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a Printable Price Sheet - Video Doc Productions


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									            VIDEO DOC PRODUCTIONS
            Tel: 412-835-0643                                                      CHRISTMAS
            Fax: 412-835-0680                                                      DEADLINE IS
            5833 Library Road
            Bethel Park, PA 15102                                                    NOV. 5
            E-Mail: info@videodocproductions.com
            Website: www.videodocproductions.com

                         OLD HOME MOVIES TO DVD
                             Super 8, Regular 8 and 16mm Film

PRICE: $0.18 cents per foot – Silent Films (See size Chart on Next Page)
       $0.21 cents per foot – Sound Films – Noise Correction Added
       Each job comes with FREE easy-listening instrumental background music (Silent Films)
       Plus One opening title page (such as “Smith Home Movies”).

ADDITIONAL TITLE PAGES: $10.00 per page of text
                                    Title pages added in between each of the film reels.
                                    * Note: No Music Can Be Added When Adding Title Pages.

SET-UP CHARGE TO MAKE THE MASTER DVD: $40.00                             (Includes Case & Color Printing)


There are 3 Film Reel Sizes:       50 Foot Reel – 3” Round (See Chart on Page 2)
                                  200 Foot Reel – 5” Round
                                  400 Foot Reel – 8” Round
               > > 1600 Feet of Film Can Be Put On a 2 Hour DVD < <

What Video Doc Will Do For You:

       All work is done locally by one of our employees in our film transfer department.
       We NEVER send your films out to another service.
       Turn-around time is approximately 4-5 weeks. (All Holidays May Be Longer)
       All films are combined into one long video to watch
       We do not edit anything out of the films except all blank spots and clear segments that
        have no images on them will not be recorded. We keep all blurry, underexposed and
        over exposed segments in the video where there are images.
        All of the film on each reel has to be transferred. We cannot selectively edit parts of
        film from each reel.
       You will receive all of your film reels back in the condition that you submitted them.
       You receive one continuous movie on DVD.
       We treat your home movies just like they are our own family movies.
        We will never give you anything less!
       Easy listening instrumental background music will be added at no charge to your
        video to enhance the viewing experience, unless there is a soundtrack on the films.
        If there is a sound track on your films, the soundtrack will be used and
        no music will be added.
                     WHAT             YOU          NEED            TO        DO:

     There are 3 Film Reel Sizes for 8mm film, Super-8 film, and 16mm film:
 50 Foot Reel – 3" Round 200 Foot Reel – 5" Round       400 Foot Reel – 7" Round

1. Please number each reel in marker. Place a number on the center plastic hub or on the metal film reel
   along with the cover. This will ensure we process all your films in the correct order of your choosing.
2. Decide on a title for the video. Here are just a few examples: "Family Memories"; Thompson Family
  Movies"; "Through the Years with the Hall Family". Title pages are limited to 5 lines of text.
3. A maximum of 1600 feet of film can be transferred onto a 2 hour DVD.
                      You can easily calculate the amount of film you have by
                         adding the total sizes of your film reels together.
        Use the chart below to help calculate the amount of film you have to be preserved.

                        < Size Chart is exactly the same size as your film reels >

                                      < Film        Formats >

                                    Also Available:
                            Videotapes Converted to DVD,
                           LP Records and Cassettes to CD,
                          Video Projector System Available,
                     Damaged Digital Media Cards & DVDs Recovery,
                           Musical Photo Tributes & More!

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