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									                                                                                                                            SEPTEMBER 2009


      market volatility
           • Investment performance
           • New Health Super brand
           • 2009 Federal Budget changes

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This Talking Super and your 2009 Statement(s) comprise your periodic information from the Fund and should be read together. It includes important information
about the performance of the Fund’s investment options up to 30 June 2009, including longer term historical investment performance. You should take this
                                                                                                                                              september about
information into account when considering the investment returns applicable to your investment for the 2008/09 financial year. It also includes information 2009   1
changes or events that may affect you. Prepared August 2009.
    Message from the CEO
    The challenges continue                              Annual report online
                                                         Note that this year, we have
    Over the past 12 months, the challenges in           published the Health Super Annual

    investment markets and the wider economy             Report on our website. It contains
    have been great and the impact on                    important information about the
    members significant. We know than many               administration of the Fund, as
    of our members have been very anxious                well as financial statements. Visit
    about their superannuation as a result.     or              Tips to keep your super healthy                                    3
    Government changes to the super system               call us for a copy (free of charge).
                                                                                                Understanding volatility                                           4
    too have added to this anxiety.

    Although we have recently experienced positive monthly returns, dramatic volatility
                                                                                                Investment returns                                                 6
    continues overall. It is true that this is part of the normal investment cycle: we have     Health Super’s performance
    been here before, including in 1987, the early 1990s and of course in 1929. But that        in a difficult year                                                7
    doesn’t lessen its impact. At Health Super, all staff understand that it is the members
    that most feel the effects of such volatility. I assure you that we continue to work very   2009 Federal Budget changes                                        8
    hard to achieve positive returns for members.
                                                                                                Our brand new look                                               10
    As part of the package that is attempting to address the weakness in the economy,
                                                                                                Protecting you and your family                                   12
    the Government announced a number of changes to super in the May 2009 Federal
    Budget. These are discussed on page 8. It’s timely to remind members that super             Save time and save the environment                               13
    remains a very important part of any retirement planning. Its tax benefits and long
    term investment strategy are hard to beat despite the recent downturns.                     Fund update                                                      14

    It’s always easy for long term goals to be clouded by shorter term disruption and           The Great Vic Trek                                               15
    investment ‘noise’. But financial commentators agree that the dips are as much a            Leadership in Nursing Awards                                     15
    part of the journey as the peaks. What’s most important is sticking to your course.
    Remember, a financial planner can help you set the course that’s right for you, and
    identify any minor tweaks that may be required along the way. I remind you that
    Health Super members have access to fully qualified financial planners at discounted
    rates: call 1300 780 223 for further information.

    A long term view is important for businesses too. There have been a number of
    occasions over the past 12 months where the Fund could have reacted to short term
    events. But we have been working for those in the health and community services
    sector for over 40 years, and that experience tells us that a steady hand will pay off
    in the long term.

    Our ongoing programs to improve our products and services continue. This year we
    will see improved online services and communications (see page 13), the soon-to-
    be launched new Health Super brand (page 10), and extensive improvements to our
    systems that will lead to improved administration and communication to members.
    It’s a superior member experience that’s shaped by what our members want.

                    I reiterate that we at Health Super are very conscious of the impact the
                       change to the economy and investment markets continues to have
                       on members. But, at the same time, I have a genuine belief that we
                       are continuing to develop our Fund in a way that will achieve the
                       retirement goals of our members.

                                                                                                Important note for members with Defined Benefit, Deferred and
                                                                                                Pension accounts; this edition of Talking Super contains information
                           Chris Clausen                                                        predominantly about Accumulation and Account Based Pension
                           Chief Executive Officer                                              (including Transition to Retirement) accounts. However, Budget
                                                                                                updates and Fund updates are relevant to all members of the Fund.
                                                                                                Defined Benefit and Deferred Benefit account holders should also
                                                                                                refer to the explanatory notes for your statements.

                                                                                                Issuer: Health Super Pty Ltd (Trustee) (ABN 97 084 162 489, AFSL
                                                                                                246492) as Trustee of the Health Super Fund (Health Super) (ABN
                                                                                                88 293 440 675). This information is of a general nature and does
                                                                                                not take into account your individual objectives, financial situation
                                                                                                or needs. The Trustee recommends that you speak to a licensed
                                                                                                or authorised financial adviser before investing or making any
                                                                                                other financial decisions in relation to Health Super. To obtain our
                                                                                                PDS contact us on Freecall 1800 331 719 or visit our website at

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 your super                                                           a financial planner                                                     For full terms and conditions refer to the entry form included
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 Having multiple super accounts means                                 Receive a 25% discount
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 accounts into your existing Health Super                             Health Super Financial Planner!
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 It’s important to check whether your other funds charge
 any exit, transfer or termination fees and whether there
                                                             to make an appointment.
 are any benefits you may lose (e.g. insurance cover)                 Fill out your details below, ensuring you’ve
 before consolidating your super.                                     included your full name and Health Super
                                                                      member number. You or your immediate
 2.                                                                   family member must present this page upon

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                    a Health Super
                                                                    Offer only valid for one Health Super member or their immediate family member and is subject to appointment
                    Financial Planner                               availability. Offer ends 31 December 2009 and is open to residents of Victoria only.

*Health Super Financial Services Pty Ltd (ABN 37 096 452 318, AFSL 240019) trading as Health Super Financial Planning (HSFP) is a subsidiary of Health Super Pty Ltd. Health Super Pty Ltd pays HSFP half
 of the annual 1% administration fee applicable to Health Super’s Account Based Pension products. Health Super Pty Ltd also pays a variable monthly amount (calculated on a cost recovery basis) to HSFP
 to conduct member seminar programs. Health Super Pty Ltd is not a representative of HFSP and receives no commissions when making referrals to this service. Health Super Pty Ltd does not in any way
 recommend or endorse the services provided by HSFP. For more information about the services provided by HSFP, contact HSFP on 1300 780 223 or visit

                                                                                                                                                                               september 2009                  3

    The last 12 months has been        Why is my account balance lower?               When will things start to improve?
                                       Isn’t super like a bank account?               Unfortunately, not even the experts know
    a tough time for investors, with   No, super is an investment and, as a result,   when and how quickly the market will
    share market volatility and the    it can rise and fall in value over time.       recover and we are likely to continue
                                                                                      to see volatile investment returns at least
    effects of the economic crisis     Even if you have invested in the Short-Term
                                                                                      in the short term. However, history shows
                                       Conservative or Balanced investment options
    continuing to impact super fund    as a way of reducing investment risk, you
                                                                                      that markets have fallen before and that,
                                                                                      over time, they have recovered although
    returns. We answer some of the     will have been affected by the recent market
                                                                                      the period of recovery may differ.
                                       volatility because almost all asset classes
    questions currently being asked    have been affected one way or another.         For example:
    by members.                        Are negative returns normal?                   • The 1987 crash saw the US share
                                       Yes. Investment markets move in cycles and       market fall by around 30%. It took 22
                                       volatility is a normal part of the economic      months for the Dow Jones to return
                                       cycle. Historically, investments like shares     to its pre-crash level.
                                       have shown a negative return once every
                                                                                      • The September 11 terrorist attacks sent
                                       five years or so.
                                                                                        panic through investment markets around
                                       While no one likes to see the value of their     the world. It took the Australian share market
                                       super fall, negative returns are the price       (S&P/ASX 300 Accumulation Index) 22 days
                                       we pay for the higher returns that growth        to recover to its pre-September 11 level.
                                       assets like shares can provide over the
                                                                                      As always, it’s important to remember
                                       long term. The ride may be a bit bumpy,
                                                                                      that past performance is not an indicator
                                       but the potential rewards are significantly
                                                                                      of future returns.
                                       greater than those offered by conservative
                                       investments like cash.

Why didn’t Health Super get out of                I’m still nervous. Should I change           Also, depending on your total income
equities when the markets turned bad?             my investment option?                        (including reportable fringe benefits and
                                                  While switching to a more cash based         reportable employer superannuation
For most members, super is a long term
                                                  option may be tempting in times of high      contributions), you may be eligible
investment and each investment option
                                                  volatility, it may not be appropriate for    for a Government Co-Contribution
has a pre-determined objective and
                                                  those with a long term strategy. Before      (up to a set limit) if you make an
strategy which determines the extent to
                                                  deciding to change your investment option,   after-tax contribution into super.
which monies are allocated to equities. We
                                                  you should consider your own objectives,
avoid sudden changes in asset allocation                                                       What can I do to protect
                                                  financial situation or needs including:
because it’s difficult to predict when the                                                     my investment from volatility?
market has reached the bottom or top of           • your investment timeframe                  If you have selected investments that have
a cycle. While the market value of some           • your attitude to risk                      a higher level of volatility, then there’s not
investments has fallen, losses will only be       • your investment goals.                     much you can do once a period of volatility
realised if we actually sell those investments.                                                has commenced. The most important
                                                  We can help you work this out. As a          things to remember are:
Share market investments generally                Health Super member, you and your
have a medium to long-term (five year)            immediate family can access licensed         • don’t overreact
investment profile. And, generally,               financial planners at discounted rates       • find out the facts and stay informed
while shares can experience periods of            via Health Super Financial Planning          • keep in mind your investment strategy
negative returns from time to time, over          (HSFP). HSFP’s professional planners           and timeframe and
the longer term, historically returns have        are paid a salary, not commissions.
out-performed other asset classes.                                                             • if necessary, get professional financial
                                                  Call 1300 780 223 for further information.     advice from a financial planner.
Can I avoid last year’s losses
                                                  Why should I put extra money into            Remember, super is generally considered
by switching to the Short-Term
                                                  super when returns are negative?             to be a long term investment.
Conservative option?
No. You cannot avoid losses already               Tax concessions and other Government
incurred as investment switches are not           benefits mean that super can still be
retrospective. This means the crediting rates     an excellent way to invest for your
for 2008/09 have already been applied to          retirement. Contributions from pre-tax
your account. Switching your money after          income (up to a set limit) are taxed at
a negative return may also cause you to           a low rate of 15%.
‘lock in a loss’ because once you withdraw
your investment from an investment
option, the loss will have been realised.

                                                                                                                           september 2009       5
          Health Super
     investment returns
      Investment performance will vary over                         may be different depending on,                     You can check the individual monthly
      time but, because super is a long-term                        for example, the duration of your                  performance of each investment option
      investment, longer term performance                           investment and the timing of any                   on our website at
      tends to smooth out shorter-term                              deposits, deductions or investment
                                                                                                                       Past performance is not a reliable
      fluctuations. For this reason, it is                          switches (where applicable).
                                                                                                                       indicator of future performance. Future
      generally not appropriate to assess
                                                                    The five and ten year rates of return              performance depends on a range of
      the performance of an investment
                                                                    are compound averages up to the end                factors including the investment markets
      option over short-term periods.
                                                                    of the last financial year (30 June 2009).         and asset allocations or managers used
      Health Super aims to perform                                  The annual rate of return for each of the          from time to time.
      consistently over the medium                                  Fund’s investment options for the
                                                                                                                       Where relevant, information about
      to longer term.                                               2008/09 year and each of the four
                                                                                                                       historical Defined Benefit Earning rates
                                                                    previous financial years is also shown.
      Health Super’s investment returns                                                                                is shown in the Explanatory Notes for
      (net of relevant fees, costs and taxes)                       Refer to your Statement to find out which          Defined Benefit and Deferred Benefit
      are shown below. These returns are the                        investment option you were invested in at          account holders.
      Trustee’s declared annual returns for the                     the end of the reporting period.
      investment options. The rates of return
                                                                    Returns for 2004/05, 2005/06, 2006/07,
      shown for your investment option are not
                                                                    2007/08 and 2008/09 are based on final
      necessarily the returns on your individual
                                                                    (monthly) declared crediting rates.
      investment. Your personal rate of return

                                                                                                                                       Compound        Compound
                                      2008/09 (%)            2007/08 (%)           2006/07 (%)        2005/06 (%)     2004/05 (%)     Average (%)     Average (%)
            & SRI Options
                                                                                                                                          5 Years        10 Years

                                    Std.        SRI        Std.       SRI        Std.        SRI     Std.    SRI     Std.    SRI     Std.    SRI      Std.    SRI

     Long-term growth              -14.38       -7.98      -8.12 -10.18          17.88      14.00    17.10   15.08   15.46   10.02    4.63    3.59     4.36       N/A

     Medium-term growth              -9.93      -5.39      -4.86      -6.40      14.33      11.56    13.82   12.38   14.21   10.29    4.96    4.13     4.65       N/A

     Balanced                        -6.21      -3.11      -1.55      -2.65      10.77        8.93   10.04    9.07   12.50    9.82    4.83    4.24     N/A        N/A

     Short-term                      -2.06      -0.48       1.78       1.14        7.70       6.67    6.54    6.00   14.21    8.94    4.79    4.39     4.65       N/A

     Stopover                         4.66        N/A       6.39        N/A        5.23        N/A    5.06    N/A    14.00    N/A     5.41     N/A     5.25       N/A

    SRI options have only been available since 2003.
    N/A: These returns are not available because these options were not in existence at the time.

                                                                                                                                       Compound        Compound
         Pension Options              2008/09 (%)            2007/08 (%)           2006/07 (%)        2005/06 (%)     2004/05 (%)     Average (%)     Average (%)
                                                                                                                                          5 Years        10 Years

                                    Std.        SRI        Std.       SRI        Std.        SRI     Std.    SRI     Std.    SRI     Std.    SRI      Std.    SRI

     Long-term growth              -15.82       -8.18      -8.12 -10.18          17.88      14.00    17.10   15.08   15.46   10.02    5.46    4.31     5.08       N/A

     Medium-term growth -10.82                  -5.38      -4.86      -6.40      14.33      11.56    13.82   12.38   14.21   10.29    5.86    4.94     5.45       N/A

     Balanced                        -6.66      -2.95      -1.55      -2.65      10.77        8.93   10.04    9.07   12.50    9.82    5.73    5.06     N/A        N/A

     Short-term                      -2.00      -0.09       1.78       1.14        7.70       6.67    6.54    6.00   14.21    8.94    5.70    5.25     5.61       N/A

     Stopover                         5.52        N/A       6.39        N/A        5.23        N/A    5.06    N/A    14.00    N/A     6.35     N/A     6.16       N/A

    SRI options have only been available since 2003.
    N/A: These returns are not available because these options were not in existence at the time.

Health Super’s performance
                                  in a difficult year
Despite finishing on a more positive tone,
the 2008/09 financial year was undoubtedly
a very testing year for investors.

The year was characterised by the                It will also be a year remembered for                     Comparative
global financial crisis, a sharp slowdown        decisive and unprecedented action by
in world economic growth and consequent          governments and central banks around                      Health Super returns
significant falls in global share and property   the world to ‘bail-out’ major bank,                       Most super funds experienced a second
markets. It was the second consecutive           insurance and investment businesses to                    year of negative returns, and Health Super
year of negative returns for super funds.        support a financial system under stress.                  was not immune to this. This was driven
Recently, there have been signs of stability                                                               mainly by falls in Australian shares of
in some major economies and recovery in          Unprecedented                                             more than 20% and in global shares of
global share markets. However, it’s                                                                        approximately 20%. Property assets also
                                                 These unprecedented global problems were
understandable that investors, especially                                                                  experienced disappointing returns.
                                                 met with significant coordinated action in the
those approaching retirement, may feel
                                                 form of lower interest rates and government               However, recent rises in share markets
concern when reviewing their investment
                                                 ‘stimulus packages’ that sought to restore                around the world have masked the
returns for the past year.
                                                 confidence and kick-start stalling economies.             unprecedented volatility displayed by
In what is widely considered to have been                                                                  financial markets during the 2008/09
                                                 While it is too early to say with confidence
the most challenging economic conditions                                                                   financial year. For example in the first seven
                                                 that economic and investment market
in over 70 years, global share and property                                                                months of the year the Australian share
                                                 recovery has commenced, there is a
markets experienced a second year of                                                                       market fell almost 39% before recovering
                                                 growing sense that the worst may be
negative returns. For some asset classes                                                                   21% at year end from the March low.
                                                 over for long term investors. History
this was the worst performance in over
                                                 tells us that economies do recover and                    Health Super publishes up-to-date
25 years. While the Australian economy
                                                 financial market returns will reflect the                 investment information regularly on its
fared well compared to others, recessions
                                                 prospects of better times ahead.                          website. See
in the US, Europe, Japan and most
developing countries resulted in forecasts                                                                 for more information.
of negative world economic growth.

   Comparative Health Super returns
   Here at Health Super we work hard to maximise the                Your Fund has low fees and all benefits are returned to
   retirement savings of our members. Even in the current           members. Health Super also supports your industry by
   investment environment, Health Super remains one of              sponsoring community initiatives such as the Great Vic
   Australia’s top performing super funds.                          Trek for Yooralla, the Deakin Nursing Awards and Vision
                                                                    Australia’s Carols by Candlelight.
   SuperRatings, an independent research company, has
                                                                    *Health Super – Medium Term Growth – 1 year return as at 30 June 2009.
   compared the investment performance of different super  Note: Past performance is not a reliable indicator
   funds, and has ranked Health Super in the Top 10*                of future performance.
   performing funds in Australia.
   While it’s reassuring to know that you’re with a top-
   performing fund, it’s also important to remember that
   there’s more to Health Super than investment
   performance alone.

                                                                                                                                                  september 2009   7
                                                                                                    Government Co-Contribution reduced
                                                                                                    The co-contribution is an amount which may be paid by the
                                                                                                    Government if you make a voluntary after-tax contribution to
                                                                                                    super during the year (depending on your income).

                                                                                                    From 1 July 2009, the co-contribution will reduce to a matching
                                                                                                    contribution of $1.00 for every $1.00 contributed by eligible members
                                                                                                    (up to a maximum of $1,000). This will be a temporary cut only, with
                                                                                                    the co-contribution gradually increased to $1.50 in the 2014/15
                                                                                                    financial year. The new rates are summarised below:

                                                                                                     Financial         Matching   Maximum    Reducing rate
                                                                                                     Year              %          co-cont.
                                                                                                     2008/09           150%       $1,500     Reduces by 5 cents for each dollar
                                                                                                                                             over the threshold total income
                                                                                                    2009/10            100%       $1,000     Reduces by 3.333 cents for each
    The Federal Government Budget in May                                                            2010/11
                                                                                                                                             dollar over the threshold total income

    2009 announced a number of changes                                                              2012/13            125%       $1,250     Reduces by 4.167 cents for each dollar
                                                                                                    2013/14                                  over the threshold total income
    to the super and retirement systems.                                                            2014/15            150%       $1,500     Reduces by 5 cents for each dollar
    It’s important that you understand                                                              onwards                                  over the threshold total income.

    these changes as they may affect you.                                                           Total income includes reportable fringe benefits and, from 1 July
                                                                                                    2009, reportable employer superannuation contributions (example,
                                                                                                    salary sacrifice contributions). Refer to for more
                                                                                                    information including the income thresholds applicable for the
     Not sure what these                                                                            2009/10 year and other eligibility criteria.
     changes mean for you?                                                                          Small and lost accounts transferred to ATO
                                                                                                    The Government has announced that from 1 July 2010,
     If you have a question about the changes                                                       superannuation funds will be required to transfer ‘lost accounts’ with
     relating to super, contact us on 1800 331 719.                                                 a balance of less than $200 to the ATO or accounts that have been
                                                                                                    ‘inactive’ for five years and for which there are insufficient records to
     For questions relating to the changes to                                                       identify the owner. You will be able to reclaim your money from the
     social security or other Government benefits,                                                  ATO if you can prove that any of these accounts belong to you
                                                                                                    (note: this proposal has not become law yet and may change).
     call Centrelink on 13 23 00 or visit
                                                                                                    An important part of making sure your account doesn’t become                                                                         ‘lost’ is to ensure Health Super has your most up-to-date details.
                                                                                                    If you have recently moved or changed jobs, have you advised
                                                                                                    Health Super? Call 1800 331 719 for further information.
                                                                                                    Contribution limits reduced
                                                                                                    The limit on pre-tax contributions that can be made to super each
                                                                                                    year (without incurring additional tax) will reduce from 1 July 2009.
                                                                                                    Pre-tax contributions include employer superannuation guarantee
                                                                                                    and salary sacrifice contributions^. The new concessional contribution
                                                                                                    limits are as follows:

                                                                                                                                  Concessional (pre-tax) contribution cap
                                                                                                                                  from 1 July 2009
                                                                                                     Financial year               Under age 50             Over age 50
                                                                                                     2009/10                      $25,000                  $50,000
    ^ Special rules apply to employer contributions which go towards providing Defined
                                                                                                    2010/11                       $25,000*                 $50,000
    Benefits, including transitional arrangements for members of a defined benefit fund on
    5 September 2006. A formula, as specified in tax legislation, is used to work out a 'notional   2011/12                       $25,000*                 $50,000
    taxed contribution' that relates to a member's Defined Benefit account, which is included
    in the member's total concessional contributions for a year. Under the transitional             2012/13                       $25,000*                 $25,000
    arrangements, a defined benefit member's excess notional taxed contributions may be
    treated as equal to the concessional contributions cap in certain circumstances. These          * Indexed yearly
    transitional arrangements have also been amended to reflect the new contribution limits.

If you are currently sacrificing large amounts of your salary into super,
you will need to make sure you don’t exceed the new contribution limits                        Surcharge
as a higher tax rate (46.5%) will be applied to excess contributions.                          (projected for
                                                                                               2010-11)                TIER 1      TIER 2      TIER 3
Note that from 1 July 2009, salary sacrifice amounts affect eligibility
for co-contributions, tax deductible member contributions and               Income (Singles)   $0 - $75,000            $75,001 -   $90,001 -   $120,000+
                                                                                                                       $90,000     $120,000
spouse rebates by being included in the assessment of your total
income for these purposes.                                                  Income             $0 - $150,000           $150,001 - $180,001 - $240,001+
                                                                            (Couples/families)                         $180,000   $240,000
The limit on voluntary or personal after-tax (non-concessional)
                                                                            Medicare levy      Nil                     1.00%       1.25%       1.50%
contributions will remain at $150,000 (or $450,000 over a 3 year            surcharge
period for members under 65 years of age) for 2009/10 and will
                                                                            Private health     30%                     20%         10%         Nil
be indexed for future financial years to ensure it is maintained            insurance rebate
at six times the lower concessional contribution cap.                       under 65

Other Budget changes                                                        Private health
                                                                            insurance rebate
                                                                                               35%                     25%         25%         Nil

There are other important changes announced in the 2009
Federal Budget. While these don’t impact directly on your                   Private health     40%                     30%         30%         Nil
                                                                            insurance rebate
super, it is important to be familiar with those changes.                   70 and over
These are summarised below, not all proposals have been
legislated so are subject to change.
                                                                            New Medicare levy low income thresholds
Changes to personal income tax rates
                                                                            The new Medicare levy thresholds applicable from
Changes previously announced to personal income tax rates will              the 2008/09 year are:
go ahead. The new rates for most individual residents (not including
                                                                            • Singles: $17,794 (previously $17,309)
the medicare levy) are as follows:
                                                                            • Families: $30,025 (previously $29,207).
2008/09                  2009/10                  2011/12
                                                                            Each dependent child or student increases the threshold by
Taxable income Rate      Taxable income Rate      Taxable Income Rate
                                                                            $2,757. For eligible pensioners, the low income threshold has been
$0 - $6,000       0%     $0 - $6,000       0%     $0 - $6,000      0%       increased to $25,299 for the 2008/09 year.
$6,001 –          15%    $6,001 –          15%   $6,001 – $37,000 15%
$34,000                  $35,000
                                                                            Paid parental leave
                                                                            The Government has announced that, from 1 January 2011,
$34,001 –         30%    $35,001 –         30%   $37,001 –         30%      payments to the primary carer will be introduced at the adult
$80,000                  $80,000                 $80,000
                                                                            Federal minimum wage rate (currently $543.78) for up to 18 weeks.
$80,001 -         40%    $80,001 -         38%   $80,001 -         37%
$180,000                 $180,000                $180,000                   Payments will be considered taxable income and will affect
$180,001+         45%    $180,001+         45%   $180,001+         45%
                                                                            entitlements to family assistance payments, but will not be
                                                                            counted as income for income support payments.
Changes to the private health insurance rebate                              Primary carers will be eligible if they:
From 1 July 2010, the Government is proposing to introduce a three-         • Earned less than $150,000 in the full financial year prior to birth
tier approach to determine the private health insurance rebate payable        or adoption and worked at least 330 hours over 10 months
to individuals. The rebate is currently 30% and is not means tested.          (equal to one full day per week) preceding birth or adoption.
Based on current draft legislation, under the proposed arrangements:        • Worked at least 10 of the 13 months (and at least 330 hours)
                                                                              before the expected date of birth or adoption.
• Age and number of dependant children will be a factor
  in determining the amount of rebate received.                             Parents receiving paid parental leave will not be eligible for the baby
                                                                            bonus except for multiple births, where no baby bonus will be paid
• Current rebates will continue for singles earning less than $75,000
                                                                            for the first child. Parents also won’t be eligible, while receiving paid
  and couples/families earning less than $150,000.
                                                                            parental leave, for:
• Income earned above the upper level will result in a complete
  loss of the private health insurance rebate.                              • Family Tax Benefit Part B
• High income earners will pay more for cover due to the loss               • Dependant Spouse tax offset
  of rebate and a higher Medicare levy surcharge if they choose             • Child-Housekeeper tax offset
  not to have cover.                                                        • Housekeeper tax offset.

                                                                                                                                       september 2009      9
     Our brand new look
                              As a provider of specialist super services         We’ll be launching a brand new website
                              to the health and community services               in November. Our new site will be easy
                              sector we have got the industry experience,        to navigate, user-friendly and has been
                              technology and investment expertise to help        restructured to incorporate a new Member
                              ease the burden of super administration.           section, which has information relevant to
                              We pride ourselves on our professionalism,         you, no matter what stage of your life you’re
                              our performance and our friendly service.          at. A Member Help Centre will have more
                                                                                 technical and practical information. You’ll
                              Importantly, we listen to you - our members.
                                                                                 also find enhanced online tools to help
                              Accordingly, we recently undertook research        you manage your super more easily.
                              of both our members and employers to gain
                                                                                 What’s more, we have prepared a suite
                              insights into how Health Super is perceived.
                                                                                 of entirely new communications material.
                              Our research revealed a number of things:          Our brochures have been updated and
                                                                                 we have introduced new topics to make
                              • Many people were confused about who              super easier for you to understand.
                                Health Super was and what we represent.
                              • Many people didn’t understand how                We recently undertook some
                                we might be different to our competitors.
                                                                                 research with both our
                              • Many people reported that the way                members and employers to
                                we looked and talked didn’t reflect
                                who we were.                                     gain some insight into how
                              With that in mind, we made a commitment            Health Super is perceived.
                              to change the way we present ourselves
                              and communicate with all our members               We’ll continue to contribute to the Health
                              and employers.                                     and Community Services sector, through
                              In the coming months, you’ll see our new,          sponsorship of industry events and
                              fresh look and range of communications             conferences and help you stay informed
                              that have been developed to address                about super. We’ll still be there on the
                              some of the issues you raised.                     ground to meet with you and hear about
                                                                                 your issues, concerns or successes.
                              Firstly, you’ll notice our new logo and colours.
                              These colours were chosen to reflect the           We invite you to join us on this journey to
                              friendly, warm and contemporary organisation       rediscover Health Super and we hope you’ll
                              that we aim to be. Although our logo has           embrace the positive changes we have
                              changed, we still represent the same great         made. Stay tuned for more information
                              service and dedicated professionalism that         and look out for our new website which
                              we have always stood for.                          will be launched later in the year.

                               If you have any comments or questions about our new look, please
                               let us know. You can call us on 1800 331 719.

                              As a health and community services worker,      • Death only cover – providing a lump sum
                              you’ve probably seen first hand just how          payment in the event of your death. If you
                              devastating the effects of unexpected             become terminally ill, your insured benefit
                              death, illness or injury can be.                  may be paid earlier. Death cover is
                                                                                available up to a maximum of $5 million.
                              Unfortunately, many Health Super members
                              may be under-insured and mistakenly believe     • Death & TPD cover – providing a lump sum
                              they can’t afford more than the automatic         payment if you die or become totally and
                              level of cover that may be provided when          permanently disabled. Cover is available
                              they first join the Fund (providing they meet     up to a maximum of $5 million for Death
                              eligibility criteria).                            and $2 million for TPD.
                              But with Death and Total & Permanent            • Income Protection – providing a monthly
                              Disablement (TPD) insurance starting at           benefit if you become totally disabled due
                              just $1.03 per unit each week, can you afford     to sickness or injury for longer than the
                              not to be covered? The amount you pay will        nominated waiting period. The maximum
                              depend on the assessment of your application      cover you can receive is 85% of your
                              for additional cover by the insurer.              pre-disability income, $20,000 per month
                                                                                or your monthly insured benefit as agreed
                              Types of cover available
                                                                                by the insurer, whichever is the lesser.
                              Eligible Health Super members can access
                              a range of insurance cover, including:          Do you have enough?
                                                                              Check your Member Statement to see
                                                                              the dollar value of your insurance benefit
                                                                              entitlement as at 30 June 2009.
                                                                              Will this be enough to pay your medical bills
                                                                              or make alterations to your home if you are
                                                                              no longer able to look after yourself? Will it
                                                                              be enough to pay for your funeral, pay-off the
                                                                              mortgage and financially support your family
                                                                              if you’re no longer around?
                                                                              Want more cover?
                                                                              Having the right amount of insurance cover
                                                                              is an important part of any financial plan.
                                                                              At Health Super, you can apply to increase
                                                                              your level of insurance cover at any time
                                                                              provided you meet eligibility criteria.
                                                                              Further details are contained in the Accumulation
                                                                              PDS. Contact us on 1800 331 719 or visit
                                                                     to download a
                                                                              copy. You may also like to obtain professional
                                                                              financial planning advice to help you
                                                                              determine the level of cover required.

Save time and save
the environment
Don’t waste time waiting for the postie to arrive! You can access your
Health Super account and important communications like your Member
Statement online, any time you like. You’ll also be helping the environment
by reducing the amount of paper we use.
Health eSuper provides a flexible and        Setting up a Health eSuper account is
secure way to manage your super.             easy. Go to
With just a click of a button, you can:      and follow the prompts to register. Your user
• Update your details                        name and password will be emailed to you
  (faster than filling out a form)           automatically. If you would like to receive
                                             communications such as your Member
• Change the way your super is invested
                                             Statement online, you will need to register
• View your contributions history            for this separately via eSuper.
• View important fund publications
                                             If you register to receive your Member
• Obtain an estimate of your                 Statement online, we’ll send you an
  account balance.                           email to let you know when your
                                             Accumulation PDS is ready for you to view.
                                             Call us on 1800 331 719 if you have any
                                             questions or need help registering.

you’re thinking
Health Super aims to provide superior     We have engaged a professional research
member service but there’s really only    firm to design and conduct this research
one way to find out whether we’re         on our behalf. If you are contacted, please
meeting your expectations – that’s        be honest! Your feedback will be used to
to ask you what you think!                help us measure and improve the services
                                          we provide to all members.
Over the course of the next year we’ll
continue to conduct telephone surveys     We promise not to survey you more
with more than 5,000 members to gather    than once a year and if you decline the
information about their experiences       survey, we will remove you from the list
interacting with us when they:            for future surveys.
• Joined the fund                         The surveys are a great way for us to
• Withdrew or deposited money             test how we are performing, and to really
• Conducted transactions                  highlight any improvements we can make
                                          in delivering service to our members.
• Contacted our Call Centre
• Used our website.

                                                                                             september 2009   13
     There have been some recent changes at                (who are not Australian citizens, New Zealand     Please note that the entitlements of a same
     Health Super because we’ve reviewed our               citizens of permanent residents) can access       sex partner or child of a same sex partner
     processes or as a result of legislative reforms.      preserved super from their super fund have        of a member is subject to Health Super’s
     These changes are summarised below.                   also changed. Temporary residents can no          Trust Deed. The Health Super Trust Deed
                                                           longer access preserved super in the same         was amended on 29 April 2009 to reflect the
     New crediting rate process                            circumstances as other members (for example,      expanded definitions of ‘spouse’ and ‘child’
     Crediting rates reflect the value of a fund’s         on retirement, reaching age 65 or financial       under superannuation legislation.
     investment returns, less any applicable fees,         hardship grounds). If you would like more         For information about the impact of these
     costs and taxes. They form the basis for              information, please contact us on 1800 331 719.   reforms on Family Laws, consult a legal adviser.
     crediting returns to your account (or deducted
     returns, if negative), depending on the               Disclosure of information to former               Providing your Tax File Number (TFN)
     investment option you are invested in.                temporary residents whose benefits
                                                                                                             Under the Superannuation Industry
                                                           are transferred to the ATO
     Declared crediting rates are rates ‘declared’                                                           (Supervision) Act 1993 (SIS), the Trustee
     by the Trustee on a monthly basis for each            Going forward, Health Super will rely on the      is authorised to collect your TFN, which will
     investment option. These rates take a few             relief provided by the Australian Securities      only be used for lawful purposes.
     weeks to calculate and are based on the               & Investments Commission (ASIC) Class
                                                                                                             These purposes may change in the future as
     actual (net) investment performance of each           Order [CO 09/437] which says, in effect,
                                                                                                             a result of legislative change. The Trustee of
     investment option during the period. Interim          that the trustee of a superannuation fund is
                                                                                                             the Fund may disclose your TFN to another
     rates are used for periods when the declared          not obliged to notify a non-resident that he/
                                                                                                             superannuation provider, when your benefits
     rate is not yet available.                            she has ceased to hold an interest in the
                                                                                                             are being transferred, unless you request
                                                           fund and that the trustee is not obliged to
     Health Super introduced a new process on                                                                the Trustee in writing that your TFN not be
                                                           give a periodic or exit statement to a non-
     1 March 2009 whereby an interim crediting rate                                                          disclosed to any other superannuation provider.
                                                           resident in circumstances whereby the
     will be calculated and set for all investment                                                           It is not an offence not to quote your
                                                           trustee is requested to pay the unclaimed
     options each week. The interim rate will apply for                                                      TFN. However providing your TFN will have
                                                           superannuation to the Commissioner of
     payments made from the Fund until the monthly                                                           the following advantages (which may not
                                                           Taxation. This means we aren’t required to
     crediting rate is declared for that month. For                                                          otherwise apply):
                                                           notify former temporary residents when their
     further information about the new crediting rate
                                                           benefits are transferred to the ATO.              • Health Super will be able to accept all types
     process, visit
                                                           This relief however, is subject to a number of      of contributions to your account;
     Super treatment changes                               conditions, amongst which require the Trustee     • Additional tax will not be payable by
     for temporary residents                               upon request to provide information and             Health Super on concessional contributions
     The Federal Government has changed                    documentation to a non-resident about their         to your account (No-TFN tax);
     the treatment of super benefits for former            interest in the Fund.                             • Other than the tax that may ordinarily apply,
     temporary residents who have left                                                                         no additional tax will be deducted when you
                                                           Super treatment changes
     Australia permanently.                                                                                    start drawing down your superannuation
                                                           for same sex couples
     From 18 December 2008, the super                                                                          benefits; and
                                                           The Government has changed a range of
     benefits of temporary residents who have:                                                               • It will make it much easier to trace different
                                                           Commonwealth laws to provide same sex
     • worked in Australia,                                couples with access to the same entitlements        superannuation accounts in your name so
                                                           as other couples.                                   that you receive all your superannuation
     • held a valid visa, and
                                                                                                               benefits when you retire.
     • the visa has since expired or been cancelled        For super purposes (including related tax
                                                           purposes), ‘spouse’ is now defined to include     If the No-TFN tax is deducted from your
     may become payable by Health Super to                                                                   account as at 30 June in a financial year
     the ATO as unclaimed money, if not claimed            a person living with a person on a genuine
                                                           domestic basis ‘in a relationship as a couple’    and you subsequently supply your TFN to
     within 6 months of a temporary resident                                                                 Health Super (within 3 years) while a member of
     having permanently departed Australia. This           or in a registered de facto relationship under
                                                           State or Territory law (whether of the same sex   the Fund, the Trustee will refund the No-TFN tax
     requirement applies under the Superannuation                                                            to your account with an effective date of
     (Unclaimed Money and Lost Members)                    or a different sex).
                                                                                                             1 July in the financial year after the No-TFN tax
     Act 1999 which was amended to give the                The definitions of ‘child’ has also been          was deducted. Where it can be established that
     ATO power to issue notifications to super             extended to include a child of a person’s         Health Super did in fact hold your TFN before
     funds from time to time for payment of                spouse (which may include a same sex partner)     30 June in a financial year, any No-TFN tax
     superannuation benefits of former temporary           or a child recognised under the Family Law        deducted from your account will be refunded
     residents in the fund to the ATO. Unclaimed           Act, for example, children born from artificial   with an effective date of 30 June in that year.
     monies can be claimed directly from the ATO           conception and surrogacy arrangements.
                                                                                                             Health Super’s policy is that, if you have
     at any time after departing Australia, subject        The expanded definition of “spouse” and           not provided your TFN at the time you
     to the payment of tax. Unfortunately, if a            “child” impact who death benefits can be          leave Health Super, the No-TFN tax will be
     former temporary resident’s superannuation is         paid to (and how they are taxed), who you         deducted from your account in respect of
     transferred to the ATO as unclaimed monies,           can nominate as your beneficiary in a             concessional contributions received in the
     it will not attract interest nor will the unclaimed   (non-binding) nomination, who you can             same year. The Trustee will not seek a refund
     amount retain any associated insurance cover.         nominate as a reversionary beneficiary in the     of the No-TFN tax charged to your account
     From 1 April 2009, the withholding tax                case of a pension account, who can establish      if you provide your TFN after you leave
     on any super amount claimed by a former               a spouse account, eligibility for the spouse      Health Super. Therefore it is important you
     temporary resident as a Departing Australia           contribution rebate and splitting of super        ensure that Health Super has your TFN.
     Superannuation Payment (whether the super             benefits on breakdown of a relationship.
                                                           Where de facto relationships (including same      Stricter requirements now apply to employers
     benefit is paid by the Fund or the ATO) has
                                                           sex de facto relationships) are subject to the    to provide TFNs to a fund for their employees
     increased to 35% of the taxable component
                                                           Family Law Act, requests for information about    (failure to meet these requirements may lead
     and 45% on any untaxed component.
                                                           a member’s super may be made to a super           to penalties). However you should not assume
     From 18 December 2008, the rules governing                                                              that Health Super has received your TFN
     the circumstances in which temporary residents        fund by a de facto spouse.
                                                                                                             from your employer.

Our commitment
to the community
                                                                            Carols by Candlelight
                                                                            Health Super is delighted to again be the major sponsor
                                                                            of the Vision Australia’s Carols by Candlelight® Live Site
                                                                            at Federation Square event.
                                                                            As always, the event is free and open to all. More
                                                                            information will be posted on our website in the lead
                                                                            up to Christmas.

                   LEADERSHIP IN
for Yooralla       Sponsored by Deakin University
POWERED BY Health Super                                                 in partnership with Health Super
                                                                        The Deakin University Leadership in Nursing Awards is a fantastic
December this year will see Health Super supporting a 21 day            opportunity for Health Super to recognise leaders across the health
trek around Victoria via all modes of transport to help a great         sector. The Awards are an annual event that recognises nurses and
Victorian charity, Yooralla.                                            midwives who have contributed to the profession and benefited the
The Great Vic Trek will kick off with former Australian                 public by improving health service delivery, capacity and/or policy.
cricketer Dean Jones leading a group of walkers from Melbourne’s        A number of prizes are on offer, including $20,000 awarded to a
Federation Square to the first stop, the East Gippsland town of         nurse or midwife who has contributed to the profession and benefited
Traralgon. He will then pass the baton onto a mix of former AFL         the public by improving health service delivery, capacity and/or policy.
stars and sports people who will then run, sail and ride throughout
hundreds of Victorian towns throughout December, until reaching         Winners will be announced at a gala dinner to be held on
its final destination – the MCG on December 27, the second day          29 October 2009 at Melbourne’s Hilton on The Park. The guest
of the Boxing Day Test match.                                           speaker will be Ms Christine Nixon APM, Chair of the Victorian
                                                                        Bushfire Reconstruction and Recovery Authority.
Each of these towns will experience fund raising activities with help
from the likes of Michael Klim, Pat Cash, Cadel Evans, Marc Murphy,     For information on award categories and to download and submit
Dean Jones, Damien Fleming and Tony Shaw, to name just a few.           a nomination form, visit the web site at
Check the Trek website to get involved in the events
or to make a donation:                       Applications are now open and close Friday 11 September 2009.
                                                                        Apply now or nominate someone you know!
Health Super is delighted to be the principle sponsor of this
great cause, as well as providing logistical and other support.
Health Super staff will also participate on the actual walk itself,
helping to raise funds for a very worthy cause.

                                                                                                                         september 2009      15
Meet the people behind
Health Super
Call us!                                                  Get advice from a professional
Call 1800 331 719 and you’ll speak to a real person       Health Super Financial Planning1 provides
trained in super and administration. You’ll be            professional financial planning advice to help
talking to a member of the Fund too. We’re good           you define and meet your financial goals.
listeners and will answer your general inquiries as       Call 1300 780 223 to make an appointment.
simply as possible, without the technical jargon.         Health Super members and their immediate
                                                          family are entitled to discounted service rates.
Our Call Centre is open from 8.30am – 6.00pm EST
Monday to Friday. Local call costs apply from             Retirement planning seminars
anywhere in Australia.                                    Held regularly throughout the year, retirement
                                                          planning seminars are a great way to learn more
Speak to an Account Manager
                                                          about super and retirement planning. The seminars
Got a more complicated problem or query? Our
                                                          are designed to help you maximise your wealth
Account Managers can come to your workplace
                                                          in retirement. Visit our website for the schedule
or speak to you over the phone to resolve your
                                                          of seminars.
problems quickly and correctly.

1800 331 719
Fax (03) 9614 8048
Locked Bag 2900
                                                                                                                                               6894 September 2009 031HS10155 31>49

Collins Street West
VIC 8007                                                                               Our friendly contact centre staff

Health Super Fund                                     1
                                                          Health Super Financial Services Pty Ltd AFSL No. 240019 trading as Health Super
                                                          Financial Planning (‘HSFP’) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Health Super.
ABN 88 293 440 675
                                                          Health Super pays HSFP half of the annual 1% Account-keeping fee charged
                                                          for Health Super’s Account Based Pension and Transition to Retirement Pension
Health Super Pty Ltd                                      products. Health Super also pays a variable monthly amount (calculated on a cost
                                                          recovery basis) to HSFP to conduct member seminar programs. Health Super is not
Trustee of the Health Super Fund                          a representative of HSFP and receives no commissions when making referrals to this
ABN 97 084 162 489, AFSL No. 246492                       service. Health Super does not in any way endorse the services provided by HSFP.
my super

Use this form to consolidate your super accounts. You should contact your other super fund(s) to find out if there are any fees, charges
or other consequences for transferring your super out of that fund(s).
Note: This form only allows you to transfer the whole of your account balance. Health Super requires the signed original copy of this form.
If you want to transfer more than one account, photocopy this form and return to Health Super as directed at the back of this form.

Important information: * Indicates mandatory fields. Due to Government reforms aimed to address money laundering and terrorism
financing, certain minimum information must be provided. To avoid your request being delayed or not processed please ensure these
fields are completed properly.

Your details

*Your 7 or 8 digit Health Super member number                   *Mr   Ms     Mrs       Miss Dr    Other (please specify)       *Male    Female

*Given name(s)                                                  *Surname                                                       *Date of birth
                                                                                                                                D D M M Y                  Y   Y   Y
*Full residential address (PO Box not acceptable)

Suburb                                                          Country                                                        State              Postcode

Postal address if different from residential address

Suburb                                                          Country                                                        State              Postcode

*Telephone number (BH)                              Telephone number (AH)                                  Mobile

Fund details from where you are transferring your account

*Fund name                                                                      Phone

Membership account number                                                       Superannuation Product Identification Number (SPIN)

Fund details for your Health Super account

Fund name                                                                       Phone
 HEALTH SUPER FUND                                                                 1     8    0    0   3    3    1    7    1    9
*Your 7 or 8 digit Health Super member number                                   Superannuation Product Identification Number (SPIN)
                                                                                   SPIN: HES0001AU
You must check with your other fund to ensure they permit this transfer.

Proof of identity

      I have attached a certified copy of my driver’s licence or passport; OR            I have attached certified copies of both:
                                                                                         • Birth/citizenship certificate or Centrelink Pension Card; and
                                                                                         • Centrelink payment letter or Government notice
                                                                                           (less than 1 year old) with name and address
Please see overleaf for further information.

The easiest way of sending proof of ID is to take your driver’s licence or passport to a police station and have it endorsed by an officer.
Send it to us with this form.

                                                                                                                                continued overleaf...
Sign and return as directed
Declaration: I authorise the rollover of the specified superannuation fund entitlement(s) to my existing Health Super account and in doing so I understand that:
• The trustees of my other fund(s) are discharged from any liability in respect of any amount rolled over and once a final statement has been issued by
  these fund(s);
• In rare cases Health Super Pty Ltd may be required under law to deduct tax from the untaxed portion of my entitlement (this is only the case when
  transferring in from untaxed public sector funds);
• Health Super Pty Ltd cannot provide advice about my transfer options or the consequences of leaving my other fund(s);
• My other fund(s) may deduct a withdrawal and/or termination fee. I understand that I may incur fees on exiting from my other super fund(s);
• I may ask my other super fund(s) for information about any fees or charges that may apply, or any benefits I may lose or other information about the effect
  this transfer may have on my benefits.
I have read and understood the information and the declaration in this form carefully and to the best of my knowledge the details I have provided are correct.
I have also read the Privacy Statement contained in the PDS and authorise the Trustee to collect, use and disclose my personal information in accordance
with its Privacy Policy.

Your signature                                                                                                                                 Date
                                                                                                                                                D D M M Y                    Y     Y     Y

Important information
Have you provided your Tax File Number (TFN) to Health Super?
If you haven’t, you may have to pay tax at the highest marginal rate plus the Medicare levy rather than the concessional rate of 15% tax payable on amounts
received by Health Super on your behalf. See our PDS for more information about the consequences should Health Super not hold your TFN. Please contact
us via our Superline on Freecall 1800 331 719 to obtain a form to provide your TFN.

Proof of identity
You will need to provide acceptable documentation with this transfer request to prove you are the person to whom the superannuation
entitlement belongs.

Acceptable documents
Acceptable documents include either:                                                             Certification of document copies
• Copy of drivers licence or passport                                                            All copies of documents must be certified as a true and correct copy
                                                                                                 of the original. The following are authorised to certify your documents:
OR copy of one of the following documents:
                                                                                                 • A permanent employee of Australia Post with five or more years of
• Birth certificate or extract, citizenship certificate, pension                                   continuous service. Five years of continuous service must be
  card issued by Centrelink (entitling financial benefits)                                         officially declared.
AND one of the following:                                                                        • A finance company officer with five or more years continuous service
• Letter from Centrelink regarding Government assistance payment;                                • An officer with or authorised representative of a holder of an Australian
                                                                                                   Financial Services Licence having five or more years continuous service
• Notice issued by any Government department or local council within
                                                                                                   with one or more licencees
  the last 12 month period which contains your name and address
  (i.e. ATO Assessment or rates notice).                                                         • A notary public officer
                                                                                                 • A police officer
                                                                                                 • A registrar or deputy registrar of a court
                                                                                                 • A Justice of the Peace
                                                                                                 • A person enrolled on the roll of a State or Territory Supreme Court
                                                                                                   or the High Court of Australia as a legal practitioner
                                                                                                 • An Australian consular officer or an Australian diplomatic officer
                                                                                                 • A judge of a court
                                                                                                 • A magistrate, or
                                                                                                 • A chief executive officer of a commonwealth court.

                                                                                                 Pharmacists and registered medical practitioners are not accepted
                                                                                                 for ID purposes for superannuation.

                The original form and certified identification must be sent via our postal address
                to:Health Super Pty Ltd, PO Box 5114 South Melbourne VIC 3205.

The information contained in this document has been prepared without taking into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. Before making a decision, you should consider the
appropriateness of the products and services offered by Health Super having regard to your objectives, financial situation and needs.
We collect your personal information for purposes detailed in Privacy Statements in Health Super’s PDS and/or Annual Report. To find out more, read our Privacy Policy on
If you would like a copy or if you would like to access or update the personal information we hold about you, please contact Health Super’s Privacy Officer on 1800 331 719.
Issued by Health Super Pty Ltd (ABN 97 084 162 489, AFSL No. 246492) as Trustee of the Health Super Fund (ABN 88 293 440 675).

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