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									Are You Using Spider Language to Increase Your Profits?

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Are You Using Spider Language to Increase Your Profits?
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Make a Killer Profit with Your Website Traffic

Everybody has dreams of making it big on the internet. There are new concepts, ideas, products and services
being finalized or which are ready to sell that can make millions. Sadly, very few of them succeed. It's not
because the products /services/ ideas are bad, but because not enough people get to know of them and after
a time they faded away.

And there are those who have websites offer products with a good potential but which somehow never
takeoff - they chug along at subsistence levels for years until one day someone with the same idea is able to
get more people interested in the product and the original website dies a natural death.

There is one Common Cause for these Failures

In both the scenarios outlined above, the originator of the products or service failed because there was
simple not enough traffic to the websites. It's as simple. The most basic equation in ecommerce is: traffic =
sales = profits = success.

But how does a website generate traffic? Advertisement is too expensive, too slow and often just not effective
enough. With the amount of information available on the internet, the recall value of advertising is very low.
The only way to succeed is to be right in front of your customers when they need you! In other words, make
sure that your site comes up on the first page of a Google search result.

How People Find the Products They Need

The most widely used way of find the products and services that people are looking for is by Googling them.
The problem is that there is too much information available. A typical search will often yield thousands, or at
lest hundreds, of pages of results. And people will usually end their search if they find what they are looking
for (or think they are looking for) in the first page. People are lazy - checking out each result that a search
finds takes time and the idea of the internet is to be able to find what you want not just easily but quickly. That
means that the websites that sell the most are those that come up in the first page of the search results.
There may be better products at better prices on page 7 or 17, but how many people will ever look there?

So everyone wants to get their website to appear on page one of a search result - it's like having the best
store location on Main Street in your Grandpa's time. With everyone wanting to occupy the prime location,
how do you make sure that one of them is you?

SEO - An Overused and Misunderstood Term

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been a buzz word in ecommerce for many years. It simply means
optimizing a website so that it is ranked high in the Google search results - so that it appears on page one of
the search results. It is a common misconception that the way the do this is to pack a website with words -
the search terms people use. A website selling pens will use the word "pens" as often at is can, in the belief
that the more often Google finds the word "pens" on w webpage, the more relevant it will think the page is
and the higher it will rank it. The problem here is that everyone will be doing the same thing - filling their
pages with the words "pens". This rush towards SEO has two common results. Firstly the forced use of the
keywords will make the language of the page seem forced and artificial, thereby putting off many potential
buyers. Secondly, Google itself may remove the page from its results because of keyword stuffing or the use
of spam robots. Spam robots are software that understand how Google looks for and ranks information and
reacts to provide the search engine what it wants - thereby getting a website a high ranking.

Of course Google is not made up of nitwits. They know that is happening and actively look out for such dirty
tricks and once they find them, eject the website from the search results.

What Can the Website Owner Do?

Today there is a way for website owner to stay away form the Dirty Tricks Brigade and yet keep his site high
on the search results. All this needs is the use of Spider Language. Spider Language is not an obscure
foreign tongue. It is the language of Google. Google, like all search engines, is nothing more than a robot. It
has no feelings, no preferences, no complexity in how they operate. They have simple search parameters
which include looking for anything that looks like keyword stuffing or spamming and blocking them. Now this
may seem like a good thing because with the spammers blocked out, there is more room for genuine
websites to get good results. But that is not how it works. You see spam robots are also not run by nitwits and
many of them are able to find ways of staying one step ahead of the game, ensuring that these robots
boosted sites are the ones that get the highest search results.

There is a way for to keep your website on page one of the results without going in for anything unethical or
illegal. It involves learning the simple Google Spider Robot Language and using it when writing web pages.
The Google robot will immediately "relate" to this site and place it high in the search results. Think of it as tow
Frenchmen meeting in India. Their common language will form an immediate connection between them that
places their communication on a higher level than with the people surrounding them.

How Do You Learn Spider Language?

There is a simple Spider Language learning course that anyone can use to their benefit. It is comprised of 40
"spider secrets" that anyone can pick up and use to promote their website. The course is simplicity itself and
is made up of lessons, documents, audio recordings, videos, webinars and mind maps so that you can easily
understand the process flow and the logic behind it. And you do not have to give up everything else for weeks
to learn this. The course is divided into 40 lessons that you learn at the rate of one a week. All it takes is a
couple of hours each week. This step by step approach makes understanding and implementing each lesson
in a logical way extremely simple and easy. Since the results of learning Spider Language being to show
almost immediately, you will automatically receive all the encouragement you need to complete the full
course and derive the benefits of using Spider Language to boost your website search result ratings.

It does not matter how great your product, service, newsletter or idea is, or even how it stacks up against the
competition. Google does not care about that - all it concerns itself with is finding the websites with what it
considers to be the best "wordage." That is what spider Language enables you to produce - a website that
Google will love.

Can Anyone Learn Spider Language?

The answer is a resounding yes. In the early days Google and Spider language, some degree of technical
knowledge was needed to be able to understand how to apply and use it. Today it is so simple that anyone,
even a complete novice can use it to boost website search results.

You do not need to be an SEO expert to use Spider Language. It is simple to learn and using it becomes a
habits very soon - it is like the way you write to your spouse or best friends - there are certain phrases you
use that have more meaning than a third party reading the mail could understand. And you use these
phrases and words automatically. That's how Spider Language is used. It's easy and soon becomes

You do not need a great deal of time to learn Spider Language. All it takes is just 3 or 4 hours a week- that's
all. And even in today's rushed world, that's a small investment of time for something that can turn around the
fortunes of a website.

And it course does not cost a lot of money. It is surprising inexpensive. Anyone can afford it.

The Benefits Of Using Spider Language

You will place your page where the most people will find it - the first page of the search results.

The more visitors you have, the more sales you will achieve and the more profits you will make.

The traffic you generate will be coming in 24/7 and will require no extra work from you.

You will be able to use multiple search terms so that even if one begins to dip in the rankings, the others will
compensate and the number of visitors and the income you get will not be affected.

What Are The Risks?

To put it simply, there aren't any. When you sign up for the Spider Language course, you are covered by and
ironclad 60 day money back guarantee. It's very unlikely that you will be dissatisfied, since you will see the
results immediately. But if you are, just cancel your membership and not only do you not have to pay any
more, you will get a refund on the last lesson you received, which of course you are entitled to keep.

Since learning Spider Language needs only 3 or 4 hours a week (yes a week!) it will not interfere with the rest
of your work or other activities. The lessons, audio and videos resources and the webinars can be accessed
at your convenience and used at the times that suit you best.

Keeping in mind that the success of a website depends not on the products or services it offers but on the
traffic it receives, investing a very small amount to learn Spider Language and getting the search engine
results you want to drive traffic to your site is essential to your success and the amount of money you make.

Remember that Google and other search engines are nothing more than tools that people use to find the
things they want. Understanding how these tools work will allow you to program them so that the people
doing the looking come to you and not to the competition.

To know more about how Spider Language works, how it can turn around the fortunes of your website, what
he course consists of and how much time you will have to invest in learning it, visit the Spider Language

Are You Using Spider Language to Increase Your Profits?
               Click Here To Learn How!


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