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									The most sites on the internet use link pages to get ranked better in google, yahoo and the other
search engines. They exchange hundreds and thousands of links with other sites.

I think to trade links with this link pages will not be the key to get well ranked in the future.

At the moment you can see how google change the algorithm. Use the keyword “promotional
products” at google. One of the first result is the site Look how many web sites
link back to this site with “”. Google count 276 backlinks. Now try
“” a site which is ranked worser than the site before. Unbelievable
11.700 results and not ranked first.

When you look at the results of “” you will see backlinks from articles or blog
sites. This means that 276 backlinks from good content pages are more worth than 11.700
normal links.

How can I exchange links with good content?

Searchengines look for good content and the links in this content will get better valued.

Try to exchange articles with sites that have similar content and a good page rank. The best way
to find these sites are searching in google for the keywords of your site. The better a site is
ranked for that keyword the more your site will benefit from it.

Don’t exchange the same article all the time. It’s better to use as many different articles as
possible. Write only articles about your products or which have content similar to your sites

Use one link per article with a keyword of your site for the link-text. Change the link-text a little
bit and don’t use always the same. Use wordtracker or the overture tool to find these keywords.

Articles are good content for every site. So why don’t you exchange an article with other sites.

I will test it and I’m sure there will be a top 10 rank in the search engines in the next months.

You can see an example of what I mean here

What do you think about “article exchange” will it be the next level of “link exchange”?

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