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Periodic Egg Lab


									Periodic Egg Lab
1. Cut your eggs apart
2. Sort your eggs into four
   groups based on the criteria
   of your choice.
      - type of background or jewel
3. Look at each of the groups
   you just made. Organize your
   eggs within these groups with
   a different criteria
      - type of background or jewel
4. You should end up with a 4x4
   Try these vertical groups…
• Basket Weave Family

• Circle-Dot Family

• Checkerboard Family

• Polka Dot Family
Once you have those families…
• Organize within the families horizontally by the
  shape of the gemstone:

  –   Diamond
  –   Emerald
  –   Ruby
  –   Sapphire

  Instead of shape of gemstone, try to organize them by
  the number of rings or number of gemstones on each
                    Follow Up
1. Make suggestions for labels of each column and

2. If you were given more eggs to add to your chart, do
   you think they would fit? Why/Why not?

3. Describe the properties an egg would need to be the
   next egg in the first row.

4. What properties would an egg need to be at the end
   of the third column?
            Brain Teasers
• What would be the correct placement for
  an egg with 12 diamonds, 2 rings, and a
  zigzag pattern?

• What would be the placement for an egg
  with 7 garnets, 7 rings, and a basket
  weave pattern?

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