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					                               What’s Up
Vol. 5, Issue 9
January 12, 2011

                                        Widener Receives $1 Million to Support
Students Get a ‘Taste’ of
Italian Culture Through        2          Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
Naples Exchange Program
                                   Widener has received a $1 million
Points of Pride: Widener-          endowment from The Bernard Osher
CTBU Exchange
                                   Foundation to support the Osher
                                   Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) on
                                   the Exton Campus. The gift supports
Faces of Widener:              3   the Institute’s commitment to providing
Debra Trent
                                   adults 50 years of age and older
                                   with opportunities for intellectual
A ‘Day at the Museum’ for      3   development, cultural stimulation,
Bio Students                       personal growth, civic engagement,
                                   and social interaction.                         Stan Kotzen, longtime OLLI
                                                                                 member and chair of the OLLI
Celebrate MLK Jr. with a Day
                               4   The Osher Foundation has also provided       Membership Committee, attends a
of Service and Celebration         Widener with a $50,000 “bridge” grant          course on the Exton Campus.
                                   to assist the university with operational
                                                                                12 courses and 69 members. By the
                                   costs for OLLI while the endowment
PT to Hold Mobility Clinics    4                                                spring of 2006, the program grew to 30
Jan. 14, 17                        grows. These gifts come at an ideal
                                                                                courses, and today, with support from
                                   time for Widener. The university recently
                                                                                the Osher Foundation, OLLI offers about
                                   launched “Taking the Lead—The
Law Student Named a                                                             50 courses a term. Furthermore, as of
Skadden Rothschild Fellow      5   Campaign for Widener,” a $58 million,
                                                                                December 2010, Widener’s OLLI has
                                   seven-year fundraising initiative.
                                                                                registered more than 600 members.
                                   Widener’s Osher Lifelong Learning
Sport Management Advisory                                                       “My participation in this program has
Board Meets, Dedicates
                               5   Institute operates as an academic
                                                                                added a valuable dimension to my
Plaque to SBA                      cooperative run by its members who
                                                                                life,” said member Ross Kersey of
                                   volunteer their time and talents to
                                                                                Downingtown, PA, a retired school
Kevin Cunningham Hired as          teach courses ranging in areas of
Women’s Track & Field and
                               6                                                teacher who currently teaches American
                                   study from digital photography to
Cross Country Coach                                                             history at OLLI. “I have a sense of worth
                                   genealogy. In a letter announcing the
                                                                                that comes with having a positive impact
                                   $1 million endowment for the Institute,
Eat Right, Feel Right Tip #6   6                                                on other people’s lives.”
                                   Osher Foundation President Mary
                                   Bitterman praised Widener for making         For OLLI member Sharon Nelton of
                                   “outstanding” progress since receiving       West Chester, PA, the program helped
Noteworthy                     7   a $100,000 grant from the Foundation in      her transition from working as an editor
                                   June 2006, followed by additional grants     and writer in Washington, D.C. to
                                   of $100,000 in 2007, 2008, and 2009.         retiring near family. “OLLI provides the
Spotlight on Sports            7                                                community I was yearning for, one full
                                   Upon receiving the initial grant, Widener
                                                                                of challenging ideas, interesting people,
                                   changed the name of its existing lifelong
                                                                                and valuable new friends,” she said.
                                   learning program from the Academy
Two-Week Peek                  8
                                   for Learning in Retirement to the Osher      The OLLI spring semester begins
                                   Lifelong Learning Institute, joining the     January 24 and features courses such
Story Idea?                        growing list of about 120 colleges and       as “The Historical Sherlock Holmes” and
Send story and                     universities that host OLLI sites. Widener   “Medicine in the Great War.” To learn
noteworthy ideas and               started the Academy for Learning in          more, call 484-713-0088 or visit
items to Allyson Roberts,          Retirement in September 2004 with                                                                                                         1
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                                                                              Points of Pride…

Students Get a ‘Taste’ of Italian Culture
through Naples Exchange Program                                               Widener-CTBU Exchange
                                                                              Widener established an educational
Four Widener students recently
participated in a cultural exchange                                           partnership with Chongqing Technology
with students and young                                                       and Business University in 2007. Out
professionals from Italy. The                                                 of that partnership grew an exchange
exchange, which sent the Italian                                              program that sends Widener students
group to New York City and the                                                to CTBU after the spring semester, and
American group to Naples, Italy,                                              for the first time this fall, brought CTBU
was organized and sponsored                                                   students to Widener for a full semester.
by the L’Association des Etats
                                                                              Exchanges such as these encourage
Généraux des Etudiants de
                                                                              Widener students to embrace diversity
l’Europe (AEGEE). Established
throughout Europe, AEGEE is a                                                 and approach their studies with a more
nonprofit organization for young                                              global perspective.
                                           Standing in front of a
adults. It promotes cooperation,       merchant’s villa in Pompei,            What do the Chinese students get out of
communication, and integration             Widener’s exchange                 the experience?
among members. Through                participants include, from left,
AEGEE’s exchange programs,              Rob Moraca, Kim Cattolico,            Six CTBU students recently wrapped up
                                       Marc Bandola, Dr. Benedetti,           their semester at Widener. Learn what
participants are encouraged to
                                          and Jordan DaGrossa.
overcome national, cultural, and                                              they thought of the visit by clicking on
ethnic divisions.                     of the airplane, my whole family        the image below.
The Naples-based AEGEE                was lined up in their vehicles, ready
organized the exchange involving      to take us and our luggage to the
our Widener students. It was the      hotel before transporting us to my
chapter’s first exchange with         cousin’s home.”
America. The week’s programming,      The following night, AEGEE
funded by the Italian Ministry        organized dinner for all exchange
for Youth, focused on fostering       participants including the
an entrepreneurial spirit within      Neapolitans who had previously
participants.                         visited New York City. The
Dr. Thomas Benedetti, associate       rest of the weeklong program
professor of Italian and Spanish      included meetings with Italian
at Widener, encouraged all of his     businesspeople and tours of Italian
Italian students to apply for the     businesses. Among the stops, the
exchange. In the end, four were       students visited Caseificio in Aversa
picked: Marc Bandola, Kimberly        to see the process for making
Cattolico, Jordan DaGrossa, and       mozzarella and met with a small
Robert Moraca. Benedetti was          business owner who specializes in       CTBU exchange students Noungyu
also selected as a chaperone, and     underwater exploration.                 Jiang (left) and Muyi Xiao (right)
when he reported for duty, he was                                                 enjoy a sporting event with
                                      “This trip was a great learning
thrilled to see that Widener was                                              Widener student Rod Colon (‘11),
                                      experience for our students,
well represented among the 10                                                   who had previously traveled to
                                      especially those of Italian heritage,      China through the exchange.
Americans selected for the trip.      to learn about and appreciate the        Following his participation in the
“When we arrived in Naples, the       country,” said Benedetti. “I hope       program, Colon returned to China
six students I was with received      to get the AEGEE group to visit the        for a full semester of study.
an unexpected treat of having         Philadelphia region for its next trip
a traditional Neapolitan Sunday       abroad. There’s a vibrant and rich
dinner at my cousin’s home,”          Italian and Italian-American culture
Benedetti said. “When we got off      here.”

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Faces of Widener: Debra Trent
                                        Trent started baking as a child with       is insane, but commencement is
                                        her grandmother. She also picked           outrageous,” she said, referring to the
                                        up some skills from her mother, who        demand for her goodies.
                                        was also involved in the culinary arts.
                                                                                   “Once I get something right, I then
                                        Trent, the oldest of seven children,
                                                                                   think about how I can change it,” Trent
                                        recalls helping out regularly in the
                                                                                   said, noting that she especially enjoys
                                        kitchen while growing up. “Cooking at
                                                                                   the freedom that comes with baking
                                        home was like hosting a small party
                                                                                   during the holidays. With that said, her
                                        every day,” she said.
                                                                                   favorite dessert item is actually classic
                                        Trent will mark her 30th year with         cheesecake.
                                        ARAMARK next August. She first
                                                                                   A typical day for Trent, who starts
                                        joined the company to work alongside
                                                                                   her shift at 6 a.m., involves baking
                                        her mother. Initially, Trent worked
                                                                                   breakfast pastries for Java City,
                                        as a server before transferring to the
          Debra Trent,                                                             followed by prepping desserts for
        Pastry Chef/Baker
                                        bakery. She left the bakery for a three-
                                                                                   lunch and dinner.
            ARAMARK                     year run as a catering chef, but then
                                        returned. “I like baking,” she said. “I    When she is not baking, Trent enjoys
                                        enjoy making sweet things taste good       spending time with her family,
If you attended the Main Campus
                                        and working on the presentation.”          doing crafts, reading, and listening
holiday party, chances are you
                                                                                   to and singing music. She also
spotted the snow “woman” on the         Trent is responsible for a majority of
                                                                                   enjoys traveling to Maine, where she
dessert table, a beautiful—and          the “sweet” items found on campus.
                                                                                   appreciates the serenity that comes
edible—centerpiece. The master          From cakes to scones, her sweets
                                                                                   with its beautiful scenery. There is one
behind this delectable decoration is    stock the dining hall, Java City, and
                                                                                   thing she rarely does on her own time:
ARAMARK’s Debra Trent, a pastry         the dessert tables at many campus
                                                                                   bake. This doesn’t make her husband,
chef and baker at Widener.              events. “Halloween is crazy, Christmas
                                                                                   Michael, very happy, she joked.

A ‘Day at the Museum’ for Bio Students
At the close of the fall semester,
students in Dr. David Coughlin’s
course, Functional Anatomy of the
Mammals, visited the American
Museum of Natural History in New
York City. They examined fossil
skeletons of mammals and their
extinct relatives in the Lila Acheson
Wallace Wing of Mammals and Their
Extinct Relatives. The students
also looked at the anatomy of the
                                          Top: From left, Robert Gardner, Joseph
mammals in the context of the
                                         Conner, Christine Solomon, Emilie Keane,
evolutionary radiation of mammals       and Travis Smith pose in front of an extinct
and other synapsids.                      Gomphotherium (relative of elephants).
The trip gave participants a
chance to learn about mammals
                                           Right: From left, Elizabeth Toth and
on a grander scale and review the       Jacqueline Rodriguez stand in front of the
knowledge they had acquired during      skeleton of an extinct giant ground sloth.
the semester.
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Celebrate MLK Jr. with a Day of                                                           PT to Hold
                                                                                          Mobility Clinics
Service and Celebration January 17                                                        Jan. 14, 17
                                                                                          The Institute for Physical
                        The Widener           Interested volunteers: For all of the
                        community             activities listed above, check in at        Therapy Education will honor
                        is invited to         the Chester YWCA at 7th and Sproul          the life and legacy of Dr.
                        celebrate the life    Streets in Chester beginning at 8:30/9      Martin Luther King Jr. with free
                        and legacy of         a.m. Registration is not required, but it   mobility clinics throughout
                        Dr. Martin Luther     is preferred. To register, contact Twyla    the city of Chester on January
                        King Jr. with a       Simpkins at 610-876-8226 or                 14 and 17. At each clinic
                        day of service on                          site, students and faculty will
                       Monday, January                                                    screen and clean scooters,
                                              Volunteer Luncheon
17. This year’s commemorative event                                                       wheelchairs, walkers,
                                              12-1:15 p.m. YWCA
sponsored by the United Way of                                                            crutches, and canes to ensure
Southeast Delaware County and the             All volunteers are invited to the
                                                                                          that these assistive devices
Chester YWCA will serve as the official       Chester YWCA from 12–1:15 p.m. for
                                                                                          are in optimal condition. In
launch of Chester’s anti-violence             lunch prepared and served by faculty
                                              in Widener’s School of Hospitality          addition, each site will offer
initiative, the Pieces of Peace Project.
The event calls for volunteers to either      Management. At this time, the recipient     blood pressure screenings.
help the community at work sites              of the annual MLK Spirit Award will be      All located in the city of
throughout the city or engage in an art       announced. Following the luncheon,          Chester, the clinic schedule
activity around the day’s theme.              event organizers will lead a trip to the
                                              Crozer Theological Seminar for a brief
Help honor Dr. King on January 17 by
                                              wreath-laying ceremony.                     Friday, Jan. 14
participating in the following activities:
                                                                                          10 a.m.–12 p.m.
Volunteer Option #1                           Commemorative Event                         • Chester Senior Center,
9 a.m.–12 p.m. Chester Work Sites
                                              1:15 p.m. Crozer Auditorium                 721 Hayes St.
    • Volunteers will travel to an                                                        • Chester Eastside Ministries,
                                              Crozer Hospital invites the community
assigned work site for a more labor-                                                      420 E. 9th St.
                                              to attend its MLK commemorative
intensive project. Projects may involve
                                              event at the Crozer Auditorium
cleaning, painting, etc.                                                                  12–2 p.m.
                                              following the wreath-laying ceremony.
Interested volunteers: Register                                                           • Stinson Towers,
                                              Widener’s Commemorative
in advance by contacting Erica                                                            1501 Arbor Dr.
Weihermuller at 610-566-8421 ext.116                                                      • Palmer House Apartments,
                                              6:30 p.m. Alumni Auditorium
or All volunteers                                                     1420 Esrey St.
will need to arrange their own                Widener’s Black Student Union               • CityTeam Ministries,
transportation to their site.                 invites the entire community to its
                                                                                          634 Sproul St.
                                              commemorative program. Held in
Volunteer Option #2                                                                       • Community Hospital,
                                              Alumni Auditorium, the program will
10 a.m.–12 p.m. YWCA Activities                                                           2600 W. 9th St.
                                              include a performance by the Widener
    • Quilting Project: Volunteers will       Gospel Choir and reflections from           Monday, Jan. 17
participate in the stitching, ironing, etc.   members of the Widener community            10 a.m.–12 p.m.
of fabric for quilts to be donated to         about the significance of Dr. King.
homeless families in Chester.                                                             • Residences at Chestnut
                                              Learn more: For more information            Ridge, 2601 Chestnut St.
  • Peace Flags: Volunteers will              about Widener’s MLK Day of Service
                                                                                          • Matopos Hills Senior
construct peace flags under the               activities, contact the Office for
                                                                                          Apartments, 925 John St.
guidance of the Community Arts                Community Engagement at
                                                                                          • Freedom Baptist Church,
Center of Wallingford.                        610-499-4549.
                                                                                          1095 Morton Ave.
  • Personal Care Packages:                                                               • YWCA, 7th & Sproul Streets
Volunteers will help assemble personal
care packages for service agencies.
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Law Student Named a
Skadden Rothschild Fellow
Prestigious program will allow him to do public interest work
for children in Delaware

                                        Rothschild. Rothschild was the         Sport Management
                                        managing partner of the Delaware
                                        office of Skadden Arps and a
                                                                               Advisory Board Meets,
                                        strong supporter of public interest    Dedicates Plaque to SBA
                                        legal work. He died in 2004. This
                                        particular award requires that the     Following a recent meeting of the
                                        recipient do the fellowship work       Sport Management Advisory Board
                                        in Delaware.                           (SMAB), board members revealed
                                        Lang volunteered at the Community      a new plaque that will hang in the
                                        Legal Aid Society in the summer        School of Business Administration to
                                        of 2010 and has been receiving         honor the undergraduate winners of
                                        academic credit as part of an          the Outstanding Sport Management
        Daniel C. W. Lang               externship he is completing there      student award. In addition to the winners’
      is the 2011 Skadden                                                      names, which will be updated each year,
                                        during the current academic year.
       Rothschild Fellow.
                                        He will graduate in May 2011.          the plaque also lists the names of the
                                                                               founding SMAB members. The plaque
Delaware Campus third-year law          Through the fellowship, which          is a gift from the board and APPCO’s
student Daniel C. W. Lang has been      officially begins in September 2011,   Sports World.
named a 2011 Skadden Rothschild         Lang will be paid for working in
                                        the legal aid society’s disabilities   Pictured above from left to right are
Fellow through a prestigious
                                        law program, representing children     founding SMAB members: Leonard
program designed to make it
                                        involved in the juvenile justice       Bonacci, director of event operations for
financially possible for graduating
                                        system.                                the Philadelphia Eagles; Bob Schwartz,
law students to begin careers
                                                                               vice president of marketing for Global
providing legal services to the poor,   Lang was one of only 29 law            Spectrum; Lindsey Isler, (’09,’10 MBA),
elderly, homeless, and disabled, as     students from around the country       a member of the founding board as a
well as those deprived of civil or      to receive a 2011 fellowship           student representative; Tony Pontello,
human rights.                           through the Skadden foundation,        owner of APPCO’s Sports World and
Through the fellowship, Lang will       and he is the first Widener Law        board chairman; SBA Dean Savas
work at the Community Legal Aid         student ever to do so. One-third       Özatalay, a guest of the board’s plaque
Society Inc. in Wilmington, DE. The     of the 2011 recipients attend          unveiling ceremony; Dr. Brian Larson,
Skadden program, administered           Ivy League schools. Of the 29          associate professor of marketing;
by the Skadden Fellowship               recipients for 2011, 20 attend top-    Robin Baxter, head women’s lacrosse
Foundation, awards fellowships          15 law schools.                        coach at Widener; Judah Levine, new
for two years and provides each         “I am truly honored to have been       media and communications director
recipient with a salary and benefits.   selected for a Skadden Rothschild      for the Philadelphia Union; and Rob
It also assists with law school loan    Fellowship. It is a dream come true    MacPherson, corporate partnership
repayment obligations during the        for me,” Lang said. “My fellowship     director for the Philadelphia Phillies.
two-year term.                          project has the potential to impact    Board members not pictured include
Lang, 24, of Media, PA, also serves     the lives of some of Wilmington’s      Chris Kemple, general manager of
as bluebook editor for the Widener      youth in a very positive way. For      the Wilmington Blue Rocks, and David
Law Review. His fellowship is           me, that is an exciting prospect,      Brown, community marketing manager
coming out of a special fund set up     and I cannot wait to begin.”           for Dick’s Sporting Goods.
by local law firms in Wilmington,
in memory of the late Steven J.

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                                                                                     Eat Right, Feel Right
Kevin Cunningham Hired as Women’s Track &                                            Tip #6:
Field and Cross Country Coach
                                                                                     Make a New Year’s
                                                                                     resolution to learn more
                                           squad capture the 2006 MAC outdoor
                                           championship. Cunningham in his           about the food you eat.
                                           senior year was an assistant coach at     Professor Connie Holt,
                                           Cardinal O’Hara High School, his alma     dietician and faculty
                                           mater.                                    member in the School of
                                                                                     Hospitality Management,
                                           He is certified on the USATF Level 1
                                                                                     recommends Nutrition Action,
                                           since 2009 and on Level 2 in jumps
                                           since last July.                          Health Letter, published by
                                                                                     the not-for-profit Center
                                           Cunningham since 2007 served part         for Science in the Public
                                           time as a staff accountant for James
                                                                                     Interest. “It’s a great
                                           Flanagan and Associates. He also was
                                                                                     resource from a respected
                                           a staff auditor for Ernst and Young
                                                                                     organization,” she said.
                                           from 2006-07.
    Widener alumnus Kevin
                                           A nine-time member of the MAC             Here’s an example of what
   Cunningham takes over as
 women’s track & field and cross           Academic Honor Roll, Cunningham           you’ll learn:
        country coach.                     graduated Widener in 2006 with            Q: What are the leanest
                                           a double major in accounting and          meats and poultry?
Kevin Cunningham (’06,’09 M), a            economics. He earned his Master’s of
                                           Education in December 2009.               A: The meats below are
former standout athlete for Widener,
                                                                                     listed from lowest saturated
has been named women’s track & field       He takes over the reins from Vince
and cross country coach at his alma                                                  fat (per 4 oz. serving) to
                                           Touey, who will continue to coach the
mater.                                     men’s programs. Touey had led the         highest, although all are
                                           men and women in all seasons              considered lean:
Cunningham takes over after serving
the last three years as an assistant       since 1987.                               Turkey breast
coach and recruiting director for          Cunningham’s hire raises the total of     Jennie-O Extra Lean
Widener’s men’s and women’s track          current Widener head coaches who
                                                                                     Ground Turkey
& field and cross country programs.        have played and graduated here to
His duties included designing strength     five. This includes field hockey coach    Chicken breast
and conditioning programs, serving as      Larissa Gillespie, men’s lacrosse coach
                                                                                     Turkey wings
the manager in charge of home meets,       Jamie Lockard, men’s basketball
coordinating fundraising activities, and   coach Chris Carideo, and women’s          Veal leg, top round
conducting annual alumni events.           volleyball coach Donovan Anglin.
                                                                                     Turkey legs
His worked paid big dividends as the
men’s indoor and outdoor track &                                                     Beef eye of round (Select)
field teams won the Middle Atlantic                                                  Chicken drumstick
Conference titles in 2010. This was
Cunningham’s lone year as the                                                        Beef top round (Select)
program’s top assistant coach after                                                  Beef bottom round (Select)
serving as a graduate assistant from
2007-09.                                                                             Turkey breast with skin

Cunningham was a vital part of the
team’s growth as a student athlete
                                                                                     To subscribe, call 202-332-
from 2001-06. Participating primarily
                                                                                     9110, ext. 393 or e-mail
in distance events, he helped the

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Dr. Arlene Dowshen,                    Lawler and Ziegenfuss also co-
associate professor of education,      presented the paper “Leadership
presented “Geometry Activities         From the Ranks: The Missing
Rev Up the Math Learning and           Piece for Academic Development”
Help Kids Understand and               at the International Society for
Remember” at the National              the Scholarship in Teaching and
Council of Teachers and                Learning Conference held in
Mathematics Regional Conference        October in the United Kingdom.
held in Baltimore in October. She
                                       Dr. Michael D. Rosko,
co-presented with Janie L. Zimmer,
                                       professor of health care
a consultant with Research-Based
                                       management in the School of
                                       Business Administration, presented     Spotlight on Sports:
Dr. Patricia A. Lawler,                the Robert Hedges Risk &
professor of education, recently       Insurance Seminar titled “Analysis     Kate Dellinger
presented the poster session           of Hospital Inefficiency: Past
“Expanding Leadership                  Results and Future Challenges” at      Sophomore Kate Dellinger made
Development for Faculty: Current       the Temple University Fox School       her presence known last year as
Trends and Future Issues” at the       of Business.                           a new member of the women’s
Professional and Organizational
                                       Dr. Philip A. Rutter, assistant        basketball team. Even an early-
Development Network Conference
                                       professor of education in the          season injury did not slow her
in St. Louis, MO. She co-
                                       Graduate Programs in Human             down. She helped the team to one
presented with Dr. Donna
                                       Sexuality, was asked to join the
Harp Ziegenfuss (‘07 EdD),                                                    of its best starts in school history.
                                       newly formed LGBT Youth Suicide
assistant director of the Center for
                                       Prevention Task Force of the           This season, Dellinger missed the
Teaching and Learning Excellence
                                       National Action Alliance for Suicide   team’s first seven games with an
at the University of Utah. They
                                       Prevention based in Washington         injury, but her return was a strong
were awarded a $2,500 research
                                       D.C. In addition to his teaching
grant in July from the Professional                                           one. She scored 23 points on 9-of-
                                       responsibilities at Widener, Rutter
and Organizational Development                                                19 shooting over 43 minutes in
                                       is also a counseling psychologist
Network for the research                                                      Widener’s overtime win December
                                       who specializes in
endeavor “Expanding Leadership
                                       suicide assessment and                          4 over Messiah College.
Development for Faculty: Faculty
Views, Needs, and Motivations.”                                                      Since then, it has been
                                                                                     the same story. She has
                                                                                     averaged 15.4 points
Basketball Teams to Host                                                             over seven games, which
‘Hoops for Heart’                                                                    included five games in
                                                                                     double figures and a
Widener’s men’s and women’s            What: Hoops for Heart
basketball teams are also giving       Basketball Clinic                             career-best 27 points
back on January 17 in honor of                                                       December 28 at Wesley
                                       Eligible Participants:
Dr. King. The teams will host the                                                    College.
                                       Children in grades one–eight
Hoops for Heart basketball clinic,
with all proceeds benefitting          Cost: $20 plus the donation of one     Dellinger’s efforts have helped
the homeless shelters of the           non-perishable food item               Widener to a 12-2 start, its best in
Community Action Agency of                                                    34 years, and a 3-0 league mark.
                                       When: 9 a.m.–12 p.m.
Delaware County, an agency that
                                       Where: Schwartz Athletic Center        The Wrightsville, PA, native is a
provides services to needy families
and individuals in the surrounding                                            psychology/pre-physical therapy
                                       For more information, call
community.                                                                    major.

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                                       Two-Week Peek
                                       A Look at the Next Two Weeks
                                            in Widener Events

Wednesday, Jan. 12                      “Living the Dream” Reflections              4 p.m. Dr. King and the Poor
11 a.m.–1 p.m. “Living the Dream”       When: Jan. 13, 6:30 p.m.                    People’s Movement: Viewing
T-Shirt Activity; University            Where: University Center, Room C            of “The Promised Land”
Center Atrium                           Details: Through January 13, the            and Faculty-led Discussion;
11 a.m.–1 p.m. Involvement Fair;        entire Widener community is invited         University Center, Room A
                                        to participate in the “Living the
University Center Atrium                                                            6 p.m. Spanish Cinema Night:
                                        Dream” T-shirt activity. Stop by
                                        the “Living the Dream” table in the         “Volver” (2006); KLC 1
Thursday, Jan. 13                       University Center Atrium between 11
11 a.m.–1 p.m. “Living the Dream”       a.m. and 1 p.m. to get your free shirt.     Saturday, Jan. 22
T-Shirt Activity; University Center     Then, personalize it with how you           1 p.m. Women’s Basketball vs.
Atrium                                  are “living the dream.” Participants        Elizabethtown College; Home
                                        are invited to wear their shirts to
6:30 p.m. “Living the Dream”            the “Dream Reflections” event on            1 p.m. Men’s and Women’s
Reflections; University Center,         January 13.                                 Swimming vs. Elizabethtown
Room C                                  Sponsored by the Multicultural              College; Home
                                        Student Affairs Office in collaboration     3 p.m. Men’s Basketball vs.
Saturday, Jan. 15                       with the Black Student Union and            Elizabethtown College; Home
1 p.m. Women’s Basketball vs.           the Office of Student Life, this
                                        event encourages all participants to        6–8 p.m. The Campaign for
Lebanon Valley College; Home                                                        Widener Reception; Harrisburg
                                        share their own personal dreams in
3 p.m. Men’s Basketball vs.             celebration of Dr. King’s work to fulfill   Campus, the Pit
Lebanon Valley College; Home            his own dreams.
                                                                                    Monday, Jan. 24
Monday, Jan. 17                                                                     6–7 p.m. Stargazing; Widener
MLK Day of Service                                                                  University Observatory
6:30 p.m. MLK Remembrance                                                           8 p.m. Philadelphia Speakers
Ceremony; Alumni Auditorium                                                         Series: Peggy Noonan; The
                                                                                    Kimmel Center
Wednesday, Jan. 19
4:30 p.m. Local leaders series                                                      Tuesday, Jan. 25
featuring Rhonda Hill Wilson, a                                                     12 p.m. Policy and Pizza, topic
Philadelphia attorney who does                                                      TBA; Harrisburg Campus, the Pit
plaintiff’s work in personal injury,    Dr. King and the Poor People’s
medical malpractice, and other kinds    Movement: Movie and Discussion              Wednesday, Jan. 26
of civil cases; Delaware Campus,        When: Jan. 20, 4 p.m.                       6 p.m. Men’s and Women’s
student lounge off Main Street          Where: University Center, Room A            Swimming vs. University of
7 p.m. NAACP General Interest           Details: Widener’s NAACP college            Delaware; Home
Meeting Open to the Community:          chapter will host a viewing of “The
                                                                                    7:30 p.m. Men’s Basketball vs.
MLK-Themed Workshop;                    Promised Land” and faculty-led
                                        discussion on Dr. King and the              DeSales University; Home
Webb Room                               Poor People’s Movement. Dr. Sara
                                        Roth, associate professor of history
Thursday, Jan. 20                       and coordinator of the African and
12 p.m. Martin Luther King              African American Studies Program,
Celebration, Details TBA;               and Dr. Stuart Eimer, associate
Harrisburg Campus                       professor of sociology, will provide
                                        comments and facilitate a discussion
                                        surrounding the content.


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