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					                     •   NEWSLETTER          •                                June 2004, Issue 25

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U. S. Marine Corps


                     St. Louis Marine
                         Honored                    Tears                      Phil’s Family
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                                                 New York Gala at the Plaza


 Customs Bureau

                           Globe & Anchor               CMC Leadership          Semper Fidelis
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  Secret Service

                                                                                      Rest in Peace
                                                                                      “Some people live
                                                                                       an entire lifetime
                                                                                        and wonder if
                                                                                        they have ever
                                                                                      made a difference
                                                                                         to the world,
 U. S. Marshals

                                                                                        but the Marines
                                                                                        don’t have that
                                                                                          problem ...”
                              CBS - CMC
                                                                                                   l     g
                                                                                     President Ronald Reagan
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                                                       Marine Corps - Law Enforcement Foundation
                                                                           Box 37, Mountain Lakes, New Jersey 07046
                                                                                Zachary Fisher, Founder, 1910 - 1999

                                                                                       Board of Directors
                                                 Chairman               Jim Kallstrom, Sr. Executive Vice President, MBNA               Delaware
                                                 Vice Chairman          Dick Torykian, Director Lazard Fréres & Co.                     New York
                                                 Vice Chairman          Steven Wallace, Pacific Brokerage Services                      California

        Marine Corps -                           Director               Westy Ballard, Exec. VP, Reiss Companies, Inc.                 Louisiana
                                                 Director               LtGen Emil Bedard, USMC (Ret)                                    Nevada
  Law Enforcement Foundation                     Director               Jules Bonavolonta, Vice Chairman, MBNA                         Delaware
                                                 Director               Ed Boran, Federal Reserve Bank                                 New York

       Our Mi ssi o n                            Director
                                                                        Brian Campbell, Merrill Lynch
                                                                        David Cornstein, Chairman, Pinnacle Advisors, Ltd.
                                                                                                                                       New York
                                                                                                                                       New York
                                                 Director               Kenneth Courey, President, Qual-Care                          New Jersey
  The Marine Corps - Law Enforcement             Director               Jack Cummings, Philadelphia Police Dept.                    Pennsylvania
                                                 Director               Michael DiFrancesco, Clarion Hotel                           New Jersey
Foundation believes our nation’s most
                                                 Director               Michael Fedorko, N.J. Casino Commission                      New Jersey
precious resource is its youth. Therefore,       Director               Col Ed Fitzgerald, USMC (Ret)                               Rhode Island
we encourage their spiritual, moral,             Director               Joe Garvey, Retired President, Erin Communications          Pennsylvania
intellectual and physical development            Director               Brian Gimlett, Vice President, MBNA                            Delaware
through education.                               Director               Gen Al Gray, USMC (Ret), 29th CMC                                Virginia
                                                 Director               Col G.F. Robert Hanke, USMC, Pres., Polaris Arts, LTD          New York
  Mentally or physically disabled                Director               Gen James L. Jones, USMC, Supreme Allied Commander                Europe
children of the Marine family may                Director               Mrs. Diane Jones                                                  Europe
receive financial aid for medical                Director               Gen P.X. Kelley, USMC (Ret), 28th CMC                            Virginia
                                                 Director               Ray Kelly, Police Commissioner, NYC                            New York
equipment or tutoring. Scholarship bonds
                                                 Director               LtGen Bill Keys, USMC (Ret), Pres., Colt Mfg. Co., Inc.      Connecticut
may be provided for children of active-          Director               Gen Charles C. Krulak, USMC (Ret), 31st CMC                       Europe
duty Marines killed in the line of duty.         Director               Mrs. Norma Lerner                                                    Ohio
 Scholarship bonds are provided for              Director               Rush Limbaugh, Author & Radio Host                             New York
                                                 Director               Joseph Looker, Environ. Dir., Care Matrix Corp.             Pennsylvania
children of Federal law enforcement              Director               LtGen Fred McCorkle, USMC (Ret)                                Tennessee
personnel killed in the line of duty.            Director               Robert McCormack, Trident Capital                                 Illinois
  All donations go toward the assistance         Director               Gen Carl E. Mundy, Jr., USMC (Ret), 30th CMC                     Virginia
                                                 Director               Joseph M. Murphy, Chairman, Country Bank                       New York
of these children. No administrative             Director               Gen Peter Pace, USMC                                     Washington, DC
costs of any type are charged to our             Director               Gary Penrith, Retired FBI, Business Owner                         Illinois
foundation! Membership is free.                  Director               Col Lou Piantadosi, USMC (Ret)                                   Virginia
                                                 Director               Thomas Ripley, Strong Capital Management, Inc.                 Wisconsin
  The Foundation is an Internal Revenue          Director               Charles Santoro, Sterling Investments                        Connecticut
Service 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt charity             Director               Gary E. Schweikert, Regional V.P., Fairmont Hotels & Resorts New York
# 22-3357410                                     Director               Ed Seay, Arnold Palmer Design Co.                                 Florida
                                                 Director               Park B. Smith, Chairman, Park B. Smith, Inc.                   New York
 Checkout our website at
                                                 Director               Dan Sullivan, Homeland Security                          Washington, DC
                                                 Director               Gen Charles E. Wilhelm, USMC (Ret)                               Virginia
   Move over, George Patton. There’s a new
      Gen Gung-Ho in town. He’s Marine
                 H                                                                           Officers
    MGen J.M. Mattis , the leader of the         President              Pete Haas, Member NY Stock Exchange                          New Jersey
 force taking over Iraq’s Sunni Triangle bad-    Corp Counsel/JAG       Gerard P. Griffin, Jr., Esq.                                   New York
  lands. “This is our test, our Guadalcanal—     Chief Financial Off.   Col Pete O’Hagan, USMC (Ret)                                 New Jersey
                                                 Exec. Secretary        Jim Iozia, PSE&G (Ret)                                       New Jersey
    our Chosin Reservoir, our Hue City,” he
                                                 Asst. Treasurer        Joe Devine, Goldner, Papandon & Pappas, LLC                  New Jersey
  penned in a one-page memo to the troops. If    Secretary              Bob Scimeme, Insignia Residential Group, Inc.                New Jersey
    ever there was a movitvational letter, his   Vice President         Col Mike Kromm, USMCR (Ret), Mutual Fund Officer              California
    was it. “You are going to write history,”    Vice President         James MacPhail, President, Well Partners Int’l                    Texas
    wrote Mattis. “When it’s time to move a      Vice President         Col Joe Molitoris, USMC (Ret)                                New Jersey
   piano,” he cheered, “Marines don’t pick up    Vice President         Dom Prezzano, Senior V.P. (Ret), Metropolitan Life            New York
     the piano bench—we move the piano.”         Vice President         John Eric Smith, Member NY Stock Exchange                     New York
                                                 Vice President         Robert Tait, President, Deerwood Corp.                       New Jersey
    U.S. News & World Report, April 5, 2004
                                                 Chaplain               Msgr. Patrick Brown, St. Vincent De Paul                     New Jersey
                                                 Chaplain               Msgr. John Clark                                             New Jersey
                                                 Chaplain               Rev. Richard McCue                                        New Hampshire
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   Linda Ske’s Designs                                                                                                             As of June 2004                                                             Newsletter Editors: Ed & Winnie Fitzgerald

- 2-                                                                                                                                     June 2004
              A Fr i e n d o f t h e Fo u n d a t i o n
    James Boswell, a Scottish author, wrote      eventually evolve into the
in the mid 1700s, “We cannot tell the pre-       “Oprah Winfrey Show,”
cise moment when a friendship is formed.         the most successful day-
As in filling a vessel drop by drop, there is    time talk show in television
a last day which makes it run over, so in a      history.
series of kindnesses there is at last one           From 1981 to 1983,
which makes the heart run over.”                 Swanson was the station
    How true! It is difficult to pinpoint that   manager of KABC-TV in
moment when continual acts of kindness           Los Angeles. He joined
and generosity by Dennis Swanson devel-          KABC-TV in 1976 as exec-
oped into a true friendship with the Marine      utive producer of local
Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation.                news and was later pro-
Foundation President Pete Haas feels the         moted to news director. In
bond was cemented when Dennis simply             1978, Swanson won the
said, “You can count on me—just ask.”            most prestigious award in CBS. Dennis Swanson, an executive with CBS, visits with
    Veteran television executive Dennis          broadcasting—the George General Hagee, the 33rd Commandant of the Marine Corps at
Swanson, whose long and distinguished            Foster Peabody Award— the Foundation’s Plaza Hotel Gala. Swanson is a forty-year-plus
career includes leading flagship stations for    for KABC- TV’s coverage veteran of broadcast journalism and is former President, ABC
NBC and ABC, in addition to creating the         of the Los Angeles police Sports. He served as a Marine in the early 1960’s.
“Oprah Winfrey Show,” was named Executive        department.
Vice President and Chief Operating Officer          Prior to joining ABC, Swanson worked Emma L. Bowen Foundation for Minority
of the Viacom Television Stations Group in       for Television News Inc. in Chicago from Interests in Media, an organization that
July of 2002. He oversees operations of the      1973 to 1976, holding both sports and mar- helps minority students secure employment
division’s 39 television stations and reports    keting positions. He was later director of the after graduation. Swanson has been chair-
directly to Fred Reynolds, President of the      company’s news division in New York.           man of the Foundation since 1991.
Viacom Television Stations Group. Swanson           Swanson was also an assignment editor          Swanson is also the recipient of sever-
most recently served as president and gen-       and field producer for NBC News, based al prestigious journalism honors. In addi-
eral manager of WNBC New York, where he          at WMAQ, (’68-’73), an on-air sportscast- tion to the 1978 Peabody Award, he
was named Broadcasting & Cable’s                 er and producer for both WMAQ radio and received the National Academy of
“Broadcaster of the Year.”                       television (’70 - ’73), a news producer and Television Arts and Science’s Silver Circle
    Swanson was named president and gen-         assignment manager for WGN radio and tele- Award, Chicago Chapter in 1995. He has
eral manager of WNBC in 1996, and in the         vision in Chicago, and a reporter for WMT been the New York State Special Olympics
years since led it to the top of the ratings     radio and television in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Man of the Year, and on behalf of ABC
in New York. Under his watch, the station           Swanson is a former president of the Sports, accepted the Billie Jean King
unseated long-time market leader WABC-           New York State Broadcasters Association Achievement Award from the Women’s
TV in the local news race, in addition to gen-   and has served as chairman of the group’s Sports Foundation in 1988. Swanson was
erating the highest revenues of any station      annual Executive Conference for the past also honored with the prestigious Jockey
in the entire country during the six years       four years. He was recently elected Club Gold Medal in 1988 and currently
Swanson has run it.                              Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the serves on the Board of Directors of
    In 1998, Swanson was named co-chair-         National Academy of Television Arts and Churchill Downs.
man of NBC’s Olympics Committee.                 Sciences (NATAS). He is a member of the           Swanson graduated from the University
    Swanson joined WNBC from ABC,                Board of Directors of The Advertising of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana with a
where he served as the president of ABC          Council, the New York Theater Workshop, master’s degree in communications and
Sports from 1986 to 1996, during which he        PENCIL, the Broadcasters Foundation, political science in 1966 and a bachelor’s
persuaded the International Olympic              NYC & Company, NY 2012, the IRTS, and degree in journalism in 1961. A native of
Committee to stagger its winter and sum-         the Museum of African Art. In addition, he Wilmar, Calif., he was raised in Springfield,
mer games and hold them every two years,         is the President of the Broadway Ill. and served as an officer in the U.S.
one of the most dramatic shifts in major         Association Inc. and serves as a member of Marine Corps from 1961-1963. He is mar-
sports programming history. Also under his       the Advisory Board for the Committee for ried, and he and his wife, Katharine, have
watch, ABC’s signature sports franchise          Hispanic Children and Families, Inc. three children and nine grandchildren.
“Monday Night Football” became one of            Swanson is also a member of the Ireland-          Oscar Wilde, the playwright, wrote, “An
television’s top-rated primetime programs,       United States Council for Commerce and acquaintance that begins with a compliment
ranking among the top 10 highest-rated           Industry. In addition, Swanson is a trustee is sure to develop into a real friendship.”
shows throughout his tenure.                     of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee Wildes’ observations proved true for Dennis
    Swanson also served as president of ABC      and has served as a trustee of the Swanson and the MC-LEF.
Daytime and ABC Children’s Programming           Congregational Church in New Canaan, CT.          We of the Marine Corps-Law Enforce-
from 1991 to 1993. Prior to joining ABC          He is also a founding member of the ment Foundation are proud of our friend-
Sports, he was president of the ABC-owned        Fighting Blindness League.                     ship with Dennis and of the confidence and
television stations from 1985 to 1986.              On June 25, 1999, Swanson was desig- support he has shown for us. He is a proud
    Previously, Swanson was vice president       nated as that day’s “Daily Point of Light” American and a distinguished journalist and
and general manager of WLS-TV, the               by former President George Bush. He was leader in the television and radio industry.
owned-and-operated ABC station in                chosen to receive the honor for his com- We thank you, Dennis, for joining us in our
Chicago, where he gave Oprah Winfrey her         mitment and efforts to better the commu- efforts in taking care of America’s most pre-
first daytime talk show. The show would          nity through his role as chairman of the cious resource—our youth.

Issue 25                                                                                                                              -3-
                               St. Louis, MO Variety 2004 — Man of the Year
                        Served in Marine Corps. Benefactor to Many USMC Charities
                                                   “Is a Beacon of Light”

F    or the last three decades, St. Louis has
     been impacted by the vision and
actions of Dennis Jones. Giving people the
                                                   championed the cause for children whether
                                                   it is providing them with housing, educa-
                                                   tion, health or social wellbeing. In 1994 he
                                                                                                     their generous support, St. Louis University
                                                                                                     awarded them each a humanities doctorate
                                                                                                     degree in 1998.
opportunity to live, learn, work and become        was instrumental in supporting the first-ever         Excellence in healthcare especially for
productive citizens has driven him to caus-        Habitat for Humanity Building Blitz along         children has been a longtime priority for
es with overwhelming challenges. A former          with his friend Gloria White and her              Dennis Jones. Therefore, it is not just a coin-
Marine, he has tackled the toughest issues         sorority. In 2000 he anonymously sponsored        cidence that the former CEO of Jones
facing our community with unswerving               the construction of six of these houses. At       Pharma has remained dedicated to the wel-
energy and zeal. His legacy to St. Louis is        the same time St. Patrick Center received $1      fare of children forced by conditions of
a city with a fighting chance against home-        million from Dennis and Judy for their            nature to rely on medicine for their exis-
lessness and a fortitude for the demands of        building fund.                                    tence. In 2001 he funded the St. Louis
providing education, healthcare and social             Children of poverty or those with phys-       College of Pharmacy with the Jones Hall
welfare for all, especially children.              ical and mental disabilities have a true friend   Administration Building and has served as
    In 1958 Dennis married his Marshall            in Dennis Jones. He and Judy have gener-          a director for Women’s First Health Care
Illinois High School Sweetheart, Judith Ann        ously offered their home for numerous char-       and the National Pharmaceutical Alliance.
Pearce and together they have experienced          itable events to benefit children including           Driving by historic Forest Park, you will
the American dream that can only come              Girls Inc. and St. Louis Variety. Other           notice the newly renovated Lindell Pavillion.
with entrepreneurship, superior business           organizations and institutions have received      This project was made possible by Dennis
acumen and the leadership to build and             significant financial support for their           and Judy Jones in order for our children and
maintain a world-class company. In 1969            “homes” including a significant gift for          the children of our children to enjoy this
Dennis co-founded OJF Pharmaceuticals              Herbert Hoover Boys and Girls Club’s Arts         facility as our forefathers have since 1904.
and in 1981 became founder, chairman and           and Education Center, the Dennis and Judy             Dennis Jones has been a beacon of light
CEO of Jones Pharma. He received                   Jones Free Enterprise Center at the new           in the city of St. Louis, giving back, chang-
Entrepreneur of the Year from Health Care,         Junior Achievement complex, and                   ing lives, impacting us all. This inspiring ded-
Midwest in 1995 and Entrepreneur Health            Humboldt Haven at the Penguin & Puffin            ication will no doubt be carried on by the
Care, National in 1996. These accolades            Coast at the Saint Louis Zoo. The Haven           children of Judy and Dennis, Judith Denise
were soon followed by the St. Louis                of Grace, Boy Scouts of St. Louis, Boys and       Jones Franz and Dennis Matthew Jones, Jr.
Regional Technology Fast 50 Award in 1997          Girls Town of Missouri, and Connections
and the International Award from the               to Success have witnessed the dedication of
Association for Corporate Growth in 2001.          Dennis Jones to the improvement of pro-
    Service comes naturally for Dennis             grams that benefit children. He has served
Jones having been raised in a family that          on the board of directors of both the WGA
emphasized the importance of social aware-         Evans Scholarship Foundation and the
ness and giving back to create opportuni-          Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation.
ties and a better life for others. He has          Because of their belief in education and

                                 DENNIS M. JONES
          “I believe that utilizing the many lessons learned in the four short years I served
       in the Marine Cor ps benefited my family, my colleagues, my shareholders, and of
       course myself, every single day of my business career.”
   BORN: 12 September 1938 in Terre Haute, Indiana
   SERVICE: United States Marine Corps, 1957 - 1961, Enlisted, Jet Mechanic
   OCCUPATION: Consultant, King Pharmaceuticals

    “I was very fortunate as a child, my father    that college was not an option, so he went
taught me the value of money and exposed           to work for Ford Motor Company. After a
me to the polished world of sales by bring-        year of working in a factory environment
ing me with him to trade shows and sales           he enlisted in the Marines.
meetings. My father believed that each of             “While at Boot Camp, our Senior Drill                          Dennis Jones
his five children should contribute finan-         Instructor was Sergeant A.J. Fisk, who was
cially to running the household. In high           from St. Louis. Following boot camp I             Camp Pendleton, California. The most valu-
school, I was paid 25 cents an hour and            dreamed of going to St. Louis someday             able of which was to be able to discipline
earning $15 dollars a week. My room and            (only two hours from home) and finding Sgt        myself, in my business training, studies, and
board charge at home was $12 a week and            Fisk. I wanted to beat the hell out of him        long work hours. This I found, gave me a
I had to buy my own school lunches. This           for the strict discipline he imposed on us.       great edge over my peers against whom I
left me with about 75 cents in disposable          By 1968, however, (seven years after being        was competing for promotions and addi-
income each week. At a young age I                 discharged) I moved to St. Louis. By then         tional compensation.
learned what profit margin was.”                   I had already come to appreciate the many            “The Marine Corps was what I needed
    Upon graduating from a small town high         valuable lessons that I had learned in boot       at the time. The Marines provided a real
school in Marshall, Illinois, Dennis realized      camp and at Advanced Infantry Training at                                  Jones Continued on Page -5-

- 4-                                                                                                                                      June 2004
Jones Continued from Page -4-                               Jones Pharma. The concept of the compa-          Junior Achievement of Mississippi Valley,
world post high school education that                       ny was to purchase products and companies,       an active Trustee of the St. Louis College
forced me to grow up and mature. A year                     eliminate duplicate overhead, and make prof-     of Pharmacy, Trustee of Boy Scouts of
after enlisting, I was mature enough to                     itable acquisitions. The acquisition focus was   America - St. Louis Council, and Trustee of
assume the most important responsibility                    on successful products that large companies      the Evans Scholarship Foundation. Dennis
of my life. I married my high school sweet-                 didn’t have time to promote. Jones Pharma        is a past National Board Member for the
heart, Judy Pearce.                                         would then aggressively sell these products.     Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation.
    “I believe that utilizing the many les-                 This strategy became known as the                    After a lifetime of hard work, Dennis
sons learned in the four short years I                      “Emerging Specialty Pharmaceutical Sector”       and his wife, Judy, are enjoying the fruits of
served in the Marine Corps benefited my                     and Dennis is credited with creating it.         their labor. They have built a 32,000 square
family, my colleagues, my shareholders, and                     As with any entrepreneur growing his         foot French Chateau in Ladue, Missouri, and
of course myself, every single day of my                    business, Dennis worked seven days a week        have traveled the world to acquire its fur-
business career.”                                           12 hours a day. His company eventually had       nishings. They also enjoy two motor yachts,
    After being discharged from the Marine                  600 employees and five manufacturing             the 151’ D’NATALIN and the 156’ D’NA-
Corps in 1961, Dennis wanted to go into                     plants. This was the result of 19 well-          TALIN II, as they take time to cruise the
pharmaceutical sales but was not considered                 planned, strategic acquisitions. During the      Mediterranean and Caribbean Seas.
without a college degree. Instead, he took                  start up and growth phases, the most impor-          Dennis and Judy have two married chil-
a sales job with Rockford Life Insurance and                tant and reliable employee Dennis had was        dren, Denise and Matt, and three grand-
quickly became the youngest regional man-                   his wife, Judy.                                  children with whom they spend as much
ager in the company’s history.                                  In August of 2000, Dennis amazed Wall        time as possible.
    In 1964, Jim O’Neal, the owner of a                     Street by selling his company for 20 times           SEMPER FIDELIS
small upstart pharmaceutical company, Sig:                  annual sales. King Pharmaceuticals acquired
                                                            Jones Pharma for $3.4 billion. An early          Reprinted with permission from “Above &
Laboratories, gave Dennis the sales oppor-
                                                            stockholder who purchased $10,000 in             Beyond, Former Marines Conquer the Civilian
tunity that he wanted. After a couple of
                                                            Jones Pharma could now cash out at $45           World.” See Below.
years O’Neal sold Sig: Laboratories to a divi-
                                                            million. Dennis had provided stock options       Authors: Rudy Socha and Carolyn Darrow
sion of Revlon.
                                                            and bonuses to his employees as the com-         Published by Turner Publishing Co., Paducah, KY
    Dennis and Jim O’Neal then formed
OJF Pharmaceutical Sales Company. In                        pany grew. This sale made a lot of people        Editor’s Note: “Above & Beyond” will not be
1978, they sold their company to Chromaloy                  very wealthy.                                    in bookstores until about 1 October. Copies can
American.                                                       Dennis officially retired on September       be purchased directly from the publisher at:
    Dennis formed his own company, Jones                    1, 2000 and now serves as a consultant to        www.turner A percentage of
Medical, in 1981, and later changed it to                   the company. He is also Vice-Chairman of         book royalties is donated to the MC-LEF.

                                                            NEW BOOK
      Marine vet Rudy Socha is the co-author                    It is because Marines are different from     film consultant-
   of a just released book titled: “Above &                 the rest of the population. They have a dif-     actor Dale Dye,
   Beyond: Former Marines Conquer the                       ferent mindset and have been taught to           international
   Civilian World.”                                         handle problems in a different manner.           entertainer
      It can be viewed and purchased on the                 They are taught to find a way to solve the       “Freddy Fender,”
   publisher’s website:                                     problem, regardless of extenuating cir-          businessman-
   httg://                          cumstances. They do not make excuses or          golf exec
      He is not receiving any royalties from                try to determine why it can’t be done.           Eric Gleacher,
   the sale of the book, they are being paid                    Marine Corps training instills the self-     Chancellor Jack
   by the publisher to the seven Marine Corps               control, discipline, self-assurance, and         Hawkins, security
   non-profits profiled alongside 88 inter-                 leadership skills that lead to high achieve-     director Jerry
   esting and successful Marine veterans.                   ment later in life.                              Humble, Coca-
      A small percentage is also being paid                     “Above & Beyond, Former Marines              Cola exec Donald Knauss, Commandant-
   by the publisher to Carolyn Darrow for her               Conquer the Civilian World” profiles 88          businessman Charles C. Krulak, GM exec
   authoring assistance and expenses.                       Marine veterans who took that winning            Robert Lutz, Sen. Zell Miller, general-busi-
   Here is a brief overview:                                attitude and applied it to the civilian sec-     ness consultant Carol Mutter, playwright-
       Ab o v e & B e y o n d : F o r m e r M a r i n e s   tor. This book introduces a mix of Marine        actor Jim Northrup, FedEx’s Frederick
          Conquer the Civilian World                        veterans who are very successful in the          Smith, publisher Arthur Sulzberger,
               ISBN: 1-56311-949-8                          civilian fields they have chosen; some of        Secretary of the Navy-business consultant
                  Price: $29.95                             these Marine veterans , you already know,        James Webb, financial exec Owen West and
   Description: The United States Marine                    and many you don’t know. You will meet           NASCAR owner-driver Gregg Yetter.
   Corps is the smallest unit of the four                   reservists, “one-termers” and “lifers”, as          Profiled Marine Corps non-profit insti-
   branches that make up the U.S. Armed                     well as a former Marine Commandant who           tutions include Marine Corps Heritage
   Forces. In spite of the relatively small                 is very successful in the private sector.        Foundation, Marine Corps-Law Enforce-
   number of people passing through its                         Among the 88 profiled are Secretary of       ment Foundation, MC League, MC
   ranks, the Marine Corps produces a dis-                  State James Baker III, horse racing exec         Scholarship Foundation, MC University
   proportionate share of this country’s                    James Bassett III, Sen. Conrad Burns, actor      Foundation, The Marine Military Academy
   leaders.                                                 Drew Carey, oil exec Archie Dunham,              and The Women Marines Assn.

Issue 25                                                                                                                                               -5-
Foundation Aids in Swim
  Eddie’s Father Served as a Marine Sergeant
Children get splash of dolphin therapy                “Joe giggled for
    Patients connect with creatures in            the first time in
             Florida program                      months,” she said.
                                                  “I started bawling
By Ann M. Henson                                  like a baby.”
Globe Cor respondent                                  Hoagland
Boston Sunday Globe, May 2, 2004                  thought this type
KEY LARGO, Fla.- The first day back from          of experience
a vacation in Florida, 10-year-old Robbie         would help other
Marcus of Brookline, Mass., woke up and           children with dis-
got dressed, made his bed, and then went          abilities. Soon
to the kitchen, where he told his mom he          after, she founded
was ready for school.                             Island Dolphin
   “That has never happened before,” said         Care, and her part-
Robbie’s father, Paul Marcus, a Boston-area       time venture
developer. “It’s usually a daily struggle.”       turned into a full-
   Robbie has cerebral palsy, which has           time job in 1996.
caused semi-paralysis in his right side. He       And while
has other issues from brain damage that he        Hoagland                                Eddie shaking hands with Squirt! 2003
suffered at birth, including memory and           cannot heal the
learning problems.                                children’s bodies, she said the program helps will do anything to help his son. He also rais-
   Marcus credits Robbie’s newfound               heal their spirits. “The greatest gift is an es money to provide scholarships for chil-
enthusiasm to the time he spent in a dol-         increase in self-esteem,” she said.              dren whose families cannot afford to pay.
phin therapy program in the Florida Keys.             A child’s entire family becomes involved         Marcus also serves on the board of
Island Dolphin Care in Key Largo serves           during the five-day sessions, and nearly 300 trustees of Boston Children’s Hospital and
more than 1,000 children each year.               children participate in classroom and water is founder of the Philanthropic Leadership
   The program is filled with children with       sessions from March to November.                 Council for the Developmental Medicine
physical and mental health problems.                  The Marcus family attended that program Center at Children’s Hospital. And he is on
Patients with terminal cancer, diabetes,          in March. Paul Marcus said Robbie’s doctors the visiting committee of MIT’s Brain and
immune deficiency disorders, cardiac prob-        encourage them to try “anything that can Cognitive Science Center.
lems, and autism participate.                     improve how the kids feel about themselves.”         Hoagland said she is committed to run-
   “A lot of neurological and brain damage            “How they are able to deal with their own ning the program as long as the dolphins are
issues are very similar to issues with autis-     issues will dramatically improve how they in good health. She has permits for the three
tic children and people with attention            feel about themselves,” he said. Robbie also captive dolphins, which cannot live in the
deficit hyperactivity disorder,” Marcus said.     rides horses a couple of times a week, and wild, and has committed to lifetime care.
   These problems can lead to low self-           Marcus said that has made “a dramatic
                                                                                                   Editor’s Note: Although the Boston Globe story
esteem, depression, and behavioral prob-          improvement in his life.”
                                                                                                   is about another child, it does address the prob-
lems in the children, he said.                        He said such activities as horseback rid-
                                                                                                   lems which Eddie faces each day. The article pro-
   The nonprofit program was founded by           ing and the dolphin program combine phys-
                                                                                                   vides a broad overview of dolphin therapy
Deena Hoagland, whose son Joe was born            ical therapy with learning and exercises that
                                                                                                   provided, in part, by the MC-LEF for Eddie.
in 1986 missing the wall between the two          build self-esteem. Classroom work includes
lower chambers of his heart. During his third     learning about dolphins and their environ-
surgery at age 3, Joe suffered a massive stroke   ment as well as art projects.
that left him paralyzed and visually impaired.        While in the water for the dolphin pro-          We can’t being to thank you enough
He has since completely recovered.                gram, Robbie had to balance himself and              for what you did for our son, Eddie.
   With a background in education and             work muscles that he would have exercised            You ... allowed Eddie to attend Island
clinical social work, Hoagland struggled to       in a regular physical therapy session.               Dolphin Care this past fall because of
find something that would help her son            Hanging out in the water with a dolphin was          your generous donation. If it was not
after moving to the Florida Keys from Palm        a big plus.                                          for your efforts, Eddie probably would
Beach in 1990. “I saw an ad for Dolphins              “My son was totally drained at the end           have not been able to make the trip.
Plus in a local paper that offered a discount     of the day,” Marcus said. “He did many hard          He enjoyed himself and responded very
to locals,” she said of the for-profit prof-      things for a kid with muscular issues.”              well to the dolphins. You can’t imagine
                                                      Marcus thinks the animals and the chil-          how happy it made us. Once again,
it program that operates from the same
                                                  dren share a connection. “It has an impact           please accept our heartfelt thanks for
facility. “I called thinking that maybe I could
                                                  that isn’t quantifiable yet,” he said. “I don’t      your wonderful kindness.
get Joe in the water and maybe that would
help him.”                                        know that we will know about those things            With much thanks and appreciation,
   The owner said to come over sometime;          for a long while.”
Hoagland showed up that very day. She took            These activities are not inexpensive; the
a bucket of bait to a dock where the dol-         five-day session at Dolphin Island Care cost         Ed, Lisa, Eddie & Sydney Scott
phins are confined in a canal, and a dolphin      $2,200, Marcus said. But as president of the
named Fonzie came right up to Hoagland            Davis Companies, a commercial real estate
and her son.                                      development firm, Marcus said he can and

- 6-                                                                                                                                   June 2004
Foundation Aids Georgia Marine
   Provides Funds for Son’s Medical Costs
             Seeking Community                   pregnant, his father, and his
        Support For Grocer’s Son                 older brother K.T., praying
   Those who shop at the Publix on               for his recovery. He’s been
Chamblee Dunwoody Road will recognize            unable to talk since he called
Reggie Lewis. He’s the friendly, highly          out for his mother during the
regarded Produce Manager who has been            ambulance ride.
a part of the store since its opening. He and       Phillip and his brother
his wife, Carley, were residents of              were in their garage when the
Dunwoody for 10 years.                           mauling occurred. The dog
   Reggie’s smile has been missing from the      entered and attacked when the
store this past week because his son, 3-year-    garage door was opened. A
old Phillip, is the boy who was attacked by      neighbor who heard the
a pit bull in the garage of his Cherokee         screams stabbed the dog with                      tleness and kindness of a saint,” said Lewis
County home on February 6.                       a kitchen knife to stop the attack. To date,      Payne, former Publix manager. “He’s truly
   Little Phillip has already undergone two      the dog has not been found.                       the salt of the earth.”
major surgeries to repair his fractured and         Medical costs alone are incalculable at            The Lewis family needs our help. A spe-
disfigured face. Doctors expect him to           this time. In addition, the family is incur-      cial fund for the family has been established
need several more operations. He’s in            ring costs for staying in a hotel near the hos-   for individual and corporate donations to
intensive care at Children’s Healthcare of       pital to be close to Phillip.                     be made to the Phillip Lewis Recovery Fund
Atlanta at Scottish Rite surrounded by his          A former Marine and a deeply spiritual         at any Bank of America branch.
mother Carley, who is seven months               man, Reggie is described as having the “gen-          And little Phillip needs our prayers.

   Little Phillip Lewis is doing remarkably      cosmetic surgeries in the coming year or so,      rallied for the effort and have brought
well after three surgeries. Doctors and his      but are thrilled to report that they expect       checks and their full piggy banks to help.
family—Reggie, Carley and K.T.—are               no brain or vision damage. He is a robust,            “Our parents and students have really
hopeful that he’ll come home from the            happy child again, and currently has no rec-      reached down deep to help in this effort,”
hospital soon.                                   ollection of the attack.                          said Jones. “It’s been a wonderful, energiz-
   “Doctors have been amazed at Phillip’s           Friends and a generous community               ing experience for us all,”
recovery,” said his mother Carley, now just      have donated $8,000—and it’s growing                  “Dunwoody is a true community,”
four weeks from delivering their third son.      every day—to help the family cover the            said Reggie Lewis. “It appears that The
“He looks like our son again. The bandag-        medical costs.                                    Dunwoody Crier is required reading,
es are gone; the swelling has gone down. We         Meanwhile, students at Vanderlyn               because I can’t tell you how many people
are now expecting a complete recovery.”          Elementary have collected almost $3,800 for       have come into the store to offer their
   In Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta at        the fund. Parent Ann Jones started the col-       words of concern and hope.
Scottish Rite since the attack occurred,         lections by inviting students to do extra             “My little prince is healing miraculously.
Phillip has had two structural surgeries to      chores around the house and to bring any          We know that’s in part to the well wishes and
repair his face and one surgery to the right     money that they were able to earn toward          prayers from the Dunwoody community.”
eye. Doctors anticipate that he will need five   the Lewis fund. Parents and students have               (Reprinted from the Dunwoody Crier.)

                   The Few, the Proud, the Wives                                                            LIBERTY
  Reprinted from Newsweek Magazine, May 31, 2004
      As a Beverly Hills attorney turned proud Marine Corps wife and stay-                                                  “ America,
                                                                                                                              justice will
  at-home mom, I related so well to Gina Chon’s MY TURN, “Going From
                                                                                                                          eventually triumph
  Big-City Girl to Military Wife” (May 17). Without question, military wives
                                                                                                                           and the powerful,
  are the strongest group of women I’ve ever encountered. They take in
                                                                                                                          searing promise of
  stride, with little complaint, the fact that they are too often left behind
                                                                                                                         the founding fathers
  to take care of the house (including during hurricanes and other disas-                                                  will come true. I
  ters), care for their children (including potty-training one while the other                                             was taught by my
  is sick and both are crying for Daddy) and keep everything as normal as                                                 parents to always,
  possible, especially during the holiday seasons. The silver lining is that                                               always believe in
  we military families cherish our marriages and our children, because we                                                      America.”
  live with the reality that Daddy will be sent away for months at a time,                                                  --Colin Powell,
  sometimes with very little notice. Also, there are few other professions                                                Secretarty of State
  that come with such an impenetrable sense of pride and honor. It’s a beau-                                                  and former
  tiful feeling when my husband flies over our house and my two boys yell,                                                 Chairman of the
  “That’s my daddy! He’s a Marine!”                                                                                         Joint Chiefs of
                                           Jenny Ratkovich, Jacksonville, N.C.                                                    Staff.

Issue 25                                                                                                                                    -7-
N. Y. Plaza Gala Tops Goal — Rated “Best Yet”
  “We are the shield for the children. They are never alone.”
                                                                             Jim Kallstrom
                 The weather outside the         Corps colors and heart-stirring renditions of
              doors of famed Plaza Hotel in      the Marine Hymn and National Anthem.
              N.Y. was dreadful—a cold, wet          Following the retirement of colors, and wel-
              rain blanketed the streets of      coming remarks by Foundation Chairman of
              Gotham but three generations       the Board, Jim Kallstrom, Reverend Richard
              of Marines celebrated, with        McCue, a former Marine Lieutenant who
high fashion and warm hearts at the Ninth        served in Korea, invoked God’s blessing on
Annual Semper Fidelis Gala in the hotel’s        those gathered in the Plaza’s Grand Ballroom.
exquisitely beautiful ballroom.                  Father Dick asked that “we all bow our heads
    Four hundred and fifty members and           to the Father of us all and lift up our hearts
friends of the Marine Corps-Law                  and minds on this happy occasion in the com-
Enforcement Foundation gathered for the          pany of old friends. It is good and joyful to
March 26, 2004 celebration to once again         dwell together in unity. We come together
commemorate the unprecedented success            tonight to pause and pray for the continued
of the Foundation and to pledge continued        courage offered daily by members of the U.S.
support of its goals and mission.                Marine Corps who are in harms way and the
    The annual Gala was a gathering of           thin blue line of ever vigilant law enforcement
American heroes, leading law-enforcement         agencies. We offer special prayers for military
and intelligence officials, statesmen, polit-    forces all over world, for their courage, strength
ical leaders, business and financial giants,     and dedication and that they will always be          Gala, displaying his characteristic wit and
spokespersons for the radio and television       faithful, steadfast, and resolute to their mis-      humor, declared that everyone gathered
industries and military officials ranging in     sion until victory is won and they return to a       together tonight was truly a VIP, but
rank from cadet to flag officer.                 grateful nation and their beloved families.”         begged permission to recognize some of the
    The Friday evening extravaganza began on         Kallstrom thanked those present for join-        honored guests present. Dick hastened to
a solemn note with the presentation of col-      ing in a salute and a celebration of the courage     announce that his infamous motorcycle was
ors by the U.S. Marine Corps Battle Color        and sacrifice of young brave American ser-           not for sale despite his recent accident.
Detachment, a brief description of the bat-      vicemen and servicewomen and their children.             He asked retired Marine Corps Colonel
tle streamers proudly in place on the Marine         Richard P. Torykian, Sr., co-chair of the        Harvey C. “Barney” Barnum to introduce
                                                                                                      his fellow nine Medal of Honor recipients
                                                                                                      whose service spanned well over a century
    MARINE CORPS-LAW ENFORCEMENT FOUNDATION, INC.                                                     of time. Barney commented that “we are at
                                    Mission Statement                                                 war, we are one team, in one fight, and that
                                                                                                      you honor us by your presence.” He salut-
   W   e believe our nation’s most precious resource is it’s youth. Therefore, we encour-             ed the Foundation for taking care of our
                                                                                                      future leaders—today’s children.
   age their spiritual, moral, intellectual and physical development through education.
                                                                                                          A pause in the program of events
   Mentally or physically disabled children of the Marine family may receive finan-                   allowed guests to enjoy an elegant dinner
   cial aid for medical equipment or tutoring. Scholarship bonds are also provided                    accompanied by a selection of fine wines
   for children of active-duty Marines killed on duty.                                                generously donated by corporate friend of
   Scholarship bonds are provided for children of Federal law enforcement person-                     the Foundation, UST.
   nel killed on duty.                                                                                    Foundation Director, Gala co-chair and
      The Foundation was formed on 2 Januar y 1995 for two pur poses:                                 Plaza Hotel Vice President and Managing
      F i r s t ... To give scholarships and/or bonds to ever y eligible child of a Marine            Director Gary Schweikert and his staff
      who is killed or dies while on duty. This covers children from their age of birth               achieved perfection in preparing for the
      until their age of majority. These bonds are valued up to $10,000 each. We also                 evening and banquet. The flowers, table set-
      provide financial assistance for children of Marines with physical or mental dis-               tings, fine linens, crystal and china and table
      abilities for the purchase of special equipment or tutoring. This covers services               flags added to the total beauty of the evening.
      which are not covered by the family’s health insurance plan.                                        Special Military Guests of Honor Generals
                                                                                                      Peter Pace, USMC, Vice Chairman of the
      S e c o n d ... We award $10,000 scholarships or bonds to eligible children of Federal          Joints Chiefs of Staff and General James L.
      law enforcement agents who are killed or die while on duty. These agencies include              Jones, Supreme Allied Commander, Europe
      the FBI, DEA, INS, Customs, Secret Service, ATF, U.S. Marshals and Naval                        accepted the Johnny Michael Spann Memorial
      Criminal Investigative Service.                                                                 Semper Fidelis Award on behalf of the men
      At times, special consideration may be given to children of State, County and                   and women of the Allied Armed Forces. Gen
      Local law enforcement agents who are killed on duty.                                            Pace commented he “was honored to repre-
      To date, the awards given to these courageous children are in excess of                         sent your soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines
      $18,922,692. All donations received are used for the education of these chil-                   and to accept this special award. My words will
      dren. Annual accounting fees are the only administrative costs charged to the                   not be good enough to reflect the feelings in
      Foundation. Membership is open to anyone. The Marine Cor ps-Law Enforcement                     my heart.” He thanked the Foundation “for
      Foundation is a legal 501 (c) 3 charity and our ID number is 22-3357410.                        what you do for us. We know you care.”
                                                                                                      General Jones stated it was a high honor for

- 8-                                                                                                                                     June 2004
him to join Gen Pace in                                                                                               touched the lives of so
accepting the award from                                                                                              many—there can be no
friends and partners united                                                                                           greater tribute”.
in the defense of American.                                                                                               Congressman Young
The General reflected on                                                                                              proudly accepted his
the vital role that Spann and                                                                                         award and opened his
the CIA played in the cause                                                                                           remarks by saying,
of freedom. While he did                                                                                              “Americans love and
not personally know Johnny                                                                                            respect their servicemen
Spann, he remembered well                                                                                             and servicewomen but
the day he died and the cir-                                                                                          they do not know of
cumstances and how the                                                                                                their greatness and of the
Marine Corps identified                                                                                               sacrifices and dedication
with Spann’s actions.                                                                                                 of the armed forces.” He
General Jones said he was                                                                                             spoke glowingly of his
privileged to meet Mrs.                                                                                               wife, Beverly, a true patri-
Spann two years ago at a                                                                                              ot, who “is always work-
Plaza Gala and that she                                                                                               ing for the U.S. Marines
exemplified the bravery,                                                                                              and is not bashful in ‘fix-
patriotism, dedication and SIXTEEN STARS. All four Marine Corps Generals were present to celebrate the 9th ing things’ and filling the
courage of her late hus- Annual Semper Fidelis Gala. L to R are Gen William L. Nyland, A/CMC; Gen Peter gap of what the govern-
band. (Gen Jones, while Pace, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Gen Michael W. Hagee, CMC and ment does not provide to
Commandant of the Gen James L. Jones, Jr., Commander, U.S. European Command and Supreme Allied military people.” He
Marine Cor ps made Commander, Europe.                                                                                 added, “we have lots for
Shannon Spann an                                                                                                      which to be thankful for
Honorary Marine in 2002.)                                                                                             tonight and that he and
He spoke of courage shown not only on the District of Florida and Chairman of the his sons are proud to serve this Nation —the
battlefield but that of families left behind. Gen House Appropriations Committee was the greatest in the world.” He paid tribute to those
Jones continued by speaking of the quality of recipient of the Captain Alfred Lerner who serve out of uniform. “We love them
compassion shown by the Foundation for Memorial Globe and Anchor Award. Prior all.” Mrs. Young then asked all present to raise
doing what had to be done for innocent chil- to the presentation, Chairman of the their glasses and join her in a toast to our mil-
dren and families. He added, “the world is bet- Foundation’s Board of Directors Jim itary forces that “were out there tonight. Sleep
ter because of the USA and the compassion Kallstrom spoke with great admiration about in peace.”
of the members of the armed forces. These Al Lerner, “a great American, a great patriot,            Foundation Director Gary E. Schweikert
men and women will be remembered for their a great friend, a great businessman, and a great presented The Commandant’s Leadership
compassion which is a unique gift that comes sports fan. He was a mentor and friend of Award to Gilbert D. Scharf, Chairman
from the heart and soul of the individual. He the Foundation.” Mr. Lerner, Kallstrom President and Chief Executive Officer,
ended his remarks by saying “compassion was added, “represented what is good about MAXCOR Financial Group, a very special and
not such a bad thing to be remembered for.” America and of what this country is all generous benefactor of the MC-LEF. Scharf
    Congressman C.W. Bill Young (R-Florida), about.” He invited Mrs. Lerner to join him said he was told that tonight’s events “would
U.S. Representative of the Tenth Congressional in the presentations and said that she shared knock your socks off. How true.” Scharf con-
                                                   the same attributes as her late husband and tinued, “it is truly an honor for me to accept
                                                   was an inspiration and pillar of strength to this award on behalf of the dedicated
                                                   all who know her and her beloved family. employees of MAXCOR, a company that suf-
                                                       Mrs. Lerner opened her remarks by fered by the terrorist attack on the World
                                                   telling her legion of friends present at the Trade Center but a company that responded,
                                                   Gala that “I am privileged to be here tonight recovered and prospered, but will never for-
                                                   to honor our Nation’s service men and get. MAXCOR gratefully accepts its obliga-
                                                   women and Congressman Young for his tion as a company to give back to others. We
                                                   work to improve the quality of life for ser- applaud and respect the mission of this
                                                   vicemen and women. Al would be proud of Foundation and identify with its goals and mis-
                                                   the Foundation and its worthy cause. It is sion of helping those who suffer at the hands
                                                   an honor to pay homage to those who help of terrorists. We are proud of and admire and
                                                   others. You are people who understand and honor our military forces, past and present.”
                                                   improve the quality of life for our armed        A special presentation was made by the
                                                   forces. You have touched the lives of so National Air and Space Administration to
                                                   many soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines.” the Foundation in appreciation for the com-
                                                   She quoted the Nobel Peace Prize winning passionate support provided to the twelve
                                                   Russian writer Tolstoi, “The happiness of children of the Columbia Space Shuttle
NASA AWARD. Bryan O’Connor, Associate men consists in life. And life is in labor. The Crew affected by the 2002 tragedy. Retired
Administrator, National Aeronautics and Space vocation of every man and women is to Marine astronaut Bryan O’Connor, Associate
Administration proudly displays a special award serve other people.” Mrs. Lerner also paid Administrator for Safety and Mission
to the Foundation in appreciation for the sup- tribute to Mrs. Beverly Young by calling her Assurance, NASA presented special plaques
port provided to the twelve children of the “an angel to the Armed Forces,” especial- to members of the Foundation in recognition
Columbia Space Shuttle crew. O’Connor served ly those who are hospital patients recover-
as a U.S. Marine astronaut.                                                                                               Gala Continued on Page -10-
                                                   ing from wounds received in Iraq. “You have

Issue 25                                                                                                                                        -9-
Gala Continued from Page -9-                       pleaded, unsuccessfully, with his rescuers not to renew old friendships and forge new ones.
of their leadership and service as officers of     to enter the field because it was too danger- It was indeed, a memorable night for all.
the MC-LEF. The plague consisted of a pho-         ous. After re-enlisting, the Sgt later received     Everyone knows that Marines are always
tograph of the Columbia crew, their patch          a waiver to attend Jump School where he was in preparedness and “attack” modes, and as
and a U.S. flag flown on the last space mis-       given no special treatment because of his such, true to form, planning for next year’s
sion before the crash.                             injury. In December 2003 Chandler graduat- Gala 2005 has begun. Be there on April 1,
    General Michael W. Hagee, the 33rd             ed first in his class and proudly wears his new 2005 at the famed Plaza Hotel.
Commandant of the Marine Corps was wel-            insignia and an artificial leg as he con-
comed to the podium where his opening              tinues to serve as a U.S. Marine.
remarks were directed to all the people pres-          Those who waited in anticipation
ent at the Gala. He thanked them for their         for another performance from the
continued loyal support and told them “you         world-famous Marine Corps Drum
truly make a difference in the lives of so         and Bugle Corps were not disap-
many deserving Marines and their families          pointed. In 1956, the drum and bugle
whom you bring comfort and compassion.”            corps was designated the official
He told of his conversations with Marines          United States Marine Drum and Bugle
and their families in their difficult days. We     Corps, “The Commandant’s Own” by
ask a great deal from our servicemen, each         General R. Pate, Commandant. The
and everyday. They willingly give up every-        “Commandant’s Own” performed
thing for the Marines on their right and on        superbly and delighted their listeners
their left. They have a great sense of duty.”      with another inspiring performance,
    He continued by relating stories of the ded-   especially its rendition of the Battle
ication and heroism of Marines and their fam-      Hymn of the Republic and God Bless CHESTY. General Hagee is obviously pleased with
ilies both in Iraq and in our naval hospitals,     the USA. Following a standing ovation, his gift of a portrait of Chesty, the mascot of the U.S.
who willingly will give up everything for their    the Marine musicians marched off and Marine Corps. This beautiful painting was done by
fellow Marines. He proudly told the story of       the remainder of the evening belonged artist Alan A. Ryan III, a long-time friend of the
Sgt Chandler, a Colorado Marine who lost a         to those who lingered in the Ballroom Foundation and of the U.S. Marine Corps.
leg in an Afghanistan mine field and who

CHAIRMEN. Randy Lerner (R)                   MARINES. General Carl E. Mundy, USMC (Ret) the             PROUD DAD. General Peter Pace was
Chairman, MBNA Corp. and friend of           30th Commandant of the Marine Corps proudly posed          all smiles as he proudly introduced his
the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement             with his two Marine Corps sons, LtCol Carl E. Mundy        son, Captain Peter J. to Gala friends.
Foundation joins MC-LEF Chairman             III (L) and LtCol Timothy F. Mundy (R). The Gala           Captain Peter is assigned to Marine
of the Board Jim Kallstrom during Gala       provided a wonderful opportunity for a family reunion.     Barracks, Washington, DC.
festivities. Jim, a retired Assistant
Director, FBI, is Senior Executive Vice
President, MBNA America.

                                                                                     MARINE MOM. Donna Parker, the mother of an eighteen-
                                            SGT MAJOR. Sergeant Major of the         year-old Marine now serving in Iraq, joined General Peter
FRIENDS. Barbara Woodbur y,                 Marine Corps John L. Estrada is seen     Pace, USMC Vice Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff
President, Navy-Marine Corps                visiting with U.S. Senator John E.       during the reception. Flanking them are Gene Pash (L) and
Association, visits with General            Sununu of New Hampshire. SgtMaj          Joseph M. Murphy (R). Gene and Donna are property man-
Michael W. Hagee, the Commandant            Estrada is the 15th Marine to occupy     agers for Ambridge Regional Center, Ambridge, PA. Joe, a
of the Marine Corps, during pre-Gala        the office as the senior enlisted        Foundation Director and Chairman, Country Bank is a
festivities.                                Marine in the Corps.                     major benefactor of the MC-LEF.

- 10 -                                                                                                                                June 2004
PREZ. Foundation President Pete Haas
welcomed Lynne Pace (R) and her daugh-          SGT MAJOR. SgtMaj Alford L. McMichael,
ter Tiffany to the Ninth Annual Semper          USMC, the Sergeant Major, NATO enjoys his            HONORS. Ken Courey, a major benefactor
Fidelis Gala.                                   visit with Jeffrey Steiner, a long-time friend of    of the Foundation, is flanked by his wife,
                                                the U.S. Marine Corps and Mr. Steiner’s              Mary Jo (L) and Lucille Crawford (R).
                                                guest, Cherifa Zeggaie. Mr. Steiner is               Lucille’s late husband Col Truman Crawford
                                                Chairman and CEO, Fairchild Corp., New               was the Director of the Marine Corps D & B
                                                York City.                                           and he played at many Foundation events.
                                                                                                     The event program honored his memory.

COL ROB. Colonel G.F. Robert Hanke
and his wife, Lynn were all smiles at the
Plaza Gala. Rob is President and CEO,
                                            ATTORNEY. Stewart and Betty McMillan
Polaris Arts Ltd, an independent film
                                            join Mary Lou Torykian (L) at the
and stage production company, located
                                            Foundation’s Ninth Annual Semper Fidelis
in New York City. He is also the newest
                                            Gala. Stewart is a prominent attorney at law
member of the Foundation’s Board of                                                             AUTHOR. Marine Chief Warrant Officer
                                            with offices in New York and Connecticut.
Directors.                                                                                      Charles W. “Bill” Henderson (L) is joined by
                                                                                                retired NYC Police Dept. Detective Jack Casale
                                                                                                (C), a former member of the Joint Terrorist Task
                                                                                                Force and Medal of Honor recipient Robert E.
                                                                                                O’Malley (R). Bill, the author of many books,
                                                                                                will publish another early next year commemo-
                                                                                                rating the thirtieth anniversary of the evacuation
                                                                                                in Vietnam. Jack is a Marine veteran of Vietnam.

VT FRIENDS. General James Jones, Supreme
Allied Commander, Europe joins his Green             NAVY. The U.S. Navy was well
Mountain state friends, Vermont U.S. Senator         represented at the Gala by
Patrick Leahy and his wife, Marcelle. The Leahy’s    Commander James Courey and
son served in the U.S. Marine Corps and are long-    his wife, Lisa. Jim is a dental offi-
time benefactors of the Foundation.                  cer in the U.S. Naval Reserve,
                                                     and like his father, Ken Courey, a
                                                     loyal supporter of the MC-LEF.
                                                                                              GATEWAY CITY VIP’S. Assistant Commandant
                                                                                              of the Marine Corps General William “Spider”
                                                                                              Nyland is flanked by St. Louis VIPs during the pre-
                                                                                              dinner reception. Tom Walter (L) is the founder of
                                                                                              the very successful St. Louis Marine Scholarship
                                                 BROTHERS. Gala Co-chairman                   Golf Tournament. Retired Marine Master Gunnery
                                                 Gary Schweikert (R) and his                  Sergeant James R. Rowe USMC (Ret) is an active
                                                 brother Erich were all smiles as             member of the golf committee. Both extended an
                                                 they enjoyed another successful              invitation to the General to join them at the next
                                                 Foundation event.                            tournament scheduled on August 2, 2004.

Issue 25                                                                                                                                    - 11 -
      Congressman C.W. Bill Young (R-Largo) is serving his 17th
 term in Congress as a representative of the Tenth Congressional
 District of Florida. He is the senior member of the Florida con-
 gressional delegation and serves as Chairman of the House
 Appropriations Committee.
      A veteran of the Army National Guard, Young is nationally known
 for his expertise on defense and security issues. He has served on the
 House Armed Services Committee and chaired the House
 Appropriations Subcommittee on National Security, and his 14 years
 of service on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
 are the longest tenure of any member in history.                            SEMPER FIDELIS AWARD. The Foundations’ 2004 Johnny
      During his service on the Appropriations Committee, Young has          Michael Span Memorial Semper Fidelis Award was presented to the
 been dedicated to improving the quality of life of the men and women        Men and Women of the Allied Armed Forces in recognition of their
 who serve in the military. He regularly meets with enlisted personnel       gallant service in fighting terrorism. Accepting on behalf of these
 and officers to assess their needs, and as a result, Congress has invest-
                                                                             heroes are Gen James L. Jones (L) and Gen Peter Pace. Participating
 ed in improved base housing, better medical care, increased pay, and
 more modern equipment for the military.                                     in the presentation are Foundation President Pete Haas and COB
      Young has also been a leading advocate for increased biomedical        James Kallstrom.
 research. As chairman of the Appropriations Committee, he has
 worked to double federal medical research funding over five years.
 He has fought for federal funding for a variety of medical issues,                              LIST OF PAST HONOREES
 including an increased immunization rate for preschoolers, improved
 public health programs nationwide, and cures for Parkinson’s and            Honorees                  Award        Corporate Affiliation
 Alzheimer’s Diseases.
      In 1986, Young was instrumental in founding a national registry        1996
 for bone marrow donors. Now named the “C.W. Bill Young Marrow               Michael P. Roux       Leatherneck      Chairman, Carillon Importers Ltd.
 Donor Recruitment and Research Program” in his honor, the registry          Richard Marriott     Globe & Anchor    Chairman, Marriott Hotels
 lists more than four million volunteer donors for patients with             Larry Bossidy        Semper Fidelis    Chairman, Allied Signal Inc.
 leukemia and other life-threatening diseases and has served as a model      Eljay Bowron            “Special”      Director, U.S. Secret Service
 for similar programs throughout the world.
      Throughout his career of public service, Young has been a strong
 advocate for the needs of Pinellas County. Among other issues, he has       Jim Leva              Leatherneck   Chairman & CEO, GPU Inc.
 worked to ease congestion along U.S. Highway 19; attract high-tech          Arthur Goldberg      Globe & Anchor Board Member, Hilton Hotels Corp.
 jobs to St. Petersburg; improve health care for low-income children         Dana Mead            Semper Fidelis Chairman & CEO, Tenneco Inc.
 and families; protect neighboring MacDill Air Force Base; build a state     1998
 of the art medical center for veterans at Bay Pines; and offset the
                                                                             Wayne P. Yetter        Leatherneck  President & CEO,
 effects of erosion on the area’s beaches.
                                                                                                                  Novartis Pharmaceuticals
      Young, 72, was born in Harmarville, Pennsylvania, and moved to
                                                                             Richard Grasso       Globe & Anchor Chairman & CEO,
 the St. Petersburg area at the age of 15. Before being sworn into
                                                                                                                  New York Stock Exchange
 Congress in 1970, Young served ten years in the Florida State Senate.
                                                                             Dominick A. Prezzano Semper Fidelis Senior Vice President,
      Young has three adult children, and he and his wife, Beverly, have
                                                                                                                  Metropolitan Life Insurance
 three sons, Rob, 27, Billy, 19, and Patrick, 16.
                                                                             Richard Swift        Globe & Anchor Chairman, President & CEO,
                                                                                                                  Foster Wheeler Corp.
                                                                             Jim Lehrer           Semper Fidelis The News Hour with Jim Lehrer
                                                                             Michael R. Bonsignore Semper Fidelis Chairman & CEO, Honeywell
                                                                             John P. Clancey       Globe & Anchor Chairman, Maersk Sealand
                                                                             Michael Hegarty       Semper Fidelis   Chairman & CEO, AXA Foundation
                                                                             The Men & Women of the United
                                                                             States Armed Forces Commander in Chief Award
                                                                             Alfred Lerner        Semper Fidelis Chairman, MBNA America
                                                                                                                  Bank, N.A.
GLOBE AND ANCHOR AWARD. Congressman C.W. Bill                                Honorable
Young (L) and his wife Beverly proudly accept the coveted 2004               George Pataki        Globe & Anchor Governor of the State of New York
Captain Alfred Lerner Memorial Globe and Anchor Award from
Foundation Chairman Jim Kallstrom and Norma Lerner (R), the
                                                                             Rush Limbaugh        Semper Fidelis Author and radio talk show host
wife of the late Mr. Lerner. The award recognized Congressman
                                                                             John Warner          Globe & Anchor United States Senator, Virginia
Young’s many years of distinguished service to his country.

- 12 -                                                                                                                                   June 2004
                                            BOSTON GUEST. Tom Lyons,                    HAPPY FAMILY. Brian and Linda Gimlett intro-
                                            President of the Greater Boston Semper      duced their son Matthew to their many Foundation
                                            Fidelis Society was delighted to visit      friends at the Gala. Brian is Senior Executive Vice
                                            once again with General James Jones. In     President, MBNA America, and retired as the Special
CMC LEADERSHIP AWARD. The                   November 2002, the General was the          Agent in Charge, U.S. Secret Service, New York City.
Commandant of the Marine Corps              Guest of Honor at the Society’s Marine      Sixteen-year-old Matthew is a high school sophomore.
General Michael W. Hagee (R) presents       Corps birthday luncheon, an annual
the Commandant’s Leadership Award to        event which attracts over 1200 Marines.
Gilbert D. Scharf, Chairman, President
and CEO, MAXCOR Financial Group.
Scharf recently stated that “we feel a
special kinship for the families of those
who devote their lives defending us.”
MAXCOR is a leading domestic and
international brokerage firm.

                                                                                      AN ANGEL. Beverly Young, a beautiful guardian angel
                                            NJ GUESTS. Mr. and Mrs. Frank             to military patients at Walter Reed and Bethesda hospitals
                                            Einhaus (R) of Parsippany, NJ are seen    is flanked by Gala co-chair Dick Torykian and Kent L.
                                            enjoying an adult beverage before         Karosen, President Karosen Strategic Partners. Beverly is
                                            entering the Ballroom. They are joined    a frequent visitor to servicemen wounded in Iraq and
                                            by Ken Courney (L), a nationally recog-   delivers gifts normally not provided by the hospitals.
                                            nized hospital administrator.

                                                                              MMA. Marine Military Academy friend and benefactor
                                                                              Anthony J. McIntyre (R) chatted with Foundation Vice
                                                                              Chairman Dick Torykian about future MC-LEF events. He is
                                                                              President, The McIntyre Group, a Cherry Hill, NJ insurance
PROUD GRANDMOTHER.                                                            and consulting company. Recently McIntyre chaired a Marine
Norma Lerner, a member of                                                     Corps dinner on the USS New Jersey to benefit MMA.
the Foundation’s Board of
Directors, was delighted when
the photographer asked for a
photo of her and her grand-
daughter, eight-year-old Chase
who was attending the Gala for
the second time.

                                                                                              PROUD PARENTS. Ronald and Vie Fromm
                                                                                              are joined by their son, Brad, in celebrating the
                                                                                              annual Plaza Gala. Ron is Vice President,
                                                                                              Municipal Bonds, ABN-AMRO Financial
                                               QUANTICO GUEST. LtGen Edward                   Services, Inc. Vie is a jewelry consultant for NJ
                                               Hanlon, Jr., Commanding General, Marine        headquartered Acquisitions, Fine Jewelry and
MARINE LADIES. Silke Hagee (L), the            Corps Combat Development Command,              Antiques. Brad is 1 of only 250 Marine Corps
wife of the Commandant of the Marine           Quantico, VA visits with Florida               NROTC students and will enter the University
Corps receives a warm welcome to NYC           Congressman C.W. William Young, the 2004       of Virginia, School of Engineering, Sept. 2004.
from Foundation Chairman of the Board Jim      recipient of the Foundation’s Captain Alfred   Brad was inducted in the Boy Scouts of America
Kallstrom and his wife Sue.                    Lerner Memorial Globe and Anchor Award.        Eagle Court of Honor on June 12, 2004.

Issue 25                                                                                                                                  - 13 -
                                                                                      FBI, NYC. Gala committee member Richie
ALL SMILES. BGen Robert “Rooster”            TN MARINE. LtGen Fred McCorkle,
                                                                                      Rogers (C), a Special Agent with the FBI, is
Schmidle and his wife, Pam, join Gala co-    USMC (Ret) journeyed north from the
                                                                                      flanked by Pat and Laura D’Amuro. Pat is the
chair Gary E. Schweikert at the reception.   beautiful hills of Tennessee to join
                                                                                      Assistant Director, NY office of the FBI.
Gary is the Regional Vice President,         his legion of friends and admirers at
Fairmont Hotels and Resorts and Managing     the Gala. He is seen visiting SgtMaj
Director, The Plaza. The General is          Alford L. McMichael, the Sergeant
assigned as Director, Expeditionary Force,   Major of NATO.
Development Center, Quantico, VA.

                                                                                          NEW FRIENDS. Stephen M. and Salla Alfieri
                                                                                          will add this picture with Gen James L. Jones,
                                                                                          USMC, Supreme Allied Commander, Europe
                                                                                          to their photo album. Stephen is Managing
                                                                                          Partner, Stanfield Capital Partners, headquar-
                                             MARINES. General Al Gray (R), USMC           tered in NYC. Stanfield Capital Partner is a
AIR MARSHAL. Dan Sullivan and his wife,      (Ret), the 29th Commandant of the Marine     strong supporter of the MC-LEF.
Kathy flank Winnie Fitzgerald during a       Corps, had an opportunity to visit with
happy Gala visit. Dan, a retired Special     retired Marine Corps General Terrance R.
Agent, U.S. Secret Service, is with the      Dake and Sue Dake. Gen Gray is a member
Federal Air Marshal Service, Flight          of the Foundations Board of Directors. Gen
Operations Headquarters. Kathy is a flight   Dake is an executive with Bell Textron.
attendant with Northwest Airlines. Winnie
co-edits the MC-LEF newsletter.

                                                     MO VISITORS. Kenneth McGhee (L),
                                                     President of St. Louis-based Archway
                                                     Funeral Homes is joined by his Missouri
                                                     friends retired MGySgt James R. Rowe,
                                                     USMC (C) and Dan Werner (R). Jim is          WELCOME. Sue Kallstrom (R), wife
                                                     Director of Recruitment ITT Technical        of Jim Kallstrom, the Marine Corps-
                                                     Institute, Arnold, MO. Jim, Dan and Ken      Law Enforcement Foundation’s
                                                     are members of the St. Louis Marine          Chairman of the Board, welcomes
                                                     Scholarship Golf Tournament.                 California guest Lanetta Wahlgren to
                                                                                                  the Gala.

FAMILY REUNION. General Hagee, the Commandant of the               USSS. United States Secret Service agents, active and retired, were
Marine Corps and his wife Silke, the First Lady of the Marine      delighted with their reunion of Marine friends. L to R are USSS agent
Corps are joined by Molly and Brian Haas (R) and Foundation        Pat Caldwell, Marine Captain Eric Kapitulik, former Director USSS
President Peter Haas. Molly and Brian flew north from their        Brian Stafford and Michael Fedorko, former Acting Commissioner,
Georgia home to celebrate the Gala with parents and friends.       New Jersey State Police.

- 14 -                                                                                                                      June 2004
                                                           HOTEL EXECUTIVES. Scott and
                                                           Joan Hagan were all smiles as they
PA FRIENDS. Retired Marine Major Roger Patton              enjoyed an evening of fun after        MARINE LADIES. The roving photographer
(L) and his lady Alaine, residents of Pennsylvania,        demanding hotel duties. Scott is an    caught a snap shot of three beautiful Marine
join their St. Louis MO friend Dan Werner (R). Prior       executive with Hotel Gansevoort,       Corps ladies whom obviously were enjoying the
to moving to PA the Patton’s owned Shipley’s Tavern,       one of NYC’s newest hotels. Joan       Gala. L to R are Rosemary Haas, Silke Hagee
a popular historic tavern, in Indiana where they host-     is an administrative executive,        and Diane Jones. Behind every successful
ed many Marine visitors. Dan is a key member of the        Plaza Hotel and plays a major role     Leatherneck there is a supportive wife.
St. Louis Marine Scholarship Golf Tournament.              in the success of the Gala.

                                                                                           DAUGHTER. Doris Cafferata and her daughter Lynn
                                                                                           Coovert are flanked by Medal of Honor recipients Joe
                                            USAF. LtGen Duncan J. McNabb, USAF,            M. Jackson, USAF (L) and Robert E. O’Malley, USMC
                                            Deputy Chief of Staff, Plans and               (R). Both American heroes were awarded the Nation’s
VMI. Matthew Sheridan (R), will join        Programs, Headquarters, United States          highest decoration for action in Vietnam.
the ranks of Virginia Military              Air Force is seen with Foundation COB
Institute this Sept. He and his father,     Jim Kallstrom. The General participated
Dr. Richard Sheridan, PHD, were on          in the presentation of the Semper Fidelis
hand to enjoy the military pomp and         Award to the Men and Women of the
circumstance of the Marine Corps            Allied Armed Forces.
Gala, and wrote “we will have fond
memories of the Gala forever.” Dr.                   FABULOUS FOURSOME. Senator
Sheridan is Director, Chancellor                         and Mrs. Patrick Leahy (C) are
Academy, Pompton Plains, NJ.                      flanked by Mr. & Mrs. Graham during
                                                        the Gala’s pre-dinner reception.

NJ GOLF. Much of the success of                                                      SEC’Y. Bob Scimeme and his wife Cathy were delighted to
the Foundation’s Northern New             AUTOGRAPHS. Medal of Honor recip-          visit with their retired FBI friend Ed Boran and his escort
Jersey golf tournament can be             ients Colonel Harvey C. “Barney”           Mary Anne Pettit. Both worked closely together on numerous
attributed to the dedication of           Barnum, USMC (Ret) (L) and Hector          criminal investigations. Bob serves as the Foundation’s sec-
Mary and Angelo Oliva who spend           Cafferata spent a few moments auto-        retary and is the Director of Security, Peter Cooper Village
countless hours planning and coor-        graphing programs for Gala admirers        and Stuyvesant Town. Ed is the Assistant Vice President,
dinating the event. The Gala pro-         grateful for their service to the Marine   Protection Operations Division, Federal Reserve Bank in
vided an opportunity for a family         Corps and the Nation. The MOH is the       NYC. Mary Anne is an active volunteer with the Save the
reunion with their children.              United States’ highest combat award.       Children Foundation and the NY Boys Harbor Foundation.

Issue 25                                                                                                                                   - 15 -
                                                    COMMISSIONERS. Retired Marine             STRONG. Thomas H. Ripley and his wife,
HAPPY VISIT. Foundation Director Col Lou                                                      Alexandra joined Gen Hagee prior to dinner.
                                                    Colonel Ray Kelly (R) and NYC Police
Piantadosi, USMC (Ret) enjoyed the opportuni-                                                 Tom, a Foundation Director, is Managing
                                                    Commissioner visits with Medal of
ty to visit with Kathy Allen and her daughter,                                                Director, Strong Capital Management, Inc., a
                                                    Honor recipient Thomas G. Kelley,
Betty. Lou and Betty worked together at the                                                   Wisconsin headquartered financial company.
                                                    Commissioner of Veterans Service,
Marine Corps Association, Quantico, VA. L to R
                                                    Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
are Betty, Kathy, Lou and Ann Drake, a Florida
interior designer and decorator.

                                                                                         DESERT STORM HERO. Retired LtGen William
                                                                                         Keys, USMC and his wife, Gail visits with Gen
                                                GOVERNOR. New York Governor              William “Spider” Nyland, Asst. Commandant of the
                                                George Pataki (R) shared dinner sto-     Marine Corps. Rounding off the foursome is Father
CO-FOUNDER. Foundation co-founder
                                                ries with NH Senator John E.             Dick McCue, a retired Navy Captain and Marine
Steven Wallace visits with long-time friend
                                                Sununu. The Governor was the 2002        Corps Chaplain. Gen Keys successfully led Marine
General William “Spider” Nyland, the
                                                recipient of the Foundation’s coveted    forces in Desert Storm and emerged as one of the true
Assistant Commandant of the Marine
                                                Globe and Anchor Award in recogni-       heroes of that war. He is also the recipient of our
Corps. Steve is President, Pacific Brokerage;
                                                tion of his many years of distin-        Nation’s second highest combat award, the Navy
a Los Angeles based financial investment
                                                guished service.                         Cross, bestowed for his actions in the Vietnam War.
company. He served as a U.S. Marine in the
early 1960’s and is a generous benefactor
to many U.S. Marine organizations.
                                                                                                        LA GUESTS. Steven Wallace, a
                                                                                                        Foundation co-founder, and Vice
                                                                                                        Chairman and his guest Lanetta
                                                                                                        Wahlgren are joined by General Jones
                                                                                                        and Diane Jones during a pre-dinner
                                                                                                        reception. Lanetta is one of Los
                                                                                                        Angeles leading interior designers.

A TOAST. Scotland-born James
MacPhail (R) joins his Irish pal,
Seamus Garrahy in a happy toast to the                                                                   SPECIAL MC-LEF FRIENDS. Patty
Marine Corps. James, a Foundation                                                                        and Jim Valentine paused for a photo
VP, flew in from Dallas and Seamus          HONEYMOON. Mellisa and Jimmy Torykian (L), just              op during dinner. Patty, along with
motored east from Pennsylvania to be        recently married, joined brother and brother-in-law Eric     others, spends countless hours assist-
with friends. Seamus served as a            Torykian (R) for a continuation of their honeymoon at        ing the Gala co-chairs in planning
Marine corporal.                            the Plaza’s evening of glamour.                              this magnificent event.

- 16 -                                                                                                                             June 2004
LI GUESTS. Brian and Ingrid              NYSE/FBI TABLE. Dinner friends just don’t get any bet-       AC VIPS. Atlantic City, NJ guests
Campbell journeyed from their Long       ter than this group of Foundation members and friends. L     Mercedes McGahn and Ed Hansberry
Island home to join their many           to R are Tom Tamuccio, NY Stock Exchange Member,             were dinner partners at the Gala.
Foundation friends for an evening of     Special Agent FBI Dan Gorman, dinner host John Eric          Merce’s late husband, Pat, was a co-
fun. They are obviously enjoying their   Smith, Foundation VP and NYSE Member, Fred Snelling          founder of the MC-LEF. Ed was
night out. The following day, Brian      and Matt Heron, NYC office of the FBI. Fred is assigned      awarded the Navy Cross, the Nation’s
was seen at the Lion King show with      as Special Agent in Charge, Criminal Division and Matt as    second highest combat award, for
his beautiful daughter, Fiona.           Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Organized Crime Div.      heroism during the World War II
                                                                                                      Okinawa Campaign. Both are key
                                                                                                      members of the AC Gala and Golf
                                                                                                      Tournament Committee.

                                                         DEAR FRIENDS. Sue Kallstrom
                                                         visits with her dear friend Norma
                                                         Lerner during a brief program
A LIGHT MOMENT. General Hagee, in recalling              intermission. Mrs. Lerner, a mem-
Dick Torykian’s motorcycle accident, presented Dick,     ber of the Foundation’s Board of
AKA the Field Marshal, a statue of a Marine recruit at   Directors, presented the Globe
boot camp. The inscription read “Recruits make mis-      and Anchor Award. Sue has played      THE PADRE. Father Richard T. McCue visits
takes—not Field Marshals.”                               an influential role in the unprece-   with Don and Kathy Burkhardt of Dix Hills,
                                                         dented success of the MC-LEF.         NY during the Gala’s intermission. Father
                                                                                               Dick, a retired U.S. Navy chaplain, resides in
                                                  CONGRATULATIONS. Jeffrey                     NH. Kathy’s cousin is a Franciscan friar. Don
                                                  Steiner (L) and Wolfgang Siebold             is Chairman and CEO, AeroVision, a special-
                                                  (C) congratulated co-chairman of             ized technology company. He provides servic-
                                                  the Gala Dick Torykian following a           es to the Plaza Hotel and numerous other
                                                  great evening of friendship and fun.         agencies including the Dept. of Defense.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Much to her surprise, a birthday cake          SEE YOU NEXT YEAR. The Marine Corps Colors fly prominently in the
was delivered to Diane Jones during Gala celebrations which    background from the Plaza Hotel after St. Louis, MO guests check out of the
were briefly interrupted by the singing of Happy Birthday      hotel and have one last photo taken. All three promised to return next year for
to the Foundation’s special guest and special friend.          the April 1, 2005 Gala. L to R are Dan Werner, Jim Rowe and Tom Walter.

Issue 25                                                                                                                                - 17 -
                Foundation Provides Special Equipment to Special Babies of Marine GySgt
                                     Sharing an Uncertain Future
   Woodbridge Parents Prepare for                      “Changing diapers is fun because you            But Erin and Jade, delivered at 34
   Separation of Conjoined Twins                   have four legs kicking at you,” notes           weeks, proved so robust from the beginning
By Tamara Jones                                    Kevin Buckles, on temporary leave from          that they didn’t even need intubations while
Washington Post Staff Writer                       his post as assistant drum major in the         in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit; they
Monday, April 12, 2004; Page B01                   U.S. Marine Drum and Bugle Corps. To            were released from the hospital after just
                                                   make matters worse, the diapers have to         one week. Returning last week for shots and
S   waddled in their mother’s arms, the
    babies gaze with newborn wonder into
identical faces that offer no hint that they
                                                   be put on sideways, since the babies face
                                                   one another.
                                                       “We’ve had to learn how to think out-
                                                                                                   a checkup, the babies weighed in at a com-
                                                                                                   bined 13.1 pounds.
                                                                                                       “How’s the feeding been going?” Lt
are rare survivors, one of medicine’s most         side the box,” says Kevin. Just transporting    Christopher Watson, the babies’ doctor, asks
compelling mysteries. Beneath their pink           the babies to frequent medical appointments     the couple in an exam room with cartoon
rosebud pajamas, Jade and Erin Buckles are         is a major undertaking. Melissa, a high         Dalmatians painted on the walls.
fused as one.                                      school English teacher, scrunches sideways          “Good,” Melissa replies. “Jade still does-
   Delivered by Caesarean section Feb. 26 at       in the back seat to monitor the twins in the    n’t eat as much as Erin.”
the National Naval Medical Center in               temporary car seat designed for them by the         “You guys been keeping track?” the doc-
Bethesda, the girls are conjoined at the           National Institutes of Health.                  tor asks. Kevin produces a blue folder with
abdomen and chest. Each has her own limbs              “Sometimes when they’re sleeping, their     spreadsheets he created to log every bottle
and, doctors are fairly certain, separate organs   faces fall forward, and I worry about one       and diaper the babies go through. (The girls
and vascular systems, except for the liver, mak-   blocking the other’s airways,” she says.        sport diapers with their names printed on
ing the girls good candidates for separation.          Learning to care for their newborns was     the back in Magic Marker, to make sure
   Just making it into the world alive             mostly a matter of practice, the parents say,   record-keeping is accurate).
defied steep odds; statistics on conjoined         but resuscitation remains a big fear.               “Any concerns, issues?” Watson asks.
twins vary, and are sketchy, but experts               “Because of where they’re joined, you       The parents shake their heads.
believe they occur only once in every 70,000       can’t do chest compression,” Kevin says.            “Only if you can prescribe something to
to 100,000 live births. Of those, a mere frac-     Doctors taught the couple how to perform        make them both sleep at the same time,”
tion survive.                                      CPR backward—coming in from behind              Kevin jokes. Two hours straight is the most
   In the sunny living room of their               with their thumbs.                              either parent has managed to sleep since
Woodbridge townhouse, Erin                                                                                      bringing the girls home.
opens her mouth to suck on                                                                                          Watson pulls out a yellow
sleepy Jade’s tiny fingers. Taking                                                                              tape measure and wraps it first
the cue, mom Melissa Buckles,                                                                                   around Erin’s arm, then a leg,
30, produces a doll-size bottle of                                                                              before repeating the drill with
milk, first carefully supporting                                                                                Jade. Since the babies can’t be
the twins before swooping her                                                                                   weighed separately, the meas-
own arm into the swan-dive it                                                                                   urements determine how much
takes to feed them. Their father,                                                                               they are growing. Doctors also
Marine Gunnery Sergeant Kevin                                                                                   need to know heading into the
Buckles, 34, stands watch, ready                                                                                surgery whether one baby is
for action should Jade demand                                                                                   outgrowing the other.
lunch at the same time—a trick                                                                                      Since coming home, the
that requires a double-parent                                                                                   twins have needed no special
crisscross move.                                                                                                medical treatment. Because
   Since bringing their delicate                                                                                their umbilical cords had fused
daughters home from the                                                                                         into one, cutting it left a large
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit a                                                                                  wound that is healing slowly.
month ago, Melissa and Kevin                                                                                    Bedsores became another con-
Buckles have struggled with emo-                                                                                cern, alleviated by salves and a
tional and physical challenges that                                                                             special gel mattress. And burp-
become even harder as the babies                                                                                ing, the couple says, is virtual-
grow and the date of their sep-                                                                                 ly impossible since the babies
aration surgery nears. If all goes                                                                              can’t be positioned easily.
as planned, surgeons at Children’s                                                                                  “Sometimes I pat one’s
Hospital in the District will sep-                                                                              back, and the other one burps,”
arate the babies in June, when                                                                                  Melissa says.
they are 3 months old.                                                                                              As they prepare for the
   For now, though, the couple                                                                                  surgery, the team at Children’s
has to rely on improvisation and                                                                                will use computer models to
ingenuity to get through each day,                                                                              simulate the separation and
whether it’s working with bio-                                                                                  take sophisticated images of
engineers to build a car seat or lin-                                                                           the babies’ anatomies. Even
ing up all the snaps to make two                                                                                with successful separation, the
sets of footie pajamas into one.                                                                                girls likely will face additional

- 18 -                                                                                                                               June 2004
plastic surgery as they grow older, doctors          they went for an ultrasound that they that they could still lose one baby, or both,
have told the parents. Their breastbones are         thought was merely going to tell them their he adds, and they force themselves to talk
joined, forming a “y” where the fusion               baby’s sex. Melissa was 18 weeks into her often about the risk, trying to condition
begins, with their bodies separating again           pregnancy. They were thrilled when the themselves emotionally.
below the navel.                                     technician pointed out two heartbeats on the          Jade and Erin are napping in their
    “They’ll use Gore-Tex to create a por-           monitor. Then the bombshell dropped.               bassinet, mirror images of contentment.
tion of the diaphragm, and they may have                 “The technician suddenly asked if we Watching, their mother softly weeps.
to graft on more thoracic bone,” Kevin says.         were Christian,” Melissa recounts. “I knew                   2004 The Washington Post Company
    The girls are thriving despite their rare con-   something was wrong. Who asks that in the
dition. “We have two healthy babies who just         middle of an ultrasound?” Terminating the Editor’s Note: Jade and Erin were successful-
happen to be stuck together,” their father says.     pregnancy, the couple says, was never an ly separated in a six-hour surgery with no com-
    Over the next few months, members of             option. State-of-the-art 4D ultrasounds plications on June 19, 2004. They were in
the Children’s team will begin holding week-         showed what the babies looked like down critical but stable condition.
ly meetings to plot out the operation.               to the hair on their
Although advanced imaging techniques in              heads, “so we were
utero assured doctors that the girls do not          mentally prepared,”
share a stomach or heart, cardiologists want         Melissa says.             First of all, on behalf of my family I would like to thank the
the babies to undergo an MRI soon to deter-              In the coming         Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation for their assistance.
                                                                               There aren’t words that can express how grateful and thankful
mine conclusively whether any parts of the           weeks, doctors will
                                                                               we are for everything that has been done for us. The babies’
two hearts are joined, since they share a sin-       prepare the twins for
                                                                               names are Jade Hope Buckles and Erin Faith Buckles.
gle protective sac. Their common liver is of         surgery by implanting
far less concern, since that organ can be split      tissue extenders          Jade and Erin were born on Feb. 26th at 10:31 am at the
and is capable of regenerating.                      around their fused        National Naval Medical Center (NNMC) in Bethesda. They are
    Insurance covers the family’s medical            abdomen. The exten-       conjoined twins. They share a Pericardium (Sac around the
bills, and a military charity donated thousands      ders are like saline bal- heart), but appear to have separate hearts. Their livers and
of dollars to cover baby furniture, monitors,        loons, which will be      diaphragms are fused together. They were born at 34 weeks
clothes and miscellaneous items. But forfeit-        enlarged gradually to     and were delivered by Caesarean. We are currently in discussion
ing Melissa’s paycheck has stretched the fam-        stretch the babies’ skin  with Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, DC,
ily to the limit. There was no money to repair       so the massive surgical   concerning the separation of the girls. They are home with us
                                                                               now and are doing well. We have several appointments a week
the aged Lexus that blew its transmission            wound can be closed
                                                                               at NNMC and Children’s. Again, thank you for your support
when Melissa was in the hospital, and the            once they’re separated.
                                                                               and prayers. Semper Fidelis
remaining Mazda is too small to carry a fam-             “We’re not foolish
ily that suddenly numbers six with the twins’        enough to think it        In Grateful Appreciation,
sister, Taylor, 2, and brother, Kevin Jr., 11.       will be a walk in the     Kevin, Melissa, Kevin Jr., Taylor, Jade and Erin Buckles
    The couple learned in November that              park,” Kevin says. He
Melissa was carrying conjoined twins when            and his wife realize

                                        Helped by the Hand of God
     Philip Svitak, 34 was born in Nebraska,   in his absence. Shortly thereafter he met            Flight Engineer,
  the only son of John and Mary Svitak and     a petite, blonde-haired, blue-eyed lady who          and flew over
  grandson of Richard and Roseann Svitak.      touched his soul, stole his heart and                1200        hours,
  After achieving numerous honors and          became the love of his life. Her name was            including over
  awards in high school he, in 1989, enlist-   Laura and they married. God blessed their            600 Night Vision
  ed in the United States Army and was         happy home with two blue-eyed and                    Goggle hours.
  assigned as a flight engineer to Special     blond-headed laughing boys. Ethan now                He deployed with
  Operations units. He deployed during         5 and Nolan who is 2.                                Alpha Company
  Operation Desert Shield/Storm. He was            In May 1999 Philip informed his fam-             to multiple areas
  honorably discharged in 1994.                ily that he was going to re-enlist “If he            across the Central
     After his discharge Philip returned to    could get back with his old unit the ‘Night          Command in support of Operation
  Missouri where his parents had relocated     Stalkers’.” As his unit had missed Phil as           Enduring Freedom. Sergeant Svitak logged
                                                      much as he had missed them, a few             over 150 hours of combat flight time dur-
                                                      strings were pulled and once again            ing missions in support of Special
                                                      he joined the “brotherhood” of                Operations Forces.
                                                      Alpha Company, 2nd Battalion,                     Sgt Svitak was among 7 U.S. soldiers
                                                      160th SOAR (A). In order to once              killed March 4, 2002 while fighting in east-
                                                      again attain his “Night Stalker”              ern Afghanistan when al-Qaida and
                                                      standing Philip had to once again             Taliban fighters fired on troop-carrying
                                                      take the Army Survival, Evasion,              helicopters.
                                                      Resistance and Escape (SERE)                      Philip Svitak loved his Family, his
                                                      Course. He moved up in rank                   Friends, his Faith and his Freedom and gave
                                                      quickly regaining what he had lost            the ultimate sacrifice to ensure the safety
                                                      after his discharge in 1994. Sergeant         of all four. His goal of flying has been
      Phil’s family—Laura, Ethan, Phil and Nolan      Svitak served as a Crew Chief and             reached—helped by the hand of God.

Issue 25                                                                                                                                    - 19 -
Foundation Provided College Scholarship
   Marine Uncle Killed in Vietnam
                                                                                                               ‘I hope to gain a better
          Justice Leads Student                  international conflict, the
            Through S. Africa                    students will travel to the                                    understanding of the
    Ashley Cottrell of Salve Regina              bush and stay on a man-                                       political system as well
   University will study international           made game reserve.
                                                     “Most of the trip, we’re
                                                                                                                 as the justice system,
   justice while rubbing elbows with
       diplomats and lawmakers.                  staying in hotels, but for a                                     because contrary to
                                                 few days we’ll be living in                                       what most people
by Kate Howard, Daily News Staff                 a mud hut,” Cottrell said.
The Newport ( R.I.) Daily News                   “So, we’ll get just a taste of                                   think, they are truly
April 24-25, 2004                                what it’s really like.” While on the game                            interrelated.’
Newport—Ashley Cottrell has always               reserve, Cottrell will see, up close, the ani-                    —Ashley Cottrell
known what she wanted to do.                     mals she’s only seen behind a fence at the
    Starting in seventh grade, Cottrell          zoo, and even aid in the care and feeing of
explored the local police departments and        the baby lions and tigers that live there.
excelled as a Police Explorer. At                    In preparation for the trip, Cottrell has
Portsmouth High School, when she had all         been going online to read up on the offi-         isn’t worried about security because the
her credits completed by her junior year, she    cial government and justice policies of the       group is staying in hotels far from any
wasted no time and enrolled at Salve Regina      cities she’s visiting, as well as reading trav-   political turmoil.
University to begin studying administration      el books to get a grasp on what the towns            “We’re staying in big cities and working
of justice.                                      are like. She said she really hopes to come       with the embassy, so they have alternate
    Last fall, she went to American              away with a greater comprehension of the          plans and warning systems; our safety is
University’s Washington September pro-           political climate in South Africa.                their top priority,” she said.
gram to immerse herself in the nation’s jus-         “I hope to gain a better understanding           To embark on an experience of the
tice system. Her professors there nominated      of the political system as well as the justice    magnitude, Cottrell is incurring a cost of
her for an International Mission of              system, because contrary to what most peo-        $5,000. She has been sponsored by Dr.
Diplomacy, and from May 11-27, Cottrell          ple think, they are truly interrelated,”          Robin Hoffmann of Salve’s administra-
will travel to South Africa to learn firsthand   Cottrell said.                                    tion of justice department as well as Dr.
about international justice.                         While South Africa does have a presi-         Nomate Kpea and his wife, Carolyn. The
    “Through my work at Salve, I know so         dential election this summer, Cottrell            Newport Kiwanis Club also has assisted.
much about the American judicial sys-
tem, but I know next to nothing about
international law,” Cottrell said. “This                  Iraq War Amputee Gets New Life at Walter Reed
trip will give me first-hand experience                             Foundation Aided Family
and make my knowledge more well-
rounded.”                                        Army Spc. Hilario
    As one of 80 students in the                 Bermanis of
International Missions program, Cottrell         Micronesia
will travel to Cape Town, Johannesburg
                                                 participates recently
and Durban to meet with diplomats and
                                                 in a rehab session
lawmakers and explore the inner work-
                                                 with Bo Bergeron
ings of international affairs.
    “As our country focuses on building          (L), a physical
global networks with the aim of nego-            therapist, and Deidra
tiating through international conflict,          Manns (R), a
individuals like Ashley Cottrell are seek-       physical therapy
ing out opportunities to learn how               student, in the
other countries utilize their diplomatic         Walter Reed Army
corps,” said John Hines, director of             Medical Center in
Envisions Institute, the organization            Washington. He was
sponsoring International Missions.               injured in Baghdad,
    The students also will visit the home        Iraq, during a
of Nelson Mandela and the prison he              rocket-propelled
was kept in.                                     grenade attack while
    “In all my college essays, I wrote that      manning a
if I could meet one person it would be           checkpoint.
Nelson Mandela,” Cottrell said. “I’m
looking forward to seeing where he was                Editor’s Note: See
and what he went through, and how he                         Foundation
maintained such faith in his country                  Newsletter, March
through it all.”                                         2004, Issue 24
    In addition to classroom settings               for Bermanis’ story.
where Cottrell and others will learn about

- 20 -                                                                                                                             June 2004
Foundation Friend Presents Bonds
    Children of Fallen Border Patrol Agent Epling Helped
      Give educational bonds                      vate foundation,
          totaling $80,000                        presented        the
                                                  bonds to Robert
by James Gilbert, Sun Staff Writer                Roll, acting agent in
The Sun, Saturday, April 3, 2004                  charge for the
FELICITY, Calif.—The children of a                Yuma Sector of the
Yuma U.S. Border Patrol agent who died in         Border Patrol.
the line of duty late last year were given edu-       Roll accepted
cational bonds adding up to $80,000 on            the bonds on behalf
Friday by the Marine Corps-Law                    of the Epling fam-
Enforcement Foundation.                           ily, who have
   “Our board and members were deeply             moved to Texas.
saddened to learn of the loss of your loved           “There is never
one in service to our great country. Though       going to be a Mayor Jacques Istel (L) presents to Acting Chief Border Patrol Agent
no words will every be adequate, may it           replacement for of the Yuma Sector Robert Roll a packet honoring fallen Border patrol
bring you comfort to know that the dedi-          their dad, but Agent James Epling by giving a $20,000 educational bond for each of
cation and heroism exhibited by Border            financial support his four children totaling $80,000. Commander of Marine Corps Air
Patrol agent James P. Epling, was truly           like this helps the Station, Yuma, James Cooney stands at right.
appreciated by many,” a letter written by the     family immensely,”
Foundation to Monica Epling stated.               Roll said after the                          Americans are with you for peace, health
   Epling, 24, drowned in the Colorado            ceremony.                                    and happiness in the years to come,” the let-
River on Dec. 16, 2003, while attempting to           In memory of Epling’s service, each of ter concluded.
chase down four suspected illegal aliens. He      his four children, Sean and Shane Casas and     Also at the ceremony was Margaret
had already helped save the life of an ille-      Seth and James Epling, will receive a Cooley, who gave the Felicity mayor the
gal alien from China.                             $20,000 scholarship in order to help offset commemorative flag presented to her fam-
   He was also officially declared the first      the costs of each child’s higher education. ily by the U.S. Army when her brother Emil
U.S. Customs and Border Protection offi-              “We hope and pray that Sean, Shane, Greiner, a World War II vet, died in 1993.
cer to die in the line of duty since the          James, Seth and you will be comforted by Cooley said it was her hope that the flag
agency’s creation one year ago under the          many wonderful memories of James, and would be flown over the town of Felicity.
new Department of Homeland Security.              that the support of loved ones and the pass-    “His name is on one of the walls out
   In a brief ceremony, Felicity Mayor            ing of time will heal your hearts and ease here, so I think this is a lovely place for the
Jacques-Andre Istel, a member of the pri-         your minds. The blessing of many grateful flag to be flown,” Cooley said.

                           Foundation Member Honored
             Colonel Waterhouse Receives the Military Order of St. Louis
                                                                                                         Thanks to you..
                                                                         Honors were presented
                                                                         to Colonel Waterhouse             We are able to assist
                                                                         on October 30, 2003, by
                                                                         The Priory of Saint               the children that you
                                                                         Patrick of the Sovereign
                                                                         Military Order of the
                                                                                                          meet in this Newsletter.
                                                                         Temple of Jerusalem
                                                                         (MOTJ) at a formal
                                                                         dinner in Chappaqua,
                                                                                                           But the need
                                                                         NY. The Colonel was
                                                                         declared “a national
                                                                                                           for F inancial
                                                                         treasure” during the
                                                                         introduction given by
                                                                         MajGen Dennis J.
                                                                         Fagen, GCTJ.
                                                                                                             has never
  “The Order of St. Louis” medal was presented by Col Chev. Thomas Moran, KCTJ, and Maj                    been greater!
  Elbertus Prol, KCTJ to Waterhouse for his contributions to military and naval literature
  through his book “Marines and Others.” The Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of
  Jerusalem, is an organization made up, for the most part, of senior military and naval officers,             Please use the
  with some 1200 members nationwide. While their principal activity is charity, they also pro-               enclosed envelope.
  mote the study and preservation of military and naval history. Waterhouse’s book is recog-
  nized because it “memorializes the service of Marines and others who volunteered to defend
  the public liberty in a most memorable way and is deserving of recognition precisely because
                                                                                                          Please be generous.
  it does such honor to those men.”

Issue 25                                                                                                                              - 21 -
              From America’s Top Military Man in Europe: Where Our Concern Should Be
                            General Jones serves as Foundation Director
by Lyric Wallwork Winik                          hunger and disease—is ripe
Parade Magazine, March 7, 2004                   for major conflict. “We’re
                                                 seeing that some of the gov-
 Last Januar y, we asked PARADE’s
                                                 erned regions are havens for
 Washington correspondent to interview Gen
                                                 people who wish to hide
 James Jones of the Marine Cor ps as he set
                                                 and recruit,” Jones explains.
 off for Brussels to assume his critical new
                                                 “We also see the growing
 role as Supreme Allied Commander of
                                                 impact of radical funda-
 NATO and head of all U.S. armed forces
                                                 mentalist teachings, which
 in Europe. One eventful year later, we sent
                                                 attract a lot of people who
 her back to see what Jones had learned and
                                                 have no hope of any finan-
 to get his perspective on some of the biggest
                                                 cial reward in their lives.
 challenges facing our military overseas.
                                                 Whether it’s weapons of
                                                 mass destruction, radical
G    en James Jones and I met in a small
     windowless warren of offices inside
the Pentagon during a quick trip back to the
                                                 fundamentalism or just sim-
                                                 ple terrorism, you have a
                                                 growing threat that works
U.S. The cramped quarters only seemed to         along the seams and borders
reinforce Jones’ physical stature: The for-      of alliances that has to be
mer college basketball player towers over his    dealt with.” And those dan-        Jones (R) and Turkish Gen Hilmi
subordinates. Our conversation naturally         gers could easily spread to         Özkök review troops in Ankara:
turned to the war in Iraq and its impact on      our allies and to us. “The           Ultimately, the Turks weren’t
U.S.-European relations.                         worst mistake is to pretend        deployed to Iraq, but NATO may
                                                 like it is not happening,”             be sending peacekeepers.
  The U.S.-European Rift: How Bad?
    “Some in Europe don’t fully understand       added the general.                               you can preclude bad things from happen-
how devastating 9/11 was for us and our                    The Iraq Connection                    ing simply by virtue of your presence. It has
national psyche,” Jones noted. “Europe has           About 80% of troops and 50% of the           a calming effect, it has a reassuring effect,
a long history of domestic terrorism, so materiel headed to Iraq and Afghanistan go               and it has a certain deterrent effect.” To that
there’s a sense that this is a part of life.” Yet through U.S. bases in Europe. But the con-      end, he’s focusing on four areas:
the general diplomatically plays down the tinuing presence of our forces in those                     • The NATO rapid-reaction force.
depth of the split between America and the nations has a deeper significance for the              This force, which debuted last fall, will go
Europeans. “I don’t think it’s widely known general: His job as head of our troops in             anywhere in the world within 30 days and
on this side of the Atlantic that European Europe is a direct legacy of another post-             “be capable of creating a deterrent by its
countries have arrested more than 9000 peo- war U.S. military occupation—in Germany               presence,” says Jones.
ple in connection with terrorism since after World War II. “Post-war transitions do                   • A better-trained NATO force. Right
9/11,” he said. “There is a very, very active not lend themselves to speed,” said Jones.          now, only a shocking 35,000 troops out of
ongoing campaign against terrorism—it’s “European reconstruction was not                          2 million are ready to be deployed. Jones
just not as ‘front page’ as we                                     overnight. Post-war Japan      hopes to increase this number significant-
do it over here.”                                                                                 ly in the years ahead.
    In fact, during the worst of      “The more proactive was not overnight. wide-
                                                                   want to institute
                                                                                        If we
                                                                                                      • The need for new member-nations
the transatlantic political acri-                                                                 to develop specialties. These include
mony, the U.S. and Europe
                                          we are, the more         spread change, we have
                                                                                                  chemical- and biological-response skills, and
                                                                   to devote the time and
actually drew closer together in        success NATO will          resources.”                    focused logistics.
some ways, he said. “The mil-                                          Jones also is watching         • The possible expansion of NATO’s
itary-to-military cooperation is have at inhibiting the the Iraq turmoil as the                   satellite members. Jones suggests con-
superb,” Jones noted, empha-                                                                      sidering the addition of non-European
                                        merchants of evil.”        general responsible for
                                                                                                  nations, such as Algeria, Morocco and
sizing that no European ally                                       6300 NATO peacekeep-
denied America’s military any-                                     ers in nearby Afghanistan.     Tunisia, via a program called Partnership
thing during the Iraq war. Our forces had Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld and                       for Peace.
unimpeded use of French airspace, Belgian Secretary of State Powell want NATO to                      “NATO cannot [afford to] fail at any-
ports and German bases. Still, he added with assume a greater role in stabilizing and             thing it takes on,” stressed Jones. “NATO
understatement, “We’re going to have to rebuilding Afghanistan. (Could Iraq be                    cannot fail in the Mediterranean, NATO
seek ways to make sure that our organiza- next?) But peacekeeping has a price, Jones              cannot fail in the Balkans, and NATO can-
tions and alliances can survive the discus- noted. For every year that U.S. forces per-           not fail in Afghanistan. The more proactive
sions that we have.”                              form peacekeeping missions, they need six       we are, the more success we’ll have, and the
                                                 months of retraining to return to being          more inhibited these merchants of evil will
             The Next Threat                                                                      be to ply their trade.”
    Africa ranks near the top of Jones’ worry    skilled combat soldiers.
                                                                                                      That will be a tall order—for the 19 cur-
list. While he believes the Middle East will              A New Role for NATO?                    rent members of NATO, for the seven
continue to pose the most serious threat,            General Jones would like to see NATO         nations joining the alliance this year and for
Africa—with its many nations racked by           forces follow a U.S. military model: “There’s    this Marine.
civil war, political instability, poverty,       a theory that if you’re engaged and out there,

- 22 -                                                                                                                               June 2004
                                       Foundation Members Serve as Role Models
                                            Welcome RI Students to NYC
Editor’s Note: Foundation President Pete Haas presented each student with
a rare stock certificate as a souvenir of their NYSE visit.

                                                                              NYSE. Once again, Foundation Director James Esposito and
                                                                              MC-LEF VP John Eric Smith welcomed RI high school eco-
                                                                              nomic students for the school’s annual visit to the NY Stock
Ed Boran, a Foundation Director poses with his Portsmouth, RI High            Exchange. Seniors Katie Condon and Ethan Handel flank
School guests after accepting a gift as a token of appreciation for hosting   Foundation Vice President John Eric and Jim during a photo
their annual visit at the Federal Reserve Bank. Ed is the Assistant Vice      op. Katie, a high school basketball star, will attend the
President, Protection Operations Div. and arranges a special tour for the     University of Connecticut while Ethan is headed to NH as a
students. He also hosts a luncheon in their honor. Flanking Ed after the      student at Dartmouth College. Ethan’s late father was a distin-
presentation are PHS seniors Danielle Payton and Dan Corcoran. Mike           guished professor at the Naval War College and favorite
Marra, at the far right, is the PHS Economics teacher and Social Studies      instructor of the Marine Corps students. L to R are Katie, John
Dept. Chairman. After the visit, Danielle wrote, “I saw NYC from an           Eric, Jim and Ethan.
entirely different perspective. The ‘big apple’ business world was very
appealing to me.”
                                                                                        Foundation Director is Honored
                                                                                           by Marine Corps League

                                                                              The Marine Corps League’s National Board of Trustees
PROFESSOR. John Eric Smith, a member of the NY Stock Exchange,                bestowed the title “Honorary National Commandant” upon
motivated PHS students to consider a career in finance. Each year John        the 29th Commandant of the Marine Corps, General Al Gray,
Eric speaks to the students and answers their questions. One student,         USMC (Ret), at the League national convention in Spokane,
Christine Duval wrote, “I’m going to college soon to study business. No       Washington. A photograph of General Gray, in his own dis-
matter how much information my professors give me in college, nothing         tinctive “camo” sport jacket with “white cover,” takes its
they say is going to show me 100% of what the real business world is like.    place at national headquarters along with the only other
Going to the New York Stock Exchange, and talking to Mr. Smith, one           Honorary National Commandant, Major General John A.
of the brokers there, was a great experience. Seeing what actually hap-       LeJeune. General Gray and National Commandant of the
pens on the stock floor and listening to the broker talk, I never realized    Marine Corps League, Helen F. Hicks (R) thank all the con-
how competitive and aggressive you have to be in order to make some-          tributors to the “Tree of Lights” program conducted by the
thing of yourself. I would have never had this experience if Mr. Esposito     U.S. Marines Youth Foundation.
and Mr. Smith were not so generous and supportive.”

Issue 25                                                                                                                               - 23 -
Foundation Helps Four Children in Athens, Alabama
   On May 10, 2004 the Marine Corps-Law              Athens combined the presentation of the
Enforcement Foundation had the privilege         bonds—presented on behalf of the
to present four educational savings bonds        Foundation by Agostino von Hassell and his
to the four children of two police officers      son William Thassilo von Hassell—with the
from Athens, Alabama.                            annual ceremony honoring police officers
   The two officers, Sgt Larry Russell and       killed in the line of duty of Athens and its’
Police Officer Tony Mims were essentially        county, Limestone County. A piece of
ambushed and killed on January 2, 2004 in        America died with them.
this small all-American town in the north-           Two new names had to be added this year.
west of Alabama.                                 Now the memorial stone shows seven names.
   At a dignified ceremony held under a          The JROTC of the Athens High School pre-
giant old oak tree in front of the Limestone     sented the colors with a precision that would
County Court House, bonds were present-          have made any Marine Sergeant proud.
ed for Jacob Joab Russell, Luke Spencer              Athens Mayor Dan Williams, Pastor Calvin          A SOLEMN MOMENT. William and
Russell, Anthony Lee Mims, Jr., and              Havens of the Friendship United Methodist             Agostino von Hassell present scholarship
Elisabeth Brooke Mims.                           Church, Limestone County Supervisor David             bonds.
   Limestone County and the City of              Seibert provided brief and dignified remarks.
Athens go back to the very beginning of the      They were followed by Police Chief of Athens          all highlighted by mournful taps, the sweet
republic, incorporated in 1818. The rich red     Wayne Harper whose department lost two of             sound of Amazing Grace, a 21-gun salute by
Alabama clay helped created a prosperous         just 40 sworn officers.                               a police detail and the release of sparkling
farming community, which now, many                   This was truly America at its best. A com-        white doves. Of the twenty doves released,
months after the murder of the two offi-         munity pulling together in time of grief and          seven represent the police officers of
cers, remains in deep sorrow.                    sorrow, giving thanks for service rendered,                               Alabama Continued on Page -25-

Two Athens Officers Shot to Death
KENT FAULK ,News staff writer                       Russell pulled up and the man began fir-              ‘Suicidal tendencies’
                                                 ing at him, Harper said. “Sergeant Russell               Barksdale has a history of mental illness,
ATHENS—A man charged with gunning                managed to open the door and get out and              Blakely said. At least twice Barksdale has
down two Athens police officers Friday in        immediately fell,” Harper said.                       been involuntarily committed to psychiatric
a hail of bullets was a paranoid-schizo-            Limestone County Sheriff Mike Blakely,             wards, he said.
phrenic with suicidal thoughts who had           whose department is investigating the shoot-             During questioning Friday, Barksdale
been involuntarily committed to psychiatric      ing, said he didn’t know how many shots the           told authorities that he was paranoid schiz-
wards at least twice, authorities said.          gunman fired from the 7.62 mm assault rifle           ophrenic, had been prescribed medication
   After the shooting, which lawmen              but that he had reloaded the 10-round clip            and had been drinking vodka, Blakely said.
described as an ambush with a semi-auto-         at least once during the attack. “The first           “He admitted he had been suicidal and had
matic assault rifle, the gunman walked out       vehicle was shot more than 10 times,” he said.        suicidal tendencies in the past,” he said.
of the house he had fired from, dropped             After the attack, the gunman came out                 “He said he did not know why he did it
the weapon, calmly gave himself up to a          of the house, dropped the gun and walked              but it (suicide) had crossed his mind
neighbor and waited for police, authori-         across the street, where neighbors held him           today,” Blakely said. Blakely believes
ties said.                                       without resistance until police arrived min-          Barksdale knew right from wrong. Barksdale
   Farron Barksdale, 28, of Decatur was          utes later, authorities said.                         had bought the gun last month. Meanwhile
charged with capital murder. He was being held      “It’s really strange the way he acted, just like   the city and the Athens Police Department,
without bond in the Limestone County Jail.       nothing had happened,” said John Hopkins,             which has about 40 officers, were trying to
   Officer Tony Mims, 40, died at the scene      a neighbor to whom the gunman surrendered.            cope with the loss of two veteran officers.
of the shooting in the 300 block of Horton          Hopkins said he heard what he thought                 “It’s just a stupid, senseless thing,”
Street, said Athens Police Chief Wayne           were fireworks but when he went outside and           Harper said.
Harper. Sgt Larry Wayne Russell, 42, died        looked down the alley behind his house, he               Russell, a 19-year veteran of the Athens
later at Huntsville Hospital, he said.           saw a man with no shirt, a pair of blue jeans         Police Department, is survived by his wife,
   Athens police got a 911 call from a man       and tennis shoes standing with his hands in           Michelle Russell, and five children. Mims,
in a house on Horton Street about 12:45          the air. Across the street from the alley a           who had worked at the police department
p.m. Friday, Harper said. The man asked to       police officer was lying on his back by the           15 years, is survived by his wife, Linda Mims,
have the FBI come to the house.                  driver’s side door of the police car, he said.        four children and one grandchild.
   Dispatchers talked to him but told him           Hopkins, a security guard at a local com-             “They were very community-oriented
he had reached the police, not the FBI,          pany, said he asked the man where his gun             and family-oriented men,” said the Rev.
Harper said. The man called back and said        was and the man replied that it was next to           Michael Chapman, police chaplain.
he wanted the FBI again and then agreed          the police officer. Hopkins said he told the             Fund for the family have been set up at
to have police come out instead.                 man to lie on the ground and the man com-             the local Reliance and AmSouth banks.
   As Mims arrived the gunman began fir-         plied and waited for police.                             Friday’s shooting is a reminder of the
ing at the officer through a window of the          Two counts of capital murder are for the           danger police officers and sheriff ’s deputies
one-story brick house, Harper said. “The         shooting deaths of police officers, two               face every day, Blakely said. “For the pay
officer never got out of the car and never       counts are for shooting into occupied vehi-           they get, they dang sure don’t get paid
got the car out of gear ... He never got his     cles and two are for shooting multiple peo-           enough.”
seat belt off,” Harper said.                     ple, Blakely said.

- 24 -                                                                                                                                     June 2004
Alabama Continued from Page -24-
Limestone County killed in the line of duty while
the others were in memory of all other law enforce-
ment personnel who made the supreme sacrifice.
   Accompanied by media from the surround-
ing community, about 140 locals had gathered
around the historic court house, Agent Larry
Cooer and SAIC Chris Murphy from the Secret
Service office in Birmingham, Alabama repre-
sented federal law enforcement. Police officers
from surrounding communities were present also.
   For our Foundation this was the very essence
of what we do. Reaching out into the smallest
communities to help and support. This story is
so much a thanks to all who give now and all the
time. Semper Fidelis!
      Photo credit: John Godbey, Decatur Daily.

                  The Repton Group LLC                PRESENTATION. Agostino von Hassell and William Thassilo von Hassell in Athens,
                     NEW YORK, NY                     Alabama making a presentation to the widows and children of two police officers killed
   April 1, 2004                                      in the line of duty and whose names are commemorated on the monument.

   Dear MC-LEF Members:
   Peter Haas asked me to communicate with you.                                              Dear MC-LEF Members,
   On 10 May I will present four educational                                                 The Athens Police Dept. along with the families
   bonds to four children of two police officers                                             of Sgt Russell and Officer Mims wishes to
   from Athens, Alabama who were killed early this                                           express our deep gratitude for the education
   year. Athens is a tiny town—19,000 people.                                                bonds that were presented to the children of
   I will provide you with copy and pictures.                                                these two brave officers. Nothing con replace
   In the very best to you and all                                             these great officers, but these bonds will help
   my gratitude for what you do for the children of                                          lessen the burden of the families.
   those who have fallen.                                                                    The Athens Police Dept. hopes to make yearly
   Semper Fidelis!                                                                           contributions to the Marine Corps-Law
                                                                                             Enforcement Foundation. We have seen what an
                                                                                             amazing cause this is and wish to be a part of it.
   Agostino von Hassell                                                                                          Chief Wayne Harper & Staff

                                                        Texas Star Donates
        Kim Law has traveled the world entertaining our troops since she was
    a teenager. Born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland, she has always said, “I
    was born to be an American.” Two of her great, great uncles, The Wilson
    Brothers, even died at the Alamo. She found her way to the battlefront
    in Vietnam in 1968/1969 to entertain our troops in the days when women
    were not soldiers as they are today. She was even wounded there. But that
    is another story. She later married a Texan in 1970 and in 1980 became
    a very proud and patriotic American citizen. Kim has played in a few movies,
    has stared in theater productions in England and has appeared on both
    British and German television shows. She traveled Europe with an all girl
    orchestra for many years, so the Big Band Sound is still in her blood and
    will be a treat to the ears on the new album release. There is also talk of
    a movie of her life story. Her up and coming album “KIM LAW” is made
    up of fourteen songs written especially for Kim, depicting her patriotic
    spirit. “American” is the title of one of the songs and is a reminder of
    9/11, “Once Upon A Time” another song with a strong message of a
    P.O.W. still imprisoned in a foreign land and “Here In The USA.”
        For more details or to purchase the KIM LAW CD, call toll free
    1-877-4-KIMLAW or log onto our website (Houston, Texas
    residents call 281-399-5995).
               50% of the sales of “Kim Law” will be donated to the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation.

Issue 25                                                                                                                                    - 25 -
                                                       CW2 Tim Moehling, U.S. Army
                                                           KIA Operation OTF

                                                                                           Thank you so very much for the U.S. Treasury
                                                                                           Bonds for my three children. The bonds will
                                                                                           eventually be used for the children’s educational
                                                                                           costs. The letter you sent brought tears to my
                                                                                           eyes. I know Timothy would be pleased to see
                                                                                           the children with funds to attend college. Your
                                                                                           generosity is greatly appreciated.

   Gregory (6), Sarah (4), Noah (2) - The children of CW2                                  Lisa Moehling
   Timothy W. Moehling, U.S. Army who was killed in action.

                                                            Anyone Here a Marine?
         About the Author
                            Dennis Carpenter, Professor of History at the              A limited number of “Anyone Here A
                        Brooklyn Campus of Long Island University, is a military    Marine?” is available for purchase. Cost for the
                        history buff and a student of American popular culture.     book is $25.00 plus $5.00 S&H. Please complete
                        He is the author of Anyone Here A Marine? Volume I and      the form below and insert with a check or money
                        Volume II, Anyone Here a Sailor? and numerous articles      order in the envelope found in this Newsletter.
                        relating to New York history. Carpenter has also con-
                        tributed to Leatherneck magazine. He is currently working
                        on a biographical account of New York City sports and
                        Gotham’s greatest athletes.
                Advanced Praise for An y o n e H e r e a M a r i n e ?
           An entirely new book and a must read for Marines and the general
           public interested in American popular culture. I couldn’t put it down.
           It’s an honor to have written the foreword again!
           -James Brady- Parade Magazine
           Anyone Here a Marine? by a knockout. Again!
           -Bill Gallo- New York Daily News
           Informative, unique, and impressive.
           This book will occupy a prominent space on my bookshelf.
           -Gerry Byrne- Tribeca Enterprises and former executive
           Publisher of Variety
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- 26 -                                                                                                                               June 2004
                                                     MC-LEF 4-Star Rating

 I  n Jan, 2004 Charity Navigator,
    America’s premiere independent eval-
 uator of charities gave a 4-star rating to
                                               to manage and grow its finances in the
                                               most fiscally responsible way possible. We
                                               wish you continued success in your char-
                                                                                             have profiled and celebrated their method
                                                                                             of applying data-driven analysis to the
                                                                                             charitable sector. Their web traffic has
 the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement              itable endeavors. Your supporters can be      grown to over 80,000 distinct visitors a
 Foundation. In correspondence to the          assured that the MC-LEF is worthy of          month, making it the clear site of choice
 Foundation Charity Navigator wrote,           their trust and commitment.” Charity          for accessing information to use in mak-
 “We commend your charitable endeavors.        Navigator works to advance a more effi-       ing smart giving choices. Irrefutable data
 In earning Charity Navigator’s highest        cient and responsive philanthropic mar-       shows that users to their site give more
 four-star rating, the Marine Corps-Law        ketplace by evaluating the financial health   than they planned to before viewing our
 Enforcement Foundation has demon-             of nearly 3,000 of America’s largest char-    findings. In fact, during 2003 Charity
 strated exceptional financial health, out-    ities. Among others, The New York Times,      Navigator’s free evaluations influenced
 performing most of its peers in its efforts   The Chronicle of Philanthropy, and NPR        half a billion dollars in charitable gifts.

                         •     SAVE                 •     THESE                   •     DATES                •
                 August 2, 2004 - Marine Corps Scholarship Golf Tournament
                     Norwood Hills Country Club, St. Louis, MO
                 September 11, 2004 - 4th Annual Reveille 5K Run/Walk with Special 9-11 Tribute
                     Richmond, VA. Contact Ashley Hart, 804-359-6041 ext 122.
                 September 26, 2004 - Third Annual Boston Marine Corps 10K Race
                     Boston Blue Hills Reservation, Milton, MA
                 October 4, 2004 - New York Area Marine Corps Golf Classic
                     Huntington Country Club, Huntington, NY
                 November 8, 2004 - Valencia Country Club, St. Augustine, FL
                 November 12, 2004 - 6th Annual Philadelphia Dinner
                     Philadelphia, PA
                 April 1, 2005 - 10th Annual Semper Fidelis Gala
                     Plaza Hotel, New York, NY
                 May 2005 - Troon North Country Club, Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ
                 June 20-21, 2005 - 3rd Annual Cleveland Community Day & Golf Tournament
                     Cleveland, OH
                 October 6, 2005 - 1st Annual MC-LEF Gala
                     Washington, DC

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