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					                                                                                    Serena Wilkins
                                                              Top 20 Marketing Team 2009   Employee of the Year 2004
DDB – Freelance AM - Virgin Media
October 2011 – May 2011 (8 months)

        Managed high-level DM launch for new product, Virgin Media TiVo. DM pack featured personalised remote
         control with URL linking to onilne video - exclusive for existing VIP customers.
        Worked closely with online and media production teams to produce TiVo online demo video.
        Managed TiVo Priority Order emails sent out to those who registered to be one of the first to buy.
        Drove product engagement of TiVo with strategic behavioural communicaiton emails.
        Managed upsell and cross sell DM to drive sales for TV, broadband and bundle packages and integrate with
         ABL Speedy Gonzales broadband national campaign.
        Managed Price Rise DM with 2-fold objectives – one, inform customers of a price increase and two, drive
         brand loyalty both within a design and cost challenge.
        Reviewed client briefs and wrote creative briefs for upsell and cross sell TV and broadband campaigns.
        Updated timings on a daily basis and attended weekly production status to ensure deadlines were met.
        Presented concepts, attended weekly client status, involved in TiVo product demo and research sessions.
        Managed campaign finance and PO tracker sheet to monitor income and payment.

     Efficient and smooth delivery of exclusive launch TiVo Invite DM - drove consumers online to view product
        demonstration - generated sales response rate of 6.3%. Creative entered into Cannes Lion awards.
     TiVo Priority Order emails to 52k customers achieved sales of 5,386 v 3,500 target – 40% sales conversion.
     April TV cross sell ‘unleash’ insert achieved 2% uplift on February – same message with new creative format
        and design.
     November upsell DM ‘VIP50 Heavy Bundle’ new concept generated 3% net response rate. Client used the
        pack in an internal presentation as a successful example of balance between creativity and product offer.

TMW - Freelance AM - first direct & Financial Times
April 2010 – October 2010 (7 months)

        Managed day to day running of direct and digital campaigns for first direct and Financial Times.
        Managed first direct bespoke CRM Welcome Pack – worked closely with planning, design and production on
        Produced creative briefs for a large volume of acquisition and retention Financial Times campaigns – press
         adverts, inserts, emails and banners adverts.
        Built effective relationship with planning, creatives, design and studio.
        Updated and lead weekly client status reports including weekly market news and product updates.
        Managed client day to day finance and campaign monthly forecasts.

     Successfully managed and mailed first direct annual award winning DM ‘Harmonica’ pack.
     Generated 6 new campaigns as a result of a Financial Times retention planning brainstorm.
     Represented TMW at the annual NABS 5k run.

COI (Central Office of Information) – Campaign Manager
November 2009 – March 2010 (5 months)

        Managed multiple integrated direct marketing campaigns for clients within the Department of Health.
        Acted as a Marketing Consultant for clients advising on best marketing practice and ways to add value.
        Managed DM for national Dementia Campaign including email, fulfilment and direct response lines.
        Worked closely with internal creative, data and research teams and ensure analysis reports are completed.

     Successfully managed mailings to hit planned mailing dates and supported national Chlamydia campaign
        with a response rate of 1.5% v target 0.75%
     Met clients needs at all times with a 100% satisfaction rate.

Bourne Leisure Group – Campaign & Retention Marketing Manager
March 2009 – October 2009 (8 months)

        Managed Butlins direct marketing plan for seasonal and tactical campaigns.
        Managed the creative process from creative brief to final approval – worked closely with an internal studio.
        Managed and refreshed the ‘Premier Club’ loyalty scheme to retain and upgrade existing guests.

     Successfully redesigned ‘Welcome Home’ tactical DM and teaser email to retain customer loyalty. DM
        achieved 3.9% response / £68k tariff. Email achieved 6% response / £110k tariff.
         Successfully re-branded ‘Premier Club’ loyalty fulfilment items and material for all 3 Resorts.
         ‘Recommend a Friend’ incentive generated 250 responses – 1.5% response rate.

Cobra Group plc Marketing Agency – Temporary Account Manager
January – February 2009

         Events research for Sky and Irish Charity clients.
         Liaised with Promotional Marketing agencies in order to implement client events in key venues.
         Managed client F.R (Field Representatives) and monitored performance in order to maximise ROI.

NatWest and RBS Student, Teen and Package Accounts - Acquisition Direct Marketing Manager
July 2007 – November 2008

        Delivered Package Account Re-Price DM to 2 million existing customers and retain customer base.
        Managed strategic plan for Student and Teen Acquisition DM campaigns and delivered retention targets.
        Worked closely with online and brand teams and ensured campaigns were fully integrated.

     Successfully delivered high-level Re-Price DM to 2m existing customers and 7 Package Accounts within a
        budget of £1.8m and managed key stakeholder expectations.
     Successfully mailed Student Acquisition DM to 140k non-customers – 24% up on 2007. NW remained No.1.
     Chaired ‘Wash-Up’ meetings to review campaigns – presented results and learning’s to team and agency.

NatWest and RBS Child Trust Fund – Assistant Marketing Communications Manager
January 2005 – June 2007

        Supported the development of Child Trust Fund strategic acquisition launch campaign and proposition.
        Managed the complete above and below the line campaign process alongside planning strategy.
        Identified CTF cross sell and upsell opportunities - to save costs and helped to achieve end of year targets.

     CTF DM response rates: Recruitment 2.38% and Conversion to direct debit 3.89% - increase of 16%.
     Introduced incentives for CTF direct mail – uplift of 1.2% for acquisition and 1.8% for conversion.
     Managed national press and magazine adverts to drive awareness – online applications increased by 120%.
     Represented CTF at the HMRC CTF meetings to review current market, share learning’s and ideas.

NatWest and RBS Home and Car Insurance – Marketing Executive
July 2002 - December 2004

        Assisted marketing manager with the implementation of all NatWest Home and Car Insurance acquisition
         direct marketing – then given additional responsibility to manage RBS.
        Implemented new branding for NatWest – working closely with agency and brand team.

     Home Insurance acquisition achieved an uplift of 0.39% - from 0.71% during Sep 2003 to 1.10% during Sep
        2004 – due to working closely with data to create new customer segments and tailored messages.
     Identified opportunity within HomeLife magazine > capturing 9,854 new Car Insurance renewal dates.

Media Works Ltd Advertising Agency – Account Exec – Whitehall Garden Centre / Sexton Car Retail
December 2000 – June 2002

         Day-to-day management of through-the-line briefs for retail, leisure and automotive brands.
         Managed national re-branding campaign for Sextons Car Accessories.
         Managed and edited 36-page CRM magazine for Whitehall Garden Centre and organised customer events.
         Involved in creative brainstorming, media buying for national press, magazine and radio.

Educational Qualifications
CIM (Advanced Level)                                                  Filton College, Bristol        2001
BA (Hons) Advertising – 2:1                                           Southampton Institute          1999 – 2000
HND Design Communication (Inc Copywriting & Marketing)                Southampton Institute          1997 – 1999
A-Levels - Art, Design Technology & Communication                     Filton College, Bristol        1994 – 1997

Skills and Achievements
Completed ‘Creative Writes’ copywriting course – July 2011
Attended Social Media Course and Mobile Marketing Course at TMW - 2010
Project Management Course - January 2004

Running, photography, music and yoga. Photography blog –
Travelled India during December 2008, Italy in 2005 and America during 2001.

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