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									Goal / Objective: Technology-rich literature experience for third graders that meets Indiana Standards for language arts

Timeline             Benchmarks                         Lesson Description                           Resources                           Activities                    Evaluation

Day 1            3.3.1 Recognize different         Read aloud "The Red Wheelbarrow" by            Copy of Love That Dog        Students write short poem that          Narrative critique
                 common genres of literature       William Carlos Williams (show text on          for every circle member.     begins with the words "So Much
                                                   document camera). Then describe and            Paper and pencils.           Depends Upon" with goal to create a
                                                   discuss how poetry is different than prose.    Document camera and          vivid picture in the listener's mind.
                                                                                                  large monitor.
                                                                                                                               Students will write a "Poem About a
                                                                                                  Share Sharon Creech's        Pet" like Jack did in the story.        "So Much Depends"
Day 2            3.3.3 Determine what              Discuss Jack and Miss Stretchberry's           official web site with       Before they begin, we'll visit the      poems handed back
                 characters are like by what       characters in Love That Dog (through the       information about what       computer lab in order to read the       for editing. Edited
                 they say and do and by how        February 7 entry). What ideas do we have       inspired her to write Love   Tips For Young Poets web site.          poems will be
                 the author or illustrator         about Jack's yellow dog?                       That Dog                                                             published in Word
                 portrays them                                                                                                                                         and submitted to
                                                                                                                                                                       Love That Pet
                                                                                                                               Students write a concrete poem.         contest.
                                                                                                  Copy of Paul Janeczko's      Later, the edited and revised
Day 3            3.5.4 Use varied word choice      Discuss events in book (through March 27).     A Poke in the I: A           versions will be photographed by        Hand back rubric
                 to make writing interesting       Read aloud several poems- including            Collection of Concrete       them for inclusion in a PowerPoint      assessment of "Love
                                                   students' - that "sound" pleasing because of   Poems. Also set up a         poetry collection                       That Pet" poem
                                                   well-chosen words. Introduce concept of        PC, scan converter, and
                                                   shaped or concrete poetry and show several     large monitor to show
                                                   examples.                                      web site "Wright-ing
                                                                                                  Paper and pencils
                                                                                                                               Students each take 2 digital
                                                                                                  Copy of Myer's Brown         photographs of their concrete poems     Hand back rubric
                 3.4.6 Review, evaluate, and       Discuss events in book (through May            Angels. Audio intro of       for the PowerPoint poetry collection    assessment of
Day 4
                 revise writing for meaning and    15).What emotions might inspire a poem?        Bad Boy read by Myers.                                               concrete poem
                 clarity                           Read examples of happy, sad, mad, excited      Revised concrete poems
                                                   poems. Introduce poetry of Walter Dean         6 Sony Mavica cameras,
                                                   Myers and identify him as a real author in     floppy disks
                                                   addition to being a character in Love That
                                                   Dog. Show web site.                                                         Differentiate by interest and divide
                                                                                                  Use Inspiration to           into groups of 6-8 students for final
                                                   Complete our discussion of Love That Dog.      brainstorm possible          presentations. Refine Inspiration       Peer rubric for final
                 3.7.13 Plan and present           Solicit questions and opinions. Booktalk       formats for presenting       plan into detailed outline with         project; also teacher
Day 5
                 dramatic presentations of         other Creech books & related titles of         students' poems to others    clearly defined roles. Allow            narrative critique
                 experiences, stories, poems, or   interest. Emphasize value of sharing their     (online publishing,          adequate preparation and practice
daily until
                 plays                             book experience with others in a creative      video, coffeehouse)          time.
completion of
final project)

Created by Pam Barry                               Deer Run Elementary School                                                            April 14, 2003

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