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Resume - Stauff Consulting


									Information                             Edward L. Stauff                                                  UI
Architect                               making software make sense                                     maven

   7 Greenwood Drive, Nashua NH 03062     home: (603) 864-8133   cell: (802) 598-9398   email:

                                    Specializing in C#.Net, including
                                WinForms, ASP.Net, WPF, LINQ, and AJAX.

                                Also: MS SQL Server, Java, Javascript, C++,
                               Technical Documentation, and Test Automation.

                                        Professional History

Stauff Consulting, Nashua NH                                                                   2002 – present
Software development specializing in C#.Net desktop and web applications.
   Software Architect
          Planned, designed and implemented a web application for music directors.
          Researched the market including size of potential customer base, existing product offerings, and
           candidates for partnering opportunities.
          Recruited volunteers to review design documents including screen prototypes and user workflows;
          Technologies used: C# (52k lines), ASP.Net/WebForms, XML, Javascript, MS SQL Server (60
           tables), WinForms, LINQ, AJAX.

Lytron Inc., Woburn MA                                                                  March 2011 – present
Designs & manufactures liquid cooling systems.
   Software Consultant
          Enhance & maintain custom in-house engineering software. Technologies used: C#, WPF, C++.

Aspect Software, Chelmsford MA                                          August 2010 – January 2011
Software development specializing in C#.Net desktop and web applications.
   Software Consultant
          Designed and implemented tools to support test automation, using C# and SQL.
          Technologies used: C#, ASP.Net/WebForms, XML, MS SQL Server, LINQ, WPF.

WSI, Inc., Andover MA                                                      April 2007 – January 2009
Weather-driven business solutions for media, aviation, energy trading and utility customers.
   Principal Software Toolsmith Engineer
          Architected, designed, implemented, and maintained a test automation system in C# for a large real-
           time multimedia application written in C# and unmanaged C++. Components included:
           o C# testing API
           o SQL database for builds, automated & manual test results, performance data, and test schedules
           o interactive and batch-mode test harnesses
           o XML schema for test logs
           o automatic scheduled test execution

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 Edward L. Stauff ∙ 7 Greenwood Dr., Nashua, NH ∙ home: (603) 864-8133 ∙ cell: (802) 598-9398 ∙ email:

            o web site for controlling and monitoring test automation, and reporting test results
            o complete documentation
           Designed, implemented and maintained a variety of tools to aid both development and QA,
            o a WinForms app for viewing and analyzing application log data, featuring a multi-track timeline
            o a configurable system performance monitor, optimized for the application under test
           Designed and implemented improvements to the applications under development, including:
            o remote control capability, tied into both WinForms and WPF GUIs
            o standardized logging of application errors and debugging events
           Technologies used: C#, C++ (unmanaged), ASP.Net/WebForms, DHTML, XML, MS SQL Server,
            WinForms, .Net Remoting, WPF.

Allscripts Inc., Burlington VT                                                                          2006–2007
Software, services and information solutions for physicians and other healthcare providers.
   Software Consultant
           Designed and implemented components of a medical database system.
           Designed and implemented standard UI controls for use throughout a large WinForms application.
           Technologies used: C#, Visual Studio 2005 (.Net 2.0), WinForms, Infragistics NetAdvantage.

Green Mountain Logic, Montpelier VT                                                       2005–2006
Lab automation and compliance solutions for medical companies, hospitals, and point-of-care labs.
   Software Engineer
           Maintained & enhanced a distributed medical results management system.
           Technologies used: C#, VB.Net, C++, VB6, Java, SQL, COM+, InstallShield, multithreading.

Retail Vision Inc., Middlebury VT                                                                       2003–2005
“The largest magazine distributor to specialty retailers in the United States.”
   Software Consultant
           Designed & implemented components of an internal database application.
           Work included front end (UI), back end, SQL stored procedures, and automated unit tests.
           Designed & implemented Database Code Generator.
           Technologies used: VB .Net, C# .Net, SQL, Infragistics NetAdvantage.

Avid Technology, Tewksbury MA                                                                    prior experience
Develops software and hardware for video and audio production.
   Principal Software Engineer / Tech Lead
       Satin (2nd-generation test automation system)
            o   Provided technical leadership and mentoring to a team of 8-10 engineers.
            o   Evaluated commercial Java courses and selected one for team training.
            o   Technologies used: Java, C++, TCP/IP (sockets).
       Feature Tree Manager (system for tracking test coverage by product feature)
            o   Designed, implemented and documented an MFC C++ application for entering and viewing test
                results, organized by product feature using a combination of hierarchical (tree) and table views.
                Used Microsoft SQL database for storing test results.
            o   Patent application initiated.
            o   Technologies used: C++, MFC, Visual Studio.

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 Edward L. Stauff ∙ 7 Greenwood Dr., Nashua, NH ∙ home: (603) 864-8133 ∙ cell: (802) 598-9398 ∙ email:

       Test Automation
            o   Architected Avid’s first test automation system using Segue’s QA Partner (Silk) on the
            o   Established and maintained standards for software development.
            o   Led and mentored automation team that grew to 10 people.
            o   Documented all test automation API’s on intranet web site. Wrote interactive web-based training
                curriculum for QAP and in-house automation API’s.
            o   Ported test automation system from Mac to Windows NT; maintained cross-platform automation
            o   Helped design SQL database for storing automated test results.
            o   Oversaw test automation effort through a dozen major product releases.
            o   Technologies used: QA Partner (Silk), C++, Visual Studio.
       Cut List Tool
            o   Designed and implemented a tool for generating Film Cut Lists from the Media Composer,
                including a rich GUI and complex algorithms.
            o   Worked directly with customers to develop and enhance the tool.
            o   Personally responsible for 75,000 lines of C++ code.
            o   Ported from Macintosh to Windows NT; maintained common cross-platform code base.
            o   Cut List Tool was hailed by customers as complete, 100% accurate, and easy to use.
            o   Member of development team that won a Technical Oscar (Academy Award) in 1998.

   Yale University – B.S. in Computer Science

   See my recommendations on Here are a few excerpts:

   “I worked with Ed ... over about a 3-year span. ...                      “Ed is a highly competent
   Ed is extremely methodical, detail oriented, and thorough in his         engineer, capable of handling even
   approach to software development, an excellent mentor to the             the most difficult and complex
   more junior people, and a visionary in “how software ought to            tasks.
   be developed.” I would happily work with him again in any                He is a prolific coder, and is good
   role, and would hire him for any challenge he wanted to take             at engineering creative solutions to
   on.”                                                                     difficult problems.”

                                       Other Accomplishments
Author of Encyclopedia of Organ Stops, the most comprehensive work of its kind in any media, freely available
      on the web at
Created the leading website for free Christmas Carol music:
Designed and built hardware (TTL) and software (C++, assembler) to interface an organ pedal keyboard to a PC
      to control a MIDI synthesizer.
Recorded solo piano CD Champlain Summer (see

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