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					Online Marketing Tools
The Web as a platform
•   What is online marketing?

•   The online marketing mix

     – Search Engine Optimization

     – Pay-Per-Click Advertising

     – Web 2.0 marketing

•   Turn traffic into leads

•   Measure your efforts

•   Summary
Online Marketing

• Sell goods or services over the Internet
• Defend & build your brand online
• One-to-one approach
   – Marketing that appeals to a specific behavior or
   – Ads are based on search engine keywords entered
      by users
• Lower costs for the distribution of information and media
  to a global audience
• Maximize ROI
• Deliver tangible and measurable results
• Add value
Online Marketing Mix

• Search Engine Optimization - SEO

• Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising

• Web 2.0 marketing

   – Social networks

   – Blogs

   – Podcasts/Webinars

   – RSS feeds

   – Social bookmarking
Online Marketing Do’s
• Make use of Pay-per-Click engines
• Put testimonials and feedback all over your
• Make sure that your website is easy to
• Include a search feature on your website
• Launch a business Blog to drive traffic and
Pay-per-Click (PPC)
• Immediate and quick implementation of your online
  marketing strategies
• No need to change your website structure
• Major advantages of online advertising:
   • Unlimited targeted search terms
   • Tighter control over where listings appear and what they
     say (but watch out for editors)
   • Higher placement on results page
   • Easy to test search terms, products, offers, wording
     (and you should!)
   • Creativity
       • You can bid on terms you wouldn't want to use on
         your site
       • Use design and landing pages you wouldn’t use on
         your site
Web 2.0 Marketing
• Web 2.0 is about:

   – Web design creativity

   – Information sharing

   – Collaboration

• Web 2.0 social tools are organized around

   – Users add value (contribution)

   – Web 2.0 is about allowing people to manipulate
     data, not just retrieve data
Web 2.0 Mix

• Social networking

• Blogs

• Podcasts

• Intelligent press releases & RSS

• Social Media Optimization (SMO)

• Tagging & Social Bookmarking
• Online journals
• Can include: images, photos, links, video,
• Use them to subtly market your applications
or develop a brand name
• Provide change to develop informal dialogue
with customers
• Allow you to test new product ideas
• Inexpensive
    • Free tools (Google, IT Toolbox blogs)
    • Develop your own
• Regularly update your blogs
• Audio file that is broadcasted over the web
• The term podcast, means BOTH content and
• Enables you to distribute audio/video content in
addition to printed materials
• Great tool for education - think tutorials, except
this time its continual through your RSS feeds
• Permits some of your company’s greatest
success stories to be told in the voice of your
 Social Media Optimization
• Generate publicity through social networks
• Implement changes to optimize a site Connectivity – “Share
       • Option to email your article/page
       • Option to vote for the content
       • Option to blog or comment material
       • Related articles or pages
   – More highly visible in social media searches on custom
      search engines (such as Technorati – blog related
• Basic rules
   – Increase your link ability
   – Make tagging and bookmarking easy
   – Help your content travel
       • SEO on documents
       • Place on download sites
Recommended Bookmarking Services
•   Blinklist
•   BlogMarks
•   Digg
•   Furl
•   IceRockt
•   Ma.gnolia
•   RawSugar
•   Yahoo My Web 2.0
•   And more…
    How to Generate Leads Quickly using
                 Web 2.0
•   Develop a Post/Article/Webpage
     – Educational.. Not sales letter!
     – Give customers what they really want – nobody likes to be sold
•   Optimize your title – your content must be compelling
     – Secrets of…
     – Who else wants…
     – Five easy steps to…
     – What everyone needs to know about…
•   Optimize for Fans
     – In Web 2.0 people come back to the same site to hear more
     – So give them good quality information (a must-have)
     – Then (politely) ask if they would like more
     – Give a signup box – but don’t spam them
•   Call for action
     – Provide downloads
     – Use data capture
     – Follow up
    Measure Your Online
• Online marketing efforts can be measured
• You can track:
   – Clicks (PPC)
   – Visitors
   – Conversion Rate
      • How many information requests? Sales?
• You can take immediate corrective actions
   – Update your campaigns
   – Update your landing pages
   – Change your messaging
• Keep optimizing & measuring

• Web 2.0 is flexible & affordable

•   Mix tools to optimise ROI

•   Connectivity is essential

•   Provide compelling content

•   Distribute your content

•   Immediately measure your efforts & optimize
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