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					                                          The Jolly Cork
                                                                                                           Elks Care, Elks Share

                                                   B.P.O.E. 1778                                                   The Jolly Cork
                                                                                                                   September 2011

                            Dear Members,                                                                  Lodge Officers

                              I truly hope that everyone has enjoyed their summer and stayed cool          Exalted Ruler
                              with these past few months of extreme heat. As the hours of daylight
                                                                                                            MICHAEL HALL
                              start to get shorter, vacations come to an end, and the children return to
                              school, this could only mean that we our rapidly approaching the fall        Esteemed Leading Knight
                              months. With that in mind, it also means that our Lodge is going to con-      CHARLES HALL
                              tinue to progress with activities to keep members entertained. The foot-     Esteemed Loyal Knight
                              ball season is upon us, so come on down and cheer on your favorite
                                                                                                            CHRIS BALDWIN
                              team. We will be having Gameday specials and food.
                                        Now, I would like to recap a few of the summer activities that     Esteemed Lecturing Knight
took place and all of these events would not be possible without the help of our dedicated Elk Mem-         DANIEL SCHMIDT
bers. On July 3rd, the Lodge hosted a Pig Roast that was well attended by members and their fami-          Secretary
lies. Charlie Wilson, Bob Hawkins, and crew did an outstanding job with preparing and cooking the           ROBERT LONG,PVP
           On July 14th the Lodge hosted another terrific ―Cooks Night Out‖, which was very well at-       Treasury
tended. We also hosted 8 Veterans and special guest. The group ReCreations entertained every-               ANGELA HALL
one with a few songs.                                                                                      Trustee Emeritus
           The week of July 17th — July 21st, myself, Angela, Katelin and Austen Hall, Ron and Jean         FRANK L. MORRIS
Lamot, Mike Greene and Janet Sullivan attended the National Elks Convention in Phoenix, AZ. With
                                                                                                           Five-Year Trustee
that came a few meetings that took place and numerous changes that are going to be accruing
throughout Elkdom. There were 36 Resolutions in all that were voted upon. On September 1st, we              FRED MORRIS, PER
will be voting on some of the changes that pertain to our Lodge. These Resolutions are posted in           Four-Year Trustee
this Jolly Cork and are also posted at the Lodge. Our new GRAND EXALED RULER David R. Carr                  MARIE WALBURN
was installed into office as well as our new Southwest District Deputy Mary Cardinal-Vogt.
                                                                                                           Three-Year Trustee
           On July 30th, the House Committee, with help from the Trustees & Pat Goodridge held our
Annual Crab Feast, which a fun time was had by all that attended. There were plenty of crabs and            JACK GIOVE
beer to go around, even when cleaning up there were two members shh! (Fred Morris and Dan                  Two-Year Trustee
Stincomb) that didn’t want anything to go to waste. Those Crabs didn’t stand a chance with those            ROBERT MORRIS
guys eating. Also, during that time the raffle for the Kenmore Grill was pulled and the lucky winner
                                                                                                           One-Year Trustee
was Roy Miller; however, Mr. Miller generously donated the grill to the lodge to be used for future
events.                                                                                                     RALPH LAMOT
           I would like to congratulate the following members. Elk of the Month for June 2011, Past        Lodge Esquire
State President/Past Exalted Ruler Ron Lamot. During this month Ron has continued to show what              SCOTT TAYLOR
Elkdom is all about with his continued support and hard work for our Lodge. He continues to step in        Inner Guard
to help the officers and members of the Lodge, has organized the 1st of many Children’s Car Wash
                                                                                                            ROY MILLER
which raised just shy of $400. He has helped organize bake sales at our Thursday night dinners in
which the profits from both events go towards the youth activities. The Elk of the Month for July          Chaplain
2011 is Judy Carignan. She is a very active member on the House Committee and with that she                 DIANE BENSON
takes on her responsibility very serious and all her hard work around the Lodge shows. Judy is al-         Tiler
ways willing to help out wherever needed at an event or just tidying up around the Lodge. She is
                                                                                                            MORRIS HALL
constantly on her feet at an event making sure that everything is going smoothly. Thank you both
for all your hard work, our Lodge can only continue to be better with members like yourselves!!
While we approach the end of summer, as always, continue to check out the website and our facebook page for updated information and upcoming
                                                                                  (continued on page 4)
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                                                             The Jolly Cork

COMMITTEE CHAIR FOR                  FAMILY DAY:                         PUBLIC RELATIONS:
2011-2012                                   Christopher Baldwin                 Lisa Bowen
                                     FLAG DAY:                           SENIOR’S THANKSGIVING:
AUDITING AND ACCOUNTING:                    Christopher Baldwin                 Robert Long, PER
       Ron Lamot, PER                FOOTBALL BOARDS:                    SCHOLARSHIPS:
CHRISTMAS FOOD BASKETS:                     Ralph Lamot                         Delores Baker
       Ron Lamot, PER                GOVERNMENT RELATIONS:               SOCIAL ACTIVITIES:
       Jeannie Lamot                        Nicole Baldwin-Olvera               Mike Greene, PER
       Charles Hall                         Mike Greene, PER                    Richard Anderson, PER
AMERICANISM:                         INVESTIGATIONS:                     SPECIAL CHILDREN’S PARTY:
       Barbara Sleboda                      Michael Greene, PER                 Robert Long, PER
BUILDING:                                   Michael Hall, ER             SUPERBOWL:
       Ralph Lamot                   JOLLY CORK EDITOR:                         Gene Stakem
CAMP BARRETT:                               Ginger Feliciotti            VETERAN’S SERVICE:
       Christopher Baldwin           LAPSATION:                                 Marie Walburn
       Michael Hall, ER                     Chuck Donaldson, PER                Daniel Schmidt
       Angela Hall                          Virginia Walley              VISITING/INDOCTRINATIONS:
CHILDREN’S CHRISTMAS:                LODGE GAMES:                               Lodge Officers
       Karen Baldwin                        House Committee                     Mike Greene, PER
CHILDREN’S HALLOWEEN:                MEMBERSHIP:                         WEBSITE:
       Michael Feliciotti                   Chuck Donaldson, PER                Sean Montano Greene
CHILDREN’S EASTER:                   MEMORIAL SERVICE:                   YOUTH ACTIVITIES:
       Renick “Jake” Myers, PER             Daniel Schmidt                      Ron Lamot, PER
CHILDREN’S DINNER/DANCE:             MOTHER’S DAY:                              Diane Benson
       Michael Hall, ER                     Michael Hall, ER
       Angela Hall                   NASCAR:                             GER — Michael F. Smith
DRUG AWARENESS:                             House Committee              GLS — Hon. Paul D. Helsel
       Charles Hall                  NEW YEAR’S EVE:                     DDGER — Gary Eckenrode
       Robert Long, PER                     House Committee
                                     150 CLUB:
                                                                         State Assoc. President —
ELKS NATIONAL FOUNDATION:                                                Dick Burg
       Charles Hall                         Gene Stakem

Past Exalted Rulers                  1971-72   James J. Sullivan*        1992-93 Frederick J. Morris
                                     1972-73   Lowell E. Landis*         1993-94 Charles O. Donaldson, PDD
                                     1973-74   Kenneth Largeant, PSP     1994-95 Kenneth W. Chambers
1949-51   George M. Jones*           1974-75   Marshall Harris, PVP*     1995-96 George Adams*
1951-52   William T. Bobb*           1975-76   Francis X. Quinn          1996-97 Mark J. Groff
1952-53   Edwin C. Cissell*          1976-77   Ray A. Markley            1997-98 Daniel A. Lisenbee, Sr.
1953-54   Earl J. Huber, PSP*        1977-78   Walt Piechowicz*          1998-99 John R. Schwarzmann
1954-57   Ralph L. Bailey, PDD*      1978-79   William B. Moore          1999-20 Romeo Munoz*
1957-58   Kriel C. Harris*           1979-80   Robert Hess               2000-01 William C.H. Wert, PDD
1958-59   William Goodman, PSP       1980-81   Donald M. Avery*          2001-02 Robert Long, PVP
1959-60   Glenn E. Feeny*            1981-82   Leonard Gulbiercz         2002-03 Keith DeWitt
1960-61   Henry Smith*               1982-83   Richard Wilson            2003-05 Earl Bailey
1961-62   Robert Eshellbrenner*      1983-84   T. Patrick Maxwell*       2005-06 John T. Hipsley
1962-63   Lionel G. Lyons*           1984-85   Richard E. Hall, PDD      2006-07 D. Michael Greene, PDD
1963-64   William Herbert*           1985-86   John Curran               2007-08 Amy Eizeldin
1964-65   William E. Paupe           1986-87   James R. Harris           2008-09 Robert Long, PVP
1965-66   David W. Berry*            1987-88   William J. Morrison*      2009-10 Renick “Jake” Myers
1966-67   L. Edward Rester           1988-89   D. Michael Greene, PDD    2010-11 Richard Anderson
1967-68   R. Joseph Kesecker, PDD*   1989-90   Ronald Lamot, PSP         Albert F. Mode, PER 15*
1968-69   LeRoy White*               1990-91   Brad S. Conner, PVP       Franz M. Mayr, PER 15
1969-70   Thomas A. Shipp*           1991-92   W. Gordon Carrico, PVP    Floyd Johnson, PER 2565     * DECEASED
1970-71   James Crane, Jr.
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House Committee Corner                                      From the Secretary
House Committee Members                                                                   From the
                                                                                       Lodge Secretary
Michael Greene, PER — Chairman
Christopher Baldwin       Danny Flanagan                                  Members, if you or your spouse is ill or in the
Diane Benson              Charles Hall                      hospital, please notify the Lodge Secretary at 301-864-6672,
Judy Carignan             Carl Shawver                      so we can post it and let the rest of our membership know.
Vince Corrado             Margaret Shawver                            The Lodge Officers will perform a ritual for deceased
                                                            members if notified in time. Please contact Exalted Ruler,
If you would like to volunteer for an event or become a     Richard Anderson, at 443-690-1797 or Lodge Secretary at 301
member of the House Committee, let Mike Greene or
                                                                      Our Lodge is putting together a list of email ad-
any member of the committee know.
                                                            dresses for the Jolly Cork. Members, if you would like to re-
                                                            ceive your bulletin via email, please call the secretary at 301-
Thank you to the House Committee, Trustees, Offi-
                                                            864-6672 or email the elks at
cers, Employees, Members, Courtesy Card Holders and
Guests for all your hard work and contributions.
                                                            Robert Long, PSVP
                  AUTUMN                                    Secretary
                LODGE HOURS
                                                            Visit   B.P.O.E. 1778
         Monday through Thursday                            On the Computer and Check out our new sites!!
          from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm                          World Wide Web –
                                                            Internet Email -
                                                            Google Search- Prince Georges Elks Lodge
             Friday and Saturday                            Facebook -
              From 2:00 pm to ???                           Facebook Email –
                                                            Twitter - @ELKS1778
                  Sunday                                    State Association Website –
                                                            National Website –
         From 12:00 noon to 7:00 pm

 Public Relations Corner

A lot of folks are making comments about the Elks Na-
tional Magazine….We do so much more here than the
other Lodges and our name is never in the magazine.
We need your help. If you are running an event or
                                                                               BE AN ELK
function, please take pictures and write something                     DON’T JUST BE A MEMBER
about your event. Lisa Martins will format this informa-
tion and submit it as an article to the Magazine for pos-
sible publication.                                                    Volunteer, Attend all Meetings and
                                                                     Participate in your Lodge Activities!!!
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(continued from page 1)                                                         Upcoming Calendar of Events
         In closing, I was previously provided with the following
statement, which I would like to pass onto our members “While
                                                                  September Events
we sit on the patio at the Lodge enjoying a cool drink or
talking with one another over a meal in our Dinning room on
a warm evening; Remember there is a Veteran out there a            4     NASCAR Race        7:30 pm
long way from home keeping us safe.”                               5     LABOR DAY
                                                                    8     Cook’s Night Out and Bake Sale 6:00—8:00 pm
                                                                   10     Soccer Shoot 12:00 pm
Fraternally,                                                              Texas Hold’em
Mike Hall                                                                 NASCAR Race 6:00 pm with food
Exalted Ruler                                                      18     NASCAR Race 2:00 pm with food
                                                                   24     150 Club Drawing 6:00 pm
BAKE SALE!!!                                                       25     NASCAR Race 2:00 pm with food
                                                                   30     Elks State Convention begins (Ocean City, MD)
There will be a Bake Sale during ―Cook’s Night Out.,‖ Thursday,
September 8th. Donations for the Bake Sale are always gladly       October Events
accepted. So save some room for your favorite dessert or take
                                                                   1-2    Elks State Convention continues (Ocean City, MD)
something home!                                                    2      ENF Breakfast 8:00 am
                                                                          NASCAR Race 2:00 pm with food
Camp Barrett Update!!!                                              8     Past Exalted Ruler Steak & Lobster Feast
                                                                    9     NASCAR Race 2:00 pm with food
The camping season for the boys/girls is officially over for the   13     Cook’s Night Out 6:00-8:00 pm
year 2011. This year our Lodge sponsored a total of 30 children    15     NASCAR Race 6:00 pm with food
to attend camp. The feedback I received from the children and      23     NASCAR Race 2:00 pm
parents was that they had an outstanding time and was looking      28     Adult Halloween Karaoke Party 8:00-11:00 pm
                                                                   29     Children’s Halloween Party 1:00-3:00 pm
forward to next year! Also, I would like to thank the following    30     NASCAR Race 1:00 pm with food
parents: George & Karen Ronkette, Bruce & Norma Ronkette,
Maggie Crossin, Andy Dilonardo, Joan Politt, Georgianna                  Friday Night Dinners Available From 6pm – 8pm
Baugham, Alan Thift, John & Stephanie Pfister, Cheryl Walker
                                                                             Children’s Meals available for $3.00 each
and Sarah Lantz. These parents donated a total sum of
$1,150.00 back to Camp Barrett.
                                                                                                  Watch Out
Michael Hall
Exalted Ruler                                                                                For School Children

                                             4       Charles Carson                    19      Charles Mills
                                                     Chad Pinder                       20      Nancy Wert
                                                     Earle Suthard                     22      Margaret Brennan
                                             5       Donald Goshorn                    23      Brent Vause
                                             7       Michael Feliciotti                24      Byron Hill
                                                     Michael Hunter                    26      Lawrence O’Conner
September Birthdays                         11       Franz Mayr                        27      David Banwarth
                                            12       Benjamin                                  Clarence Degroat
 1        Sheldon Gilbert                            John Casey                        28      Robert Long
          Richard Thrift                    13       John Willett                      29      Conan Barger
 2        Paul Bailey                       16       Edward Burroughs                  30      Dennis Shreve
          John Flanagan                     17       Keith DeWitt
          Frederick Morris                  18       Ernest Carpenter
 3        Donald Barr                                Thomas Greene                    During your Birthday Month,
          Charles Wise                                                                receive a free dinner.
                       The Jolly Cork                                               Page 5

                    September 2011
  Sun        Mon          Tue              Wed           Thu            Fri              Sat

                                                           1           2                     3
                                         Join us for                Pork and
                                        Cards every      Lodge     Sauerkraut
                                        Wednesday       Meeting      $12.00
                                                                   (Family Style)
           Come down                                                Kids Meal
            For Wii                                                   $3.00
            Bowling                                                Member 3652

   4           5            6                7             8           9                 10
                        Come on                                    Delmonico         SOCCER
NASCAR      LABOR      down for bar                    BAKE SALE     Steak           SHOOT/
Race Day     DAY         Bingo!!                           &        $12.00           Texas’em
7:30 pm                                                  Cook’s    (Family Style)      12:00
                                                         Night      Kids Meal        NASCAR
                                                          Out         $3.00          Race Day
                                                        (Taco’s)   Member 2456        6:00 pm

   11         12           13               14            15            16                   17
                                                                    Crab Cake
                         House                           Lodge       Dinner
                       Committee/                       Meeting       $12.00
                        Board of                                   (Family Style)
                        Trustees                                    Kids Meal
                        Meeting                                       $3.00
                                                                   Member 0033

   18         19           20               21            22            23                   24

NASCAR                                                             Pork Chops           150
Race Day                                                             $12.00            Club
2:00 pm                                                            (Family Style)     Drawing
                                                                    Kids Meal
                                                                   Member 1729

   25         26           27               28            29           30            Come on
                                                                      Fried         down for bar
NASCAR                                                   PER         Shrimp           Bingo!!
Race Day                                                Meeting      $12.00
2:00 pm                                                            (Family Style)
                                                                    Kids Meal
                                                                   Member 2540
   Page 6                    The Jolly Cork

The Past Exalted Rulers' Association of Prince
     George's County Elks Lodge #1778

             Presents its Annual

             October 8, 2011

 Delicious Food, Raffle, Music, Good Friends &
                  Lots of Fun!
              $30.00 Per Person

Doors open at 6:00 P.M. — Dinner served at 7:00

            Tickets are on sale now!!!
                   50/50 Raffle
  Raffle tickets are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00
        (See any PER for Raffle Tickets)
Page 7                   The Jolly Cork

Saturday, October 29, 2011
     1:00 — 3:00 pm

         Light Lunch Provided!

            Wear your costume!
     Page 8                                                               The Jolly Cork

A message from your Esteemed Leading Knight,
                                                                                  Taco Night
          As we move out of the hot summer months and into
the fall months, we begin to think about the approaching holi-
day season.                                                                           &
          What would the holidays be like for many of our
members and for the members of our surrounding communi-
ties without the help of The Prince George’s County Elks.                         Bake Sale
          Between now and the end of March 2012 there will
be many events at our lodge that will require our support, and       Thursday, September 8th
the biggest event will be The Charity Ball. The money we
raise at this event, will support the other events that our lodge               6:00 — 8:00 pm
presents to its members and the community. To mention just
a few: The Seniors Thanksgiving Dinner, The Children’s Hal-                Join family and friends for a great evening!
loween Party, The Children’s Christmas Party, The Christmas
Food Baskets, and there are many more.
          This year our Charity Ball will be held on Saturday,
November 12, 2011. The cost of this event will be $30.00 per
person, $55.00 for a couple, and $200.00 for a table of Eight.      Sunday, October 2 at 8:00am at
Tickets for the Charity will be available at the Lodge on and
after September 18, 2011. The price will include a family style
                                                                    Prince Georges County Elks #1778
dinner, comprised of Cheese and Cracker, a Vegetable Tray,          ENF Breakfast
Prime Rib and Lemon Pepper Chicken (you get both), Baked
Potato, Dinner Rolls, Vegetable Medley, Macaroni and                All you can eat breakfast: ADULTS $8.00/ Children 12 and
Cheese, Assorted Desserts and a Fruit Bowl. There will be           under $4.00 Menu to include: Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Sau-
door prizes, a Live Auction, a Silent Auction and a 50/50 Raf-      sage, Scrapple, Creamed Chipped Beef, Fruit, White and
fle.                                                                Wheat Toast, Coffee, Hot Tea and OJ. Come on down to the
          There will also be a raffle for money, Tickets will be    Lodge, enjoy a great breakfast with friends and family. Also
mailed to you and additional tickets will be available at the       help out ENF all at one time.
Lodge anytime after September 18, 2011. There will be 3 win-
ners in this raffle. 1st Prize $500.00 cash, 2nd Prize 250.00
cash, and the 3rd prize winner will receive $100.00 cash. We
will also have entertainment in the form of a live Band or a                  Bring your Friends and
D.J.                                                                             Sit down partner
          Your support is vital, this is the event that supports
all the charitable events at the Lodge. If you can’t come out
and join us, could you send us a donation, anything you can
give will help.
          We are also accepting merchandise for the live and
silent auctions. So if you have an item you would like to give
us please drop it off at the Lodge and mark it for the Charity

Thank you for your support,                                             Saturday, September 10, 2011
Charles R. Hall                                                           Shotgun start @ 12:00 pm
Esteemed Leading Knight                                                         $30.00 buy-in

                                                                    Food will be available for purchase
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      Page 10                                             The Jolly Cork
Car wash

The car wash on August 20, 2011 was very successful
due to the help of Lodge members: Exalted Ruler Mike
                                                           Soccer Shoot
Hall, Austen Hall Charles Hall, Judy Carignan, Jeannie
Lamot, Ron Lamot, Ralph Lamot, Carl Shawver, Dan-
ielle Timon. We collected $117.00 in cash donations.

Thanks to all the volunteers and members that came
down to have their car washed and made a donation.

Youth Activities Committee

Soccer Shoot

Kids ages 4 to 13 as of August 1, 2011 are eligible to        Saturday,
participate in the Elks Soccer Shoot to be held Satur-
day, September 10th at 12:00 pm. Everyone is encour-       September 10th
aged to attend and support this event. All winners will
advance to the District level.. Contact Nicky in the
office at 301-864-6672 if you have any questions.
                                                               At 12:00 pm
Youth Activities Committee
                 The Jolly Cork                                                Page 11

                                        AREA Heating and Air Conditioning
                                        Furnaces • Heat Pumps • Air Conditioning
                                                     Sales and Services
                                                         All Brands

                                                        Family Owned

                                                    Looking for a great place to advertise.

                                                       Why not advertise right here.
                                                    Contact our secretary at 301-864-6672

                                     This publication is mailed to more
                                             than 400 people.

                                                          JOIN FRIENDS AND
                                                          FOR FRIDAY NIGHT

       IT PAYS
      ADVERTISE                                                 WELCOME
       For Details                                              AUTUMN!!
Contact Nicole Baldwin at                                    Watch out for School

                        Don’t wait any longer!

                            ADVERTISE YOUR
Upcoming Calendar Events: (Calendar subject to change.)
We have a full calendar for the upcoming months. Please mark your calendar so that you won’t forget to
attend, we need your smiling face to make these events successful.

September Events                                            October Events

 4     NASCAR Race 7:39 pm                                  1-2    Elks State Convention continues (Ocean City, MD)
 5     LABOR DAY                                            2      ENF Breakfast
 8     Cook’s Night Out and Bake Sale 6:00—8:00 pm                 NASCAR Race 2:00 pm with food
10     Soccer Shoot 12:00 pm                                 8     Past Exalted Ruler Steak & Lobster Feast
       NASCAR Race 6:00 pm with food                         9     NASCAR Race 2:00 pm with food
18     NASCAR Race 2:00 pm with food                        13     Cook’s Night Out 6:00-8:00 pm
24     150 Club Drawing 6:00 pm                             15     NASCAR Race 6:00 pm with food
25     NASCAR Race 2:00 pm with food                        23     NASCAR Race 2:00 pm
30     Elks State Convention begins (Ocean City, MD)        28     Adult Halloween Karaoke Party 8:00-11:00 pm
                                                            29     Children’s Halloween Party 1:00-3:00 pm
                                                            30     NASCAR Race 1:00 pm with food

                                                       ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED
                                                            DATED MATERIAL

                                                  Meetings 1st and 3rd Thursdays, 8:00 p.m.
                                                  (301) 864-1778
                                                  Riverdale, MD 20737-1316
                                                  6700 Kenilworth Avenue
                                                  A Fraternal Organization
     RIVERDALE, MD                                Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks
      PERMIT NO. 37
           PAID                                   Prince George’s County Lodge No. 1778
      U.S. POSTAGE
     ORGANIZATION                                                                          The Jolly Cork

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