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LSE graduates survive the credit crunch



LSE graduates survive                                                                                                                Focus on ...
                                                                                                                                     The Department of
                                                                                                                                     Economics P2

the credit crunch
Graduates from the London School of Economics and Political
Science remain in high demand by employers, earning higher
salaries than last year despite the global economic recession.
As many students throughout the world find it increasingly      The average starting salary for an LSE graduate is
difficult to secure jobs in the challenging economic climate,   now £29,707 six months after graduation, which is                    Where are they now?
LSE graduates have had outstanding success in the               significantly above the UK average, with earnings                    Paul Volcker P3
graduate employment sector. The LSE Careers Service             ranging from £159,000 to students doing unpaid
have recently contacted LSE graduates from 2007 for the         internships.
Destinations of Leavers of Higher Education survey. The
                                                                The support students and graduates receive, from the top
research reveals that six months after graduation, 95.4
                                                                ranking LSE Careers Service, is second to none. They offer
per cent of those now working are in ‘graduate’ roles,
                                                                in-depth knowledge and guidance for choosing a career
compared to only 4.6 per cent who secured non-graduate
                                                                and gaining suitable experience. The LSE Careers Service
jobs, ie, those that do not require a degree. The decreased
                                                                were given the highest satisfaction rating by students of all
availability of graduate vacancies and fierce competition for
                                                                UK Careers Services in 2007-08.
each role has proven to be no obstacle for LSE graduates.
                                                                LSE graduates fill positions in a wide range of industries,
LSE is heavily targeted by employers and graduates from
                                                                with over a third entering the financial service industry            LSE Visits You P4
the School are in great demand, resulting in a lower than
                                                                including banking and accountancy. Government service,
average unemployment rate amongst our graduates.
                                                                education and management consultancy account for
                                                                approximately ten per cent of LSE graduates each, with
                                                                the remainder entering legal, media or other professions
                                                                or going on to further academic study or research. Over
                                                                the past few years, there has also been a considerable
                                                                increase in the number of LSE graduates working within
                                                                charities, trusts and the voluntary sector. Some of the top
                                                                LSE graduate employers are the Civil Service, Ernst &
                                                                Young, PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG and Deloitte.
                                                                A degree from LSE is widely recognised internationally.
                                                                LSE has produced 29 world leaders and heads of state,
                                                                15 Nobel Prize Winners and a host of alumni who are
                                                                well known throughout the world. The research into the
                                                                destinations of LSE graduates continues to demonstrate
                                                                their employability, even within the early stages of their career.


   Winner of new Students’ Centre competition announced
   Dublin based practice O’Donnell &                  estate. The winning team will now work
   Tuomey Architects have been chosen as              closely with LSE and its stakeholders to
   the winners of the competition to design           develop and deliver the concept.
   a new Students’ Centre for LSE. The
                                                      For more information, see:
   centre will house the Students’ Union,
   playing a vital role in enhancing the
   student experience and in furthering the
   School’s aim of creating a world class

    FOCUS ON...

    The Department of Economics
    The Department of Economics at LSE is one of the most successful                                                                  Graduates from the
                                                                                            Undergraduate Programmes
    and best known economics departments in the world. It is a                                                                        department have a
    large and cosmopolitan department with over 50 staff and 1,000                           • BSc Economics                          formidable range of
    students and expertise in all of the main areas of economics.                                                                     transferable skills,
                                                                                             • BSc Economics with Economic History
                                                                                                                                      an understanding
    The department is consistently ranked in the top 20 economics
                                                                                             • BSc Econometrics and                   of political issues
    departments worldwide and is very highly regarded for both
                                                                                                 Mathematical Economics               and government
    teaching and research quality. The 2008 Research Assessment
                                                                                                                                      policy and a strong
    Exercise has recognised it as the top economics faculty in the UK,
                                                                                           commercial awareness. Many LSE economics graduates
    with 60 per cent of the department’s research classified as world
                                                                                           are employed as economists in a wide range of national
    leading and a further 35 per cent being deemed internationally
                                                                                           and international organisations, in government, international
    excellent. The department was also awarded a rating of 23 points
                                                                                           institutions, business and finance.
    out of 24 for the quality of teaching programmes by the UK Quality
    Assurance Agency.                                                                      For further information about the department, programmes and our
                                                                                           entry requirements please see:
                                                                Faculty are active
     Postgraduate Programmes
                                                                as policy advisors
     • PhD in Economics                                         to governmental
                                                                bodies and as
     • MSc Economics                                            editors for leading
     • MSc Economics (Two Year Programme)                       economics
                                                                journals and nine
     • MSc Economics (Research)                                 former staff or
     • MSc Econometrics and                                     students have
       Mathematical Economics                                   been awarded
                                                                the Nobel Prize
     • MSc Econometrics and Mathematical                        in Economics.
       Economics (Two Year Programme)
     • MSc Econometrics and Mathematical
       Economics (Research)

                      Angie Er
                      2nd year BSc Economics, Singapore
                      Q. Why did you choose to           the future of Economics is           sciences schools as the
                      study at LSE?                      really exciting.                     student body is really active
                      LSE is a top ranking school                                             and concerned about issues
                      for Economics and the fact         Q. What’s it like studying           that affect the world.
                      that it is in London makes         in London?
                      it even more attractive.           It’s awesome. The best               Q. Where did you live in           have a better idea of what I
                      Moreover, the international        thing about London is how            the first year and what was        would like to get into once
                      population is a huge pull as       connected it is to the rest          it like?                           I have graduated. With the
                      I knew I would be able to          of the world, with people            I lived in Rosebery Hall and       economy picking up, I hope
                      make friends from different        representing different               it is the best LSE hall of         that by the time I graduate I
                      cultures and backgrounds.          nationalities and cultures. The      residence to live in! Everyone     will be able to secure a job in
                                                         easy accessibility to Europe         is just so friendly and the area   the financial industry.
                      Q. Why did you choose              and America makes travelling         around the hall is great for

                      your course?                       around the world really easy         grocery shopping, catching         Q. Do you have any
                      Economics is a course which        and inexpensive.                     a movie and hanging out at a       advice for prospective
                      is alive. It is so relevant and                                         pub. The friends that I made       LSE students?
                      applicable to the world            Q. What’s the best thing             in the hall are really the ones    Enjoy the opportunities that
                      around us and Economics            about being a student                who saw me through my              LSE and London brings and
                      at LSE is taught in a more         at LSE?                              highs and lows throughout          widen your horizon, travel the
                      practical manner which is          The lively student body where        my first year at LSE.              world, meet and know more
                      preparing me for working           everyone has an opinion and                                             people outside of your usual
                      life. Economics is also my         where you get to discuss             Q. What are your future            social circle. Step out of your
                      passion as the subject itself      a whole range of issues              plans after completing your        comfort zone and you will be
                      is always changing and             with fellow LSE students is          Undergraduate Degree?              surprised by the experiences
                      evolving especially with the       something that stood out             Work. But before that maybe        you will have!
                      recent financial crisis. I think   for me. This is what makes           a bit of travelling. After going
                                                         LSE one of the best social           through one year at LSE, I

                             Ask your own questions to current LSE students through our Email a
    Freshers’ Festivities
    At LSE all new students, both undergraduate and postgraduate, are encouraged
    to get involved with student life and are introduced to this during the ‘Orientation
    Festival’ held at the start of term.
    Orientation Festival is organised by the LSE Students’ Union (LSESU)              any number of LSE clubs and societies and make new friends with
    and takes place over a two week period. The festival is specifically              similar interests in the process. You can meet current club and society
    designed for new students and is full of activities, parties and events           members on the various stands at the fair and find out which ones
    that are sure to cater to all tastes. Highlights from last year include a         are most suitable for you. There are a plethora of clubs and societies
    village fete, live music, a silent disco, an international film festival, a       including the Economics Society, the Athletics Union, the Swing
    sports day and a non-alcoholic ‘unwind’ party.                                    Dance Society, the Bulgarian Society, the Drama Society and the
                                                                                      Entrepreneurs Society. LSE has over 160 different societies and clubs
    However, perhaps the most important event of the festival is the
                                                                                      but if nothing takes your fancy then you and your new friends can start
    ‘Freshers’ Fair’. This two day event gives students the chance to join
                                                                                      your own.

                             Paul Volcker

                             Born in New Jersey, USA, Paul Volcker was a Rotary         Today, Paul Volcker is
                             Foundation Fellow at LSE from 1951 to 1952 after           an Economic Advisor for
                             completing his undergraduate studies at Princeton          President Barack Obama
                             University and a Masters degree at Harvard University.     and joins several other LSE
                                                                                        alumni on Obama’s team
                             After several years working as an Economist for the        in his role as chairman of
                             Federal Reserve Bank and Chase Manhattan Bank,             the newly formed Economic
                             Volcker joined the US Treasury Department and was          Recovery Advisory Board.
                             subsequently appointed Chairman of the Federal Reserve
                             Bank by Presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan
                             from 1979 to 1987.

                                                   Find out more about prominent LSE alumni:

    LSE Application Guide
      Undergraduate Applications                                                       Postgraduate Applications
      Applications must be made via the Universities and Colleges                      Applications should be made directly to LSE through the
      Admissions Service (UCAS) at                                        Graduate Admissions website.
      Application Details                                                              Application Details
      You can apply to a maximum of five university courses with one                   You can apply to a maximum of two LSE courses with one
      application. We recommend that you apply for no more than                        application. We recommend that you apply to two similar courses.
      two similar LSE courses.
                                                                                       You will need to include a transcript from your bachelors degree,
      You will need to include your academic results so far (and/or)                   the Personal Statement (between 1,000 and 1,500 words), two
      predicted results), the Personal Statement (maximum 4,000                        academic references and additional test scores if required (such
      characters) and a reference from your school or college. You                     as GMAT or GRE). You may be required to prove your English
      may be required to prove your English language ability if your                   language ability if your first language is not English.
      first language is not English.
                                                                                       When to apply
      When to apply                                                                    The opening date for the receipt of applications for admission in
      The UCAS opening date for the receipt of applications for                        October 2010 is 12 October 2009.
      admission in October 2010 is 1 September 2009.
                                                                                       Only a limited number of programmes have deadlines by which
      The last date for the receipt of applications to LSE to qualify for              you should apply. Decisions are mostly considered on a rolling
      full and equal treatment is 15 January 2010.                                     basis but you should apply early in the application cycle.
      For more information about undergraduate programmes at LSE,                      For more information about graduate programmes at LSE, entry
      entry requirements and applying, please visit:                                   requirements and to apply, please visit:                      

Student service at                                                                                               3
    LSE Visits You
    Meet a member of staff from the
    LSE Student Recruitment Office
    in your hometown…
    The LSE Student Recruitment Office                             happy to talk to students about the
    provides an information and advice                             UK Higher Education system as well        What’s going on
    service for any prospective students                           as offering more detailed information
    who are interested in studying at LSE.                         about our own programmes, degree          Autumn/Winter 2009-10
                                                                   subjects and departments.
    With a student body from over 140                                                                        LSE Visits You
    different countries, LSE is one of the                         Staff from the Student Recruitment        UK Visits
    most diverse universities in the world.                        Office give talks at schools, colleges    Undergraduate Events
    The Student Recruitment Office                                 and universities across the world to      Various school/college visits throughout the UK.
    aim to maintain this cosmopolitan                              inform large groups of prospective
    atmosphere by continuing to attract                            students about LSE and we are             Postgraduate Events
    the best students from all around                              happy to welcome groups to the            London         Edinburgh               Leeds
    the world to study at the School. By                           School if they would like to visit us.    Manchester     Birmingham
    making regular visits to countries in
    Europe, Africa, Asia and North and                             Take a look at the ‘What’s going          Overseas Visits
    South America, staff in the Student                            on’ column or on the ‘LSE Visits
                                                                                                             September – October
    Recruitment Office can personally                              You’ webpage to find out if we
                                                                                                             Brazil         Chile                   Turkey
    meet prospective students and offer                            will be visiting you in the
                                                                   coming months!                            Norway         Kenya                   Canada
    them guidance and advice about
                                                                                                             USA            Spain                   Greece
    applying to LSE. We are always
                                                                                                             Russia         France                  Italy

                                Graduate Open Evening                                                        November – December
    Wednesday 4 November 2009

                                                                                                             Canada        USA                      Switzerland
                                Wednesday 4 November 2009                                                    Egypt         South Africa             Lithuania
                                                                                                             Germany       Poland                   India
                                Interested in postgraduate study?
                                                                                                             January – February
                                Find out more about LSE graduate programmes and research by
                                                                                                             Japan          South Korea             Cyprus
                                attending our open evening. The event will give you the opportunity
                                to visit LSE, meet academic staff and current LSE students and find          Taiwan         Belgium                 Indonesia
                                out about application procedures, financial support and careers.             Ireland        Mauritius               Vietnam
                                Advance booking is essential.
                                Further information and online booking is available on our website.
                                                                                                             Singapore          Malaysia            Mexico

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