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					           a free and handy book for all nippon newbies!                                                                                                                                   Nagoya

          Covering everything from the emotional impact of relocating to Japan, through to the
          practical processes of such mysteries as how to crack katakana and hiragana and how
          to correctly eat mikan, the Habitat Japan guidebook will prepare you for virtually every
          culturally challenging situation you are likely to face. Best of all, it’s entirely free and is
          available for download in the handy PDF format via website.

          Rather than merely collecting dry information and statistics, Habitat Japan is packed with
          the entertaining anecdotes and experiences of expatriates. Each of the ten contributing
          authors speaks to you as though they are confiding in you over some shochu at a local
          izakaya, and you can’t help but listen - and learn. Their highly personal writing is backed
          with facts and insights to give you a clear advantage as you set about making the most of
          your new life in Japan.

          Topics covered in this 111-page volume include Japanese cuisine, the language, relation-
          ships, employment, family life, and even what to do when it’s time to go home. This
          guide works particularly well because it is written in such a friendly, level-headed style.
          Although it is geared toward the needs of new arrivals, even long-time expats would do
          well to inspect the wisdom found in Habitat Japan. When it comes to Japan, there is no                              To obtain your free copy of Habitat Japan, just sign up at
          end to the learning process - and this useful book has plenty of cultural lessons to teach.                and download!

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