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                        Concourse Restoration
                        Engine tune-ups and Services
                        Disc Brake upgrades front and rear: PBR, ARP racing, Wilwood
                        New stock of Rims: Magnum 500, Styled Steel rims.

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Letter from the President                                                                                        ...continued from page 26
                                                                                                                 Exhaust: Special cast-iron manifolds feeding into a dual muffler system. Trans: Four-speed Axle: 3.91:1
                                                                                                                 Detroit no-spin
Greetings,                                                                                                       Tires: F60x15 bias-ply raised white-letter tire. Magnum 500 Chrome wheels.
Only one month before the cruising season starts again. Polish the car,
check the oil and water and be prepared for another season of fun.                                               Boss 351 (R Code) Horsepower: 330 bhp at 5,400 rpm Torque: 370 lb-ft at 4,000 rpm
                                                                                                                 Suspension: Competition type with heavy-duty front coil and rear leaf springs. Heavy-duty Gabriel rear
Congratulations to our Editor Shawn on his first monthly magazine and a                                          shocks are staggered to prevent wheel hop. A .85 front sway bar as well as a .5 rear sway bar. Power-
big welcome to all the new and renewed members. The Social Commit-                                               assisted front disc and rear drum brakes.
tee have just been over the events list and fine tuned those items for the                                       Engine: 351 cubic-inch medium-block V-8 with 4-inch bore with 3.50-inch stroke. Special "Cleveland"
next 3 months. I know someone on the inside so I have had a preview of                                           cylinder heads with 2.19-inch intake and 1.71-inch exhaust valves. Special mechanical high-lift cam.
what is in store. Looks great team thanks for the good work.                                                     Block has four-bolt main bearing caps. Cast-iron crankshaft selected for higher nodularity. Special alu-
If you have been to our website lately you will see the work that Mike                                           minum intake with 4300D Autolite 716 cfm carb. Dual point distributor. Trans/code: Four-speed (Wide
has put in to give it a vibrant lift. For those who have not visited for a                                       ratio) code 5; four-speed (Close ratio) code 6Axle: 3.91:1 Detroit no-spin
while then go and have a look. Good work Mike.                                                                   Exhaust: Special cast-iron manifolds feeding into a dual muffler system.
                                                                                                                 Tires: F60x15 bias-ply raised white-letter tire. Wheels are stamped steel standard with corporate trim
                                                                                                                 rings and caps.
Club Trailer.
Fantastic news.                                                                                                  Rare Meat What are the rare options for the Boss cars? Well, really only for the 302 and 351 since the
The trailer has been donated to the club! Bruce and Liz Stewart (who made the purchase on behalf of              429 came with just about everything one could want from a steed.
the club) have kindly donated the trailer to us.                                                                 '69 Boss 302Only 15 had intermittent wipers.
What a great kick off for the project.                                                                           '70 Boss 302Only 25 had tinted windshields (that is, they came with clear side glass).
The second good news is that Murray Daxter who has joined the club recently and has offered the ser-             '71 Boss 351Only three had tinted windshields (that is, they came with clear side glass).
vices of his company to fabricate the trailer top.                                                               '69 Boss 429Five came without racing mirrors.
We have now purchased a new BBQ to be built into the design and thanks go to Brian and Joel for re-              '70 Boss 429One came without a console. One came without an AM radio. One came with sport slats
searching this and obtaining a very good price from Oasis Umbrella World.                                        and a rear spoiler.

FOR SALE.                                                                                                        Wheel Deal The Boss was the only car equipped with 15-inch wheels in 1969 and '70. The standard for
Our old club trailer. Anyone interested before we put it in the paper?                                           '69 wheels was the Argent-centered Magnum 500; optional was the chrome. The year 1970 saw the
                                                                                                                 Argent Magnum replaced by the steel-wheel mounting trim rings and caps. The other very rare option,
Please refer to the Club Calendar for other coming events. Your social committee has put in many hours           the Sport Wheel Cover, was only available in 1970. Contrary to popular belief, the magnum 500 was
to provide a varied selection of events to meet with your discerning tastes. All they ask in return is for       not available outside of the Boss line-unless dealer installed. In fact, Ford added beefier components to
your attendance and participation. If you don‘t find an event that interests you so far then please provide      the suspension as well as rolled fender lips just to keep the tires where they belonged.
some constructive feedback.                                                                                      The standard trim ring and "corporate" cap (so named because of the Ford Motor Company type
                                                                                                                 around the center) continued through the final year of the Boss reign, 1971, as the base cover. The
Thanks to the 50 people who participated in the August meeting. The food was superb. Have a look in              Magnum, as of 1971, was an option on any V-8 Mustang and carried over as an option on the Boss 351
the following pages for a write-up on this and other recent events.                                              as well.
This edition will be at the printers by the time we are on our first overnight trip for this season. There are
12 cars booked to join the trip to Bunbury where Colin & Nola Robinson have arranged a program for the           Inside Out Interiors on the Boss cars ran the gamut from taxicab plain to downright gaudy. This was
weekend. Look for a write up in the next mag.                                                                    especially true in '70-'71 when the wild striped interiors and funky fabrics invaded the line. The Boss
                                                                                                                 429, however, only came one way-Deluxed out.
The club has started planning for the 2013 nationals. If you have something to offer we are keen to hear
from you. Ideas and a willing contributor is all that is asked of you.                                           Big Ole Boss Books 'n' Other Stuff Way back in 1982, Donald Farr wrote what is still considered by the
                                                                                                                 enthusiast market the best compendium of Boss 302 facts. Fittingly named Mustang Boss 302 Fords
Keep an eye on the club website and the forum pages. Last minute and impromptu events such as the                Trans-Am Pony Car, this tome of wisdom and knowledge has all the stuff fit to print. It covers the street
Targa West viewing (28th August) from Pete and Glenyce Jarvis new house pad are the kind of thing that           cars, race cars, and what the cars should and should not have. Sadly, this book went out of print a
can make an otherwise dull weekend into something great. Thanks for your kind offer guys.                        couple of years ago.
                                                                                                                 Another good book that has gone out of print is the Boss 429 Mustang by Stephen Strange. It details
See you at the next event. J                                                                                     the birth and life of the Boss 429. It, like the Boss 302 book, is a wealth of information.
7th September meeting will be at McInerney Ford in Morley. 7.00pm for a meeting start at 8.00pm.                 Check swap meets and online sources for either of these titles. If you're lucky, you might find them at
Rob Bloxham                                                                                                      one of the Mustang parts businesses that advertise in Mustang Monthly.
Email                                                                                     Regrettably, there is no good reference on the Boss 351. Terry Richards runs a registry; but to our
Phone (08) 9399 6558.                                                                                            knowledge, no one has put together a book of complete facts about the last of the Boss cars. It is really
Don‘t forget to check out the latest news and discussion on the                           a shame, too, since we are sure there are some neat facts that should be brought to light.
Then click on ‗Go To The Forum‘ link. Check out the Western Australia section. It is currently the most          If you have a Web connection, below are some places to point your
active state forum. Join in and reap the benefits.                                                     

   4                                                                              September 2010                 September 2010                                                                                        29
28   September 2010   September 2010   5
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6   September 2010    September 2010                                                         27
...continued from page 25

Standard Stuff The Boss cars came with a nice list of performance standard features. The Boss '9 gave            Vice Presidents Report
you all these and a plush interior. One has to wonder if Ford did this because they felt guilty about the
whopping $4,937 price tag.                                                                                                                                                                Brian Blechynden
Boss 302 1969Horsepower: 290 bhp at 5,800 rpm Torque: 290 lb-ft at 4,300 rpm
Suspension: Competition type with heavy-duty front coil and rear leaf springs. Heavy-duty rear Gabriel           Well another month has passed and by the time you all read this, Trish and I will be in Canada some-
shocks are staggered to prevent wheel hop. A .85 front sway bar. Power-assisted front-disc and rear-             where.
drum brakes.
                                                                                                                 A great day was had at Chapel Farm in July. Approximately 35 people sat down to an enjoyable meal. It
Engine: 302 cubic inch small-block V-8 with 4-inch bore with 3-inch stroke. Special "Cleveland" cylinder
                                                                                                                 was a good social atmosphere with a lot of catching up and some fun. Raffle prizes appeared to go to
heads with 2.23-inch intake and 1.71-inch exhaust valves. Special mechanical high-lift cam. Block has
                                                                                                                 the one table and I am not sure if Wilf bought a whole book or not. After the meal most retreated to
screw-in freeze plugs and four-bolt main bearing caps. Forged steel crankshaft statically and dynami-
                                                                                                                 the car park to admire the Mustangs present.
cally balanced. Special aluminum intake with Holley 780 cfm carb. Dual point distributor.
Exhaust: Special cast-iron manifolds feeding into a transverse muffler system. Trans/code: Four-speed            Sunday the 1st of August, a spring day in the middle of winter, an enthusiastic group met at Kingsway
(Wide ratio) code 5; four-speed (Close ratio) code 6Axle/code: 3.50:1 (open) A code; 3.50:1 (Traction            shopping centre then proceeded to Barbagallo Raceway for an enjoyable day in a corporate box whilst
Lok) S code; 3.91:1 (Traction-Lok) V code; 4.30:1 (Detroit no-spin) W code;                                      watching 25 events of racing by the Western Australian Sporting Car Club. It was a great day of racing
Tires: F60x15 bias-ply raised white-letter tire. Magnum 500 Chrome wheels with argent centers.                   as well as a peek at the cars in the pits.
Boss 302 1970Horsepower: 290 bhp at 5800 rpm Torque: 290 lb-ft at 4300 rpm                                       The clubs new trailer has been over the pits now and work is about to start on construction of the can-
Suspension: Competition type with heavy-duty front coil and rear leaf springs. Heavy-duty rear Gabriel           opy. Murray Daxter has offered to do the construction work at his workshop in South Guildford. This is
shocks are staggered to prevent wheel hop. A .85 front sway bar as well as a .5 rear sway bar. Power-            greatly appreciated as I was finding it difficult to get anything done with our trip so close.
assisted front disc and rear drum brakes.
                                                                                                                 The club has also purchased a new BBQ. It is an 1150 Heatlie with a 5mm stainless steel hot plate and
Engine: 302 cubic-inch small-block V-8 with 4-inch bore with 3-inch stroke. Special "Cleveland" cylinder
                                                                                                                 cover. We were able to purchase this at almost half price from Oasis Umbrella World in Nedlands.
heads with 2.19-inch intake and 1.71-inch exhaust valves. Special mechanical high-lift cam. Block has
                                                                                                                 Thanks to Joel Breadsell who went to Nedlands to collect the BBQ, Joel also put the trailer over the pits.
screw-in freeze plugs and four-bolt main bearing caps. Forged steel crankshaft statically and dynami-
cally balanced. Special aluminum intake with Holley 780 cfm carb. Dual point distributor.                        Well Trish and I will be absent from the events during the last part of August and all of September so
Exhaust: Special cast-iron manifolds feeding into a dual muffler system. Trans/code: Four-speed (Wide            we look forward to catching up in October.
ratio) code 5; four-speed (Close ratio) code 6Axle/code: 3.50:1 (open) A code; 3.50:1 (Traction Lok) S
                                                                                                                 Keep your pony cruising!
code; 3.91:1 (traction-lok) V code; 4.30:1 (Detroit no-spin) W code;
Tires: F60x15 bias-ply raised white-letter tire. Wheels are stamped steel standard with corporate trim
rings and caps.
                                                                                                                   Calander of Motoring Events
Boss 429 1969 Horsepower: 330 bhp at 5,400 rpm Torque: 370 lb-ft at 4,000 rpm
Suspension: Competition type with heavy-duty front coil and rear leaf springs. Heavy-duty rear Gabriel                                Further details will be published closer to the event
shocks are staggered to prevent wheel hop. A .94 front sway bar. Power-assisted front disc and rear
drum brakes.
Engine: 429 cubic-inch big-block V-8 with 4.36-inch bore with 3.59-inch stroke. Special "semi hemi"              Date                              Event                                                Contact
aluminum cylinder heads with 2.28-inch intake and 1.90-inch exhaust valves. Special mechanical high-
lift cam (S engines) or special hydraulic high-lift cam (T engines). Block has four-bolt main bearing            September
caps. Forged steel crankshaft statically and dynamically balanced. Special aluminum intake with Holley           Tues 7th        BBQ Meeting at McInerney Ford                            Lynda McDonough 9330 5105
735 cfm carb. Dual point distributor.                                                                            8th—15th        Veteran Car Club—Tour of the Southwest                   Graeme Coote 0417 977 332
Exhaust: Special cast-iron manifolds feeding into a transverse muffler system. Trans: Four-speed Axle/           Sunday 26th     Supa Golf Family Fun Day—PSVP Required                   Graeme Coote 0417 977 332
code: 3.91:1 (Traction lok) V Code                                                                               October
Tires: F60x15 bias-ply raised white letter tire. Magnum 500 Chrome wheels.                                       Tues 2nd        Cruise Meeting for Captian Munchies in Freo              Lynda McDonough 93104 289
Boss 429 1970 Horsepower: 375 bhp at 5,200 rpm Torque: 350 lb-ft at 3,400 rpm                                    Sunday 24th     All Ford Day Cruise to Mandurah                          Wilf Chambers 9204 1188
Suspension: Competition type with heavy-duty front coil and rear leaf springs. Heavy-duty Gabriel rear
shocks are staggered to prevent wheel hop. A .94 front sway bar as well as a .5 rear sway bar. Power-
                                                                                                                 Tues 2nd        Cruise Meeting TBA                                       Brian Blechynden 0418 862 321
assisted front disc and rear drum brakes.                                                                        Sun 21st        Annual Mustang Car Rally to Dwellingup                   Brian Blechynden 0418 862 321
Engine: 429 cubic-inch big-block V-8 with 4.36-inch bore with 3.59-inch stroke. Special "semi hemi"              Sun 28th        VSCC - Stampede @ Barbagallo Raceway                     Graeme Coote 0417 977 332
aluminum cylinder heads with 2.28-inch intake and 1.90-inch exhaust valves. Special mechanical high-
lift cam (S engines) or special hydraulic high-lift cam (T engines). Block has four-bolt main bearing            December
                                                                                                                 Tues 7th        Cruise Meeting - Kings Park to Hilliarys                 Geoff Smith 0416 020 277
caps. Forged steel crankshaft statically and dynamically balanced. Special aluminum intake with Holley
                                                                                                                  Sun 12th       Club Xmas Party/Family Day                               Julie 0403 015 406
735 cfm carb. Dual point distributor.
                                                                                       ...continued on page 29

 26                                                                            September 2010                     September 2010                                                                                          7
         Secretary & Treasurers Report                                                                               History of Ford Boss Mustangs - Boss!
                 By Ali Walker                                                                                 The Car That Shinoda Built And Ford Pushed Is Still A Performance Icon
                                                                                                                     From the November, 2002 issue of Mustang Monthly By Jeff Ford Photography by Jeff Ford & Donald Farr.

What a busy month and I don‘t think it will be ended soon. Taking on additional role of Treasurer has         The Boss cars have always held a place of awe and respect. We have grown to love that solid lifter
opened my eyes on how busy our pass Treasurer Ray has been in the last twelve months. Thank you Ray           sound from the Boss 351 and the Boss 302, as well as the mighty power that the Boss 429 can deliver
for showing me the ropes on this new position, and I only hope I can do it as professional as you. I have     under the right massaging. If there is one car that can turn heads while idling down the show field, it is
been told it‘s all about organising, planning and delegating. Bills to pay, renewals to process and of        the Boss-any Boss.
course that doesn‘t take in account attending the functions or cruises. By the time the cruising season
                                                                                                              Many hold the Boss cars in the same light as the Shelbys, even though the Boss prices have not
starts I will be settled in the role. I might not know too much what is under the bonnet, but I do know a
                                                                                                              reached the nosebleed level of the cars fathered by Carroll himself. Still, the Boss era is kind of remark-
lot now how the wheels turn in the club to make it run and appreciate the hard work that goes behind the
                                                                                                              able. Here was a car that was bare bones, made no attempt at creature comforts outside of the deluxe
scenes each month and events.
                                                                                                              interior, and was only available with a four-speed. Even Shelby never did that after the first year. So
Our last meeting was held at the Austria Club in Orange Grove for a dinner meeting on Saturday the 7 th of
                                                                                                              the Boss is something special, something rare in Ford.
August. I was given the night off by President Rob for my reports, so the usual reports will be reported in
the next magazine. If you attended this successful night, I hope you enjoyed the company of your fellow       We'll examine the options that were specific as well as the basics. We dole out stats and figures to
Mustangers and had a great evening. It was a well turned out event and we only hope we can do some-           make even the baseball fans smile. We also muse over some items to make you go, hmmm-we hope.
thing similar in the year ahead.
The Social committee has had its first meeting since forming. Lots of new ideas came out of it for future
events for the club and one of them was to get our country members involved. Hopefully in the year            Then                        Now
ahead we can plan runs to visit more of our country members. As we know how hard it is to get to Perth
                                                                                                              '69 Boss 302 N/A            '69 Boss 302 $20,500
so, as they say……
 'If the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain'                           '70 Boss 302 $3,720         '70 Boss 302 $20,500
Speaking about our country members, by the time you have received your September magazine we would
                                                                                                              '69 Boss 429 $4,937         '69 Boss 429 $38,000
of come back from our weekender away 21/22nd of August 2010. Later we will report back of what we
got up to whilst travelling down the southwest to Bunbury. Big thank you to Nola and Colin Robinson for       '70 Boss 429 N/A            '70 Boss 429 $38,000
their hospitality and organising a great weekend away for us city slickers.
                                                                                                              '71 Boss 351 $4,124         '71 Boss 351 $18,450
Best wishes from
Treasurer/Secretary                                                                                           If New in 2002                Actual
                                                                                                              '69 Boss 302 N/A              $20,500
                                                                                                              '70 Boss 302 $16,888          $20,500
                               Merchandise                                                                    '69 Boss 429 $21,199          $38,000
                                                                                                              '70 Boss 429 N/A              $38,000
                Item                                    Price                Unit                             '71 Boss 351 $16,966          $18,450

                Club Jackets                            $140.00              each
                                                                                                              Compared to Shelby                SportsRoofs now:
                Club Polo Shirts                        $40.00               each
                                                                                                              '69 GT350 $26,000                 '69 Boss 302 $20,500
                Club Ladies Tee Shirts                  $25.00               each
                                                                                                              '70 GT350 $26,000                 '70 Boss 302 $20,500
                Club Caps                               $20.00               each
                                                                                                              '69 GT500 $32,100                 '69 Boss 429 $38,000
                Club Key Rings                          $6.00                each                             '70 GT500 $32,100                 '70 Boss 429 $38,000

                Club Stickers or Labels                 $5.00                pair                             '71 Shelby Europa N/A             '71 Boss 351 $18,450

                Club Badges                             $2.00                each
                                                                                                                                                                                                            ….continued on page 26

   8                                                                           September 2010                 September 2010                                                                                                 25
                        Your Shipping Experts, LA to
                       Fremantle from $3,400 plus GST
                                        Inclusive of $200 cleaning
                        We handle everything involved with importing vehicles to Australia

                      Transporting across the USA              All body chrome
                      Loading and unloading containers         Sheet metal for all models
                      Customs and Quarantine                   All interior pieces
                      Insurance                                Specialising in Scott Drake parts

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24   September 2010    September 2010                                                           9
                       Red Mustangs in a row ready for the races               Ken, Bruce and Julie watching the action

                                                      Dinner Meeting at the Austrian Club

                       Brian and Judi enjoying the races at                        Newly appointed Property Officer Joel
                              Barbagallo in comfort                                            on the job?

10   September 2010   September 2010                                                                                      23
                                       By Maurie Whittles

The first of August is the Horses Birthday so last Sunday saw 12 lucky Ponies & their owners get to
go to the Barbagallo Raceway to enjoy a day of Racing & Regularity Trials.
We all met at Kingsley Shopping Centre Car Park on a morning that dawned bright & sunny although         Members Name:             Maxine Mills
the breeze was a little (very for some) chilly. After a short meet & greet waiting for all to show up,
                                                                                                         My Better Half is: Jeff
we set off for the short cruise up Wanneroo Road to the circuit. On arrival we were welcomed by a
WASCC Official & directed to the display area at the end of Pit Straight. 11 much loved Muzzies sit-     Kids:                     2 Grown up Sons,
ting in the sun for the spectators to admire.
After parking El President`e Rob Bloxham informed us that fellow member Ken Hammond had of-
                                                                                                                                   2 DIL‘s,
fered us the use of a Corporate Box on the second storey of McCracken House. We all trouped                                        5 Grandie‘s
through the Pits following Ken & were ushered inside the box to enjoy the days racing with a bird‘s
eye view & private facilities. It was a fabulous gesture & one greatly appreciated by the group.
                                                                                                         FACTS ON MY MUSTANG                                                               FAST FACTS
Thanks again Ken it made the day that much better.
                                                                                                                                                                                           THE THIRD GENERATION
The Clem Dwyer Cup was the Feature Race which is run annually to honor a much loved & revered            Colour: White
racing identity. Clem was a designer & builder of many race cars also a driver & motorcycle rider of
considerable talent. He held many records including an Australian Land Speed for motorbikes. In his      Year: 1988                                                                        Manufacturer:        Ford Motor Company
                                                                                                                                                                                           Production:          1979–1993
70‘s he rode a motorbike across a Freeway Pedestrian Bridge for a dare & at 82 he purchased &            Body Type: Convertible                                                            Assembly:            Dearborn, Michigan
raced a Subaru WRX. He drove his last competition event in 2003 & passed away a year                                                                                                                            Caracas, Venezuela
later………………a true Motorsport Legend.                                                                     Engine: 5 Ltr                                                                     Body style(s):       2-door convertible
Fellow club member Mike (Macca) McDonald was competing in the Regularity Trials in his ‘66 Coupe.                                                                                                               2-door coupe
Regularity involves completing a set amount of laps, usually 4 or 6, in a time nominated by the com-
                                                                                                         Transmission: 4 Speed                                                                                  3-door hatchback
                                                                                                                                                                                           Platform:            Fox Platform
petitor, with the competitor finishing nearest to their nominated time being the winner. It‘s a great    Interior Colour: Red                                                              Engine(s):           2.3 L I4
introduction to Competitive Motor Racing, if any club members are interested please contact WASCC                                                                                                               2.3 L turbocharged I4
or myself for details.                                                                                   Modifications: Nil                                                                                     3.3 L (~201 cu in) I6
All of us enjoyed the Historic Racing with many rare & interesting cars competing, it was a fantastic                                                                                                           3.8 L (~232 cu in) Essex V6
                                                                                                         Wheels/Tyres: 15‖ Standard                                                                             302 cu in (4.9 L) Windsor V8
day out. Our thanks to WASCC for their hospitality & also to Graeme Coote for organizing the day.
                                                                                                         Year Purchased: 2010                                                                                   (marketed as a "5.0" model)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                171 cu in (2.8 L)V6
                                                                                                         Purchased: At a Mustang meet                                                                           255 cu in (4.2 L)V8
                                                                                                                                                                                           Transmission(s):     4-speed manual
                                                                                                         Past Cars Owned: Nil                                                                                   5-speed manual
                                                                                                                                                                                                                3-speed automatic
                                                                                                         I Would love to own: GTHO                                                                              4-speed automatic
                                                                                                                                                                                           Wheelbase:           100.5 in
                                                                                                         Why I joined the club: Like cars/Meet new people                                  Length:              179.6 in
                                                                                                                                                                                           Width:               1987–1990: 69.1 in
                                                                                                         Favourite club outing: All outings are good                                                            1991–93: 68.3 in
                                                                                                                                                                                           Height:              1987–1990: 52.1 in
                                                                                                         Next Holiday will be: South Australia                                                                  1991–93 Coupe: 52 in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                1991–93 Hatchback: 52.1 in
                                                                                                         Favourite sport: Netball
                                                                                                         Favourite food: Thai/Chinese
                                                                                                         Favourite drink: White Wine
                                                                                                         Favourite music: 70‘s
                                                                                                         Favourite Hobbies: Boating & Shopping
                                                                                                         What do you do to relax: Read & watch movies

                                                                                                                 Unfortunately Maxine did not send pictures with her Member Profile so I have borrowed a couple from the internet.

22                                                                             September 2010             September 2010                                                                                                              11
                                                                                                                                 Continued 1964 Ford Mustang Convertible - Iacocca's Mustang…..
                                         Ford and the 9 inch Diff
                                                                                                                                 The Iacocca Vision
             (This is the first part in our series on the Ford 9‖ Diff. This was put together and sent to the pervious Editor,
                              Mike Hilhorst. The article may have been put together by Brad Smith….Ed said)
                                                                                                                                 Lee Iacocca's marketing and business instincts sent shockwaves through the company that launched his
                                                                                                                                 career. His vision changed everything for Ford Motor Company, because he knew how to target markets
                                                                                                                                 and create hot products. The Maverick became another Iacocca success story at Ford, outselling the Mus-
The 9-inch Ford differential needs little introduction. It is the strongest differential ever made and has                       tang, thanks to its practical approach and $1,995 base sticker price.Lee was also responsible for the '74-
made its mark across all fields of motorsport – racers, rodders and restorers alike Love it. Everyone with a                     '78 Mustang II, which enjoyed the same success as the Maverick. It was the right car at the right time,
desire for power and performance uses them.                                                                                      selling more than 1 million units in four years. The '79 Mustang was another success for Ford, thanks to
So what makes up a 9 inch and why is it so good? How can you identify one and make sure that its right
for the job? The 9 inch wasn‘t very common to Mustangs and so finding the right one can be a bit of a                            Toward the end of his 32-year career at Ford, Lee and ally Hal Sperlich again saw great potential in baby
challenge but fortunately nowadays it is supported by a spare parts network that makes sourcing all the                          boomers who needed practical, roomy transportation. Lee and Hal went to Henry Ford II with a fresh
right pieces that much easier.                                                                                                   idea: the minivan. Henry dismissed the idea as impractical.

I got curious about the legend and I decided to do some digging. Though I draw heavily from US sources                           When Lee left Ford in 1978, Hal and other talented people followed him to Chrysler, where Lee created a
I have tried to find some local content. I will still admit that I‘m a bit of a rubbernecker and apologise for                   new-market phenomenon with the Plymouth Voyager and Dodge Caravan. Chrysler minivans remain best-
any incorrect or left out information.                                                                                           sellers in a competitive market.
                                                      Some Background                                                            Before I met Lee three years ago for our exclusive interview in Mustang Monthly ("Iacocca Speaks Out,"
The rough and tough 9-inch Ford was introduced in 1957 and it didn't change much in appearance                                   May '04, p.18), my perception of the retired auto executive was different than it is today. I saw Lee as a
throughout its production life, which was up until the early 1980‘s. What it did do was improve as horse-                        corporate big-shot who would never make time for a working-stiff automotive writer like me. It was the
power ratings and demands increased and the greatest changes came during the early 1960‘s, as the US                             interview I never believed I'd get because I was told repeatedly by Lee and his Chrysler handlers for the
horsepower wars heated up.                                                                                                       better part of 20 years that he wasn't going to discuss the Mustang. In the latter part of 2004, he not only
                                                                                                                                 granted me the interview, he chatted with me in his home for two hours longer than planned, discussing
The early units were built with 28-spline axle shafts and small axle bearings and that remained the stan-
                                                                                                                                 everything from the Mustang to most of the challenges facing the world today.
dard during its production life. As the design evolved and Ford made solid improvements, things like four-
pinion carriers, limited slip Equa-Lok, and Traction-Lok Posi‘s, larger axle bearings and 31-spline axle                         Lee remains well grounded and close to his roots as a direct descendent of Italian immigrants. He has
shafts came onto the scene.                                                                                                      never forgotten the value of hard work, and at 82 years old, he continues to practice these beliefs. Fame
                                                                                                                                 and fortune have never gone to his head, and of all the treasures he has amassed during a lifetime of
For Mustangs, it was only the Ultra High Performance Boss 302‘s, Boss 429‘s, 427‘s and 428 CJ/SCJ (Drag
Pack) cars that received the 31 spline carriers and axle shafts. This came with the much stronger nodular-                       successes, it's his family he holds closest.
iron case, known as the "N" case, for high-performance applications. The HiPo 289‘s received the smaller                         Mary Iacocca, Lee's wife of more than 30 years, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes shortly after they
28 spline units.                                                                                                                 met in 1948. When complications from diabetes ultimately took her life in 1984, Lee took his grief and
Some of the heavier Fords like the Galaxies, later Thunderbirds and mid 70's Torinos received the larger                         manifested it positively by launching The Iacocca Foundation.
wheel bearing housings and the earliest "N" applications were 406 and 427ci big-block, 1962-63, Galaxies.                        "When Mary died of diabetes, my family and I began a journey to support innovative diabetes research
In the USA the 9 inch diff saw wide use in pick-up trucks (both 2 wheel & 4 wheel drives) up to 1982                             nationwide," he says. "Twenty-two years and $230 million later, The Iacocca Foundation has supported
(though it was used in limited quantities in some 1/2 ton vans and trucks to 1985/86), which has provided                        amazing scientists and helped advance exciting research." He notes that he created JoinLeeNow to raise
a good supply of used units for present day enthusiasts. Early half ton trucks got the 28 spline axles and                       funds and kick research into high gear. Motivation came from an Iacocca-supported researcher who was
carriers, while sometime in the early 70‘s the switch was made to mostly 31 spline axles and carriers for                        the first to successfully reverse and cure Type 1 diabetes in mice. That breakthrough is a significant step
the pick-up‘s (while some vans remained with 28 spline units). Most of the later pick-up‘s also received the                     toward finding a cure for Type 1 diabetes and may have potential for treating other diseases such as Lu-
larger axle bearings housings. One exception to this was the Bronco from 1966 to 1977; which stayed with                         pus, Chrohn's, and Rheumatoid Arthritis.
the 28 spline units and mainly small bearing housings (although some of the later 74-77 models also
started getting the heavier axle housing with large bearings). It all sounds a bit confusing and it was really                   As part of The Iacocca Foundation's fund-raising efforts, Lee lent his name to create The Lee Iacocca
the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW ) that would determine which axle housing many vehicles received.                                  Award for car clubs around the world. The Lee Iacocca Award has been conceived to honor the most com-
Since the ―Limited Slip‖ or Locking rear end (often referred to as a ―Posi‖) came to be a popular option in                      mitted classic-car collectors and restorers around the world, as well as raise important funding for The
the early 1970‘s, many of the units sourced today from the USA are those pulled from pick-up‘s with the                          Iacocca Foundation.
31 spline carriers with the ―Traction Loc‖ style Posi units. Actual car Posi units, which were primarily 28                      Clubs and individuals interested in supporting the research for a diabetes cure are encouraged to contact:
spline carriers, can be much more difficult to locate since the supply is limited to a few cars and early
Broncos (and some early pick-up‘s). The difficulty is that pick-up lug pattern in most cases differed from
the car and due to the bearing size differences, aftermarket shafts often have to be purchased if one                                                                                   The Iacocca Foundation
wants to use a pick-up 31 spline carrier in a car.                                                                                                                                     17 Arlington St., 4th Floor
                                                                                                                                                                                          Boston, MA 02116
As can be inferred from above, Ford didn‘t keep things very standard or consistent. So finding the right                                                                                     617/267-7747
combinations can be tricky!                                                                                                                                                    

   12                                                                                                       September 2010         September 2010                                                                                       21
 1964 Ford Mustang Convertible - Iacocca's
                                                                                                              The types of cars that used the 9 inch diff were:
                Mustang                                                                                       USA

                                                                                                              •     1957-'59   Ford station wagons, including Ranchero and sedan delivery
                                                                                                              •     1958-'90   F-100 and F-150 pickups
                                                                                                              •     1957-'67   Thunderbird
                                                                                                              •     1963-'69   Falcon and Comet
                                                                                                              •     1957-'64   Ford and Mercury full-size cars
                                                                                                              •     1963-'69   Fairlane (note: '67 Fairlanes had coil rear springs instead of leaf)
                                                                                                              •     1958-'60   Edsel
                                                                                                              •     1966-'77   Bronco (uses a larger five-on-51/2-inch wheel bolt pattern)
Lee Iacocca Never Owned A New Mustang, But His Wife Gave Him A '64-1/2 Convertible As A Birthday              •     1975-'78   Ford Granada and Mercury Monarch
Surprise In 1974                                                                                              •     1971-'76   Torino, Ranchero and Mercury Montego
        From the February, 2009 issue of Mustang Monthly By Jim Smart Photography by Jim Smart                •     1977-'81   Lincoln Versailles
                                                                                                              •     1970-'79   Lincoln and Continental
At 82 years old, Lee Iacocca is a seasoned individual with a firm handshake and solid conviction, as whet-    •     1972-'86   E-250 Ford vans
stoned sharp as he was when he sold Henry Ford II on the idea to build a sporty, four-place automobile        •     1965-'73   Mustang
that would become an American icon.                                                                           •     1967-'73   Cougar
The Mustang was a tough sell for Lee, who finally convinced Mr. Ford that the car was a good idea be-
cause hundreds of thousands of baby boomers were coming of age and they wanted sportier cars than             Australian Fords used the 9 inch as well. Here is some information on differentials in local cars:
Ford's stodgy lineup. After widening the prototype a pinch to satisfy Henry, Lee sent the Mustang to mar-
ket where it became a phenomenal overnight success and changed the public's perception of Ford Motor          •     XR GT: 8", 2.93 LSD
Company forever.                                                                                              •     XT GT: 8", 3.00 LSD
                                                                                                              •     XW GTL: 9", 3.25 LSD, 28 spline axles
Amazingly, Lee never owned a new Mustang, which is ironic considering his role in the car's runaway suc-      •     XW GTHO: 9", 3.00 LSD, 28 spline axles
cess. Instead, he did exactly what he was supposed to when he was a Ford executive-drive and evaluate         •     XW GTHO PHASE 2: 3.5 Detroit Locker, Nodular Daytona Carrier 31 spline axles
all kinds of automobiles. When he wasn't doing that, a driver picked him up at his Bloomfield Hills home      •     XY GT: 3.25 Std, 3.0 & 2.75 Opt, LSD, 28 spline axles
outside of Detroit for the ride to and from Ford World Headquarters across town in Dearborn.                  •     XY GTHO: 3.25, 3.5 or 3.9 Nodular Daytona Carrier, Detroit Locker, 31spline axles
When Lee turned 50 in 1974, his wife, Mary, presented him with a Caspian Blue '6411/42 Mustang con-           •     XA/XB/XC: Man; 3.0 Std, 2.75 Opt, LSD, 28 spline axles
vertible, which was located and crafted by Lee's friend, Hank Carlini. The car was like new, freshly re-      •     XA/XB/XC: Auto;, 2.75 Std, 3.0 Opt, LSD, 28 spline axles
painted and trimmed with custom pinstriping that included a horse's head at the leading edge. Hank origi-
nally penned the name "Iacocca" in this location, but Lee had him change it to a horse's head. Because        Optional ratios weren't available on standard models, like Falcons and Fairlanes. For the optioned cars,
Hank liked the Interior Dcor Group, he fitted the car with all the "Pony Interior" trimmings, as conceived    where other ratios were available, most were fitted with 3.25:1 - 3.55:1 and 3.9:1 Diff centres.
by late Ford-stylist Damon Woods.                                                                             The 1969-71 ZC, ZD, 72-78 LTD, ZF-ZG Fairlanes had the 9 inch in some heavy duty applications. The last
                                                                                                              Australian car to have a 9" was the XC, the XD came out with 28 spline, 4 pinion Borg Warner units. Disc
On July 14, 2006, Bob Fria, from the Mustang Owners Club of California, and I rolled up to Lee's iron gate.   brake diffs were H/D housings, (tapered from pumpkin to tubes) and drum brakes were light duty, (more
I saw his Mustang convertible at MOCC's Mustangs In The Park show a few weeks earlier. It was the first-      round pumpkin with tubes out the sides).
and probably the only-Mustang show he would ever bring it to because it now belongs to his daughter,
Lia. The car is significant not only for what it is-a Mustang-but also for what it means.                                                                                                              …...more next month
The Iacocca Mustang is about as you might expect for one of the oldest restorations out there. Virtually
unchanged from 1974 when Mary presented it to Lee, it's a Dearborn-built, F-code 260 convertible assem-
bled in June 1964 and delivered new to DSO 73, Salt Lake City. It's unknown where Hank found the car or
                                                                                                                                              Non Club Motoring Events
how it wound up in Detroit.
The Mustang is now garage-kept and driven rarely. Before it arrived at Mustangs In The Park in June           September
2006, it had no brakes and had to be repaired before being driven to the show. Had you been cruising          Wednesday 8 - 15th     Veteran Car Club - Tour of Southwest                         Graeme Coote 0417 977 332
Southern California's 405 freeway that day, you would've seen the Iacocca family cruising along with the
top down in the California haze.                                                                              October
                                                                                                              Sun 17th                 Classic and Awesome Rides Show                   
Although the thought may have crossed your mind-and ours-Lee's Mustang isn't for sale and never will be.
                                                                                …….Continued on page 21

   20                                                                            September 2010                   September 2010                                                                                       13
By the time you read this Winter will be over and Spring will be in the air. Its time to
dust off the Mustang and head out to blow out the cobwebs. The Social Committee
have a number of exciting events coming up starting with the Supa Golf Family Fun
Day on Sunday Sept 26th. See page 29 for all the details.
I have to say I was spoilt for my first issue with having a mountain of information to
fit in. this issue is a far different story. As I write this I still have several blank pages
to fill. My question to you is What do you want to see? This is ―your‖ magazine, I
only put it together each month. I have a couple of ideas, lets see what you come up

Progress on my Mustang is currently non-existent. I have a severe case of lack of
motivation. Looking at what needs to be done I might have it done in time for my
retirement in 35 years time! Luckily I‘m a patient man.

Searching the internet for Mustang material I have come across a revered nameplate
that Ford is bringing back. What remains to be seen, is will it do the nameplate jus-
tice? Time will tell. I wonder if in thirty years time it will be a winner. Below is a
glimpse of what is in store. Turn the page to read and see more.

                                                                 ...said Ed.

    It’s Back! Ford’s Legendary Boss 302. New for 2010.

  14                                                                   September 2010           September 2010   19
                                           Residential Sales
                                                Jon Stul
                                              0408 941 729
                                          Property Management
                                             Candice Crouch
                                              0421 197 211
                                        Commercial Management
                                               Lee Taylor
                                              0400 136 633
                                       Strata Company Management
                                               Lee Doepel
                                              0423 300 905

18   September 2010   September 2010                            15
                                 THE BOSS IS BACK
                   From the web

Press Release
To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Mustang Boss 302‘s iconic 1970 Trans-Am championship, and to
build on the success of the Mustang FR500C (winner of 2005/2008/2009 Grand-Am Championships), Ford
Racing is proud to announce the development of a new race-prepared road racing Mustang – the 2010
Ford Racing Boss 302R. Details of this exciting program have already begun to surface, and we want to
ensure our dealers hear about it from us first.
The Ford Racing Mustang Boss 302R will be a factory-built race car, ready for track days and road racing
in a number of SCCA and NASA classes. An optional Grand-Am Homologation Package will be available for
the Grand-Am KONI Challenge series. While details are intentionally limited at this time, the following
should help you assess the product and its appeal.
Vehicle Content:
*   400 hp (est.) 5.0L 4V engine
*   6-speed manual transmission
*   Roll cage
*   Race dampers/springs, brakes, tire
*   Race seats, safety harness

Program Intent:
*   Continue the winning tradition of Mustang racing
*   Build limited to 50 units
*   Off-road only (VIN replaced by serial number)
*   Estimated pricing, $75,000 WD, $79,000 MSRP
*   Build/delivery in 3rd -4th Qtr 2010
*   Ford Racing Part #: M-FR500-BOSSR

Optional – Grand-Am Homologation Package (Part Number: M-FR500-BOSSR1)
for KONI Challenge includes:
*   Sealed high output race engine with upgraded cooling system
*   Close ratio 6-speed transmission with integral shifter
*   Seam-welded body
*   Race suspension/KONI dampers and ABS brake tuning
*   Race wheels/tires
*   Race performance exhaust
*   High speed balance 1-piece driveshaft
*   Racing fuel cell
*   Race data acquisition
*   Grand-Am spec vehicle is estimated to be $129,000 MSRP ($124,000 WD)

     16                                                                                        September 2010   September 2010   17

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