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									Tips to get placed in Mahindra Satyam
About the Company

Mahindra Satyam is a leading global business consulting
and IT services company. Leveraging deep industry &
functional expertise, leading technology practices, and an
advanced, global delivery model, we enable companies to
unlock their business potential.

 Note : It is very important to know about the company. It
 is the basic knowledge, you got to have before going to
 attend any placement activity.


  Technical Round – 1

  Technical Round – 2

Written Test
Consist of 6 sections
   1) Non Verbal Reasoning - 35 Questions
   2) Verbal Reasoning – 20 questions
   3) Quant ( Mathematical Ability) – 15 questions
   4) English – 1 – 10 questions
   5) English – 2 - 10 Questions
   6) English – 3 – 10 Questions
Time: 100 Questions in 60 Min
( Approximately 36 Sec for each question)
Tips to clear written Test

There is cut-off for each section ; Equal priority must be
given to all section

•Since there is only 36 sec time to answer
each question, read the question only once
carefully and answer.
•If you are unable to answer keep the
guess option and go to the next question
without wasting time
•Don’t ever leave the question blank.
Section – 1 (Nonverbal Reasoning )
Consists of 35 questions and is a crucial section.
Refer to model papers to cover all models.
Write ABCD…..Z on a rough paper and above that alphabets, write the
numbers from 1 – 26. It would help in solving upto 10 questions.
For example refer to type 1,2,5,6 ,13,14,15,16 in Model paper 1.This
saves lot of time.

Refer R.S.Agarwal Nonverbal –Verbal reasoning book to solve this type
of questions or solve all model papers

Attend this Section compulsory
Take Not more than 24 min to finish this section
Level Of Difficulty : Easy
Section – 2 (Verbal Reasoning)
Consists of 20 questions
Relationship Between words ( 5 ) ; Analogies ( 5) ; Odd thing out ( 10)

An analogy is a comparison of certain similarities between things
which are otherwise unlike.
Example: BIRD : NEST :: (A) dog : doghouse (B) squirrel : tree (C)
beaver : dam
Ans: Bird builds a nest , as Beaver builds a dam

Presence of mind is most important for section- 1 & 2 concentration is
the main thing to solve this question questions will be very easy look at
the model paper for sample questions
Attend this Section compulsory
Take Not more than 12 min to finish this section
Level Of Difficulty : May be Moderate or Easy
Section – 3 (Quant)

Consists of 15 questions.
Questions would be mostly from below topics in R.S.Agarwal
Text book
Topics: Profit & Loss (2) ; Simple and compound Interest (3) ;
Time & Work; Mixtures; Problems on Ages; Speed, distance &
time; Calendar; Proportions

Revise the above topics from R.S Agarwal atleast go
through the formulae's and examples from R.S.Agarwal
text books.
Attend this Section compulsory
Take Not more than 13 min to finish this section
Level Of Difficulty : May be Moderate or Easy
Section – 4 (Verbal – Fill in the blanks)

  Consists of 10 questions
  - To fill the best possible word in the blanks

  Only one tip I can suggest to answer this type of
  questions is to read the question and use the process
  of elimination.

  Very easy section can score maximum and do help to
  reach the cutoff easily
Attend this Section compulsory
Take Not more than 3 min to finish this section
Level Of Difficulty : Easy
Section – 5 (Verbal)

Consists of total 10 questions
Synonyms ( 5 Questions) ; antonyms ( 4 questions ); Fill the
Blank ( 1 Question)

Best way to answer this kind of questions is with the help of parts of
speech. First understand the nature of word and guess the synonym
or antonym of the word given.
Example: If word ‘Below ‘is given and asked for synonym options
are like this - Above b) Submit c) Belie d) Under
You can also use the process of elimination
Read GRE ‘BARRONS’ or similar books to understand Parts of Speech
since time is less.
Attend this Section compulsory
Take Not more than 3 min to finish this section
Level Of Difficulty : Difficult
Section – 6 (Reading Comprehension)
Two Comprehensive passage will be given to read and answer the
questions related to that paragraph. 10 Questions in this section.
Read the paragraph only once carefully and answer the questions.
Since time is less don't read 2-3 times the same comprehension read
once carefully the comprehension will be in very simple English and
could be easily understood if you read it carefully.
Other way to answer the passages are to read the questions first and
then read the passage so that you can find the answers to the
questions while reading the passage.

Don’t leave this section, do compulsory answer it.
At least spend last 5 min for this section only
Level Of Difficulty : Easy
Technical Round – 1 & 2
In this round they will test your technical Skills. They will ask the questions with what you have
written in your Resume. Be genuine in making your resume.

Answer boldly and confident while answering the question whether its right or wrong.

Better be perfect in C & DS most of the questions will be from data structures.

Learn all kinds of sorting techniques and structures, union, pointer, files most questions will be
asked from this topics.

Be stout in the project you did in college level.

Go through the presentations if you have given any in other colleges. If you write about it in
your resume they may ask you questions.

Finally, I would like to tell you is be bold and confident if you don’t know the answers they are
asking frankly say “ Sorry Sir, Honestly I don’t know the answer for that question but surely I
will update myself ” in some cases if you try to answer unknown question answer confidently
HR Round
This is the last round in this round they will ask about yourself.

Some Common questions are like tell me about yourself; strenghts & weakness; about the
company; why software job; why my company; why should I give the job.

Answer confidently to all this questions.

Dress Neatly; Answer Confidently; Attractive attitude always helps you to get a job though you
have less technical skills.

If the HR ask you for “any doubts” never ask about your feedback gives a wrong impression on
you. Ask something about the company or your growth in the company.

            GOOD LUCK
            Hope all the Success come through you

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