Fridge-freezers by hedongchenchen


									                                                                               Liebherr’s NoFrost appliance                   The elegant GlassLine equip-
Fridge-freezers                                                                (CUN 3021) provide expert
                                                                               refrigeration technology for long-
                                                                                                                              ment is tough, scratch resistant
                                                                                                                              and easy to clean. The glass sto-
                                                                               term freshness. The food is                    rage shelves are in satin finish.
 Refrigerator compartment                                                      frozen with chilled re-circulated              The attractive stainless steel
· Automatic defrosting                                                         air and any humidity that is gen-              trims enhance the overall har-
· GlassLine storage shelves – 1 sec-                                           erated is expelled. As a result, the           monious look.
  tioned, with slide under half shelf                                          freezer is always free from ice
  option                                                                       and the food no longer frosts
· Plastic storage racks with bottle                                            over. With NoFrost, defrosting is
  and can holders                                                              a thing of the past.
· Butter and cheese compartment
  with egg tray
· Fruit and vegetable bins
· Interior light

NoFrost freezer compartment
with CUN 3021
· Re-circulated air cooling
· Automatic defrosting
· FrostSafe system with completely
  enclosed, transparent drawers
· Ice cube tray

Freezer compartment with CU
· FrostSafe system with completely
  enclosed, transparent drawers
· Ice cube tray

Equipment benefits
· SwingDesign
· Interchangeable door hinges
· Slimline door handles
· Flush with wall and with front
  ventilation, suitable for installation
  in a row of kitchen units
· Adjustable feet at front, transport
  castors and handles at back

     Automatic refrigerator-freezers       CUN 3021          CU 3021                               CU 2721            CU 2221
                                           Comfort NoFrost   Comfort                               Comfort            Comfort

     Total gross/net capacity
     Refrigerator compartment              197/195 l         202/199 l                             202/199 l          145/141 l
     Freezer compartment                   87/79 l           105/85 l                              70/53 l            70/49 l
     Energy consumption (in 365 days)      350.4 kWh         328.5 kWh                             299.3 kWh          270.1 kWh
     Energy efficiency class               A                 A                                     A                  A
     Climate rating                        SN                SN-ST                                 SN-ST              SN-ST
     Exterior dimensions in cm (h/w/d)     178.9/55.2/62.8   178.9/55.2/62.8                       159.5/55.2/62.8    136/55/62.8
     Equipment, accessories
     Finish                                white             white                                 white              white

22                                                                                                                                                           23

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