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The Official Newsletter of the Glendale Teachers Association

                                                                                                Glendale Teachers Association

President’s Message                                                                                 3233 N. Verdugo Road
                                                                                                     Glendale, CA 91208
                                                                                              (818) 240-3924 fax (818) 249-0555
by Allen Freemon                                                                        

                                                                                               Volume 18, Issue 2
 Speech given to GUSD         on local television pro-       budget on their employ-
       Board on               grams.        We supported     ees’ salary and health            November 2006
   October 17, 2006           CTA’s lawsuit to mandate       benefits. Fortunately, we
                              Prop 98 be                                   are      here
          President Sam-      f u l l y “From the extremely high today                  to
bar, Members of the           funded.                                      celebrate
                                             API scores, to           the the        fact
Board, Dr. Escalante,         Now,       we
hello. I am here speaking     owe it to numerous Blue Ribbon that here in
on behalf of my fellow        o ur s e lve s a n d                         Glendale
members in the Glendale       to       cele-                               we       now
Teachers      Association,    b r a t e ! Schools, or even the honor have             the
many of whom are in the       This is an of being ranked . . . as one resources to
audience today. I have        amazing                                      meet       the
come to this podium           time, with of the 29 outperforming standard of
many times over the last      over       18 school districts in the s p e n d i n g
several years as a GTA        million                                      85% of our
leader.    I have spoken      new       dol- state, we are special. “      total budget
about politics, GUSD poli-    lars      this                               on        our
cies and programs, along      year in the                                  h a r d wo r k -
with many other topics.       GUSD budget, 14 million        ing employees. From the           Allen Freemon,
One issue that I have dis-    of which are ongoing, 12.3     extremely      high     API       President, Glendale
cussed very often is the      million of which are unre-     scores, to the numerous
                                                                                               Teachers Association
lack of funding that our      stricted. WOW! This is         Blue Ribbon and Distin-
public schools receive.       awesome!                       guished Schools, or even
Year after year, our                      Yet, as I discuss  the honor of being ranked
schools have been shorted     the budget and school          by Standard and Poors as          Inside this Issue
the necessary funding         finances, I must shift         one of the 29 outperform-
that is required by law.      gears here slightly to ex-     ing school districts in the                 President’s Message    Page 1
Well, today we are here to    plain something that is        state, we are special. Our
celebrate. My colleagues      very important to the          teachers are special. Our
                                                                                                  Executive Director’s Report   Page 2
and I are wearing green       educators employed by          hardworking employees
today to recognize the 9%     the GUSD. That is the          are special.
in new monies coming to       85-15 percent rule. As                   On October 31st
                                                                                                    Special Education Update    Page 3
the GUSD this year. We        members of the Board,          when our GTA Bargain-                       Teacher of the Year
have struggled so long to     you understand that            ing Team begins negotia-
receive this funding, it is   school budgets work on         tions with the GUSD bar-
                                                                                                                  Calendar      Page 4
important to appreciate       the principal of allocating    gaining team, we will look                     Member Services
and celebrate this won-       85% of our total budget        forward to a timely nego-
derful event. This is the     towards the salaries and       tiation period, one where           How to Read Your Paycheck      Page 5
culmination of years of       health benefits of its em-     we all recognize the fan-            From the Bargaining Chair
hard work. We defeated        ployees. This is the com-      tastic work being done by
the proposals in the No-      mon standard that school       the educators here in                    School Spotlight: Clark   Page 6
vember Special Election       districts work upon. For       Glendale. We work hard                             In the News

by precinct walking,          example, in Burbank last       and have earned both
phone banking, writing        year, the school district      your praise and a signifi-               Bulletin Board Winners    Page 7
                                                             cant tangible recognition.              Board Member Spotlight
editorials, and appearing     spent 86% of their total
Page 2                                                                                                      The GTA Advocate

Congress Prepares to Raise Teacher Taxes
By Denise Jennex, Executive Director

Elected Officials Need to                   paper and art supplies.                                    cators already make
                                                   Contact Senator                                     enough financial sacri-
  Hear From Us NOW                          Barbara Boxer and Sena-                                    fices.
                                            tor Diane Feinstein and
        Teachers will be socked with a      your Representative be-                                  Act TODAY and urge
$250 tax increase if Congress continues     fore they return to Con-                                 your Senators and Repre-
to fail to renew a tax deduction for edu-   gress    on    November                                  sentative to renew the
cators’ out-of-pocket classroom supply      13. Tell them that it’s                                  $250 federal tax deduc-
expenses. That’s why we must send           unfair to penalize educa-                                tion for educators’ out-of-
every member of Congress a clear mes-       tors because Congress                                    pocket classroom ex-
sage: Congress should do the right          has failed to act. If we                                 penses when they return
thing and renew the tax deduction for       raise our collective voice, we can save     during the lame duck session.        By
teachers who reach into their own pock-     the tax deduction. Our elected officials    standing together, we can make a dif-
ets so that their students and class-       must know that we will not stand by         ference.
rooms have adequate books, pencils          quietly as they raise our tax bill. Edu-

“Working to the Rule”
          As we speak with members solved, GTA leaders should be asked to               vast majority of our teachers go way,
throughout Glendale, it has come to our step in to help solve the problem. If           way beyond these requirements. Fur-
attention that there is concern about there is still no resolution, then an ac-         thermore, an administrator cannot
the excessive workload that is being tion like work to the rule could be                mandate you perform functions beyond
requested by many of our administra-        deemed appropriate. In the past the         our contract or Ed. Code. They may
tors. Teachers are asked to do far more GTA Board has discussed and imple-              request it, but they may not mandate
now during their contractual                                    mented working to       it. It is the employee's right to say "no"
day than ever before. From the “We know that Glendale the rule to help set-             to any work that is requested beyond
Focus on Results program, to has the most dedicated, tle stalled contract               our contract or Ed. Code. We under-
the idea of Benchmark exams passionate educators in negotiations. Once                  stand that it is often easier to say that
being created, implemented the state and we are                 again, this is always   than to actually tell the administrator
and graded by teachers, the
                                    honored to be a part of a serious step that         “no”, but you need to know you have the
expectations are at an all time                                 is only taken after     right to decline extra work beyond the
high. At our September Repre- this amazing group of             many attempts at        contract.
sentative Council meeting we educators.”                        reaching a reason-                 Finally, we know that Glen-
set aside time for faculty repre-                               able agreement has      dale has the most dedicated, passionate
sentatives to share their concerns with broken down. This action is not taken           educators in the state and we are hon-
our GTA Board members. We do this lightly. We share this to make the                    ored to be a part of this amazing group
each month to make sure that the point that no individual or site should                of educators. The reason teachers go
Board is in touch with each site. In Sep- take this step without working very           above and beyond our contractual re-
tember we heard questions about how hard to resolve the problem in other                sponsibilities is quite simple; students
teachers can “work to the rule” of the ways. The GTA needs to be involved in            are our number one priority. We teach
contract. The Representatives shared these conversations at all times.                  because we care about our students and
tremendous frustration and anger on                   Now that you understand why       want to make a difference in their
behalf of their members about the           we might encourage or discourage a          lives. The district must recognize this
workload that is being imposed. Before      “work to the rule” action, let us explain   with more than just words. There
we answer the question of working to exactly what that means. Your legal                comes a time when our compensation
the rule, let us first clarify that we are and professional responsibility is to fol-   takes priority. Don’t forget that our
not advocating a work to the rule posi- low the requirements of our contract            time is valuable. We owe it to ourselves
tion at this time. This is a very serious and that of the education code. All in-       to value our own time. We have earned
step that should be taken only after        dividuals must meet these require-          it!
other attempts to fix the issues and        ments; that is your contractual respon-
concerns have been attempted.               sibility. Read your contract to see ex-     Glendale Teachers Association
          If workload is a concern, the actly what is required of you. Contact          Board of Directors
first step is to discuss the issue at a us at anytime if you have questions.
faculty meeting with the administrator      Anything above and beyond that is for       Denise Jennex,
and staff. If the problem is not re- the individual employee to decide. The             GTA Executive Director
Volume 18, Issue 2                                                                                    Page 3

 Special Education Update
 By Mary Garripoli, At-Large Director
         Assistant Superintendent with no set place provided for
Lou Stewart recently met with therapists on a consistent basis.
GTA Vice President Bud Yoho Teachers, students, classrooms and
and the Special Education Com- speech therapists (as well as other
mittee       Co-Chairs                                therapists who
Linda Martin and my- “Special education teachers are not GTA
self to discuss some of throughout the District are members)      are
the serious concerns drowning in paperwork.”          negatively im-    was very open to discussion. In
affecting special edu-                                pacted.           addition, she has assured us that
cation in Glendale Unified.                3) The ongoing problem of    she will get back to us very
         We presented three pri- lack of clerical support to assist     shortly with any suggestions or
mary areas of concern to Ms. with IEP paperwork and meeting             solutions. Since our goal was to
Stewart:                            coordination. Special education     ameliorate these issues, not only
         1) The case load situation teachers throughout the District    did we present concerns, but
for speech therapists has become are drowning in paperwork.             when possible, we offered several
problematic, and therapists need           These three issues reso-     ideas or solutions for the district
time to complete assessments nated throughout the District over         to consider. These were also met
and provide services.               the course of last year's Special   with appreciation.
         2) The problem of ade- Education Committee Meetings                    We came away feeling
quate, appropriate work space for and because they affected so many     confident that we had succeeded
teachers and speech therapists. of our members, we felt that spe-       in opening a dialogue for change
Many therapists have com- cific focus was warranted in this             and improvement for our GTA
plained of inadequate work first meeting with Lou Stewart.              members. Our next meeting with
space.     At College View, the The Assistant Superintendent lis-       Ms. Stewart is scheduled for No-
situation has met critical mass tened carefully to our concerns and     vember 8.

Teacher of the Year : Naehi Wong, Valley View School
 Kindergarten teacher Naehi Wong of Valley
View Elementary was recently honored at a
special reception with State Superintendent
of Education Jack O’Connell, LACOE Super-
intendent and our Superintendent Michael
Escalante. Mrs. Wong has taught for sixteen
years in the GUSD. She has taught grades
K-2nd at Mountain Ave. and Dunsmore
Schools as well.
Page 4                                                                                                           The GTA Advocate

   GTA Meetings
  Representative Council
              Nov. 28th
           December 12th
              Jan. 20th
                                                         November 2006
              Feb. 27th
             March 27th                    Sun         Mon            Tue            Wed          Thu            Fri         Sat
 April 10th (Career Center, CVHS)
                                                                                1            2              3
              May 22nd                                                                                                  4
              June 12th
              July 10th

    All meetings are held at the      5           6              7 Election Day 8            9              10
Professional Development Center at                                                                          School
                                                                 GUSD Board                                 Holiday     Veteran’s Day
        319 N. Central Ave.
                                                                 of Education
in Glendale except as indicated.
                                      12          13             14             15           16             17
                                                  GTA Board of

                                      19          20             21             22           23             24
                                                                 GUSD Board     No School    Thanksgiving   No School
                                                                 of Education                Day

                                      26          27             28             29           30
   GTA Board Members                                             GTA Rep.
   Allen Freemon and Linda                                       Council

     CTA Auto and Home                                                                 CTA Group Life and Disability
         Insurance                                                                                Plans
       (800) 800-9410                                                                         (800) 282-4049                                                           
  CTA Well-Baby Program
      (800) 906-5200
                                     Member Services                                        CTA Disaster Relief Fund
                                                                                                (818) 729-8105                                                           
        CTA Death and                CTA Entertainment and Purchas-                        Vision Discount Program for
     Dismemberment Plan                       ing Discounts                                     CTA/NEA Retired
        (650) 552-5200                       (800) 537-8491                                       (800) 877-7195
 CTA Financial Services-First
   Financial Credit Union                   CTA Travel Discounts                           NEA Educators Employment
       (800) 537-8491                          (800) 570-7877                                 Liability Insurance                                       (650) 552-5425
 CTA Credit Card Services–                NEA DUES-TAB Insurance
   MBNA America Bank                           (800) 637-4636
      (866) 438-6262             
Volume 18, Issue 2                                                                                                                    Page 5

                            How to Read Your Paycheck

 1.   REDUCTIONS– amounts deducted from employee’s pay before taxes                    LIST OF CODE DEFINITIONS
      are calculated.
                                                                                      ACSA LIFE     ACSA life insurance premium deduction
 2.   TAXES– social security. Medicare and federal and state income taxes             ACSA          Association of California School Administra
      deducted from employee’s pay                                                                  tor’s dues deduction
                                                                                      ADD FWT       Additional federal income tax deduction
 3.   DEDUCTIONS– amounts deducted from the employee’s pay after taxes                ADD SWT       Additional state income tax deduction
      are calculated                                                                  AF CANCER     American Fidelity cancer insurance pre-
 4.   CONTRIBUTIONS- taxes and insurance premiums paid by the                                     deduction
                                                                                      AM FIDL     American Fidelity life insurance premium
      District for the employee                                                                   deduction
                                                                                      BLUE CROSSH Blue Cross Health
                                                                                      CDH         CIGNA Dental Health Plan
                                                                                      CTA IP      CTA income protection premium deductions
                                                                                      CTA         CTA/GTA dues deduction
                                                                                      DDP         Delta Dental Plan
 From the Bargaining Chair                                                            DPC 9902    American Fidelity dependant care
                                                                                                  reimbursement plan deduction
                                                                                      FIRST FFCU First Financial Credit Union deduction
 By Steve Field                                                                       FWT         Federal income tax withholding deduction
                                                                                      GLENDAL CU Glendale Area Schools Federal Credit Union
                                                                                      GR EARN’S   Employee Gross Earnings
                            The Bargaining Team would like to thank those of you      GSMA        Glendale Schools Management Association
                     who were able to attend the GUSD Board meeting on Octo-                      dues deduction
                                                                                      GTA FEE     Glendale Teachers Association fee deduction
                     ber 17th. Your show of support was very much appreciated.        MCC M HLTH CIGNA Mental Health Plan
                     What is even more important is that you showed support for       MED REIM R American Fidelity medical reimbursement
                                                                                                  plan deduction
                     yourselves. It is critical for you to know that this year your   MEDCAR CON Medicare– paid by District
                     Bargaining Team has done their homework. We have studied         MEDCAR DED Medicare– paid by employee
                     the Districts’ budget, the monies coming in and the monies       METLIFE #1 Life insurance premium for GTA members–
                                                                                                  paid by District
                     going out. We know our stuff! Believe me when I say that a       METLIFE #3 Life insurance premium for GSMA mem-
                     substantial raise is affordable.                                 bers–       paid by District
                                                                                      METLIFE EE MetLife– employee’s life insurance premium
                              In the most recent comparisons of salaries with                     deduction– paid by employee
 other districts (L.A. County) for 2005-2006, Glendale teachers with five years of    METLIFE SP MetLife– spouse’s life insurance premium
                                                                                                  deduction– paid by employee
 service rank 36th out of 41st. We know that we can do much better than this.         OASDI CON   Social Security– paid by District
         At the last GUSD Board meeting Mr. Sambar said that Glendale offers          OASDI DED   Social Security– paid by employee
                                                                                      PERS CON    Public Employees Retirement System– paid
 teachers competitive salaries. Glendale teachers don’t want to be competitive,                   by District
 we want to be number one. Mr. Sambar went on to say that our students are            PERS RED    Public Employees Retirement System– paid
                                                                                                  by employee
 our first budget priority. Well, teachers are our student’s number one assets.       SAFEGUARD Safeguard Dental Plan
 As chair of your GTA Bargaining team, I can share that we are eager to begin         STRS CON    State Teachers Retirement System– paid by
 negotiations. We are eager to see just how much the board of education values        STRS RED    State Teachers Retirement System– paid by
 the teachers who bring accolade after accolade to our district. We are eager to                  employee
 secure the salaries and benefits package that all of our members deserve. Your       SUI         Unemployment insurance– paid by District
                                                                                      SWT         State income tax withholding deduction
 bargaining team will continue to work hard and be prepared. We will strive to        TSA         Tax Sheltered Annuity deduction
 successfully conclude negotiations in a timely manner. We will continue to com-      TX EARN’S   Employee taxable earnings
                                                                                      UNITED WAY United Way donation deduction
 municate our successes and challenges with you. We work hard to bargain for          VSP         Vision Service Plan
 the best contract possible because we value and honor the work that you do. We       WORK COMP Worker’s compensation premium– paid by
 assure you that we will bargain for what is fair, without compromising the fi-                   District

 nancial security of the GUSD.
Page 6                                                                                                         The GTA Advocate

School Spotlight: Clark Math/Technology Magnet High School
Clark High School recently received national recognition as a Blue Ribbon School. Principal Doug Dall
dispels some myths and reveals some secrets about Clark’s success.

Many people think this is a school        that is probably undeserved. Clark's           Schools in America, and one of only 5
for the gifted. Is this true? One of      vision came from a very collaborative          high schools in the country to qualify
the great misconceptions about Clark      process when the school was first pro-         for Blue Ribbon Status in both the pov-
is that it is a gifted magnet. From the   posed. It involved a task force of over        erty and academic achievement catego-
beginning, the school was envisioned      80 teachers, students, parents, commu-         ries.
as a school where                                     nity and business leaders,
"average"      students                               District officials and staff       Clark has received some of the top
could have a focused “The           focus      and as well as representatives            honors in the nation. What can we
and enriching educa-
tional     experience.
                          commitment of the from local colleges and
                                                      universities. During the
                                                                                         expect next from you, your staff
                                                                                         and students? To continue to refine
Almost 40% of our Clark               staff       is process I was able to frame         what we do and how we do it. To stay
students come from                                    the questions and make             on the bleeding edge of technology
d i s a d v a n t a g e d unimaginable.”              suggestions that, from my          through our very successful grant ap-
homes and only 15%                                    past experience, I thought         plication program. To pursue contin-
of them speak Eng-                                    would be helpful, but it           ued partnerships with business and
lish at home. What I believe we do        was definitely a team                                                        industry
here is to take our students to their     effort.   What I have                                                        so that our
next level of potential. The students     done and continue to do                                                      students
who succeed at Clark are the students     is be the keeper of that                                                     receive the
who buy into the school's mission, a      vision. With the suc-                                                        most rele-
science and technology focus with a       cess we have enjoyed,                                                        vant edu-
school to career instructional delivery.  there is a tendency to                                                       cational
Sure there are a few students who         cut corners, get compla-                                                     experience
would not choose to be here without       cent and forget what got                                                     possible.
parental "encouragement," whose par-      us here; I see my job as                                                     Is    there
ents perceive Clark as somehow            keeping everybody hon-                                                       anything
"better" than other educational oppor-    est and sticking to the                                                      else you'd
tunities. Many of these students come     mission. What has hap-                                                       like      to
to appreciate what we offer them and      pened has far exceeded                                                       add?       I
the ones who don't, choose another op-    my expectations in both                                                      hesitate to
tion. It's all about options and choice.  scope and speed. I could not imagine           let this secret out, but I have the best
We don't ever want to be thought of as    that nine years after opening, Clark           job in education, and it is so because of
"better," just "different."               would be designated as a California            the people I get to work with every
                                          Distinguished School and one of 12             day. They will go unnamed because
Unlike most educators, you were           Exemplary Career Technical Educa-              there are so many of them, but they
the visionary and force behind the        tion Schools in California. Further,           know who they are. The Glendale Dis-
creation of your school. Do you feel      that Clark would be identified by the          trict is simply amazing.
that your original vision is coming       Council of Chief State School Officers
true? I get a lot of credit for "vision"  as among the 30 Most Successful

In the News: LAUSD Chooses Retired Navy Admiral as New Superintendent
          David Brewer III was recently      appeared upset to have been left out of
selected as the new Superintendent of        the final decision which happened
the Los Angeles Unified School District.     while he was on a trip to Asia.
With 727,000 students, LAUSD is one                    Brewer is committed to his
of the largest school districts in the na-   new role. "I'm a firm believer that you
tion. A few have expressed skepticism        can't keep doing the same things and
over the decision. "I am concerned           expect different results," Brewer said.
about the lack of a background in edu-       "To everyone in this community, I say I
cation," said UTLA President A.J.            am not a reformer. I aim to transform
Duffy. "I would have hoped for someone       this district...This is a world where our
with a background who understands            children have to compete globally. We
what classroom teachers are going            are going to shoot for a world-class dis-
through.” Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa         trict."
Volume 18, Issue 2                                                                                                 Page 7

GTA Bulletin Board Winners
                                           Thanks to everyone who partipated
                                           in the contest! Our top winners will
                                           receive $50.

                                           Top Left: Ray Shelton, Mark Keppel

                                           Top Right: Joanne LaMonte and Liz
                                           Mabry, Glenoaks

                                           Bottom Left: Carol Gibson, Mountain

                                           Bottom Right: Jacqueline DaVolio,

GTA Board Member Spotlight: Charles “Bud” Yoho, Vice President
Bud currently teaches at...College                              Committees,         in Minorities.
View School (where he was a former                              Committees
Teacher of the Year.) He is also a Con-                         and        More     How he spends his Saturdays...For
sulting/Mentor teacher and teaches                              Committees...       the last 15 years, he has worked for a
students in home/hospital placements.                           Bud has served      community based program that sup-
                                                                on various GTA      ports people with autism and other de-
Years taught in GUSD...25                                       and CTA com-        velopmental disabilities.
                                                                mittees:     Bar-
GTA involvement...Rep. Council for 10                           gaining, Special    Hidden talent...Bud has written a
years, Board of Directors for 8 years                           Education, Pub-     book about a Holocaust survivor titled
                                                                lic Relations and   “And the World Who Said Nothing.”
His dedication to the community...        Organizing. He was Vice Chair for the
Bud was recently honored for complet-     Caucus for Educators of Exceptional       On the rare occasion he has free
ing 25 years of volunteer service with    Children. He has served as a represen-    time...Bud likes to spend time with his
the Red Cross. He teaches First Aid,      tative to the NEA Representative As-      family and friends, and serve on Board
CPR, Water Safety and is a certified      sembly numerous times. He is also a       of Directors for his church. Bud loves
Life Guard.                               CTA Trainer for Self-Esteem, Gang         music, trains, traveling and spending
                                          Intervention, Teen Suicide and Women      time in his cabin in Big Bear.
                                                             The Glendale Teachers Association
GT A Ad vocate Staff                                         represents 1400 educators in
Editor: Diana Neskovska, Wilson MS                           Glendale, Montrose and La Crescenta
                                                             schools. It is a local affiliate of the
Photo Credits: Karine Armen, Mann ES                         335, 000-member California Teachers
               Linda Junge, GUSD                                                        Association (CTA) which is a
GTA Board Liason: Sarkis Poladian, Toll MS                                              member of the National Educa-
                                                                                        tion Association (NEA), the
Contributing Writers: Mary Garripoli, College View
                      Steve Field, Toll MS
                                                             nation’s largest and oldest organization committed to
                                                             advancing the cause of public education.

Allen Freemon, President                       (818) 249-5871
Bud Yoho, Vice President                       (818) 246-8363
Marilyn Hande, Secretary                       (818) 242-7722
Steve Field, Treasurer                         (818) 244-8414

Area Directors
Alicia Harris, High School-North               (818) 249-5871
Sarkis Poladian, Middle School                 (818) 244-8414
Karine Armen, Elementary- GHS area             (818) 246-2421
Linda Gosney, Elementary- HHS area             (818) 241-1807
Mary Garripoli, At-Large                       (818) 246-8363           From left to right: Karine
                                                                                                  Armen, Marilyn Hande,
State Council Representatives                                                                     Peter Gebeshian, Linda
Kate Duggan                                    (818) 242-6801
Ken Niemeyer                                   (818) 242-3161                  Gosney, Ken Niemeyer,
Bud Yoho                                       (818) 246-8363                   Mary Garripoli, Allen
                                                                                                  Freemon, Sarkis Po-
                                                                                                  ladian and Alicia Harris.

GTA CLASSIFIED ADS                                                                 CTA Endorsements
                 Employees of the District are invited                              Vote Nov. 7th!
                 to submit personal ads, for example,
                 cars or furniture for sale. No more
                                                                                        Governor Phil Angelides
                 than 4 lines for inclusion in future is-                            Lt. Governor John Garamendi
                 sues of the GTA newsletter.                                         Attorney General Jerry Brown
                 Paid endorsements are not to be con-                                    Controller John Chiang
sidered an endorsement or recommendation by GTA.                              Insurance Commissioner Cruz Bustamante
                                                                               State Superintendent of Public Instruction --
For Advertising Information and Rates, please contact                                        Jack O'Connell
                                                                                 Secretary of State -- Bruce McPherson
Sarkis Poladian at (818) 482-4436 or
                                                                                         Treasurer -- Bill Lockyer                                                    Board of Equalization Seat #1 -- Betty Yee
                                                                               Board of Equalization Seat #4 -- Judy Chu
                                                                              State Assembly Distric #43 Paul Krekorian
                                                                                          YES on Proposition 1A
                                                                                          YES on Proposition 1B
                                                                                          YES on Proposition 1C
                                                                                          YES on Proposition 1D
                                                                                          YES on Proposition 1E