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Mission To Georgia 2009
      Travel Guide
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                                          07/16/09 - 07/24/09
         Mission to Gainesville, GA 2009

Packing Checklist ……………………………………………………………………. 3

Mission Trip Preparations ……………………………………………………. 4-5

General Trip Itinerary …………………………………………………………. 5-7

General Information ………………………………………………………………. 8

The 10 Guidelines .....……………………………………………………............ 9

Daily Assignments ...........………………………………………………………. 10

Leaders & Discipline Policy…………………………………………………….10

Ten Ways to Wreck This Trip ……………………………………………. 11

Contact Info …………………………………………………………………………… 12

Frequently Asked Questions ………………………………………………. 13

Prayer Journal …………………………………………………………………….. 14-15

Page 2
         Mission to Gainesville, GA 2009
                      Packing Checklist:

1. Identification: Due to the fact that we are not leaving
the USA, passports are not required for this trip. How-
ever, teens must carry at least one valid form of photo ID
(Student ID, Driver’s License, etc).

2. Ministry needs: Make sure you have all items you need to
accomplish your ministry tasks for Outdoor Bible clubs, drama,
puppets, sports, music, Sunday services, & etc. This includes
your Bible, notebook, pen, devotional, testimony, drama
clothes, music items, games stuff, crafts stuff, etc.

3. Luggage: Due to limited space, please bring only one piece
of luggage (suitcase or duffle bag) and one backpack. If you
are bringing a musical instrument, it does not count as luggage.
You must also bring a sleeping bag & pillow. You may bring an
air mattress and fan. It will be hot!

4. Clothing: Comfortable clothes. Jeans or shorts are fine
for the ladies & men. However, we are missionaries & must
present ourselves in an EXTREMELY conservative manner. La-
dies, shorts must come past your extended fingertips, PREF-
ERABLY TO YOUR KNEES! Capris are great, board shorts will
work. No tank tops. Bring comfortable sneakers (closed toe)
or strapped sandals for rafting , clothes for Sunday worship
(khaki pants & polo), Swimsuit (one piece or modest tankini only
for ladies), team shirts, PJ’s top & bottom, & at least one
warm outfit and one rain-gear outfit.

5. Personal Items: Personal toiletries, Tooth-
paste/toothbrush, Soap, Deodorant, Towel/
washcloth, Sunscreen, bug spray, Small flash-
light, fan, Camera, watch, travel stuff.

Page 3
         More Mission Trip Preparations
6. Spending money: All your basic needs will be met from
the time we leave until the time we return with the exception
of lunch on the day of departure. You may bring cash for
treats, souvenirs, or for an offering for our missionaries
before we leave.

7. Do not bring:
        A. Bad attitudes.
        B. Cell phones. None are permitted. No exceptions.
Teens may use a leader’s cell phone TO CALLL PARENTS at
any time. Parents, contact phone #’s are listed on page 12.
See Cell Phones below.
        C. CD players, MP3’s, iPods, etc. You may bring
Christian CD’s, MP3’s, & an adapter for the van ride, &
adapters to play music for your room. See below.
        D. Valuables such as: portable TVs & DVD players,
laptop computers, expensive jewelry, etc.

Cell Phones: Unfortunately, electronic
devices such as MP3 players and cell
phones are always a problem on trips like
this. One of the purposes of this trip is
to push teens outside of their normal,
comfortable atmosphere and force them
to interact with their team-mates,
leaders, mission field, and (gasp) even
God. Cell phones and other electronic
devices are a distraction that (believe it or not) teens can live
without for a short period of time. Therefore, teens bringing
unauthorized electronic devices on this trip will have those
devices confiscated and be subject to discipline described on
page 10. If there are any questions, please either check with
Pastor Mike prior to the trip or simply leave the devices at
home. Teens will survive. It can be done...

                                                             Page 4
   More Packing Instructions (will it ever end?):
8. Do not even think about bringing: Inappropriate reading
material, secular music, drugs (including x-lax & sudafed), alco-
hol, tobacco products, weapons (i.e. knives, swords), explosives
of any kind (i.e. fireworks), or pets. If these restrictions pose
a concern to you, or if you are unsure about a particular item,
please see Pastor Mike BEFORE Wednesday, July 15th!

9. Medications, vitamins, and pain relief: If you bring any
medications or vitamins of any kind:
       A. Make sure they are in the ORIGINAL PACKAGES.
       B. Make sure to tell a leader before you take them.
       C. Do not self-medicate or pass out to others.
       D. Remember... We have 2 well-stocked first-aid kits
for headaches, upset stomachs, alligator bites, etc.
       E. If you are bringing prescription medication, please
see Pastor Mike BEFORE the trip.
       F. If you are asthmatic, please bring a spare inhaler.

                  General trip itinerary:
Wednesday, July 15th: Team Captain: Luke Westefeld.
 * Summary: Pack and pray.
   4:00 PM Meet at Church. Review dramas and puppets, pack,
pray, & youth group meeting.
   9:00 PM Go home and go to bed! We are not there yet...
Thursday, July 16th: Team Captain: Janelle O’Donnell.
 * Summary: Travel Day.
   6:00 AM Depart from Calvary Baptist Church, LEH, NJ.
   6:23 AM First bathroom break.
   6:47 AM First carsick stop.
   7:02 AM Second bathroom break.
   7:19 AM First “I forgot to eat breakfast” food stop.
   8:31 AM New Gretna toll plaza... No, we are not there yet...
   9:17 AM “Turn around, we forgot Paul...”
   6:00 PM Arrive in Erwin, TN. Begin teambuilding activity.
   LATE PM: Devotions: Tim Vail

Page 5
                   General trip itinerary:
Friday, July 17:      Team Captain: Tim Vail.
 * Summary: Teambuilding in TN. Teens will enjoy a full day
of white water rafting on the Nolichucky River. We will ex-
perience the thrill of Class III & IV rapids and the chill of
mountain water as we work together to navigate the river.
Teens will be staying in bunkhouses from Thursday night
through Saturday morning. Meals provided by our host, camp-
fire devotions by our teens Thursday & Friday night.
      PM: Devotions: Kate Shockley
Saturday, July 18: Team Captain: Kate Downam.
 * Summary: Team-building and travel day. Complete team-
building activities in TN and travel to GA.
    10:00 AM Depart Erwin, TN.
    10:09 AM first bathroom break.
    10:11 AM “5 more minutes till we get there!”
    3:00 PM Arrive in Gainesville, GA. Orientation at AIM HQ.
    PM: Group devotions.
Sunday, July 19: Team Captain: Lauren Shockley.
 * Summary: Ministry day.
   9:00 AM. Linear Hills Baptist Church Youth Meeting. Deci-
sion Time, Worship music, Testimonies, Luke Westefeld devo.
Needed: Drama CD & Clothes, Music stuff, computer & PPT.
   12:00 PM Lunch.
   1:00 PM: Outdoor VBS and Sports ministry at local park.
Needed: Puppet stage, puppets, CD player, parachute, drama &
music stuff, games stuff, craft stuff, Kate & Josh teach.
     Devotions: Luke Westefeld (at AM church).
Monday, July 20: Team Captain: Doug Eiker.
 * Summary: Ministry day.
    8:00 AM Depart for Boys & Girls Clubs. PUPPETS
    12:00 PM Lunch.
    1:00 PM Afternoon ministry: Light construction.
    5:00 PM Dinner
     PM: Devotions

                                                        Page 6
                 General trip itinerary:
Tuesday, July 21: Team Captain: Lorissa Peschko
 * Summary: Ministry day.
   8:00 AM Depart for Boys & Girls Clubs.
   12:00 PM Lunch.
   1:00 PM Afternoon ministry: Little Mexico.
   5:00 PM Dinner
    PM: Devotions
Wednesday, July 22: Team Captain: Eric Logue.
 * Summary: Ministry day.
   8:00 AM Depart for Boys & Girls Clubs. PUPPETS
   12:00 PM Lunch.
   1:00 PM Afternoon ministry: Atlanta based homeless
   5:00 PM Dinner
    PM: Devotions
Thursday, July 23: Team Captain: Ben Stambaugh.
 * Summary: Ministry day.
   8:00 AM Depart for Boys & Girls Clubs.
   12:00 PM Lunch.
   1:00 PM Afternoon ministry: Nursing home.
   5:00 PM Dinner
    PM: Devotions: Pastor Mike
Friday, July 24: Team Captain: Paul Budd.
 * Summary: Travel day.
   8:00 AM Depart for CBC, LEH, NJ.
   11:59 PM Arrive at CBC, LEH, NJ.

NOTE: Mornings Monday—Thursday we are locked in to
serving with the Boys & Girls clubs. We will do a puppet
presentation on Monday & Wednesday. Please have a good
attitude working with the staff and be prepared to share your
testimony with young and old alike.
        Afternoons– These are flexible and subject to change.
We may split into teams and head into different directions
depending on various ministry opportunities.

Page 7
                   General Information:
“I’m hungry, what are we going to eat?” We will be foraging
for our food on this trip, surviving primarily on a diet of wild
berries and road kill, and fasting for prolonged periods of
time. So teens should eat a hearty breakfast before we leave
July 16, & they may bring food for the ride. Teens are
responsible to purchase their own lunch on Thursday. Dinner
will be provided. Friday AM through Saturday AM, meals will
be provided by Cherokee Adventures. Saturday PM through
Friday AM, meals will be provided by Adventures in Missions.
Each night, teens will be responsible to pack the next day’s

“Like, what are we going to do again?” The itinerary will,
like, give you a good idea of our plans in order to help you, like,
prepare for each day. However, we must remain, like, flexible!
Plans can change for, like, any reason, like, weather, time, or
opportunity. So be prepared to, like, roll with it!

“Dude, I’m a captain, what do I do?” Congratulations,
Captain, you are responsible for overseeing the activities of
the day. This includes managing the ministry and travel plans
(making sure everyone wakes up on time and has their stuff
ready to go), praying or assigning prayer before meals, leading
the team through the planned events of the day, and selecting
individuals to prepare lunches for the following day. Captains
will meet with Pastor Mike prior to trip and be given authority
over their assigned day. If you are not a captain, you will be
one day, so support them!

“Um, what are devotions?” We will have team devotions and
prayer time each day, generally at the end of the day. This
year, from Saturday-Thursday, our devotional time will be led
by a guest speaker and shared with another church group. We
will ALWAYS meet privately afterwards. Thursday evening
will be our annual debriefing time.

Page 8
             The 10 “Guidelines”
1. Thou shalt not
   complain! Haveth
   thou a good
   attitude in all
   things and thou
   shalt prosper in
   the van!
2. Honor thy adult
   leaders, team members, and missionaries!
3. Thou shalt honor thy team captains. It is good for
   thou and them! They are in chargeth of managing
   thee and thine activities for the day!
4. Thou shalt be present and punctual for all departure
   times, meals, group activities, and devotionals! Never
   shalt thou wandereth off alone or coupleth up!
5. When thou sitteth in the vans, sitteth thou alway
   boys with boys and girls with girls.
6. Remember thy devotional time and keep it holy!
7. Thou shalt honor the places in which thou stayeth:
   Dresseth thou appropriately at all times, and show
   respect to thine staff. No guys in girls rooms ever!
   No girls in guys rooms ever! This is an abomination!
8. Thou shalt have no physical contact! This is a great
   abomination! As always, thou art graciously
   permitted eye contact.
9. Thou shalt not sneak out as the heathen do!
10. Thou shalt honor the peoples with whom thou hast
   come to share Christ. Never shalt thou lieth,
   curseth, gossippeth, cliqueth, or otherwise be
   prejudiceth! They are thine mission field.

                                                       Page 9
Daily Assignments: Who is responsible for...
...Games & equipement? Ben Stambaugh & Lorissa Peschko.
...Crafts & supplies? Tori Leitz & Melissa Sharpe.
...Puppets, stage, & CD player? Paul Budd (with the assistance
of Matt Witbeck, Tori Leitz, & Melissa Sharpe).
...Drama Equipment? Lorissa Peschko & Matt Witbeck.
...Disgusting jobs? Tori Leitz and Melissa Sharpe.
...Tori Leitz & Melissa Sharpe? Ben Stambaugh.

  Adult Leaders
                                       “Praying always with all
                                       prayer and supplication
Mike Dellaperute                       in the Spirit, being
Sue Lescure                            watchful to this end
Maryann Manaresi                       with all perseverance
Kurt O’Donnell                         and supplication for all
                                       the saints,” (Ephesians

             Discipline Policy
   In the unlikely event that a teen will require discipline on
the trip for actions or attitude, Pastor Mike reserves the
right to discipline on behalf of Calvary Baptist Church. This
can take the form of a stern talking to, loss of free time, an
              essay, apology to team, apology to church, removal
              from service, or loss of team membership. Par-
              ents will be notified immediately if there are any
              problems. “I am just going to be blatantly honest
              here... Parents, if discipline is needed, I expect
              nothing short of your total support,” - Pastor
             “Let all that you do be done with
             love,” (1 Corinthians 16:14).

Page 10
          Ten Ways To Wreck This Trip
1. Act like you are there alone. Stay to yourself. Iso-
   late others. Don’t reach out to anyone. Wander off.

2. Think that you are much too important or too cool for
   the work you have been assigned. If you don’t like
   your job during practice or on the trip, weasel out of
   it or just fool around.

3. Don’t pray or study the Bible before or during the
   trip. You won’t have time for it anyway.

4. Be well-organized and inflexible so that nothing can
   interfere with your agenda. Complain a lot!

5. Point out what your hosts or leaders are doing wrong.
   Help them improve. Help them be more like you.

6. If you are single, try to become romantically involved
   with someone. Try to be near that person, even if it
   means that other relationships suffer. If you’re a
   couple, get away frequently to spend time together.
   Be exclusive!

7. Point out the faults of the people on your team and
   the people you are visiting.

8. Be generally disappointed in how things are going.
   Whine when things go wrong.

9. When something doesn't go your way, immediately
   call home to complain. And be sure to trash a leader.

10. Bend the rules whenever possible. For example, if
    you are dating someone back home, sneak off to call
    them. Push the dress code, show up late to team
    meals and meetings, etc. Make them punish you!

Page 11
           Emergency Phone Numbers
1. Cherokee Adventures, Erwin, TN. 6PM Thursday July
   16 – 10 AM Saturday July 18. Phone: 1-800-445-
   7238. www.cherokeeadventures.com.

2. Adventures in Missions, Gainesville, GA. 3 PM Satur-
   day July 18 – 8 AM Friday July 24. Phone: 1-770-
   983-1060. www.adventures.org
3. Pastor Mike’s Cell Phone, Anywhere, Anytime:    (609)
   709-5891. colossians1@comcast.net.

4. Sue Lescure’s Cell Phone:

5. Maryanne Manaresi’s Cell Phone:

6. Kurt O’Donnell’s Cell Phone: (908) 675-6487

              Parent’s e-mail chain
    This year we are setting up another e-mail chain to
our parents and church in order to keep you posted of
our comings and goings while we are away. If you would
like a regular Calvary Baptist Youth Ministry Team e-mail
update while the teens are away, please fill out the con-
tact sheet. A summary e-mail will be sent to Calvary
Baptist Church as well. Phone calls will be less regular.
And remember... No news is good news.

Page 12
    Frequently Asked Questions:
Are we there yet? No, five more minutes.
You said that five minutes ago, when are
we really going to be there? Five more
minutes. Really.
Why is it so far away this year? Conti-
nental drift.
Do we have to drive through Virginia? Absolutely.
Is it ever right to hit a girl? No.
What if Hitler was a girl? No exceptions.
What if Satan was a girl? Then I guess it would
be OK.
Where do babies come from? Gainesville, GA.
Are there really wild alligators in Georgia? Yes.
What do we do if we get attacked by a hungry
alligator? Throw a JR higher at it and run the
other way. That’s what I would do.
Why can’t I bring my cell phone? The sad truth
is: Because you have mean leaders.
Why do the leaders get to bring cell phones?
Again, the simple truth is: Because we are special.
Why are we going to Tennessee first? It’s just a
short-cut. If we drove directly to Georgia, we
would get there on Thursday instead of Saturday.
Are there alligators in Tennessee? Maybe...
Can we trash the vans like last year? No.
What are the other churches like? They are very
primitive. They still meet in a cave, worship alliga-
tors, & practice human sacrifice.

                                                Page 13
                 Prayer Journal
1. The People of TN:
      A. The workers at Cherokee adventures: __________
      B. Other concerns: __________________________

2. Calvary Baptist:
      A. Parents: ________________________________
      B. Church: ________________________________
      C. Calvary Baptist Church Ministry Team: _________
      D. Adults: ________________________________
      E. Teens: _________________________________
      F. Families & friends of mission team members: _____
      G. Personal: _______________________________

3. The Trip:
      A. To glorify God: ___________________________
      B. Wisdom: ________________________________
      C. Safe travel, customs, & weather: ______________
      D. Food, lodging, & health: _____________________
      E. Ministries: ______________________________

                                                    Page 14
                  Prayer Journal
3. The Trip (continued):
       F. God’s work in your life and the lives of your team-
mates: _________________________________________
       G. Unity: ________________________________
       H. Other: _________________________________

4. The People of Gainesville, GA:
        A. Adventures in Missions: ____________________
        B. The other churches: _______________________
        C. Children at Boys and Girls Club (name them if possi-
ble): ___________________________________________
        D. Little Mexico: ___________________________
        E. Nursing Home: ___________________________
        F. Other Ministries: _________________________
        C. Other concerns: __________________________

                                                         Page 15
    The purpose of a short term mission trip is to
take the gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the
earth. In doing this, our teens are challenged to
work together to reach out across cultural, racial,
and economical boundaries in the name of our Lord.
Our hope is that the preparation and execution of
trips such as this one will have a profound and last-
ing impact on the lives of its participants; resulting
in unity, spiritual growth, and a heart for missions.
Pray for our team as we head for Georgia, 2009!

                                   t Yout
                   C alvary

                        850 Railroad Dr.
                        Little Egg Harbor, NJ 08087

                        Phone: 609-296-4606
                        Fax: 609-296-1149
                        E-mail: colossians1@comcast.net

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