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					                                                                            AGENDA ITEM I.


                                       November 19, 2009

PRESENT:            Mark Horick, Chair, North Bay Leadership Council
                    Garry Lion, Vice Chair, Marin County Council of Mayors & Councilmember’s
                    Philip Kranenburg, Environmental Organizations
                    Kay Moore, Marin Association of Realtors
                    Keith Dotto, Marin Builders Association
                    Andrew McCullough, Marin Council of Chambers of Commerce - (Arrived at
                    3:05 P.M.)
                    Bill Scott, North Bay Labor Council
                    Dave Coury, Marin Housing Leadership Alliance - (Arrived at 3:07 P.M.)
                    Marilee Eckert, Center for Volunteer and Nonprofit Leadership - (Arrived at
                    3:32 P.M.)

ABSENT:             Constance Washburn, Agriculture

STAFF:              Brian C. Crawford, Director
                    Kristin Drumm, Senior Planner
                    Joyce Evans, Recording Secretary

OBSERVERS: Judy Arnold, Board of Supervisors
           Caran Cuneo, Business Liaison, Marin County Workforce Investment Board
           Robert Eyler, Principal, Economic Forensics and Analytics
           Carolyn Glendening, Board Aide
           Terry Hennessy, Conservation Corps North Bay
           Bruce Richard
           Nanda Schorske, College of Marin, Workforce Investment Board
           Leonard Weingarten, Marketing Consultant

The meeting commenced at 3:03 P.M.

I.     Adoption of Minutes: October 15, 2009

M/s Kranenburg/Scott, and passed unanimously of those present to approve the minutes of
October 15, 2009. (Commissioners Eckert, McCullough and Washburn absent.)

II.    Open Time for Expression by the Public on Matters Not on the Agenda


III.   Marin Economic Forum – Status Update
       Robert Eyler, Principal, Economic Forensics and Analytics

Robert Eyler reviewed the list of potential candidates for the Marin Economic Forum Board of
Directors with the Commission. The Commission straw voted to select initial members to fill the
Board slate. The remaining members will be selected by the Board and or the member
organization holding the seat.

MEC Minutes
November 19, 2009
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                                                                             AGENDA ITEM I.

Discussion followed on the composition of the Board. As a public/private partnership, the
majority of the members are intended to represent for-profit businesses. The draft MEF bylaws
include information on how Board members are appointed.

The Commission tentatively recommended the following candidates for the MEF BOD:

For Profit
Mark Abrahams, Core Technology
Frank Borodic, Agritourism
Rob Hart, Green Business
Gregory Holmes, Finance
Michael Kadel, Finance
Colin Russell, Core Technology
John Maher, Finance or At Large
Jeff Scharosch, At Large
Harry Thomas, Finance
Greg Moss

Non Profit/Not for Profit
Linda Davis, Center for Volunteer and Nonprofit Leadership
Garry Williams, Dominican University
Nanda Shorske, College of Marin
Judy Arnold, Marin County Board of Supervisors
Charles McGlashan, Marin County Board of Supervisors
Cynthia Murray or other representative, North Bay Leadership Council

Other members still to be named include three representatives for the Chamber of Commerce,
at least one representative for Marin’s cities and towns (to be selected by the Marin County
Council of Mayors and Councilmembers), and one representative each for labor and the
Workforce Investment Board.

IV.     Awards of Excellence Luncheon

Robert was thanked for his participation at the luncheon.

Chair Horrick agreed that the luncheon was a success but asked for the chair and vice-chair to
be involved with the set-up next year to better understand the seating placements. He thought
that more awards would have helped fill the seats.

V.     Commission Member Matters (all)

Kristin distributed the recently updated edition of the 2009 Marin Profile to each Commissioner.

VI.    Future Agendas and Meeting Dates

The next meeting is scheduled for January 21, 2010. It was agreed that the December 2009
meeting will be cancelled.

VII.   Adjournment –The meeting was adjourned at 4:45 P.M.

MEC Minutes
November 19, 2009
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