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					                          Volume 39       Number 7             July 2011

           The Spokesman
                                      Voice of the

                               Roster of Officers and appointees

Barbara Cowan                                      Advocacy                            Steve Fair
Dan “Dirtdog” Watson                               Century Chair                             Joe Manis
Second Vice-President
Diane Aldridge                                     Event Coordinator                              Eddie Owens
Gene Wallace                                       Ride Captain                               VACANT

Treasurer                                          Member-at-large
Lorraine Englande                                  Angie Calloway                    

Past President                                     Spokesman Editor
Barbara Gower                                      Lentus “Red” Lantern                                     spokesmaneditor@gmail
                                    Shane Jordan
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   Vol 39, Issue 7                                  SPOKESMAN                                     July 2011
                     The Birmingham Bicycle Club, PO Box 382663, Birmingham, Alabama 35238-2663

In this issue:
Regular: Letter from the President, Meeting notes, General News, Pavé Report, Ride
announcements, BBCLUB kit ordering

                                        Letter from the President

Yes. It’s that time of year again! Those lucky enough get to watch it live every morning
for 21 days. Those stuck behind desktops take peeks now and then to see what is going
on without being noticed. Some try to put it out of sight and hearing range and view in
the evening pretending it’s live! Spouses think we’re nuts. But if you’re a cyclist, you
can’t get enough of it. It’s the most exciting 21 days of sports. The Tour de France starts
July 2nd and ends Sunday, July 24th. In connection with the tour look for special tour
viewings at The Cantina posted on our calendar. Cahaba Cycles is again sponsoring the
Tour de Cahaba in connection with the close of the tour on Sunday, July 24th. Check the
calendar for details. This is always a fun event. We have three TIB stage events in July.
The Alabama Organ Center is working with a cyclist that is a kidney recipient. He has a
goal to ride 50 miles in 50 states. He will be in Alabama at Homewood Cycles on July
7th. He would love for you to ride with him. Details will be sent as soon as it is
confirmed. Start time is 7:00 a.m.

We had a fantastic meeting in June with Danny Feldman, Dr. David Todd, and Marjorie
Holderer. You can find details from this meeting in this issue. Notes from Danny will be
sent out to the club under separate distribution. I appreciate all of you for taking the time
to share this information with our group.

The date of our BBC Mountain Goat Century is now set for Saturday, October 15th! Save
the date for this event. Whether you are cycling or volunteering please reserve the date on
your calendar. Fall colors will be in full bloom. The venue is fantastic at Homestead
Hollow, in Springville, Alabama. Hospitality is southern style and the post ride meal will
be right on. Enjoy the homebrew and plan on sharing your stories under the pavilion at
Homestead Hollow. Information and registration details our now online at

The summer months are here and I know several of you are planning cycling trips with
family and friends. We look forward to hearing all about it in future issues when you

A huge thank you to June’s ride leaders.They are: Randall Richardson, Eddie Owens,
Barb Cowan, Susan Goertz, Joe Manis, and Snake. We appreciate you so much.

I’d like to welcome our new members for the month. They are:
Reese & Debbie Frazer and Laura Gilmour.
                                      Newsletter of the Birmingham Bicycle Club
   Vol 39, Issue 7                                  SPOKESMAN                                     July 2011
                     The Birmingham Bicycle Club, PO Box 382663, Birmingham, Alabama 35238-2663

Thank you to all those who renewed.
Your BBC membership gives you:
10% discount at local bike shops (just show your card at time of purchase)
Discount on BBC Century registration
Participant Accident Insurance & Liability Insurance
Meetings, programs, parties, picnics
Club –sponsored events
Online ride calendar
Online monthly newsletter
Access to group riding

Remember, if you don’t see a ride on the calendar you like, maybe you should lead one!
Stay safe and see you on the road!
Barb Cowan, Prez
                                         Meeting announcements

Board and Club meetings are the 3rd Monday in alternating months, time and place to be
announced by the President via e-mail. July will be a Board meeting.

                                 Minutes from June Board Meeting

BBC General Membership Minutes, June 20, 2011

The Birmingham Bicycle Club (BBC) held a general membership meeting on June 20, 2011 at
the Homewood library. Barbara Cowan called the meeting to order.
The first guest speaker for the evening was Danny Feldman from Lewis, Feldman @Lehane,
LLC. Danny is an attorney that handles a number of cases involving cycling incidents. His topic
for the evening was “What to do if you’re in a wreck with a car!”. The topic covered five main
areas. Additionally Danny said these were the same regardless of the type of accident (car and
bike, car and car, etc.)
The second guest speaker was Dr. David Todd. Dr. Todd has a specialty in Health Sports
Chiropractics. He gave a very informative talk on cycling and nutrition based on his experience
as a road racer since 1985.
The third guest speaker for the evening was Marjorie Holderer. Marjorie is the current president
of the Alabama Bicycle Coalition. She talked on the general purpose of the organization and the
importance of advocacy to support cycling across the state. She described programs such as
“Complete Streets” and “Safe Routes to School”. She said the Coalition is not making
preparations for the next upcoming legislative session.
Barbara gave a brief update on the Mountain Goat Century and the new date which is October
15, 2011. She announced that we still need a volunteer to handle the post ride meal for the
Century and that anyone interested should contact her.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.
Gene Wallace
Club Secretary
Our speakers are noted below, with comments from the editor.
                                      Newsletter of the Birmingham Bicycle Club
   Vol 39, Issue 7                                  SPOKESMAN                                     July 2011
                     The Birmingham Bicycle Club, PO Box 382663, Birmingham, Alabama 35238-2663

Danny Feldman, is an attorney who cycles (I rode with Mr Feldman’s wife on the return leg of
the Cheaha Challenge one year, and she said he had already finished the ride.) He is with Lewis,
                             Feldman, Lehane & McAtee, LLC.

Mr Feldman presented handouts that showed the things to do (if you are conscious) if you come
in contact with a vehicle, or for that matter, if you in turn are driving. The unfortunate fact that
Alabama has an archaic “contributory negligence” factor that makes it risky to make any
statements about the event without the advice of legal representation, was discouraging to all,
and clearly this needs to be overhauled. Seemingly harmless “facts” (that may be faulty
memories) elicited in statements, can be used to mark the cyclist as being a contributory factor,
and thus can be denied coverage in an otherwise clear-cut case.

The issue of rear light vs reflector was discussed with no clear answer, since most rear lights also
function as reflectors when not “lit.” Most of us take these off of our bikes right after purchase,
since they seem lame compared to any actual blinking light.

The most important point that he emphasized: check your auto insurance policy, make sure you
have Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage and make sure that the limits of coverage for
yourself are at least as high as the limits for the other party. This is shown as range on your
Policy Jacket for UM/UIM. If, for example, you have Bodily Injury (BI) for 100/300 and
UM/UIM for 25/50, this means that the other party is covered for $100,000 per individual and
$300,000 per incident, while you are only covered for $25,000 and $50,000 respectively. Get a
quote on changing that second value from your agent, if this is similar to your scenario, in order
to cover yourself at the same level as the other party. As long as an accident involves an
automobile, the coverage extends to you as a cyclist if you are riding.

                                      Newsletter of the Birmingham Bicycle Club
   Vol 39, Issue 7                                  SPOKESMAN                                     July 2011
                     The Birmingham Bicycle Club, PO Box 382663, Birmingham, Alabama 35238-2663

Dr David Todd is a cyclist as well. . (As you can see, he is not wearing a Grateful Dead tie-dye,
and he was not wearing Birkenstocks, remember that as you read.) He emphasized the need for
real nutrition from real foods, such as non-lean meat (if you of the carnivorous persuasion), real
butter, and vegetables and fruits. He stated that mankind made it through trying conditions such
as the Glacial Ice Ages, with no Splenda nor artificially lean meat, nor processed foods, though
the editor points out that there is a bit of sophistry here, as mankind as a whole as that time had a
life-expectancy of about 35 years, if that. But he also emphasized that the demands of cycling
call for certain elements that are not necessarily present in the stuff that is marketed to athletes.
He stated that the efforts that we put into a ride and especially a competitive event, can suppress
the autoimmune system, just as a cold would, and this is exacerbated with the wrong food
choices. There are nutritional gambits that aid in the effort and recovery that can stave off that
feeling of being hit by a steamroller during and after rides.

Oat-based products, he stated, are better for the digestive “gut bugs” that process our food intake,
as opposed to gluten products (wheat). So oatmeal-based items got the thumbs-up. Your editor’s
personal food-for-life, peanut butter, was mentioned as a welcome additive to oatmeal, but we
have to remember that peanuts are positively toxic for some people, an allergy less rare than we
ever thought while growing up. Sea salt (or second best, Morton’s Lite salt), should always be
favored over table salt, he stated. The trace elements in sea salt contribute to the body’s needs for
these to be replaced along a ride, and the simpler chemistry of “lite” salt does not present the
blood-pressure raising problems of table salt. Unless you eat nothing but food from your own
garden, you are probably getting the iodide that is not in sea salt from other sources, but
remember: sea salt has none, while Morton’s Lite does.

His all-time food recommendation was broth from the whole chicken, which includes the
dissolved marrow of the bones (if you are Jewish, chances are you already know this was a
superfood), and his sport drink was essentially a form of lemonade. Similar to the advice of Joey
Steele at our Feb meeting, eating normal foods (but not containing grease or lots of protein, eggs
                                      Newsletter of the Birmingham Bicycle Club
   Vol 39, Issue 7                                  SPOKESMAN                                     July 2011
                     The Birmingham Bicycle Club, PO Box 382663, Birmingham, Alabama 35238-2663

and pork products cited for digestibility problems) in time to digest before a ride, and plain or
electrolyted water, is fine for most under-an-hour rides, while longer rides may require intake of
more regular foods and supplemental drinks as the ride progresses, with something as protein-
rich as you can stand after the finish, for recovery. An emphasis was placed on the goodness of
proteins, as found in cheese, after a ride, but that taking these in before a ride can be a problem,
because the body uses energy to digest these and they can contribute to a “heavy” feeling if not
downright digestive upset (pro racers call this “pizza legs.”) The old standby, whey protein, was
mentioned favorably for recovery, but your editor, cited merely as a contrary example, has never
been able to hold down anything made with this after a ride, except the new Gatorade liquid
recovery drinks.

Powdered Gatorade, as recommended by your editor in a previous newsletter, was recommended
by Dr Todd, by virtue of containing no high fructose corn syrup, and we would wager that
powdered Powerade is the same. Editor’s note: Finding the ingredients of powdered Powerade
online has stumped your editor, the massive Coca Cola conspiracy rolls on. Your editor is also
confused by the idea of a zero calorie sports drink: in what real sport do you not burn calories
like crazy? Just seems like the stupidest thing ever. Avoidance of soy products was
recommended, while other products marketed for the lactose-intolerant, such as almond milk and
rice milk, were recommended, for cooking as well as drinking.

It was encouraging to your editor that even though we know coffee is a diuretic, he mentioned it
as an acceptable pre-ride drink, and one cup (and only one for the day) has usually been part of
our own breakfast routine. The caffeine really does wake one up, after all.

The need for calcium and other mineral elements for avoiding cramps was also discussed,
and the bioavailabity of calcium was discussed, with calcium lactate/citrate recommended,
calcium carbonate (as in Tums and Rolaids) was disrecommended, because of lack-of-absorption
issues. Calcium lactate is the main ingredient in a popular (and expensive) supplement, which he
mentioned as being effective for him, but the formula for that product can be reproduced; you
may have to take a few more pills, but it is do-able. Calcium lactate in pill form is still relatively
expensive, compared to dirt-cheap calcium carbonate (which is essentially chalk), but since Dr
Todd insists that the carbonate is just being sloughed off and not absorbed, the comparison is not
really valid. You gets what you pays for.

The human body’s reaction to sugar is well-known, so we (again, as an example, not a
recommendation) tend to use raw sugar when possible, even with a diabetic condition. Dr Todd
stated that studies lead to the conclusion that the use of artificial sweeteners stimulated weight
gain and food intake, without even mentioning the dire list of doom-laden counterindications
given for these on numerous websites. Thus, all artificial sweeteners (sucralose, aspartame,
saccharin) were given the thumbs-down (Aspartame has always been evil, in the editor’s
opinion.). Stevia (the natural herbal extract with the friendly name) was recommended, along
with Sun Crystals, a blend of stevia and sugar which has, alas, been discontinued. Get it while
you can, if you can tolerate it! Your editor finds that it does not improve his morning coffee.
Your editor did not bring up the conflicting medical advice given to diabetics about sugar, or to
kidney stone sufferers about extra calcium, even though both of these apply to your editor. We
did not want to muddy up the waters, but this is a real problem for lots of riders, with internists
and urologists giving conflicting advice.
                                      Newsletter of the Birmingham Bicycle Club
   Vol 39, Issue 7                                  SPOKESMAN                                     July 2011
                     The Birmingham Bicycle Club, PO Box 382663, Birmingham, Alabama 35238-2663

A question arose about eating before a hard effort when the cyclist is running late, and the advice
was: do not. Starting the ride fairly empty and making sure to eat along the way was
recommended, as opposed to last minute downing of food. Good to know, tough to practice.

                                        Marjorie Holderer
Marjorie Holderer, of ALABIKE, ( introduced us to the aims of the
organization, a state-wide group of volunteers working on changing the perception of
communities and legislators about cyclists. We were proud to see that the brochure for the
organization sported a graphic that said “Full use of the Lane.”

DISCLAIMER – editorial statement, not to be attributed to Ms Holderer: Our editorial opinion,
and strictly our own, is that bike lanes marginalize cyclists, and alienate urban drivers, whereas
bicycles as an alternative form of transportation should be emphasized more. Give us a good
margin on roads instead of pitted and deckle-edged garbage dumps, and bike lanes may not be
necessary, again, one rider’s opinion. This opens the can of worms regarding the scoring used to
wake up nodding motorists on the margins, good for them, bad for us, but if we can use the road
itself, not such a problem.

There was a sort of resonance in her remarks (by way of utter contrast) with Danny Palfrey’s
recent article in June 22 Black & White regarding the proposed Northern Beltway. Palfrey’s
contention is that many organizations posing as environmental groups are simply juntas of
contractors and industrialists who are essentially destroying the environment of the poorer
counties with toxic wastes, whereas this small group of volunteers in ALABIKE effectively
planted the idea that Madison co (not one of the poor rural counties) should actually improve
roads based on earlier promises to provide decent shoulder conditions. They did so by showing
up and speaking up, not by spending millions of dollars to spin a web of deceit.

DISCLAIMER – editorial statement, not to be attributed to Ms Holderer: Alabama’s rural
counties are excellent places for cycling, but polls showing Alabama as being rated 47th (up from

                                      Newsletter of the Birmingham Bicycle Club
   Vol 39, Issue 7                                  SPOKESMAN                                     July 2011
                     The Birmingham Bicycle Club, PO Box 382663, Birmingham, Alabama 35238-2663

50th) in the category of “Bicycle Friendliness,” may be based entirely on the amounts of money
spent by the state. We take these polls with a grain of salt, just because it does not always take
money to improve conditions, just a change in attitude. Cycling is not a revenue-heavy
sport/habit, since better roads benefit everybody, not just cyclists. We consider it “bicycle
friendly” for a motorist not to run us over on lonely rides in the sticks, regardless of road
conditions, since we must realize that this could be done with impunity all over this state. But Mr
Feldman’s comments tied in with Ms Holderer’s about the attitude of all road users toward all
other road users. With our current state constitution, “road rights” issues are a microbe within the
tiny pimple on the gigantic disease that is our multivolume anachronism. The community level
may be the only way to start; grass roots may eventually grow and seep into Montgomery.

Ms Holderer showed the latest ALDOT Highway map for the state, the foldup paper kind you
find at the gas stations and convenience stores, and ALABIKE scored a victory by getting a text
block included that stated the dual responsibilities of both motorists and cyclists to respect one
another, alas, no actual pictures of cyclists. Maybe next year.

She discussed the turnaround in California for a program called Safe Routes to School. This
program, she said, elicited no enthusiasm from politicians, but was a hit with the constituents.
The concept is to increase the number of children who walk or bicycle to school by funding
projects that remove the barriers that currently prevent them from doing so. Those barriers
include lack of infrastructure, unsafe infrastructure, lack of programs that promote walking and
bicycling through education/encouragement programs aimed at children, parents, and the
community. CA Transportation Dept’s division of Local Assistance has an excellent writeup, and
yes, we copied their text above because we could not have said it better:

Ms Holderer requested that we help in their efforts by joining ALABIKE (as individual
members), start attending local, county and state meetings, and thus support the efforts of these
volunteers, who so far cannot afford a lobbyist to the state assembly.

                                                General News
Errors & Lacunae
We missed the announcement for the Harpeth Century (Franklin TN) last month, too late to get
into the issue. We have heard good things about this ride, and really like the area where it takes
place, but could not make it this year. Anyone who did should submit a report to us, please.

Interesting products – EZ bike stand
We saw Steve Mitchell pull this out of his trunk at Randall’s Montevallo ride, and at $50.00, it
looks like a good idea. When I asked one of the LBSes if they could get me one, they seemed
uninterested in helping; Steve mentioned that he got his from someone local, who was not
affiliated with an LBS. This stand allows you to do your standard inflating and adjustments at the
ride site, without worrying about your bike slithering down the side of your vehicle. They also
sell a $10.00 link to attach one stand to another.
                                      Newsletter of the Birmingham Bicycle Club
   Vol 39, Issue 7                                  SPOKESMAN                                     July 2011
                     The Birmingham Bicycle Club, PO Box 382663, Birmingham, Alabama 35238-2663

I am posting the website, maybe the local distributor is still in town.

            Know your Club Officers – Joe “The Bull” Manis – Century Chairman


                                      Newsletter of the Birmingham Bicycle Club
     Vol 39, Issue 7                                  SPOKESMAN                                       July 2011
                       The Birmingham Bicycle Club, PO Box 382663, Birmingham, Alabama 35238-2663

                                    Ride Leader Stats thru June, 2011

 Eddie Owens                  29                                 Mike Cowan                 1
 Barb Cowan                   15                                 Jim Carter                 1
 Randall Richardson            9                                 Bryan White                1
 Shane Jordan                  6                                 Susan Goertz               1
 Dirtdog                       3                                 Joe Manis                  1
 Ed Carmack                    2
                                         Club Miles as of 6/24/2011
Cowan          Barb                   929                       Richardson      William         130
Slayton        Clinton                798                       Christenberry   Bill            125
Maisonville    Lloyd                  772                       Golab           Katie           124
Wallace        Gene                   719                       Robbins         Brenda          104
Manis          Joe                    686                       Estes           Kay             103
Aldridge       Diane                  603                       Stephenson      Glenn           102
Grumley        Scott                  504                       Krannich        Larry           101
Aldridge       Mark                   440                       Carter          Jim             95
Mitchell       Steve                  399                       Bennett         John E          86
 Collawn       James                  348                       Burgess          Sid            68
Watson         Dan                    343                       Carmack          Edison         68
Mawn           Russell                314                       Hodges           Steven         62
Ryne           Sims                   303                       Richardson       Colin          60
Bebok          Zsuzsa                 297                       Vos              Augusta        59
Harris         Tyra                   293                       Hinds           Libby           45
Englande       Lorraine               290                       Percy            Alan           42
Smith          Merrill                283                       White           Elijah          42
Smith          Roxanne                259                       Leader           Dean           40
White          Jana                   259                       Pfluger         Peter           40
Malone         Jeff                   242                       Spooner         Wayne           40
Coombs         Jody                   238                       Tankersley       Felix "Tank"   40
Cowan          Mike                   235                       Quintero         Peter          34
Robertson      Jim                    221                       Smith           Arthur          34
Cornelius      Bob                    212                       Lazarus          Leigh Ann      30
McDaniel       Mike                   209                       Schoonover       Brian          30
Benz           Stan                   204                       Gilmour         Laura           30
Kirby          Ken                    192                       Goertz           Susan          26
Owens          Eddie                  186                       Goertz           Jack           26
Schrimscher    Jeff                   183                       Bunn             Mickey         23
Vos            John                   174                       Garza            Fernando       18
Oliver         Bryan                  159                       Bunn             James          13
Jordan         Shane                  146                       Burkybile        Frank          13
Fulmer         Russell                141                       Todd             Terry          13
Stack          Bryan                  132                       Sims             Billy          12
McDaniel       Linda                  130                       Rehmert         Kathryn         10
Murray         Susan                  130
Myers          Larry                  130

                                        Newsletter of the Birmingham Bicycle Club
   Vol 39, Issue 7                                  SPOKESMAN                                     July 2011
                     The Birmingham Bicycle Club, PO Box 382663, Birmingham, Alabama 35238-2663

                                    TIB Results through June 2011
MAISONVILLE             LLOYD           36:19:45
GRUMLEY                 SCOTT           36:21:05
MANIS                   JOE             36:23:17
SLAYTON                 CLINTON         36:29:39
ALDRIDGE                DIANE           36:40:06
WALLACE                 GENE            36:42:33
COWAN                   BARBARA         36:44:09
MAWN                    RUSS            36:57:56
DIRTDOG                                 37:25:03
RHYNE                   SIMS            37:28:57
BENZ                    STAN            37:31:11
ALDRIDGE                MARK            37:37:12

                                                 Pave Report
Summertime means sudden showers (just like spring) and lots of stuff washed onto the
roads, so look out! Summertime also means animals appear to die in droves on the roads,
or maybe that is just our imagination. Please report any changes in road conditions you
see to

Canterbury Lane, Mountain Brook Park Lane and the stub of Cherokee Rd on the
Homewood side of 280, all being repaved, so watch for partial closures and the usual
gouging of the old surfaces, very rough.

By the time of publication, some may be completed. Canterbury Lane and Mountain
Brook Park Lane are part of many LBS rides. Cherokee is important for commuters
making their way up and down Shades Mountain, but the resurfacing has not extended up
Smyer Rd, so far.

                                                Ride Warning
Now that the sun is out, the IQ and awareness of drivers will plunge inversely with the
rise in visibility and temperature. Be especially wary of enforcing your right-of-way
when crossing straight across intersections, as motorized turners seem more vicious
towards human-powered travelers getting in their way as the weather turns clearer and
brighter. Right-of-way for a cyclist means little in the broad afternoon daylight at a busy
intersection. Don’t “hide” by circling on a side road and then pop out into these
intersections: take your stand just where a motor vehicle would be stopped for the light,
so that the opposing traffic can see you there.

Always remember when you are riding towards the sun on those westbound afternoon
trips: so are the drivers behind you, most of whom are also chatting on cell phones while
                                      Newsletter of the Birmingham Bicycle Club
   Vol 39, Issue 7                                  SPOKESMAN                                     July 2011
                     The Birmingham Bicycle Club, PO Box 382663, Birmingham, Alabama 35238-2663

hauling a bunch of schoolkids, and/or still trying to decompress from work. Be sensible
about pulling off and releasing all of that psychic pressure behind you, regardless of your
road rights.

                                      Ride Announcements
       For competitive events, check Travis Sherman’s Alabama Cycling News website:

Notes about regular events:
BBClub members are encouraged to lead rides on well-chosen routes at a predictable time. The
leader is not expected to provide food or hydration, but regular rides frequently have eating
places at the start/finish. Your miles are reflected as Club Miles when a BBClub ride leader is
present, mileage is usually determined by a consensus of the riders’ computers. Ride leaders are
supposed to have a waiver form for you to sign, and will allow no dropped riders on
beginner/intermediate rides. Read about the event details on our calendar. If the start locations or
times are not clear, call the leader and ask/complain! Evening riders must be equipped with
lights. Most rides are automatically cancelled if it is already raining at start time, but if you show
up and it has just started sprinkling, the group will decide. In addition, most of the LBS in
Birmingham have rides that may be at a more convenient time, place, or pace, but will not add
BBClub Miles. These are dependent on how many riders show up and the staffing at the LBS,
and most start before the business hours of the LBS, so try to get good contacts at the LBS and
call first.

Some annual charity rides have become part of the Tour de Iron Butt scoring system, but as long
as there is a BBClub leader in the event, participants can report Club Miles, whether in the Iron
Butt category or not. Be aware that there are several worthwhile charity rides that will garner no
Club Miles. Please let us know your experiences in these.

Regular events
As always, check the BBClub Calendar and In&Out of Town on our website!
Most weekends and several weeknights will feature at least one club-led ride. Rides may start
around Chelsea/Westover and go up to Coosa Mountain (big climb) or down to Wilsonville (a
few rollers), others start in Montevallo, and some start at Turkey Creek. Watch for rides to
nearby festivals, where you can count on a great meal in the middle of the ride. Pepper Place,
Oak Mountain State Park, the Helena Winn-Dixie and the Springville WalMart are also among
the popular starting points for regular club-led rides.

Tour de Iron Butt Note: Tornadoes have knocked out several centuries already, so riders are
encouraged to come up with usable centuries for BBClub use.

                                      Newsletter of the Birmingham Bicycle Club
   Vol 39, Issue 7                                  SPOKESMAN                                     July 2011
                     The Birmingham Bicycle Club, PO Box 382663, Birmingham, Alabama 35238-2663

Thunder on the Mountain
July 4
Behind Cahaba Cycles Homewood

As of this writing not positive there will be fireworks but there will be a ride!
Fireworks ride - come early and get a good spot to watch the fireworks after the ride.
Experienced ride, distance 20 to 30 miles, average ride pace 15/16 mph depending on friskiness
of group. No map, we usually go out to Ross Bridge and back may add a little more this year.
Bring food & refreshments of your choice to enjoy with the fireworks.
Contact Name: eddie owens
Phone: 205-919-5754

Birmingham Bike Club Social at the Baron's Game
The Barons are playing the Jacksonville Suns
Thursday, July 14 7:05pm.
General Admission ticket $7.00.
Meet in Section 208!

Promotions Include:
Thirsty Thursday with $1.00 beverages (including beer!)
Ladies Night (Look for special ticket line just for ladies)
Parrot Head Night
Pre-Game Concert Series (Presented by Redline Bar & Grill)
Contact Lorraine Englande (rain210@bellsouth

Sylacauga, Marble City Metric
Sat, July 16
Central Park Pavilion (Across from Blue Bell)
422 North Norton Avenue
Sylacauga, Alabama 35150

Ride lengths of 65 and 43 miles. SAG stops with water, electrolyte drink, and snacks. Local bike
shop will operate support vehicles. After ride food. Proceeds will go toward support of
Sylacauga's new Lake Howard Multi Use trail and the Lisa Baird Scholarship. Complimentary
Blue Bell Ice Cream following ride. May pre-register at

                                      Newsletter of the Birmingham Bicycle Club
   Vol 39, Issue 7                                  SPOKESMAN                                     July 2011
                     The Birmingham Bicycle Club, PO Box 382663, Birmingham, Alabama 35238-2663

Tour de Cahaba
July 24
6:00 - 7:00am start time for A, B ride
8:30am for C ride
Homewood Cycle & Fitness parking lot
2834 18th Street South
Homewood, AL 35209-2510

Only $10 ($5 goes to events costs, $5 goes to tornado relief), free cookout afterwards, Tour de
France viewing afterwards, clearly marked route, tons of giveaways/door prizes, ride

Route starts @ Homewood store, then to Oak Mtn store (Pelham), to Cahaba store (Cahaba
Heights), to Trussville store, back to Homewood (shorter route option available)
Rest stops at each store.

Hot Hundred
Date: July 30, 2011
Time: 7:00am
Tuscaloosa, AL UA Recreation Center

NEW START VENUE! University of Alabama Recreation Center...offering air-conditioned
facilities before & after the ride, use of the swimming pool, showers, on-site motor home
parking, and post-ride meal by Zoe's catering. Ride options of 28, 36, 51, 70, & 103 miles. Seven
well-stocked rest stops, easy-to-spot SAG vehicles. See more details at

Join us for the HOTTEST RIDE IN THE SOUTH! This ride benefits the Tuscaloosa Community
Mental Health Task Force and the bicycling advocacy efforts of the Druid City Bicycle Club.
Sponsor: Indian Rivers Mental Health Center & Druid City Bicycle Club
Contact Name: Pixie Hicks
Phone: 205-394-6152

                                      Newsletter of the Birmingham Bicycle Club
   Vol 39, Issue 7                                  SPOKESMAN                                     July 2011
                     The Birmingham Bicycle Club, PO Box 382663, Birmingham, Alabama 35238-2663

Views of current BBCLUB kit:

            Support your club and let your club support you, with our BBCLUB kit.

Club Jerseys and shorts can be ordered using the Order Form found on the Merchandise section
of our web page. Payment is due at the time of the order, however, checks will not be deposited
                     until ten orders are in queue and the order is placed.

                                      Newsletter of the Birmingham Bicycle Club
   Vol 39, Issue 7                                  SPOKESMAN                                     July 2011
                     The Birmingham Bicycle Club, PO Box 382663, Birmingham, Alabama 35238-2663

                                   Shorts (bib shorts are also available but not shown)

               Please contribute to the Spokesman
Come on, ‘fess up, there has to be something on your mind. Basil Fawlty rants,
glowing satisfaction, and everything in between is welcome, but especially ride
stories and ideas about how we can enjoy cycling, and stay alive and happy on the
roads. Please remember that double-spacing after each period is an old habit from
typing on a typewriter, all of those spaces have to be removed for word-processing.
Try to get out of that habit!
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                                      Newsletter of the Birmingham Bicycle Club

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