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					Search Engine Optimization or (SEO) doesn’t rank entire pages but elements of them. Each page
is a team working together to produce an overall effect. While each page can produce high
rankings and spread to each other is one of the best strategies another is to use a landing page
strategy. In this case you can use various techniques to bring traffic to one particular page,
usually the home page, and from there direct that pages high ranking to your website’s other
pages. When a page points to another page is does not diminish its page ranking. It may not be
able to give as high a boost if it points to too many pages but this can be compensated for by a
good navigation structure.

For the landing page to have its best effect use whatever techniques you can to drive traffic it.
Seeking out sites that will provide links to your landing page is a strong strategy. If you can drive
enough quality traffic to your landing page, and I stress quality, you can maximize that pages
ranking. A landing page with a high enough page ranking can nearly endow the rest of your
website with increasing rankings.

This is where a strong navigation structure is vital. You want the landing pages strong ranking to
filter around your website and enhance your pages as much as possible. By keeping the in sight
navigation links to a minimum you will ensure maximum ranking increases throughout your site.

By using a combination of affiliates, links from other sites, possibly pay-per-click and awesome
SEO skills you can drive your landing page’s rank sky high. Get your site up with good content
first and then put forth all of your efforts into the landing page. The landing page will be your
ambassador and it will seek out visitors and persuade them to come to your site.
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