in Iran as emblemati-
                                                                                                                                                                                cal of the Persian Triads.
                                                                                                                                                                                    Considering St. Patrick’s connex-
England, France, and Wales, each fur-       that long after served to point a poet’s   they were liberated. The remaining          doubtful: the most authentic histo-          ion with snakes, is really remarkable,
nish their respective pretensions: but,     conceit in these lines:                    two snakes were never very clearly ac-      rians representing the saint as a very       and we may reasonably imagine that,
whatever doubts may obscure his                                                        counted for; but no doubt they also         strict promoter of temperance, if not        previous to his arrival, the Irish had as-
birthplace, all agree in stating that, as     ‘Saint Patrick, as in legends told,      fell victims to the reward.                 exactly a teetotaller.                       cribed mystical virtues to the trefoil
his name implies, he was of a patrician       The morning being very cold,                A more natural story than the ex-           We read that in 445 he command-           or shamrock, and on hearing of the
family.                                       In order to assuage the weather,         tirpation of the serpents, has afforded     ed his disciples to abstain from drink       Trinity for the first time, they fancied
   He was born about the year 372,            Collected bits of ice together;          material for the pencil of the painter,     in the daytime, until the bell rang for      some peculiar fitness in their already
and when only sixteen years of age,           Then gently breathed upon the            as well as the pen of the poet. When        vespers in the evening. One Colman,          sacred plant to shadow forth the new-
was carried off by pirates, who sold             pyre,                                 baptizing an Irish chieftain, the ven-      though busily engaged in the severe          ly revealed and mysterious doctrine.
him into slavery in Ireland; where            When every fragment blazed on            erable saint leaned heavily on his cro-     labours of the field, exhausted with
his master employed him as a swine-              fire.                                 zier, the steel-spiked point of which he    heat, fatigue, and intolerable thirst,       To read other selections for Robert
herd on the well-known mountain of            Oh! if the saint had been so kind,       had unwittingly placed on the great         obeyed so literally the injunction of        Chambers’ Book of Days visit emmits-
Sleamish, in the county of Antrim.            As to have left the gift behind          toe of the converted heathen. The pi-       his revered preceptor, that he refrained
Here he passed seven years, during            To such a lovelorn wretch as me,         ous chief, in his ignorance of Chris-
which time he acquired a knowledge            Who daily struggles to be free:          tian rites, believing this to be an es-
of the Irish language, and made him-          I’d be content—content with part,        sential part of the ceremony, bore the
self acquainted with the manners,             I’d only ask to thaw the heart,          pain without flinching or murmur;
habits, and customs of the people.            The frozen heart, of Polly Roe.’         though the blood flowed so freely
   Escaping from captivity, and, after                                                 from the wound, that the Irish named
many adventures, reaching the con-          The greatest of St. Patrick’s miracles     the place St. fhuil (stream of blood).
tinent, he was successively ordained        was that of driving the venomous rep-         And here we are reminded of a very
deacon, priest, and bishop: and then        tiles out of Ireland, and rendering the    remarkable fact in connection with
once more, with the authority of Pope       Irish soil, for ever after, so obnoxious   geographical appellations, that the
Celestine, he returned to Ireland to        to the serpent race, that they instanta-   footsteps of St. Patrick can be traced,
preach the Gospel to its then heathen       neously die on touching it. Colgan se-     almost from his cradle to his grave, by
inhabitants.                                riously relates that St. Patrick accom-    the names of places called after him.
   The principal enemies that St. Pat-      plished this feat by beating a drum,          Thus, assuming his Scottish ori-
rick found to the introduction of           which he struck with such fervour          gin, he was born at Kilpatrick (the
Christianity into Ireland, were the         that he knocked a hole in it, thereby      cell or church of Patrick), in Dumbar-
Druidical priests of the more ancient       endangering the success of the mira-       tonshire. He resided for some time
faith, who, as might naturally be sup-      cle. But an angel appearing mended         at Dalpatrick (the district or division
posed, were exceedingly adverse to          the drum: and the patched instrument       of Patrick), in Lanarkshire; and vis-
any innovation. These Druids, being         was long exhibited as a holy relic.        ited Crag-phadrig (the rock of Pat-
great magicians, would have been for-           In 1831, Mr. James Cleland, an         rick), near Inverness. He founded
midable antagonists to any one of less      Irish gentleman, being curious to as-      two churches, Kirkpatrick at Irong-
miraculous and saintly powers than          certain whether the climate or soil of     ray, and Kirkpatrick at Fleming: and
Patrick.                                    Ireland was naturally destructive to       ultimately sailed from Portpatrick,
   Their obstinate antagonism was           the serpent tribe, purchased half-a-       leaving behind him such an odor of
so great, that, in spite of his benevo-     dozen of the common harmless Eng-          sanctity, that among the most distin-
lent disposition, he was compelled to       lish snakes and brought them to Ire-       guished families of the Scottish aris-
curse their fertile lands, so that they     land, where he turned them out in          tocracy, Patrick has been a favourite
became dreary bogs: to curse their riv-     his garden. A week afterwards, one of      name down to the present day.
ers, so that they produced no fish: to      them was killed at Milecross, about           Arriving in England, he preached in
curse their very kettles, so that with      three miles distant.                       Patterdale (Patrick’s dale): and found-
no amount of fire and patience could            The persons into whose hands           ed the church of Kirkpatrick. Visit-
they ever be made to boil; and, as a        this strange monster fell, had not the     ing Wales, he walked over Sarn-badrig
last resort, to curse the Druids them-      slightest suspicion that it was a snake,   (Patrick’s causeway): and departing for
selves, so that the earth opened and        but, considering it a curious kind of      the Continent, sailed from Llan-bad-
swallowed them up.                          eel, they took it to a celebrated Irish    rig (the church of Patrick.
   A popular legend relates that the        naturalist, who at once pronounced            Undertaking his mission to convert
saint and his followers found them-         the animal to be a reptile and not a       the Irish, he first landed at Innis-pat-
selves, one cold morning, on a moun-        fish.                                      rick (the island of Patrick), and next at
tain, without a fire to cook their              The idea of a ‘rale living sarpint’    Holmpatrick, on the opposite shore of
breakfast, or warm their frozen limbs.      having been killed within a short dis-     the mainland, in the county of Dub-
Unheeding their complaints, Patrick         tance of the very burial-place of St.      lin. Sailing northwards, he touched at
desired them to collect a pile of ice and   Patrick, caused an extraordinary sen-      the Isle of Man, sometimes since, also,


Of Snow, and Silence, and Salvador Dali
Bill Meredith                              birds at the feeder were different.      truth is that, in our fast-paced world,
                                           Within the next few days I had a         times when nothing at all is making
The horse was lean and lank; misfortune    fox sparrow, a rare migrant, and a       noise are a rare experience, a golden
was his lot. We ran into a drifted bank,   towhee, whose usual date is April;       moment that may have been com-
and we, we got upsot. “Jingle Bells.”      and oddest of all was a myrtle war-      moner once but we rarely experience
James Pierpont, 1857.                      bler, which I never had seen in the      any more. I know of nothing but
                                           yard before.                             snow that can make that happen.

I  t is mid-February as I write this,
   and I have spent most of the
day shoveling snow off the walk in
                                              In addition to its visual beau-
                                           ty, snow has an effect on sound.
                                           Several years ago, when I was
                                                                                       My wife constantly reminds me
                                                                                    of the latest horror stories about
                                                                                    old geezers having heart attacks
front of our house. It is 21 inches        still able to wade through drifts,       while shoveling snow, so when I
deep, a relatively meaningless fig-        I walked to Toms Creek one day           was clearing the sidewalk I took
ure because it came in two separate        while snow was falling. There was        frequent opportunities to rest.
storms a week apart, was drifted by        about a foot of it on the ground,        Leaning on a snow shovel in the
winds that were said to reach 50           and I had to concentrate to keep         bright sunshine with the wind
mph, and has packed itself down            from falling. When I got to the          blowing gently at your back and
by its own weight. If it had fallen        creek I watched the flakes come          no background noise makes your
all at once with no wind, it might         down a while, and then I saw a           mind go off on strange tangents.
have been three feet deep, but I’ve        red fox running across the field         I can’t retrace all of the steps my
no way to tell. The Weather Bu-            about 200 yards away. It had             mind went through, but I was re-
reau says it’s a record; I’ll take their   its full winter coat with a long,        calling childhood memories of
word for it.                               bushy tail floating behind it, and       snow… sled rides, my first experi-
   Record or not, it isn’t unusual;        it moved without effort, like a          ence driving in it, hauling hay to        normal for watches to go limp,       nation and went off to the kitch-
every decade or so, we get snow            leaf blowing in the wind. As I           the barn on a horse-drawn sled…           like letting the air out of a bal-   en to start supper. However, I
like this. Last month’s article on         watched, I suddenly realized that        and just then came one of those           loon?                                think it may have piqued her cu-
“100 Years Ago” described sleigh           there was absolutely no sound.           golden moments when it got qui-              I never heard that explanation    riosity; several times that evening
races down Main Street and peo-            The storm had stopped traffic;           et and there was no noise of any          of the painting, and I wished I      I noticed her peering at me out
ple getting dumped into drifts             the road noise that is always in         kind. Somehow… it seemed logi-            could ask Dali if that was why he    of the corner of her eye when she
when sleighs ran off the road, just        the background and you learn to          cal at the time…                          chose that title, but he has been    thought I wasn’t looking. May-
like in the song. I remember dig-          tune out like elevator music was            I thought of Salvador Dali. He         dead 50 years or so now, so I        be time stopped in her mind too;
ging out of snow piled over the            missing. There were no helicop-          was one of the most eccentric art-        rushed into the house and asked      maybe the discussion will come
hood of the car in the ‘60s when           ters overhead, no chainsaws, no          ists of the past century; people of       my wife what she thought about       later. Snow does that, sometimes.
we lived out at the college, and a         ATVs, no farm machines, no con-          my age will remember his picture          it. In terms of producing a fruit-
similar storm completely buried            struction noise… nothing, except         in Life magazine, with the ends of        ful discussion, that turned out to   To read past editions of the Retired
our VW Beetle here in town in the          a few things that really belonged        his mustache waxed and sticking           be a failure; she just shook her     Ecologist visit the authors’ section of
‘70s. One day in the ‘80s it start-        there, like the breeze rustling a        up like the horns of a Texas steer.       head with an expression of resig-
ed snowing about 8:00 a.m., and            dead leaf, the water flowing over        Everyone remembers his most fa-
we had over a foot by noon; the            a riffle in the stream, or a wood-       mous painting, a strange land-
college closed, and I tried over an        pecker tapping in the distance.          scape in which several watches
hour to locate my son so we could          My mind does strange things in           were laying on tables. The watch-
come home. He and his girlfriend,          such situations; I had been think-       es seemed to have melted, and
who later became his wife, had de-         ing of Haiku poems the day be-           drooped limply over the edges of
cided to go for a walk in the snow,        fore, and these three lines came         the tables. He called the paint-
and by the time I found him it             to me out of the air.                    ing “The Persistence of Memo-
had drifted over two feet in some                                                   ry,” which always puzzled me;
places and we almost didn’t make           Child: “Grandfather,                     maybe that’s why I thought of it,
it home. And the previous record            what makes it so quiet now?”            there on my sidewalk daydream-
for snowfall was in 1996. Looked                                                    ing in the snow. I was thinking of
at from this perspective, we were          Old man: “Nothing at all.”               why memories come back to us,
due for such a storm.                                                               and it occurred to me that per-
   I have always enjoyed snow. To          I don’t know enough about poetry         haps in order to have a memory,
be sure, getting old makes you             to say whether this is a haiku; it has   time must stop in our brain and
feel insecure and less certain that        the requisite 17 syllables in the pre-   turn off the distractions that are
you can cope with it, but I still          scribed 5-7-5 arrangement, but sylla-    happening around us for a brief
love the beauty of it. I used to col-      bles in Japanese and English are dif-    instant. And if time did stop,
lect verses for my calligraphy stu-        ferent. But, no matter. The essential    wouldn’t it would be perfectly
dents to copy in Adult Education,
and among them was the short-
est poem I ever saw. It consisted of
just three words:
   All’s new.”

Brief as it is, it captures the es-
sence, and in that sense the value,
of a snowstorm: it explains why it
is beautiful. Snow covers up the
dirt and disorder of our every-
day surroundings, and it forces us
to stop whatever we’re doing and
think about something other than
our daily grind. I looked out the
kitchen window the morning after
the storm passed and almost didn’t
recognize my own yard; the dead
vegetation in the flowerbeds on
the bank was gone, as were all the
bushes less than three feet high. In
their place the wind had sculpt-
ed the yard into the contours of
the sand dunes at the beach. The
whole world looked new; even the
                                                                                                                              MARCH 2010 | EMMITSBURG NEWS-JOURNAL | 15

                                                                                                                        THE MASTER GARDENERS

Starting Seeds                                                                            ditions for a week prior to transplant-
                                                                                          ing will help plants to acclimate to
                                                                                          outdoor conditions. This process is
                                                                                          referred to as “hardening off” trans-
Mary Ann Ryan - Penn State Coop-              instance, morning glory and gourd           plants. This can be done simply by
erative Extension Horticulture Ed-            seeds germinate quicker if you soften       setting the seedlings outside in a pro-
ucator                                        the seed coat by soaking overnight.         tected area for a few days to one week,
                                              This allows for the embryo to break         then planting them in the ground.
Jim Seymour - University of MD                through the seed coat faster. Stratifi-     Be sure there is no danger of frost if
Master Gardener of Carroll County             cation refers to the temperatures re-       you are keeping them outside over-
                                              quired for the seed to germinate. An        night. You could bring them inside

S    now, snow and more snow! Seems
     to be the theme this winter; how-
ever, spring will come, and it’s time
                                              example of this would be the acorn. It
                                              needs a cold period, winter, in order
                                              for the seed to break dormancy. This
                                                                                          each evening if you are hardening off
                                                                                          the plants during the time of possible
                                                                                          frost damage.
                                                                                                                                           You can use any type of container, as long as you provide drainage

to start thinking about starting seeds.       becomes especially important when               The time required to grow trans-
Hopefully, you’ve had an opportunity          collecting your seeds as opposed to         plants to desired sizes will vary with
to look through seed catalogs and start       buying of, because seed companies           the type of vegetable, the tempera-
planning, but if you didn’t, that’s o.k.      often stratify seeds prior to selling.      ture, and the amount and quality of
too. Garden Centers now have seeds               Consider the container. Seed start-      light. The following are approximate
available, so you can visit your favorite     ing supplies are available from gar-        times required for planting seeds un-
place and spend time looking at the           den centers, nurseries or mail order.       til transplants are ready to be planted
availability of different types and vari-     There are all types of containers and       into a garden:
eties. It’s still not too late to buy seeds   the choice is often a matter of pref-
through seed catalogs either.                 erence. Container types include peat          •	2-3	weeks:	cucumbers,	muskmel-
   In my experience, the biggest mis-         pots, peat pellets, fiber blocks, plas-         on, pumpkin, squash, and water-
                                                                                                                                     If saving your seeds from one year to another, test first to see if they are viable
take many gardeners make when                 tic pots cell flats and trays. You could        melon.
starting seed is starting too soon.           even make your own containers with            •	5-7	weeks:	tomato,	head	lettuce,	
When buying seeds, be sure to look            newspaper, or use cardboard egg car-            broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, the original parent plant. Insects, you will know what to expect from
on the back of the seed packet for            tons. Whatever container you choose,            brussel sprouts                      wind, or other pollinators will trans- the seeds you’ve collected, and you’ll
how much germination time the                 it must provide drainage of excess wa-        •	6-8	weeks:	eggplant,	pepper.	        port pollen from one plant to another be ready to go again in the spring!
seeds need. Count back from the               ter from the bottom to keep potting                                                  plant of two different hybrids or vari-      On your mark....Get set.....
time that you are able to plant seed-         mix from staying too wet.                   Do not allow transplants to become eties. This is often noticed in toma- GROW!
lings outside. Allow for one to two              After the seeds begin to grow,           too large, especially if they are grown toes and squash.
weeks of growing time after germi-            they will send up what appears to be        in small containers. Tomato and pep-        If you are truly looking at collecting To learn more about how to become a
nation and you’ll have your start-up          leaves. These first set of “leaves” are     per transplants should be about six to seeds, be sure they are collected from Master Gardener call Mary Ann Ryan
date.                                         called cotyledons. Next to develop are      8 inches tall. Cucumbers, squash, and open-pollinated plants. Open-polli- at 717-334-6271
   For example, I have a seed pack-           the true set of leaves. The true leaves     related vine crops should be planted nated plants have proven to be true
et of red and yellow pear tomatoes.           take on the identification features of      when the second true leaf is expand- to the parent plant. This is why col- To read other gardening articles, visit the
On the pack, it tells me that it takes        the plant.                                  ing. If plants are small, remove any lected seed from heirloom plants are Gardening section of
7-14 days for the seeds to germinate.            Damping off is probably the most         flowers or fruit from plants prior to the same as the parent plant. These
In our area, you can safely plant out         common disease of young seedlings.          transplanting.                           are open-pollinated.
tomatoes by mid-May with no frost             It is caused by several types of fun-          Now you plants are in the ground,        When collecting seeds, allow the
protection. Counting back two weeks           gi that attack the stem at or near the      growing, producing flowers and seeds fruit to ripen completely on the plant
for the transplants to grow and an-           soil level. This causes a collapse of the   or fruit. You’re thinking about col- before picking the vegetable. Harvest
other two weeks for the seeds to ger-         stem, and the seedling falls over and       lecting seeds for next year’s crop or to the fruit when completely ripened,
minate, I’m looking at a starting date        dies. Once again, be sure to use soil-      sharing with a friend. If you are col- and separate seeds from the pulp as
of mid April. Knowing that problems           less growing medium and practice            lecting seeds from hybrid vegetables best you can. Then allow the seeds to
could arise, I would give a little extra      careful watering to allow the surface       or flowers, and you’re hoping for the dry completely. Store the seeds in a
time for mistakes or possible replant,        of the medium to dry between water-         same hybrid that you grew this year, cool, dry place. Your refrigerator is a
so my indoor starting time for these          ing. This will help reduce damping          don’t bother. Hybrid plants are pro- good place, as long as you don’t store
seeds should be early April. How of-          off problems.                               duced by crossing the same two par- apples in it. Apples give off a gas that
ten do we hear “What do I do with                After the true leaves appear, the        ent plants. Without this step, your can cause the seeds to not be viable.
my tomato plants? They’re getting so          seedling can be transplanted into a         seedlings will not develop into the hy-     In late winter, you may want to
tall and I can’t plant them out for an-       larger container or planted into the        brid it was collected from.              check the viability of the seeds. This
other month!” If you time properly            garden.                                        Plants will cross-pollinate, pull- is done by counting out ten seeds,
and not get too anxious, this mistake            Reduction of temperatures and            ing genes from both parent plants planting them, and observing what
can be avoided.                               moisture or exposure to outdoor con-        to produce something different than percentage has germinated. Then
   After determining when the seeds
should be started, giving the seeds
the requirements they need become
most important. Seeds need four
things: light, water, oxygen, and heat.
Getting to know your seeds makes
this an easy step. Again, reading the
seed packet will tell you the depth
to plant the seed - this is the light re-
quirement. Keeping the seeds evenly
moist and the soil temperatures be-
tween 75°-85°F should provide just
the right environment for these seeds
to germinate - this is the heat require-
ment. The oxygen comes from the
soil. Use a light soilless mixture that is
formulated for seed starting. This will
give your seeds and roots the air that
is needed for good germination and
   You can purchase seed starting
mix and your local garden center or
through mail order.
   Before planting your seeds, find
out if they need any scarification or
stratification before planting. Scarifi-
cation refers to breaking the seed coat.
This is sometimes needed for quick-
er germination of some plants. For


So you want to be a Purple Martin
Rusty Ryan                              had martins visit but no success-
                                                                                tic), aluminum boxes or wood
                                                                                boxes. My choice is exclusively
                                                                                gourds. About 2/3 are plastic and
                                                                                1/3 are natural. Trivia: Prior to the
                                        ful nesting.                            arrival of Europeans, our Native

D       id you know that martins in
        eastern North America nest
exclusively in bird houses (human
                                           A local martin landlord (see
                                        mentoring program on web site)
                                        gave me some advice about place-
                                                                                Americans were hanging empty
                                                                                gourds for the martins. The height
                                                                                of the housing should be between
supplied housing) or that one mil-      ment. It was his opinion that my        12’-20’. The housing should also
lion households in North America        housing was too near my non-            be manageable which means the
provide housing for martins?            manicured lawn. I extended my           pole should be telescoping so that
   Over the past 10 years, numer-       mowing but still no luck.               the housing can be lowered for
ous persons have asked me about            The next season I purchased          easy access to nests. All housing
“my colony” of martins. Some of         some plastic decoys and a cd. The       should be light in color.
these folks have been trying to es-     cd consists of recordings of mar-
tablish their own colony but with       tins performing certain vocaliza-
little success.                         tions. These vocalizations are ba-      Supplemental stuff
   It is hoped that this article will   sically those of happy martins          Food - There are times when a
provide useful information as to        letting other martins know that         landlord may need to provide
what I’ve done or learned to be a       my place is good to raise young. I      food because of a cold spell. There
lucky and so far successful landlord    fastened the decoys and proceed-        are several ways to provide the
to these unique feathered tenants.      ed to play the CD an hour before        food. I’ve chosen to erect a sepa-
   General information: The Pur-        dawn. My wife thought I was cra-        rate feeding station with several
ple Martin is the country’s larg-       zy but after a few days, I noticed      shallow plates. Martins will read-
est member of the swallow fami-         martins. Since than, I’ve had an        ily eat crickets, mealworms and
ly. Martins are about the size of       established colony. As a footnote,      even scrambled eggs. I also pro-
a Red -Winged Blackbird. Only           for the past several seasons, my        vide crushed oyster shells, which
the adult male sports the purple/       youngest daughter and I have had        they need for calcium and grit.
black plumage. The martin can be        a friendly competition as to who is        I also line each gourd with some
found throughout the eastern half       the first to locate the first martin.   fine grasses or pine needles. This
of the U.S. Martins feed primarily         Some simplified tips for attract-    action provides comfort during
on flying insects.                      ing “America’s Most Wanted Bird”        that dreaded cold spell when fly-
   The martin is a neo-tropical            I often joke that I practically      ing insects are grounded.
migrant. This means they breed          provide everything for the martin                                                playing of the “dawnsong” record-          Believe me when I say you
in North America but migrate            except genetics.                        Predators                                ings and use decoys.                    won’t regret being a landlord once
to warmer climates for the non-                                                 The worse thing that could hap-             Why Martins? Because they            you’ve been successful in establish-
breeding season. Martins win-           Location, Location, Location!           pen to a landlord and their colo-        need humans and we need them            ing your own colony.
ter mostly in the country of Bra-       When it comes to attracting mar-        ny is predation! A bad experience        if only for the pleasure and stress        I hope you’ve learned some basics
zil. This annual migration ends up      tins, it’s all about location. If you   is enough to have that colony nev-       relief they provide. They are fun       about Purple Martins. In my next
being about a 10,000 mile round-        ever watch martins, you will quick-     er return. A good landlord must          to listen to and even more fun to       article, I hope to provide guidance
trip flight. Not bad for a bird that    ly understand their aerial space re-    monitor the colony and take im-          watch their aerial display and go-      on attracting the Eastern Bluebird.
weighs a mere 2 ounces.                 quirements. Martins require open        mediate action. Obviously being          ing about the job of raising their         While not all property owners
   The first martins (scouts) gen-      space for flight in and out of nest-    proactive is better than being re-       young. Not many wild birds can          have the appropriate habitat re-
erally arrive at my property about      ing area. Martins need to be in close   active. The most common pred-            provide humans with such close-         quirements to successfully estab-
the third week of March. They are       proximity (30’-120’) to occupied        ators are House Sparrows, Star-          up activity.                            lish a colony, it you’re looking to
my harbinger of spring. The birds       human housing. Martins are people       lings, Black Rat snakes and Owls/           So if you have the right proper-     give it a try, here are some help-
of my colony usually have left me       birds. To establish a new colony, the   Hawks.                                   ty and you wish to become a mar-        ful websites that you can go to for
by mid-August.                          housing should also be a good 50’          I have twice experienced Black        tin landlord, check out the web sites   more information:
                                        from trees and the areas surround-      Rat snakes at my colony. I still don’t   and move forward with the tons of
The establishment of my colony          ing the pole should be more or less     know how they got up the metal           advice given. You still have time!
My wife and I built our home            clear of obstacles such as landscap-    poles but they did. Last year I ap-         As per my last trip to the Purple
on our Fairfield property back          ing. Your odds are made even bet-       plied Vaseline on the bottom 3 foot      Martin Society web site, the scouts
in 1997. The first several years I      ter by being near open water and/or     of pole and that seemed to work.         have arrived in each of the states
tried to attract breeding martins       near an established colony.                                                      bordering the gulf coast. The scouts
but with no success. I used an alu-                                             Tape and Decoy                           should arrive in this area around       Russell Ryan is the Conservation
minum-housing complex, which            Housing/nesting                            If you have the right habitat and     Easter. The sub-adults that the new     Chairperson of the South Mountain
I thought was erected in the cor-       There are basically three types of      still no success do what many oth-       landlord is hoping to attract usually   Chapter of the National Audubon
rect location on the property. I        housing: Gourds, (natural or plas-      ers and I have done and utilize the      arrive 4-6 weeks later.                 Society (and husband of
                                                                                                                        MARCH 2010 | EMMITSBURG NEWS-JOURNAL | 17

                                                                                                                       PETS LARGE AND SMALL

The perils of a barn cat
Linda Knox                                bert Doodle trusted more than the or-       into a carrier to eat, Dorie stayed as
                                          dinary barn cat that his keeper would       close as she possibly could.

L    ittle Bo ate his supper and then
     ran off to play on the far side
of the barnyard. One night as I
                                          provide for him and chose to eat in a
                                          spot near the beginning of the food
                                          distribution line. With him came a
                                                                                         After the neutering of Albert Doo-
                                                                                      dle I believed that I had accom-
                                                                                      plished my goal. Unfortunately an
looked to see whether he was into         less confident tortoiseshell sharing the    unexpected turn of events followed.
his usual antics, I thought I saw an      same plate. After eating their portions        There had come into the group
extra furry form scurry behind the        of food, they retreated to the tractor      a “Bully Cat” that picked on Albert
bales placed in the barnyard. Just        mower, washed paws and face, and            Doodle after the feeding time each       torment and bother a cat that had      ‘Who’s here for snack?” and ate
one kitten flying across the open         sat in a cozy spot at the base of a small   evening. He continued his prac-          been neutered or spayed. This one      only after she stretched and re-
space and back below the trough?          stack of hay bales. As I left the barn, I   tice of growling and attacking every     drove away a female and she finally    ceived special attention.
Strange I thought, but at the time I      would see one at the base of the mow-       night. The feud occurred until I         returned after several months.            Little Chenille, pictured above,
didn’t dwell on the possibility. My       er and one nearby in the loose straw by     could stand no more. One evening            Albert Doodle stopped coming        is an adorable little tabby that seeks
mind was on Albert Doodle.                the bales. After each had gotten short      when Albert Doodle had taken ref-        around altogether after a few eve-     attention and has her own unique
   Every now and then a special           drink they carefully washed again and       uge under the mower as Bully Cat         nings that stirred hope in my puz-     “catonality”. She needs a home
cat emerges from among the gen-           appeared to settle down.                    kept advancing and swearing with         zled brain. The message has become     where she is safe from the perils of
eral barn population -a cat that is          Little Dorie worried me because          ear-wrenching cat curses, I hurried      clear: the barn is not a safe haven.   life in the country. She needs a pro-
unique and stands out in every way.       she usually appeared to have a cold;        over and yelled, “Stop picking on           So, I now return to the case of     tected place where she doesn’t have
Such a cat was Albert Doodle. He          yet it didn’t affect Albert Doodle. I       my Albert Doodle.” The two ran           Little Chenille. Because she re-       to look over her shoulder as deli-
was a beautiful grey tabby with dark      worried about her simply because            in different directions, but it was my   sembled a ragmop sweeping across       cately eats her meals.
stripes, white feet, and white mark-      she didn’t get any closer to me than        Albert Doodle who was not seen for       the barnyard that late summer kit-        Do you know someone who-
ings on his face extending down his       necessary; most of the time staying         several days.                            ten became known as “Little Che-       would want to adopt such an ap-
nose and over his neck.                   behind Albert Doodle. Even af-                 Never in all the years I have had     nille.” Gradually she chose a place    pealing little creature? She is spayed
   From the time of his kitten hood Al-   ter I decided to lure Albert Doodle         barn cats have I seen an “alpha cat”     to be served dinner as I called out    and up to date on all her shots!

Seasonal challenges                                                                                                            an open wound. The dead tissue
                                                                                                                               provides an environment in which
                                                                                                                               the maggots flourish.
                                                                                                                                  While the first few days of a
                                                                                                                                                                      eas of fur that tend to stay moist,
                                                                                                                                                                      they can generally prevent mag-
                                                                                                                                                                      gots. I can spin several yarns on
                                                                                                                                                                      maggots, but will save them (and
Dr. Kim Brokaw, DVM                       ed her stomach because abdomi-              fluids and, standing like the            maggot infestation are arguably of     your stomach) for a later article.
                                          nal surgery in this kind of weather         Statue of Liberty while hold-            benefit to the animal, their con-         As we all sit around complain-

W       inter poses its challenges.
        I certainly am not a fan
of standing out in frigid tem-
                                          would be very unpleasant.
                                             A quick physical exam revealed
                                          a dehydrated and ketotic cow but
                                                                                      ing up the fluid bottle, start-
                                                                                      ed them running into the cow.
                                                                                      After a few minutes of stand-
                                                                                                                               tinued presence does not contrib-
                                                                                                                               ute favorably to the pet’s recovery.
                                                                                                                               The maggots stimulate an anti-
                                                                                                                                                                      ing about winter, and idealizing
                                                                                                                                                                      summer, we need to remember
                                                                                                                                                                      that each season of year has cer-
peratures in the middle of a field        luckily no stomach twist. I got a           ing there, the chill returned            genic response and slow the heal-      tain medical problems associat-
while treating a horse. Even tak-         bucket of hot water and put a bot-          to my hands and toes. Well, it           ing of the wounds.                     ed with it, even summertime is
ing care of my own horses and             tle of dextrose and bottle of elec-         could be worse. Winter has its             I see maggot infestation most-       not perfect. When I think about
dumping frozen water troughs              trolytes in the bucket. I like to           discomforts, but at least there          ly in pets confined to the out-        maggots, warbles, and all the oth-
gets less and less pleasant as            heat up the IV fluids for the cows          aren’t any maggots.                      doors with situations in which         er crawlies, I start to almost enjoy
the temperature drops. Ev-                before giving it to them because               Maggots have received some at-        their skin remains moist. This         our wind, cold, snow, and ice cov-
ery morning I find myself put-            the thought of cold fluids running          tention in human medicine for            includes pets with draining            ered ground.
ting on enough layers of cloth-           into my veins seems objectionable           their health benefits. Maggot de-        wounds, urine or fecal stained
ing that I look like the Michelin         unpleasant, so I assume it would            bridement therapy involves the           hair coats, or bacterial skin in-      Editor’s Note: Kim Brokaw applies
man. My parents have found                be similarly unpleasant for a cow.          intentional introduction of live,        fections. Sustained skin mois-         her talents and love of animals at
that toe warmers and wool socks           I placed the IV in, but my hands            disinfected maggots into a non-          ture can cause damage, inflam-         the Walkersville Veterinary Clinic.
are always welcome gifts as I go          were cold so the IV came out of             healing skin and soft tissue wound       mation and infection, setting
through them so rapidly.                  the vein while my cold, partially           for the purpose of selectively           up a favorable environment for         Have a pet story you would like to
   For a few days after the second        numb, hands were trying to hook             cleaning out the necrotic tissue.        maggots. This applies especial-        share? If so, send it to use at editor@
huge snowstorm this year, the vet         up the fluids.                              However, in my cases, the mag-           ly to weak and debilitated pets.
clinic was closed for regular ap-            I warmed my hands in the                 gots are not introduced intention-       If owners clip the heavy coats of
pointments yet we remained open           bucket of water and then tried              ally but rather are the result of        dogs who are left out full time in     For more stories on pets visit Em-
for large animal emergencies.             again. Success! I hooked up the             summertime flies laying eggs on          the summertime, or clip any ar-
A couple feet of snow were on
the ground, and there were five
foot drifts on parts of the clinic
driveway, but my Ford Explorer
had already been dug out. As the
snow shoveling had already been
done (albeit, not by me), it left
me time to pursue my other hob-
by, cooking.
   Over the past few days I had
time to make chocolate almond
soufflés, penne with sausage and
tomato, banana bread, cookies,
sausage lentil stew, and molasses
bread. I was contemplating my
next cooking endeavor while look-
ing through the cupboards to see
what ingredients I had, when the
pager went off. It was a sick cow.
   The owner reassured me that
their street and driveway were
plowed out well enough for the
milk trucks to get to them, so I
shouldn’t have any trouble at all.
I had no problems getting to the
farm. It was cold—about 20 de-
grees—and during the entire drive
to the farm I was crossing my fin-
gers that the cow had not twist-


Captain Albert Hunter, a true leader
John A. Miller                            not a part of my duty, I would drill a     which we balloted for a Second Lieu-      we received the Cap-
Emmitsburg Historical Society             squad of the new recruits, after reg-      tenant. But, after several unsuccess-     tain’s resignation, he
Civil War Historian                       ular drill, in cavalry on foot. (We        ful attempts we gave it up for another    sent for me and told
                                          did not have horses yet).”                 day. Hunter ran six ahead of Walker,      me that I must notify

L    eadership in both the Union and
     in the Confederate armies was
very crucial. Generals and colonels as
                                             “Our 1st Lieut. John Motter An-
                                          nan was accidentally shot through
                                          the head and killed by his best
                                                                                     having thirty-eight to Walker’s thirty-
                                                                                     two, it requiring 45 to elect.”
                                                                                        Still without a second lieutenant,
                                                                                                                               our 1st Lt. Morrison.
                                                                                                                               He wanted his resig-
                                                                                                                               nation too and told
well as captains in some cases, were      friend, J. Wallace Morring of Em-          the men of Company C again at-            me he would nev-
appointed by military officials while     mitsburg. Our brigade was allowed          tempted to fill the vacant slot. Pri-     er make him captain
many company level officers and           to select their own commissioned           vate Joseph Wible on November             and that if he would
non-commissioned officers in a reg-       officers by ballot. After the death of     23rd wrote: “We had two trails today      not resign, he would
iment were voted into their positions     Lt. Annan, an election was held in         at electing a Second Lieutenant but       have him dismissed. I
by the men of their company. There        our company to fill the vacancy. My        were not successful in either ballot.     told Morrison about
are many instances of company ros-        having been successful in giving in-       In the first ballot, Hunter received      it, and he was very
ters that reflect a man who was a pri-    structions in drill made me a prom-        41 votes to Walker’s 34 and the sec-      angry; he swore that
vate in 1861 and was then promoted        inent candidate, even before Lt. An-       ond Hunter 43 and Walker 32, af-          he would see Miles
to officer status; and yet, I have also   nan was buried. I felt grieved and         ter which the election was postponed      about it. I knew that
seen in a few instances where an offi-    compelled by friends to wait. To tell      until the week following.”                he never would and
cer was demoted to a private.             it all, I only wanted to be a soldier;        On November 26th, Albert               advised him to save
   An officer is someone who led by       office had no allurements for me,          Hunter was officially elected as sec-     his reputation. He
authority and someone who had the         and perhaps I would have refused           ond lieutenant. Private Joseph Wible      got me to write his
trust of his men. Take into consid-       positively to stand, but a majority of     again recorded in his diary that day,     resignation and told
eration Captain Albert Hunter of          our company insisted that I must,          “We succeeded this morning in             me he would hand it
Company “C” of Cole’s Cavalry.            and the other candidates, eight in         electing Hunter our Second Lieuten-       in. I pitied him. He
   Captain hunter was born on             number, combined, and one or two           ant. Hunter received 49 votes and he      was a good fellow,
his family farm just east of Mid-         of them misrepresented me.”                has now entered upon his duties with      but awfully ignorant,
dle Creek on old Harney Road. e              “As ‘opposition is the life of trade’   good wishes of the company.”              and utterly unfit to
enlisted as a bugler; a few months        was the opposition I had, I set my            Albert Hunter later wrote: “I can      perform the clerical
later he was commissioned as sec-         blood to win, and I did. I took the        conscientiously say that shoulder         duties of an officer.
ond lieutenant, and by 1862 he            plan of gaining votes by refraining        straps did not change my feeling to-      And he knew a hun-
was promoted to a captain.                and restraining all manner of vitu-        ward the privates, and I feel sure that   dred fifty dollar per
   After the war, Albert Hunter           peration. But with all I could do, we      whatever else they may charge me          month job was too
recalled when he was promoted             still had a long and hot fight. A ma-      with, there is not one who would say      good to be careless-
from 2nd bugler to lieutenant:            jority of the whole company was re-        anything else. They were welcomed         ly thrown away, so he                   Captain Albert Hunter
   “After being in a camp of instruc-     quired to elect, and although I got        in my tent at all times. Their wants      put the resignation in
tion at Frederick, Md., until about       a majority of all the votes cast every     were duly attended to, as far as the      his pocket.”                            were made Majors. One was an Eng-
the middle of December, 1861, we          time, I was not elected until nine or      rules and regulations would allow,           “I met Col. Miles a few days af-     lish fool who knew no more of mili-
were put on duty. I enlisted with the     ten ballots were had because 10 to         their complaints adjusted as near as      terward, and when he asked me           tary or a Major’s duty than a dog does
understanding that I was to be 2nd        15 of our men, who were off on de-         I could judge demanded. A hundred         why Lt. Morrison did not send           preaching, and was a coward to boot,
Bugler. I was extremely fond of the       tached duty, and could not vote.”          men as soldiers become children.          in his resignation I told him I had     and thus it went all along the line.”
Drill. All of us were green in that          Private Joseph Wible of Gettys-         The officers are looked to much as        written it for him and that he told        “My company was a good one,
line; I had taken lessons in Gettys-      burg served in the same company            children look to their parents, and it    me he had. He said it had not           the most of its members were my
burg from other soldiers there. We        that Albert Hunter was in. He re-          is only right, for they have no other     come and that he would have him         acquaintances and friends. I loved
created a sensation, as it was new        called the difficulties involved with      way to get what they want or need.”       dismissed. I hurried to Morrison        them and think I can safely say,
and rather fantastic: movements           electing a new second lieutenant. He          In June of 1862 nearly eight           and advised him to save his repu-       without egotism, that they respect-
quick and difficult. Our lady visi-       wrote on November 18, 1861: “This          months after being elected as second      tation. Finally he agreed to hand it    ed me all that any Captain could
tors were delighted with maneuvers,       evening after dress parade we bal-         lieutenant, Albert Hunter was pro-        in and in a few days the captain’s      ask. But I must acknowledge that a
and I had as many interested spec-        loted for First Lieutenant but were        moted to Captain of the company.          and his were accepted and I got         feeling of dislike grew on me dur-
tators as the Dress parades, but this     not successful in choosing one.” He           “In June 1862, on account of in-       my commission for Captain.”             ing the summer, that reopened into
was not cavalry drill. I spent my lei-    again wrote on November 19th,              firmity and old age, Captain John            In February of 1864, during the      a determination to quit the service
sure time reading the tactics on cav-     “We balloted for First Lieutenant to-      Horner tendered his resignation.          re-enlistments of Cole’s Cavalry Bat-   in September when the three years
alry drill; I soon mastered the ini-      day and elected a Second Lt. Mor-          Col. Miles was commanding with            talion, enough men re-enlisted and      were up, which I did.”
tial maneuvers, and although it was       rison for our first Lieutenant, after      headquarters at Harper’s Ferry. When      new recruits came in, making the bat-      “But strange to say, that after a
                                                                                                                               talion a full-sized regiment. During    month, civil life became so anon-
                                                                                                                               the reorganization of Cole’s Caval-     ymous and dry I could not stand
                                                                                                                               ry, Albert Hunter exposed a criminal    it. I determined to go back to ser-
                                                                                                                               ring within the command structure       vice. Of course no commission was
                                                                                                                               of Cole’s Cavalry. This is what ulti-   waiting for me, and I had to list is
                                                                                                                               mately led to Albert Hunter resign-     a private. I chose old company “B”
                                                                                                                               ing his commission. Albert Hunter       knowing it would not the proper for
                                                                                                                               recalled: “In the promotions battal-    me [to reenlist in Company C].”
                                                                                                                               ion, officers were ignored. Seniori-       And as some would say: so goes
                                                                                                                               ty was nowhere; bribery was freely      the war. Through the corruption of
                                                                                                                               charged and more than likely true.”     officers and enlisted men alike, the
                                                                                                                                  “I was a senior Captain, and I got   true leaders would shine through.
                                                                                                                               nothing at all. The fourth Captain
                                                                                                                               was made Lieutenant Colonel. But        To read Captain Hunter’s full per-
                                                                                                                               Orderly Sergeant Oliver A. Horner       sonal account of the war between
                                                                                                                               was made Adjutant and afterwards        the sates visit the Historical Society
                                                                                                                               made a Major. Civilians in Baltimore    Section of
                                                                                            MARCH 2010 | EMMITSBURG NEWS-JOURNAL | 19

                                                                                   MY HEART IS IN EMMITSBURG

Paradise or parking lot?
Donna M. Sterner                         for goodness sake! I sang along
                                         to it all the time. “Don’t it always

I  sat here on Thursday, Febru-
   ary 11th, and watched giant
snowflakes fall softly from the sky.
                                         seem to go that you don’t know
                                         what you’ve got til it’s gone? They
                                         paved paradise and put up a park-
It was like the angels were hav-         ing lot.”
ing a pillow fight in heaven, and           So now I was sitting in a big city
we were being hit with the fall-         watching snow fall and realized
out. Oh, I know the East Coast           that I miss that little one horse
has been clobbered with snow in          town where everybody knew ev-
recent weeks and most of its res-        erybody and said “hi” when they
idents don’t want to hear about          passed on the street. Skyscrapers
snow. But I have been in Dallas,         and bright lights block the night-
TX for nearly 22 years and, in all       time sky with its soft spray of stars
of that time, I have never been          twinkling like diamonds on a deep
able to have a good snowball fight       blue jeweler’s cloth made of the
or build a decent snowman.               softest velvet.
   When I was growing up I longed           I have my taxicabs and subway
for big city lights with taxicabs and    and city busses that belch out clouds
subways. I dreamed of fine res-          of black diesel exhaust who cut you
taurants were folks sipped cham-         off and give you a one fingered sa-
pagne and nibbled at toast points        lute like it was your fault. I am sur-
dripping with caviar. Emmits-            rounded by 5 star hotels and restau-
burg was a little one horse town.        rants but would be just as happy
Its claim fame was the burial place      with a good old cold cut hoagie and
of Mother Seton, the Grotto, Mt.         onion rings from Corney’s Corner.
St. Mary’s and, later, the National      Who needs fish eggs anyway? And
Fire Academy. I was destined for         champagne is overrated.                     The Square in Emmitsburg after the Palm Sunday Blizzard of 1942
greater things.                             There are no fireman’s carnivals
   I vacuumed the house and dust-        here with cheap bingo played with
ed and got a whopping $5 a week.         corn kernels on wooden bench-
I put some in savings at Farm-           es that surround prizes to make
er’s and Mechanics Bank on the           a child gasp with wonder while
square. I bought comic books at          the air is redolent with the smell
Carter’s Drug Store and Crouse’s         of grease and French fries. Here I
On the Square. At holiday time I         can go to the State Fair of Texas...
always had a Christmas Club ac-          that is, if I could afford it. The ad-
count at the aforementioned bank         mission and rides are outrageous;
so I could buy gifts for my family.      prizes are cheap and the booths are
We had a color TV bought from            rigged. And when you come out
Matthew Appliance Store on West          with a stuffed teddy bear that cost
Main Street. But, like most kids,        you a week’s salary to win, you car
I whined because there was noth-         might not be where you left it be-
ing exciting to do. Oh, sure, there      cause it was towed or stolen.
was the Mother Seton School Ba-             The words are interchange-
zaar and the spring and Christmas        able. Yes, there is the heavy smell
Bazaars at Elias Lutheran Church.        of grease because every year they
   Behind my house there were boul-      have a contest to see who could
ders that would become castles or        deep fry the weirdest stuff. Don’t
forts, depending on which way the        get me wrong...I like a good corn
imagination wandered. There were         dog, and bacon on a stick sounds
monkey vines that could turn any         interesting. Like Emeril says, pork
kid into Tarzan or Sheena. But there     fat rules. But let’s be serious...just
was nothing to DO! Patty Lane on         who wants to eat fried butter?
“The Patty Duke Show” led such an           I got my snowball fight and my
exciting albeit disaster-fraught life.   28 year old son had a ball making
And I had nothing to do. I bought        2 snowmen. We got nearly 12 inch-
the latest 45 records and albums         es, a record for Dallas. It took me
from Gene Myers shop on East Main        51 years to realize I left paradise for
Street, right down the street from my    a parking lot and simple things are
grandmother’s house.                     the best of all. So when this snow
   We had an annual Halloween            melts away and my son’s snowmen
Parade, but I outgrew that. May-         are nothing but puddles, I will re-
be what I needed all along was to        vert to my second childhood and
listen to Judy Garland in my fa-         whine...”there’s nothing to do!”
vorite movie say “there’s no place
like home,” or gain infinite wis-        To read other articles by Donna
dom from Judy Collin’s song, “Big        Sterner visit the Authors’ section of
Yellow Taxi.” I bought the 45, 


The founding of Emmitsburg,
March 5, 1785
I n 1880, Samuel Motter, the edi-
  tor of the Emmitsburg Chronicle
published the first known written ac-
                                                In the deed in which Samuel Em-
                                             mit conveying 35 acres to his son
                                             for William “where the lots of a new
count of the founding of Emmits-             town Called Emmitsburg’ are laid
burg, to whit:                               out,’ Samuel Emmit specially men-
                                             tions a meeting in which ‘Articles of
  “In the year 1786 the male inhab-          Agreement’ were made with ‘Pur-
  itants of the village and vicinity as-     chasers’ on that date.
  sembled at Hockensmith’s tavern,              While no known copy of the ‘Arti-
  only one and a half miles from             cles of Agreement’ exists, one can in-
  town, now the home of Mr. David            fer from the body of text in the 1785
  Gillelan, to deliberate concerning         deed that the Articles were related to
  a change of name [of the town].            an agreement between the Emmits’
  Hon. John McGurgran having                 and their neighbors for the Emmits’
  been called to preside, proposed           to lay out lots which were to form the
  to change the name from ‘Poplar            basis for a new town, and a commit-
  Fields’ to ‘Emmitsburg,’ after Wil-        ment to purchase those lots by the                     Depiction of the signing of the Letters of Agreement in Hockensmith’s Tavern, March 5th, 1785
                                                                                                                        painted on the front of the Jubilee Foods supermarket.
  liam Emmit, Esq., one of the larg-         signers of the Article of Agreement.
  est land holders in the District. All         While we have no idea where the        cision was to name the town after the      ment, so this confusion looking back      that the land chosen by the Emmits’s
  present threw up their hats, clapped       meeting actually took place, given        owner of the land upon which the           through 100 years of history is under-    for their town was virgin woods. In
  their hands and hurrahed for Em-           that most community meetings in the       town would be built, in this case, the     standable.                                his note, Rev Brute describes Em-
  mitsburg. The company had quite            late 1700s took place at local gather-    Emmits.                                       What we do know for certain,           mitsburg in 1786 as: “... a wood ...”
  a merry time; drank to the health          ing points, such as taverns or church-       While we’ll never know for sure         however, is that there were no exist-        In a later note Rev. Brute states:
  of the newly baptized town, and            es, meeting at the only known tavern      what really happened at the March          ing structures on the land chosen for     ‘Mrs. Hughes told me that she thinks
  returned home full of sanguine ex-         in the Tom’s Creek Hundred, which         meeting, what we do know is that in        the new town. In the deed transfer-       it was about 1786 that she came on
  pressions of the rapid growth of the       just also happened to be within wak-      August, five months after the March        ring the land for the new town from       the spot of the present town then a
  infant settlement.”                        ing distance from Samual Emmit’s          meeting, the lots for the new town         his son, Samuel Emmit makes no            complete wood cleared some ground
                                             house, makes Hockensmith’s tavern         had been laid out and the town had         note of any existing structure, im-       and built the first house ever built ...
Unfortunately, we have no written            the mostly likely sport. So let’s chalk   been given its name - Emmitsburg.          provement, or settlement, a standard      there was indeed no street, no road to
first hand account of this meeting to        that one up for Motter’s version.                                                    entry on deeds at the time had struc-     Frederick or any other place - a mere
substantiate Motter’s version of the                                                   A pre-existing village?                    tures existed.                            wood - “I see yet as it were, she said,
meeting, but with a few minor excep-         Choosing the name for                                                                   All deeds of all the houses in the     all the big trees that stood all here
tions, we have no reason to doubt the        the new town                              What Motter did get wrong in his           original plat of Emmitsburg date to       around that small house.”’
veracity of his history.                                                               version, was the notion that there was     the 1785 deed. No deed pre-dates             As the Hughes were one of first
   In 1880, when Motter put togeth-          Another item we can tick off in favor     a pre-existing village that predated the   that time period. Each original pur-      families to purchase a lot in the new
er his account of the founding of Em-        of Motter’s version, is the notion that   founding of the new town. No re-           chaser of a lot in the new town was re-   town, their first hand description of
mitsburg, he did so without the ben-         the meeting included a discussion of      cord exists anywhere to support this       quired to build: “One snug house not      the nature of the land is the best ev-
efit of modern technology that allows        what the name of the town should          claim. To the contrary, a close read-      less than 16 square feet, and two sto-    idence, supports the plethora of legal
historians and Historical Societies to       be. As noted in last month’s article,     ing of each of the deeds from Samuel       ries high, with a good bring or stone     document that quash any suggestion
access and correlate vast archives of        the area chosen by the Emmits to          Emmit to his son clearly proves that       chimney.”                                 of a pre-existing village on the spot
documents with simple clicks of a            lay out their town was called ‘Poplar     the town was ‘new,’ not an expansion          Had houses existed, there would        chosen for Emmitsburg.
mouse. Instead, Motter had to rely           Fields.’ The name referred to a geo-      of an existing village.                    not have been this requirement, or
upon knowledge passed down from              graphic area, much like today where          That said, Samuel Motter may            at least one deed would exist without     Founded in 1785 or 1786?
generation to generation.                    the ridge north of Emmitsburg is re-      very well have had in mind the Tom’s       this requirement, but there is no ex-
   Like the old children’s game              ferred to as ‘Popular Ridge.’             Creek Hundred Community when               ception - every buyer of a lot was re-    Samuel Motter’s date of 1786 for the
“Whisper Down the Lane” in which                In selecting the name of the new       he was referring to inhabitants of         quired to build a house.                  meeting at Hockesmith’s tavern is
a message is passed along to each per-       town, it is easy to assume that the       the village. A vast majority of those         A note dated June 21, 1821 for         wrong. As noted above, the date of
son through a whisper usually end-           geographical name - ‘Popular Fields’ -    that would take ownership of lots in       Rev. Simon Gabriel Brute, who as-         the meeting of the signing of the Arti-
ing up muddled and unclear by the            would have been one of those offered      the new town were members of the           sisted Rev. John Dubois in establish-     cles of Agreement was Mach 5, 1785.
time it gets to the last person, facts be-   up for considerations. But in the tra-    Toms Creek Hundred at the time of          ing Mount St. Mary’s College and          And given that the 1785 deed also
hind Emmitsburg’s founding slowly            dition of the time, the assembly’s de-    the signing of the Articles of Agree-      Seminary, supports the legal records      refers to the new town by the name
changed as it was passed down from
one generation to another.
   But in spite of the all the difficul-
ties he faced in weeding out facts
from folklore, Samuel Motter did a
respectful job in portraying the his-
tory of Emmitsburg’s founding. So
with a tip of our hat to Samuel Mot-
ter, lets pick up our story were we
left off last month, and hopefully by
the end of this article, you’ll see why
Motter’s versions was as correct as one
could make it at the time.

Signing of the Articles of Agree-

As noted above, according to Samu-
el Motter, the male inhabitants of the
vicinity assembled at Hockensmith’s
tavern to deliberate concerning a
change of name of the town from
‘Poplar Fields’ to ‘Emmitsburg.’
   While there is no official record of
this meeting, or its whereabouts, we         The original 1785 boundaries of Emmitsburg only encompassed the area around                In 1786 the boundaries were expanded West along what is now Main
do know it took place on March 5,                the present day town square down to Willow Run next to the post office.                    Street and North, toward Northgate to allow for more houses.
                                                                                                                             MARCH 2010 | EMMITSBURG NEWS-JOURNAL | 21

Emmitsburg, the town clearly had its         and other places. There were half a        selves with the task of measuring and       In 1797 a commission was estab-
name by 1785.                                dozen bands of music. In the after-        marking out the lots, roads, and alleys     lished to settle once and for all the
    While Samuel Emmit transferred           noon a great multitude of people           of the future town. The deed granted        actual boundaries of Carrolsburg,
the land to his son in 1785, the first       assembled in a grove near by and           to William by his father was an out-        the title of the land owned by Sam-
deeds for lots were not signed until         addresses were made by Capt. Jo-           line of these. The town was laid out        uel Emmit. Much to the dismay of
December of 1785. The vast major-            seph McSherry, of Frederick, and           East to west along the great road lead-     William Emmit, the commission
ity of the lots for the town were not        Eugene J. Rowe, Esq, of Emmits-            ing to Baltimore, and to the south,         found that the northern boundary,
signed until 1786, with actual con-          burg. The festivities closed with          along a lane that led to William Em-        below which the town was laid out,
struction of houses within the new           brilliant fireworks and a cotillion        mit’s mill on Tom Creek.                    in fact ran right down the middle of
town limits not beginning until the          party in the evening. Many hous-              As late as 1797, the road now            the town. More than 60% of the lots
spring in 1786.                              es were beautifully decorated with         called South Seton Ave, ended at Wil-       William Emmit had sold for his town
    When one takes into account that         bunting and evergreens.”                   liam Emmit’s mill on Toms Creek. It         actually lay on land owed by others.
a majority of the original town laid                                                    would be sometime in the early 1800s        And that was only the beginning of
out by the Emmits was burnt to the         But that said, March 5, 1785, the date       before the road would be extended to        William’s problems!
ground in the fire of 1863, resulting      of the signing of the Articles of Agree-     meet up with the road to Frederick, at         In 1742 Daniel Dulany, the found-
in an untold loss of documentation,        ment, is a more accurate date for cel-       which time it was christened Freder-        er of Frederick, had purchased 100
and the fact that Motter was depen-        ebrating the founding of the town of         ick Street.                                 acres of land which he called Silver
dent upon information from descen-         Emmitsburg.                                     The boundaries of the land given         Fancy. Unfortunately as can be seen
dants of the original settlers, the fact      While Samuel Motter for the most          to William by his father in 1785 were       in the mapped entitled Silver Fancy,
he missed the actual founding date by      part, got the history of the founding        rectangular in nature, bearing little re-   more then half of Emmitsburg lay
only 1 year is impressive.                 of the town right, what he failed to         semblance to the town we know to-           on the Delaney property, not on land
As most of the lots sold in 1785           record was the fact that William Em-         day. What is of most interest in this       owned by the Emmits!
were in the ‘burnt’ section of town,       mit had a dickens of a time getting          deed is the fact that the Emmits be-           It would not be until 1797, 12
the deeds he did have access to were       his new town off the ground. And             lieved that the deeded land boarded         years after the founding of Emmits-
mostly lots sold in 1786. So the error     that’s where the story of the founding       what they believed was their northern       burg, that William Emmit would ob-
is fully understandable.                   of Emmitsburg really gets interesting!       property line.                              tain control of Silver Fancy. The pur-
    Again, one has to appreciate the                                                       In 1786, William Emmit discov-           chase cost him dearly, but in doing so,
task before Motter. Unlike today           The Boundaries of Emmitsburg                 ered that the 1785 deed did not in          he was able to finally obtain clear ti-
where one can log into the internet                                                     fact border their northern property         tle to all the lots he had sold that the
and download all the deeds related         As noted in the first article in the se-     line. So William obtained a revised         owners of Silver Fancy could have
to the founding of Emmitsburg, in          ries, land surveying techniques of the       deed for 55 acres that included the         also claimed had they chosen to press
Motter’s day, looking up the original      1700s left much to be desired. With          land to the north. By the time of the       their rights in court.
deeds from Samuel Emmit to his son         sometime up to 3 degrees of error in         1786 deed, building of the town had            In that same year, the commission
would have involved a two day trip         each line of a property, property lines      begun in earnest, a fact noted in the       established to set the boundaries of
to Frederick and a painstaking metic-      could easily be off by hundreds, or          deed by the words: ‘For the use of a        Carrolsburg worked out a deal with
ulous search through paper files. So       even thousands of feet. Such was the         town which was began on said small          all reaming adjoining property own-         100th anniversary celebration flyer
we give him a lot of credit for what he    case of Samuel Emmit’s deed.                 parcel of land.’                            ers to settle their overlapping land       from the 1886 Emmitsburg Chronicle
did with what little he had.                  While well never know why the                In 1787, William Emmit had his           claims. As part of this settlement,
    We have no doubt that Motter’s re-     Emmits chose the spot they did for           father draw up a new deed to once           William had to go back and re-issue
search directly contributed to the de-     their new town, it would be reason-          again correct errors in property lines      new titles to all the lots in question.    mit’s life was consumed with address-
cision of the community to celebrate       able to assume that its isolated loca-       and to enlarge the area of the town            In the tradition of the time, each      ing legal issues related to property ti-
the 100th anniversary of the founding      tion, away from other properties with        eastwards along the northern proper-        deed for these new lots referred to the    tles of land he had erroneously sold
of the town in 1886.                       potently overlapping claims, played a        ty lines. This last deed expanded Wil-      current name for the land as well as       as being his own, but which in fact
    The accounts of the centennial cel-    role in its selection. In a subsequent       liam’s town to 80 acres.                    its prior name, such as “lying in the      belonged to others. It was an honest
ebration, which was held in a field        deed made to correct the boundary               Unfortunately for William Em-            town of Emmitsburg, formally know          mistake to be sure. The fact that the
just outside of town on what is now        errors in the first deed, Samuel Em-         mit, what his father thought was the        as Silver Fancy.”                          town grew and prospered in spite of
North Seton Ave., was subsequent-          mit even specifically noted that land        northern boundary of this property             In an effort to stem the confusion      these legal obstacles is a credit to his
ly reported in numerous newspapers         selected was not ‘bounded,’ mean-            was not.                                    that resulted from this declaration,       skills and vigorousness of those who
from around the state, such as the         ing that he believed he held all adja-          As the community grew, the influx        in 1808, the courts directed that any      called the new town of Emmitsburg
July 13th entry from the Gettysburg        cent land and could expand the deed          of new settlers brought an exodus           lot sold in what once was Silver Fan-      home.
Compiler.                                  boundaries as he needed.                     of old settlers. As property changed        cy drops the reference to Emmitsburg          A hardy well done to William Em-
                                              On August 12, 1785, Samuel Em-            hands, the demand for better defi-          and simply have it noted that the lot      mit for setting up the town, and to
  “Saturday week Emmitsburg cel-           mit deeded 35 acres to his son Wil-          nition of property lines by the new         was from Silver Fancy. This resulted       Samuel Motter for saving for pros-
  ebrated its centennial in a lively       liam ‘wherein the lots of the new            property owners brought to light er-        in even more confusion, and eventu-        perity the history of William’s efforts.
  manner. There was a firemen’s pa-        town of Emmitsburg were laid out.’           rors in the boundaries of the Emmit’s       ally led to the later day misconception
  rade in the morning by the home             By these words, it is clear that in the   land.                                       that there was a town prior to Em-         To learn more about the founding of
  company and similar organizations        five months between March 5 and              The Commission of 1797                      mitsburg called Silver Fancy.              Emmitsburg, visit the Historical Society
  from Littlestown, Westminister           August 12, the Emmits busied them-                                                          The remainder of William Em-            section of

           In 1787 the boundaries were expanded East along what is now Main street toward                                 Unfortunately for William Emmit, most of the land deeded to him by his father for his
                               Flat Run to allow for even more houses.                                                   new town actually belonged to others. The overlapping Dulany family Silver Fancy deed
                                                                                                                                                   being one of the more problematic


Home improvement
Jackie Quillen                             pected so the office is changing back     and he is very proud for having the
                                           to a bedroom for Christina so that I      greenest grass on our block. When-

O       akfield Lane has been my
        home since I was four years
old. There has been talk of mov-
                                           have a place to stay when I’m home
                                           from school. So the oldest was de-
                                           moted to the smallest room and the
                                                                                     ever my friends’ parents brought
                                                                                     me home from a play date they al-
                                                                                     ways commented on just how green
ing and my mother spends a lot of          youngest was promoted to the larg-        and beautiful the grass looks. Even
time looking at houses for sale on-        est. Sometimes being the middle           the bus driver told me how nice it
line, bigger houses, but we never ac-      child has its perks!                      looks.
tually move. Usually when families            Every room of the house was put           One day a plumber came to the
need more or less space they move to       together with careful consideration       house only to deliver the most dis-
a more accommodating house, but            and much debating. I never knew           appointing news of my father’s
not my family.                             how many different shades of green        life - there was a problem with
   We know how to make our lit-            there are and how the wrong one,          our plumbing that could only be
tle house accommodate whatev-              which looks almost identical to the       fixed at the source underground,
er needs we may have. When Mom             right one, has the potential to com-      under the luscious green blanket
mentioned how nice it would be             pletely ruin the whole mood of the        covering the front yard. There is
to have a bigger kitchen, Dad got          room, and possibly the entire house.      still that small patch of grass that
to work right away sketching out           I always stayed out of the color-         stands out from the rest of the yard
all the possible ways to expand the        choosing process because I started        - the blades are different, the an-
kitchen. Sure enough, within a week        thinking I might be colorblind, or at     gle is off, and there is a clear scar-
our kitchen was bigger and the din-        least “shade-blind.”                      like outline of where the “surgery”
ing room was smaller. The dividing            My bedroom walls evolved from          took place.                                build the shed because I liked the         I love every aspect of it.
wall between the two rooms was an-         baby pink to puke yellow and then to         I bet no one else besides my family     platform better.                           I even love the concrete steps that
nihilated but Dad built a new one,         the most vibrant turquoise color. At      notices it. Lawns may not have any            My backyard holds so much char-      used to lead inside through a back
no biggie.                                 one point I liked the yellow walls but    significance to other people, but I        acter that defines my household.        door, but now just remain connect-
   My parents have been remodeling         somehow one of the brightest colors       spent most of my childhood on that            I moved to Oakfield Lane after       ed to the back of the house and lead
our home both inside and out since         became shady and dull. When it was        grass, running around barefoot even        my mom and adoptive father were         to nothing.
the day we moved in seventeen years        time to cover up the yellow my best       in the dark until my mother called         married seventeen years ago. With          Those steps are a reminder of how
ago. I love remodeling projects - there    friend Sharon and I got all the nec-      me inside. I also learned how to ride      some love and remodeling we be-         my home has developed since we be-
is something so satisfying about de-       essary supplies and went to work.         a bicycle on the front lawn with my        came a family, and our house be-        came the Quillen family.
stroying a room that I once consid-           This remodeling project was par-       Dad. That was the only time bikes          came a home.
ered perfect and putting it back to-       ticularly special to me because I de-     were allowed on the lawn!                     The pool in my backyard was          Jackie Quillen is a Senior at the Mount ma-
gether with a fresh new look. When         signed and produced it. My father            The neighbors were not very fond        moved from my dad’s old house,          joring in English and Communications
we are in the middle of remodeling         was quick to point out the spots of       of us when we moved in because my          and the tent that covers a picnic ta-
something I put off all other respon-      blue paint that accidentally made         father built a shed that blocked the       ble was moved from my old house.        To read other articles by Jackie visit the
sibilities and get to work right next      it to the ceiling, but I like the spots   sunlight from their gardens. This is       These two families joined together      Authors’ section of
to my father.                              where they are. Seeing the mistakes       no ordinary shed. It is a house sport-     to create a loving home.
   As I grew older and stronger I          on the ceiling reminds me that I          ing the same vinyl siding as the main
started rearranging my room many           painted that room myself!                 house, equipped with attic storage,
times a year. It’s amazing how many           Every year I leave for college my      two windows, kitchen cabinets, elec-
different ways I could arrange all the     parents do something different to         tricity, and all our toys. This is Dad’s
furniture in a perfectly square and        the house, and I feel lost when I first   “pad.”
shockingly small room. I do this           walk in during Fall Break. This year         For a while there was a star-shaped
kind of “rearranging” in all aspects       it was the family room. Nothing           object hanging from the roof that
of my life, and no matter how much         too extreme, just a new couch and         spun with the wind and made differ-
of a mess I create, I always get every-    new curtains, but my mother prais-        ent shapes. Dad loved it, but Mom
thing in the right place. If it’s not in   es those new curtains as if she made      thought it was the most pointless
the right place then I’m not in the        them herself. She “just can’t get over”   and unattractive device she had ever
right place mentally, physically, and      how much they make a difference in        seen. Eventually it “disappeared.”
emotionally. I don’t start homework        the room! Dad likes the curtains but         Dad was always finding little
until I’ve done some type of organiz-      they don’t change his life in any way.    things like that to add character to
ing in my room, which is not always        He gets more excited about build-         the yard. Before he got around to
a good habit.                              ing things and working outside. The       building the whole shed, Dad built
   My home has survived seven-             lawn is his masterpiece.                  a platform that we used for dance
teen years of my fastidious, handy-           My dad owns a lawn and land-           routines and performances at fami-
man father and my mother, an in-           scaping company called Grass Roots,       ly parties. I didn’t want him to the
decisive decorator who gets bored
with scenery very quickly. Needless
to say, my house has changed dras-
tically both inside and out since the
time we moved in. It feels like I have
moved to new houses, just with the
same address and on the same street
as my old one. It’s a more convenient
   My older sister, Christina, has
moved out and back in a few times,
each time into a different room. Af-
ter the second time she moved out,
my parents promoted Sarah, the
youngest, to Christina’s old room so
that Sarah’s original room could be
an office. Recently, Christina moved
back home again and occupied my
room because I wasn’t living at home
and she was only planning on stay-
ing for a short time.
   While she was staying in my room
I felt like a guest going home to my
own house because I didn’t have a
bed to sleep in. Christina’s stay is
becoming more long-term than ex-
                                                                                                                        MARCH 2010 | EMMITSBURG NEWS-JOURNAL | 23

                                                                                                                                                     MOUNT SPORTS

Swimming their way to victory
Ananda Rochita                           time.” Stated Griffith, “when I was           Her family has remained incredibly
                                         around ten years old, I was national-      supportive of her in swimming even

D      espite the team only start-
       ing in 2006, the Mount St.
Mary’s swim team has seemed to
                                         ly ranked top 10 in several events.”
                                            When more kids were more in-
                                         terested in comic books or watching
                                                                                    when she tried to quit the sport all to-
                                                                                    gether earlier in her teenage years.
                                                                                       “My mom told me I had to finish
take the Northeast Conference by         Pokemon on television, at the age of       the year first,” stated Dubois. “She
storm.                                   ten, Griffith was at the pool swimming     knew me better than I knew myself,
   The team currently has twelve         everyday to perfect her talent. While in   and by the end of that year I was re-
swimmers for the 2009 to 2010            high school, she practiced everyday and    dedicated to swimming.” Another
year. The team started with Se-          twice a day on the weekends. When          figure that has remained supportive
niors Kate Ansman, Paige Chenet,         Griffith started high school at West-      is her husband whom she married
Mary Beth Kasda, and Maggie              minster High, she switched to the Ea-      the previous year. “It was a big de-
O’Connell Dubois in the 2006 to          gle Swim Team located at McDonogh          cision to decide to get married this
2007 season.                             School in Owings Mills Md.                 summer, knowing that I could not
   Prior to attending Mount St.             “It was here that I fell back in love   help financially,” stated Dubois “I
Mary’s Ansman, who is a New York         with swimming,” stated Griffith.           had to finish out my schooling and
native, was a four year letter swim-     “My personal times and overall per-        swimming.” As for Dubois future,
                                                                                                                                                  Mount Senior Maggie O’Connell Dubois
mer on the Sachem East swim team.        formance improved drastically, the         she could never imagine giving up
She was also team captain for her        coaching was great, I met some of          the sport that she has spent sixteen       Mount Athlete of the Week for           tered his fifth season as the women’s
last two years of high school. She       my best friends there, and it was an       years competitively doing.                 the week ending on Feb.18.              swimming head coach for the 2009-
also received All League honors in       overall incredible experience.”               “I think I will take some time off,        Benedetti led the Mount St.          2010 season. Yost started the program
2003, 2004, and 2005.                       As for Griffith’s future, she is con-   but I eventually plan on swimming          Mary’s team at the Northeast Con-       in 2006-2007 with the team finish-
   Another Mount St. Mary’s se-          centrating on her schoolwork. She is       in a masters league, and possibly          ference Swimming and Diving             ing ninth at the Northeast Conference
nior on the team is Paige Chenet.        currently pursuing a career in nurs-       coaching,” stated Dubois. While            Championships on Saturday when          Championships. Prior to coaching at
In high school, Chenet remained          ing and wants to attend a specific         Dubois has posted incredible scores        she finished ninth in the 1650 free.    the Mount he already had nine years
to be the tremendous swimmer             nursing school afterwards. “I have         during her swimming career at the          She is also the third Mount swim-       of coaching experience under his belt.
she is today. She was a four-year        always loved taking care of people,”       Mount and she is also an inspira-          mer to finish in ninth at the cham-
letter winner on the Conesto-            stated Griffith “I’ve known that I         tion. She is the one of the first in her   pionships for a time of 18:28:13.       Ananda Rochita is a Communi-
ga girl’s swimming team for four         have wanted to get into the medical        immediate family to attend a four             The Mount St. Mary’s swimming        cations - Journalism major at the
seasons and was named All-Main           field for quite some time.”                year college or University and is also     team is coached by Neil Yost that en-   Mount.
Line second time while picking up           Last but definitely not least to be     a survivor of Lime disease.
an honorable mention.                    mentioned is Maggie O’Connell                 Dubois caught the disease during
   However despite the swimmers          Dubois, one of the other senior            her sophomore year and it took her
that helped set the foundation of        swimmers of the Mount St. Mary’s           a full year to recover. When Dubois
what the team is today, a fresh-         swimming team.                             was able to swim again, it was a very
man has shown her potential to              In the previous year, Dubois            emotional time for her.
carry on the team after the seniors      placed fifth in the 100 fly at the            “Last year at Youngstown Universi-
graduate and leave the University.       Northeast Conference Champi-               ty I broke the minute mark in my 100
Courtney Griffith is a new addi-         onships on February 13, 2009.              butterfly. Even though I had broken
tion to the Mount Women’s swim              Dubois was also named Scho-             this mark before, it had been a while,”
team and has become a valuable           lastic All-American in 2007 and            stated Dubois. “I broke down in tears
asset to the scoring table.              2009 and has ranked top five in            on the pool deck, and my coach walked
   Griffith won the 200 back with        Maryland in several events while           over to me, patted me on the back and
a time of 2:16:35 and took home          in high school.                            said ‘glad to have you back.’”
first place in the 200 fly with a time      Dubois started her swimming             While conference championships
of 2:18:14 at the Randolph-Macon         career at the young age of three.          just ended in mid February, the
Yellow Jackets Invitation this year.     When one of her teachers took              Mount swimming team finished
   This freshman prodigy started         notice at her swimming capabili-           sixth out of the rest of the com-
swimming at the age of five. Her         ties, Dubois was suggested to join         peting Universities.
family is comprised of athletes in       the swim team.                                Despite some seniors not com-
particular swimming. Her talents            “I tried it, loved it, and the rest     ing back for the next year, Jean-
may have derived from her father         is history,” stated Dubois.                nie Benedetti who was named a
who was a swimmer at Universi-
ty of Nevada Las Vegas. Her sis-
ter has also inherited the swim-
ming gene since she is a swimmer
as well. Despite all, her family has
remained one of her biggest sup-
porters especially her mother.
   “For years and years she has driv-
en me to practice back and forth
countless times, taken me to my
meets, and sacrificed a huge amount
of her time for me, and never com-
plained once,” stated Griffith.
   Griffith started her swimming
career in summer league for fun.
She has lived in Westminster, Md.
her entire life and started swim-
ming all year round at McDan-
iel College for the Green Terror
Aquatic Club.
   “I fell in love with it at a very
young age,” stated Griffith. “And
then later on started taking things
more seriously.”
   Griffith was at the Green Ter-
ror Aquatic Club for six years and
swam for two years on the Carroll
County YMCA team.
   “It was a lot less serious at the
Y, which was what I needed at the


Senior year                                                                          vocation, not mine. As a second
                                                                                     semester sophomore, I changed
                                                                                     my major to English with a minor
                                                                                                                                 er, a pediatrician, a physical therapist,
                                                                                                                                 a nurse, a writer, and an astronaut (for
                                                                                                                                 a short time) led me right back to
                                                                                                                                                                              and Kindergarten. Being in a class-
                                                                                                                                                                              room at Mother Seton calls me home.
                                                                                                                                                                              I always knew what the word ‘voca-

When I grow up...                                                                    in communications. In the early
                                                                                     stages of my study of these disci-
                                                                                     plines I wanted to pursue a career
                                                                                                                                 my original goal of being a teacher. I
                                                                                                                                 guess that’s why they always say to go
                                                                                                                                 with your gut feeling.
                                                                                                                                                                              tion’ meant but never experienced it
                                                                                                                                                                              in my own life until I was in second
                                                                                                                                                                              grade for the second time, 14 years
Jackie Quillen                             say that I am satisfied with my col-      in journalism. Though journal-                 Senior year has helped me put my          later and a few feet taller. During
                                           lege experience and have no regrets.      ism is still something that inter-          goals of writing and teaching in line        my days at Mother Seton I observe

A     round this time of year conver-
      sation typically revolves around
plans for the future. During fresh-
                                           That doesn’t mean I’m ready to grad-
                                           uate and leave this wonderful place I
                                           have called home and all the people
                                                                                     ests me, my dreams of becoming
                                                                                     a teacher recently resurfaced.
                                                                                        This past Fall I finally took the
                                                                                                                                 with a career path. First semester I had
                                                                                                                                 an internship with the Career Cen-
                                                                                                                                 ter doing journalism work with the
                                                                                                                                                                              the classroom, grade students’ work,
                                                                                                                                                                              and work individually with students
                                                                                                                                                                              on written assignments and reading.
man and sophomore year people              who have made it the most incredi-        FOCUS aptitude test for help me se-         school newspaper and internship bul-         When I interact with the students I
inquire about the first-year experi-       ble experience of my life. If I could     lect what career path to pursue. The        letins. While interning at the Career        feel like I am fulfilling my purpose
ence, summer plans, and what you           I would ask for one more time of ev-      test determines potential careers suit-     Center I had the opportunity to not          in life just by answering a question or
intend to do with your major - the         erything - one more first day of class-   able for individuals based on person-       only explore the journalism field but        listening to the students read. It’s an
usual. Junior year begins the “So se-      es, one more basketball season, one       ality, work ethic, skills, academics,       also to utilize the help and resources       extremely powerful feeling that I’m
nior year is coming up…” conver-           more stressful advising week to regis-    interests, and hobbies. The test tells      available at the Career Center.              thankful to have experienced.
sation starter, and it starts getting a    ter for classes, one more move-in day,    you what kind of careers best suit             One of the last things my mother              Since I struggled with fitting vol-
little uncomfortable, but the pros-        but most of all, one more dance.          each of the five categories separately      said to me when I moved into college         unteer service into my regular sched-
pect is exciting nonetheless. Now             The Mount has trained me well          and together so I could see what kind       freshman year was, “Make sure you            ule over the years, I would like to
it’s senior year and the most com-         for the next direction I take on          of career would best suit my academ-        go to the Career Center and find out         dedicate time to service and simple-
mon conversation starter is, “So           my path of life. My journey since         ics and work ethic, or personality and      what kind of internships and jobs are        living after I graduate, before set-
you’re graduating in a few months,         freshman year has been somewhat           skills, and so on.                          available.” I always knew she was right      tling down into a more long-term
eh?” Before responding to this un-         of a rollercoaster, but every experi-        When I combined all five cate-           and that I should become acquaint-           routine of a job and family. Not
comfortable reality, I look around         ence and decision I made along the        gories to see what career best suits        ed with the Career Center through-           that I’m avoiding the job market--
for open doors and windows that I          way has led me to the right place.        my whole character, FOCUS de-               out my college years, but the name           who wouldn’t want to dive into that
can dash through. I know I’m not           Freshman year I was an elementa-          termined that I should be a scien-          “Career Center” was scary enough to          mess of unemployment and that
the only one…                              ry education major pursuing the           tific linguist. My immediate reac-          keep me away. I imagined that once           mass of job-seeking grads?
    No matter how depressing it            beginning stages of my childhood          tion was, “Huh?” However when I             I stepped into the Career Center I               The class of 2010 will still face a
is to think about, seniors have to         dreams of being a teacher.                discovered what a scientific linguist       would be a changed person forever; it        competitive and struggling job mar-
face it - our college experience is           After one semester of education        does I realized how accurate the as-        was like leaving Neverland and grow-         ket, which is why options like grad-
coming to an end in about two              courses I decided that teaching           sessment test proved to be. I would         ing up for real. Well it turns out the       uate school and volunteer service are
and a half months. It has been a           was not right for me anymore, and         need specialized training to become         Career Center is actually a lovely place     becoming more appealing to today’s
little more than a month since the         I changed my major to bio/nurs-           a scientific linguist so, for now, that     that does not make you grow up in-           seniors. I also plan to go to gradu-
semester started, and it feels like        ing. My mother motivated me to            is on the back-burner.                      stantly. I loved experiencing journal-       ate school to pursue a master’s degree
the first day of class was just last       become a nursing major because I             The majority of the results across       ism with my internship and definitely        to earn the necessary certification for
week. The next two months will             admire her for her work and the           all five categories of the assessment       feel that writing needs to be a part of      teaching. The path of my post-gradu-
only go by more quickly.                   effect she has on people’s lives. I       test indicate that teaching is in fact my   my life in some way.                         ation life is still in the making, but one
    When I reflect on the past four        wanted to change the world like           calling in life. Sixteen years of school       This semester I am interning at           thing is for sure - when I grow up, I
years of my life, I feel very blessed to   my mother has, but nursing is her         and aspirations of becoming a teach-        Mother Seton School in second grade          want to teach!

Freshman year                                                                        ply to all parts of my life, like be-
                                                                                     ing patient, and never giving up
                                                                                     when something is difficult. Sona
                                                                                     helps me with having the mindset
                                                                                                                                 plish everything I needed to do that
                                                                                                                                 night. Honestly if I didn’t have that
                                                                                                                                 time with my horse, I don’t know if I
                                                                                                                                 would have gotten it all done. I can’t
                                                                                                                                                                              getic, or about to cry, Sona knows
                                                                                                                                                                              and will act accordingly. If I’m sup-
                                                                                                                                                                              per energetic and hyper we will have
                                                                                                                                                                              the ride of a lifetime! Yet, if I’m up-
Samantha Strub                             raised by my family and all my            that I can conquer anything that I          imagine college life without her. Yes,       set she will put her head over my
                                           friends: where will you keep her?         set my mind too, and having the             she cuts into my social life a little bit,   shoulder and let me cry for as long

H      orses-beautiful,     incredi-
       ble creatures that every lit-
tle girl falls in love with. Those
                                           How much will it cost? How will
                                           you get her out there? How will
                                           you have time to take care of her
                                                                                     patience that you need to accom-
                                                                                     plish anything in life.
                                                                                        Every day when I go to the
                                                                                                                                 but I wouldn’t be the same person
                                                                                                                                 without her nearby.
                                                                                                                                    It sounds crazy that one animal
                                                                                                                                                                              as I need to. This is why my horse is
                                                                                                                                                                              sometimes my whole world and my
                                                                                                                                                                              only safe place.
crazy horse kids have every horse          and handle your social life and           barn, it’s my time--my time to re-          can do all of this, but it’s true. My           Always there, she lets me ride my
statue, are always engrossed in            classes? No one thought I would           lax and not have to deal with the           relationship with my horse is one of         troubles away whenever I wish!
horse books, and constantly beg            be able to do it. I knew I could.         class work and drama, at least for          the closest that I have, and she knows
their parents for a horse of their         I had balanced my studies, activ-         a while anyway. Every student               me better than anyone. If I’m in a           Samantha Strub is a Freshman at
own. When this phase happened              ities, work, and horse since my           finds his or her own way to have            bad mood, incredibly happy, ener-            Mt. St. Mary’s majoring in English
to me, my parents thought that I           junior year of high school. Yeah,         this time; some do sports, work
would outgrow the “horse fever”            people told me that college is a lot      out, run, play music and so on.
and move on to a different activ-          harder than high school, but I still      My way is just little bit uncon-
ity. That, however, didn’t happen-         knew that I could handle the re-          ventional. It’s an amazing feeling
I stayed completely enamored by            sponsibility. Not bringing her            to be able to put everything aside
these wondrous creatures.                  wasn’t even a choice.                     and just get up and ride. I will tell
   They were my whole world.                  I started getting answers to all       Sona everything that is going on
I stayed this way through high             the questions and came back to            and she listens and helps in her
school: even though I was in-              prove them wrong. Everything              own way.
volved in a lot of different activ-        worked out amazingly: the place,             Anytime that it all becomes too
ities, horses were always my pas-          cost, travel and so on. The only          much to handle, I go out to the
sion. The barn was the place I             thing missing was the proof that          barn. As I’m cleaning her stall,
went to when things got rough.             I could actually do it, but I had         grooming her, saddling her up,
Just being around these amazing            the right mindset. Everyone then          and finally riding; I tell her all the
animals brought me up when I               just gave up trying to talk me out        problems that I have been hav-
was down and gave me a reason to           of bringing my horse to college.          ing, who is getting on my ner-
keep going. Despite all the stress-        Basically they were like, “Well,          vous, what I’m stressed about, and
ful competitions, races, expenses,         you’re going to regret this, but          what’s been going good in my life.
and drama that came with owning            apparently you have to learn the          She helps take me away from the
a horse, I found it all worthwhile.        hard way…”                                pressing problems and focus on
In her own special way, my horse,             This may sound childish, but           something that I can control and
Sona, was always standing beside           Sona is the thing that makes me           instantly I feel better.
me, helping me go on.                      click and gets me through every              Recently, stressed with all the pa-
   When I was picking a college, it        day-good and bad. If anything             pers and tests, I went to the barn,
was a no brainer that Sona would           goes wrong, she is the one being          even though I didn’t really have the
come with me. Everyone thought             that I can always rely on to accept       time to, and ended up staying there
I was crazy to bring a horse from          me for who I am. She brings me            for two and half hours! Time just flew
Wisconsin all the way to Mary-             up when I am down, and teach-             by! That time there gave me the fo-
land. Practical questions were             es me incredible lessons that ap-         cus that I needed in order to accom-
                                                                                                             MARCH 2010 | EMMITSBURG NEWS-JOURNAL | 25

                                                                                                                     MOUNT FOUR PILLARS

Marty Qually - class of 1994
Marty Qually                           Alley, be sure to check out the ar-    Egg Farm, Hillside Turkey Farms,
Chelsea Baranoski                      ticles on Marty displayed on the       Shuff ’s Meat Market and Shriv-
                                       right-hand-side of the restaurant.     er’s Beef Farm. Smokehouse Alley

A     Mount St. Mary’s graduate
      is cooking up some delicious
barbeque on Chesapeake Avenue
                                       If you do not feel like making the
                                       trek to Smokehouse Alley during
                                       the cold, snowy winter, don’t fret.
                                                                              helps the local economy thrive
                                                                              and creates a sense of unity be-
                                                                              tween the restaurant and local
in Emmitsburg. Marty Qually,           Smokehouse Alley has a delivery        farms.
from the class of 1994, and the        service for both the local com-           Recently, Marty gave back to
son of former Mount business           munity and Mount St. Mary’s            the Mount community when he
professor Robert Karsteter, took       University. Smokehouse Alley is        provided a barbeque meal for the
over One More Tavern and trans-        a great place for someone who          Mount’s screening of the Super
formed it into Smokehouse Al-          loves homestyle barbeque at a          Bowl. Even though temperatures
ley. Smokehouse Alley may look         great price.                           were low and the roads slushy,
small on the outside, but it serves       Smokehouse Alley is not just a      Marty provided a large quanti-
up big flavor that reflects his Tex-   restaurant, it is also a bar. Smoke-   ty of food for hungry Mount stu-
an roots. “My hope was that by         house Alley serves area beers, in-     dents, including barbeque chick-
changing the menu and focusing         cluding Snake Dog IPA and Snow         en, beef brisket, pork sandwiches,
on local products, we could turn       Goose Winter Ale, both of which        chips, cole-slaw, baked beans,
a struggling business around, be-      are brewed in Frederick County.        and pickles. He worked non-
come successful, and give back         Ironically, the owner of Smoke-        stop making sandwiches for the
to the community at the same           house Alley stopped drinking           Mount’s avid football fans. Many
time,” he said.                        twelve years ago to get a better fo-   Mount students will surely start
   Smokehouse Alley is truly a         cus on his life. For Marty, refrain-   taking advantage of their proxim-       Marty Qually is truly living out one of the Mount’s four pillars: community.
small treasure in the heart of Em-     ing from alcohol allows him to         ity to such a mouth-watering bar-
mitsburg. The restaurant offers        properly prioritize his life. Marty    beque experience.                      He acknowledges that it “was               Marty Qually represents the
a great selection of barbeque -        indicates that Smokehouse Alley           Marty Qually also displays          one of the greatest experiences         value of a Mount education. He
Slow Cooked Beef Brisket BBQ,          is much more than a bar. “Being a      leadership, another one of the         of my life. I learned more about        took all that he learned at the
Smoked North Carolina BBQ              bar is just what happens after the     Mount’s four pillars. After work-      the people of Adams County and          Mount and applied it to his work
Pork, and Mesquite Smoked              sun sets, and I don’t let my not       ing eight years for the City of        about the area where I grew up          in local politics and his manage-
Pulled Chicken BBQ to name a           drinking interfere with responsi-      Frederick and serving on the Bor-      than I thought possible in one          ment of Smokehouse Alley. He
few. And let’s not forget Smoke-       ble people coming out for a good       ough Council in Gettysburg from        year.” When he ran for office,          appreciates the Emmitsburg com-
house Alley’s signature fried cat-     time,” Marty said.                     2005-2007, he ran for County           he spent 40 hours a week cam-           munity and wishes to give back
fish, attributed to his grandmoth-        Marty Qually is truly living        Commissioner of Adams Coun-            paigning and faced the challenge        as much as he can. The next time
er, Opal Karsteter. There is also      out one of the Mount’s four pil-       ty in 2007. He credits his educa-      of asking strangers to support          you find yourself shivering from
a great selection of homemade          lars: community. Qually prides         tion at Mount St. Mary’s for giv-      him. However, the most difficult        the mountain air, be sure to stop
soups, including one of my fa-         himself in using locally grown         ing him the tools needed to get        thing for Qually was not being          in Smokehouse Alley for a hearty
vorites: cream of crab soup.           products. “Supporting the local        involved in local government.          there for his son, Lucien, who          meal to warm up. Be sure to say
   Smokehouse Alley also offers a      community, by putting our mon-         “There are three things you need       was four-years-old at the time.         hello to Marty and thank him for
variety of pies and cakes for those    ey where our mouth is, defines         to serve the community, you need       Both Marty and his wife learned         his commitment to home-grown
with a sweet tooth. If you wan-        who we are. Ever since I realized      to care, listen to people, and learn   to make sacrifices for the sake of      products and the Emmitsburg
der into Smokehouse Alley, you         the importance of giving back to       as fast as you can. When you are       local politics. “My son on the          community.
will immediately notice its “down      my community, I would never            a local official you never know        other hand still won’t let me talk         Over the next year Mount Ju-
home country” vibe. When I ate         dream of running a business that       what issues you will face, so you      to people on the street,” he said.      nior Chelsea Baranoski will be
dinner there, all of the custom-       couldn’t find a way to help out its    need to be able to learn quickly.      Unfortunately, Qually lost the          showcasing local Mount grad-
ers seemed to know each other. If      neighbors. The great thing about       Mount St. Mary’s gave me these         race for County Commission-             uates who turning the Mount’s
you want to catch up with your         restaurants is that you can focus      tools, and I have no intention of      er. Nevertheless, he is a respect-      Four Pillars: faith, discovery,
neighbors, Smokehouse Alley is         your spending locally, which also      wasting them,” Marty said. The         able figure in his local commu-         leadership and community, from
a great place to dine. And if you      helps to preserve local jobs, farm-    Mount also gave Qually the love        nity. In addition to supporting         words into action in the never-
enjoy pool, you should test your       land, and a sense of community,”       of learning needed to succeed in       the local economy, Smokehouse           ending pursuit of becoming more
skills at the pool table in the cen-   Marty said.                            his local community.                   Alley supports the Vigilant Hose        fully realized human beings who
ter of the restaurant.                    Currently, Smokehouse Al-              Running for County Commis-          Company and Emmitsburg                  seek to make the world a better
   While eating at Smokehouse          ley buys products from Weikert’s       sioner was a major step for him.       Youth Sports.                           place


I’m a dad again                                                                        am? No, I said. I just got the wind
                                                                                       knocked out of me. I apparently
                                                                                       hit a rut in the driveway. I finally     Lizzy Bizzy
Cabin fever                                                                                                                     The Snowstorms
                                                                                       got to my feet and within the hour
                                          kids to clear out, daddy was go-             had the driveway all clear.
                                          ing to blow some snow. My son                   Surprisingly the kids were hang-
                                          said, “Dad you show the snow                 ing outside with me the whole time       Lizzy Ryan

C     abin Fever: A condition of in-
      creased tension, boredom,
blahs, etc... caused by living for
                                          whose boss.” You betcha.
                                             You should have seen me, I
                                          thought I was hot stuff with my
                                                                                       but kept pulling on my coat asking
                                                                                       when can we play? I said let me put
                                                                                       the blower back and we can play. A       I really liked the snowstorms that
                                                                                                                                  we had. When I first found out
some time in a confined space or an       blower. I kept the garage door               bit exhausted I got a quick drink of    about the first one I was at school. My
isolated area, especially in winter.”     down while I tried to start this             water and went back outside.            whole class was talking about it. They
   After two weekends of steady           snow eating monster. Really I was               I said, “What do you want to         were all guessing how much snow
snow, I’m beginning to think we           afraid it wasn’t going to start and          play, a snowball fight, sleigh ride,    we might get. Some people were say-
should consider moving south for          didn’t want to look foolish for not          take a walk?” No they both said         ing two feet; others were saying just
the winter. The kids are suffer-          testing the machine before the               in unison, I want you to build a        a couple of inches. I honestly didn’t
ing from a lack of outdoor exer-          snow came. With a couple puffs               snow fort with a tunnel. Crap! I        know what to believe. I listened to the
cise and their pent-up energy and         of smoke and a strange grind-                just finished moving around 4+          Weather Channel the night before,
crankiness can be contagious. It’s        ing noise we had success. Open-              feet of snow and now I have to          but the Weather Channel says a lot of
time to be creative.                      ing the door with a proud smile              dig a tunnel. Somehow I think           things that I always get so excited for,   tried to sled and build a snowman
   After three days in the house          upon my face I pushed my shoul-              I was being punished. My luck           and then it just doesn’t happen.           again, but I couldn’t. The snow was
with caged animals ready to               ders back and engaged 3rd gear               would just have it that the snow            School got out early, which is al-     still not packable. Every day that
pounce on each other I decid-             to attack the snow. I was rolling            plows pushed about 8 feet of snow       ways exciting. Once again, that            week I would go outside after school
ed it was time we get dressed and         out of the garage and hit the first          to one side of our drive way. I         was what my whole class was talk-          to see if the snow would stick. Final-
wear something other than what            big pile of snow. Smack. My kids             reached for the shovel and began        ing about; they were all saying that       ly, the snow began to stick. I spent
we slept in the night before (well,       looked at me and said “What hap-             digging. Two hours later the tun-       we would get out early. School was         an hour and a half building snow-
some of us did, anyway) and actu-         pened?” I disengaged the machine             nel was complete. The kids went         very hectic. Parents were coming in        men. I built two snowmen and one
ally brushed our hair and teeth.          turned around, tears in my eyes,             through twice and said this is bor-     and out of the school, and the teach-      snow puppy. The snowmen’s eyes,
   It was time to venture out in          slumped over gasping for air. My             ing, we are going inside. Really. I     ers were going to different classes to     mouth, and buttons were made out
the 4+ feet of snow and start dig-        son ran over standing over my ear            went into the garage, grabbed a         get kids to send home with their par-      of black-eyed susan seed heads and
ging out. Luckily my father-in-           asked “dad are you having a heart            beer, and sat in my tunnel.             ents. When I got home from school,         the nose was made out of sticks. The
law gave me a gas powered snow            attack?” A heart attack, I thought              So much for having fun outside. I    my sister told me that her classmates      dog’s face was made out of the same
blower when he retired. I told the        to myself, how old does he think I           need a vacation. Bring on spring.       were talking about the crazy storm         stuff but I used dried sedum flowers
                                                                                                                               coming, and so did my mom. That’s          for the ears.

Mom’s time out
                                                                                                                               when I really started to get excited.         Then the second snow came.
                                                                                                                                   When I woke up the next morn-             Three days of school - canceled. My
                                                                                                                               ing my mom said that all Saturday          mom worked on shoveling a trail to
                                                                                                                               activities were canceled. That meant       the goat pen and chicken house so we
Abigail Shiyer                               Is it really best for the kids? Would         tor’s to be told the same thing my club meeting was canceled too               could get out to take care of the ani-
                                          it be better if they were in a daycare           each time. Give him Tylenol to because it was snowing - a lot. Right           mals. Oscar, the goat, didn’t make too

A     s a parent, I am always ques-
      tioning what I should do about
this or what I should do about that.
                                          setting where they would be around
                                          other kids and be “socialized”. Would
                                          they be more independent and outgo-
                                                                                           control the fever, make sure he away I got out of bed and looked out
                                                                                           stays hydrated and come back if the window, and the snow was falling.
                                                                                           the fever persists.                 The ground was white and covered
                                                                                                                                                                          many trails in his pen. I’m not so sure
                                                                                                                                                                          he likes the snow as much as I do.
                                                                                                                                                                             The last day that we were off
Some are little “don’t really matter”     ing if they “got out” more and were           •	 After	 the	 first	 major	 snow	 deeply. It snowed most of the day.             school my friend, Monica, and I
decisions - like …Should I get my         around a larger variety of personalities?        storm, my daughter declared             My parents went out to shovel the      went out in the snow at my house
daughters hair cut short?, Should I       Would they have nicer clothes to wear            the she “hates winter” and re- snow while I went outside to play in            and tried one more time to go sled-
let my kids eat candy before dinner?,     and better “stuff” if we had a second            fused to go outside anymore.        it. I tried to get into the shed, but it   ding, but we just couldn’t.
Should I let my daughter wear sum-        income? Would I be a better Mom               •	 We	 have	 been	 snowed	 in	 for	 was snowed shut. After digging the               We tried on snowboards and all
mer dresses in the winter?, Should I      because my time with them would be               weeks on end and my kids are doors open, I went into the shed to               we could do is sink right into the
let my son wear girls shoes and pink      so much more precious? Would they                climbing the walls. We final- get our sled, but there were tools in            ground; then we would have trou-
sun glasses?…                             be safer on the road if we had a newer,          ly had to let them ride their front of it, so I couldn’t get to it. My         ble getting up because the snow
   Some are medium “kinda mat-            larger SUV?                                      scooters in the house.              dad quickly found a plastic lid to a       was just so deep!
ter” decisions - like… What’s the            I have even wondered if this deci-         •	 I	am	embarrassed	to	say	we	have	 bucket to sled on. When I tried to
best way to discipline my kids?,          sion was made out of selfishness. I              watched so many episodes of Dora, sled I sank right into the ground be-        Thirteen-year-old Elizabeth Ryan
Do I need to worry about letting          mean - let’s face it kids adjust to just         Kai Lan, Blue’s Clues, Special cause the snow would not pack.                  lives in Fairfield and attends St.
my kids visit with kids who may           about anything - quite well I might              Agent Oso, Mickey Mouse Club-           The next day I went outside and        Francis Xavier Elementary School.
be a bad influence?, How much             add. Am I being selfish because I                house - that I find my self singing
TV is too much?, Am I feeding             don’t want to miss anything? They                along with the theme songs…
them enough fruits and vegeta-            are only going to be this small once
bles? Do I call the doctor every                                               Based on the list above, I firmly be-
                                          - this is it - it’s not a dress rehearsal.
time one of them has a fever?...          I want to experience it all. I would lieve that had these children been in
   Then there are those big “really                                            the care of anyone else - they would
                                          go crazy if I were sitting in an office
matter” decisions - like… Should          while someone else was enjoying my   have been killed. I have saved 2 lives.
I send my daughter to all day kin-        kids at the park.                        All joking aside - I feel so lucky
dergarten the day after she turns            So - Am I being selfish? Have I   to have the opportunity to be home
5?, If so - should I send her to          made a decision that could alter my  with my children. I’m sure every
public or private school?, … or           children’s lives based on my wants   Mom wants to be the one to com-
Should I home school my kids?...          and needs? Well - I have come to the fort their children when they are not
Who should have custody of my             conclusion that the answer is a big  feeling well - but, not every Mom has
kids if something should happen           fat NO. And this winter has really   that option. And - who knows…
to my husband and I?, and the             helped prove to me that my decision  who really knows if kids are better off
list goes on - and will continue to       to stay home and care for my childrenbeing home with a parent during the
grow as my kids get older.                was a solid one. Here are the facts: day or having a “day care” arrange-
   But - one decision that we made                                             ment outside of the home. I guess I
- which I would consider one of the        •	 My	son	has	been	sick	35	out	of	 will never know if we made the right
big “really matter” decisions was for         the last 45 days. He has had decision for our family - but it sure
me to stay home with them instead             days on end that he has been was nice not having to worry about
of working outside of the home. It’s          so miserable that only his own taking off work because the kids are
funny because it was an easy decision         mother could stand him.          sick again…and it sure is great to
for us. Don’t get me wrong - we had        •	 My	 daughter	 has	 been	 sick	 know that if they are sick again to-
to get pretty creative with our financ-       about 20 of the last 45 days. morrow - I can just hold them all
es, but we felt it was worth it. I have       When she is not happy - no day… again. So - for me - Best De-
waited my whole life to have kids and         one in the house is happy.       cision ever…
be a Mom. But, even though it was          •	 I	have	collectively	wiped	noses	
an easy decision, I have come back to         about 589 times.                 To read past editions of Mom’s Time Out vis-
this one quite a bit.                      •	 We	have	made	6	trips	to	the	doc- it the Authors’ section of
                                                                                                                MARCH 2010 | EMMITSBURG NEWS-JOURNAL | 27

                                                                                                                                              STAGES OF LIFE

A teen’s view                                                               correct language.
                                                                               This month’s topic is learn-            A day in the life
                                                                            ing to deal. Since August, I have

Learn to Deal                                                               learned more about people than
                                                                            ever before. I have learned to deal
                                                                            with moving on from old friends
Kat Dart                                                                    to make new ones. I have made              Danielle Ryan
                                                                            friends with so many different

I  n the months since I moved to
   Emmitsburg, I have learned a
                                                                            types of people - kids with social
                                                                            problems, boys, girls, cheerlead-
                                                                            ers, sports players, goths, and so
                                                                                                                       S    ome may wonder what a typical
                                                                                                                            day is like in the life of a teen-
                                                                                                                       age girl. For those who are wonder-
lot about people - one of the big
things being that no one really                                             on.                                        ing, I am here to tell you all about
is what they seem to be at first.                                              In terms of moving, I have              a typical day in my life as a teenage
For example, one of my friends                                              learned to deal with finding new           student.
is about six feet tall and tends                                            places to hang out at, and learn-             Every day begins in the same way.
to wear very intimidating cloth-                                            ing about the other side. In York          I wake up to the bright light in my
ing (to me, at least). When I first   one of these people that I found      I lived in the suburbs, pretty far         room and the voice of my mom              strumental Music, and Psycholo-
saw her, I was very nervous, be-      out about how much school we          away from a real town or city.             who, for certain, has been trying to      gy. Luckily, as a junior, I was able
cause this girl was downright         were going to have off because of     Here, I am in a great neighbor-            wake me for at least fifteen minutes.     to choose almost all of these class-
scary looking! When I took the        the snow! There was so much of        hood and right next to a town              My mom has become so accustomed           es; most of them were electives,
time to talk to her, she turned       it last month, and I went sled-       that I have walked down to sev-            to this delay that she wakes me ten       so the interest factor is there for
out to be a very nice girl, who       ding a few times and took a few       eral times to go eat out or shop           minutes earlier so that I don’t have      the most part. I will say, though,
loves to draw and has strengths       hours outside to build a snow-        or visit someone.                          to explain to my homeroom teacher         that the time the class falls in
in reading and writing.               man. Shoveling was a pain; how-          Also, in Emmitsburg I have              the reason I was late that day. What      the day is crucial. For instance,
   On the other hand, I met a boy     ever my dad has a snow-blower         gotten my first job. I currently           a caring mom, right?                      if my math class falls first period
who I thought looked very nice        so our driveway was cleared a lot     write for a newspaper called the              After I roll out of bed in the typ-    on a Monday morning, I proba-
and seemed to have a very posi-       quicker than other people’s. And      Emmitsburg News-Journal, and               ical teenage fashion, I slowly slump      bly won’t be too excited or enter-
tive attitude, but then I talked to   still the snow kept falling - I got   it comes out a once a month.               to my closet to grab my uniform.          tained by the thought of endur-
him and found that he tended to       some amazing pictures of the ici-        Okay, I’m sorry for that one. I         I suppose I should consider myself        ing a math class for an hour first
look out for himself and was ob-      cles and the snow itself.             just had to put it in there.               lucky that I don’t have to pick out       thing in the morning.
noxiously competitive.                   But because of all that snow,         But seriously, there have been          an outfit each day. I have it easy be-       When the bell after fifth pe-
   I admit I do tend to group peo-    one of the school’s plays was de-     a lot of changes, and a lot of             ing in a Catholic school.                 riod rings, everybody rushes to
ple. I don’t want to talk to girls    layed. We are still going to be       them have been very life altering             After changing, I usually go to        lunch. On a good lunch day, walk-
who constantly giggle during          putting it on, but I’m guessing       and changed me in ways I never             the mirror and stare at myself for a      ing down the halls could spell dan-
class like no one can hear them,      there will be some really hard re-    thought I would change.                    couple of minutes, wondering what         ger for someone who is in the way
I dislike talking to most of the      hearsals to get everyone caught          Of course, from the very be-            I should do to my hair for the day.       of the football players. One thing
middle schoolers on the bus be-       up.                                   ginning I was excited about the            Most of the time I think of many          that has not changed, I’m sure, from
cause they act so immature, and          I love helping out in these        move, and I was probably the               different options, most of them be-       high school now and high school
most guys who act out in class        plays; it forces me to participate    person most willing to pack. I             ing very time consuming, but usu-         forty years ago: never get in the way
I avoid. What I have learned is       and talk to other students be-        know both my younger sisters               ally end up putting my hair back          of a hungry football player.
that some of these people are         cause I have a little trouble talk-   were terrified at the prospect of          in a braid or a loose bun and then           At lunch, I find my friends at
likeable; I simply have to go and     ing to people on my own accord.       moving, and my elder sister was            straightening my curly bangs and          our typical table and I sit down as I
talk to them. It’s amazing what       I’ve also gained a lot of confi-      very angry about the move, but             calling it a day.                         wait for the lunch line to go down.
you can find out about a person       dence in speaking out, which was      we all chalked it up to her being             Once my hair is done, I eat a          Lunch time is the perfect time for
in one conversation.                  very helpful in passing a Span-       a teenager.                                quick breakfast, brush my teeth and       teens to tell the stories that they
   Also, a lot of the people who      ish exam. I had to speak a whole         Well, she got over it very quick-       then apply some make-up to my             didn’t get to tell their friends in the
seem to be by themselves all the      paragraph in Spanish in front of      ly when she met a few of the girls         face just in time for my friend’s ar-     morning, or tell new stories that
time can find out some really         the class, and I managed to do it     here, and is probably one of the           rival at my house.                        may have happened in the first half
cool information - it was through     with proper pronunciation and         most popular girls in the school              As soon as we get to school, my        of the day. Either way, the lunch pe-
                                                                            by now.                                    friend and I go to our lockers and        riod in the cafeteria seems to be the
                                                                               Anyway, I have learned to deal          prepare for the day ahead of us.          most looked forward to time of the
                                                                            with many new ideas and new                When walking into school, the first       day for most teens.
                                                                            people, but I think everyone               thing you notice is the noise. High          Once lunch is over and I have
                                                                            came out for the better because            school is very loud in the morning;       heard a few new stories to hold me
                                                                            of it.                                     well, high school is very loud all the    for the rest of the day, I proceed to
                                                                               See you next month!                     time, but I suppose I notice it more      my last two classes to complete my
                                                                                                                       in the morning. Everyone likes to         school day.
                                                                            Kat Dart is a Sophomore at Catoc-          gossip about who is going out with           Ahh, the final bell at last. The
                                                                            tin High School.                           whom, or about last night’s par-          last bell rings to let everyone know
                                                                                                                       ty. I, however, am not a morning          that the day is over, and we can all
                                                                            To read other article by Kat Dart, visit   person and prefer getting my books        go home.
                                                                            the Authors’ section of     out of my locker and going straight          I usually hurry to my locker in
                                                                                                                       to homeroom without being in-             excitement, knowing that the rest
                                                                                                                       terrupted a million times with the        of the day is mine, or sort of. I
                                                                                                                       same story.                               still have after school activities and
                                                                                                                          When I’m at my locker, I have          clubs, the occasional appointment,
                                                                                                                       to figure out my schedule for the         music lessons, as well as the dread-
                                                                                                                       day. The schedule at Delone Cath-         ed homework, which I can honest-
                                                                                                                       olic is a rotating schedule, meaning      ly say is never in short supply at De-
                                                                                                                       that there are eight classes that ev-     lone Catholic.
                                                                                                                       erybody takes but there are only sev-        When my activities are over and I
                                                                                                                       en periods in a day. The schedule         have attended all after school meet-
                                                                                                                       rotates, so each day is started with      ings, I ride home with my friend and
                                                                                                                       a different class, and one class does     think of all the possibilities of things
                                                                                                                       not meet that day or is “dropped.”        that I can do at home. Then I real-
                                                                                                                          After realizing which class if have    ize that I have several hours worth
                                                                                                                       first that day, I organize my locker      of homework to do and know that
                                                                                                                       and then head to homeroom to ei-          the homework will take me most of
                                                                                                                       ther study for a test later that day or   the evening; so I sit down, do my
                                                                                                                       talk to my friends.                       homework, and think about the rest
                                                                                                                          Once the first bell rings, we          of the week, and the other terribly
                                                                                                                       all exit homeroom and go to our           monotonous days ahead of me.
                                                                                                                       first period class. The classes that
                                                                                                                       I take as a junior are Pre-calculus,      Danielle is a Junior at Delone Cath-
                                                                                                                       Biology 2, Anatomy and Physiol-           olic High School and lives with par-
                                                                                                                       ogy, English, Religion, Latin, In-        ents in Fairfield.


Bringing up Ben
                                                                                    to act more mature and take on
                                                                                    more responsibilities. We’ve told
                                                                                    this to Ben plenty of times and I
                                                                                    think it’s just getting through to
                                                                                    him that it does work. The more
Olivia Sielaff                             ten, so I can have a few quiet hours     difficult tasks he takes on and
                                           with no little brother bugging me!       the better he does them, with-

T     his month my little brother isn’t
      going to be so little anymore.
He’s not going to be a little child,
                                           Being able to go more places with-
                                           out your parents is one of the ex-
                                           citing elements of being a teen.
                                                                                    out complaining, the more he’ll
                                                                                    be able to have fun and be treated
                                                                                    like a young adult.
not even a pre-teen. He’s going to             In the past, Ben wouldn’t go any-       I’ve realized this is one of the
be a teenager - and a boy teenager         where without our mom or dad.            most stimulating parts of being a
no less. That’s a scary thought! Yes,      Now he’s getting used to going plac-     teenager, but also one of the most
this month is Ben’s birthday and he        es without them and realizing that       difficult. There’s a fine balance be-
is turning thirteen.                       it’s not as intimidating as it might     tween not acting like a kid any-
   I’m sure we can all remember when       seem. In fact, within a few years        more and trying to be an adult.
we became a teenager. For me, it felt      Ben will be driving places by him-       On one end of the spectrum, ev-
like I was “grown up” and mature.          self. But I won’t get ahead of myself.   ery new teenager wants the world
In some respects I was. I had more         Even I’m still working on my driv-       to know that they’re not ‘lit-
chores to do around the house, I was       er’s license. I, let alone my parents,   tle’ anymore, so they continue to
eager to learn new things, and my par-     don’t want to even imagine Ben tak-      strive for maturity.
ents trusted me more and with that         ing control of the road! Anyhow,            On the other end, every teen
came more responsibility. Also, just       going and doing more things by           wants to still have fun and not quite
having the title “teenager” was stimu-     himself means that Ben will have to      grow up yet. This is the predicament
lating. And I’m sure we all remember       build up our parents’ trust in him.      of being a teenager. Teens want to
the emotional side of being a teenager.    In order to do that, like any teen-      grow up, but maybe not as fast as
There’s more drama and excitement, a       ager, he’ll have to take on more re-     they think. It’s hard to find the right
roller coaster of emotions and feelings,   sponsibilities and accomplish them       balance of keeping one’s innocence
the pressure to please everyone and do     well.                                    while at the same time leaving be-
your best, and the journey of figuring         Probably some of the most            hind one’s childish ways.
out what to do with your life.             dreaded things for parents, and             Speaking of leaving behind child-
   We’ve all been through those            siblings, of new teenagers are           ish ways, when Ben becomes a teen-        somewhere. By the end of the teen        has an appetite impossible to satisfy,
stages, are going through them, or         the emotions and ‘attitude’ that         ager hopefully he’ll understand that      years, a teenager will have perfected    nor will he be able to get away with
will go through them. But I asked          come with being a teenager. You          asking our parents in a nice, mature      the art of logical persuasion to over-   as many things since he’s not a little
myself, “What does being a teen-           know the look on a parent’s face         way for something pays off much           come his or her parents’ minds. This     kid. However, during these next few
ager mean for Ben? What does it            and the way they role their eyes         better than whining does. All teen-       is something Ben will just have to       years, I hope Ben will explore all the
mean to our family?”                       when someone reminds them that           agers have this problem of always         learn as time goes on.                   possibilities for his future.
   When I asked Ben what he                their son or daughter is going to        asking for the latest innovative gad-        Now that Ben is going to be a            It’s within the teen years that
thought of being a teen, he said he        be a teenager soon. They’re brac-        gets. I’ve found myself always want-      teen, he’ll have more opportuni-         we young adults really look for
didn’t care too much. But every-           ing themselves for the meltdowns         ing to go shopping or get the latest      ties to mature and become a young        knowledge, find out who we are,
one knows how some boys are. I             and apathetic attitudes. It’s as if      thing by pleading with my parents         adult; he’ll get to have more freedom    what our interests are, and grow
think behind his nonchalant atti-          the teen has gone from the ‘terri-       or not really weighing the pros and       and fun; and he’ll have more chores      from a little kid to a responsible
tude he’s excited to be a teenager.        ble twos’ to the ‘terrible teens’. I’m   cons. I do think, however, that teens     and responsibilities. Ben won’t be       adult. But we won’t put too much
   Turning thirteen means Ben              not trying to say that every teen        are the best at persuading their par-     able to order from the kid’s menu        pressure on Ben just yet. After all,
won’t be a child anymore; on the           is like this or that it is something     ents to get something and to go           at restaurants anymore, he already       he’s only going to be thirteen.
other hand, he’s not going to be           terrible, but at some point a teens
an adult anytime soon. Being an            emotions are going to get the bet-
adolescent literally means ‘to grow        ter of him or her. I can speak from
up’, and during Ben’s teen years I         experience on that. My parents
think he will have plenty of time          and I haven’t seen too much of
to grow up and mature. In fact,            this from Ben yet, but I hope I’m
he’s already growing so fast that          ready for it.
he’s almost as tall as I am! I don’t           With Ben no longer a kid, he’ll
like that, but I knew it would hap-        have more responsibilities around
pen some day. Hopefully, Ben               the house, but also more free-
won’t get too overconfident and            dom. I don’t think Ben is look-
think that just because he’s taller        ing forward to having to do more
than me he can boss me around;             chores. But he can’t get away
although, he already does do that.         from it. One of the tricks parents
   Becoming a teenager means Ben           use, I found out, is they tell their
will be doing more fun things and          young teenagers that if they want
going more places. That means              to be treated like an adult and be
he’ll be out of the house more of-         respected as one, then they need
                                                                                                                 MARCH 2010 | EMMITSBURG NEWS-JOURNAL | 29

                                                                                                                                               STAGES OF LIFE

Losing mom
                                                                                 cause I have had to make friends       and found a beautiful card. It          that may make you feel you won’t
                                                                                 with it so many times. That is not     was not dated, however it must          make it, but you will. You will.
                                                                                 good. Not good at all I thought.       have been written at least 7 years      And your loved one will commu-
                                                                                 OK, my crazy grief is calming          ago when I felt very sick. I be-        nicate in my opinion, from be-
                                       feel you! Where are you! I can’t          down until the next wave of grief      lieve someone had died. Yes, it         yond the veil in ways you would
                                       remember the way you smelled.             smacks me with all it’s reality        was from my Mother. The words           never before imagined. May you
                                       Can’t stop this crazy kind of cry-        in the face again. There is a lull     were like they were for just to-        all have peace within your hearts
                                       ing. I feel crazy, but know it is ex-     in the angry grief, the I want to      day, here and now. The card it-         and souls as you walk the journey
                                       treme grief. I feel like I am walk-       move out of state grief, the I can’t   self said: Today I was thinking of      of losing a parent. God bless you
                                       ing in a dream. My eyes look so           stand up grief, the where is my        you I was thinking of you today         all. Dream of angels darlings!
                                       bad that I wonder if it is me in the      God and angels when I need you         and I was wishing that I could
                                       mirror! Is it me? Did I die also?         grief! I sit alone. My pets have all   just drop in and chat with you.         Love, Sandi
                                       Am I dead? The thoughts that              scattered I wail so loud, grief.       But since that isn’t possible, this
                                       go through your head with crazy              I stumble and try to hold the       little card comes to remind you
                                       grief! This too will pass.                walls as I grab on to anything that    that you are special to me and
                                          I feel dead but I remain breath-       feels upright and normal. Now          you are often in my thoughts
                                       ing. I am semi-here. “Where               the beast is calm. The lion of grief   and prayers.
                                       are you Mom I screamed! Are               is now a kitten. But for how long?        The hand written note said,
                                       you praying for me? I can’t feel          A night? A day? An hour? A sec-        Sunday night: Dearest Sandi, I
                                       it” This is being grief stricken          ond?                                   just want to help you as best I
                                       too hard. I can hardly breathe.            My Mother was so loved that the       can honey! Remember the fun-
Sandra Polvinale                       “Where are you Chris? Aren’t you          world shrieks and wails for her.       ny things Chris used to say to
                                       praying for me? Where are all the         Mourners like the Jews of old. I       you that made you laugh. Try
Part 4: The Ruby Slippers from         angels and saints in heaven when          am wiped out. I am my Moth-            to remember anything that will
the wizard of Oz?                      you need them? Did I step on              er’s only blonde she watched be-       make you laugh! I know what
                                       them?” (I thought to look under           ing born and I watched and held        you are going through is more
My insane night                        my shoe to make sure and then,            my Momma Chic be born as she           than rough. I have been down
                                       that made me laugh.) I am cried           entered Eternity. That’s not such      that road many times darling, be-

M        y Mother was dead. Not        out. SPENT. I want so much to             a bad deal. Heaven. Peace. Well,       lieve me. It takes guts and spunk
         in this world as flesh any-   go to bed.                                we’ll see each other one day, but I    and you have both! So, when you
more. I have seen the ugly face of        I am looking like a crazy per-         can’t feel you Mom. Where were         can’t take much more, and noth-
extreme grief and knew the one         son for Mom’s pictures, her video         all those prayers you promised         ing seems to work, remember to
intense day was coming where           on my camera and listening over           me? Are they on your street?           give it over to God! Talk to Him
you feel totally crazy. I have seen    again all the messages on my an-          Come here to my shack of a             and tell Him you can’t handle it,
this demon and was waiting to          swering machine just to hear her          house! I could use the angel pow-      but HE can. It really works. Re-
come face to face. And so it came.     sweet voice. “Hello darling, it’s         er! And bring your lipstick, be-       member, you’re always in my
Bring it on!                           just me, Mom. I haven’t heard             cause my lips are all chapped          prayers and I love you with all
   I felt like I was a drift at sea.   from you in a few days. Call me           from crying now. That’s it! I have     my heart! Keep up, my little one.
A song by Phil Collins “Against        back”. The thought that I couldn’t        had it! I am going to bed. I hope      Love, Mom.
all Odds” from 1984 was running        call her made this dragon of grief        and pray I can sleep. Goodnight           Yes, this was a diary of one of
through my head. You were the          crazier! I am walking to get tis-         Mom. Dream of angels darling. I        the greatest losses of anyone’s life.
only one that really knew me at        sues but my legs feel like stumps.        hurt Mom. I hurt badly. What’s         The death of a Mother. A true in-
all. I looked on line and sang the     “I am hurting all over Mom!               this more tears? I thought I ran       timate love story of just a glimpse
song as I wept out loud. Every         Where is my Mother to soothe              out of them.                           into the wounds of a grieving soul
word was Momma Chic and I. It          my wounds? Where? I want my               My Mother had enough love              is for you to see what normal grief
was late, so I emailed a friend.       Mother! She is in no pain, and            for anyone that came her way.          can be like. The intense feelings
   My dear friend, I feel like I am    now I have it all? What is this?”         A Mother in all true sense of the
having a nice little neat nervous      Not fair is the beast of grief. It        word. How Blessed I am how
breakdown right now, although          is a big fat bully of a beast, it is!     very blessed. Goodnight Mom.
nerves do not break down. I can        Not fair to a soul. Yet, what I am        Dream of angels darling.
hardly type. It is so late. My feet    feeling, I know is normal. This
feel cold from walking in slow         is why I am sharing my deepest            My Mother spoke to
motion on the kitchen floor and        pain with you. So the grief will be       me from the grave
downstairs from my bedroom.            unveiled and exposed for the nor-
I was screaming for my Mom!            mal reaction it is. Normal, yet ev-       After I came home from the fu-
Where are you? You said you could      erything seems so abnormal now.           neral, I opened my favorite de-
do more for me in heaven! I can’t         I hate this grief, yet I love it be-   votional book called God calling


World War III will be at 8 A.M. in the
Captain John Murphy,                      (1953) and had formed an alliance
USN Retired                               known as the Warsaw Pact (1955).
                                          The U.S. had launched it’s first nu-

I  was the Operations Officer at
   a Black Sea warning site at the
northern end of the Bosphorus strait
                                          clear submarine (USS Nautilus in
                                          1955). Soviet tanks crushed a revolt
                                          in Hungary (1956) and followed
in the late 1950s. We were about one      this in 1957 with an impressive set
mile from the Black Sea. About 100        of “firsts” - the first ICBM, the first
miles from the Soviet Union and 50        earth satellite (Sputnik 1), an animal
miles from Bulgaria to our west. In       in earth orbit (the dog Laika aboard
the 50’s, before satellites….             Sputnik 2) and the world’s first, nu-
   We were an outpost of U.S. mili-       clear icebreaker - the Lenin.                                John Murphy celebrating his 50th Birthday and 25th Wedding Anniversary in 1983 -
tary power. Part of a worldwide net-         Would a Soviet “Nautilus” soon be                                about 15 miles north of Murmansk/Severomorsk in the Barents Sea.
work of “listening posts” and ra-         announced? The U.S. czar of nuclear
dar sites with names such as Kami         submarines Admiral Hyman Rick-            details, but get ready. A car is coming       That was it. Follow-up CRITICs        that the intercepts were from a War-
Seya, Bremerhaven, Elmendorf and          over did not think so. He did not be-     by to take you to the station immedi-      would be issued - if and when addi-      saw Pact Air Defense site in Yugo-
Todendorf. We had teammates in            lieve that an inferior system such as     ately. Tell your wife to get packed. A     tional information was available.        slavia and had been misinterpret-
Germany, Italy, Turkey, Iran, Pak-        the Soviets’ was capable of achiev-       bus will be by for her and your daugh-        The message was clear. “Pre-          ed. “World War III was not going
istan Japan, Korea and Alaska and         ing what his American program had         ter Katie shortly. Tell them to pack for   pare for the worst” and that was         to happen at 8 AM this day.”
all were wired together by modern         done with Nautilus. He was wrong          at least a three day trip. In Asia.” It    what the worldwide U.S. strategic           Years later I was chatting with
communications systems and re-            - the Soviets launched their first nu-    was around 4 or 5 AM as I recall.          warning system was doing.                an analyst who had been present
porting methods.                          clear submarine in 1958 - the Lenin-         The car arrived within minutes             Our three ELINT and two CO-           at the NSA Watch Office this day
   By 1958 the National Security          gradskiy Komsomolets .                    and we were speeding up the west-          MINT positions were intense-             and he told me what really hap-
Agency had created a special CRIT-           Meanwhile, Soviet forces were          ern shore of the Bosphorus to our          ly listening for any indications         pened. It seems that two Yugo-
IC (Critical Intelligence) reporting      training and testing their new Cold       normal Turkish ferry boat landing          of suspicious activity. Particular-      slav soldiers were chatting via
system that was designed to place         War “toys”. At the four U.S. Black        at Sariyer. No ferries were running        ly any absence of normal activi-         radio telephone late in the eve-
a message on the desk of the Pres-        Sea warning sites at Istanbul, Sinop,     at that time of the morning and            ty which was a good indicator of         ning. Both were drunk. One mut-
ident of the United States with-          Trabzon and Samsun - we were              we commandeered a fishing boat             possible military operations. We         tered that he had been drinking
in 10 minutes of an event. Quite a        daily observing Soviet jet aircraft       to take us across the Bosphorus …          did not detect anything. The air         too much. The other responded
challenge in the days before satellite    bombing exercises, new submarine          about 2 miles to the Turkish Navy          defense sites from Bulgaria to the       something to the effect “So had
communications and high speed             and surface ship developments. You        base at Anadolu Kavak. Here, a U.S.        Crimean and over to the east to-         he. That he was going to be in big
data systems. Still we practiced hard     were ever conscious of the fact that      Navy jeep from the site was waiting        wards the Caspian appeared to be         trouble with his wife when he got
at meeting CRITIC reporting stan-         there were major Soviet jet air bases,    to take us one mile up to our site         in their normal Monday morning           home in the morning. World War
dards and by 1959 were pretty con-        ICBM test facilities, and the pow-        which was hidden behind an 11th            routine. We reported this to NSA         III will be at 8 AM tomorrow!”
fident we could do what was expect-       er of the Soviet Black Sea Fleet just     century Genoese, Crusader castle in        and then waited for any updates             The rest is history. The new NSA
ed. This tale is about one of the first   over the horizon from our little site     a highly restricted, controlled mili-      from them. 8 AM came and went            CRITIC system had a good test. I
bona fide CRITIC messages ever to         in Istanbul. Every time I heard a jet     tary zone. Any civilian wandering          and we heard nothing.                    continued on with a normal day’s
rattle the national leadership and its    roar south over the Black Sea to-         into this area would be met by Turk-          About 9 AM in Istanbul (5 PM          of work at the Black Sea entrance.
intelligence community. I believe         wards us I would wonder “Was that         ish soldiers - at gunpoint.                in Wasington D.C.) NSA sent a            Watching, photographing and report-
this incident occurred in the sum-        it? The beginning of World War III?          When I entered our four room,           follow up CRITIC saying they be-         ing on any Soviet ships transiting the
mer of 1960.                              Did we miss it?”                          Operations Building around 6 AM,           lieved the initial “intercepts from      Bosphorus or keeping an eye on the
   By the summer of 1959 when I ar-          It’s interesting how paranoid          the Supervisor of the Watch met me         a Warsaw Pact site were ‘suspect’.       Soviet military in the Black Sea.
rived in Istanbul, the “pucker factor”    you can be when you are a mere            and handed me a Top Secret CRIT-           Stay tuned -details to follow.”
between the U.S. and the USSR had         15 minutes by air from the Soviet         IC message from the National Secu-            About an hour later we received a     Editor’s Note: Captain John Mur-
reached a pretty high level. Each was     Union. You really didn’t want to          rity Agency. All it said was that they     CRITIC follow-up from NSA saying         phy now calls Gettysburg home port
trying to show the other that it had      get caught by surprise.                   had just received a CRITIC from a          we could go back to normal opera-        and will be a regular contributor to
just come up with some new super             And yet, very early on a Sunday        warning site in Europe. The site was       tions. That they had analyzed the in-    our Cold War Warrior series.
weapon that put them ahead in the         morning I had the surprise of my          reporting an intercept of communi-         tercepts that led to the initial CRIT-
Cold War arms race.                       young life. It came in the form of a      cations from an unknown Warsaw             IC and found them to be baseless.        Have your own Cold War Warriors’
   The Soviets had quelled anti com-      phone call from my Commanding             Pact unit saying that ‘World War III          The final CRITIC wrap up mes-         story? If so, send them to us at histo-
munist revolts in East Germany            Officer. All he said was “Can’t go into   will be at 8 AM this morning.”             sages from NSA went on to explain
                                                                                                                           MARCH 2010 | EMMITSBURG NEWS-JOURNAL | 31

                                                                                                                                        THE ZOOKEEPER

MANual Labor
                                                                                        blow in, completely obliterating
                                                                                        the paths I’d worked so hard to
                                                                                        clear just days before, I tried to
                                                                                        fight the despair that was settling
                                                                                        over me. Again, Wayne had to go
Layla Watkins                                 went on, the snow would be so deep        into work, but this time he would
                                              that when it was time to bring them       be gone for four days. “This is

I   am not, nor have I ever been, a real
    girly-girl. Sure, I love a spa day with
a manicure/pedicure. And yes, at times
                                              into the barn, I wouldn’t be able to
                                              open the gate to their field.
                                                 Midday on Saturday I made my
                                                                                        too much, I just can’t do this by
                                                                                        myself.” But since I really had no
                                                                                        choice, I gave myself a pep-talk
I like to get all gussied-up with my hair     way out to the barn to check on           and got to work.
and make-up just so, jewelry, heels           them and freshen their hay and wa-           The kids were easy - grilled
- dressed to kill, so to speak. Most of       ter. I had to shovel around the gate      cheese, tomato soup, and The
the time though, I’m a jeans, t-shirt,        to get out of our yard and shovel a       Disney Channel. I kept my cool
and pony-tail kind of girl who can use        little around the barn door to get in,    as a watched the snow and ice
power tools just as confidently as I can      but other than that, I was able to get    pulling the gutters off the house
use the vacuum cleaner.                       through the snow fairly easily.           and tried to not listen to news
    Case in point: Last month I was              By evening though, it was a differ-    reports of roof collapses. I filled
working on remodeling our mud-                ent matter. My knees, mangled and         jugs and bathtubs with water in
room. All day, every day, and often           arthritic to begin with and worsened      case we lost power and brought
until 2:00-3:00 a.m., I was smack in          by weeks of working in the mud-           extra loads of wood inside for
the middle of the construction. Not           room, couldn’t trudge through the         the woodstoves. Everything was
just painting and caulking, but rip-          2 ½ feet of snow that now stood be-       under control - except I had no
ping up flooring, sawing, sanding,            tween me and the barn. So this time,      idea how I was going to get to the
and finishing drywall too. For my             I had to shovel a path through the        barn to take care of the horses.
birthday, Wayne got me an orbital             yard, out the gate, and to the barn.         By Wednesday evening, it was
sander - not quite a manicure/pedi-              I fed and watered the horses,          clear that it was not going to get
cure, but it did save my hands from           then started cleaning their stalls. As    better anytime soon so I would just
being torn up more than they al-              I pulled the muck bucket towards          have to make my way through. I
ready were.                                   the door, I realized I would have to      took my shovel, which doubled as
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not               shovel another path to the manure         a walking stick, and wove my way
complaining. As hard as all the work          spreader. “Wow,” I thought. “It’s         between the biggest drifts. The gate
was, I got a great feeling of pride           times like these I wish I still boarded   out of the yard was completely bur-
and satisfaction from being able              my horses.”                               ied so instead of digging it out, I
to do things that were a challenge.              Sunday morning was beautiful.          scaled the fence.
Though I must say, if I never see an-         It was time to get the horses out,           As I approached the barn, my
other bucket of drywall mud, it will          which meant I now had to shovel a         heart sank. There was a 6-7 foot
be too soon. I have a whole new re-           path from the barn to their field and     snow drift up against the door. By
spect for drywall professionals - dry-        dig out the gate enough to get them       the time I shoveled through enough
wall work is truly an art.                    in and out. “You guys better appre-       of the drift for me to get to and open
    At any rate, once my “man’s work”         ciate all this shoveling I’m doing for    the door, it had been over an hour
was done on the mudroom, it was               you,” I told them. I don’t know if        since I’d left the house. It is normal-
time for my “woman’s work” on the             they did, but the incredible beauty       ly about a one-minute walk.
rest of the house - cleaning up all           of them running through the snow             Over the next few days, I shov-
the construction mess and washing             under sunny, crystal blue skies made      eled new paths to the barn, to the
drywall dust and sawdust off of ev-           me briefly forget my exhaustion.          horses’ field, and to the manure
ery single surface imaginable. I had             Wayne had come home Saturday           spreader. I shoveled out around
just gotten started on the clean-up           night but went back into work Sun-        the gates. I shoveled out my car.
the morning my farrier (horse-sho-            day morning. When he got home             And then finally, when Wayne
er) came for our appointment.                 Sunday afternoon, I unleashed my          got home on Friday, I gave HIM
    “Hey Darren, have you got a min-          tales of snow-woe. “My knees are          the shovel. This time, I really was
ute to help me load some drywall?             shot, my hands are raw, and my            done. After all, it’s called MANual
I’ve got a few extra sheets I need to         back is killing me. I can’t do any        labor for a reason.
return.”                                      more - I’m done.”
    “Sure, have you got a tarp?”                                                        To read other articles by Layal Wat-
    “Yeah, why? Are we supposed to            Here We Go Again                          kins, visit the Authors’ section of Em-
get some bad weather?”                        As I watched the second wave    
    “You haven’t heard? Snow is mov-
ing in this afternoon - we’re sup-
posed to get quite a bit.”
    “Really? I’ve been so wrapped up
working on the mudroom, I haven’t
watched any TV or seen the weath-
er. How much is ‘quite a bit?’ “

The First Wave
Wayne went to work Friday morn-
ing before the snow started, and be-
cause he had to help plow there, he
would not return until late Saturday
night - I was on my own. Shovel at
the ready, I prepared for my return
to doing “man’s work.”
   At first it was really pretty - snow
covering the trees, making every-
thing look fresh and clean, very pic-
turesque. The kids were having the
time of their lives playing in it too.
They built snow castles, slid down
their snow covered slide, and when
it was too deep for them to walk
through it, they “swam” in it.
The horses were not so happy about
being kept in their stalls. I had
brought them in Friday night but
didn’t turn them back out Saturday
morning because I knew as the day


February flashback                                                                                                though he was able to get the
                                                                                                                  truck out of the drive and the
                                                                                                                  few yards to the main road, he
                                                                                                                  was not going to be able to get
                                                                                                                                                       to herald a good omen.
                                                                                                                                                          Symbols are important, but
                                                                                                                                                       sometimes life needs some liter-
                                                                                                                                                       al wonders as well. The day af-
Katherine Au                           just after the world was snowless     the storm and try to keep ahead      back into the roadway to my          ter the snow stopped, I looked
                                       again, another storm was pre-         of the shoveling process. We         house. Luckily, however, he got      up from my barn chores and

M        arch is usually the month
         when I start to think about
spring. Somehow the name
                                       dicted to hit, and this one was
                                       rumored to be worse than the
                                       first. And yet, hearing people
                                                                             knew we needed to keep a path
                                                                             to the shed beside the cottage
                                                                             and to keep its doorway open
                                                                                                                  to the new place and informed
                                                                                                                  Mom and me that it had pow-
                                                                                                                  er. So, with two dogs and sleep-
                                                                                                                                                       here came the biggest caterpil-
                                                                                                                                                       lar tractor I had ever seen open-
                                                                                                                                                       ing up the road; then two men
says it all to me, spring march-       talk about thirty inches or so of     since that was where the gener-      ing bags, we abandoned the old       who were asking for work shov-
ing onto the set and starting to       snow still didn’t prepare me for      ator was located, and I needed       and tromped off to the new. Of       eling driveways showed up at
turn the landscape green once          what thirty inches actually was.      to keep the pathway open to the      course, I had to be dropped off      the door of the new place. They
again, the cold marching away          I did, however, prepare as best I     manure spreader. Dad and I be-       at the roadway’s entrance the        got more work than they had
and warmth beginning to sweep          could--I had extra gallons of wa-     came very good friends with our      next morning so I could walk in      planned! Using Dad’s pickup
across the atmosphere, spring          ter, extra food, and gasoline can-    shovels.                             to feed the horses, but at least     truck as well as their own, they
flowers beginning to creep up          isters full for the generator. So I      Saturday morning brought          my walk was only less than five      moved the big furniture pieces
through the earth to bring the         was ready to “hunker down” and        the dawn of a new day, but we        minutes. A neighbor had to           and the heavy boxes and moved
first signs of vibrant color after     let Mother Nature do her worst-       had lost power and more snow         walk in to the end of the road to    me out just two hours ahead of
so long of barely any shade be-        -right? Well, not quite. I was        was forecast to fall. There was      feed his horses, and it took him     the next storm which began on
yond grey or brown. But, this          also scheduled to move in the         nowhere to turn out the horses,      three hours just to get in.          Tuesday afternoon.
winter has been different for me,      middle of it all!                     so stalls were done with horses         So did I ever get moved? Yes,        Winter may not yet be over,
for now I can still barely think          My parents had come up the         in the crossties. Then as soon       indeed I did! Life, I’ve discov-     but the digging out from the
of spring even though March is         week prior for a performance in       as the barn was done, the pro-       ered, is full of wonders. Won-       “great blizzard of 2010” has been
just around the corner. I know         D.C., and hearing all my “life        cess of digging out the truck be-    ders come in all shapes and siz-     accomplished. The “blizzard”
it will come whether I anticipate      blizzard” news, they decided to       gan with my dad. Dad had got-        es. Some of them are symbolic;       of my life has calmed down as
it or am prepared for it; one of       stay around for a while since it      ten a jump start on it all while I   some of them are literal. On the     well. I now have only one job
the beauties of the seasons is         seemed clear that a little bit of     was doing the barn, but as soon      symbolic side, shortly after the     and am getting settled in a new
their coming and going without         help might be in order. (May-         as it was clear that the snow had    snow had stopped, my father          home where I feel comfortable
our permission or direction. It’s      be they just wanted to see if I       stopped falling, we both hit it      and I were shoveling a pathway       and secure.
just that this winter has shown        could actually pull it all off in     with a vengeance. If Dad could       for the truck to leave, and my fa-      As Emily Dickinson puts it:
me new depths of what winter           the midst of the biggest project-     get the truck out to the main        ther noticed that there was blue     We “meet the Road--erect--. . .
can be, for even now, as I write       ed blizzard in memory!) Since I       road, then maybe he could get        sky peeping through the clouds.      And Life steps almost straight.”
this I still barely see any earth      had decided to move and leave         to my other house and maybe it       It was such a wonderful sight,       I’m ready to be surprised by
exposed at all, even brown or          my horse job, they figured they       still had power.                     and as we were talking about         spring!
grey; rather, all the color I see      could at least help with the pack-       We were able to dig the truck     how Native Americans must
on the landscape around me is          ing since I was planning to work      out late on Saturday, and Dad        have thought it a great sign to      To read other articles by Kather-
white save for the bits of paved       not just one job but two straight     was able to get out to the main      see blue sky after such a snow,      ine Au visit the Authors’ section of
blacktop carved out of the snow        through the move.                     road. It became quite evident        we saw a bald eagle flying over-
to allow life to be mobile again.         In the span of days just before    though, quite quickly, that al-      head. That event truly seemed
So, for this March I’m hoping          the blizzard hit, I had accept-
spring leaps into our lives full of    ed the new job offer, given no-
surprise, for even now the cold,       tice to my full-time job, found
bleary days hold sway to winter.       another place to live and signed
   It’s not a yearly occurrence to     the lease, and given notice to my
have a blizzard every winter, let      other job and current landlord.
alone two, but this winter clear-      My move date was set for the
ly has not been normal, and nei-       Monday after the blizzard was
ther has my life, as a matter of       set to hit on the previous Friday.
fact. I started February working       I’m nothing if not interesting
two jobs, living in a small cot-       with my timing. Life happens
tage on a horse farm where one         quickly, I’ve learned, change
of my jobs was located, nursing        even more quickly sometimes,
a hand that had been bitten by         and I’ve learned to roll with the
a horse--and then absorbing the        flow or else get washed away.
life change of a new job offer.           I literally started moving the
How does a new job offer re-           morning the blizzard started lat-
late to a blizzard? Well, the old      er in the day. I still had one hand
saying, when it rains it pours…        in a brace from the horse bite, so
snow is just winter’s way of rain-     although it was protected it was
ing, and all the major transi-         a bit precarious carrying boxes
tions of my winter into spring         and bags, but I had some time
came right around our second           between feeding the horses and
blizzard of the winter. I was just     when I needed to be at work, so
about to encounter both the            my dad and I used the time to
fury of an additional actual bliz-     take over a couple of loads to the
zard as well as a life blizzard.       new place. (Thankfully, the dis-
I had already been through one         tance from one place to the oth-             When the right forces combine, you get solutions as
blizzard on the farm and only re-      er was less than two miles.) My
cently had just seen all the fields    dad continued to take over loads
                                                                                    brilliant as the sun, as powerful as the wind and as
with no snow. I had already            of bags and light boxes through-             reliable as the stars.
helped dig out the gates, beaten       out the day until it became clear
down paths with the horses, un-        the roads were getting too bad to
frozen locks on gates as well as       travel safely. At that point, Dad,           Innovation in how we produce, use and manage energy. Investment in renewable
water in water buckets, and now,       Mom, and I prepared to ride out
                                                                                    energy technologies. Development of new nuclear sources.

                                                                                    Responsible solutions for our economy. For our environment. For our future.

                                                                                                             MARCH 2010 | EMMITSBURG NEWS-JOURNAL | 33

                                                                                                                    ARTIST OF THE MONTH

Imagination station instructor
Bert Danielson, in focus
Christine B. Little                    self doesn’t have to be expensive
Adams County Arts Council              either. “My whole discussion of
                                       printing is aimed toward print-

I  n 2006 the Adams County
   Arts Council established an
arts-education center called the
                                       ers that the average person might
                                       have in their home,” he says.
                                          Unlike Danielson’s other Imag-
Imagination Station. Since then        ination Station classes, which fo-
the IS, as we’ve come to call it,      cus primarily on photographic
has been growing steadily, and         technique, this class will address
we’ve been able to offer an ex-        working with and enhancing
citing variety of art classes and      digital photographs on the com-
camps to a growing number of           puter and at the printer. “You
area adults and children. The re-      should be comfortable with tak-
sults are a joy to see.                ing photographs that you want
   Most of our classes - though        to enhance and print,” Daniel-
not all - are aimed at beginners,      son says. “You should know how
those who haven’t had much art         to use your camera, and hopeful-
training but are intrigued by the      ly be pretty comfortable with the
idea of trying their hand at paint-    use of your computer.”
ing, pottery, dance, mosaics, jew-        Danielson recently opened his
elry making, and the like. Some        own photography studio and ex-
of our students have gone on to        hibition space in Gettysburg.
become quite accomplished - a          Located in the historic Sewing
couple have even mounted ex-           Factory building at 26 West 4th
hibits of their own work in the        Street in Gettysburg, the space -
community and beyond.                  called Gunnar Galleries - has al-
   It’s been exciting to see the       ready proven popular with art-
Imagination Station grow. I hope       ists and the public. “I originally
you’ll check us out as we share in     opened the studio to provide a                                           Imagination Station instructor Bert Danielson
the work of the Adams County           comfortable environment for my
Arts Council, seeking to cultivate     portrait photography and fram-
an arts-rich community.                ing work,” Danielson says. “I         Other upcoming classes at the          by spreading color across a blank       beautiful container garden us-
                                       combined it with a gallery be-        Imagination Station                    canvas!                                 ing reeds, stems, leaves, branch-
Imagination Station instructor         cause I wanted there to be an-                                                  Michele Quattrocchi will             es and more.
Bert Danielson, in focus               other place for artists to display    In addition to Danielson’s class,      teach a one-afternoon workshop,            Stay tuned for more infor-
                                       their work in Gettysburg.”            area art instructors will offer sev-   “Intermediate Art-Clay Silver,”         mation about upcoming class-
One of our favorite instructors,          Gunnar Galleries has been          eral other classes at the Imagina-     on Saturday, April 10, from 1:00        es at the Imagination Station.
Gettysburg photographer and            open just four months, but Dan-       tion Station in coming weeks.          to 4:00 P.M. In this class, you’ll      We’re putting together our sum-
newly established gallery own-         ielson reports that the gallery has   Marti Yeager will teach “Begin-        learn to wrap a beautiful dichro-       mer schedule now, which will
er Bert Danielson, will teach an-      been well attended at Gettys-         ning Oil Painting” on Wednes-          ic-glass cabochon with art-clay         include our popular half-day
other installment of his popu-         burg’s First Friday openings, as      day afternoons in April, from          silver to make a one-of-a-kind          art camps for children, as well
lar digital photography series in      well as throughout the month.         3:00 to 5:00 p.m. This is a great      pendant. This class is best suit-       as a fresh crop of art classes for
April. “Digital Photography: In-       “It’s just phenomenal,” he says       class for those who’ve been want-      ed for those who’ve worked with         adults. In the meantime, you
troduction to Photoshop Ele-           of the community’s embrace of         ing to dabble in oils but aren’t       art-clay silver before.                 can get more information and a
ments,” will run Thursday eve-         his gallery. “I love to see this      sure how to get started. Yeager           And Ann Ruppert will teach           complete schedule of Imagina-
nings, April 15 through May 6,         space used for a lot of different     will discuss the materials you’ll      another one-day workshop,               tion Station classes by calling the
from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. in the          reasons.” For information about       need and how to use them, as           “Creating Natural Container             Adams County Arts Council at
Imagination Station classroom,         upcoming exhibits and hours           well as the basics of composition      Gardens,” on Saturday, April 24         (717) 334-5006, emailing aa@
which is located at 18 Carlisle        at Gunnar Galleries, call (717)       and color. What a fun way to           from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. In this, or visiting www.
Street, Gettysburg, just across        334-2485.                             celebrate the newness of spring,       class you’ll create a simple and
from the Majestic Theater.
   In his class Bert will teach the
basics of digital photo manipu-
lation and enhancement using
Adobe’s Photoshop Elements
software. You’ll learn how to im-
prove the quality of your digi-
tal photographic prints, as well
as how to alter them for artistic
expression. “Basically, the objec-
tive of the class is to learn how to
do adjustments to photographs
in order to create better print-
ed images,” Danielson explains.
“Secondly, it’s to learn how to
print out a really good picture,
in other words, how to control
your printer for improved pic-
   Danielson emphasizes that en-
hancing and printing your own
digital photos doesn’t have to be
expensive. “Photoshop Elements
is an affordable package for most
people,” he says. “Depending on
where you buy it, it can be be-
tween $70 and $90.” Daniel-
son adds that photo printing it-


The five elements of Yin                                                                                                                                                         port your Kidneys (think about
                                                                                                                                                                                 how kidney beans look like a Kid-
                                                                                                                                                                                 ney) and Bladder.

The water element, part 2
                                                                                                                                                                              8. Drink appropriate amounts of
                                                                                                                                       This is a great example of using          water. This keeps you hydrat-
                                                                                                                                       your resources wisely.                    ed and allows for you to move
                                                                                                                                  2.   Exercise wisely (do energy build-         smoothly (body/mind/spirit).
Renee Lehman                               ered to be an extension of the mar-         and fear about “what is out there” in           ing exercises like yoga, qi gong,      . void
                                                                                                                                                                              9 A too many stimulants or de-
                                           row material), teeth, and of course         the dark or “what could be lurking”             and tai chi), versus performing           hydrating drinks. These can affect

L    ast month I began a series of ar-
     ticles on the Five Elements, the
cyclical pattern of expression in na-
                                           the bones of your skeleton. The ex-
                                           ternal manifestation of the Water ele-
                                           ment is the head hair.
                                                                                       at the deepest depths of the ocean?
                                                                                       Since the Water element deals with
                                                                                       the your innate resources and how
                                                                                                                                       exercises that use up a lot of your
                                                                                                                                       energy and run your “batteries”
                                                                                                                                                                                 your mood in a negative way.

                                                                                                                                                                             To do this, you may need a profes-
ture, as observed by the ancient Chi-         Consider how the endocrine sys-          wisely you use them, your potential,       3.   Take time to meditate or have         sional to work with you (a physician,
nese. These Elements or energies are       tem oversees growth, sexual matu-           and your ability for self - assurance,          time for quiet contemplation.         nutritionist, acupuncturist, person-
felt to be the prime energetic build-      rity, and fertility through the release     can you see how having a healthy                This will help keep you from          al trainer, massage therapist, coun-
ing blocks from which everything           of hormones. The endocrine system           level of fear can facilitate your think-        depleting your resources.             selor, spiritual director, or other well-
in the material world is composed,         is regulated by the pituitary gland         ing and preparing for the future and       4.   Support and strengthen the low        ness professionals).
and were never seen as five “distinct      and the hypothalamus, all within            your ability to be resilient no matter          back (with activities such as: qi        Until then, keep observing
things”. So, every living thing and ev-    the brain. The endocrine system also        what happens?                                   gong, tai chi, postural exercises,    your movement through Win-
ery person is a unique embodiment          works with the autonomic nervous               Can you see how chronic fear and             and abdominal exercises). This        ter, and how well your Water Ele-
and combination of these Five Ele-         system. This system works automati-         nervousness has the ability to “freeze”         will help you when you have to        ment is balanced. And remember:
ments. The Five Elements are Water,        cally (autonomously), without a per-        or “paralyze” someone? It may even              shovel snow!                          It is tempting to say that the ‘Wa-
Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal.              son’s conscious effort, and regulates       become difficult for them to take a        5.   Observe and access your deeper        ter is this or that’, or declare ‘I am
   Remember that each Element de-          certain body processes, such as blood       “step forward” (both figuratively and           rhythm (circadian). How much          only Water’, but this is NOT how
scribes a particular movement and          pressure, digestion, and the rate of        literally). A person’s mind may even            rest do you need to feel alive and    the Elements are meant to be de-
the particular qualities which belong      breathing. It is divided into two dif-      become “stuck and fixed”, and result            awake?                                scribed. There are aspects of the
to a specific state of the changing en-    ferent divisions: the Sympathetic           in them feeling overwhelmed or be-         6.   Liberate yourself from chron-         Water Element that resonate for
ergy seen in the universe. Together,       (generally prepares us for stressful sit-   ing unable to contain their thoughts.           ic fear. Think about abundance        each individual, and it should!
the Five Elements help us to under-        uations, like “fight - or - flight”); and   A person experiencing fear may also             instead of scarcity.
stand the process of dynamic harmo-        the Parasympathetic (generally con-         act in an opposite way, babbling un-       7.   Eat foods that come from saltwa-      Renee Lehman is a licensed acupunc-
ny and balance in the whole system         trols body process during ordinary          controllably. Here again you can see            ter (fish, seaweeds); seeds; salty-   turist, physical therapist, and Reiki
of energy. Therefore, when it comes        situations). This is all controlled by      the analogies to water, whether it is           flavored foods (if you don’t have     Master with over 20 years of health
to our health, if all Five Elements are    the Water Element, and governed by          “frozen” or “flowing out of control”.           blood pressure problems); and         care experience. Her office is located at
in balance within us, then we are at a     the Kidneys and Bladder.                    Finally, think about someone who                dark colored foods (red/black         249B York Street in Gettysburg, PA.
state of optimal health/wellness.             A well balanced Water Element            may be “fearless” and participate in            beans). These types of foods sup-     She can be reached at 717-752-5728.
   So, as you read this article on the     will show as: good and strong teeth,        very dangerous sports and activities.
Water Element, keep in mind that           strong and supple bones, a strong           Maybe this person is trying to gen-
you are reading only about one part        and flexible spine, freely moving pel-      erate and adrenaline rush to “stimu-
of a much bigger picture!                  vic girdle area (hips, too), strong re-     late” themselves.
                                           productive system (fertility), appro-
Review of Part 1                           priate sexual activity, appropriate         Color, Direction, Climate, and
How would you characterize or de-          growth and maturation of children,          Taste Correspondences
fine water? Think about how it can         an alive and curious mind, good             The color correspondence of the Wa-
hold any shape, and yet cannot be          long term memory, ability to think          ter element is blue (dark blue). The
grasped and held tightly in its liq-       keenly and concentrate well, mental-        ocean is a beautiful hue of blue (and
uid state. Haven’t you ever witnessed      ly strong, ability to still your mind,      think about the darkness as you dive
how water will find a way around           a full head of hair, and appropriate        deeper into the ocean). The direc-
anything and seek out the lowest           graying of hair.                            tion of the Water element is north.
point?                                        Below is a list of questions that I      This makes sense, since you probably
   The season that the Water Ele-          would like you to ask yourself. Think       think of colder climates (climate cor-
ment is related to is Winter. Win-         about what shows up for you when            respondence) being located farther
ter is nature’s “resting season”. Some     you answer each question. You may           north than south. The taste associ-
aspects of nature may look dead (at        need to “nourish” your Water Ele-           ated with the Water element is salty,
least you may think that); however,        ment to bring it into better balance.       and is pretty straightforward. Think
nature is actually storing its poten-                                                  about the foods that come from the
tial deep in the earth and the roots       1. Do you have osteopenia, osteo-           ocean (seaweed, fish, etc.), and that
of vegetation. The gifts that Winter          porosis, or other bony problems?         our blood and body fluids are made
gives us include the strength of re-       2. Do you have chronic back pain            up of a saline solution (0.9% sodium
serves (storage) and endurance (just          or sciatica?                             chloride (salt water) solution).
remember about the hibernating an-         3. Do you have infertility or erectile         Below is a list of questions that I
imals), wisdom, stillness, deep listen-       dysfunction?                             would like you to ask yourself. Think
ing (the “quietness” of winter allows      4. Do you have dull or inflexible           about what shows up for you when
us to listen), reflection, strength, a        thinking?                                you answer each question.
solid foundation, and reassurance          5. Do you have premature graying
(Spring will come again!).                    or excessive loss of head hair?           1. How well do you like dark blue
   Along with being associated with                                                        or black clothes, etc?
the season of Winter, the Water El-        Sound and Emotion                            2. Do you love to go to the beach for
ement has other associations. In the       Correspondences                                 your vacations (getting into the
first part of the Water Element arti-      The sound that corresponds with                 water or listening to the ocean)?
cle, the associations of a Yin and Yang    the Water element is groaning. This             Think about the rhythm of the
Organ (the Kidneys and Bladder, re-        may not be so obvious, until you                waves coming in and out.
spectively) were discussed. In this ar-    think about the quality of the season        3. What do you think of cold weath-
ticle the following associations will be   of Winter. Winter has the tendency              er? How does cold weather make
discussed: a body tissue (Bones), an       to lack a variation from day to day.            you feel? Does it make you stiff
external manifestation (Head hair),        There appears to be very little sign            (mentally and physically)?
a sound in the voice (Groaning), an        of life, and look how water tends to         4. Do you ever crave salty foods?
emotion (Fear), a color (Blue), a di-      freeze (and has no movement). Day
rection (North), a climate (Cold),         after day can go by with little to no       Nourishing your Water Element
and a taste (Salty).                       variation; and this is where we can
                                           hear the monotonous and unchang-            So, if you are interested in nourish-
Body Tissue and External Mani-             ing groan in someone’s voice.               ing and keeping your Water Element
festation Correspondences                     The emotion that is associat-            in balance, try some of the following
The body tissue associated with            ed with the Water element is fear.          things:
the Water element are the bones.           Think about the darkness of Winter
“Bones” include the bone marrow,           and the depths of the ocean. Don’t           1. Balance the amount of activi-
the spinal cord and brain (consid-         you experience a level of uncertainty           ty and rest (work, rest, & play).
                                                                                                                           MARCH 2010 | EMMITSBURG NEWS-JOURNAL | 35

                                                                                                                                                       IN THE COUNTRY

How to meet people                                                                                                                son is about. Is it all about Him? Does
                                                                                                                                  She have some of the same interests in
                                                                                                                                  common? Do we feel at ease around
                                                                                                                                  this person, or must we watch what
                                                                                                                                                                               Dog obedience classes are no longer
                                                                                                                                                                               difficult to find. Your veterinarian or
                                                                                                                                                                               local animal shelter may offer them or
                                                                                                                                                                               be aware of who does. This will pro-
                                                                                                                                  we say? Is this person too competi-          vide socialization for both you and
Lynn Holt                                  up the road at 1pm; would I like to         ple in for a game of bridge. Now, it       tive, too helpful, or just too available?    your dog. The class setting provides
                                           play? I automatically asked if he want-     is much more casual with backyard          Is this person desperate for company?        discipline and some peer pressure. It is

I  t was so simple to meet people
   and make friends as a child living
in the country. Because the popula-
                                           ed me to pick him up. He laughed
                                           and said in a deeper voice, no, I am
                                           driving now. I was not forgotten and
                                                                                       BBQs, foursomes of golf and tennis,
                                                                                       dining out, and going to the movies
                                                                                       with other couples. All of these so-
                                                                                                                                  Will this be a conversation or will I be
                                                                                                                                  attending a lecture on some obscure
                                                                                                                                                                               no fun having the worst dog in class,
                                                                                                                                                                               so go home and practice and come
                                                                                                                                                                               back to impress everyone. So, here is
tion was spread out, there were not        neither were my efforts.                    cial activities can come to a halt when        Because I grew up In The Coun-           your chance to meet people who seek
many choices. If you wanted a play-           My equestrian endeavors were a dif-      you no longer have a partner. Divorce      try I am content to do things on my          the same thing that you do. You get
mate, then the kid, boy or girl, down      ferent story. I had to trailer my horse     often causes people to choose sides.       own. My horses and riding can take           out once a week, spend a few minutes
the road was it. Was this the begin-       to a completely different area. I com-      There was once a stigma attached to a      up much of my time. I love to cross          a day with your dog, and meet people
ning of tolerance? I doubt it; tolerance   peted there, fox hunted, and made           divorced woman. She was a threat to        country ski and this is the winter for it!   with common interests.
may be something that happens in re-       more friends and acquaintances. I re-       married women, and this divorcee had       I like to read, solve the Sunday cross-         I do not have answers, but I certain-
verse as we age.                           member how awkward I felt on the            difficulties making new friends. The       word, and bake bread in the winter.          ly do have lots of questions. And my
   We do become more selective. In         rare occasion that someone from my          divorced man was a threat to wom-          I guess I have maintained, and also          question is how to meet people given
school, we have a choice of people.        local community would meet some-            en also. He might have too much free       gravitated toward, solitary pastimes.        what I have described in this column.
Who will we sit next to, with whom         one from my other world.                    time and want your husband to join             Perhaps the answer is to find a new      I can offer suggestions or tell of my ex-
shall we sit at lunch, and to whom            It was not complicated. I believe        him.                                       activity, something for which to be          periences. And oh yes, I tried the dat-
shall we tell our secrets? And if you      that the activities drew us together.          A lot of this has changed. Divorce is   enthusiastic. I can remember a wom-          ing websites and no, they are not for
should fall on the playground, who         That, and whoever had their parents’        commonplace and often repeated sev-        an friend taking an auto mechanics           me. Maybe that is an experience I will
will join the pack to laugh and who        car. Then I became a young adult            eral times. The problem still remains      course because she wanted to meet            share with you some time.
will stand by you?                         and then a young family; the con-           that, when you were married, you           men. I think most classes have more             It is important not to feel isolated.
The feeling of community has less-         stant business of life takes hold. It was   had your married friends. Now you          of a unisex appeal. You will find both       We were given tools in our childhood
ened with each decade. It used to be       meeting the parents of other children,      are alone; how do you meet people?         genders in cooking, yoga, martial arts,      in order to meet people. Activities that
that school, church, and activities        being with people at work all day, and      Everyone is so rushed with work, kids,     and creative writing courses. Some-          involve community, school, sports,
would interweave you with the rest         trying to get out and do something on       commuting, maintaining a house-            thing to remember; interested people         and work are still available. The thing
of the local population. Dating a boy      weekends. I think many of us rushed         hold, and family. Often, people do         make for interesting friends. Perhaps        we want most is human contact. We
from another high school was taboo         through this time period and did not        not have time for a new friend.            the desire to learn to play the cello is     will make many more acquaintances
where I went to school. Like the herd      have the backyard fence conversa-              I once read where you find some-        not productive in meeting people.            than we will actual friends. Try not
mentality, we do not readily accept        tions.                                      one is often where you will lose them.     Lessons and practice are more of a sol-      to become too dependent on just one
outsiders. They are kept out or driven        I have always lived in the country,      A good example of this is going to a       itary activity.                              person. As in all things of life, we need
off so not to introduce disease or oth-    so not having neighbors close by was        bar. Unless you are an alcoholic and           Dogs provide a great way to meet         balance. I think we had the idea that
er ideas to the herd.                      not something I missed. I did find          seeking out the same, why would you        people. Parks are full of dog walkers.       as life went on, life would get easier. It
   In those days, I did not have to        that being a stay at home mom was           go somewhere that is not a good ven-       This can be a wonderful social pastime       doesn’t.
work at networking. I attended the         more of an isolation. Most were work-       ue for meeting someone? Having             for you as well as your dog. Unusual
same school district, went to the same     ing mothers, and some of my friends         something in common is key. There          breeds seem to claim more attention.         To read other articles by Lynn Holt, visit
church, played sports, and fox hunted.     never had children. I mostly met            are many singles clubs for golf, boat-     Well-behaved dogs are admired by all.        the Authors’ section of
Each activity brought new people into      people through horse activities, club       ing, and other activities. Why not
my ever growing world. Not everyone        meetings and of course, the fox hunt-       make a friend or meet a special some-
at church was from the same school         ing, and the occasional neighbor who        one who wants to spend time doing
district. As I traveled with the girls’    had a horse and actually rode it.           the things you like?
basketball team, each year I would see        When you are married, you have              If we are not too self-absorbed,
the now familiar faces of the girls from   married friends. My parents had peo-        then we will see what the other per-
the other school teams. Different peo-
ple enter your lives by the different
things that you do.
   I loved to ice skate, and we got a
hockey game going on a pond up the
road. Before we knew it, we had more
than enough for each team. I used to
collect everyone in my mother’s sta-
tion wagon. Even after I went away to
college, I was not forgotten. Over the
winter break I got a call from a boy
saying there was an ice hockey game


The night sky of March
Dr. Wayne Wooten                       South of Cassiopeia is Androm-
                                       eda’s hero, Perseus. Between him

F    or March 2010, the Moon
     will be a waning gibbous as
the month begins; the Lenten
                                       and Cassiopeia is the fine Dou-
                                       ble Cluster, faintly visible with the
                                       naked eye and two fine binocu-
Full Moon was on February 28th.        lar objects in the same field. Per-
The waning gibbous moon pass-          seus contains the famed eclipsing
es just 5 degrees south of Saturn      binary star Algol, where the Ar-
on March 2nd. Last quarter moon        abs imagined the eye of the gor-
sits high in the sky and half-lit at   gon Medusa would lie. It fades to
sunrise on March 7th. We spring        a third its normal brightness for
forward to Daylight Savings Time       six out of every 70 hours, as a larg-
on Sunday, March 14th.                 er but cooler orange giant covers
   The new moon falls on March         about 80% of the smaller but hot-
15th. The waxing crescent moon         ter and thus brighter companion
lies just below and to the right of    as seen from Earth.
Venus in twilight on March 16th,          At Perseus’ feet for the famed Ple-
and will be just above Venus on        iades cluster; they lie about 400
March 17th. The Vernal Equinox         light years distant, and over 250
occurs at 12:33 PM on March            stars are members of this fine group.
20th. The first quarter moon is        East of the seven sisters is the V of
high overhead at sunset on March       stars marking the face of Taurus the
23rd . The waxing gibbous moon         Bull, with bright orange Aldebaran
passes four degrees south of rapid-    as his eye. The V of stars is the Hy-
ly fading orange Mars on March         ades cluster, older than the blue Ple-
25th. The waxing gibbous moon          iades, but about half their distance.
passes again passes five degrees       Yellow Capella, a giant star the same
south of Saturn on March 28th.         temperature and color as our much         an outstanding binocular and tele-     with the top two stars, the point-      color. Compare it to Mars high
   Venus dominates the western         smaller Sun, dominates the overhead       scopic stellar nursery. The bright     ers, giving you a line to find Po-      overhead in brightness and color
evening sky, growing higher in the     sky in the northwest. It is part of the   diamond of four stars that light it    laris, the Pole Star. Look for Miz-     now. It is at the tail of kite shaped
sky each successive evening. Her       pentagon on stars making up Auriga,       up are the trapezium cluster, one      ar-Alcor, a nice naked eye double       Bootes, the celestrial bear driv-
disk is almost completely sun-         the Charioteer (think Ben Hur).           of the finest sights in a telescope.   star, in the bend of the big dipper’s   er chasing the two bears from his
lit and tiny in the telescope as she      Several nice binocular Messi-             In the east are the hunter’s two    handle, rising by 7 PM at the start     flocks.
is still on the far side of the Sun.   er open clusters are found in the         faithful companions, Canis major       of March.                                  By 9 PM, many more galax-
Orange Mars is still bright in the     winter milky way here. East of Au-        and minor. Procyon is the bright          March comes in like a Lion, as       ies will be following as the Vir-
NE at sunset, but fading fast, hav-    riga, the twins, Castor and Pollux        star in the little dog, and rises      Leo rises . If you take the point-      go Supercluster, just below Sat-
ing been lapped by the Sun in late     highlight the Gemini; it is directly      minutes before Sirius, the bright-     ers south, you are guided instead       urn now, rises in the east. This
January at opposition. On March        above us as darkness falls in early       est star in the sky. Sirius domi-      to the head of Leo the Lion ris-        huge cluster of over a thousand
22nd, we pass between Saturn and       March. UWF alumni can associate           nates the SE sky as darkness falls.    ing in the east, looking much like      galaxies is centered about 60 mil-
the Sun, so Saturn will rise in the    the pair with Jason and the Gold-         At 8 light years distance, Sirius is   the profile of the famed Sphinx.        lion light years away. The bright-
east in Virgo, coming up at sun-       en Fleece legend, for they were the       the closest star we can easily see     The bright star at the Lion’s heart     est star of Virgo, Spica, lies just
set and staying up all night. As we    first two Argonauts to sign up on         with the naked eye.                    is Regulus, the “regal star”. Our       east of the center of the cluster,
are then closest to the ringed won-    his crew of adventurers..                    When Sirius is highest, along       photo highlight is the trio of galax-   and its rise just after sunset marks
der, this is the best time to ob-         South of Gemini, Orion is the          our southern horizon look for          ies, M65 (top left), M-66 (bottom       the time of year for spring plant-
serve the most beautiful object in     most familiar winter constella-           the second brightest star, Cano-       left) and NGC 3628 (to right) the       ing in folklore. Time to get your
the sky. When viewed with a tele-      tion, dominating the southern             pus, getting just above the hori-      cluster lies below the lion’s hind-     peas in the ground….
scope, the rings will be even open     sky at dusk. The reddish super-           zon and sparkling like an exquisite    quarters, with the two Messier gal-        March goes out like a lamb,
than last year, tilted about 11 de-    giant Betelguese marks his eastern        diamond as the turbulent winter        axies visible in binoculars.            not just from Easter tradition,
grees toward the Earth and Sun         shoulder, while blue-white super-         air twists and turns this shaft of        If you follow the handle of          but because Aries the Ram is set-
this year. Small scopes will also      giant Rigel stands opposite on his        starlight, after a trip of about 200   the Big Dipper to the south, by         ting in the west by the end of
show its largest moon Titan.           west knee. Just south of the belt,        years!                                 9 PM you will be able to “arc to        March. Many of our sayings and
   The constellation Cassiopeia        hanging like a sword downward, is            To the northeast, look for the      Arcturus”, the brightest star of        traditions have astronomical ori-
makes a striking W in the NW.          M-42, the Great Nebula of Orion,          bowl of the Big Dipper rising,         Spring and distinctly orange in         gins.
                                                                                                             MARCH 2010 | EMMITSBURG NEWS-JOURNAL | 37

                                                                                                                                                TECH CORNER

Computer Q & A                                                                                                      dows and switch to a Mac the en-
                                                                                                                    tire setup of your desktop will be
                                                                                                                    different and many of the win-
                                                                                                                    dows functions you are use to will
                                                                                                                                                           who is trying to gain something
                                                                                                                                                           from a virus is going to target the
                                                                                                                                                           bigger audience which is PC’s not
                                                                                                                                                           MAC’s. When talking in terms of
Ayse Jester                              NOT physical hardware prob-            make sure that your system ac-      not be the same.                       hardware for Apple computers in
Jesters Computer Services                lems.                                  tually meets the requirements          If your going from a PC to a        general the actual processing power
                                                                                of any software you may be          MAC keep in mind that the soft-        and memory of the computers are
Q. I am having trouble with my        2. Should I go with a desktop or          running. In the past we have        ware you have will not run on a        not as advanced as PC’s. Part of this
current computer and I am think-         a laptop?- Our recommenda-             seen computers come in with         MAC. You will need to purchase         is due to the lack of demand of per-
ing of getting a new one. Are there      tion is to stick with a desktop        less hardware than the operat-      software designed specifically for     formance from the MAC software.
any recommendations you can              unless you need the portabili-         ing system requires. Many of        the MAC operating system. Many
make as to what to look for and          ty or cannot live without a lap-       the high end games you can          people note that MACs are more         To have your questions featured in the
what to stay away from?                  top. There are many reasons to         purchase today require ex-          stable and do not tend to get vi-      next article please send your questions
                                         choose a desktop over a lap-           tensive graphics and demand         ruses as badly or as abundantly as     to
A. There many different things to        top. Laptops are much more             much more space and system          PC’s. In my opinion much of the           For more tips and suggestions vis-
consider when purchasing a new           expensive to repair because the        resources than games in the         reason MACs are more stable is         it our newly re-designed website at
computer.                                motherboard is designed for            past.                               due to the limiting of the software.
                                         that system and many of the                 We generally recommend         When looking at the amount of vi-         For excellent customer service and
1. Does my computer really need          parts are specific to only cer-        allowing us to take a look at       ruses a PC obtains V.S. a MAC you      computer repair or to further an-
   replaced?- Many times we hear         tain models. Laptops are also          your computer prior to put-         again have to look at the fact that    swer your computer questions call us
   “it’s time to get a new com-          much more likely to take dam-          ting money into something           the programming code for software      at 717-642-6611 or visit us at Jest-
   puter” simply because the sys-        age due to its portability. Desk-      you may not need. If you need       is completely different. Anyone        ers computers Services.
   tem has never had any main-           top hardware is mostly univer-         help determining if your com-
   tenance or cleaning done. We          sal which means that there are         puter needs maintenance or
   recommend system mainte-              only a few different types of          if its time for a new comput-
   nance once yearly (We offer           hardware that could work in            er give us a call for our profes-
   a clean-up for regular mainte-        the system. The other thing            sional opinion.
   nance). My best recommenda-           to consider is that because lap-
   tion is to allow a professional       tops are hardware specific there    Q. What is the difference between
   to check the physical hardware        is not a lot of upgrades you can    Windows and a Mac and what is
   of the computer. If the phys-         do to a laptop. If you are going    right for me?
   ical hardware of the comput-          to go with a laptop ensure that
   er is functioning correctly and       the hardware will support your      A. Only 16% of computers run
   can support the programs that         applications not only now but       the MAC operating system.
   you will use there should be          in the future.
   no need to replace the com-                                               We do not repair or offer software
   puter unless of course, you just   3. What do I really need?- The         support for Macs. There are a few
   want that new toy! 90% of the         specifications on the box might     main differences between the two.
   computers we repair are being         be pretty confusing to the av-      Obviously the software is much
   fixed due to software problems        erage user. It’s important to       different if you are use to Win-


Blarney among the stacks
Caroline Rock                           family with whom you can trust         word is neither a habitational nor an
Library Assistant at the Emmits-        your cookies, so to speak. It seems    occupational name. It is a personal
burg Branch Library                     much more logical to assume our        name, which means “a dear com-
                                        lineage was Teutonic, not Gaelic.      panion.” So, without knowing

A     ccording to a 2000 census,
      14.6% of the citizens of Em-
mitsburg are Irish. That’s nearly
                                           The second most common
                                        place of origin for the Kellers was
                                        Switzerland. It seems unlikely
                                                                               my family and extended family,
                                                                               the cherished readers of this col-
                                                                               umn would have no way of judg-
half. No, not really, but isn’t ev-     that our family came from Swit-        ing whether my Kellers are more
eryone a little Irish in March?         zerland, though. Few of us like to     likely to be dear companions, as-
    Growing up, I was led to believe    ski. And, although Kellers, as a       sassins, or pantry guards. And I
my family ancestry was quite Irish.     rule, love chocolate, well---- who     am keeping my lips sealed on the
We were taught to root for Notre        doesn’t?                               matter!
Dame and to eat all our potatoes. We       Of course, as with most sur-           Hagerstown, my hometown,
listened to Bing Crosby, and knew all   names, you can find variations and     has an ancestry that is 11% Irish,
the words to “The Unicorn Song”.        mutations from all over Europe.        but more than 22% German.
                                        The Old English form of Keller is      This is shocking, since Jonathan         “SCYTHIAN: Take a pair of classically trained dueling fiddlers, toss in a rhythm gui-
    My maiden name was Keller,
                                                                                                                       tar and the occasional funky accordion, then power it with the driving rhythm of a jazz
and my father insisted the name         Kellere, which was an occupation-      O’Hager sailed straight from
                                                                                                                          percussionist, and you’ve got the ingredients for a show you won’t soon forget.”
was derived from the Irish “Kelle-      al name given to an executioner.       Dublin with more than 300 oth-
her”. This, added to the fact that      Yes, an executioner. You don’t hear    er Irishmen, their children, and           But what about Emmitsburg?                   The library will be sponsoring
my great-grandmother was named          my family bragging about that, do      their wives, each of whom was           Emmitsburg, with it 14.6% Irish              other special Celtic events dur-
Fitzgerald, should have dispelled       you?                                   pregnant with twins. That’s a lot       heritage sponsors an annual Celt-            ing March, such as a Lucky Sto-
any question about our lineage-            Scottish Kellers were called        of Irish immigration. And there         ic Fest each year, this year be-             rytime with Miss Jenni. As al-
never mind that there is not a red      Keilor, a habitational name for        wasn’t a Kelleher among them,           ing no exception. On Thursday,               ways, information about Celtic
hair nor a green eye among us. But      people who lived in (surprise!)        more’s the miracle.                     April 1, at 7:30 P.M., Scythian              Fest and all our programs is avail-
I was never really convinced.           Keilor. And that’s no blarney.           Hagerstown celebrates its Ger-        will bring its energetic brand of            able from any librarian, or by vis-
    Keller as a surname, I learned         The Scandinavian form of            man heritage with an Octoberfest        Celtic rock to the Knott Audito-             iting our website,
later in life, is decidedly German.     Keller is Kvalheim, which means        in August. The city also boasts         rium at Mount St. Mary College.                 And while you’re at the library
In fact, it is listed among the top     “unexplained.” Actually, “unex-        its own authentic German res-           Anyone, Irish or not, who enjoys             website, you can check out your
fifty most common German sur-           plained” is what I found when I        taurant, the Schmankrel Stube,          traditional Irish music married              own heritage. The FCPL website
names. It is an occupational sur-       looked up the meaning of Kval-         which is Irish for “We get more         with kick-butt Gypsy reels and a             carries premium genealogy data-
name, denoting one who main-            heim. There is also no evidence        Irish the farther we get from Ire-      taste of bluegrass, should be sure           bases, free to anyone who has a li-
tained or oversaw the cellar or         that the Kvalheims of Scandina-        land.”                                  to check out this concert. This              brary card. Ancestry Library Edi-
pantry in a castle or monastery.        via are related to the Kellers of         So Hagerstown isn’t all that         sham-rocking Irish band even                 tion and Heritage Quest allow
Kellers were greatly respected and      Hagerstown. But, begorrah, “un-        Irish. But I’m told you can get a       played for our Irish president,              you to search census, local histo-
trusted, in much the same way           explained” does not rule out that      really cool tattoo of a Celtic cross    O’Bama, and we are thrilled to               ries, war records, and other sourc-
you trust someone to watch your         possibility.                           in the colors of the Irish flag in      have them perform at the festival            es in your pursuit of pedigree.
cookies for you if you have to run         And then there is the variation     a little shop on North Potomac          this year. Celtic Fest never fails to        Did I say free? That’s enough to
to the rest room. And there are         of which my father is most fond:       Street. That should count for           bring out the Hibernian spirit in            make yer ole Aunt Maggie spit
quite a few members of the Keller       O’Ceileachair of Gaelic origin. This   something.                              Emmitsburg.                                  out her chowder!.

                                                                               activities and special events. Our      Cards, 500, and Bridge Group:                Pinochle & 13: Thursdays at

 SENIOR NEWS                            11:00 a.m. for blood pressure
                                                                               lunch program is open to those
                                                                               60 and older. Programs are held in
                                                                               the Community Center on South
                                                                                                                       Mar.. 3, 17 & 31.

                                                                                                                       Men’s Pool: Wednesdays at 1:00
                                                                                                                                                                    12:30 p.m.

                                                                                                                                                                    Canasta: Fridays at 12:30 p.m.
Susan Allen
                                        checks and to talk about Depres-       Seton Avenue. To register for spe-      p.m.
                                                                               cial events or for information, call
I  s it spring yet?! Our calendar       sion & Mood Swings. Kitty Dev-
   shows March 20th as the first        ilbiss will discuss Nutrition on       program coordinator Linda Um-
day of spring, but I think we’re        March 18 at 12:30 p..m. 10:00          bel, 301-600-6350.
owed an early start to that green       a.m. Brunch on Fridays will be
and pleasant season. Say good-by        followed by these events: March        Regular Activities
to winter with White Bingo (bring       12-Estate     Planning/questions;      Bowling: Mondays at Taneytown
something white) on March 10.           March 19-Big “Welcome Spring”          bowling center. Carpool; meet at
Speaking of green, we’ll be observ-     party; March 26-Speaker, Mary          center at 12:30 p.m.
ing St. Patrick’s Day, March 17,        Ann Williams, “When I am not
with ‘wearin’ of the green” priz-       Able: Caring for Handicapped           Strength Training & Condition-
es. We’ve got a night card par-         Family Members.”                       ing: Tuesday and Thursday, 10
ty scheduled for March 24; doors                                               a.m.
open at 6 p.m. Join us!                   The seniors encourage all eligi-
   Special Programs:         March      ble persons (50 years and older)       Bingo: Mar. 10 & 24.
16-Nurse Steve will be here at          to join them for regular program
                                                                                                                          MARCH 2010 | EMMITSBURG NEWS-JOURNAL | 39

                                                                                                                                              UPCOMING EVENTS
Mondays                                               a thrilling blend of traditional American and         best! There is no doubt that this is the most au-       more information call 717-337-8200 or visit
GriefShare Recovery Support Group at Elias Lu-        Celtic folk music and dance. Show starts at 4         thentic ABBA show ever, featuring original band
theran Church. The GriefShare Support Group           pm. For more information call 717-338-3000            members Katja Nord and Camilla Dahlin found-
is open to anyone who is grieving the death of        or visit                      ers of the band Waterloo. Show begins at 8 pm.          March 20
someone close to them. For more information,                                                                For more information call 717-337-8200 or visit         27th annual Emmitsburg Lions Club health
contact Rev Jon Greenstone, Pastor at Elias Lu-       March 8                                                                   screening at Mother Seton School. In continu-
theran Church at 301-447-6239 or via e-mail at        The South Mountain Audubon Society, a Chap-                                                                   ing with their tradition of supporting vision                                ter of The National Audubon Society, March            March 14                                                health, the Emmitsburg Lions will be conduct-
                                                      meeting will be held at the Agricultural Resource     Catoctin Mountain Park Blacksmith Shop Dem-             ing free vision acuity tests for those interested.
March 6                                               Center, 670 Old Harrisburg Road Gettysburg.           onstration – Come enjoy the warmth from our             No registration is required for vision screening.
GriefShare Recovery Support Group at Elias            Kim Van Fleet, of PA Audubon, will speak on           forge as volunteers demonstrate the age-old craft       For more information call Lion Joe at 301-447-
Lutheran Church. The GriefShare Support               the concern with the drilling for natural gas in      of blacksmithing. The smithies will explain how         2939 or e-mail
Group is open to anyone who is grieving the           the Marcellus Shale area throughout much of           the craft of blacksmithing evolved and the role of
death of someone close to them. For more in-          PA. This is a major conservation issue that all of    blacksmiths in the community while demonstrat-          Mountaintop Community Spring Fair - Col-
formation, contact Rev Jon Greenstone, Pastor         us should be aware of. The meeting stars at 7 pm      ing some of the fundamentals of the trade.              lectibles road show - Bring a collectible item
at Elias Lutheran Church at 301-447-6239 or           and is free and open to the public. For further in-                                                           for appraisal by our experts. Come on out and
via e-mail at                  formation call Deb Siefken at 717-677-4830.           March 15                                                beat “cabin fever” welcome spring! For infor-
                                                                                                            Mount Symposium for Corporate and Social                mation contact Lynn or Duke Martin at 717-
March 6, 7, 13                                        March 12                                              Responsibility. Speaker: Brad Udall, director,          642-5645, or email us at jacksmtn@embarq-
Strawberry Hill Nature Preserve Holds Annual          Hauser After Hours - Free live music and Ca-          CU-NOAA Western Water Assessment. Boul-        All proceeds benefit the Amanda
Maple Sugaring Programs - Get a hands-on ex-          tered food. Enjoy music by the Skyla Burrell          der, CO. Knott Auditorium, 7:00 p.m                     Bowder’s Memorial garden fund.
perience with all facets of the sugaring process.     Band and catered food by Fabio Carella - $10-
During this 90 minute program, attendees learn        $15 Hauser Estate Winery. For more informa-           Regular Monthly meeting of the Emmitsburg               March 26
the history of maple sugaring and then are led to     tion call 717-334-4888 or visit www.hauser-           Historical Society - Interested in learning more        Hauser After Hours - Free live music and Catered
the forest where they select a tree, drill into in,                                            about local history? Join in the fun as the His-        food. Enjoy music by the Al Parsons Band and
hang a sap bucket, collect sap and watch fresh                                                              torical Society selects pictures for next months        catered food by the N.E.W. A-Ville Inn. Haus-
sap being cooked down into syrup before their         March 13                                              history column - William Hay’s “At the End of           er Estate Winery. For more information call 717-
very eyes. For more information call 717-642-         Breakfast to Benefit Catoctin High School Safe &      the Emmitsburg Road.” For more information              334-4888 or visit
5840 or e-mail                Sane at Trinity United Church of Christ, 101 E.       call 301-471-3306 or visit the Historical Society
                                                      Main Street, Thurmont - Tickets are $6.50 for         section of                              March 27
March 7                                               adults and children under 8 $3.50. For Tickets                                                                Annual Flea Market and Flower Mart. For
Gettysburg’s Majestic Theater presents - WG-          Contact Gretchen Smith @ 301-748-0259.                March 17                                                more info: 301-447-3161 or www.moth-
TY-FM Country Show live on stage! Past per-              Tom’s Creek United Methodist Church Buf-           Gettysburg’s Majestic Theater presents - Cinder-
formers include Aaron Tippin, Josh Gracin,            fet breakfast & pork sale. For more information       ella by the Moscow Festival Ballet. The magic
Emerson Drive and Billy Currington, and these         call Ernie Staub 443-605-2995, Dottie Davis           and fantasy of the beloved, rags-to-riches fairy tale   March 27 & 28
shows always sellout quickly! Show starts at 4        301-447-2403 or Rose Knox 443-605-2675.               comes to life as the Moscow Festival Ballet takes       3rd Annual Gettysburg Bike Show and Expo
pm. For more information call 717-337-8200            Orders should be submitted no later than Sun-         the stage in a full-length ballet in three acts, fea-   Organizers plan to have more than 150 ven-
or visit                   day march 7, 2010.                                    turing music by Sergei Prokofiev and choreogra-         dors and 3,000 to 5,000 visitors. For more in-
   Music, Gettysburg! presents Atwater-Don-              Gettysburg’s Majestic Theater presents - ABBA      phy by Rostislav Zakharov. Combining elements           formation call 717-309-3881 or visit www.
nelly Duo - The award-winning duo performs            – The Music You’ve seen the rest, now see the         from the Bolshoi and Kirov ballet companies, For

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