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									Technician of Rules

                            Effective August 2000

                 This edition supersedes all previous editions.

   American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics, Inc.
ABC Technician Book of Rules

    Table of Contents                                                         INITIAL REGISTRATION ............................ 13

    OVERVIEW .................................................... 1           MAINTAINING REGISTRATION ................ 13
                                                                               Annual Renewal Fees ........................................... 13
     The American Board for Certification in                                   Canons of Ethical Conduct .................................. 13
        Orthotics and Prosthetics................................... 1         MCE Program ....................................................... 14
     Orthotic and Prosthetic Technicians .................... 1
     Technician Credentials ......................................... 2       REINSTATEMENT ........................................ 14
     Governance and Administration .......................... 2
     Proprietary Ownership of ABC Credentials ......... 2                     RETIRED TECHNICIAN STATUS ............... 15

    REQU IREMENTS .......................................... 2

    THE APPLICATION PROCESS ..................... 5
     General Application Information ........................ 5
     Examination Registration Schedules and
                                                                                 TABLE 1:

       Deadline Dates ................................................... 5
                                                                                 Education and Experience

    Application Appeals .............................................. 8
                                                                                 Requirements .................................... 4

    THE EXAMINATION PROCESS ................... 8
                                                                                 TABLE 2:

     General Description of the Examinations ............ 8
                                                                                 Timeline for the Application/ ........... 5

     Confirmation of Exam Dates/Location(s) ............ 10
                                                                                 Registration Process

     Cancellation/Refund Policies ............................... 10
     General Examination Policies and Information ... 10
     Examination Appeals ........................................... 12
                                                                ABC Technician Book of Rules

The American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics, Inc.
Established in 1948 as a not-for-profit organization, the American Board for Certification in
Orthotics and Prosthetics, Inc., commonly referred to as ABC, is a credentialing body established by
the orthotic and prosthetic profession to identify those who have satisfied minimum qualifications to
render essential public health services in these disciplines. ABC conducts examinations to test the
competency of those persons who are engaged in lending support to the certified practitioner to
assure that the workmanship and quality of devices provided as a part of orthotic/prosthetic patient
care meet acceptable standards.Technicians whose education and/or experience correspond to
existing ABC requirements are admitted to an examination process designed to evaluate their
knowledge of current orthotic/prosthetic technology and the ability to fabricate a variety of
orthoses/prostheses. Those who successfully complete the examination process are registered in the
appropriate discipline. The awarding of this registration recognizes that the individual has
demonstrated competence.

Orthotic and Prosthetic Technicians
A Registered Orthotic Technician provides support to the ABC Certified Orthotist in providing care
to patients with congenital and/or traumatic disabling conditions of the musculoskeletal structure of
the body by fabricating “braces” known as orthoses. Under the guidance of and in consultation with
the orthotist, the orthotic technician, as a result of his/her skills, fabricates orthoses and/or their
components in such a manner as to provide maximum fit, function, cosmesis and workmanship.
He/she also performs repairs to and maintenance of orthoses as assigned. The Registered Orthotic
Technician is expected to keep abreast of all new fabricating techniques, must be familiar with the
properties of pertinent materials, and must be skilled in the use of appropriate equipment.
        A Registered Prosthetic Technician provides support to the ABC Certified Prosthetist in
providing care to patients with partial or total absence of a limb by fabricating artificial limbs known
as prostheses. Under the guidance of and in consultation with the prosthetist, the prosthetic
technician, as a result of his/her skills, fabricates prostheses and/or their components in such a
manner as to provide maximum fit, function, cosmesis and workmanship. He also performs repairs to
and maintenance of prostheses as assigned. The Registered Prosthetic Technician is expected to keep
abreast of all new fabricating techniques, must be familiar with the properties of pertinent materials,
and must be skilled in the use of appropriate equipment.

ABC Technician Book of Rules

Technician Credentials
The credential of Registered Orthotic Technician (RTO) is awarded to the technician who
successfully completes the education and/or experience and examination requirements in this
discipline. The credential of Registered Prosthetic Technician (RTP) is awarded to the technician
who successfully completes the education and/or experience and examination requirements in this
discipline. The credential of Registered Prosthetic-Orthotic Technician (RTPO) is awarded to the
technician who successfully completes the education and/or experience and examination
requirements in both disciplines.

Governance and Administration
The affairs of ABC are governed by the Board of Directors. Inasmuch, the Board is responsible for the
policies and procedures governing certification. Further, the Board has the authority under its bylaws
to modify the rules, regulations and policies as may be deemed appropriate. The Board is composed of
nine certified practitioners and two public representatives. The daily administrative functions of
ABC are maintained by a staff which consists of an Executive Director and various support

Proprietary Ownership of ABC Credentials
Registration is a privilege; not a right. The ABC Board of Directors maintains legal authority to
award its registration titles. Hence, ABC may withhold, suspend or revoke any registration title in
accordance with the policies, rules and regulations it establishes.

Orthotic and prosthetic technicians may qualify to be examined when specific education and
experience requirements established by ABC have been satisfied. Defined education and certain
experience serve as prerequisites for the technician examinations. The basis for defining the “three
paths” to a professional career as a technician in orthotics and prosthetics through ABC registration
are summarized in Table 1 (page 4).

                                                                              ABC Technician Book of Rules

Education of Orthotic and Prosthetic Technicians (Pathway 1)
All applicants must have a high school diploma or GED. Certificates of formal technician education
must have been acquired from an institution of higher learning which is accredited by the National
Commission on Orthotic and Prosthetic Education (NCOPE).

Technician Experience (Pathway 2)
A minimum of two years experience is required, in the discipline of application, in the fabrication of
orthoses and/or prostheses and their components under the supervision of an ABC certified
practitioner. In limited cases, supervision by an ABC registered technician will be considered. An
example might be a central fabrication facility where all supervision is by a registered technician. The
supervisor must be certified in the same discipline in which the technician applicant is seeking
registration. Qualified experience will be documented through “attestations” which are official forms
to be completed by the supervisor. The supervisor will attest to the applicant’s place of employment,
length of employment, hours worked and level of practice.
        Applicants seeking registration in both orthotics and prosthetics must qualify for both
disciplines by satisfying the educational and/or experiential requirements outlined above.

Unique Combination of Qualifications (Pathway 3A)
Individuals whose education and experience does not conform to any of the pre-established criteria
will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Assessment of appropriate documentation for other types of
educational activities, training and learning experiences as they relate to orthotic and prosthetic
practice, will be made to determine adequacies of such preparation to satisfy ABC requirements.

NOTE: Applications for consideration under Path 3 are reviewed by the Applications Review Committee of the Board of
Directors and, therefore, take a longer period to process. Applicants are advised that their application may not be approved
in time for the exam for which they are applying. In this event, such applications will be deferred until the next exam

Foreign Education/Foreign Certification (Pathway 3B)
Individuals who have received their formal orthotic and prosthetic education in a foreign country
must have their education evaluated by the World Education Services (WES), P.O. Box 745, Old
Chelsea Station, New York, New York 10113-0745, 212/966-6311. The WES is a professional
educational evaluation service that equates foreign education to those programs in the United States.
Such applicants must apply under Path 3.

ABC Technician Book of Rules

         Appropriate professional certification or licensure received outside the United States and its
territories will be considered. Evidence of such credentials should be accompanied by information
describing their requirements.

Extension of Credential (RTPO)
Individuals seeking to extend their credential to “RTPO” (seeking registration in the second
discipline) must meet the education and experience requirements in effect at the time of their
         To extend credential, the applicant must possess either a certificate from an NCOPE
accredited program in the secondary discipline or have acquired the two years qualified experience in
the secondary discipline. Additionally, applicants must be in good standing with the primary

Canons of Ethical Conduct
Upon approval for candidate status, candidates will be subject to the ABC Canons of Ethical
Conduct. Adherence to the Canons will be required throughout the candidacy and will continue
once registration is granted.

                         TABLE 1-Education and Experience Requirements

       PAT H                   EDUCATION                                      EXPERIENCE

                 High School Diploma or General Educational    Not required
         1       Development (G.E.D.); plus a formal
                 technician training certificate from an
                 NCOPE accredited program .

         2       High School Diploma or G.E.D.                 Two years qualified experience under the
                                                               supervision of an ABC certified practitioner
                                                               or registered technician

                 a. Unique Combination of Qualifications        Equivalent to Path 1 or 2
                 b. Foreign Educated Applicants                 Case by case

                                                                       ABC Technician Book of Rules

All requirements must be satisfied prior to the application deadline date. Individuals who have met
the educational and experiential requirements may submit an application for approval as a candidate
for registration.
         The process for applying is twofold: 1) submitting the application; and 2) registering for the
examination(s). Applicants for technician registration who have been evaluated and deemed to have
satisfied all eligibility requirements are assigned a “candidate” status. The candidate is granted a four
(4) year eligibility period in which to take and pass the examination.

                     TABLE 2-Timeline for the Application/Registration Process

            Activity                      Winter Exam           Spring Exam           Fall Exam
                                          (February)            (May)                 (September)
            Application Deadline         8 weeks prior to the exam date. See application /registration form
                                                                 for specific dates
                                          4 weeks after         4 weeks after         4 weeks after
            Eligibility letters mailed    application           application           application
                                          deadline              deadline              deadline

            Logistical information        Approximately 4       Approximately 4       Approximately
            mailed                        weeks prior to        weeks prior to        4 weeks prior to
                                          exams                 exams                 exams

            Exam scores mailed            Approximately 6       Approximately 6       Approximately
                                          weeks post exam       weeks post exam       6 weeks post

General Application Information
1. Requesting Application Forms: Individuals seeking registration status must obtain a current
application and examination registration form from our customer service department.
2. Submission of Application: Applications must be complete in all respects in order for them to be
processed and/or approved. Applications which are incomplete will not be processed until such time
all required documentation and/or fees are submitted. Such processing delays may cause the applicant
to be excluded from a desired examination date and location.

ABC Technician Book of Rules

3. Fees and Documentation Required:
        a. Application form
        b. Application fee
        NOTE: The application fee is non-refundable. This fee is applicable per discipline, per eligibility period.
        However, applicants seeking eligibility for both orthotics and prosthetics at the same time may remit only one
        application fee.

        c. Copy of high school diploma or G.E.D. certificate
        d. Transcripts from a formal technician training certificate program; OR
        e. Supervisor’s attestation
        f. Two passport size photos approximately 2” x 2”

        g. Examination registration form
        h. Examination fee(s)

4. Deadline for Receipt of Applications (schedule subject to change)
The application deadline dates are generally eight weeks prior to the examination date. The exams
are given in February, May and September. See application for specific exam and application dates.

5. Verification of Receipt of Materials
ABC does not verify receipt of applications by telephone. Applicants are strongly encouraged to mail
their applications via express or certified mail with return receipt requested.

6. Notification of Application Decision
Applicants submitting completed applications will be notified in writing of his or her eligibility or
ineligibility four (4) weeks after the application deadline, with the exception of applicants seeking
consideration under Path 3. Information regarding the status of an application will not be provided
in response to telephone requests.

7. Applicant Ineligibility
An applicant may be determined ineligible for the following reasons:
        a) insufficient documentation to assess eligibility; or,

                                                                ABC Technician Book of Rules

        b) documentation provided does not meet the eligibility requirements; or
        c) lack of required fee(s).
        If it is determined that the information provided is inadequate to assess eligibility, the
applicant will be notified and given a deadline to respond with necessary supporting documentation.
Documentation not received by the given deadline will cause the application to be denied. The
application may be reconsidered during a later examination cycle. One subsequent application will be
processed under the original fee. If the application is denied eligibility a second time, a new
application and fee will be required.

8. Eligibility Period
The approved candidate will be granted a four (4) year eligibility in which to take the examination.
The candidate will be granted a maximum of four (4) attempts to pass the two-part examination.
If an applicant exhausts the number of attempts to successfully conclude the process or the eligibility
period expires, the applicant must reapply for eligibility.

9. Reapplying for Eligibility
Once the candidate has exhausted his or her eligibility period, he or she may reapply for eligibility by
submitting a new application, subject to the prevailing Book of Rules, complete with supporting
documentation and application fee.

10. Address Changes
The address provided on the application will be used for mailing the letter of eligibility, exam
confirmation notices, and test results. Candidates are responsible for informing ABC immediately in
writing of any address changes.

11. Authority
ABC reserves the right to request applicants to furnish such information and/or make such inquiries
as may be deemed appropriate to identify the nature and extent of the applicant’s education,
experience, competency, moral character and reputation.

12. Falsification
Discovery that an applicant or attestor has falsified any information on the application shall lead to
any or all of the following actions:
        ☛ Rejection of the application
        ☛ Barring of the applicant from the exam

ABC Technician Book of Rules

        ☛ Revocation of any existing ABC registration or certification status
        ☛ Reference of the incident to the Professional Discipline Committee

Such acts of falsification shall be made a part of that individual’s permanent ABC record.

Application Appeals

Right of Appeal
Applicants whose applications have been evaluated and disapproved by the Applications Review
Committee on the basis that the applicant has not met or has failed to demonstrate the minimal
eligibility requirements may appeal his/her disapproval. The applicant must submit the appeal in
writing to the ABC Board of Directors. Appeals must:
        1) be addressed in writing to the ABC;
        2) state the specific reason(s) for appeal;
        3) be accompanied by evidence or other pertinent information to refute the original finding;
        4) be signed by the applicant;
        5) be transmitted by certified mail;
        6) be postmarked no later than 30 calendar days after the date on the notification letter.

Appeals Decision
Applicants submitting an appeal to the Board of Directors will receive notification of their decision
within 45 days of receipt of the request. The decision of the Board is final.

General Description of the Examinations
Candidates are expected to successfully pass the examination which is designed to evaluate
knowledge and clinical competency in fabricating orthoses and/or prostheses and their components.
The two-part, one-day examinations consist of: 1) a one-hour written exam (multiple-choice
questions) designed to evaluate the candidate’s knowledge of basic principles, and application of
tools, materials and orthotic and/or prosthetic fabrication; and 2) a seven-hour practical exam.

                                                                       ABC Technician Book of Rules

The technician examinations are designed to assess skills and knowledge in the following areas:

Knowledge of musculoskeletal anatomy, including upper limb, lower limb, spinal
Knowledge of anatomical ladmarks
Knowledge of kinesiology, including upper limb, lower limb, spinal
Knowledge of normal human locomotion
Knowledge of normal and pathological gait
Knowledge of planes of motion
Knowledge of biomechanics
Knowledge of medical terminology
Knowledge of policies and procedures regarding privileged information
Knowledge of material safety procedures and standards (OSHA, MSDS)
Knowledge of universal precautions, including sterile techniques and infection control
Knowledge of ethical standards regarding proper patient management
Knowledge of scope of practice related to orthotic/prosthetic credentials
Knowledge of orthotic/prosthetic design
Knowledge of orthotic/prosthetic fitting criteria
Knowledge of trimlines
Knowledge of examination techniques, including range of motion (ROM) and manual muscle tests
Knowledge of impression-taking techniques, materials, devices, and equipment
Knowledge of rectification/modification procedures as they relate to specific orthotic/prosthetic designs
Knowledge of measurement tools and techniques
Knowledge of orthotic/prosthetic forms (e.g., assessment, orthometry, measurement, evaluation,
Knowledge of materials science
Knowledge of componentry
Knowledge of alignment devices and techniques
Knowledge of hand and power tools
Knowledge of mechanics (e.g., levers and force systems)
Knowledge of care and maintenance of orthoses/prostheses
Knowledge of item warranty and warranty limitations

Skill in gross surface anatomy (e.g., identification of anatomical landmarks)
Skill in using mechanical measuring devices
Skill in orthotic/prosthetic fabrication
Skill in use of safety equipment
Skill in using hand and power tools
Skill in use of materials and components
ABC Technician Book of Rules

Skill in use of alignment devices
Skill in cosmetic finishing
Skill in maintaining and repairing components

Any candidate who is unsuccessful at passing the exam may retake the exam provided the candidate
is within his/her four-year eligibility period and has not exhausted the allotted four (4) attempts. To
register for the next available exam, the candidate must submit the current registration form, fee(s)
and photograph.

Confirmation of Examination Dates/Location(s)
Spacing at the exam is limited. Registrations are accepted and approved on a “first-come, first-
served” basis. Should an applicant not be confirmed registration at an exam due to space limitations,
he or she will be offered a space at the next available exam. Due to the limited spacing, generally the
exams are filled prior to the application/registration deadline.
       Logistical information (hotel, travel) for each exam is mailed to all registered candidates four
(4) weeks prior to the exam.

Cancellation/Refund Policies
Any candidate who is unable to take the examination for which he/she has registered must notify
ABC in writing. Cancellations are effective on the date received by ABC. Receipt of written
notification at least 20 days prior to the exam entitles the candidate to a 100% refund. Any
candidate who notifies ABC in writing less than 20 days prior to the exam will forfeit the entire
exam fee for that exam.
        Any registered candidate who does not appear at the examination and has not so notified
ABC in writing prior to that exam will also forfeit the entire exam fee for that exam. The eligibility
period will not be extended. Extenuating circumstances may be considered by the Application
Review Committee.

Exam registrations may also be deferred until the next exam session; however, exam fees will be
deferred at the amount specified above in the cancellation/refund schedule.

General Examination Policies and Information
1. Statement of Non-Discrimination-ABC does not discriminate among applicants on the basis of age,
sex, race, religion, national origin, disability, or marital status.

2. Special Accommodations-Any candidate who has a disabling condition that prevents the candidate
                                                                 ABC Technician Book of Rules

from taking the exam under standard conditions may request special accommodations. The request
must be in writing and include documentation of the history and diagnosis of the impairment by a
qualified healthcare professional. The request must be received at the time of registration. An
acknowledgment or confirmation of the request will be mailed to the candidate.

3. Language-The examinations are offered in English only.

4. Misconduct at the Examinations-It is improper for exam candidates to engage in any of the following
        ☛ To fail to observe any rules of conduct as outlined by the test proctor or site
        ☛ To copy in writing or otherwise record or transmit to others any aspect of the exam
        which includes but is not limited to exam questions and answers;
        ☛ To bring any unauthorized answering agent of any nature (i.e., books, notes) to the
        examination site or school grounds;
        ☛ To offer to assist, or to solicit assistance from, other candidates, examiners, or
        those responsible for the administration of the exam;
        ☛ To engage in any other conduct or inappropriate behavior which is injurious to the
        integrity of the exam or to any of its participants.

5. Dismissal Policies-Any candidate who is observed engaging in any of the above listed improper
activities will be subject to immediate dismissal from the exam, may be barred from future exams for a
period ranging from one year to permanent dismissal, and may be required to forfeit his/her current
exam fee(s) and/or a period of eligibility. Prior to a determination regarding future permission to take
the exam, the candidate is entitled to receive a hearing, provided a request for such is received in
writing by ABC within 30 days of the dismissal. The hearing request must cite reasons to refute the
decision for dismissal. The hearing will be held at a time and place to be determined by the Board of
Directors and shall be conducted by three individuals selected by the Board of Directors. Following
such a hearing, the Board of Directors will make a determination regarding future dismissal.

6. Notification of Examination Results-Each candidate will receive in writing the results of his/her
exam approximately 6 weeks following the administration of the exam.

7. Privileged Information-The nature, format, content, and results of any exam administered by ABC
are considered privileged information.

8. Release of Information-ABC is committed to protecting the confidentiality of candidates’ records
and has adopted policies to ensure their privacy. Information about candidates for credentialing and
their exam results are not released to any third party. Additionally, candidates test scores are NOT
released by telephone, even to the candidate.

ABC Technician Book of Rules

9. Date Compilation-ABC may develop and publish statistical data regarding the exams, providing the
identities of the candidates are not divulged.

Examination Appeals
Candidates may request a review of a specific item or questions presented on the examination, or may
appeal a particular incident or circumstance in relation to an examination.

Review of Examination Question or Item
All requests for review of items, questions or tasks appearing on an examination must be submitted in
writing. All requests will be forwarded to the ABC Professional Credentialing Committee or its
designees, for review.

Guidelines for submitting a written request for review:
        ☛ must be completed by the candidate;
        ☛ must be submitted within thirty (30) days following the examination date.
          Must be accompanied by thorough clinical documentation to support the basis of
          the challenge.
Review of Incident or Administrative Procedure
Candidates may request a review of a specific incident or procedure relative to the examination
process or administration if it is felt the incident or procedure impeded the candidate’s opportunity
for successful completion of the examination. The guidelines for submitting a request for review are:
        ☛ must be submitted in writing to ABC;
        ☛ must be submitted by the candidate;
        ☛ must be accompanied by necessary evidence or other pertinent information;
        ☛ and must be submitted to ABC within 14 days of the examination date.

Appeals Decision
Candidates submitting a request for review to ABC shall receive notification of the results within 45
days of receipt. Should the candidate not be satisfied with the decision rendered, the candidate may
submit an appeal to the board of directors by submitting another written request within 14 days.
Candidates will be notified of the board’s decision within 45 days of receipt of the request. The
decision of the board is final.

                                                                  ABC Technician Book of Rules

Once the candidate has successfully passed the technician examination, he or she will receive a
congratulatory letter, his or her registration number, a certificate suitable for framing, a sleeve patch,
a copy of the Canons of Ethical Conduct, the Mandatory Continuing Education Book of Rules, and
information regarding the proper use of the ABC credential and logo. All newly registered
technicians will receive a subscription to the O&P Almanac and will also receive the Mark of Merit

Annual Renewal Fees
Registered technicians must remit annual renewal fees to maintain good standing with ABC. Annual
renewal notices are mailed in September and must be paid by December 1. Newly registered
technicians may initially receive an invoice for their registration fees at a prorated amount.
Technicians who received their registration by successfully completing the Fall examination will be
invoiced only for the following year. Subsequent renewal notices will be sent automatically.
        Technicians who are in good standing are listed in the annual Registry which contains all
ABC credentialed individuals and accredited facilities in good standing at the time of publication.
This publication is mailed to all certificants, accredited facilities, third party payers and interested
persons. Technicians who do not renew their registration in any given year are no longer in possession
of that credential and are not permitted to use the ABC credential or logo. Further, only technicians
in good standing will receive the O&P Almanac and Mark of Merit newsletter.

Canons of Ethical Conduct
Technicians are required to abide by the Canons of Ethical Conduct (ABC’s code of professional
ethics) to maintain good standing. The Canons were adopted to promote acceptable standards of
moral and professional conduct. Registered technicians must abide by the rules and policies of the
Board and must otherwise conduct themselves in a fashion that brings credit to the profession,
including, if necessary, the exposure of illegal, improper, and/or unethical conduct of others which
can assist the Board in maintaining the standards of the profession.
       Complaints alleging violations of the Canons are referred to the Professional Discipline
Committee for review. The Canons of Ethical Conduct outlines the procedures for submitting a
complaint and the review process.

ABC Technician Book of Rules

Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE) Program
To remain in good standing, technicians are also required to maintain competency through
mandatory continuing education by earning professional continuing education credits (PCEs).
Time-limited certificates that expire at the end of each fifth year following registration will be issued.
At the end of each five-year cycle those technicians who have completed the mandatory continuing
education as well as adhered to annual renewal fee and professional conduct requirements will be
issued a new five year certificate.
The following requirements have been established for maintaining continuing education:

Single Discipline (RTO or RTP) Technicians:
Thirty (30) PCEs must be earned during the five year cycle of each certificate. PCEs may be earned
all in one year or over the course of the full five years.

Dual Discipline (RTPO) Technicians:
Forty (40) must be earned during the five year cycle of each certificate. PCEs may be earned all in
one year or over the course of the full five years.
       Additional specific information on the Mandatory Continuing Education program
requirements may be found in the MCE Book of Rules.

Technicians who have not renewed their registration are subject to the following policy on
1) Individuals who have not renewed their registration for a period of one to two years may reinstate
their original registration by paying the current renewal fee and all renewal fees for the delinquent
2) Individuals who have not renewed their registration for a period of two years or more may
reinstate their registration only by taking and passing a reentry examination. Such individuals need
not meet the current education and experience requirements. Upon passing the exam, they will
receive a new registration number and will be subject to any requirements governing new
registrations at the time.

                                                                ABC Technician Book of Rules

Retired status is granted to those technicians who have retired from practice. Retired technicians are
permitted use of the credential (with the appropriate designating modifier) in circumstances in which
the technician is providing O&P services for a humanitarian purpose and on a charitable basis. The
use of the retired credential is prohibited for purposes of professional remuneration or which would
inure to the financial and business benefit of an orthotic and/or prosthetic facility. Retired
technicians are not listed in the Registry nor will they automatically receive the ABC and AOPA
publications. Subscriptions to the publications may be purchased.
        Individuals who wish to return to active technician status after one or two years on retired
status may reinstate their credential by sending a letter to ABC requesting to be returned to
technician status. At that time, current renewal fees must be submitted.
        Individuals who wish to return to active technician status after two or more years on retired
status may reinstate their credential only by taking and passing a re-entry examination and paying
current renewal fees. Such individuals need not meet the current educational and experiential
requirements. The prevailing fees and examination schedule will apply. Upon passing the exam, a
new registration number will be assigned and adherence to all current polices is required.

Applicants and other interested parties are encouraged to contact ABC for additional information on
any of ABC’s policies or other programs. Please allow two weeks (U.S. delivery) for receipt of
requested materials.


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