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1. Introduction                                   page 3

2. Getting going                                  page 4

3. Fundraising ideas                              page 7

4. A – Z of DHL LifeCycle events and ideas.       page 9

5. Tips for organising your event                 page 11

6. Publicity                                      page 13

7. DHL LifeCycle colouring competition            page 14

8. Paying in your money                           page 16

9. Sponsorship form                               page 18

10. Poster and design feature                     page 20

11. Article for your internal newsletter          page 21

12. The India Project                             page 24

13. Child survival ‘Shopping list’                page 25

14. Useful contacts                               page 26

1. Introduction

Dear Colleague

Thank you for your interest in DHL LifeCycle (8-20th June 2009). This pack has
everything in it you need to get your fundraising wheels in motion.

You and your colleagues are about to take the first step towards being part of a unique two
week, cycle themed, nationwide series of events, aiming to raise £70,000 for UNICEF’s
work among children in India.

DHL LifeCycle is made up of five different fundraising opportunities to help with your
fundraising endeavours.

   •   A coast to coast 250 mile sponsored tour (no, we can’t call it a race!), taking in
       many DHL sites along its route

   •   Individual and group fundraising through sponsored events with a cycle theme

   •   A series of family fun days at sites across the country

   •   A celebration event on the 19th June at the Barcelo Hotel, Daventry.

   •   The national DHL LifeCycle Raffle

So, you should find everything you need here to get you peddling towards the total of
£50,000 we aim to raise, which is being matched by adding up to £20,000 from the DHL
UK Foundation. It’s a huge amount of money, but we can do it together.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Have fun!

Jaclyn Homer

Project Manager

07771 843 185

2. Getting going

Brilliant! You want to take part in DHL LifeCycle, the only trouble is you’re not sure where
to start or what to do. Here are a few pointers to get you going and some ideas for cycle-
themed activities you might want to do. The list is not exhaustive, so please be as creative
as you like.

Put your feet on the pedals:

1. Get a small team of like-minded people together to come up with an idea which will suit
   your location.

2. Once you have decided what you want to do, divide up the tasks and allocate roles, so
   that no one person is doing everything.

3. How about approaching local suppliers for freebies for DHL people taking part e.g. if
   cycling can they have a free water and energy snack?

4. Make use of your contacts – do you know people who get hold of exercise bikes or
   static bikes? What about vouchers from your local Halfords or bike shop as a prize?

5. Try to be inclusive. Non cyclists could take part in organising the event or in a static
   bikathon or in a dress down day and so on.

6. You won’t need to apply for Match It! funding, as the DHL UK Foundation is
   automatically going to add up to £20,000 to the total.

   You can find a more detailed guide to organising a large event later in this pack.

Coast to Coast Event

The main event constitutes a 250 mile distance between Liverpool and Colchester split
over 9 legs.

There are 50 places per leg. To register log onto Survey Monkey and type in the following

The regional legs are as split as follows:

Monday 8th June                              Liverpool - Northwich
Tuesday 9 June                               Northwich to Stoke on Trent
Wednesday 10 June                            Stoke on Trent - Lichfield
Thursday 11th June                           Lichfield- Coalville
Friday 12th June                             Coalville - Market Harborough
Monday 15th June                             Market Harborough- Milton Keynes
Tuesday 16th June                            Milton Keynes- Harpenden
Wednesday 17th June                          Harpenden - Bishops Stortford
Thursday 18th June                           Bishops Stortford - Colchester.

The minimum fundraising target for each individual is £50, you can create your own
fundraising link at so your friends and colleagues can sponsor

3. Fundraising ideas

Time to change gear and pedal a bit faster - a few ideas to get you started:

Raffles / Auctions

•   Auction personal training with a personal trainer at local gym
•   Ebay old bicycles, children’s outgrown bikes and donate proceeds to DHL LifeCycle
•   Get hold of a top bike and auction/ raffle off on line or in person
•   Ask local gym to provide 6/12 months membership or spinning classes as a prize and
    auction or raffle


•   Mass cycle to work day
•   Sponsored cycle to school with local school children raising awareness of health issues
    – potential to involve parents
•   24 hour cycle ‘don’t let the bike stop’. People on site could be sponsored to do for
    example 30 minutes on a static bike with the objective being to cycle from the site to
•   Contact local velodromes/cycle clubs to see if they could donate a couple of hours of
    time for DHL people to get involved. Employees would pay a small amount to take part
    or get sponsored to do a certain distance.
•   Sponsored run round park with pram (they have wheels even if they aren’t bikes!)
•   Are there any keen unicyclists, tandemists or others on site who could take part in an
    event and be sponsored by friends / colleagues
•   Bikethon using a static bike – how far can you cycle in 12 hours?


•   Bike surgery on site for people to bring their bikes in and get them serviced. Class on
    how to bike maintenance. Small charge for participants.
•   Static bike - site challenge to see who can go quickest over a particular distance or
    who can beat the boss’s time.
•   Local gym donate a spinning class and DHL employees make a small donation to
    UNICEF to take part.
•   Cycling proficiency demos on site for employees inc. tips about driving in traffic and
    staying safe, wearing helmet etc - delivered for free, but with a contribution from
•   Wear sporting gear or blue for UNICEF to the office/ on site for the day – participants
    pay £1
•   Free lunch in canteen for people cycling to work

•   Stall on site or in office with healthy foods/ super foods - raises awareness of nutrition
    and healthy eating.
•   Bike exchange on site, childrens bikes that are no longer the right size are swapped/


•   Run a cycling competition with a static bike in a local public space e.g. shopping
    centre (for children or adults). Who can get closest to the Olympic or Tour de France
•   Colouring competition of the DHL LifeCycle logo (see page 15) Get a prize donated
    by a local cycle shop.
•   Decorate your bike competition for employee’s children (or employees!)


•     Purchase or try to negotiate free fruit bars and other healthy snacks and sell on site
      together with info about where the money will go with all profits to UNICEF
•     Have a box of DHL LifeCycle lapel pins to sell on your reception. Contact for more details.

4. A-Z of DHL LifeCycle events and ideas

A- Are you ready? What are you going to do for DHL LifeCycle?

B- Barcelo Hotel celebration event (19th June)

C- Coast to Coast tour (8th-20th June)

D- Donnington Park, Bike Radar Live event 31st May

E- Exercise bikes (see how far a team of colleagues can get in 24hrs)

F- Family events (contact for your nearest participating site)

G- Get your colleagues to cycle to work and donate the proceeds of the cost it would have
   been to drive to work to UNICEF

H- Healthy eating week (proceeds of the healthy options to go to UNICEF)

I- It's a knockout event (organise a site challenge)

J- Just Giving set up your fundraising page at

K- ‘Kick it!’ – Not into cycling? What about a fundraising football match?

L- (DHL) LifeCycle Lapel pins. Why not sell the lapel pins to your colleagues?

M- Matched funding. On all donations you make through the DHL LifeCycle event the DHL
Foundation are automatically adding up to £20 000.

N- Name the DHL Lifecycle bicycle competition

O- Office events (organise and office challenge)

P- Proficiency cycle morning

Q- Question of Sport Quiz

R- Raffle for DHL LifeCycle drawn June 19th (contact jaclyn.homer@dhl to get your

S- Sweepstake (How fast can your GM cycle 500m?)

T- Tandem (get sponsorship for a tandem challenge)

U- UNICEF dress down day

V- Velodromes (get a team of colleagues and see your laps sponsored)

W- Watt Bike tour: visiting 10-15 sites between 8th-20th June. See if you can come close
to Chris Hoy’s time for 200m.

X- Xtra, Xtra read all about it- write an article in your site newsletter about your event.

Y- You can do it! Join in the Coast to Coast event and cycle those 30 miles. Register your
interest through Survey Monkey (see page 6 for further details)

Z- Zzzzz need some rest after all that exercise- then make sure before you sleep you pay
in all monies raised, preferably via

5. Tips for planning your event

1. Plan in advance
Think carefully about the event before you start and put an action plan together. Work out
how long it will take you to organise it, who you could contact to help you and how much it
might raise in relation to the effort involved. Try to find something that you will enjoy doing.

2. Work out a budget
Costs include postage, printing, photocopying, equipment, catering and hire charges. Try
to get individuals or local businesses to donate the things you need. Your income might
include ticket/entry fees, sponsorship, donations, raffles, auctions, advertising and sale of
goods and refreshments. You must make sure that your expected income is much higher
than your costs or the event will not be worth running.

3. Make sure you have thought of everything
Write down a list of all the things that you need to organise and tick them
off as you go along. They should include:

   •   What is the event?
   •   How much will it cost to run?
   •   How will you publicise your event?
   •   How much will it raise?
   •   When and where will you hold the event?
   •   Is the venue confirmed?
   •   How much support do you need?
   •   How will you collect money?
   •   Will you receive money before, during or after the event?
   •   Do you need to ask for any special permission to hold the event?
       (e.g. do you need a licence?)
4. Do I need special permission?
If you are holding your event in a public place, you may need to inform local police and
your local council. You may also need an entertainment licence. If you want to sell
alcoholic drinks at your event and the venue is not already licensed, you will need to
obtain a licence for this.

Here's a checklist of all the questions you need to ask yourself when you are
organising a larger scale fundraising event

Is the date suitable or does it clash with any major or national event in your area?
Who can help you?

Do you need a committee?
How much are you aiming to raise?
Is it worth doing – are the costs low and potential income worthwhile?
When are you planning to hold your event? Do you have time to organise everything?

Promoting your event
   • Do you know who you are trying to attract to support the event?
   • Do you need any flyers, posters or invitations? How many? Who will design and
     print them? How much will they cost?
   • Have you decided where to distribute them?
   • Do you need to send a press release to local papers or local radio?
   • Do you need to put down a deposit? Would you lose it if you had to cancel the

   • You may need an entertainment licence or to inform the local police or the council –
      check with the venue where the event is behind held

   • How many people do you need to help you run the event?
   • Do they know what to do? Make sure you brief everyone thoroughly before the
   • Remember to thank them after the event.

   • Will you receive money before, during or after the event?
   • Do you have somewhere safe to keep the money?
   • Do you have someone to witness you counting the money? There should be at
      least two of you present for your own protection.
   • Keep careful records of the accounts so that you can show exactly how any money
      has been handled.

Health and safety
  • Do you need to complete a risk assessment?
  • Do you need first aid cover? (The British Red Cross or St John’s Ambulance may
      be able to provide this)
  • Do you need to make alternative arrangements if it is an outside event and the
      weather is bad?
  • Do you need insurance?

6. Publicity

Publicity can be the lifeblood of fundraising, so please keep us up to date with your plans.
If you have a fantastic idea we would like to share it with the rest of DHL, because it might
work really well in other parts of the country. And once DHL LifeCycle is over, we will
certainly be featuring as many events and activities in our newsletters and intranet as

However, please do not publicise your event externally without speaking to your
communications or marketing department first. Your local radio or newspaper may be very
interested in your plans, but we want to make sure that DHL and DHL LifeCycle is
represented consistently.

Please keep Jaclyn Homer ( informed and let your marketing
department know what you are up to. The main contacts are:

Division             Name                    email                          phone

DHL Express          Alice Bowran  
                                                                            020 8818 8937

DHL Supply           Automotive -Annette
Chain                Angell                                                 01480 222138

                     Rachel Anderson 01908 244 368

                     Healthcare- Richard         01344 744 341

DHL Freight          Manisha Mistry         01952 605162

DHL Global           Penny Darnbrook 07710 865417

DHL Global Mail      Mike Rawlins  
                                                                            01784 228 321

7. DHL LifeCycle colouring competition

You may wish to use the wording below as an entry form for a colour-the-LifeCycle
competition, or adapt it to meet your own fundraising needs:

Colour in the DHL LifeCycle and you could win [prize]. Our easy to enter competition
costs just [amount] and all money raised will go towards UNICEF’s work in India among
some of the poorest children in the world.

Please fill in your details and return your completed picture to [name] by [closing date].

Additionally a central colouring in competition will be judged at the celebration event on
June 19th. To enter, send the coloured drawings with the details below attached BEFORE
the 17th June 2009. Entries should be sent to Jaclyn Homer, Heartlands Business Park,
Newnham Drive, Daventry, NN11 8YG.

Personal Details:

First name:.....................................................................................................................

Family name:.................................................................................................................




Postcode: ......................................................................................................................

Telephone number:........................................................................................................

Age: ..............................................................................................................................

Entry category: 0-5                        □                    6-11                  □                    11-16            □
The competition is open to relatives or friends of DHL colleagues. Entries must be on the
official entry form and sent to [name], by [date]. All entries received after this date will be
excluded from the competition. Winners will be announced [date]. Winners will be judged
by [name or details]. The judges’ decision is final.

8. Paying in your money

To pay in the funds raised you must use one of the two options below – this will ensure we
keep a tally of the DHL total. The easiest and quickest route is to go on line and use the
special justgiving page:

   1. You should pay in or pledge via Justgiving and also see the latest total from across
      the company by going to

   2. If you wish to pay in at a bank, please use the attached paying in form from
      UNICEF, which makes sure your donations go to the right account.

10. Posters and design feature

We have designed the DHL LifeCycle design feature to help bring all events together
under one umbrella. We have hi res versions in jpg and pdf format available.

Please feel free to use it on your posters, entry forms, sponsorship forms, t-shirts, baseball
cap or balloons – in fact pretty much anywhere you like.

The colour references are:

Red: Pantone 200C

Yellow: Pantone #FCC00

Please remember to use the specified colours and make sure that anything you design
complies with the DHL identity guidelines which can be found on COIN.

A general poster to announce that DHL LifeCycle is on its way has been designed for your
use – just run off as many colour copies as you need. To access this poster log onto COIN
and go to

A poster that you can either overprint or hand write in your own event details is also

If you need any clarification on the use of the DHL LifeCycle design feature please email

11. Article for site newsletter

If you have an on-site newsletter, why not ask the editor to use this article?

[DHL LifeCycle article]


On your bike to save a life


In the ten minutes it takes you to read this, 40 children have died in India. Now, in a
nationwide event, DHL employees are being challenged to get on their bikes and raise
money to help save a child’s life.

For two weeks in June, DHL LifeCycle has the simple aim of raising £50,000 for UNICEF’s
work with the children of Nandurbar district in India (see sidebox). This money will be
matched by up to £20,000 from the DHL UK Foundation, bringing the total to £70,000
which will make a significant change for the better to the future of these children.

DHL LifeCycle (8-20th June) is an exciting series of fundraising events, all based around
the theme of cycling, with a strong emphasis on fun. There are 20 million bicycles in the
UK alone, so getting on your two wheels is a fantastic route to a healthier lifestyle; it’s
sociable and open to all at a low cost; and it’s good for the environment too.

At DHL LifeCycle’s heart is a 250-mile coast to coast tour. Don’t worry though, it won’t be
all in one stretch - the route is split into legs spread over the fortnight and will take in as
many DHL sites as possible along the way. If this sounds a little ambitious for you, then
there are family days linked to cycling, with a strong focus on healthy living and an even
bigger emphasis on enjoyment. These two-wheeled carnivals will include the whole
community, as well as customers and families. Gym bike rides, colouring competitions
and a host of other sponsored wheel-themed events, means there is something for
everyone over the fortnight.

Andy Rose, transport manager, House of Fraser in Milton Keynes is already planning their
fun day. “I’ve been cycling for as long as I can remember, so the moment I heard about
DHL LifeCycle I wanted to be part of it. The fun day should be a great introduction to the
joys of cycling, as well as raising lots of money. You never know we might inspire the next

Chris Hoy or just encourage people to get out a their bike a bit more. I hope all sites will
get involved on two-wheels or on foot.”

Sites that aren’t able to hold fun days are being challenged to fund raise in whatever way
they want – a pack, full of ideas will be available. And for the really keen and super fit,
places in the London to Paris and London to Brighton bike rides have been secured to
give a high profile opportunity to bring in some serious cash.

UNICEF is DHL’s long term charity partner and DHL LifeCycle will help the UK support
their work in reducing child mortality in developing countries. Every year around 2.1 million
Indian children die, mostly because of poor nutrition and preventable diseases.

So, it is time to set the wheels in motion. For your copy of the fundraising pack, to find out
more details or to register your event now, please email

[Side box – Nandurbar project]

Nandurbar District can be found in the west of India, in Maharashtra. 12% of its 1.3 million
population, is made up of children under the age of six. It is hot and dry, and
temperatures soar to 40°C during the peak of summer. Over half of children under three
are malnourished and the mortality rate for under fives is 75 per 1,000 live births -
compared to a rate in the UK of 5 per 1,000.

In a three year programme UNICEF is working with local Indian government to improve
child survival by initiating community-led health plans, tracking the health of all 0 to 3 year
olds and establishing information centres to act as hubs for knowledge and support.
Existing health workers and nurses will receive improved training to help with
immunisation and supplemental feeding programmes.


Did you know?

   •   £1 can provide 33 packets of Oral Rehydration Therapy to treat severe dehydration
       and diarrhoea, a leading cause of death among young children.
   •   1 in 3 adults owns a bike in the UK, although only 6 million people are regular cycle
   •   £10 can immunize a child for life against the six major childhood diseases.
   •   The first two wheeled rider propelled machine was invented by Baron Karl de Drais
       de Sauerbrun, in France in 1818. It was entirely made of wood.

   •   Cycling at least 20 miles a week cuts in half your risk of heart disease compared to
       non-cyclists who take no exercise, according to the British Heart Foundation.

[sidebox – pull quote]

“If we are serious about improving child survival and reducing maternal mortality, we must
give youth and their families the tools that will enable them to lead healthy lives,” said
UNICEF Representative in India, Karin Hulshof. “This grant from DHL will allow UNICEF
and its partners to address the most pressing needs of children in this district.”

[Useful links]:



LifeCycle design feature

Nandurbar photo


13       Child Survival Shopping List – what your donation could buy

An estimated 10.8 million children die each year, 6 million of whom are victims of
preventable or treatable diseases. Despite dramatic improvements, millions of children still
do not survive their first year of life; many of those who do suffer from ill-health due to
malnutrition and lack of adequate healthcare, clean water and sanitation.

UNICEF is working with partners and other UN agencies, in emergency situations and in
long-term development work, to give every child the chance of life. UNICEF helps children
and their parents receive the necessary support, health care and education, to ensure they
survive the threats of childhood poverty and grow up to become healthy adults.

What UNICEF can achieve with the help of our generous donors:

     •   £1 can provide 33 packets of Oral Rehydration Therapy to treat severe dehydration
         and diarrhoea, a leading cause of death among young children.

     •   £1 can provide two vials of single doses of measles vaccines.

     •   £1 can immunize a mother and her child against maternal and neonatal tetanus.

     •   £5 can provide two vials of penicillin to treat a number of illnesses.

     •   £10 can immunize a child for life against the six major childhood diseases.

     •   £20 can provide blankets to protect 9 small children from the cold.

     •   £50 can provide two first aid kits to help treat and prevent disease and injury.

     •   £50 can provide two baby hygiene kits to help give babies a safe start in life.

     •   £100 can provide enough nutritional supplements to feed 3 children for 30 days.

     •   £100 can provide enough vitamin A capsules to boost over 6,000 children’s immune
         system and protect them from blindness.

14. Useful contacts and for more information:


Jaclyn Homer, project manager: 07771 843 185


Web sites (charity):

Cycling web sites: - Sustrans is the UK's leading sustainable transport charity. Their
vision is a world in which people choose to travel in ways that benefit their health and the
environment and the site has lots of excellent cycling info. – the governing body of cycling in Great Britain – the UK’s national cyclists’ organisation - information on cycling in London – yes it
can be done! – useful information on cycling in Scotland – lots of information about organised cycling events for charity and
fun, around the country – reviews, cycle shops and all sorts


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