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									Bake Sale By Elizabeth P.                                       February/March                               Presented by the
                                                                     2011                                  Teen2Teen Advisory
On December 12, Teen2Teen held our now-annual bake                                                                Board
sale. It was a huge success, undoubtedly due mainly to all
the fantastic brownies. We also sold tons of other
desserts, including thumbprint cookies, cauldron cakes,
and even homemade hot chocolate mix (which, I’ll admit,
I didn’t know existed). Of course, we couldn’t have done it without the help of the Friends of the Library, so a big thank you to
them. All of the proceeds of the bake sale will be going towards a carnival that Teen2Teen is hosting this summer. If you, quite
regrettably, missed the bake sale, make sure to check it out next year; It’s a great way to buy last-minute holiday presents. For
yourself. Yum!

                                                            started the new schedule! We made lots of changes and aren’t
From a Teen2Teen Member Herself!                            having many issues.
By Shannen G.                                               S: Thank you for your time, Alanah!
         AT the last teen 2 teen (T2T) meeting I was able   A: You’re welcome!
to talk with our communications officer, Alanah, about
her experiences as a member. Here are some of the
questions I was able to ask her to get the scoop on her
favorite teen to teen events!

S: What would you say sets teen to teen apart from other
community service programs?
A: T2T is like a family. In other programs you can be
   with a group of people you don’t know, but here we
   are working with our friends and doing things we like!

S: What T2T event are you looking forward to the most       “Did Somebody Say Treat?” By Patrick S.
this trimester?
                                                             Talent Show!
A: Definitely the murder mystery! They are fun and
awesome!                                                    Teen 2 Teen is hosting our 1st Annual Talent Show to be held April
                                                            16. Got talent? Let's see it! This is open to teens in Middle and
                                                            High School. It's not limited to any specific type of
S: I’m sure you’ve had many great experiences as a T2T      talent. Whether you can balance a spoon on your nose, play the
member, what is your favorite memory since you became a washboard, or turn yourself into a human pretzel, whatever: we
member over a year ago?                                     want to see it! Applications are due by March 13th. Auditions are
                                                            March 26th 1-5pm.
A: This is a funny one! It has to be at the murder mystery
event when my friend “died” because someone dropped a For more information & to pick up an application visit West
pencil in her eye! Everyone was trying to figure out if she Regional Library or contact Michele Glasburgh (Teen Librarian/
was really dead or alive, and it was really funny!          Teen2Teen Advisor) at Michele.glasburgh@wakegov.com

                                                            How to Submit
S: Has T2T helped you grow in other areas (besides          If you are aged 12-18, consider this a chance to show off your
accumulating community service credits of course!)?         creative talents to the community!
A: Of course! When I joined I was very shy and didn’t       If you write Short Stories, Poetry, Riddles/Jokes, draw Traditional
really talk to anyone. Now I’m the communications           or Digital Art, or if you take Photographs or want to write a Book
officer! It’s great.                                        Review- submit your work to The Splash!
                                                            Submit in person (in the Teen Section) or via email
                                                            (thesplashsubmit@gmail.com) If emailing, please include Name,
S: What is one thing you feel would make T2T even           Age & Title of Work. If submitting in person, fill out the same
MORE successful?                                            information on the paper forms provided.
                                                            Certificates will be given for published work!
A: We are doing very well now since we organized and
Ask Elizabeth
"Do you have any YA book recommendations? I love
                                                             The Night is Coming Once Again
fantasy books but I can't find any good books I haven't      The Night is coming once again
read yet. My favorites are:                                  Time continues its constant flow
Lioness quartet (Alanna books) by Tamora Pierce,             Never fast, Never slow
Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare,                       The Night is coming once again
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles by Clamp
Thanks!                                                      The Sun is preparing to fall
PS: Graphic novels are good too! ~ Anonymous"                Stealing its warming rays from all
                                                             And darkness begins to plague the land
---------------------------------------                      From mountains of rock to beaches of sand
Dear Anonymous,                                              The Night is coming once again

First off, I would just like to say DINGDINGDING we          Nothing can escape darkness's grasp
have a winner! Congratulations on being the first            And all the world seems to grasp
person to submit a question to this soon-to-be revered       As the moon appears in the starry sky
advice column. Your prize? Some killer book                  and many begin to question why
recommendations! Since you mentioned liking Tamora           The Night is coming once again
Pierce, I recommend very highly her series called
"Circle of Magic", which I think is her best series. A       The air starts to turn cold
couple of other really great fantasy books are Ella          As it did in years of old
Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine and Just Ella by             As Sun has gone and left a chill
Margaret Peterson Haddix. Both of these are retellings/      As it always had and always will
post-ball stories of Cinderella. Of course, I can't talk     The Night is coming once again
about great YA series without mentioning the
Maximum Ride series, one of my all-time favorites, and
the Hunger Games trilogy, of which the first two books       By Patrick S.
are definitely on my Top 100 list. As for graphic novels,
I can't say I have a whole lot of experience here, but
what I do know is this: The funniest manga series OF
ALL TIME is the Ouran High School Host Club books
by Bisco Hatori. And finally, The Day of the                 Battlefield
Triffids by John Wyndham. This one isn't really              Bodies of men and their noble steeds whimpering on the
fantasy but it is fantastic. I hope you enjoy all of these   ground, swords yearning to return to their scabbards.
books. I know I did, all forty two times I've read them.     Dust, grime, and the bile that has risen in my throat.
~Elisabeth                                                   The sickly sweet odor of blood.
                                                             Wailing, groaning, pleas for help, and the gasping sobs that I
                                                             barely realize are mine.
  Immortal Flames by Deepthi G.                              Tears trailing down my face, as I make my way through the
                                                             Hell on Earth, created by man.

                                                             By Kiran G.

                                                             The Jade Moon
                                                             As my vision begins to fade
                                                             The last bit of moon turns to jade
                                                             And the cold winter's night is stark
                                                             As everything goes dark
                                                             As the Moonlight shines down on me
                                                             I close my eyes for eternity

                                                             By Patrick S.

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