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					ACHIEVEMENT(Position:Purchasing Manager in EMS company) 1. Successfully recruited and trained a team of 35 Buyers/Procurement Engineers/Executives. 2. Managed high staff turnover challenges by setting up Buddy program to the Purchasing/ Procurement team and set-up progressive successor plan. 3. Lead the Purchasing/Procurement team to support short delivery lead-time of 3-7 days upon customer order confirmations. 4. Develop and implement shortage management system to drive materials to kit clear within 2-7 days and meet <1% line down and meet 99% on-time delivery. 5. Successfully support and mentor the 6-sigma project team to look into optimization of inventory control and achieve the target of above 20 turns from 10-14 turns level. 6. Develop effective training programs with HR-training department to increase team-work and multi-tasking among the team members. 7. Has been able to build close working relationship with Global sites in Doumen,India, Brazil,Mexico for materials shortage support and reduce inventory turns via cross-selling support. 8. Maintain and develop a monitoring system to achieve +ve PPV on monthly and Quarterly basis to meet the 2% target savings on total receipt set by Top-management. 9. Continuously refine and improve the purchasing control process and inventory control system through lean six-sigma projects. 10. Development and implementation of purchasing process/procedure with the Finance team to ensure strict compliance to both internal and external audit requirements. 11. Continuously analyse and team-up with the shipping department to reduce the inbound freight cost from 0.8% to 0.4% of total materials consumptions value. 12. Driving all the team in the materials supply chain to ensure the materials flow run smoothly to meet the dynamic changing in demand from customers. 13. Achieve EOL materials excess and obsolete cost contributed by Purchasing functions to less than 1% of total E&O amount per program.

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