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VOLUME 111, NUMBER 1                                                     FIRST IN AMERICA: SINCE 2004                                                                    MAY 2006

Fool Me Once, Shame on You Police Have “Person of Interest”
Try It Again, You’re Busted in ’71 Double Murder                                           Breck Porter/The Police News                  from the ignition. He planned to hold
Breck Porter/The Police News                 Galveston Police whose job it is to keep up
                                             with these offenders.                                                                       Bell at bay until police arrived, but Bell
   This is the true story of a local sex                                                          Galveston Police Detective says
offender who tried every angle, told
every lie, violated law after law, in his
                                               Soon thereafter The Police News also
                                             began getting calls. Slawson does not
                                                                                             Athatprison investigating achargecur-
                                                                                           rently in
                                                                                                      he is
                                                                                                            on a murder
                                                                                                                                         retrieved a .22 caliber pistol from the
                                                                                                                                         truck and started firing at Gibbins. As
                                             even live in Galveston, callers reported.                                                   Gibbins tried to flee, Bell continued
effort to fool the police and beat the sys-                                                connection with the 1971 abduction and        shooting, hitting Gibbins five times
                                             He lives in League City and he operates a
tem, only to wind up in jail facing a                                                      murders of Maria Johnson and Debbie           before he fell.
                                             real estate business from his home on
prison term that he had managed to                                                         Ackerman, both 15. The two Ball High            Lang watched as her son was gunned
                                             Sugarwood in the Meadow Bend sub-divi-
avoid for years.                                                                                                                         down in the street and with the line still
       ast year, in August,
 L     on our monthly sex
offender page, we ran a
                                                                                                                                         open on her cell phone, ran to the aid of
                                                                                                                                         Gibbins. She got between Bell and
                                                                                                                                         Gibbins yelling at Bell, “Leave, the police
mug shot with biographi-                                                                                                                 are coming, the police are coming!”
cal sketch of Darren Lee                                                                                                                 Bell replied that he could not leave
Slawson. It was our rou-                                                                                                                 because Gibbins had the keys to his
tine monthly selection of                                                                                                                truck. In desperation, Lang retrieved the
convicted sex offenders                                                                          Maria                  Debbie           keys from her son, lying motionless on
which we highlight each                                                                         Johnson               Ackerman           the ground, and threw them to Bell. The
month in our effort to let                                                                 School students disappeared from              shooter went to his truck, pulled out an
our readers know who                                                                       Galveston Mall on November 15, 1971           M-1 Carbine rifle, returned to where
these offenders are and                                                                    and were later found floating in Turner’s     Gibbins was lying and fired one shot
where they say they are                                                                    Bayou in Texas City. Their hands and          between his eyes killing him. He was
living. We are accus- A handcuffed Darren Lee Slawson is escorted to a waiting             feet were bound and they were partially       arrested later by Pasadena Motorcycle
tomed to getting feed- squad car as TV reporter Stephen Dean questions him.                clad. Both had been killed by a gunshot       Officers after he crashed his truck into a
back from readers on                                                (Police News photo)    in the head.                                  house.
many things that we do. Our Fugitive Page                                                    The person of interest is 67-year old         Following his arrest, Bell posted
                                            sion. Real estate business? League City?
is very successful and helps bring about                                                   Edward Harold Bell, now serving a 70-         $150,000 bail bond and disappeared.
                                            Then why did he register as a sex offender
the arrest of dozens of those dodging and                                                  year prison sentence in the Jester Prison     He was later discovered living in
                                            in Galveston? We decided to find out.
hiding from the law. But Slawson was dif-                                                  Unit at Richmond, Texas.                      Panama and was extradited back to
                                               The Police News and Galveston Crime
ferent. His appearance brought about an                                                      According to Detective Fred Paige,          Texas where he was convicted of murder
                                            Stoppers, first reported this information to
unbelievable response and resulted in an                                                   Bell’s trip to the penitentiary began on      and four counts of Indecency With A
                                            Galveston Police authorities. Let us
extensive investigation by dozens of law-                                                  August 24, 1978 in Pasadena. As four          Child for which he received an addition-
                                            explain here that the Galveston Police
men, media teams and Galveston Crime                                                       children were playing near an intersec-       al 10-year sentence.
                                            Department, at one time, had as many as
Stoppers.                                                                                  tion on Oak Street, Bell, driving a red         Bell was living in Dayton, Texas, but
                                            170 registered sex offenders on it’s books.
   Shortly after Slawson’s appearance in                                                   and white GMC pickup truck, stopped at        had a business in Galveston, a surf and
                                            It also has one, part-time, civilian employ-
The Police News, Crime Stoppers of                                                         the intersection, got out of the truck, and   dive shop at 5700 Avenue S. He was
                                            ee who has the job of keeping up with
Galveston began getting tips from anony-                                                   approached the children nude from his         also running supply boats to offshore oil
                                            these offenders, an impossible job. Boyd
mous sources reporting, among other                                                        waist down. He was 45 at the time. The        rigs and was considered an astute busi-
                                            Swindale is the man with that job. He is a
things, that Slawson did not live at the                                                   children included two girls 10-14 years       nessman.
                                            retired police officer who hired out to the
address given in The Police News. In fact,                                                 old.                                            Early on in the business, Bell spent lit-
                                            GPD to handle sex offender registrations
he did not even live in the same city as                                                     Across the street, neighbor Dorothy         tle time in the shop, his partner doing
                                            working Thursdays and Fridays only. By
reported in The Police News.                                                               Lang, had been watching the children          most of the work. The partner soon
                                            comparison, the League City Police
   We were contacted by Crime Stoppers to                                                  play and saw Bell as he got out of the        became disenchanted with the way the
                                            Department, a city with a larger popula-
confirm that the address we had given for                                                  pickup and walked towards the children        partnership was working out and left the
                                            tion than Galveston, with 43 registered sex
Slawson was indeed correct, 3913 First                                                     exposing himself. Lang called to her                    continued on page 2 (Interest)
                                            offenders, has a full-time, certified police
Street in Galveston. To be sure, we                                                        son, Larry Gibbins, who was mowing the
                                            officer in charge of supervising sex offend-
checked with the Galveston Police                                                          grass. Upon hearing his mother, 27-year
                                            ers. But as they say, that’s another story.
Department and on the sex offender data                                                    old Gibbins told his mother to call
                                               Darren Lee Slawson was convicted in
base of the Texas Department of Public                                                     the police and he ran to
                                            1991 when he was 26-years old, of the
Safety. We were right. When Slawson reg-                                                   confront Bell. The two men
                                            sexual assault of a 14-year old girl in
istered with the GPD he gave his home                                                      met at the door of Bell’s
                                            Harris County. He was arrested by
address as 3913 First Street in Galveston.                                                 truck at the same time
                                            Constable’s in Precinct-5 and later given
But guess what? He didn’t live there. He                                                   and Gibbins succeeded
had never lived there. He lied to the           continued on page 20 (Sex Offender)        in grabbing the keys                                         ON THE SCENE with
                                                                                                                                                    Galveston County Police News
                                                                                                             continued from page 1 (Interest)            Bell, who the girls probably knew from
                                                                                                             business, forcing Bell to devote most of    the surf shop, had previously been
                                                                                                             his time and attention there.               arrested while driving a white van.
                                                                                                               Detective Paige says that during that       “We’ve got some circumstantial evi-
  The Galveston County Police News is published monthly by PoliceNewsOnline.Com and is not                   period in 1971, Debbie Ackerman and         dence,” says Detective Paige. “We can
  copyrighted. Other law enforcement publications are invited to reprint materials which originate with
  Galveston County Police News. We require only that you give credit to the author and this paper            Maria Johnson frequented Doug’s Surf &      link him. When we look at all these
  when reprinting.                                                                                           Dive Shop on Avenue S, and were seen        other cases involving young girls in the
     We encourage readers to submit letters for publication on the Opinion/Editorial pages. All letters      there just prior to their disappearance.    Galveston County area, I can make a
  and articles are subject to review by the publisher. Letters and guest editorials are the sole opinion
                                                                                                             “We’re investigating linkage between the    good argument and put our guy in the
  of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or views of the publisher or our advertisers.
    The GCPN reserves the right to refuse publication of any letter, article or other materials submitted.   two dead girls and other girls murdered     area. I’m talking about Alvin, Dickinson,
    Notice: Articles and/or photos submitted for publication in the GCPN must be received by the             during this time frame in Galveston         Galveston, Southwest Houston and
  15th of the month prior to publication. Submissions received after the 15th may appear, space                                                          Pasadena. This guy could be could be
  permitting, in the next issue.
                                                                                                             County,” said Paige.
                                      Breck Porter, Editor/Publisher                                           There is also a white van involved in     one of those guys we read about,” he
                                              P.O. Box 5396                                                  the investigation. Paige told The Police    concluded.
                                         Galveston, Texas 77554                                                                                            Paige appealed to anyone who may
                                          409-762-NEWS (6397)
                                                                                                             News, “For whatever reason back then
                                            409-632-0103 Fax                                                 they were putting so much emphasis on       have snapped pictures of Doug’s Surf &
                                                                                                             a green truck as a suspect vehicle. They    Dive Shop at 5700 Avenue S, between
                                                                                                             were always talking about a green truck.    1971-73, to contact him, especially if the

  Protect Your Community!                                                                                    Apparently there was a pedophile run-
                                                                                                             ning around in a green truck in the same
                                                                                                             time frame and the news picked up on
                                                                                                                                                         picture reveals a white van parked there.
                                                                                                                                                           We encourage our readers who may
                                                                                                                                                         remember the surf shop or may have

  RE-ELECT JUDGE                                                                                             that green truck. I believe that if they
                                                                                                             had put a white van in the paper they
                                                                                                                                                         gone there in the old days, 35 years ago,
                                                                                                                                                         or who may be in possession of some

   SUSAN CRISS                                                                                               would have got his ass,” said the detec-    old, inherited photographs, or who may
                                                                                                             tive.                                       have known or met Edward Howard Bell,
                                                                                                               The last time Ackerman and Johnson        to also contact Paige. It is never too late
                                                                                                             were seen alive, they were willingly get-   to prosecute for murder.
   212th DISTRICT COURT                                                                                      ting into a white van across the street
                                                                                                             from the Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream
                                                                                                                                                           The direct phone line to the desk of
                                                                                                                                                         Detective Paige is 409-797-3762.
                                                                                                             Shoppe on 4th Street. Edward Howard
  The Judge Who Works for YOU!

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Page 2 - Galveston County Police News
              Across                 70   Leave dumbfounded
1    Hocus-__                        71   Match components
6    Ranch vacationer                72   __ Lee of Marvel Comics
10   Poker ante, perhaps             73   Divided, like a swimming pool
14   __-garde
15   Non-written test                               Down
16   Tennis’s Mandlikova             1    One of the Three Bears
17   Analyze, grammatically          2    Cameo shape
18   Folklore meanie                 3    Rob Reiner’s dad
19   May race, in brief              4    Topple from office
20   Tool with a hexagonal shaft     5    Casey, the Mets’ first manager
23   Fizzle out                      6    Way in
24   Have __ at                      7    Advise strongly
25   First-rate                      8    Mends, in a way
27   All-time greatest               9    Awards a seat to
32   Tart fruit                      10   O’Hare locale: Abbr.
33   Tread the boards                11   Bicycle part
34   Strung along                    12   Kind of rubber or ink
36   New Orleans sandwich            13   Remittance sender
39   Nick Charles’s wife             21   Crafted on a loom
41   USNA part                       22   Butler, maid, etc.
43   California wine valley          26   Bird on a Canadian dollar
44   Has down pat                    27   Paris’s Left __
46   Reason for a raise              28   Bus. school subject
48   Backboard attachment            29   What you’re best at
49   48-Across attachments           30   Red-coated cheese
51   Brief outlines                  31   Gads about
53   Bargain hunter’s stop           35   __ a soul (nobody)
56   Clean air org.                  37   Mayberry tyke
57   “__ alive!”                     38   Starchy tubers                   52   Canal locale              61     Politico Bayh
58   Large companies, collectively   40   Leaves dumbfounded               53   “__ Andronicus”           62     __ up (appraise)
64   Museum guide’s offering         42   Prompters’ utterances                 (Shakespearean tragedy)   63     Iditarod vehicle
66   Harvest haul                    45   Wild guess                       54   Make amends               65     ACLU concern: Abbr.
67   Nitpick                         47   Like some anesthetics            55   Plumed wader
68   Pound or pint                   50   Oil __ (results of tanker        59   __ fide                         Solution is on page 17
69   Lotto cousin                         mishaps)                         60   Well-informed about

                                                                                                               Galveston County Police News - Page 3
                                               Who said this job was easy?                                                                         By ANTHONY JONES

                                                     a                            the
                                                Indoorssimple office just insidepointsfronta
                                                           of the Dickinson Police
                                               Department, Chief Ron Morales           to
                                                                                               said. “I’ve got some that do ministry work. I
                                                                                               know other departments have these kinds of
                                                                                               people too. But these guys are genuine –
                                                                                                                                                   for that I call our community,” Morales said.
                                                                                                                                                   “Most of our schools are on the edge of town
                                                                                                                                                   – we have two inside the city limits.”
                                               framed poster titled, “Priorities,” and says    they really try to help people. They’re just a         Hughes Road School for instance is situat-
                                               the most important thing anybody can do is      lot closer to the community.”                       ed right on the city limits. He explained that
                                               make a difference in the life of a child.          Area residents often tell Morales some-          all of the traffic on Hughes Road is inside
                                                  While the 52-year-old police chief is not    thing one of his officer’s has done for them,       the Dickinson city limits.
                                               too happy with spending up to 11 hours a        not excluding contributions of food, clothes           “We have to deal with all the traffic,”
                                               day and a couple of weekends each month         or cold cash.                                       Morales said. “When you go down Hughes
                                               away from his wife, Irene, and six children,       “It’s not something that they go bragging        Road during school times, all these cars are
                                               he does find time for high-powered play. He     about,” he said. “I find out from somebody          backed up on Hughes Road in our city lim-
                                               was scheduling a sky dive for his son’s 18th    else. I can’t believe it.”                          its. The school is actually in Texas City.”
                                               birthday.                                          The idea moved the chief so much that he            Using McCree Ford as an example,
                                                  “That started out as a joke – he’s the       started awarding uncirculated silver dollars        Morales said: “Their cash register is in the
                                               youngest and he wants to outdo his sisters,”    to officers who helped out in the communi-          city limits of League City, everything else is
                                               he said. But beside himself and his son, 12     ty. Among Dickinson police the silver dollars       in Dickinson.”
                                               other people had confirmed jumps with the       are called “Ronnie Dollars.”                           “If they get a car burglarized or something
                                               chief in Rosharon.                                 Serving about 21,000 people, the 31 full-        like that, we have to go take the report but
                                                  Photos and cards from his children line      time officers, two reserve officers, four part-     we don’t get the tax revenue for any of that,”
                                               his office shelves and speaking from behind     time officers, four part time jailers, seven        he added. “We have to deal with the crime.”
                                               a desk with an angel standing over a police     full-time dispatchers, three part-time dis-            “In the Moore’s Edition, they talk about all
                                               officer who is kneeling down to speak to a      patchers, and two clerks of the Dickinson           the crack and crime,” said Morales. “You can
                                               child, he said that like most police depart-    Police Department are in a facility built           spit to our city limits from the Shamrock (gas
                                               ments narcotics and related crime is the        three years ago at 400 Liggio Road just two         station) where they’ve had killings and all this.
                                               biggest issue facing Dickinson. But he          blocks east of Highway 3. Morales calls it a        People look at this as our community and we
                                               explained that’s where the similarity ends.     blessing from residents.                            respond to those calls.”
                                                  “There are some awesome people here,”           “We’ve outgrown it but I don’t hear any-            “We’re the first ones there,” he added.
                                               said Morales, who has been with the             one complaining,” Morales said. “We’ve put          “There’s no way the county can beat us
                                               Dickinson PD for 11 years come October.         up a storage building out back and the              there, there’s no way League City could beat
                                               “They don’t have the mentality of my job is     Citizens Academy Alumni Association is put-         us there.”
                                               to put handcuffs on people and write people     ting up another building.”                             Highway 3 splits the area — Dickinson is
                                               citations and throw them in jail.”                 Attrition and losing personnel to better         on the west side and the county is on the
                                                  Dickinson Mayor Julie Masters said           paying cities became a drag on the                  east side. According to the UCR crime sta-
                                               Morales is doing a great job as police chief.   Dickinson department. Morales said he               tistics, there were no murders in 2001 and
                                                  “He’s really involved in the department      couldn’t even remember their names they             2002. In 2003, there were two murders
                                               and participated in the Child Safety Fair,”     were rotating out so fast after they had been       reported, and 2004 and 2005 each had one

Law Enforcement
                                               Masters said. “Officers were also in the
                                               CHAMPS program, which is reading and
                                               mentoring to junior high and high school
                                                                                                  Six years ago the officer’s association
                                                                                               went for a pay referendum. Even with the
                                                                                                                                                   reported murder.
                                                                                                                                                       “The last murder that happened over
                                                                                                                                                   there happened in the county – it began in
   Equipment and
         Accessories                           kids. I’d say that he saved a few of them       mayor and council solidly opposing the              the city but escalated in the county,”
                                               from going down the wrong path.”                measure, “the citizens voted 2-1 to give us         Morales said. “We’re still a part of that. We
  6831 Broadway Suite. F                          Masters said Morales is a good role model    a 20 percent raise six years ago and that           have to deal with that. Our detectives found
  Pearland, Texas 77584                        for his staff and worked hard to get officers   stopped it (attrition).”                            the car so, it’s our manpower.”
       Owned & Operated by                     back in school, reading and mentoring to           “We’re not where League City is and we’re           The issues go beyond an arrest or a con-
        Ofr. Rick Fernandez                    students, which provided a the police           not where Friendswood is but we’re above            fiscation because the staff members
 Office: 281-412-7358    Mon-Fri 9am - 7pm     department’s positive side to the students.     LaMarque,” he said, referring to the police         involved also have to go to court, which can
 Fax: 281-412-7354       Saturday 10am - 7pm      Robbery and assault have seen modest         pay scale. “We’re a little bit above the            be a week of time as well as other related
                      decreases in Dickinson since 2001, with         mean.”                                              activities that take time away from officers
        E-mail:          235 assaults reported in 2004 and 190              Morales’ toughest problem goes back a            patrolling Dickinson streets.
                                               reported in 2005, according to the FBI’s        long time and is a result of how the city              “It’s those kinds of issues that can drain a
                                               Unified Crime Reports (UCI). The statistics     fathers mapped out the area.                        department,” the chief said.
 MONTHLY AUTO AUCTION                          show 136 burglaries in 2001, 130 in 2002,          Galveston County Sheriff Gean Leonard               He explained traffic is related to the many
   IN HOUSTON AREA                             117 in 2003, 108 in 2004, and 121 report-       explained that the Sheriff’s office has jurisdic-   subdivisions that are being built around
      100 + CARS                               ed in 2005. Rape reported over the five-year    tion throughout Galveston County, but munici-       Dickinson.
                                               period show 13 in 2001 and 10 in 2005.          palities have primary responsibility for patrol        “They’re all actually in the city limits of
                                               Likewise, motor vehicle thefts reported in      services in the unincorporated areas.               League City but they’re closer to
                                               2002, totaled 61 and 34 were reported in           “Therefore, we share resources with all          Dickinson,” Morales said. “For example
                                               2005.                                           municipalities whose city limits border the         Dove Meadows – I grew up there — they
        361-939-7749                              So, Dickinson does not have a typical        unincorporated areas — Dickinson being a            have Dickinson telephone numbers,                     police department but the men and women         unique one in that there are areas where, lit-      Dickinson mailing addresses, but it’s in                     employed there share a common dedication        erally, one side of the street is city and the      League City. League City came in and
                                               to community and its people. Morales says       other, county,” Leonard added. “Our agen-           grabbed all that. Their kids go to Dickinson
        Texas Auto Title &                     it’s mind-boggling.                             cies cooperate in a very efficient manner in        schools, they shop Dickinson everything is
   Registration Consultants, Inc.                 “I’ve got men who work with the police       terms of response to calls for service, to the      Dickinson we get absolutely zero revenues
    Donald Mcclure TXE 12482                   department that can walk out of here today      mutual benefit of the taxpayer.”                    from that.”
                                               and walk right into the ministry,” Morales         “We have an area that we are responsible
                                                                                                                                                                  continued on page 15 (Job)
Page 4 - Galveston County Police News
                                                                             MARK J. KELLY

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                                                                                                                                   G ALVESTON C OUNTY P OLICE
       ★Deem Realty                                                        OPEN LETTER
                                              Dear Supporter of Law Enforcement,Every 53 hours in America, a law enforce-          NEWS EDITOR RECEIVES AWARD
                                            ment officer gives his or her life to protect our safety and security. Each of these     The     Public    Safety      Writers
                                            fallen heroes is honored at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in          Association of America announced
  Three Locations to Serve You!             Washington, D.C. The Memorial is a richly deserved tribute to more than 17,500         winners of it’s annual writing competi-
                                            officers who have died in the line of duty.                                            tion during the PSWA convention in
     Galveston: 1411 39th Street              For those whom the fallen leave behind, the Memorial is a solemn and sacred          Las Vegas in March.
            409-765-7773                    place: It is where we respect, honor and remember the men and women who                  Second place in news article writing
                                            placed our safety and welfare above their own.                                         was awarded to Breck Porter, Editor
                                              During 2005, 155 law enforcement officers made the ultimate sacrifice.
 Jamaica Beach: 18001 San Luis Pass Rd                                                                                             of the Galveston County Police News
             409-737-4567                   Another 311 dedicated officers were killed in the line of duty in prior years, and     for his story of the murder of
                                            until now have been forgotten by history. The names of these 466 officers will         Galveston Police Officer Bennie Elrod
                                            soon be engraved onto the walls of the Memorial.                                       who was shot and killed with his own
   Dickinson: 2822 Main St. (F.M. 517 E.)     We urgently need your help to engrave the names of these 466 law enforcement         service revolver in the GPD Booking
               281-309-9797                 heroes onto the Memorial Wall. The cost to engrave one fallen officer’s name           Office in 1948. Porter’s article was
                                            onto the Memorial Wall is about $250. This means that it will cost $116,500 to         also published on the Police News
                                            honor these 466 heroes.                                                                website and the national law enforce-

  Dixie Shoe Repair                           To demonstrate your respect and gratitude to these fallen heroes, please make
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Page 6 - Galveston County Police News
                                                                     GALCO HARDWARE

Gotcha’s                                                              & SUPPLY CO,
                                                                                                         “WE ARE
                                                                                                      THE PROBLEM

   On this date our                                         (409) 925-6323 • (409) 925-4155 FAX
 mobile news unit                  Our latest Hall of
 was driving around             Shame member is                 12920 Hwy. 1764 • Santa Fe
 look for rude, incon-          from Texas City.
 siderate, dumb, stu-           This SUV is just plain
                                                            • Heavy Duty            A&A–D&P
 pid drivers and we             arrogant. Wonder if         • Unlock Any Car
 found this one.                it takes after it’s driv-   • Jump Start            WRECKER SERVICE
 License      number            er? License 6SL-P62.        • RV Towing             24 HOUR SERVICE
                                                            • Off Road Service
 N73-FRN is now in                      (GCPN Photo)        • Out of Town Towing
                                                                                    NO JOB TOO SMALL
 our Hall of Shame.                                         • Emergency Auto Repair    or TOO FAR!
        (GCPN Photo)                                        Operated by the Anderwalds
                                                            (409) 740-0581 - (409) 740-1622
                                                            Toll Free: 866-740-1622

   What is it about
 Kickup Trucks that                Here’s one in
                                                                O'D O N O H O E
                                Dickinson. Shame,
 makes the driver
 ignore the law? Our
 Hall of Shame seems
                                shame. You’re in our
                                Hall of Shame.
                                                             A LLSTATE A GENCY
 to be full of them             License 25N-SK3. Is
 including License              it yours?                     • AUTO • HOMEOWNERS
 4LK-D58.                              (GCPN photo)         • LIFE • HEALTH • COMMERCIAL
        (GCPN Photo)
                                                                          5928 Stewart Road
                                                                         Galveston, TX 77551
   We caught this one
 at the Wal-Mart in               What is it about
 Kemah.       He was            those yellow stipes
 lucky that we caught           on the ground. They
 him instead of the             seem to attract igno-
 Kemah           Police
 because they don’t
 allow this in Kemah.
                                rant cars with driv-
                                ers in them. License
                                C75-TMK goes into
                                                                  PLUMBING SERVICE
 License P73-WJS is             our Hall of Shame.
 in our Hall of Shame.                 (GCPN Photo)
                                                                   Prompt, Professional Service
        (GCPN Photo)
                                                                      Licensed & Insured
                                                                       Owner Operated

   This SUV has a                                                   409-737-5559
 handicap     license             This car thinks it’s
 plate but that does                                                    Lance Stewart, Owner
                                a van. The sign in
 not mean that he can           front of it says VANS
                                                                        Master Lic. M-21753
 park on the yellow             ONLY. Some cars
 stipes. The stripes            are really, really stu-                 9443 Jamaica Beach
 mean NO PARKING                                                       Galveston, TX 77554
                                pid or they can’t
 regardless so STAY
                                read. License G96-
 OFF. License plate
 7RL-MR goes into our           PKH.
 DUH! file.                            (GCPN Photo)
        (GCPN photo)

    This Kickup Truck thinks                                • SALES/SERVICE
                                  License W58-SSY -
 it’s a van too and it also
 thinks it has side doors. It   Pardon me Mr. Dodge         • LIGHTBARS
 is parked in a space           Minivan but did you hap-    • INSTALLATION
 reserved for Vans which        pen to notice that this
                                space is reserved for
                                                            • FIRE PAGERS
 unload wheelchairs from a
 side door. We watched a        HANDICAP PARKING?           • PROGRAMMING
 young, energetic cowgirl       Since you are blind, stu-      WE SUPPORT LAW ENFORCEMENT,
 jump out of this buggy and     pid, arrogant, uncaring,       EMS, & VFD…OFFERING UP TO A
 two-step into Wal-Marts.       and disrespectful, you
 License G96-PKH. We give                                      20% DISCOUNT.
                                probably qualify for
 her two cow chips for          something, but not              Additional 5% off with this ad on first order
 being a creep.
                                handicap parking
              (GCPN Photo)                                     409-744-2444
                                                               6702 Oleander Avenue

                                                                   Galveston County Police News - Page 7
                                                                                                              The Choking Game —
                                               • Beach Decor • Jewelry • Hats • Swimware (Children & Adult)
        Gaberdine’s                            •Sunglasses • Beach Footware • Sundries • Household Goods
                                               • Surf Boards • Boogie Boards • Hardware Items • Beach Toys
  DOLLAR STORE                                  • Flashlights • Crabbing & Fishing Tackle • Helium Balloons

                                                                                                              A Deadly Game Killing Our Kids
 1020 Diamond Rd. — Crystal Beach                                                       AN
                                                 Mon-Thurs 9 - 7                           D
    (Accross from Jose’s Cantina)                                                      MO
                                                  Fri & Sat 9 - 8                         RE
      409-684-0161                               Sunday 1;30 - 6
                                                                                                                      ost                no clue how
                                                                                                               Mhavechildrenthishave kids are doing
                                                                                                                      dangerous      activity is. Most
                                                                                                                           no clue that
                                                                                                                                                              have died from this were not children in
                                                                                                                                                              trouble. Most were well liked, active, intel-
                                                                                                                                                              ligent, stable children who wanted nothing

 HOMETOWN BANK                                                                                      N.A.
                                                                                                              this until someone in their lives dies or is
                                                                                                              damaged by it. Schools seem oblivious to
                                                                                                                                                              to do with drugs or alcohol. This was an
                                                                                                                                                              activity they felt was safe. Children have

 •Galveston •Friendswood •League City O MEMBER FDIC                                                           it though it has been reported numerous
                                                                                                              times that this activity often takes place at
                                                                                                                                                              no clue about the physiological principles
                                                                                                                                                              involved and need to be told by the adults
                                                                                                              school. Medical examiners and police            in their lives how dangerous this is. Also,
 Galveston Main Bank: 1801 45th St., 763-1271 ~ Seawall Branch: 45th and Seawall Blvd., 763-5252              continue to classify these deaths as sui-       most children have no concept of their
 Friendswood: 3211 FM 528, (281) 648-9000 ~ League City: 1406 W. Main, (281) 554-3265                         cide by hanging when there is no evidence       own mortality. They truly believe nothing
                                                                                                              that the child intended to take his life. The   can hurt them.
                                                                                                              only way to stop the deaths from this activ-            What are the Symptoms of this
  Abbey Roofing & Remodeling                                                                                  ity is to publicize, especially in the
                                                                                                              schools, the danger of this activity as we
                                                                                                                                                                 There is of course no “test” for this. It is

     COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL                                                                                 do with the use of drugs and alcohol.
                                                                                                                      What is the Choking Game?
                                                                                                                                                              chemically undetectable, However, there
                                                                                                                                                              are some signs which raise red flags:
                                        KIRK LAND                                                                The Choking Game achieves a brief high          1. Inexplicable marks or bruises on the
                                                                                                              or euphoric state by stopping the flow of       throat
             All Types of Roofs                                                                               oxygen containing blood to the brain.              2. Frequent severe headaches
                                                                                                              Sometimes children choke each other                3. Redness of the eyes
  •   Repair Specialists
  •   Reroofs – Power Washing                             Free Estimates                                      until the person being choked passes out.
                                                                                                              The pressure on the arteries is then
                                                                                                                                                                 4. Belts, leashes, ropes, shoelaces tied
                                                                                                                                                              in strange knots or found in unusual loca-
  •   Carpentry – Painting                                                                                    released and blood flow to the brain            tions.
  •   Siding – Historical Specialists                                                                         resumes causing a “rush” as conscious-             5. Unexplained cuts or bruises from
                                                                                                              ness returns. There are variations of this      falling.
                                                                                                              activity which involve hyper-ventilating           6. Disorientation after spending time
              765-4343                                                                                        until the participant loses consciousness.
                                                                                                              There is a lesser chance of death but it is
                                                                                                                                                                 7. Locked bedroom doors.
                                                                                                              still not safe. Playing this game in any           Not all of these signs may be present.
                                                                                                              form causes the permanent and cumula-              If I think My child may be doing this,
                         CREATIONS UPHOLSTERY                                                                 tive death of large numbers of brain cells.                      what can I Do?
                                                                                                              The variation in blood pressure may also           • Supervise the child very closely.
                                                                                                              cause strokes, seizures, and retinal dam-
                                              409-927-2747                                                    age.
                                                                                                                                                                 • Dispose of items that could be
                                                                                                                                                                     employed for this purpose.
                                        11709 FM 1764 in Santa Fe                                                 The danger becomes even greater when           • Warn your child about this activity.
                                                                                                              a ligature is used and the activity is per-            They often don’t know that this activty
          Boats - Motorcycles - Jeeps                                                                         formed by a lone child. If the child loses             can kill them or leave them brain
           Pickups and Convertibles                                                                           consciousness and there is no one there                damaged.
                                                                                                              to IMMEDIATELY release the pressure, he            • Alert school officials so that they can
                                             Come see us                                                      is unable to help himself. The child will              monitor your child. Often other
                                              for all your                                                    suffer brain damage and death certainly                students may also be participating.
                                              Upholstery                                                      after three minutes. Some of those who             • Consider professional counseling and
                                                Needs!                                                        have died were alone for as little as 15               suppor t for your child and your
                                                                                                              minutes before someone found them and                  family.
                                                                                                              it was already too late. This activity can         • Check that siblings are not involved in
                                                                                                              claim a child’s life the first time it is              this activity.
                                                                                                              played.                                            • Consider alerting your child’s friends
                                                                                                                  How Long Has This Been going On?                   parents.
                                                                                                                 This activity has been going on for gen-            How widespread is this activity?
                                                                                                              erations. In almost any group of adults,           Deaths have occurred from this activity
                                                                                                              one can find someone who played this            nationwide, and in other countries around
                                                                                                              game in some form or another when they          the world.
                                                                                                              were children. The modification that has           There are, no doubt, more and the list of
                                                                                                              made it even more dangerous is the use of       dead children seems to grow each day.
                                                                                                              ligatures and the practice of doing it alone.
                                                                                                                                                                   What Can I Do to Help Stop This?
                                                                                                              Make no mistake. It is NEVER safe, but
                                                                                                              most of the children who get into trouble          Talk to the children in your life, parents
                                                                   CAPTAIN ALAN HELFMAN                       are alone.                                      and everyone you know who works with
                                                                          OWNER                                          Why Do Kids Do This?                 children Make sure they understand why
                                                                                                                 Some do it for the high which can            it is so dangerous to participate in this
                                                                                                              become addictive. Others do it because          activity. I have a hard time calling this a
                                                                                                              it’s “cool” and risky. Most of the kids who                      continued on next page–
Page 8 - Galveston County Police News
                                                                                                   E. R. Johnson Family Mortuary
 The Way I See It Breck Porter/Editor           about handicap parking abuse in public
                                                                                               Eddie R. Johnson
                                                                                                  Owner/Funeral Director
                                                                                                                                “Quality, Distinctive, Professional Service”
                                                                                                                                3828 Avenue O/PO Box 5          Phone: (409) 762-8470
                                                parking lots.                                                                                                   Fax: (409) 762-8480
                                                                                                 Cremation, Monuments,
                                                                                               Pre Arrangements, Insurance      Galveston, Tx.77550-6626        E-mail:
                       Where are all the            I wonder what that Grand Jury                  and Notary Services
                           cops going?                       really thought.
                          o borrow a               Four year old Kraig Lee Jenkins used
                    T     phrase; if you
                    hear a loud swooshing
                                                to play out in the parking lot next door
                                                to my home. He was killed three days
 sound near the causeway, it is probably        before Christmas in the Jamaica Beach
 Galveston Police Officers heading north        Apartments where he lived with his
 for better jobs. Recently a Patrol             scumbag grandmother and her ex-con-
 Sergeant and an Investigator, who also         vict boyfriend. One or both of them
 trained officers in self defense, joined       were cooking a killer drug in that apart-
 the Houston Police Department. Four            ment to peddle to addicts in our neigh-
 others have applied for other area             borhoods. Kraig’s death was a homi-
 departments. The GPD is traditionally          cide. That means that someone killed
 undermanned and there is no change in          him. Can you guess who that someone
 sight. The Island is growing in popula-        was? The Grand Jury finally, after five
 tion and spreading out geographically,         months, indicted them both for Capital
 requiring more police officers to do the       Murder. I will be there for that trial. You
 job. Instead we have fewer officers,           can bet on that.
 slower response times, more rookie offi-         Hang the Chief! Hang the Chief!
 cers and fewer seasoned ones. It‚s not            I can hear it already and there is no
 going to change until city father‚s            doubt in my mind that if Police Chief
 become crime victims.                          Barry Cook of Santa Fe had shot and
     Have you heard of the 800 pound
                                                killed the burglar that came into his
                                                home and left with his wife’s purse, we
                                                                                               Mighty Muffler
   Last year when we did investigative
 reports on the Galveston parking meter
                                                would be hearing cries for his scalp
                                                clear across the county and even fur-
                                                                                               Auto Repair & Gun Sales
 fiasco, nothing happened. When we              ther. The burglar was 15-years old.           We Will Meet or Beat          • Optics • Rifles • Handguns
 talked with city officials about it, we got    Chief Cook was at home and so was his            ANY Written Estimate.          • Hunting Supplies
 token responses like, “Oh that’s a seri-       service pistol. The crook may have                     All Work Guaranteed!      Buy, Sell or Trade
 ous problem, we really need to do some-        been a juvenile but so are most crooks        1 - Year Muffler.........................$60.00*   COWBOY DUALS...INSTALLED...$219.99*
 thing.” Nothing was done. A couple of          nowadays. But if the cops kill one of                CATALYTIC CONVERTERS                        BRAKE SERVICE....INSTALLED....$79.99*
 months ago Hebert Taylor and The Daily         them, the cop stands a good chance of         Standard Application..............$169.99*         LUBE OIL & FILTER...up to 5 Qts.$19.95+TAX
 News growled about it. Guess what?             going to the pen, even if the crook gets      3# Application.........................$199.99* low as................$39.95
                                                it in the cops own home.                      Large Capacity........................$219.99*                      *Tax Included
 Two months later we had a new city
 ordinance that we call the Boot & Tow             That’s the way I see it. How about            (PRICES INCLUDE INSTALLATION)                    Hours: M-F 8am to 6pm — Sat. 8am to 12pm
 Act. Sometime it takes the roar of that        you? Write me at The Police News, PO          515 Texas Avenue – La Marque — 409-935-9679
 800 pound Gorilla to get something             Box 5396, Galveston, Texas 77554 or           10% OFF FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS
    done. We hope the Gorilla will roar         E-Mail:

continued from previous page–                  Hawaiian High, Fainting Game, California
game. But that’s what the kids call it.        High, Breath play, Choke Out, Cloud Nine,
                                               Dream or dreaming, Funky Chicken,
                                                                                                   SUBSCRIBE TO GALVESTON COUNTY POLICE NEWS
Even if they survive, people who partici-
pate are killing brain cells each time they    Ghost, Hanging, Hyperventilation, Purple
                                                                                                 YES - $24 a year. All subscriptions mailed First Class, 12 issues for Galveston County Police
do this. The damage done is permanent          Dragon, Natural High, Something                 News to:
and cumulative. In addition, a child chok-     Dreaming, Suffocation or suffocation
ing another child who is injured or dies,      roulette, Teen Choking or Tingling . There      Name _____________________________________________________________________

may be indicted and prosecuted for his         may be others as well.
                                                                                               Address ____________________________________________________________________
part in the death or injury.                                   Is This AeA?
  Insist that the school districts in your       Sometimes but the two are not synony-         City ______________________________________ State _____ Zip ___________________
area provide education about this activity     mous. In cases of Auto-erotic Asphyxia,
as a part of the risky behavior curriculum     an element of sexual satisfaction is                Check Enclosed       Money Order       Pay by Phone 409-752-6397     Charge my credit card
(drugs and alcohol, etc.) Doing so insures     involved. Like the choking game, AeA               Visa      Master Card      Expiration Date__________________________________
that all children are warned of the dangers    causes death due to hypoxia or oxygen
of this activity. This should start as early                                                   Card Number_________________________________________________________
                                               deprivation to the brain and, like the chok-
as elementary school as older children         ing game, AeA is often confused with sui-
seem to pass this activity to younger ones.                                                    Signature ___________________________________________________________________
                                               cide by the officials investigating these
         What Else Is This Called?             deaths.                                                                            Send form and payment to:

  There are numerous names for it.
Space Monkey, Fainting, Pass Out Game,
                                                 You may get more information about this
                                               growing threat to children and read actual
                                                                                                   <                           Galveston County Police News
                                                                                                                            P.O. Box 5396 Galveston, TX 77554
                                                                                                                            E-mail to:
Black Out Game, American Dream,                case stories on the internet at:                                     Call: 409-762-6397 or Call Toll-Free: 1-888-788-8967
Flatliner or Flatline, Space Cowboy, Knock                                    Or subscribe online at:
Out, Gasp, Rising Sun, Airplaning,
                                                                                                                                                        Galveston County Police News - Page 9
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Galveston Police Officers continue to support their
counterparts in hurricane ravaged New Orleans.
  In April four of Galveston’s Finest deliv-    There are still houses on roadways and       had been inundated by about eight feet of
ered 2,000 pounds of dog food for K-9’s         sidewalks in the lower 9th Ward,” he said.   flood water and is still only partially opera-
which are being used extensively in the           Accompanying Sgt. Caldwell on the trip     tion. The food should supply the depart-
area.                                           was K-9 Officer Destin Sims and Sgt. Pete    ments twelve canines for a month.
  “We were amazed at the damage, there          Alcocer. They delivered the Science Diet       Danny Riley the New Orleans K-9 trainer
are still cars on top of cars and cars on top   dog food which was provided by the           and 30-year police veteran provided a tour
of houses,” commented Sgt. Joel Caldwell.       Galveston Veterinary Clinic, Uppercuts       of the city for the Galveston officers so
“If you told me that Katrina had struck last    Barber Shop and Joyce Schloetzer of Hill’s   they could see the extent of the destruc-
week I would believe you after seeing the       Pet Food Company.                            tion and understand how much more work           GPD Officers unload dog food at New
level of destruction that still remains.          The New Orleans Police K-9 compound        needs to be done.                                Orleans Police K-9 compound

                                                                                                                      Visit us at our second location
                                                                                                                      in League City near Highway 3
                                                                                                                      and Highway 518 across from
                                                                                                                             League City Park.

                                                                                                                             Call 281-316-1441

Page 10 - Galveston County Police News
          he release of many of the 911          behind because it, too, with its own per-         fewer in number with voices in a painful
                                                                                                                                                   By John Burtis – Freelance Writer

                                                                                                                                                  something more could be done for those

 T        tapes from 9/11 finally put the
          spotlight on another relatively
unheralded group of American heroes.
                                                 sonality, is having a hard time keeping up
                                                 with your inputs. Engines, tower ladders
                                                 and rescue companies coming in from all
                                                                                                   shock but resolute in purpose, begin to
                                                                                                   came back on line. The phones begin to
                                                                                                   ring again. Additional calls go out — more
                                                                                                                                                  9/11 dispatchers. But, by their nature,
                                                                                                                                                  they are usually a quiet bunch, not prone
                                                                                                                                                  to hooting and hollering. But they certain-
  Today we think of terror as being some-        over town are calling for their staging           rigs are going in. Regular calls for service   ly deserve our prayers for their sacrifice,
body else’s problem—in Iraq, at the              areas. All manner of chiefs are transmit-         and other fires give you something to con-     for their unseen bravery and for their suf-
Pentagon, in the White House, in a               ting orders, special requests, locations to       centrate on. Off duty guys are coming into     fering.
Humvee, or on a Marine patrol in Fallujah.       stage and for high-rise packs, changes of         empty stations and the house watch
  Just a few short years ago, we realized it     frequencies, requests for squad compa-            offices are calling you with information.       John Burtis is a freeland writer living in
was our problem when the Towers fell, the        nies, direct messages to rigs and calls for       Status boards are being updated. Work          New Hampshire.
planes crashed, when the passengers              every available chaplain.                         overcomes the empty hole of grief. The
fought back on Flight 93, when the                  And in the mayhem you build a mental           day moves into night. Coffee and sand-
Pentagon burned, when the interceptors           picture of what s going on and try to wrap        wiches appear…the all-purpose fire
were scrambled, when Bush left the grade         your faculties around the size of the emer-       department remedy. Relief comes in with
school, when the firefighters and the            gency tearing the heart out of your city and      more dreadful news. Time moves on.
police officers died in the hell hole in lower   putting all the guys and gals that you’ve         Shock turns into pain. The scar tissue
Manhattan—where they still, like they            done your absolute level best to protect          appears and begins to solidify, its choking
occasionally do in Pearl Harbor or on            and to help in awful danger.They’re your          tentacles spreading though bodies bent
Guadalcanal, find human remains.                 firefighters and your cops and your folks         with the fatigue of overwhelming loss.
  But on that day of days, the war on ter-       from the Port Authority because you’ve               As a firefighter and as a cop I sat many
ror was also brought home to the 911 dis-        handled their needs and gotten them help          hours in similar rooms, handling smaller
patchers      across      America,        from   and answered their calls and been there           emergencies — those little bits of life and
Manhattan, where they handled the dread-         for them as long as you’ve punched the            death, those fires, automobile accidents,
ful carnage at the WTC, to the folks that        clock, the mike buttons and entered the           lost kids, suicides, violent crimes and
got the cell phone calls from the high-          info on the screens…ever since the day            missing people that mark the rapid decline
jacked aircraft and those that received the      you started work—when the whole place             of our society. I’ve listened to my share of
calls when Flight 93 went down in                looked so big and complicated and every-          frantic telephone exchanges, to the slurred
Pennsylvania and when the plane hit the          body looked so busy and distant and you           ramblings of those who’ve overdosed,
Pentagon in Virginia.                            wondered if you’d ever make the grade             folks calling to report the dying, and to
  911 operators are usually civilians, but       and fit in and earn your bones.Then, in the       those screaming from inside burning build-
not always. And they live in a special world     middle of the cacophony of calls a sudden         ings. My stomach has churned on those
of phones, computer screens, incident            horrible silence cuts across the radio            dreaded officer down, needs help calls.
cards, stress and endless minutes that           channels and many of the phone lines go           I’ve responded to the fire, explosion, peo-
can crawl like months through the stress
laden atmosphere. It s a place where the
pieces to a gigantic puzzle begin to fall
into place with a Poirot-like efficiency or
                                                 dead. And terror grips your heart and you
                                                 begin to shiver…just like the Shuttle oper-
                                                 ations team when the Flight Director
                                                 shouts, “Lock the doors!” You know the
                                                                                                   ple trapped, automatic second alarms.
                                                                                                      But there is nothing in America which
                                                                                                   can compare to what the Manhattan fire
                                                                                                   dispatchers endured on that 9/11 day in
with a helter-skelter kind of wilding mad-       problem’s real and that it s not going away       their bunker in Central Park. As the “My         SANDPIPER COVE
                                                                                                                                                      “A Community That Cares”
ness. The calls can come in on an incident       and that it’s just got to be terrible in scope.   Way” article explains, many of the opera-
in a slow volume as a fire grows in intensi-     You stand up and look around and notice           tors have gone, victims of the stress and         Looking for a New Home?
ty, or blast in as 20 or 30 lines light up       that everybody’s doing the same thing and         the terror which tore them and their world
instantaneously when a tank farm                 they all have the same stricken, punched          apart that day, having realized that the
                                                                                                                                                      Do You Need Assistance
explodes—or, in the case of 9/11 in              in the gut, pale far away look to them. And       callers they were speaking with and the                with Your Rent?
Manhattan, when all the boards go crazy          the head dispatcher hollers, “C’mon               firefighters they were dispatching to save      If the answer is “yes”, we invite you to
and when the whole place lights up like          everybody, let’s get back to work.” But           them, died in the collapse, wiped away for-     visit Sandpiper Cove Apartments,
the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.You        there are no histrionics, no cave-ins—just        ever.                                           3916 Winnie. We have apartments
get a special feel for things while sitting in   that pause to catch your breath and take a           Much is said about preparedness. But         ranging in size from 1 bedroom to 5
an enclosed box like a dispatch center.          drink of Coke.But like it said in the articles,   nothing can prepare you for 12 hours in         bedrooms. We employ a friendly, pro-
Like a blind person whose other senses           even after the Towers fell, the dispatchers       purgatory, where many of the calls you will
                                                                                                                                                   fessional staff whose goal is to help
are magnified due to their loss of sight,        were asking if the Towers were still up           take will be a prolonged station on the
                                                                                                                                                   you as you help yourself to a better
you listen for those tiny nuances that           because they couldn’t believe that they           cross…for the caller and for you. There is
mean so much and indicate the true grav-         were down. And many of them are still             no preparation, no training for responding      way of life. Sandpiper Cove is a qual-
ity of a situation that you can’t see. You       looking for the Towers.There must be a            to the agonizing death of thousands and         ity low-income housing development
can pick up fear in a fire chiefs voice that     technical glitch somewhere keeping all            the sudden disappearance of entire com-         which has its own section 8 contract.
you never heard before. Engine companies         those people off the air because the              panies of firefighters and squads of cops.      No need to wait on your name to
that are usually quite talkative go silent       Towers could not have fallen and killed all          One day as a little kid dreaming about a     come up on the voucher list. Come
and can’t be raised for status checks.           those guys. This cannot be happening              future in the fire department, and hearing      to Sandpiper Cove now and receive
Emergency buttons, those beacons for             today, not on my shift. What in God’s holy        a fire siren go by, I told my grandmother,      the assistance you need.
summoning aid for the uniformed respon-          name could I have done to save more of            who was already used to three generations
ders, which indicate the user’s number on
the radio screen, begin to go off. The spe-
                                                 those poor people.Then, like the Shuttle
                                                 explosion and crash, or any other huge
                                                                                                   of firefighters, “It means somebody’s in
                                                                                                   trouble.” “No,” she said firmly, “it means
                                                                                                                                                    Sandpiper Cove
cial calls for apparatus and ambulances          explosion and death — or like it was during       that someone’s getting help.”                      Apartments T
begin to stack up so fast they can’t be          the 23rd Street fire in 1966 — it s time to          May it always be so.
processed as quickly as they come in. The        begin picking up the pieces and get things           Like the guys who can enter a bar and        3916 Winnie • (409) 763-2461
computer aided dispatching begins to run         back on track. Slowly the radios, though          never have to buy a drink, I wish that
                                                                                                                                                       Galveston County Police News - Page 11
Captain Pat Bittner, 2006 League City Village Fair Chairman, E XTRAORDINAIRE
 A sestthe old-
           of ten
children (nine of
                                               and the Die Hards, Ezra Charles, The
                                               Posse, 4-Barrel Ramblers, The Kyle Hunt
                                               Band, F7 and Mango Punch. And the best
                                                                                               population is great for both the communi-
                                                                                               ty and the police department, says
                                                                                               Bittner. “Citizens are able to interact with
                                                                                                                                              patience,” says Bittner. “This event is the
                                                                                                                                              largest in League City, and the Lions Club
                                                                                                                                              is fortunate to have the continued support
which are boys),                               part is that you can enjoy all the live         officers and see them as real people and       of the community, elected officials and
Police Captain                                 music for only $5 a day (and just $10           friends who are approachable. This builds      local sponsors. The event has grown as
Patrick E. Bittner                             after 5 p.m.).                                  community trust, a critical cornerstone        the community of League City has grown
says “whoever                                    The fun and events kick-off Thursday          for any successful law enforcement             and continues to attract people from
made the mis-                                  the 4th at the newly renovated Walter Hall      agency. Community-oriented law enforce-        around the state. I have been blessed
take of fighting                               Park in League City. Other great enter-         ment agencies enhance their community          that Chief Andrew Daniel has allowed me
one Bittner had                                tainment includes Teen Night, an Apple          partnerships by encouraging their officers     to conduct Village Fair business while jug-
to fight all the Captain Pat Bittner           Pie Contest, a Business Expo, a 5K              to spend time interacting socially with the    gling my police department duties.”
Bittners.” And as                              Walk/Run, Mother of the Year Award, a           people they serve.”                              Bittner is a graduate of Michigan State
a 27-year veteran of the League City           parade and a BBQ Cook Off. For more               Bittner doesn’t just do it for the depart-   University, the FBI National Academy and
Police Dept with six years working long-       information about this event or to volun-       ment, though. He says, “I have been            the Law Enforcement Management
term narcotics and major crime investiga-      teer, please call 281-332-5005 or visit the     involved in community groups for years         Institute. Bittner’s wife Sallie currently
tions with tasks forces, this is one Bittner   Village         Fair       website         at   and have enjoyed every minute of my            trains medical students at the University
who will win the fight.                                        time spent interacting with the dedicated      of Texas Medical School in the Houston
  But Pat Bittner isn’t a fighter as much        Bittner will not be the first peace officer   community leaders. My choices of com-          Medical Center.
as he’s a husband of 21 years to wife          to be President of the Lions Club, but he’s     munity groups have a common thread of            Lions Clubs International is the world’s
Sallie, a father of two teenage sons and       the first in 52 years. Not since Constable      helping children…certainly due to my           largest community service organization
holds a Master Peace Officer License.          Earl Turner was Lions Club President in         strong sense of family.”                       with clubs around the world involved in
This year he adds Chairman of the              1954 has a police officer earned the title.       In addition to being an eight-year mem-      projects as local as cleaning up area
League City Lions Club 52nd Village Fair       The police force is reclaiming its stake in     ber of the Lions Club, Bittner has also        parks and as far-reaching as bringing
and Texas Music Festival that occurs May       the club as Chris Reed, the League City         served as Past President of the North          sight to the world’s blind. Today, with
4-7 to his very busy resume.                   Assistant Chief of Police, will take over       Galveston County YMCA. He also served          more than 45,000 clubs in 197 countries
  The League City Lions Club celebrates        next year as the League City festival chair-    as Past Chairman of the Devereux Texas         and geographical areas, the Lions have
its 52nd Village Fair and Texas Music          man.                                            Board of Directors—and still serves on the     expanded their focus to help meet the
Festival May 4 through May 7 with head-          It makes perfect sense for officers like      Board, as well as serving as a member of       ever-increasing needs of our global com-
liners the Marshall Tucker Band and            Bittner to take leadership roles in the         the Knights of Columbus.                       munity, but their mission has never
Roger Creager and a host of other great        community. Being perceived as not only a          “Serving as Village Fair Chairman is an      wavered: “We Serve.”
musicians including Mean Gene Kelton           law enforcer, but a caring member of the        honor and a true test of leadership and

                                                                                               Hometown Thief Busted in HomeTown Bank
       Lube & Tune
                                                 USA Decon                              SM

                                                                                                 A Galveston man and woman were the thief was working in his yard.
                                                                                               arrested April 15th                                               Among the items
               Featuring                         DECONTAMINATION & RESTORATION OF
                                                                                               when       Galveston                                              taken was a person-
                                                  • Accidents • Homicide • Suicide             Police     Detectives                                             al check.
                                                      • Human Decompositions                   interrupted      their                                              32-year old Robert
                                                     • Gross Filth • Meth Labs                 scheme to cash a                                                  “Stink” Wiltz and his
                                                   713-850-0555                                stolen check at the                                               girlfriend 30-year
                                                                                               HomeTown Bank at                                                  old Tisha Williams
               Jim Enloe                          1-877-627-7458                               4500 Seawall Blvd.                                                who actually lived a
      281-554-8044                              Fax: 281-412-3496
                                                                                                 According to police,                                            block down the
                                                                                               a man posing as a Detectives Teague and Galvan search Wiltz street from the vic-
    281-554-8878 Fax                                E-mail:                   Katrina victim asking and Williams before placing them in a wait- tim,
                                                                                               for work, stole sever- ing squad car.
                                                                                                                                                                 enticed two other
 2102 W. Main League City, Tx 77574                                  al items from the homeowner after men to cash the check for them after
                                                                                               the homeowner left on errands while                       continued on page 18 (Bust)

      ACE OF GALVESTON                                                                                 ROY SALINAS AUTO SALES
                          WRECKER SERVICE                                                              U SED C ARS & T RUCKS
          • Local & Out of Town                    • Fast Service To The Beach
       • All Private Property Tows                     • Flat Bed Available
    • Local & Long Distance Towing                    • Mud & Water Stucks

                                                                                                        E-Z TERMS
                                                                                                       WE FINANCE                                                   CASH FOR
                                                                                                                                                                    YOUR CAR
                                   “We Buy Junk Cars”
                       Serving Galveston and Texas City
                                                                                                            LOT #2                   WE TOTE
                                                                                                 409-621-2454                        THE NOTE             409-763-4422
                             (409) 744-1831                                                      4028 Broadway, Galveston                                 4727 Broadway, Galveston

Page 12 - Galveston County Police News
 Sex Offender Captured in Galveston
                                          Quinston Gamble is featured in the April
                                          editon of Galveston County Police News
                                          in a Crime Stoppers Alert. Police had
                                          commented that they suspeced Gamble
                                          was being hidden by friends or family
                                          making his capture more difficult. On at
                                          least one previous attempt to arrest him,
                                          he was tipped that police were coming
                                          and was able to flee before officers
                                            On a second tip, Galveston Police
                                          responded quickly to the Crime Stoppers
                                          tip and arrested Gamble in a home in the
                                          2100 block of Avenue N. He is charged
                                          with Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child   • Childrens Dentistry
                                          and Indencency with a Child. He is held
                                          in lieu of at least $160,000 in bonds.
          Quinston Gamble                   Shortly after the April Police News was
  A 20-year old Galveston man sought by   distributed to newstands several fugitive
police for a multiple sex offenses was    tips had been received by various Crime
arrrested Sunday, April 2nd following a   Stopper groups throughout Galveston         •Medicaid
tip to Galveston Crime Stoppers.          County.

                      Let our family help your family
                                      Let us represent you
                                  Call the only mother & daughter
                                 team on Galveston Island to assist
                                   you in your buying and selling.
 Joe Tramonte         Peggy Winchester        (409) 739-0055
  Realty West         Becki Winchester-Habib (409) 771-3826

                                                                                                              Galveston County Police News - Page 13
                    GASOLINE — BOAT RAMP
                      O ver Night Boat Slips
                 Hunting & Fishing Licence Sold
                      — K AYAK RENTA LS —
                  Ice – Drinks – Snacks – Beer
                            Live Crabs

       At Pirates Cove Marina
         14302 Stewart Rd.                                                             Dickinson is not the place to play “Pedal On The Metal” as this motorists dis-

           409-737-3635                                                                covered. You may not see them but the guys in the white shirts are usually
                                                                                       lurking around somewhere.                      (GCPN On The Scene Photo)

                                           A Leader
                                            For All
                                           Our Mayor
                   Lyda Ann Thomas
   Ten Reasons
   Tested, Proven, Courageous, Independent Leadership
   Continuity of government, “Steady as We Go”
   Continued balanced economic growth “Steady as We Grow”
   Enhanced quality of life for all citizens and in our neighborhoods
   Dependable police, fire and EMS protection
   More affordable housing; a more beautiful, clean city
   Professionalism, courtesy and efficiency at City Hall
   Open government, greater citizen access
   Accountable, responsive leadership                                                   Hal’s Satellite TV
   Your Voice at City Hall                                                                      10611 FM-1764
                                                                                                  Santa Fe
        Pd. Pol. Adv. Mary Castano, Treasurer, P.O. Box 2010, Galveston, TX 77553       (409) 927-2570

                                           Marc                                                         PUTTING
                                           HOSKINS                                                              FIRST
                                           for City Council District 2
                                            ENDORSED                BY THE          GALVESTON MUNICIPAL POLICE ASSOCIATION
                                            Pol. Ad. Paid for by Marc Hoskins for City Council, Booker T. Price, Sr. – Treasurer
Page 14 - Galveston County Police News
continued from page 4 (Job)                      federal government just unplugs every-          deal with any HAZMAT situations.                 involved and many decide to run for city
  “We have a campground in Dickinson             thing,” he added. “It’s difficult to make up      Another factor high on the chief’s list of council. The mayor was in the first class
right off of (Interstate) 45 it’s crazy the      the shortfall. But we’re making the best of     priorities is communication with the back in the 90s.
whole campground is in Dickinson but the         it. Other cities are faced with the same        Dickinson City Council.                            “I don’t think she had any intention of
cash register where the money comes in is        thing, budget restraints every year. It gets      “They’re all different,” he said, referring to being a mayor,” said Morales. “A mayor or
in Texas City,” he added. “That’s the prob-      harder and harder.                              council members                                                          council member
lems and the issues.”                               Federal funding earmarked for Homeland       and the mayor.                                                           can drive down a
  “Our community is growing in leaps and         Security is funneled into Emergency             “We formed a                                                             street and tell if it’s
bounds, which is a good thing,” Morales          Management. The city of Dickinson receives      Citizens Police                                                          bumpy and can
said. “The downside of that is that              about $21,000 per year.                         Academy in 1998                                                          see it needs to be
Dickinson has to still maintain law and             “We’ve been getting that for emergency       and so far about                                                         redone. They can
order, still maintain our streets and            management,” Morales said. “It’s kind of a      300 people have                                                          see if the drainage
drainage and all these other things that         joke, they have us pick from a list — they      gone through it.                                                         is bad after it rains
those citizens who live outside our city lim-    have boats, airplanes, helicopters, depend-     We try to get as                                                         but they can’t drive
its use.”                                        ing on the population of the city.”             many residents as                                                        down a street and
  With federal dollars and grants all but           “They figured out three years ago that       we can through                                                           see all the crime
gone, which is another obstacle the chief        they’d give Dickinson $65,000,” the chief       the academy. The                                                         that’s going on.
faces, he said everything goes toward            added. “We have this emergency manage-          academy doesn’t                                                          And know what it
Homeland Security.                               ment mobile-command post out back. We           teach them to be                                                         takes manpower-
  “We don’t get grants like we use to that       got some air packs so I guess when Al-          police officers, but                                                     wise.”
help us with manpower,” Morales said. “It’s      Qaeda strikes Dickinson Intercontinental        basically teaches                                                          “A lot of these
all going to Homeland Security but let’s face    Airport, we’ll have air packs, like the fire-   them what the                                                            people don’t get
it Al-Qaeda is not going to come to              men use for fires.”                             police department                                                        out at 12 or 1 in
Dickinson and try to wipe out hundreds of           Because of population and other criteria     is about, the                                                            the morning when
thousands of people. I’m sorry they’re going     Dickinson is very limited on the federal        equipment        we                                                      this stuff is hap-
to the big cities and the big plants and those   funding it does receive. Morales takes that     use, and why we                                                          pening – they
kinds of places.”                                opportunity to provide equipment for the        use it — why we do                                                       don’t witness the
  “But at the same time it hurts when the        Dickinson Fire department because they          what we do.”                Dickinson Police Chief Ron Morales           burglaries, they
                                                                                                   “Right now all of the city council has gone don’t witness the rape, the murders, the
                                                  Police News from across the county, across     through the program,” Morales added. vandalism and the things of that nature,”
                                                        the state and across the country
                                                   Delivered to you via e-mail each weekday
                                                                                                 “They went through the program before Morales added. “So, they really don’t
                                                                                                 being on the city council and decided they know.”
                                                                 FREE                            wanted to get more involved.”                      The chief thinks that it is the police
            CAFE                                            Subscribe now at
                                                                                                   In fact CPA participants do get more                         continued on page 18 (Job)
 Open Monday – Saturday 6am - 2pm

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413 24th Street – Galveston
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                  P t’s
                   aDiscount Tires
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                                                                                                   Dr. Douglas E. Webb*, FACFAS
                                                                                                        *Certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery
    •ALIGNMENTS •AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE                                                                      *Fellow American College of Foot & Ankle Surgeons
     •FRONT END WORK •QUICK LUBE                                                                          *Diplomate, American Board of Podiatric Surgery
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   2211 Highway 87 – P.O. Box 2160
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      Crystal Beach, Texas 77650
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                                                                                                                                                         Galveston County Police News - Page 15
 SOAPS                                                                               Relief May Be In Sight
  Washateria &
  Linen Service
     A complete line of laundry options.
                                                                                     For Handicap Drivers
                                                                                      GALVESTON — The Galveston Police                In announcing the formation of DART, Lt.
      Dry Cleaning   Self Service                                                   Department has announced a new tactical         Henry Porretto said, “The importance of
      Wash-N-Fold    Linen Rental                                                   initiative which may have some effect on        this part-time team is that it empowers our
      Commercial Washers & Dryers                                                   the rampant abuse of handicap parking on        officers to actively solve many of the prob-
             409-632-9300                                                           the island.
                                                                                      Tagged as the Direct Action Response
   16708-H San Luis Pass Rd. Jamaica Beach                                          Team or DART, a strategic team of officers
   Residential/Resort Cleaning by KleenSweep Services                               will be assigned to concentrate on specific
                                                                                    tasks which normally cannot be policed
  Open 7 days a Week                     Winter Hours 8 am to 7 pm
                                                                                    due to shortage of police officers.
                                                                                    Basically, patrol officers days off sched-
                                                                                    ules are rearranged so that on specific

                                           D o n ’t G e t                           days, which statistics indicate are problem
                                                                                    days, all officers are on duty. These offi-
                                                                                    cers are given a special detail assignment
                                             Caught                                 on that day. An officer is selected as a
                                                                                    Team Leader and his team will concen-

                                            Without                                 trate on a specific problem assignment
                                                                                    such as prostitution, aggressive solicita-
                                                                                    tion, handicap parking violators and other
                                           Yo u r A d I n                           problems that have been observed by offi-
                                                                                    cers or reported by citizens.
                                                                                      Officers assigned to the DART will not be
     The Galveston County Police News.                                              subject to routine calls from the police dis-
                                                                                    patcher but will concentrate on the specif-
       Call Gary Jones (409) 632-0082                                               ic assignment. They may be withdrawn for
                                                                                    an extreme emergency.

                                                                       The office of Criminal District Attorney                     lems that they encounter everyday but
                                                                       demands experience, dedication and a                         may not be able to focus on as intensely
                                                                                                                                    as they would like to due to staffing and
                                                                       commitment to law enforcement person-                        call load.”
                                                                       nel throughout Galveston County.
                                                                                                                                     Police News from across the county, across
                                                                       Since 1990 I’ve been serving all the citi-
                                                                                                                                           the state and across the country
                                                                       zens of our County and maintaining good
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                                                                       ting the job done for over fifteen (15)                       WHISKERVILLE PET FAIR
                                                                       years.                                                        Come meet our many wonderful,

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                                                                                                                                     •Micro-Chipping •Pet Care Education
                                                                                                                                     When: The 1st and 3rd Saturday of Each Month

          DISTRICT ATTORNEY                                                                                                                 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                                          hisk vill
      Endorsed by the Texas City Police Officers Association                                                                            W

         and the Galveston Municipal Police Association                                                                               Animal Sanctuary, Inc.
                                                                                                                                       1112 6th Street North
   Political Advertising Paid for by Reelect D.A. Kurt Sistrunk Campaign.                                                             Texas City, Texas 77590
                                                    Norma Villarreal Treasurer, 36 Quintana Drive, Galveston Texas 77554.                    (409) 948-1112
Page 16 - Galveston County Police News
Murder; the Reported Rate Is Declining But… BARRER A W A F F L E
 Wthe beenHas Americayears that more people wouldsomeone isifshotweren’t Electrical Enterprises

been falling.
                   learning for                               have died we
             national murder rate has so much more able to medically deal with
                                actually serious injuries. If              two or
                                                                                                H O U S E                                                                  ®

                                                                                                                                      Buy one AL L - STAR SPECIAL
become a more kinder gentler society?             three times, and then rushed to a medical         BRAD ENDER                                Breakfast
Possibly, but perhaps what has been               facility where our current medical technol-                                      Second one of equal value 1⁄2 price
falling, is the actual number of dead bod-        ogy is able to save the life, this will be con-      ON CALL 24/7
ies that law enforcement has discovered.
In the year 2003, we found 16,528 mur-
                                                  sidered as an aggravated assault.
                                                    Secondly, let us not forget the well over       Licensed and Insured
                                                                                                                                      VALUABLE k
der victims. In 2004, we found 16,137
bodies. This is in fact a small reduction
                                                  700,000 people who are reported missing
                                                  each year. Where did these people go?             Biz.: 409-256-2344
(391 victims) in the number of reported           Can all of them be running from child sup-                                           AL
                                                                                                                                      V ID AT GALVESTON,
                                                                                                                                    LAMARQUE & LEAGUE CITY
homicides. So, on paper, the homicide             port payments or from creditors? Is it not        Cell: 409-939-6960                    LOCATIONS
rate is dropping. But there are reasons           unreasonable to believe that a number of
why the belief in a declining murder rate         these missing people will never be found          Home: 409-621-1041                 Expires – May 31, 2006
                                                                                                                                            Dine In Only - No Carry Outs
may be unfounded.                                 alive?
  There are at least two important factors          The following are some statistical facts
that many people seem not to want to con-         about murder that might help us to avoid
sider. First, the FBI, in its annual Uniform      becoming a victim.
Crime Report, does not have a category              • Most of us will know who kills us.
called the “almost dead, or should have           (Don’t have any friends)
been dead rate.” What they do keep count            • Most murders are a result of an argu-
of is the aggravated assault rates. This is       ment. (Understand that everyone else is
the number of incidents where one person          right)                                                               LOAN
seriously hurts another. A murder is an             • When males are killed at home, it will                           COMPANY
aggravated assault taken to the maximum           be in the kitchen. (Go out for meals)
possible extreme. But what is the aggra-            • When females are killed at home, it                                           5401 Broadway 409-740-4276
vated assault rate? The 2004 rate of              will be in the bedroom. (Ladies, sleep on                                        Galveston, Tx 77551 5am – 6pm
aggravated assaults did decline by 4,119          the couch)                                          2327 Broadway                   Chandara & Eric are not responsi-
victims to 859,030 in 2004. It is not a             • The most dangerous place to be is in
wild guess to state that many of the aggra-       your own home from 6 p.m. Saturday to 6           Galveston, Tx 77550               ble for any COP jokes told in this
                                                                                                                                                  donut house.
vated assaults were, in fact, attempts to
murder someone. If you shoot someone
                                                  p.m. Sunday. (Take a trip somewhere)
                                                    • Most homicides are committed with a
                                                                                                      (409) 765-8410                TOP TEN SIGNS YOU’RE DEALING WITH
                                                                                                                                               A DUMB CRIMINAL:
three or four times it is expected that you       handgun. (Don’t keep a handgun at home)                                          1) He took public transportation to and
wanted this person to die.                          So, if you must stay home all weekend,                                         from his bank robbery.
  Secondly, that the victim did not die is        don’t own a handgun, eat out, don’t fight                                        2) He is using his seeing eye dog as a
due to a very important reason–todays             with your spouse and, according to gen-
medical technology. If we had only the            der, avoid one of two rooms.
                                                                                                       815 W. Main St.             look-out.
                                                                                                                                   3) Instead of a cherry pie, she shoplifted
medical technology that we had in the
1960’s, the murder rate may well be over
                                                    Our thanks for this article to John
                                                  Nelson, Criminal Justice Instructor at
                                                                                                    League City, Tx 77573          yeast, flour, eggs, and a jar of cherries.
                                                                                                                                   4) You caught him driving a stolen car
65,000 victims a year. This is called the         Galveston College and College of The                 (281) 338-4060              with “The Club” still on.
medically adjusted murder rate. Many              Mainland.                                                                        5) He tries to convince you that he
                                                                                                                                   thought crack was a breakfast cereal.
                                                                                                                                   6) He responds to your use of verbal
                                                                                                                                   force with a bunch of “Yo’momma” one-
                                                                                                    3307 Palmer Highway            liners.
                                                                                                                                   7) He makes himself laugh every time he
                                                                                                       Texas City, Tx              says he’s innocent.

                                                                                                       409-941-9403                8) He claims diplomatic immunity
                                                                                                                                   because he’s a citizen of the Republic of
                                                                                                                                   9) He asks the judge for a senior citizen
                                                                                                                                   discount on his 7-year sentence.
                                                                                                    Solution to puzzel on page 3   10) He left footprints and a bloody glove
                                                                                                                                   at the crime scene.

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Attention All Crooks. If you are going to run from the police, DO NOT hide under a house. That                                            Come Visit Our Shop      SE HABLA
is the first place they will look for you as this suspect found out. Galveston Police dragged him                                            1624 21st STREET      ESPAÑOL
                                                                                                                                      On the Corner of 21st and Ave. O
from under this house after he fled from the scene of a disturbance. (GCPN On The Scene Photo)
                                                                                                                                      Galveston County Police News - Page 17
continued from page 15 (Job)                    (RMS) software for the Police Department        (computer brand reporting system),” Morales       continued from page 12 (Bust)
department’s place to educate the pubic as      to replace the current outdated systems.        said. “This council that we have has really       the Williams filled out for $330 and
well as the city council. After graduating        The public safety software was purchased      been supportive of our department.”               forged the signature of the victim.
from the Citizens Police Academy partici-       from SunGard HTE’s Open Software                  Morales projected that in five to ten years       An attempt to cash the check was
pants ride with the police officers “and it     Solutions (OSSI) division in the amount of      all agencies in Galveston County will be on       made at the drive-in window but an
gives them a whole new perspective.” Now        $178,738. Also approved in the purchase         the same system and be able to talk to each       alert teller notified police and con-
when Morales approaches the city council        are seven laptop computers and associated       other, sharing information.                       vinced the man to come into the
and says he needs something, “they under-       hardware priced at $32,734 to be pur-             “If you get pulled over in Galveston and        lobby to complete the transaction.
stand why I need it because they’ve been        chased from Affordable Computer Systems.        they find a small amount of drugs and I pull      Wiltz and Williams waited in the car
out there with the officers, some of them       A project contingency of $10,600 (5%) was       you over in Dickinson a week later, I’ll have     while the two other men when inside
get a lot more involved and stay involved.”     added bringing the grand project total to       that information,” he added. “They’ve been        to get the money.
   By keeping residents and city officials      $222,072.                                       very supportive of us.”                             As the police dispatcher broadcast
involved, the momentum keeps the police           Dickinson Police Department will operate        The Dickinson Police Department operates        the call, Detectives Tim Galvan and
department going. The sheriff’s department      under a “jurisdictional” software license       under a $2.5 million annual budget, “and we       Crystal Teague, who were nearby,
started a Citizens Police Academy as did        agreement with the Galveston County             need every penny of it,” the chief said.          responded and arrived at the bank
Texas City and other area agencies.             Sheriff’s Department. Police officials made       “I’m hoping not to raise the budget this        while the four suspects where still
   Mayor Masters and the students in the        every effort to take advantage of cost-sav-     year,” he added, saying he wants to keep it       there.
first CPA class were a little nervous as were   ings measures as they became available          that way.                                           All four were taken into custody but
the officers who were teaching them, “but       during the search for this software. Two fac-     About five or six years ago, an auditor         according to Galvan, the two who
they brought a lot of humor.”                   tors came in to play that contributed to the    reviewed upper management at the police           were duped into cashing the check
   Sheriff Leonard said the Dickinson Police    decision to recommend purchasing this           department and gave the department high           were released.
Department is also a participant in a power-    software. The first was licensing fees and      ratings. At that time, the auditor recom-           Wiltz has a nine page conviction
ful and efficient technology endeavor with      second was connectivity. Partnering with        mended eight more officers. The auditor           record consisting of a variety of
the county in the communications/records        the Sheriff’s office provided a substantially   recommendations also slammed home the             offenses. Williams has been convict-
management arena, “recently having made         lower price on the software. Partnering with    need for the new department headquarters.         ed of misdemeanor criminal mischief
the decision to ‘piggyback’ the GSO sys-        the Galveston County Emergency                    Chief Morales was a resources manager           for which she severed 15 days in the
tem.”                                           Communications District to connect to the       and health, safety and environmental              Galveston County Jail and paid a fine.
   “Again, this benefits the taxpayer while     County’s server provided for a savings of       administrator with GTE from 1993 through            Wiltz has been charged with Felony
also enhancing the abilities of both agencies   half the cost. The existing 911 fiber circuit   1995 before he came to the Dickinson              Theft (enhanced because of his prior
to analyze criminal information and use it in   provided by Time Warner Cable is an exist-      Police Department. He served as mayor of          criminal record) and bond is set at
a more proactive manner,” said Leonard.         ing link between Dickinson Police               Dickinson from 1989 through 1991 and was          $250,000. Williams is being held in
   The Dickinson City Council approved pur-     Department and the Galveston County EOC         a council member from 1987-1988. He               lieu of $10,000 charged with Felony
chasing the new Computer Aided Dispatch         center.                                         began his police work in Sulphur, La.             Theft.
(CAD) and Records Management System               “The council has supported OFSI system

            Econo Storage
                                   24 Hour Access
                                                                                                FLAGS TO BE FLOWN AT HALF-STAFF ON
                                                                     • Ship It
                                                                   • U-Haul It
                                                                                                MAY 15, PEACE OFFICERS MEMORIAL DAY
                                   ✪                                                                 he National Law Enforcement
                                                                                                  TOfficers Memorial Fundgovernment               on Peace Officers Memorial Day is an

                                                                • or Store It Here                                        (NLEOMF)                appropriate way to show our respect for
                                  906 Reppert
   Shipping                                                     WE DO IT ALL!                   reminds police and other                          those officers who made the ultimate sac-
                                                                                                agencies, businesses, and private citizens        rifice and to remember the family, friends,
   Solutions                   146                                                              that all United States flags are to be flown      and colleagues left behind.” The names
           FedEx                           UPS                        UHAUL                     at half-staff on Monday, May 15, “Peace           of the 155 law enforcement officers killed
  Authorized Shipping Center Authorized Shipping Outlet            Authorized Dealer            Officers Memorial Day.”                           in 2006, as well as 311 others killed in
                                                                                                   In 1994, the U.S. Congress and                 prior years, will be formally dedicated at
        906 Reppert, Bacliff — Bayview, 77518                                                   President Bill Clinton approved Public Law        the 2006 National Candlelight Vigil on the
                                                                                                103-322 authorizing the U.S. flag to be           evening of Saturday, May 13 at 8:00 pm at
     281-559-3333                                                                               lowered to half-staff on May 15 as a spe-
                                                                                                cial tribute honoring the thousands of
                                                                                                                                                  the National Law Enforcement Officers
                                                                                                                                                  Memorial in Washington, D.C.
                                                                                                American law enforcement officers killed
                                                                                                in the line of duty. The law was spearhead-
         EN                                                                                     ed by U.S. Rep. John Porter (R—IL) at the
      OP HE
      TO T IC                                                                                   request of the NLEOMF.
          BL                                                                                       This poignant and very rare tribute was
                                                                                                part of the crime bill enacted into law that
                                                                                                same year. The only other regularly sched-
                                                                                                uled time for flags to be lowered to half-staff
 Texas’ Largest Natural Stone Selection                                                         occurs on Memorial Day, when we remem-
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 •Decorative Gravels      •Flagstone                                                            cer is killed in the line of duty. Since the                            409-945-6000                                    first recorded law enforcement officer
                                                                                                death in 1792, more than 17,000 law
  225 Hwy. 146-S, Texas City
  4523 Brittmoore, Houston                             10% Off Purchase                         enforcement officers have made the ulti-
                                                                                                mate sacrifice,” said Craig W. Floyd,
                                                   With this ad ~ Expires 5/31/06
  3434 Fountainview, Houston                                                                    NLEOMF Chairman. “Lowering the flags              Flag at half-staff, National Law Enforcement
                                                                                                                                                  Officers Memorial, Washington, DC
Page 18 - Galveston County Police News
   NATIONAL POLICE WEEK                     Texas City Police Officer
                                            W.C. Simmons                      Galveston Police Officer        Galveston Police Officer
      May 14-20, 2006                       Shot while disarming a suspect    George Froeschl                 James G. Reegan
                                            July 13, 1974                     Drowned during rescue attempt   Killed during vehicle pursuit
  National Police Week was established by                                     April 8, 1952                   June 29, 1927
executive order of President John F.        Deputy Sheriff
                                            Earle Goode, Sr.                  Galveston Police Officer        Galveston Police Officer
Kennedy in 1962 as a national day of        Shot during a jail escape         John Reifel                     John B. Lawson
mourning for police officers who have       June 12, 1938                     Shot questioning suspect        Murdered by another officer
given their lives in the performance of     Deputy Sheriff                    June 5, 1948                    June 3, 1919
their duties.                               Robert E. Kirk                    Galveston Police Officer        Galveston Police Officer
                                            Killed in a car crash             Bennie Frank Elrod              Frederick L. Richards
  This month, in Galveston County, we       December 27, 1931                 Shot by prisoner in city jail   Killed during hurricane
honor the following Peace Officers from                                       March 11, 1948                  September 8, 1900
                                            Deputy Sheriff
throughout the county who have made the     Joseph A. Meyer                   Galveston Police Officer        Galveston Police Officer
supreme sacrifice serving and protecting    Shot during a jail escape         Arthur J. Vandegaer             Eugene Tovrea
the citizens and property of Galveston      January 2, 1931                   Accidentally shot himself       Killed during hurricane
                                            Deputy Sheriff                    January 11, 1948                September 8, 1900
                                            Patrick Kelly                     Galveston Police Officer        Galveston Police Officer
 Deputy Constable, Precinct 2               Killed during prison escape       Frank Marchesi                  Adolph Howe
 Element Mitchell Ivanovich                 July 20, 1891                     Shot by barricaded fugitive     Killed during hurricane
 Struck by an automobile April 2, 1927                                        July 21, 1942                   September 8, 1900
                                            Galveston Police Officer
 Texas State Trooper                        Robert Louis John                 Galveston Police Officer        Galveston Police Officer
 Bobby Lee Maynard                          Killed at railroad crossing       Albert Fredrickson              Charles Wolfe
 Killed in a car wreck in League City       August 16, 1990                   Killed in motorcycle crash      Killed during hurricane
 November 30, 1964                                                            June 2, 1933                    September 8, 1900
                                            Galveston Police Officer
 Texas State Trooper                        Gregory Urquiaga, Jr.             Galveston Police Officer        Galveston Police Officer
 Edward Zator                               Friendly fire during drug raid    Tell Hawkins                    John Ferguson
 Shot during a traffic stop in La Marque    December 11, 1976                 Shot during armed robbery       Stabbed by a mental patient
 October 6, 1969                                                              January 2, 1930                 April 6, 1873
                                            Galveston Police Officer
 Texas City Police Officer                  A.B. McGaffey, III                Galveston Police Officer
 O.E. Evans                                 Shot by man barricaded in house   John J. Burke
 Shot during an armed robbery               June 11, 1954                     Shot during bar raid
 February 13, 1928                                                            June 1, 1928

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                                                                                                                   Galveston County Police News - Page 19
continued from page 1 (Sex Offender)          year, no authority knew where he was liv- by certifying that he had never been con-           that they saw him on a regular basis.”
an 8-year, probationary sentence and          ing, or what he was doing, at least we have victed of a felony and was not on probation          Grant and another detective went to see
required to register as a sex offender in     seen no evidence of it.                       or parole. When he signed the document          Slawson face-to-face. “He had a boat in the
the city where he lives. He was living in       The Police News knew of an investigative he was on probation in Harris County. And          driveway. I said to him, ‘if you’re not living
nearby Webster but soon moved to League       reporter with KPRC-TV in Houston who was according to reporter Dean he told the               here what the hell is that boat doing parked
City where he took up residence with his      preparing a special, investigative report on same lies to the Multiple Listing Service        there?’ He said he was just keeping it there
girl friend and her two children. But,        the very subject of sex offenders evading or which enabled him to get pass keys to            so he wouldn’t have to pay storage.”
instead of registering with the local League  manipulating the law. We called reporter homes that are for sale anywhere.                       Then Slawson concocted a scheme to get
City authorities, Slawson went south, over    Stephen Dean who promptly came to               Galveston Crime Stoppers had already          himself off the sex offender registration all
the causeway, and registered with the         Galveston and took up the case with us. enlisted the help of the League City Police           together. He would move out of Texas. Or
Galveston PD, giving them the phony           Together with Dean we revis-                                                                  at least he would make authorities believe
address.                                      ited the First Street address                                                                 that he had moved. Police think that
  His probation remained in Harris County     and made photographs of                                                                       Slawson searched the internet for states
where he continued to report to his proba-    the empty house with high                                                                     which did not require sex offenders to reg-
tion officer. Probation jurisdiction was      weeds and shuttered win-                                                                      ister until a final conviction had been
never transferred to Galveston County so      dows. Ironically, Slawson                                                                     entered on their record. In Slawsons case,
that he could be supervised here.             had a photo of this very                                                                      his sentence had been deferred, meaning
According to the local probation office,      house on his real estate                                                                      that a final conviction would not be entered
this is frequently done when the two coun-    website listed for weekend                                                                    until he completed the 8-years of proba-
ties adjoin as does Harris and Galveston.     or summer rentals. He also                                                                    tion. At that time, the final conviction
  There was no doubt in our minds that        had his photo on the website                                                                  could be completely erased from his record
Darren Lee Slawon had perpetuated a big       which we thought was very                                                                     if he had no further problems with the
fraud on the sex offender registration sys-   brazen for a sex offender.                                                                    police. His arrest would remain on the
tem. The address on First Street, we later    However, it was an old photo Raid leader Sgt. Dan Krieger responds to questions from the      record, but his conviction would not show
learned, is owned by his girlfriend’s father. and looked nothing like the media following the raid.                 (Police News photo)     up. In Texas he would still be required to
It is located on the far west end of          Slawson in the mug shot that accompanies and got them involved in the case.                   register as a sex offender because his
Galveston Island where he figured Boyd        this story. And, he had dropped his last Detective Marty Grant oversees the sex               offense included physical contact with his
Swindale would never go to check on him       name and was going only as Darren Lee.        offenders in that city and deals with all sex   victim. However, in some states he would
and neither would his probation officer in      With Stephen Dean and Channel 2 now crimes and crimes against children. “The                not be required to register.
Houston. Usually probation officers and       involved, the vast resources of Post- problem I had was that none of the neigh-                  Slawson discovered that he could claim
local police work together in the supervi-    Newsweek came to bare. Dean was able to bors would cooperate with me,” Grant told             a residence in Illinois and not be required
sion of sex offenders, but there is evidence  obtain from the Texas Real Estate The Police News. “They refused to give                      to register. He came up with an address
that even this didn’t happen in Slawson’s     Commission a copy of Slawson’s applica- evidence, they refused to testify, they               in Carbondale, Illinois and headed for the
case. Actually, from 2001 until Galveston     tion for his realty license. There it was wouldn’t give a statement, none of them             office of Boyd Swindale at the Galveston
Crime Stoppers received tips on him last      learned that he had lied on his application would cooperate. They just didn’t want to         Police Department. He told Swindale that
                                                                                            get involved. They were afraid of him, he       he was moving to Carbondale, Illinois and
                                                                                            was a sex offender,” said Grant. So Grant       filled out the necessary forms to have him-
          FINANCIAL SUCCESS                                                                 and a squad of League City Detectives had
                                                                                            to go about gathering evidence that
                                                                                                                                            self transferred to Illinois and removed
                                                                                                                                            from the GPD files and from the sex
                                                                                            Slawson was, in fact, qualified as a fulltime   offender data base at the Texas
                                                                                            resident of the address on Sugarwood.           Department of Public Safety. Swindale
                                                                                            They set up surveillance on his house.          told him the papers would be faxed to the
                                                                                            They watched him come and go, they              police department in Carbondale and that
                                                                                            watched his every move until they felt that     he must go there to sign the form and
                                                                                            they could openly confront him and his          have his fingerprint on it.             Once
                                                                                            girlfriend.                                     Carbondale faxed the form back to
                                                                                              “We talked to the girlfriend,” Grant told     Swindale with his signature and print, he
                                                                                            us. “She is pretty much dependant on him        would be dropped as a sex offender in
                                                                                            because she is legally blind. We talked         Texas.
                                                                                            with her about his residence requirements          The Carbondale Police did not really
                                   Community:                                               and she assured us that he was not living       care if Slawson moved to their city. They
       Working together, helping each other, realizing goals, and reaching them.            there. Then we talked with some of the          did not require him to register, but as a
                                                                                            neighbors but none of them would confirm          continued on next page (Sex Offender)
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Page 20 - Galveston County Police News
continued from previous page (Sex Offender) and leave the area before launching the         last person anyone should worry about,”
service to the Galveston Police raid. Shortly before 7 a.m. as daylight was                 was Slawson’s answer.                                                       Fine Steaks
Department, they would receive him, get beginning to break, a dozen or more                    Slawson was arrested that morning. He
his signature and fingerprints on the form, League City Police Officers, garbed in raid     posted a $50,000 bond and went back                                        and Seafood
and fax it back to Swindale. Slawson had jackets, stormed the front door of the             home on Sugarwood in League City. He
it planned pretty slick, he thought. He home. Officers had already entered the              had fooled the system for five years. It
                                                                                                                                                                       (409) 744-0881
made the trip to Carbondale, went to the backyard from the next street over and             took a lot of police, a lot of man hours, and
                                                                                                                                             Fax: (409) 744-9623
police station, signed the form, gave them were in place should Slawson try to flee         a lot of taxpayer money to expose his fraud
his prints, and returned home to League out the back door.                                  and bring him back to justice.                         11126 F.M. 3005
City, Texas. He had pulled it off, but only in   Kreiger’s knock on the front door was         “I don’t know what he’s going to get,”
his mind. “He realized he had a problem answered by the girlfriend and the officers         (sentence) said Grant, “but he put a lot of          Galveston, Tx. 77554
in League City when we started getting on stormed in. Slawson, in the bathroom              effort into throwing the police off his
him,” said Grant. “That’s when he started shaving, heard the officers coming in and         tracks. He succeeded for a while, but it’s       A-ALTERNATOR & STARTER REBUILDERS
concocting this Carbondale scam to throw slammed the bathroom door. It was                  like everything else, we’re going to catch
                                                                                                                                              •Alternators •Starters •Generators
everybody off his scent, which he did.”        promptly kicked open by one of the raiding   up with you in the end.” The Texas Penal
                                                                                                                                              •Auto •Truck •Industrial •Marine
  A briefing with League City police offi- officers and Slawson was arrested without        Code provides for a sentence of 2-10 years
                                                                                                                                                • Automotive Air Conditioning
cers, the television reporters, and The resistance. His big deception was over. He          imprisonment and a $10,000 if convicted
                                                                                                                                             •Engine Diagnostics •Voltage Regulators
Police News was held in early April by Sgt. had sold his last piece of real estate and he   of a third degree felony. Until now,
Dan Kreiger, Supervisor of the Criminal had sold his last bill of goods to the police.      Slawson had only been on probation.                           Rebuilt–Installed
Investigation Division. A plan was made          As he was escorted from the home to a         During all the months after Slawson’s                         Exchange
for a raid on Slawson’s home                                                                scheme was discovered, throughout the
the following Wednesday. An                                                                 entire investigation one thing went unno-        900 Grand Ave.            Danny Hudson
                                                                                                                                             Bacliff Tx. 77518       281-339-9099
arrest and search warrant                                                                   ticed and unmentioned. What if The
had been issued by Judge                                                                    Police News had not featured Slawson on
David Garner of the 10th                                                                    it’s sex offender page in the first place?
                                                                                            We believe that he would still be doing
                                                                                                                                              NOAH’S SERVICE CENTER & TIRES
State District Court in
Galveston, authorizing police                                                               what he was doing and no one would know                     Noah S. Rice
to search the home and seize                                                                the difference. It makes us wonder how                        Owner
computers, papers, pictures,                                                                many of these creeps are living in your
photographs, videos, DVD’s                                                                  neighborhoods but are registered some-             Your Satisfaction is
                                                                                                                                                    our Pride
or anything that would prove                                                                where else? How many of them are living
his residence in League City.                                                               in your neighborhoods and are not regis-
                                                                                            tered at all? And in the case of Galveston,
Information on the comput-                                                                                                                      7428 Stewart Road
ers would show that he was League City Police canvass the neighborhood questioning          how can one man, working two days a                 Galveston, Tx 77551
conducting business from neighbors about Slawson.                   (Police News photo)     week, be expected to ride herd on an ever
there and not in Carbondale, Illinois. The waiting squad car, reporter Dean and his         increasing population of sex criminals,
police had already gathered flyers that he camera man fired questions to him. “Why          some of whom are doing everything they
had mailed out claiming that he represent- did you register in Galveston when you           can to beat the system? Think about that!
ed Clear Lake Realtors.                        actually lived in League City?” Dean         But don’t blame it on a police department        LOSE 45lbs in 90 days!
  The following Wednesday morning the asked. “Because I didn’t want to register             that is undermanned, under funded and
                                                                                                                                             - No calorie counting
raiding party gathered in a park near the in the city where I live,” replied Slawson.       whose officers are leaving in droves for
                                                                                                                                             - Increase metabolism
Sugarwood address. Kreiger and Grant “How do you think people would feel if                 higher paying jobs elsewhere. Think about
                                                                                                                                             - Eat foods you love
waited for the two children in the home, they knew a convicted sex offender had a           that too.
                                                                                                                                             - 30-day guarantee
ages 16 and 18, to board the school bus key to their home?” asked Dean. “I’m the
                                                                                                                                                Programs Start at
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                                                                                            the development of an action plan
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violence against women high on law
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                                                                                                        • Complete Motor Repairs
lenges and solutions with colleagues.                                                                   • Automatic Transmissions
  In an effort to help law enforcement                                                                  • Recovery
agencies enhance their response to
crimes of violence against women, the
Institute focus’ on methods for effective                 Lt. Henry Porretto
                                                                                                   Large or Small we Tow them All
                                                                                            5907 Broadway
                                                                                            Galveston, Tx   744-4557 or 744-1024
                                                                                                                                                  Galveston County Police News - Page 21
                                                   AT E
                                                                                                                    TEXAS EXECUTIONS — MAY
       Bel                                    &C
                                          T                      Voted Best Italian

                         ST   AU                             Reataurant & Friendliest             Scheduled Execution - May 17, 2006
                  N   RE
        TA L
             IA                                             Service in Galveston County         Jermaine Herron                                    An 18-year old female testified that she
    I                                                                                           Born: January 13, 1979                          and her boyfriend had driven the men to
        Closed Mondays                                                                          San Patricio County, Texas                      the Dos Amigos Ranch that day, and that
        Tues. – Fri.············Lunch         11 – 2 p.m.                                       Education Level: 10 Years                       her boyfriend had driven them there the
                                                                    31st & Avenue P             Occupation: Ranch hand, painter,                following day when the burglary and the
        Tues. – Thurs.······Dinner            5 – 10 p.m.
        Fri. – Sat.·············Dinner        5 – 11 p.m.              Galveston                laborer                                         murders had taken place.
                                                                                                                                                   The men had spent the morning at the
        Sunday··················Dinner        5 – 10 p.m.                                                                                       mobile home, gathering up items they
                                                                                                                                                planned to steal, including guns and jewel-
                                                                   (409) 763-9036                                                               ry. They planned to kill the family, but got
        See our Review at
                                                                                                                                                tired of waiting and walked the quarter
                                                                                                                                                mile to the Nutt home.
                                                                                                                                                   They told Betsy they were stranded and
                                                                                                                                                asked for drinks. Betsey offered to give
                                                                                                                                                them a ride into Refugio. She left Cody in
                                                                                                                                                the house and went to the pickup truck
                                                                                                  On June 25, 1997, Herron and accom-           with Frazier and Herron. As she started
                                                                                                plice Derrick Frazier, shot 41-year old         the truck, Herron said he needed to go to
        Seawall at 89th street – Galveston                                                      Betsy Nutt and her 15-year old son Cody         the bathroom, and returned to the house.
        Movie Hotline: 409-741-1700                                                             Nutt at their ranch in Refugio, Texas.
                                                                                                  A pickup truck had been stolen and a
                                                                                                                                                Shortly thereafter, he enticed Betsy to
                                                                                                                                                return to the house saying she had a
 Featuring the latest in stadium-seating, comfortable                                           neighboring residence had been burglar-         phone call.

 high-back rocking seats and DTS digital sound Systems.                                         ized and set on fire.The pickup truck was          Frazier made a videotaped confession
 — Lobby ATM — All major credit cards accepted                                                  found outside a Victoria apartment com-         where he admitted to killing Betsy Nutt
 All “R” rated Movies Require an ID – Visit us @                              plex later that day and Frazier was arrest-     using a 9 mm pistol they had stolen from
                                                                                                ed there and brought in for questioning.        the other house. Then Herron shot Cody
         FREE 46oz POPCORN WITH PURCHASE                                                          An arrest warrant was issued for Herron       with the same pistol.
          OF LARGE DRINK Expires 5/31/2006                                                      and he surrendered a few days later.               Victoria, Texas police spotted the Nutt’s
                                                                                                  Jerry Nutt testified that he found his wife   green Ford pickup truck later that night at
                                                                                                and son dead. Members of the family             an apartment complex and arrested
                                       TOMMY HARRISON’S                                         whose house was burglarized and burned          Frazier. Both men had execution dates set
                                                                                                testified that Frazier and Herron had paid      at the same hearing.
                                                                                                a visit to their ranch the day before the          Derrick Frazier appeared in the
                                   GROCERY                                                      murders on the pretense of looking for
                                                                                                work. Herron knew the family because his
                                                                                                                                                Galveston County Police News in April. He
                                                                                                                                                was executed on April 27, the day before
              DVD & Video Movies - 6,000 square feet of groceries                               father had once worked for them, and he         his 29th birthday.
          150 feet frozen or refrigerated food - Fresh fruit & Vegetables                       introduced Frazier as his cousin Kenny.
                 Full-service Meat Counter - Custom Cut Meats
                     BBQ Brisket, Chicken, Sausage and Ribs
                                                                                                   Scheduled Execution - May 4, 2006
        CHEVRON GAS / DIESEL FUEL / KEG BEER                                                    Jackie Barron Wilson
                        ATM -- CREDIT CARDS -- COUPONS ACCEPTED                                 Born: February 12, 1967
                                                                                                Lubbock, Texas
              LOTTO • LOTTERY • SOUVENIERS • GIFTS                                              Education Level: 12 Years
             Serving West Galveston since 1963 1 mile west of Jamaica Beach
                                                                                                Occupation: Brick layer
                                              409-737-1152                                       Wilson was convicted in the November
                                                                                                1988 abduction and murder of 5-year old

              INTERNATIONAL CAR CARE                                                            Pilgrim Cleaners                                Lottie Margaret Rhodes of Arlington.
                                                                                                Voted Galvestons’ Number 1 Dry-Cleaner
             General Auto Repair                                                                   Four Convenient Locations                      As the child slept…Wilson broke into her
              American & Import                                                                 WEST SIDE EAST SIDE
                                                                                                                                                bedroom through a window and abducted
           Engines      A/C Repair                                                              6222 Stewart Rd, 705 Holiday Dr.
        JR Tune-Ups
           Brakes       Mufflers    TONY
                        Transmissions                                                           ALTERATIONS CENTER SERVICING UTMB
                                                                                                                                                  He later sexually assaulted the child and
                                                                                                                                                then suffocated her. He threw her body
                                                                                                                                                into a ditch in Grand Prairie and then ran
                       Oil Changes             State Inspections UTM                            409-744-3327 409-762-9013                       over her body with the car he was driving
        UTMB t              Dealer Required Maintenance         Disc B                                                                          away.
             un                                                     ount                        YOUR HOME MAIN PLANT
        Disco           Monday thru Friday: 7:30 am to 5:30 pm                                   or OFFICE                                        Wilson’s fingerprints were later lifted
 Tuesday specials–Oil Change for $19.95–Emission Stickers on models ‘96 and newer’ for $35.00                                                   from the outside and inside of the dead
                                                                                                FREE PICK-UP 1210 Tremont                       girls bedroom window.
                          409-763-1515                                                           & DELIVERY    (23rd &L)                          Wilson was identified as a friend of the
    1328 Postoffice                                           4 Blocks from UTMB                409-354-6239 409-762-0644                       Rhodes family’s live-in babysitter.

Page 22 - Galveston County Police News
  Scheduled Execution - May 16, 2006                                                               Jamaica Beach Food Store
Sean Derrick O’Brien                          Jennifer Ertman.
Born: April 5, 1975                             The two teens had taken a shortcut                                   737-2414
Harris County, Texas                          home through T.J. Jester Park in north-
Education Level: 9 Years
Occupation: Laborer
                                              west Houston when they were attacked by
                                              O’Brien and five other members of the
                                                                                             Lowest Gas Price                          7 DAYS A WEEK
                                                                                                                                    Picnic/Beach Supplies
                                              Black & White Gang.                                    BREAKFAST 7AM
                                                                                                                                     Deli - Beer - LOTTO
                                                Raped repeatedly by the gang members,
                                                                                                                                    Groceries - Diesel Fuel
                                              each was then beaten and strangled and
                                              their bodies left in the woods.                          Open 7am - 9pm                ATM Pulse Machine
                                                                                                         EVERYDAY                        Frozen Bait
                                                O’Brien confessed to strangling Ertman
                                              with a belt after she was sexually assault-
                                                Co-defendants Peter Cantu, Raul                               FRIENDLY SERVICE
                                              Villareal, Efrain Perez and Joe Medellin                     At The Traffic Light in Jamaica Beach
                                              were all tried and convicted and sen-
  O’Brien was convicted in the kidnapping,    tenced to death for the murders.
sexual assault and strangulation death of       A juvenile was also prosecuted in the
16-year old Elizabeth Pena and 15-year old    case.

  Scheduled Execution - May 10, 2006
Angel Maturino Resendiz                       an alias with intent to induce a passport.
”The Railroad Killer”                         discharged in 1991 to New Mexico State
Born: August 1, 1960                          Prison on 18-month sentence for residen-
Durango, Mexico                               tial burglary. Paroled on April 3, 1993.
Education Level: Seven Years                    During the night of December 17, 1998
Occupation: Laborer                           Resendiz murdered 26-year old Houston
                                              school teacher Noemi Dominguez by club-

       PO NED                                 bing her to death in her apartment. A

                                              week later State Troopers found the vic-
  P                                           tims car abandoned at the International
                                              Bridge in Del Rio.
                                                For nearly two years Resendiz, known as
                                              “The Railroad Killer” literally followed
                                              America’s railroad tracks to slay unsus-
                                              pecting victims before disappearing. His
                                              modus operandi was always the same—he
  Prior Prison Record:Sentenced to 20-        struck near the rail lines, then stowed
years in the Florida Department of            away on the next freight train to come his
Corrections for Burglary, vehicle theft and   way. Always ahead of the law.The 39-year
aggravated assault with a knife. Paroled      old killer was apprehended in July, 1999
on August 27, 1985. Convicted of              after eluding state police for two years and
Immigration violation and sentenced to        slipping through a two-month FBI net until,
18-months in Florida. Discharged in 1987.     after nine murders, he was finally traced
Sentenced to 30-months in Florida for giv-    and captured by a determined Texas
ing false statements to the INS and use of    Ranger.

  Scheduled Execution - May 24, 2006
Jesus Ledesma Aguilar                         er home in the Palm vista Estates of
Born: November 28, 1963                       Harlingen. Both victims were shot execu-
Cameron, Texas                                tion style with a .22 caliber weapon.Police

Education Level: Eleven Years                 said that Leonardo was pistol whipped
Occupation: Brick Layer                       prior to being shot in the back of the head.
                                              Annette was shot through the neck.
                                                                                                WEST END                                       S 4
                                                During the shooting, the couple’s 22-
                                              month old son slept on a bed while their 9-
                                              year old son hid beneath a kitchen table.         E LECTRIC     Inc.
                                              Neither was harmed.Investigators said the
                                              shooting was drug related, with reports of     • ELECTRICAL REPAIRS               Office: ........ 409-737-4142
                                              Annette making frequent trips to               • NEW HOME ELECTRICAL              or: ............... 281-316-0500
                                              Mississippi and returning with large           • METER LOOPS                      24 Hour: .... 409-737-1407
                                              amounts of cash.                               • BUCKET TRUCK SERVICE
                                                Aquilar’s co-defendant, Christopher          • SIGN REPAIRS & INSTALLATION
  Convicted of murder in the June 1995        Quiroz was also convicted in Cameron
shooting deaths of Leonardo Chavez and        County and is presently serving a life sen-
                                                                                                       LICENSED • BONDED • INSURED
his wife Annette Esparza Chavez at a trail-   tence for murder.
                                                                                                                                    Galveston County Police News - Page 23
                                                                     Statewide Police Conference Set in Galveston
                                                        WE BUY,                                            The City of Galveston has been selected as
                                                                                                         the site for the 57th annual conference of the
                                                                                                                                                          ny’s name/logo listed as a corporate co-
                                                                                                                                                          sponsor of the event: You representative
                                                      SELL & TRADE                                       Texas Municipal Police Association July 24-
                                                                                                         27. The TMPA was formed in 1950 by Peace
                                                                                                                                                          receives a room for all three nights of the
                                                                                                                                                          conference. Your company will receive 4 tick-
                                                                ➧ 38' Cape Islander Trawler              Officers representing all ranks and agency       ets to the formal Awards Banquet and the
                                                                ➧ 35' Chris-Craft 350 Catalina           sizes. It began as a lobbying group of munic-    luncheons.
                                                                                                         ipal officers with the objective of promoting      Gold Sponsor - $1500 - Your company’s
                                                                ➧ 34' Luhrs 340 Sportfish Sale Pending   professionalism in Texas law enforcement as      name/logo listed as a corporate co-sponsor
    37’ Chris-Craft 372 Catalina
    Year: 1990                                                  ➧ 33' Sea Ray Sundancer                  well as improving job conditions and enhanc-     of the event. You will also receive 2 tickets to
    Located in Clear Lake Shores, TX                                                                     ing communications among Texas peace offi-       the formal Awards Banquet.
    Hull Material: Fiberglass                                   ➧ 30' Sea Ray 300 Weekender              cers. Today, TMPA represents over 12,000           Silver Sponsor - $1000 - Your company’s
    Engine/Fuel Type: Twin Gas
    YW# 75192-1496733                                           ➧ 28' Wellcraft 288 Coastal              peace officers and public safety profession-     name/logo listed as a corporate co-sponsor
        PRICE REDUCED $10,000…OWNER IS MOTIVATED                                                         als, many throughout Galveston County.           of the event, plus you get 2 tickets to the for-
    TO SELL THIS BOAT!!!!!! This spacious layout, which         ➧ 27' Maxum SCR 2700                       This year’s conference will be held at the     mal Awards Banquet and the Wednesday
    comfortably sleeps six, makes this vessel ideal for
    entertainment. New carpet in 2004 along with leather        ➧ 26' Monterey 262                       Historical Hotel Galvez. Events include food     luncheon.
    sofa and rocker. She has an aft cabin stateroom with                                                 and entertainment out on the Pier, several         Bronze Sponsor - $500 - Your company’s
    full shower and head, foward stateroom and guest            ➧ 25' Sportcraft 252 Sportcraft          general business sessions, and an awards         name/logo listed as a co-sponsor of the
    head and shower. Marble counters in berth heads.
    Galley includes microwave, refigerator/freezer, three
    burner stove, dinette to the port, ice maker with wet
                                                                ➧ 28' Albin                              banquet. A Casino Night Fundraiser will fol-     event and 1 ticket to the Awards Banquet.
                                                                                                         low the banquet with proceeds going to             Vendor tables are also available for $250
    bar located on aft deck. New CD Stereo system
    installed late 2005. Owner is anxious to sell!!!!!
                                                                ➧ 36' Contender-3/250hp                  TMPA Charities Inc., which contributes to        each and sponsorships of Casino Tables for
        For a virtual tour please email us and we will email
    it to you.
                                                                ➧ 34’ Pacemaker Sportfish                college scholarships and organizations such      $150.
                                                                                                         as The Make-A-Wish Foundation.                     The event is being hosted by the Galveston
                                                                ➧ 40’ Searay Sedan Bridge                  Sponsorships for the conference are avail-     Municipal Police Association.
                                                                                                         able to individuals and businesses wishing to      Individuals or businesses interested in fur-
                                                               Watergate Yachting Center                 support the TMPA. There are four levels          ther information may contact Linda Langan
                                                                                                         available.                                       in the TMPA officers in Austin. Call toll-free
                                                                 1500 Marina Bay Dr.                       Platinum Sponsor - $3000 - Your compa-         1-800-848-2088.
                                                               b        Pier 17      b

                                                                   Kemah, Tx. 77565                                                    Drove too long
                                                                                                                                       Driver snoozing
                                                                                                                                      What happened next

                                                                                                                                       Is not amusing

                                                                                                                   Don’t Get Caught Without Your Ad In
                                                                                                             The Galveston County Police News.
                                                                                                               Call Gary Jones (409) 632-0082

                                                                                                                             Chicago Title
                                                                                                                             Insurance Company
                                                                                                          * Chicago Title…the name you want
                                                                                                                                              to remember for your
                                                                                                                                              title insurance needs.
                                                                                                               Chicago Title – Galveston                      Chicago Title – Friendswood
                                                                                                                   6025 Heards Lane                               121 East Edgewood
                                                                                                                Galveston, Texas 77551                         Friendswood, Texas 77546
                                                                                                            409-744-2928 Fax: 409-744-2991                  281-993-5773 Fax: 281-993-5772

                                                                                                            Chicago Title – Crystal Beach                    Chicago Title – West Galveston
                                                                                                                  2275 Highway 87                               13655 FM 3005, Suite B
                                                                                                              Crystal Beach Texas 77650                         Galveston, Texas 77554
                                                                                                           409-684-3721 Fax: 409-684-3723                   409-632-0106 Fax: 409-632-0232

                                                                                                                 Albert G. Redmond                                    Peter J. Sapio
                                                                                                                     Approved Attorney                               Approved Attorney

Page 24 - Galveston County Police News
                    Police News
                                                                                                                                                             Visit Us Online
SEX OFFENDERS               Convicted Sex Offenders are required by Texas law to
                                                                                                                                                              E-Mail us at
                        register with law enforcement in the city in which they reside.
                                      These Sex Offenders are not wanted by the law…
              they are published for Community Awareness in cooperation with local law enforcement agencies.
If you have evidence that any of these offenders are residing at an address other than the one shown, please contact the listed police agency.

                          CARL BRIAN BURKE
                                                                                                                                                       Carnes Brothers
                                                                                                      MICHAEL PAUL COOK                                            FUNERAL HOME
                          WM AGE 45                                                                   WM AGE 33
                          3109 ASH DRIVE                                                                                                                   Where the family name
                                                                                                      1302 FM-646, APT 3
                          DICKINSON, TX                                                                                                                     on the outside is the
                                                                                                      DICKINSON, TX
                          SEXUAL ASSAULT OF CHILD                                                                                                         same family on the inside.
                                                                                                      INDECENCY WITH A CHILD
                          VICTIM: FEMALE AGE 13                                                       VICTIM: FEMALE AGE 13                                           (409) 765-8080
                                                                                                                                                                       1201 Tremont

                          J.T. DOKE, SR.
                          WM AGE 71                                                                  CHARLES ANGELO DUNN                                       West End
                          226 W. BAYOU                                                               WM AGE 54
                          DICKINSON, TX                                                              4516 40TH ST. APT 4
                          AGGRAVATED SEXUAL ASSAULT                                                  DICKINSON, TX
                          CHILD                                                                      SEXUAL ASSAULT OF A CHILD
                          INDECENCY WITH A CHILD                                                     VICTIM: FEMALE AGE 13                                       Air-Heat
                          VICTIM: AGE 6                                                                                                           • Service • Sales • Installation
                                                                                                                                                  • Retrofit • New Construction
                                                                                                                                                   Randy Allen — Owner/Operator
                                                                                                                                                                 TACL - B024601E
                           LELAND W. HERRIN                                                          DERIKE DEWAYNE HILL
                           WM AGE 74                                                                 BM AGE 35                                      409-737-5701
                                                                                                     2102 GILL ROAD
                           5316 HUMBLE CAMP RD
                           DICKINSON, TX
                                                                                                     DICKINSON, TX                                Cell: 409-682-7565
                                                                                                     BURGLARY W/INTENT TO COMMIT
                           INDECENCY WITH A CHILD
                           VICTIM - FEMALE AGE 8
                                                                                                     VICTIM: FEMALE AGE 10
                                                                                                                                                  OUTSIDE BLINDS, INC.
                                                                                                                                                  Serving Galveston County since 1938
                                                                                                                                                       • Outside Blinds
                                                                                                                                                       • Folding Shutters
                            JUAN ARTURO HUIZAR                                                         DENNIS RAY MASON                                • Roll-up Shutters
                            WM AGE 42                                                                  WM AGE 57                                    Factory: 5105 Broadway
                            4209 CALIFORNIA                                                            5014 KRUEGER, APT 3                             Galveston, Texas
                            DICKINSON, TX                                                              DICKINSON, TX                             (409) 762-9652                    1-888-627-2626
                            SEXUAL ASSAULT                                                             AGGRAVATED SEXUAL ASSAULT OF A
                            VICTIM: FEMALE AGE 15                                                      CHILD
                                                                                                       VICTIM: FEMALE AGE 12                     LIFE, WORK & WELLNESS
                                                                                                                                                 Annette H. Martinez,              LCSW, LCDC, SAP, CEAP

                                                                                                                                                                         •Psychotherapist and Trainer
                           JAMES LEE MATTHEWS                                                                                                                            •Licensed Chemical Dependency
                           WM AGE 75                                                                                                                                       Counselor (family support available)
                                                                                                       JOHN BARR STAPP                                                   •SAP services and training required
                           3006 TIMBER DRIVE                                                           WM AGE 44                                                           by DOT
                           DICKINSON, TX                                                               2801 HUGHES ROAD                                                  •Employee Assistance Professional
                           SEXUAL ASSAULT OF CHILD                                                     DICKINSON, TX                             •ICISF approved trainer and interventionist in Critical Incident
                           VICTIM: FEMALE AGE 10                                                                                                  Stress Management
                                                                                                       INDECENCY WITH A CHILD
                           SEXUAL ASSAULT OF CHILD                                                     VICTIM: FEMALE AGE 8
                                                                                                                                                 Evening and Saturday Appointments Available
                           VICTIM: FEMALE AGE 14
                                                                                                                                                 4623 Fort Crockett Blvd • Galveston, Texas 77551
                                                                                                                                                        Galveston County Police News - Page 25
                                                                                                                                                                 By Jes Garza
  Ken /Cynthia’s
                                                                    A NATION OF WHAT?                                                                            are specific penalties that attach to the
                                                                                                                                                                 misconduct or illegal behavior. When a
                                                                                                                                                                 nation of laws passes laws or statutes,
                        e are nation laws. Most of
                  Wyou youa listen toofsomeheard this
Wrecker Service statement if have probably talk-radio
                                                                                                                  enforcement is to maintain civil order
                                                                                                                  and/or to restore the peace and tranquil-
                                                                                                                  ity of an ordered society. If law enforce-
                                                                                                                                                                 then its citizens are held accountable for
                                                                                                                                                                 following the laws or the rule of law.
                                                                                                                                                                    We should also consider what the basis
                                                                    programs. Some of you may even have           ment fails in this very important duty,        is for any law. If we understand the fun-
  PRIVATE PROPERTY TOWS                                             had a person say this comment to you          then the result is anarchy and chaos,          damentals of acceptable social interac-
   LONG DISTANCE TOWS                                               while engaged in a conversation or dis-       and this is totally unacceptable, especial-    tions and how we are to engage in rela-
    LIBERAL DISCOUNTS                                               cussion concerning “the rule of law.”         ly for the law-abiding citizens.               tionships that are harmonious and pro-
      FLATS REPAIRED                                                  In an ordered society it becomes nec-         Imagine, if you can, what would hap-         ductive (getting along), then everyone
        MUD STUCKS                                                  essary for people to establish rules, poli-   pen in your city or your neighborhood if       will benefit. Most of us want to be treat-
        LOCK-OUTS                                                   cies and laws. These will govern the way      there were no police officers. Would you       ed in a respectful manner and to know
                                                                    in which persons of any given society or      continue to live there? Would you take         that we are valued as a person. The
                                                                    community will conduct themselves in          on the responsibility of policing your         Golden Rule comes to mind and it has
 BIG      OR SMALL ... WE DO IT ALL!                                order to become a part of or remain in        community? Could you summon the                worked very well for me over my lifetime
                                                                    that group. In other words, a society or      courage to stand up for decency and the        which is now nearing six decades.
                                                                    group decides what behavior is accept-        rule of law? There are some in our soci-          I often read in the Book of Proverbs
                                                                    able and what actions are not tolerated.      ety who are very selfish and ruthless and      that, “To do what is right and just is
                                                                      I am now in my thirtieth year of active     they would challenge you. They would           more acceptable to the Lord than sacri-
                                                                    law enforcement, and with only the sec-       have no qualms about “taking you out!”         fice.” What is the significance of this
                                                                    ond agency of my career. During these         These are the same people who have lit-        passage of Holy Scripture? I understand
                                                                    many years I have arrested persons who        tle or no conscience about doing what is       that with these powerful words God
                                                                    violated the law. I have seen persons         right. They want what they want when           regards our proper conduct with others
                                                                    who were placed into police custody for       they want it. They have chosen not to          as a very important—perhaps the most
   (409) 762-2700                                                   violations of penal code statutes and
                                                                    municipal ordinances. I have also direct-
                                                                                                                  earn whatever they want, but to take it
                                                                                                                  from whoever has it—by force if neces-
                                                                                                                                                                 important guiding principle as we live
                                                                                                                                                                 our lives, interacting with one another.
                                                                    ed that officers and deputies under my        sary.                                          Most of us know that God gave the Ten
 590 Lennox Street                                                  command arrest subjects in the perform-         The rule of law dictates that certain        Commandments (a code for good con-
                                                                    ance of their duties.                         customs and practices are acceptable or        duct and proper behavior) in order for
     Galveston                                                        The arrest of any person is a very seri-    legal. Those practices or patterns of          people to live in harmony with each other
   Owned & Operated by Kenneth Ferguson                             ous matter, regardless of the level of the    conduct that are not acceptable are then       and in covenant with God.
                                                                    offense. I have always kept foremost in       classified or codified as illegal. Hence, if      There’s no doubt in my mind that the
                                                                    my mind that the major purpose of law         certain behaviors are illegal, then there      law is based on good moral conduct. So
                                                                                                                                                                 it follows that good moral conduct is an
                                                                            Second Annual                                                                        integral part of the law in a very distinct
                                                                                                                                                                 and powerful way.

                                                                        “Wine with Whiskerville”
                                                                                                                                                                    Webster’s II New Riverside Dictionary
 Galveston Health & Racquet Club                                                                                                                                 defines moral as, “Of or pertaining to the
            Galveston’s Finest & Only                                                                                                                            principles of right and wrong; in accor-
             Family Fitness Center                                                                      Join us for auctions
                                                                                                                                                                 dance with standards of right conduct;
                                                                                “STEVIE WAYNE” barbecue, awesome desserts, belly dancers,
                                                                                                                                                                 virtuous.” Does it make sense to you
                 Offering                                                         pet costume contest, a pet “Glamour Puss” photographer,
                                                                                                                                                                 that when we say that America is a
              POLICE FAMILY                                                                raffles, vendors, area rescue groups, and
                                                                                                   lots of that great Haak wine!                                 nation of laws, what we are really saying
                                                                                         The fun folks from FM 97.5 will be there, too!                          is that we are a nation of morals? Did
                                                             A pet-sitting booth will be available                             you get that? It took me a while to sort
                                                                                   (our furry friends are not allowed inside the winery itself)                  through this. Thinking minds will read
             (409) 744-3651                                                                                                                                      this again and come to the obvious con-
            2318 83rd Street                                                                  Tickets are $15 — $20 @ the door                                   clusion.
                                                                                                  For Info: (409) 948-1112                                          Remember that some laws that are
                                                                                              Email:                                  enacted, are bad laws. If they are bad,
                                                                                                                                                                 it’s because the law makers (legislators)
 WE ARE PLEASED                                                                     Silent/Live Auction Donations & Volunteers Are Needed                        are not staying within the moral guide-
 TO ANNOUNCE                                                                                                                                                     lines that were the foundation for a coun-
                                                                                        TICKETS AVAILABLE @ MAINLAND BANK                                        try unlike any other in our world. Let us
                                                                             2831 Palmer Highway, Texas City or on line at                  make a commitment to the right values
                                                                                                                                                                 and good morals, and also hold our
                                                                                  ALL PROCEEDS BENEFIT OUR MANY RESCUED ANIMALS
                            David P. Rogers                                                                                                                      elected representatives accountable to
                           has joined our firm as                                                                                                                the rule of law based on good morals.
                                                                                                 Canine/Feline Wine and Dine
                           a financial consultant.                                                                                                               Pray my brothers and sisters that God
                                                                                                                                                                 may again bless and preserve America!
                                                                                                  Haak Vineyards and Winery
           305 21st Street, Suite 100                                                                   6310 Avenue T
              The Marine Building                                                                      Santa Fe, Texas                                             (Editors note: Jes Garza is a retired
           Galveston, Tx.77550-1695                                                                    5:00-9:00 p.m.                                            Houston Police Officer and is currently a
                                                                                                   Saturday, May 27, 2006                                        Captain with the Harris County
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Page 26 - Galveston County Police News
CRIME                                         S TO P P E R S
Bryan Cole Spillers
Manufacturing/Delivery of Drugs
  Dickinson Police report that this fugi-
tive was involved in a drug transaction
with an undercover police officer. He is
aware that there is a warrant for his
arrest and that police are actively
searching for him. Spillers is attempt-
ing to avoid arrest by hiding out and
may be using fictitious names and/or
altered appearance. He was last seen
driving a brown Jeep Liberty.
  Spillers is a 35 year old white man,
5’-10” tall, weighing 200 pounds. He is
                                                 Bryan Cole Spillers
described has having a ruddy complex-       Texas prison system. He is currently on
ion with brown hair and blue eyes and       parole until May 2009.
has been known to wear a mustache             Persons with information that may
and goatee. Both arms are sleeved in        help locate and arrest Bryan Cole
tattoo’s with additional tattoo’s on his    Spillers are asked to contact the
abdomen, back and neck and a scar on        Dickinson, Texas Police Department,
his face.                                   Detective Michael Henson (281) 337-
  Spillers has also used the name           6346 or:
Bryan Miller. His record lists numerous       Crime Stoppers of Southeast Texas
arrests on drug charges, theft,                      281-480-TIPS (8477)
assaults, trespassing, malicious mis-                409-948-TIPS (8477)
chief and he has served time in the                 1-800-222-TIPS (8477)

                                                                                         JUAN M. PEÑA                                                                      for
                                                                                      City Council District 3
                                                                                      • Associate of Applied Science Galveston
                                                                                      • Bachelors of Science UTMB
                                                                                      • Masters of Science UTMB
                                                                                      • Masters of Business Administration Our Lady
                                                                                        of the Lake University

                                                                                      • President Galveston County Citizens Sheriff’s
                                                                                        Academy Alumni Association Island Chapter
                                                                                      • Past President Galveston Alliance of Island
                                                                                        Neighborhoods (GAIN)
                                                                                      • Past President University Area Association
                                                                                      • Member East End Historical District Neighborhood Association
                                                                                      • Member Galveston Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association   “JUAN for all
                                                                                      • Member San Jacinto Neighborhood Association                         and
                                                                                                                                                     all for JUAN”
                                                                                                                        Endorsed by
                                                                                                 Joe Jaworski Councilman District 3
                                                                                                Galveston Municipal Police Association
                                                                                                        Galveston Fire Fighters
                                                                                               Citizens and Labor for Good Government
                                                                                                      May 13 is the General Election — Poll locations:
                                                                                           Precinct 105 - William Temple Episcopal Center, 427 Market
                                                                                           Precinct 106 - Transitional Learning Center Building 3, 1502 Postoffice
                                                                                           Precinct 108 - Gulf Breeze Apartments, 1211 21st Street
                                                                                                                      Early Voting May 1-9
                                                                                                    Paid Political Ad. Russ Mertenn, Treasurer, 1402 Ave N1/2, Galveston

                                                                                                                                               Galveston County Police News - Page 27

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