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									 The Iva Chimes
Zion Lutheran Church, Hemlock, Michigan                  February 2011

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                                                       What’s Inside
        February 2011                                                              The Iva Chimes                 2

Prayer Corner of the World…

In Iran, a judge told a man that if he didn't renounce Jesus Christ within one week he would
face up to 20 years in prison or even sentenced to death. This all resulted from this man's
giving a Bible to another, who reported it to the police. This man now listens to Christian
radio from prison, awaiting sentencing for breaking Iran's apostasy law that says those who
leave the Muslim faith will be punished by death. Pray for this man's release and for his
faith to remain firm, and for those who witness his faithfulness to turn to Jesus Christ.

In Somalia, a teenage girl was shot because she converted to Christianity. She had fled her
home village for another after her parents were tortured and died for leaving Islam. She
was shot in the chest and head by two men as an “honor killing”, probably by relatives or
requested by them. Pray for this girl's martyrdom to be a testimony to many to draw others to Jesus, and for protection of
all believers in Somalia.

In Indonesia, seven house churches were closed, in the claim that they were illegal church meetings. They were told to
meet elsewhere and no longer allowed to open their homes for worship. Pray that persecuted Christians in Indonesia
would persevere in faithful worship and encourage others to not grow weary or lose heart.

Let us pray for our world where people need forgiveness for they don't know what they are doing to God's children, and
don't understand how He loves them and can save them. Let us reach out with our arms of prayer and support and protect
those who are on the front lines of witnessing of Jesus' love at the cost of their freedom and lives. Make this one of your
New Year's resolutions.

                                                          Convicted of the need of Christian martyrs,

                                                                      Pastor Paul Hauser

                              Chain                           Do you have any unfinished craft projects lying around the
                                                              house? Do you need time to finish them? CWC is hosting
    Members of Zion are invited to join the prayer             a craft day at Zion on Saturday, March 5, 2011 from 9:00
    chain. The prayer chain members meet                      am – 5:00pm. Bring a sack lunch, your favorite snacks, or
    monthly on the second Thursday at 10 am.                    a dish to pass. Don’t forget to bring along a friend too!
    Please join us. Feel free to ask for prayer for
    yourself, family and friends, even if you do not
    join us for our prayer chain meetings. Please
    call 643-5196 or 642-9161 for prayer re-
The Iva Chimes                                                                               February 2011                           3

Pastor's Page...
Jesus has done so much for us. He lived out a perfect life for all the imperfect ways we have
lived. He took the wrath of God that He endured as hell. It saved us for all the times we deserve
to die for all our ungodly disobediences. He rose to give us His Word that He will always be with
us to love and save us on earth and in heaven. Because of all the times we give our Word, but
don't keep it, and get lost, we need His promising Word to be our lamp to follow Him again.

Jesus has given you and me every good gift we have received throughout our whole life. Jesus
has hope and a future to give us on earth, and even after death. Our greatest loves and the abil-
ity to give and receive love is all because of Him and His life given and shed for you and me.              Pastor Paul Hauser

With all that Jesus has done for us in our past, present, and future, how can we give thanks to Him in this New Year? Only by God, by
His power and love, can we even give thanks. Only by the Holy Spirit giving us the mind of Christ, the thoughts that He would have us
think, can we give thanks. If you can't think, you can't thank, and if you can't thank, you aren't thinking, at least with the mind of Christ
by the power of the Holy Spirit. We can thank God only as we hear His Word, think on His truth and love there, and see it by faith then,
in our lives every day.

Let us at Zion, we who have built a church over the years by the grace of God, we who have raised our family's with the knowledge of
the Word of God, we who have memories of God's presence in our lives that are vivid and need to be shared with others, let us give
thanks all this year. We just had a Turkey dinner, and it can remind us of how Christians give thanks more than just on a National Holi-
day. God's love is for today, right now, and forever. “This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it.” Let us
meditate on how good the Lord and His Word is for us in order to give thanks.

Let us also give thanks with the words we say. When we greet others, can we get across how happy we are to be present with them,
as God does us? God was willing to go to hell to be with us forever. He wants to wake up with us each morning, and watch over our
sleep each night. He wants to walk and talk with us through our prayers and His Word. He is our God, but He is also our best Friend.
How can you speak to others as if you were speaking to Jesus? He tries to cause our words come out gratefully, freely and easily, by
reminding us that we can only love God, who first loved us, by loving others as if we were loving Him in them! Words encourage. They
love and teach. Words make us closer in being able to communicate who God is and how we can love Him and serve others better.

And for that reason of being born to serve God, let us show a picture of Him with our actions which speak gratitude even louder than
our words or thoughts that count. Let us give from our pockets and purses and wallets that seem small and limited, but which are
deeper than we think having God's riches in Christ filling them better than a magician's pulling rabbits out of hats. Jesus didn't perform
magic, but He miraculously provided more than what met the eyes of those hungry or lonely, or even as cold as death. Let us give
from our time that is only as short or long as we remain in Him who is not constricted by time or space. Let us spend time with those
who may be here only a little while longer. Let us invest the time of our lives this year in others, that His divine savings will overflow in
our lives and those of others, before we leave this world. Let us see all our time as the fulfillment God wants to bring others through
our talents, our skills, the gifts He has given us to use and to share with them. God don't make junk! So, let us give thanks with how-
ever God has made us unique, and with whatever we do with great passion, and let God pass out our gifts as if it was Christmas every
day through our use of them to benefit others in knowing Jesus and His love.

Let us be grateful as long and as deeply as God loved and loves and will always love us. How you do that is up to the Holy Spirit. So,
ask Him for a grateful heart, and how to share it in the name of Jesus. Looking at a year of opportunities to prepare to give thanks
ahead of time, and in all circumstances, singing LSB 806...(Look it up and sing it each day of the year!)

                                                                           Pastor Paul Hauser + = :)
       February 2011                                                                The Iva Chimes                 4

                                              From the Educare Board...
                                              The Board wanted to update our brothers and sisters here at Zion on what’s
                                              been happening “behind the scenes” at the Educare.

                                              Firstly, we welcome new board member Deborah Hauser to our team. Her
                                              knowledge and experience in early childhood will benefit our Educare and
                                              help us move forward. Welcome Deb!

                                               Secondly, we are continuing our search for a new Educare Director. We
                                               have been accepting applications through the month of January and will be
                                               setting up interviews very soon with those candidates who best meet our
                                               needs. With God’s help, we hope to have a new Director hired by mid-
February. We will keep the congregation notified as we move forward in this process. We thank staff member Pat Davis
for stepping up and serving as our interim director. She’s been an invaluable member of our Educare for many years and
we are so very grateful to have her on staff.

Thirdly, we continue to grow in numbers and in age groups, so much so that we’ve had to hire additional staff to keep
within our required ratios, so again we find ourselves having a few growing pains. Please put us in your prayers that God
will continue to bless us here at Zion Educare by helping us to be a positive Christian influence in the lives of these very
special children.

Finally, please also pray that we – as a Board – make the best decisions regarding this very big ship we call Educare. We
are facing some very large decisions about raising rates, hiring additional staff, hiring the best director we can find, etc.
and would really appreciate your prayers for God’s help during these very tough economic times.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact any one of the Educare Board members: Tami Mosher (842-3925),
Arlene Rohn (642-5635) or Deb Hauser (642-9161).

Educare Fund Raiser
Zion’s Educare staff is organizing a MOM to MOM sale on Saturday, February 19
from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. Rent a 6 foot table for $10, or an 8 foot table for $15.
Bring children’s clothes size newborn to youth size 10. Registration forms are avail-
able in the narthex. Please fill out and return by February 14th.

They will also have a bake sale and would appreciate donations of baked goods.
Please bring them to the daycare on Friday, February 18th. Your donations are
greatly appreciated!

For more information contact Emily at the daycare at 642-3180.
The Iva Chimes                                                                       February 2011                      5

                     Richland Township to Celebrate Sesquicentennial
                                                   Hemlock will be 150 years old

“Generation to Generation” is the theme for the Hemlock Sesquicentennial to be held in the year 2012. The main events
will be held the last weekend of June. All churches, businesses, and organizations in Richland Township have been in-
vited to participate in the planning and implementation of this celebration. Zion participated in the centennial (100 years)
and quasquicentennial (125 year) celebrations and we would like to do so for the 150 th. There will be a parade, a King/
Queen/Princess selection, Cemetery Walk/Tea, Antique Car Show/Vintage Machinery, Talent Show, Beard Contest/
Buttons, Old Time Games, Map of Centennial Farms (the Chester Beyersdorf Farm is one), old recipe book, Old Timer’s
Breakfast and Beer Tent. Other possibilities are Chicken BBQ, WWII Re-enactment, 5K Run, Teen Dance, Sesquicen-
tennial Postmark.

This is an excellent opportunity to show our fellowship within the community, however, we need your help in deciding
what our congregation would like to do and then in planning it and bringing it to fruition. We will be meeting briefly after
church Sunday, January 30th to decide what we want to participate in and also to get some initial ideas of what we want
on our float. June 2012 is not that far away. Please stay after church January 30 th to share your ideas.

                                              Zion Sesquicentennial Committee
                               Lois Tessin, Maxine Diener, Jerry Neuenfeldt, Gertie Schomaker

          Annual Turkey Dinner
Zion held their annual Turkey dinner on Wednesday, Janu-
ary 12. Served were 202 adults and 26 children. Thank you
to all who worked in setting up, preparing, serving food and
cleaning up. Thank you to those who donated food as well.
Your help was greatly appreciated. Without the fellowship
and cooperation of everyone we would not be able to do
this. We enjoyed getting to know some of our newer mem-
bers. We hope you will con-                                                          ~ ATTENTION ~
tinue to join us.
                                                                           All handbell groups will be starting rehears-
We made $1,858 which will                                                  als again in February. The younger children
be used toward purchasing                                                  will meet at 6pm on Sundays starting Febru-
choir chairs for the sanctu-                                               ary 6 followed by the older kids at 6:30 pm.
ary.                                                                       The adult group will meet on Monday nights
                                                                           at 7:30 pm following the 6:30 pm choir prac-
                                                                           tices. We look forward to seeing you there!
         February 2011                                                                The Iva Chimes                    6

                                                                                                           First Corinthians
                                                                                                           13 is a popular
                                                                                                           Scripture reading
                                                                                                           at wedding cere-
                                                                                                           monies. The so-
                                                                                                           called “love chap-
            Zion Web Site Launched!                                                                        ter” provides an
 We now have our own web site! Thank you to one of Zion’s                                                  extended definition
 newer members, Rick Sommer. Rick has spent many hours                                                     of what Paul calls
 working on this for us. His skills and time are greatly appreci-        “the greatest” gift (verse 13).
 ated. Although this is still a work in progress it is a great be-
 ginning. You can access the monthly Iva Chimes, the church
 calendar, Pastor’s Page, a bit of church history, a bit about           Which of the following characteristics of love isn’t
 the daycare as well as a link to The Lutheran Church Mis-               found in 1 Corinthians 13?
 souri Synod.

 It is our hope that this web site may be helpful for those who          A. Love is patient.
 may browse the web looking for a church home in the Hem-                B. Love rejoices in the truth.
 lock area and read a little bit about us and see us as more
 than just a dot on the map.                                             C. Love believes all things.
                                                                         D. Love is childlike.
 Check us out at
                                                                                                              Answer: D

                               Volunteer Opportunity!
                                Your Help Needed!                                                   Offerings Received
                                                                                                    for the Lord’s Work
                                                                                                    As of January 23, 2011
                            Please!!! We are in need of altar guild
                            members to serve on altar guild for the
                            months of March and July. Please con-
                                                                           Income received from:
tact the church office if you are interested in helping out. If asked,     Loose Plate                 $ 636
please prayerfully consider.                                               General Fund Envelopes      $ 16,110
                                                                           Mission                     $ 662
The 2011 flower calendar is on the wall to the left of the infor-          Maintenance                 $ 1,776
mation center in the narthex. Please sign up to put flowers on the         Daycare Fees                $ 8,338
                                                                           Total Income                $ 27,522
altar for a special birthday, anniversary or any other special event.      Budgeted Income             $ 27,760
                                                                              $6,940 per week
Your donations of flowers are greatly appreciated!                         Surplus to date             $    238
The Iva Chimes                                                       February 2011                 7

                               Capital Projects Campaign Funding Campaign
                       First you may be wondering, what is the Capital Projects Fund? Well, It is a
                       revision and refocusing of the Building Fund. Its focus will be to provide
                       funds for larger maintenance items, equipment purchases, facility additions
                       and improvements or large unexpected needs that may arise. Regular
                       maintenance will continue to be funded by the Maintenance budget.

                       The Capital Projects Funding Campaign is being done to raise money for
 the Capital Projects Fund.

 The need for this fund started with the development of the Wish List for the Fellowship Hall and
 Sanctuary project. This list has continued to evolve and now include items that have an estimated
 total cost of up to $110,000.

 This current list is does not define what the Capital Projects fund will be spent on but what it might
 be spent on. Below are some of the items identified to date.

         Landscaping                                    Chair Rack
         Folding chairs                                 Cross for Chancel wall
         Complete the Fellowship Hall Video             Asphalt parking west of Fellowship Hall
         Car Canopy for Church Entrance                 Re-pointing of church brick
         Sanctuary Air Conditioning                     Exterior Cross for Church Entrance

 The goal for this campaign is to raise $110,000 by June 1, 2011.

 Included in your newsletter is a Capital Projects Campaign Commitment form. Please prayerfully
 consider your commitment to this campaign and mark the form accordingly. We would ask that
 forms be turned in by the end of March and the donations by the June 1 date. If you wish to make
 your donations after June 1 please note that on your commitment form. Donations may also be
 placed in the regular church envelope with the amount of the donation shown under “Building
 Fund”. Beginning with the March envelopes, the “Building Fund” designation will be replaced with
 “Capital Projects”. Donations to the Capital Projects Fund will be ongoing, just like the Building
 Fund, even after our campaign is completed.
  You, like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priest-
     hood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ."
                                       1 Peter 2:5

                          Commitment forms may be placed in the white church
                             building in the narthex, in the offering plate
                                       or mailed to the church.
       February 2011                                                           The Iva Chimes               8

               Official Acts and Statistics for Zion Lutheran Church ~ 2010
                                                 As of January 23, 2011

Infants Baptized: Maddison Irene Hildebrand, Ella Elise Schmoyer, Kaiden Morgan Knapik

Jr. Confirmation: Megan Rich, Matthew Huey, Ricque Gath

Transferred to the Church Triumphant: Donald Seeburger, Harold Wersinger, Martin Merz, Audrey Krauss, Donna
Kreger, Thomas Birney, Stephen Jerry, Essie Metcalf

Transferred to other LCMS Churches: Robert & Judi Zastrow to St. Peter, Hemlock; Steven Beach to St. Paul Lutheran,
Ann Arbor

Transferred from other LCMS Churches: Joseph & Julia Shaver from Peace, Saginaw; Doris Schafer from St. Mark,
Saginaw; Scott and Kimberly Rose and baptized son Scott from Messiah, Bullock Creek; confirmed membership of Emily
Farrar from Peace, Saginaw and Cheyenne Baccary from St. Peter, Hemlock.

Removed from membership by self-exclusion: Richard D. Neuenfeldt, Edward Neuenfeldt, David McKeage, Kyle Clapp,
Jared Clapp, Daniel Benes, Daniel Armstrong, David Zeitler, Angela Helpa.

Baptized membership 399         Confirmed membership 516

                  FebruaryBirthdays& Anniversaries
1       Ryan Eggebrecht              14      Tami Mosher
        Pam Mc Nett                  15      Kim Grossman
2       Larry Feusse                 18      Carol Little
3       Leigh Wandzell                       Irene Rohn
4       Richard R. Neuenfeldt        19      Martin Neuenfeldt
        Judy Leveto                          Kitty Brimmer
        Elizabeth Carroll            20      John Klink
5       Deb Bohn                     22      Bill Beyersdorf, Jr.
6       Jennifer Gath                23      Larry Klemish                               Anniversaries
        Jonathan Schuler                     Marc Kotenko                 February 9      Kirk & Pam McNett
        Joe Shaver                   25      Harvey Neuenfeldt            February 19     Larry & Marilyn Beyersdorf
        Jackie Yell                  26      Galen Seeburger              February 23     Jim & Sue Valliere
7       Dorothy Clapp                27      Annette Berger                               Byron & Judy Weber
8       Sally Wietfeldt                      Paul Bohn                    February 25     Rusty & Linda Laurenz
9       Martin Tessin                        James Bohn                   February 28     David & Pam Willman
10      Leon Zastrow                 28      Darlene Keel
11      Harold McKellar
The Iva Chimes                                                                                 February 2011                            9

                                Summary of Zion Lutheran Church Voter’s Meeting
                                               January 23, 2010

Joe Shaver gave a presentation on the Capital Funds Project. The kickoff campaign for this fund will be launched at the Sunday, January 30th
church service and will continue through May 2011 with a goal of $150,000. This fund will combine the Wish List and Memorial Funds and re-
place the Building Fund. The fund will be used to finance projects that are designated as either needed or desirable improvements/additions
other than normal maintenance. The decision as to what is done first will possibly be decided by the trustees.

Meeting called to order by Mark Richardson. Pastor said devotions. Minutes were read and approved. No old business.
Elders: Looking at Pastor’s vacation time and setting up a schedule of such.
Board of Education: Looking for a winter Family Fun Activity, looking ahead to Lutheran Schools week.
Evangelism: Soup suppers for Advent were well attended. Adult new member classes, handed out “invitation to services” at the Turkey Dinner.
Stewardship: Sent Thanksgiving and Christmas cards to shutin/sick members; Picture Directory; Used the proceeds from Taco Dinner to pro-
vide Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners for several families. February thru May they will be collecting items to send to the troops overseas.
Article/Pictures of renovation will be sent to Michigan in Touch. Still collecting food for the food pantry. Benevolent Fund has approximately
General Fund: We will no longer have Blue Cross Insurance payment for pastor as he is now on Debbie’s insurance. Thankful for the extra
offerings in the last couple months, making it easier to meet monthly bills.
Building Fund: Will now be called Capital Projects Fund.
Memorial Fund. Future is Now was sent $3707. Kreger memorial fund will be sent to Future is Now. Garden memorials will be used up in the
spring when the garden is completed.
Financial Secretary: New envelopes will have Capital Project Fund in place of Building Fund.
Educare: Nicole Greenleaf left as director in January to take a teaching position. Taking applications for new director. Hired one worker. Have
21 applications for Director/Workers.
Building Committee: Sanctuary done. Landscaping will be completed in the Spring. Gave a final financial report. Thanks to all who gave of
their time, talents and energy to help keep the cost down.
Financial Investment Committee: CD’s for $149,975.43 left from the Bohn monies. Need of Investment Committee will be discussed at the
next Council Meeting.
Pastor’s Report: Baptized – Maddison Irene Hildebrand; transferred from Messiah, Bullock Creek – Scott & Kimberly Rose and baptized son
Scott; transferred to the Church Triumphant – Stephen Jerry & Essie Metcalf. Transferred to other LCMS Churches: Baptized children Lauren &
Derek Beougher to Messiah, Bullock Creek.
Removed by self-exclusion (per letters sent October 2010) See action Item #1.
           Richard D. Neuenfeldt, David McKeage, Ed Neuenfeldt, Kyle Clapp, Jared Clapp, Daniel Benes, Daniel
           Armstrong, David Zeitler & Angela Helpap.
Current Membership: Baptized 518 – Confirmed 401

Action Items:
#1 Recommendation from Board of Elders that the following members be removed from membership based on self-exclusion.
          Richard D. Neuenfeldt, David McKeage, Ed Neuenfeldt, Kyle Clapp, Jared Clapp, Daniel Benes, Daniel
          Armstrong, David Zeitler & Angela Helpap.
Moved and supported, motion approved.
#2 Ratification of officers, board/committee members added to fill vacancies since October Voter’s meeting.
   Jim Bohn – Elder; Annette Berger – Bd. of Ed.; Debbie Hauser – Educare; Arlene Rohn – Educare.

Moved and supported, motion approved.

Concerns/Comments: Some concern about the lack of participation in the Photo Directory. Only 63 of our members have had pictures taken.

A meeting of those who have offered to be on the Sesquicentennial, as well as anyone else who would like to come and see what it is all about
are asked to meet briefly after the January 30th church service to decide on a project we can do for the celebration.

Moved, supported and approved to adjourn at 2:30 pm
         February 2011                                                                      The Iva Chimes                  10

                            Valley Lutheran High School Bulletin Board
Check out Zion’s bulletin board spotlighting Valley Lutheran located in the hallway across from the kitchen. The bulletin board is updat-
ed every month or so with school activities as well as spotlighting a Valley student. If you have questions about Valley there is contact
information on the bulleting board or feel free to contact the church office. Dave Little is Zion’s representative for Valley.

                                         Shadowing Days at Valley Lutheran High School
Families of middle school students who are looking for a school to call “home” for high school are invited to spend a day “shadowing”
students at Valley Lutheran High School in Saginaw Township. This year’s “Shadow Days” on February 2nd and February 11th give
students the chance to spend a day with a current Valley Lutheran student and in the process get an inside look at the family-like Val-
ley Lutheran experience. For more information contact Tom Roekle, Director of Student Recruitment, to reserve your space. He may
be contacted at 989-790-1676 or

                                                 Valley Lutheran Open House Series
Valley Lutheran High School, 3560 McCarty Road in Saginaw Township, welcomes all area 7th and 8th grade students and families to
their “3rd Sunday Open House” series of events. The Open House continues the 3rd Sunday in each month in February, March, April
and May, faculty members will be on hand from 2-3PM to take families on guided tours of Valley Lutheran, and share information
about its’ many opportunities available to students. You don’t need a reservation to take part in one of these sessions. For more infor-
mation, please contact the Director of Student Recruitment, Tom Roekle, at 989-790-1676, or

                                             Valley Lutheran Benefit Dinner & Auction
SAVE THE DATE! Phantom of the Auction - The 8th annual VLHS Benefit Dinner & Auction is going to be on Saturday, February
26, 2011 at Apple Mountain Conference Center. The past 7 auctions have netted us over $250,000 which has been applied to various
school improvements including the 21st Century Classroom Initiative, busses, student aid, teacher training & more! Thank you for your
past support of VLHS! We could use your help - we are asking for items to be donated and put up for bid (merchandise, tickets, ser-
vices, vacation homes, etc.) There are also opportunities to participate by way of Prayer, advertising, sponsorship, or attending the
auction. Click on our Auction link and get more information and check out our often-updated list of items. Watch your
bulletin and/or church message board for ticket/donation fliers. For further information or questions, you may call Valley Lutheran at
790-1676, Beth (Lambert) Kaul 989-754-5918, or Karrie Gatza 989-667-0034
The Iva Chimes   February 2011   11
Zion Lutheran Church                                                                                       NON-PROFIT
17927 Dice Road                                                                                                 ORG.
Hemlock, Michigan 48626                                                                                   U. S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                           HEMLOCK MI

                                                                          Zion Lutheran Church
     The mission and vision of Zion Lutheran Church is to                              Who’s Who
              share Jesus with all people as we
                                                            Pastor: Rev. Paul Hauser
               J~oyfully worship                            Church Office - Irene Kruth, Secretary 989-642-5909
                                                            Secretary Office Hours Tues. & Thurs. 2-4 pm
               E~ducate all people                                                          Fri 9am-12 pm
               S~hare God’s Word                            Parsonage                               989-642-9161
               U~tilize all gifts                           Pastor’s Cell Phone                     989-964-8722
               S~erve all souls                             Educare                                 989-642-3180
                                                            Zion’s Fax                              989-642-4416
                                                            Zion Prayer Chain                       989-643-5196
                                                            Zion’s E-mail       

                                                            Zion’s newsletter, “The Iva Chimes” is published monthly. Information to
                                                             be included in the newsletter is due on or before the 23rd of the month
                                                                     and can be faxed or emailed to the church.

                                                                             Sunday Worship Schedule
                                                                            9:30 A.M. Divine Worship Service
                                                                            10:45 am JAM Sunday School
                                                                     (Holy Communion 1st & 3rd Sundays of the month)

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