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									                                      DELAWARE EXPANDING OPPORTUNITIES PLAN

                                        Expanding Opportunities
                         For young children and their families through statewide interagency efforts

                                                    Strategic Plan of Action
                                                                                                               Revised 11-15-06

The shared vision or desired outcome:

All early care and education programs are high quality, available to all children, including children with moderate/severe
disabilities, and ensure necessary supports and services to promote meaningful participation.

Primary gaps/barriers to overcome:
      Current funding structure
      Eligibility criteria changes between ages 3 and 4
      Current mindset and history of services in segregated settings
      Lack of understanding of and attitudes about inclusion
      Quality rating system is not yet in place statewide (being piloted)
      618 data only reflects primary settings in natural/inclusive environments
      Capacity problem for Part C; lack of sufficient numbers of quality providers.

                                      DELAWARE EXPANDING OPPORTUNITIES PLAN

Expanding Opportunities Team

   Use this year as a planning year since districts and programs are all dealing with outcomes right now.
   Keep size of Expanding Opportunities team small and use other groups as mechanisms for implementing activities.
   Identify other team members: representatives from ECE, OCCL, district level
   Meet every other month
   Can change structure and membership at any time or combine with another group
   Jim Lesko will take on overall coordination responsibilities; Betty Richardson will be back-up
   Michael Gamel-McCormick will set up a listserv for DE EO team for communication purposes
   Logo proposed by Samtra Devard- Keeping our eye on the ball
   First follow-up call will be Wednesday, Sept 6 at 9-11 (request MSRRC to set up conference call)
   Agenda for first in-person meeting will be built on conference call


                                              DELAWARE EXPANDING OPPORTUNITIES PLAN

Proposed Action – 1st priority
Outcome: Public awareness and public relations (“making them want it”) for the purpose of changing expectations and attitudes
since not everyone believes in inclusion.
                  Tasks                            Lead         Timeline   How will we know we                         Progress
                                                    and                     accomplished the
                                                Who will help                     task?
1. Create a message about the importance of inclusive practices that reflects the shared vision.
Target local leadership, family support groups and providers. Use appropriate language for different audiences.
   a) Create a top down message for state      everyone                                          Currently the Department of Education (DOE) is
      departments and agencies to deliver                                                        working on many of the challenges associated with
      that announces that inclusion is                                                           NCLB and in the area of early childhood
      important and is a high priority.                                                          implementing the new early childhood outcomes
                                                                                                 system. Will know better in January about the
                                                                                                 Department’s capacity to take on additional priorities.
                                                                                                  ICC is working on getting endorsement from DE
                                                                                                 Department of Insurance on natural environments as
                                                                                                 part of the provision of early intervention services.
                                                                                                  The Request for Proposal information for
                                                                                                 contracting with Medicaid Managed Care
                                                                                                 Organizations (MMCO) in 2007 has natural
                                                                                                 environments included as part of the MMCO plan.
                                                                                                  DOE’ Exceptional Children/ Early Childhood
                                                                                                 Workgroup has inclusion is listed as an action item
                                                                                                 on this year’s work plan.
                                                                                                  EC listed as a priority in the Branch.
   b) Have a conversation with Martha T,       Jim, Betty &     By                               Not done yet, still on list
      Martha B and Valerie to get their        Karen            January
      public support                                            30, 2007
   c) Use Expanding Opportunities              Debbie Boyer &   Before                           Ask Michael about progress on article; can he
      meeting and NECTAC Inclusion             Michael          9/16/06                          complete by mid-December?
      Institute as an opportunity to create                     Dec.
      a 300-word article                                        2006
   d) Create a brochure about Expanding        Samtra                                            Draft brochure has been developed; everyone review
      Opportunities                                                                              and send comments to Samtra

                                              DELAWARE EXPANDING OPPORTUNITIES PLAN

  e) Convert inclusion section of Users        Roseann &          Dec.       Users Guide is ready for printing. Rosanne and
     Guide into a one-pager for families       Debbie A.          2006       Debbie Amsden will create 1-pager by December

  f)   Assemble materials that present the     Martha, Trish,                Compilation of research materials still to be done;
       research base for inclusion (e.g.,      Michael                       look at Users Guide first to see what it contains; to be
       research briefs, bibliography) to be                                  used for creation of research talking points (Michael)
       available for sharing in order to
       expand knowledge about inclusion
  g) NEW TASK: Infuse inclusion as part        Carol Ann          By Fall    Delaware Stars is piloting the system and it may be
     of Delaware Stars                                            2007       open to change at this point in time. Ask Eulinda
                                                                             about this. Janet Cornwell will be the lead; expected
                                                                             to be completed by Fall 2007.
2. Disseminate the message via various avenues

  a) Keep track of dissemination – what        Carol Ann                     Carol Ann will keep a folder and create a running list
     information is shared with whom,                                        of newsletters, brochures, articles, presentations,
     when                                                                    agendas, etc. that have been done; everyone should
                                                                             bring pieces to meetings and also send to everyone
                                                                             through listserv if available electronically.
  b) Arrange to have Governor’s Early          Betty & Jim with   before     Jim sent a message to Governor but it didn’t make it
     Childhood Summit on October 3             Janet              Oct 3,     into his remarks.
     used as a platform for the inclusion                         2006       Samtra stood up at Governor’s EC Summit and also
     message and draft remarks for the                                       followed up.
     Governor to include in address                                           Get photos that include children with disabilities
                                                                                from Departments’ public information officers.
                                                                              Find a company that has an archive of photos of
                                                                                kids with disabilities to give to others to use in their
                                                                              Look into creating a website for this State Team to
                                                                                be able to access photos (and other materials).
                                                                              Janet Carter has a good supply of photos.
                                                                              Rosanne will look into the photos that Kids Count
                                                                              Ask Secret Gardens if they can get permission
                                                                                from parents to use photos in other than early
                                                                                intervention publications and displays.
  c) Complete Users Guide                      Rosanne &          Dec.       Users Guide is almost completed.
                                               Debbie             2006
                                              DELAWARE EXPANDING OPPORTUNITIES PLAN

  d) Ask New Scripts parents to give the                         ongoing                            Samtra does co-teaching in a class where students
     message about inclusion to schools                                                             are required to do field placements in inclusive child
                                                                                                    care; inclusive practices are embedded into the
  e) Provide appropriate pieces for             Samtra                                              Not initiated yet
     newsletters of parent organizations
     and invite them to join campaign and
     provide support
  f)    Public awareness campaign for
        parent associations based on where
        the different parent association
        advisory groups stand on inclusion
  h) Submit articles for newsletters (e.g.,     Samtra                      - Fall CDW newsletter   Fall CDW newsletter had information on inclusion
     DCW newsletter)                                                                                (article will be shared with Team). Can be added to
                                                                                                    the master dissemination list.
  i)    Submit a feature article about EO for   Jim                                                 Spotlight article is halfway done
        Spotlight on Education from
        Exceptional Children’s group
  j)    Produce spots for TV, billboards,       Janet Cornwell
        video on inclusion (U DE) to reach      and Evelyn
        larger audiences (get input from        Keating
        parent groups for a stronger
3. Embed information about inclusion in state documents

   a) Make sure inclusion is in                 Betty & Jim L.   July 28,                           Accomplished
      DOE/ECSE in strategic plan                                 2006
   b) Add a section on inclusion to the                                                             Should be getting a request soon from IRMC for
      IRMC Annual Report                                                                            contribution to Annual Report
   c)   Add a section on inclusion to the                                                           Talk to Janet Carter about ECE Council Annual
        ECE Council Annual Report                                                                   Report.
   d) Add a statement on inclusion to           Janet                                               Early Success Again already went to press; won’t be
      Early Success Again                                                                           revised again for another 5 years. Look at summary of
                                                                                                    Summit for information

                                                     DELAWARE EXPANDING OPPORTUNITIES PLAN

4. Promote family involvement

    a) Look at results of family outcome
    b) Add a family member and/or pre-K
       representative to DOE
       Subcommittee on LRE
    c)   Encourage families to say that their
         goal for EI/ECSE is to be part of
         their community
    d) Expand PTI’s role in supporting
       families with young children around
       inclusion. Explain what EO thinks
       PTI can be doing and get Board
       buy-in. If PTI Board can’t re-
       prioritize, how can EO fill that gap?
    e) Bring in more parent groups as part
       of public awareness strategy to help
       form bigger, stronger messages
5. Build infrastructures to support inclusion

    a) Build a consortium or network of
       families to support other families and
       answer questions
    b) Build a framework to support school
       districts and Part C providers to feel
       comfortable and confident with
       community-based placements.
         (Message: It is OK for kids to be served in
         places other than school buildings; have them
         want to see community placements)
    c) Sussex County parent-to-parent                    Carol Ann &
       support network: training and using               Samtra
       mini-grant funds to include parents
       of children with special needs and to
       make it more statewide.

                                           DELAWARE EXPANDING OPPORTUNITIES PLAN

Proposed Action – 2nd priority
Outcome: Professional development as a strategy across programs (preservice and inservice)

                  Tasks                          Lead         Timeline   How will we know we                      Progress
                                                  and                     accomplished the
                                              Who will help                     task?
1. Look at standards and practice

     a) Review DEC foundations for EC
        practices and their packaged
     b) DE First competencies. DE                                                              Arrange to have this EO State Team be assigned
        standards were created before                                                          as reviewers of competencies being developed
        DEC’s recommendations came                                                             with eye on inclusion.
        out. How do they relate and fit
     c) CDW standards. Consider revising     Rosanne thru
        them to see if they can be used as   BCNE & PCCD
        a basis for training.
     d) Guidelines for professional          Kristen Wilson
        development, training/TA
        principles. (e.g., consultation,
        coaching, Case Method of

     e) Integrate inclusion into             Betty, Connie    October
        comprehensive competencies for       Moran, Prof.     2006
        professional development – be        Dev. Workgroup
        ready for review by experts.
        Continue work on comprehensive
        competencies for all positions
        outside of education

                                             DELAWARE EXPANDING OPPORTUNITIES PLAN

2. Plan a framework for training and TA, including what content, to whom   Barbara, Laura
   (e.g., supervisors, providers, families), by whom, time frame
     a) Focus on leadership across
        sectors – superintendents,
        principals, teachers, head start
        directors, child care providers,
     b) Prepare the evaluation results of      Janet
        statewide child care conference as
        needs assessment for training
        (teachers identified barriers to

     c) Give funds to one district in each     Jim
        county to implement inclusive
        programs to enhance what they
        are doing; use their materials and
        learnings for subsequent training
        for other districts.


3. Provide training and TA on inclusive practices

    a) Develop a 6-hour required training      Carol Ann
       for all new providers coming into the
       system as a means of expanding the
       knowledge base of providers

   b) PCCD Partners Council for Children       Jim
      with Disabilities (CSPD) for 3-21-
      established an early childhood
      subcommittee; one goal is
      professional development around
      EI/ECSE issues.

                                             DELAWARE EXPANDING OPPORTUNITIES PLAN

   c) Promote inclusion through ECE.          Kristen Wilson   planning
      Kristen Wilson taking leadership, to                     meeting
      be co-led with a parent, using model                     with
      of CMI (case method of instruction)                      BCNE
      among EI providers, service                              9/19/06
      coordinators and families on how to
      promote inclusion
   d) Expand CMI model to 3-5 year olds
      and develop discussion materials
      similar to 0-3 materials
   e) Training on Preschool EL guidelines
      which are applicable to all children
   f)   Training on Infant/Toddler            Project RELATE
        Guidelines which are applicable to
        all children

4. Build on TA options already in place and get on agendas of conferences already being planned.

   a) Look into adding early childhood        Carol Ann,                                           Janet and Samtra are on the agenda to do a
      inclusion workshop slot for the Life    Samtra,                                              workshop at the Life Conference in January.
      Conference (birth to adult with         Janet
      disabilities) in January 200
   b) Add Early Childhood strand to DE                                                             Planners of DE Inclusion Conference will let CCDC
      Inclusion Conference in May 2007                                                             plan a strand [4 hours total]. Doug Fisher is the
      (planning meeting 9/27)                                                                      main keynote speaker. (See notes at end of this
                                                                                                   document for more detail)
   c) Develop strand for child care           BCNE,
      conferences and professional
      development opportunities focusing      Janet,
      on inclusion and the Users Guide        Karen Rucker
   d) Co-sponsor a strand at CCCD
      conference on inclusion 0-5 to
      increase capacity of child care
      personnel (planning meeting 9/27)

                                              DELAWARE EXPANDING OPPORTUNITIES PLAN

5. Work with higher education in DE to include inclusion across all disciplines (Ed, OT, PT, SLP, Nursing) - Michael

   a) Identify and make a list of all IHE
      programs with specific contact
   b) Review curriculua to see if early                                                               Look into scripting and packaging something
      childhood inclusion in covered                                                                  individually that can get into curriculum development
                                                                                                      (including research base).

   c) Have discussions with U DE,                                                                     Ask Michael about how to go about embedding
      Wilmington College, Del Tech and                                                                inclusion into higher ed curricula. Expand to
      contact all appropriate faculty                                                                 technical community college system.
   d) Use inclusive child care settings for
      field work placements for students

   e) Use parents as co-teachers for
      college students and for inservice to
      professionals; give out survey
      questions on inclusion

                                          DELAWARE EXPANDING OPPORTUNITIES PLAN

Proposed Action – 3rd priority
Outcome: Coordination/ Integration so that efforts are not fragmented and supports are coordinated and useful to communities

                  Tasks                          Lead            Timeline     How will we know                          Progress
                                                  and                         we accomplished
                                              Who will help                       the task?
1. Deal with finance issues (now a major obstacle)
     a) Create matrix of all relevant        Samtra
        programs/funding sources             Debbie Amsden

2. Update formal agreements
     a) Update MOU between                   Betty
        HeadStart/EHS and DOE and
        DHSS and CC and PTI

3. Promote coordination
     a) Promote outcome assessment in
        all early childhood program
        (contingent on regulations).

                                          DELAWARE EXPANDING OPPORTUNITIES PLAN

Proposed Action – 4th priority
Outcome: Monitoring as a strategy to promote inclusion

                  Tasks                          Lead          Timeline     How will we know   Progres
                                                  and                       we accomplished
                                              Who will help                     the task?
1. Resolve data collection/reporting issues
      a) Consider adding a data field for     Jim
         where children are coming from
         when they come into preschool –
         as a way of tracking whether kids
         are going from inclusive to
         segregated settings. Same for
         Kindergarten. There is the
         capacity for every child in pre-K
         and HS to have a state ID number
         (not all kids in Head Start have

2. Refine monitoring strategies
      a) Preschool has not been monitored     Jim             Spring 2007
         for settings. Maybe add it to
         focused monitoring process. Has
         only been looking at IEPs.
      b) As part of monitoring, explore how   Carol Ann
         service coordinators and families
         talk about options and inclusive

                                     DELAWARE EXPANDING OPPORTUNITIES PLAN

Early Childhood strand to DE Inclusion Conference in May 2007
       Build EC strand around the priorities of the EO State Plan. Summary of plan could be a handout.
       Make it field-based so participants go away with new knowledge and skills.
       Content must be applicable to all practitioners, including medical, allied health professionals, not just educators (look
          into simultaneous grand rounds)
       Involved in the planning: Janet Cornwell, Samtra, Michael, Barb Schneider (Easter Seals,).
       Ideas for strand: presentation on DEC Recommended Practices; workshop on consultation/ coaching/working with
          results; how inclusion plays a role in new Head Start competencies; universal design in early childhood.
       Possible presenter: Susan Sandall; Jim can pay presenter expenses; have parent co-presenter.
       Suggested flow of the strand:
              - What are the recommended practices
              - What is the research behind the practices
              - How to implement the practices (e.g., consultation)
       Embed how and why to involve families throughout the strand.
       CEUs being offered.


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