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                       A view from South Africa

East Africa Regional e-Government Consultative Workshop
       Grand Regency Hotel 28th – 29th June 2005
                      Nairobi, Kenya
                                                     Godfrey W. Kyama
Prof. Emmanuel Castello….

  “Information technology, and the ability to use
  it and adapt it, is the critical factor in
  generating and accessing wealth, power, and
  knowledge in our time.…”

   Manuel Castells, The Information Age, Vol 3, Professor of Information Management,
       University of California Berkeley and Member of the South Africa Presidential
                                       ICT Task Team

                                                                                          Godfrey W. Kyama
What is e-Government?

 Process of utilising Internet based technology to
 provide seamless access to government goods
 and services with respect to:
   e-Administration:- Govt 2 Govt - Harnessing technology
   to improve public administration processes for better
   service delivery;
   e-Society:- Govt 2 Citizen - Harnessing technology to
   integrate public, civil society and private sector interests
   through processes like e-Banking, e-Procurement,e-
   Education and e-Health;
   e-Citizens:- Govt 2 Bizness - Harnessing technology to
   improve the lives of citizens through projects like e-
   Payment, integrated contact centres, etc;

                                                                Godfrey W. Kyama
3 e-Huts…..




                                 Godfrey W. Kyama
The South African Situation

   South Africa has a population of 44 million people
   and has a well developed telecommunications
   Electronic Communications and Transactions Act –
   2002 – Department of Communications developing
   national e-Strategy;
   There are 9 provinces, each with a world class
   telecommunications infrastructure;
   There is one fixed line operator – Telkom SA, a
   second licence has been issued and second
   operator is yet to commence business;
   There are 3 cellular operators: Vodacom, MTN and
   Cell C having approximately 20 million customers;
   SENTECH and Wireless Business Solutions have
   been licensed to provide broadband wireless;
                                                      Godfrey W. Kyama
Cont’d The South African Situation

    South Africa has two Internet Exchanges – Cape Town
    and Johannesburg with over 60 ISPs and 600 Internet
    A Presidential National Council on Information and
    Communications Technology for Development
    established to co-ordinate government ICT Projects and
    is accountable to the President through the Department
    of Communications;
    An e-Government Policy (2001) has been drafted by
    Government and is spearheaded by the Minister of
    Public Service and Administration (DPSA) through the
    State Information Technology Agency;
    10 Year plan to implement e-Government policy;
    DPSA’s GITO Council advises govt on ICT issues;
    SITA implementing e-Government GateWay
                                                             Godfrey W. Kyama
South Africa: e-Government Vision

   “to leverage ICT to deliver
        public services and
       products structured
     around life episodes of
      citizens from cradle to
     Dept of Public Service and Administration, South Africa

                                                                  Godfrey W. Kyama
From Cradle to Grave…
 Typical Needs of Natural Person     Typical Needs of Legal Person
       Birth                                                    Finance
                         Health     Subsidy / Funding
      Travel                                               Import / Export
                       Education         Vehicle
        Job                                                Biz Development
                       Marriage     Human Relationships
 Justice & Security                                              Sales
                       Properties      Purchases
 Environ Conditions                                         Administration
                       Research       Accreditation
    Investment                                            Corporate Citizenship
                          Tax            Politics
  Social Benefits                                          Communication
                        Politics       Research
  Communication                                           Statutory Requirements
                         Death         Liquidation                                    Godfrey W. Kyama
e-Government: Batho Pele

  Department of Public Service & Administration has
  introduced Batho Pele (people first) to enable      e-
  Governance transform public service at provincial and
  national level;
     Consultation – about level & quality of public service;
     Service Standards – benchmark and communicate to citizens;
     Access – ensure all citizens have access to basic services;
     Courtesy – treat citizens with courtesy and consideration;
     Information – provide accurate information about available
     Transparency – ensure integrity about the provision of public
     services at provincial and national levels;
     Redress – accurately and with courtesy remedy mistake &
     Value for money – ensure efficiency and economies of scale;
                                                                 Godfrey W. Kyama
IT House of Values…..
                      • Cost of access                                             • In service delivery
 Primary elements     • Cost of delivery
 of e-Government
                                                     Citizen Convenience

 are enabled by ...

 Focussing on
 these strategic

                                                                  Elimination of
                                                   Economies of

 focus areas


                                                                                      IT                   Godfrey W. Kyama
South Africa e-Goverment Trials..
    Arts and Culture – Cultural / Language Portal;
    Tourism – Tourism Portal and Network;
    Infrastructure – Universal Access, Telecom Act,
    Private Sector;
    Law Enforcement – e-Ticketing, Mobile traffic fine
    collection; Smart cards;
    Health – Telemedicine;
    Agriculture –BioTechnology Initiatives;
    Human Resource Development – e-Education (e-
    Governance – e-Government Gateway;
    Urban and Rural Development – Pension pay points,
    Trade and Commerce – Trade Portal;

                                                         Godfrey W. Kyama
Cont’d .. e-Government Trials…

  Department of Public Service & Administration:
    e-Administration (e-Government Gateway) - citizen
    administration, planning and service delivery;
  South African Revenue Services (SARS):
    One view of the Customer;
  Department of Finance:
    FMS: e-Accounting, budgeting and management
  Department of Home Affairs:
    e-Population – automated Citizen registry;
    Smart card development;

                                                           Godfrey W. Kyama
Cont’d .. e-Government Trials…
  Department of Health:
     e-Health – Telemedicine;
  Department of Provincial and Local Government:
     National Disaster Recovery Geographic Information System;
  eResources (Land and minerals registry, territory managements)
  eTaxation and revenue management (On-line taxation)
  Department of Justice and Constitutional Development:
     e-Justice online;
  eLegislation (National Assembly online)
  Department of Education:
     e-Education – e-Schooling, e-Learning, Pedagogics;
  National Information Infrastructure Backbone (NIIB) - Public
  Service network provides the connectivity of the eGovernment

                                                            Godfrey W. Kyama
Phases of Implementation..

 1. Provide Information                              4. Personalise Portals
     WebSites & Gateways provide                         per Citizen
 information about public services at                 Customisation, CRM and Business
 National, Provincial & Local Level via                     Intelligence to enable Govt
              contact centres.                           forecast Citizen Requirements.
       2. Enable 2 way                                           5. Cluster Govt’s e-
            Transactions                                            Services
        Digital Signatures & Encryption for                       New Public Service Structures to
             secure transactions with Govt                           replace existing functions with
                  via Gateway & Portals.                               both clustered & workflow.
                      3. Introduce                                    6. Comprehensive
                          Multipurpose Portals                             Transformation
                       Single entry point enables Citizens                Full Service Centre offerings
                            to transact with Multiple Govt                     customised according to
                             Depts via Gateway & Portals.                          individual needs.

                                                                                                       Godfrey W. Kyama
10 Year Implementation Phases


    Clustering Govt’s e-Services
           Personalised                                                 G2C
        Portals per Citizen
A                                                                       G2B
S    Introduce Multi Purpose
E             Portals

     Enable 2 Way Transactions

        Provide Information

           YEARS                   1   2   3 4   5   6   7   8 9   10
                                                                           Godfrey W. Kyama
Current Progress..2005
  e-Government projects reflected in National,
  Provincial and Local Govt budgets since 2003;
  DPSA organises annual e-Africa Conference;
  Majority of Government Depts still in Phase 1 -
  Providing Information in terms of WebSites;
  Limited transition to Phase 2 – Enable 2 Way
    South African Revenue Service (SARS) - e-Filing of tax
    Dept of Home Affairs – Realtime online verification of
    marriage status / Smart Card;
  Limited transition to Phase 3 – Introduce Multi
  Purpose Portals:
    National e-Government Gateway Project
    CapeOnline (CapeGateway Project)
                                                           Godfrey W. Kyama
e-Government Scope Projects

  SA Information Technology Industry Strategy – sponsored
  by Canada;
  Golaganang Initiative – DPSA coordinated with Private
  Sector sponsorship to provide cheap e-Access for public
  HP i-Communities –
  Multi-Purpose Community Centres- taking government
  services to the people through e-Centres using Public
  Information Terminals (PITs)– post office, banking,
  immigration services etc;
  SITA National Wide Area Network (WAN);
  Tswane Municipality / ESKOM – Communication over
  power lines;
  Gauteng (Pretoria) Innovation Hub and Western Cape
  (Cape Town) CapeOnline initiative;

                                                          Godfrey W. Kyama
e-Government Flagship Projects

  Department of Public Service & Administration:
    e-Government Gateway – consolidating Phase 1 and
    approaching Phase 2;
  Departments - Home Affairs, Safety & Security,
  Social Welfare, Public Service etc:
    HANIS- Home Affairs National Identification System –
    Phase 2 - converting existing paper identity records into
    digital format to be replaced with smart cards containing
    identity details, photographs, fingerprints etc;
  SARS – e-Filing capability for citizens and
    One view of the Citizen- property, income, etc

                                                           Godfrey W. Kyama
Cont’d e-Government Flagship Projects

   Department of Education:
     Khanya Project and GautengOnline – rolling our a
     networked education system in the Western Cape and
     Gauteng Provinces;
   Department of Land Affairs:
     Computerisation of the Deeds Office: Project underway.
     Current capability enables citizens to seach for deeds
     registration information;

                                                          Godfrey W. Kyama
e-Government Flagship Projects
  Department of Justice:
    e-Justice – electronic content management system in court
    to combat problem of „lost‟ case dockets & provide
    management information to Attorneys;
  Departments: Justice, Transport; and Safety and
    e-National Traffic Information System (e-NATIS) - Traffic
    fine payments:
       Verification via Cell Phones at police roadblocks;
       Enabled payment capability over Points of Sale (PoS),
       Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) and Internet Banking;
       Traffic offences database link to Justice Dept;
  Department of Public Service & Administration:
    Development of an integrated Contact Centre to manage
    service delivery issues. Access via eMail, Phone, Fax;
                                                             Godfrey W. Kyama
Thank You
Godfrey W. Kyama
      AITEC South Africa

                              Godfrey W. Kyama

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