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The Greenway Journal

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					                          The Greenway Journal
                                      The Spartanburg Area Conservancy
                                               December          2009

                 Sisters Donate Land for Preserve
                  300-Acre Preserve to Include Trails and Gardens
	         Sisters	Prudence	Scott	and	                                    	
                                             little	of	it	left	to	nature.	
Jennifer	Haas	have	donated	a	300-            Wildlife	has	less	and	
acre	parcel	of	land	to	SPACE	to	             less	of	a	habitat	be-
honor	their	great	grandfather,		John	B.	     cause	of		parking	lots,	
Cleveland.                                   strip	malls	and	a	total	
		        The	parcel,	which	will	be	         lack	of	responsible	
known	as	the	Cleveland Preserve,	            county	zoning.	We	
is	located	off	Bryant	Road,	just	10	         are	thankful	that	we	
minutes	from	downtown	Spartanburg.	          have	this	wonderful	
The	land	includes	substantial	front-         land	to	save	for	future	
age	along	Peters	Creek,	is	in	close	         generations	and		it	
proximity	to	the	Peters	Creek	Heri-          is	only	because	our	
tage	Preserve,	and	includes	mature	          great	grandfather,	
hardwood	forests,	prime	soils,	scenic	       John	B.	Cleveland,	
vistas,	a	variety	of	flora,	and	important	   our	grandfather,	
habitat	for	wildlife.			                     Henry	M.	Cleveland,	
		        Home	to	whitetail	deer,	wild	      and	our	mother,	Agnes	Cleveland	                protects	land	by	restricting	certain	
turkey,	hawks,	otters,	upland	game	          Sandifer,	were	faithful	stewards	of	this	       future	uses	of	the	land.	The	easement	
birds,	songbirds,	and	many	other	            land.	It	would	be	criminal	for	us	not	to	       provides	Scott	and	Haas	with	the	
wildlife	species,	the	property	will	         be	the	same.”	                                  peace	of	mind	that	their	beloved	land	
become	a	nature	preserve	for	agricul-        		          Belue	Farms,	headed	by	             will	be	protected	forever,	and	in	this	
tural	and	environmental	education	and	       James	and	Betty	Belue,	has	a	55-year	           case,	enjoyed	by	many	people.
demonstrations,	and	provide	passive	         history	of	leasing	the	property	from	           		       The	Conservancy	owns	and	
recreation	for	use	and	enjoyment	by	         the	Cleveland	family.	Belue	Farms	              manages	three	other	preserves:	the	
the	citizens	of	Spartanburg.	There	is	       raises	Angus	cattle	and	various	crops	          Edwin	M.	Griffin	Nature	Preserve,	
a	5	½	acre	pond	present	with	large	          on	approximately	80%	of	the	parcel.	            home	of	the	Cottonwood	Trail;	the	
colonies	of	yellow	pond	lily	(Spadder-       They	will	lease	the	property	from	              Glendale	Shoals	Preserve;	and	
dock).				         	                         SPACE	now	and	are	interested	in	                the	Upper	Chinquapin	Greenway.	
	         Scott	says	that	they	want	to	      partnering	with	the	conservancy	to	             The	Cleveland	Preserve	will	add	to	
preserve	the	land	because	“there	is	so	      explore	innovative	community	garden-            SPACE’s	land	preservation	accom-
                                                                     ing	options.            plishments,	bringing	its	total	land	
                                                                     	      To	assure	the	   protected	to	more	than	2000	acres.
                                                                     long-term,	guar-        	        Scott	goes	on	to	say,	“We	
                                                                     anteed	preserva-        hope	the	preserve	will	be	an	Eden	of	
                                                                     tion	of	the	land,	a	    peace	and	serenity	for	both	man	and	
                                                                           conservation	     beast.”
                                                                           easement	has	     	        If	you	are	interested	in	land	
                                                                            been	granted	    conservation,	please	call	the	SPACE	
                                                                            to	Upstate	      office	at	864-948-0000.		There	are	
                                                                             Forever.		A	    many	options	for	preserving	your	land.	 	
                                                                              conserva-      What	a	great	legacy	to	leave	behind!
                                                                              tion	ease-
                                                                               ment	per-     SPACE’s new Cleveland Preserve is located
                                                                                manently	    just ten minutes from downtown Spar-
                                                                                             tanburg. The land was a generous gift of
                                                                                             sisters, Prudence Scott (pictured at left) and
                                                                                             Jennifer Haas.
                                                 From	our	Board	President,	Renee Buyck Romberger
                                                                      A note of thanks….

                                                                                   I just love this time of year! It gives all of
                                                                     us the opportunity to give thanks for life and family and
                                                                     friends, and our natural surroundings. Spartanburg Coun-
                                                                     ty is blessed to have many forests and rivers and trails for
                                                                     us to enjoy, and thanks to Prudence Scott and Jennifer
                                                                     Haas, we now have 300 additional acres that will forever
                                                                     be preserved.
                                                                                   I’m excited to say that we have a couple more
BOARD OF TRUSTEES                                                    projects in the works and you will hear about them as they
                                               become finalized. Our goal is to protect 5000 acres within the next five years, so
                                               if you or anyone you know is interested in exploring the benefits of conferring an
PRESiDEnT Renee Romberger                      easement on a property, please contact the SPACE office. Remember, this is an
ViCE PRESiDEnT Elena Rush                      especially good time from a tax perspective to secure an easement.
                                                    And during this holiday season, I also want to say how especially grateful
SECRETARy Caroline Phillips                    we are to our dedicated staff, Mary Walter, executive director and Julie Lonon,
TREASURER Mike Trammell                        land protection coordinator. They have been at the forefront of our growth these
                                               past few years, and they continue to drive our organization forward with great
PAST PRESiDEnT Ben Correll                     momentum. With the workload we currently experience, we would be hard
                                               pressed to function without either of them.
                                                    And to those of you who have continued your support and commitment
                                               to our organization, we thank you. We work hard to make your contributions
Bob Allen, Wade Crow, Terry Ferguson,
                                               extend as far as possible. The volunteer help we get adds immeasurably to our
Kimberly Fly, Margaret Green, Barbara
                                               ability to do our work. The willingness of people to give of both their time and
Gutierrez, Ed Hall, Michael Holmes, Rick
                                               their money spurs us to do our best to be worthy of these gifts. It is because of
Jolley, Calhoun Kennedy, Will Roth-
                                               all of you that we can continue to be effective.
schild, Sue Schneider, Tammy Stokes                 We are most appreciative, Renee
Mary A. Walter
                                                       we did not inherit the earth from
Julie Lonon                                                              our ancestors;
                                                        we borrow it from our children.
The Spartanburg Area Conservancy
protects and preserves land of ecological,
cultural, and aesthetic value to enhance the
quality of life for all residents and future

SPACE owns and manages the Edwin M.
Griffin Nature Preserve, home of the
Cottonwood Trail, the Upper Chinquapin
Greenway, and the Glendale Shoals Preserve.

SPACE works with private landowners to
protect and preserve special places such as
river corridors, farmland, historic land,
scenic land, and open space.

SPACE accepts conservation easements and
gifts of land. SPACE is a member of the
SC Land Trust Network and The Land
Trust Alliance.

                                               Recent heavy rains flooded the Lawson’s Fork and feeder streams, causing very high
                                               levels of water in the wetlands at the Cottonwood Trail.
Land	Protection
Conservation	Easement	Donated	to	Protect	Land	in	Watershed
	         Forty	acres	above	the	North	         	        The	Harrises	have	a	strong	          natural	resources	are	of	the	utmost	
Pacolet	River	have	been	placed	under	          connection	with	their	land	and	believe	       importance.		The	home	they	built	was	
conservation	easement	by	Mr.	and	              careful	stewardship	of	the	land	and	its       designed	to	be	as	energy	efficient	as	
Mrs.	Joe	Harris	of	Chesnee,	SC.		Joe	                                                        possible.		It	is	sited	to	face	the	sun	
and	Marcia	have	long	been	stewards	                                                          and	has	plenty	of	windows	to	maxi-
of	the	environment.		From	using	solar	                                                       mize	natural	lighting.		They	use	CFL	
power	to	heat	their	home,	to	utilizing	                                                      (compact	fluorescent	lights)	and	LED	
a	gravity	flow	spring	water	system	for	                                                      (light-emitting	diodes)	for	their	other	
their	water	needs,	they	are	commit-                                                          lighting.		Anyone	would	be	envious	of	
ted	to	protecting	and	preserving	our	                                                        their	low	power	bills!
natural	resources.			Protecting	their	                                                       	         Joe	hails	from	West	Virginia	
property	from	development	was	a	                                                             and	says	“My	operating	motto	is	Stew-
natural	decision	for	them.	                                                                  ardship.”		Marcia	grew	up	on	a	farm	
	         Mr.	and	Mrs.	Harris	have	lived	                                                    in	Minnesota	and	has	a	deep	appre-
on	this	property	for	almost	40	years.		                                                      ciation	for	the	land.		They	have	two	
Situated	on	Bear	Creek,	the	property	                                                        children	who	are	fully	supportive	of	the	
is	located	above	the	North	Pacolet	                                                          conservation	easement	their	parents	
River.			Protecting	this	property	is	                                                        have	placed	on	the	land.		
important	in	protecting	our	watershed	                                                       	         The	Harrises	are	the	15th	
and	our	drinking	water.		The	property	                                                       landowners	to	donate	a	conservation	
also	contains	diverse	plant	habitats,	                                                       easement	to	SPACE.		SPACE	will	con-
including	the	federally	endangered	                                                          tinue	to	be	in	contact	with	the	Harrises	
dwarf	flowered	heartleaf	and	plentiful	                                                      and	will	monitor	the	property	at	least	
mountain	laurel,	and	mixed	hardwood	           Joe and Marcia Harris have lots of Moun-      annually.
forests.	                                       tain Laurel on their land on Bear Creek.

 Why	SPACE	Has	Made	Native	Species	a	Priority
	         Hand	in	hand	with	land	pres-         stewardship	goals.		We	have	worked	           privet	and	kudzu,	we	have	disturbed	
ervation	is	good	stewardship.	SPACE	           towards	ridding	our	nature	preserves	of	      the	soil	there.		These	disturbed	areas	
takes	this	as	a	big	responsibility.		Over	     these	exotic	and	pesky	plants	for	years	      are	quickly	taken	over	by	weedy	spe-
time,	humans	have	made	many	changes	           and	continue	to	do	so	with	the	help	of	       cies	like	pokeweed.		Nature	needs	our	
to	our	natural	environment.	In	many	           the	Kudzu	Coalition,	paid	staff,	and	other	   assistance	when	this	happens.		Planting	
cases	we	have	eliminated	native	vegeta-        volunteers.	                                  native	shrubs	and	perennials	will	help	to	
tion	and	replaced	it	with	imported,	or	        	          SPACE’s	major	invasive	prob-       restore	the	balance.
exotic	species.	We	should	make	Native	         lems	are	Kudzu,	Chinese	Privet,	Eng-          	         One	of	SPACE’s	goals	is	to	
species	a	priority	of	good	stewardship,	       lish	Ivy,	Multiflora	Rose,	and	Japanese	      build	awareness	of	the	vital	role	native	
as	they	are	a	historical	part	of	our	eco-      Honeysuckle.		Each	plant	has	to	be	dealt	     species	play	in	the	landscape.		
system	that	supports	a	complex	web	of	         with	differently,	depending	on	whether	
living	organisms	which	are	interdepen-         it	is	a	vine	or	a	bush.		After	invasives	
dent	and	help	to	keep	nature	in	balance.	      are	removed	we	must	be	intentional	
	         Often	we	don’t	even	notice	          in	re-establishing	native	plants	in	their	
many	of	the	small	ants,	insects,	spi-          place.		Where	we	have	dug	up	Chinese	
ders,	etc.	which	form	a	part	of	this	web,	
but	they	play	vital	roles	in	the	proper	
functioning	of	the	ecosystem.		A	perfect	       What can you do?
example	of	this	is	one	of	our	rare	plants,	     •Know which plants in our area are
the	dwarf-heart	leaf,	which	is	pollinated	      invasive and learn to identify them.
by	native	ants.		Fire	ants,	on	the	other	       •Remove the invasive plants on your
hand,	need	to	be	controlled	because	            land to prevent their spread.
they	are	an	invasive	species	that	will	at-      •Include native plants when land-
tack	our	native	ants.                           scaping your property.
	         Plants	that	are	not	native	to	our	    •If your property borders a natural
area	and	that	spread	uncontrollably	are	        area, park, or preserve, don’t place
referred	to	as	invasive	plants.		SPACE	         clippings or roots on the property.
has	made	establishing	and	preserving	           •Make others aware of invasive
native	plants	a	high	priority	in	our	land	                                                   SPACE’s Fred Parrish cuts English Ivy off of a
                                                plants                                       tree. If left unattended, ivy can choke the tree.
Thank	You	to	our	many	friends	whose	generosity	helps	further	our	mission!
                                       Mr. and Mrs. H. Daniel Foster             Mr. Samuel H. Maw                      Mrs. Joe Ann Lever
       Oak SOciety                     Freeman Gas                               Mr. and Mrs. Edward Medlin             Mrs. Millie Little
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Baird             Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Genoble           Mr. and Mrs. Don Miles                 Mr. and Mrs. Dick Littlejohn
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Gutierrez             Mr. and Mrs. Boyce Miller              Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ludwick
Ms. Jennifer Haas                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Mitchell           Mr. Frank Marnhout
                                       Mr. Jon Jensen
Ms. Prudence Scott                     Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Haas
                                                                                 Dr. and Mrs. Bob Mitchell              Mr. and Mrs. Dan Marshall
                                                                                 Mr. James F. Moore                     Mr. Thorne Martin
Spartanburg County Foundation          Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hargrove
                                                                                 Bill and Mary Ann Myers                Mr. and Mrs. Tom Maynard
Spartanburg Water                      Holiday Auction                           Cecile and Chris Nowatka               Mr. and Mrs. James McCutchen, Jr.
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Michael Holmes, Jr.          Mr. and Mrs. H. Lynn Parker            Mr. Peter A. Moore
       SycamOre SOciety                Mr. and Mrs. Greg Karpick                 Ms. Caroline Phillips                  Raymond and Heather Mullman
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lawrence                Jan L. Porter                          Mr. and Mrs. Kam Neely
City of Spartanburg                    Mr. Paul E. Melotte                       Dr. and Mrs. Jan A. Postma             Mrs. Nancy Odom
JM Smith Foundation                    Dee Dee Mitchell and BJ Luther            Dr. Fern Powell                        Mr. and Mrs. Paul Okuliar
Longleaf Development                   Mr. and Mrs. Cary L. Page, Jr.            Mr. and Mrs. Perrin Powell             Dr. and Mrs. Wolfgang Otto
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Gary Poliakoff               Dr. and Mrs. William F. Price          Mr. and Mrs. Edward Perrin
Mary Black Foundation                  Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Sanders                Mr. and Mrs. Norman F. Pulliam         Mr. and Mrs. William O. Pressley, Jr.
Dr. Jim Hunter                         Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sanders                Mrs. Eileen N. Rampey                  Mr. and Mrs. Shane Pruitt
                                                                                 Dr. Doug Rayner and Ms. Ellen Tillet   Mr. and Mrs. Douglas O. Radius
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Romberger           Mr. and Mrs. Harry F. Schoen
                                                                                 Dr. and Mrs. Robert Riehle, Jr.        Mr. John Russell
                                       Daniel and Julie Thompson
       cOttOnwOOd SOciety                                                        Dr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Roberts         Dr. Kaye Savage
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Mike Trammell
                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Martial Robichaud         Mr. Jack Seitz
                                       Mr. and Mrs. William G. Willard
Dixon Hughes PLC                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Rogers              Dr. and Mrs. Peter Sereque
                                                                                 Mrs. Amelia T. Rudolph                 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Sloan
Harry H. Gibson Foundation                     maple SOciety                     Ms. Jan Scott and Dr. Terry Ferguson   Mr. and Mrs. William Smart
Earth Run                              Mr. and Mrs. Tom Abbott                   Lynn Sherlock and Howard Frank         Dr. and Mrs. Gary Smiley
                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Schneider         Mr. and Mrs. Jim Spears
George Dean and Susu Johnson           Dr. and Mrs. Clarence Ballenger
                                                                                 Dr. and Mrs. Steve Smiley              Mr. and Mrs. John Strehl
                                       Dr. Amy Baruch and Mr. Marcus Sarstrand
Norcross Wildlife Foundation           Dr. and Mrs. James D. Bearden             Mr. and Mrs. Matthew A. Stephenson     Ms. Merike Tamm
Mr. & Mrs. Dwight F. Patterson, Jr.    Mr. and Mrs. Barry Boyce                  Mr. and Mrs. Brand R. Stille           Dr. and Mrs. Wendell Tiller
                                       Susan A. Bridges                          Mr. and Mrs. David T. Stokes           Ms. Merike Tamm
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Pratt           Mr. and Mrs. Guilford Bulman              Mr. Barry Stutt                        Ms. Hazael G. Taylor
Smiley Orthodontics                    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burnette              Mr. and Mrs. David E. Tate             Mr. and Mrs. Noel Turner
                                       Dr. and Mrs. William W. Burns             Mr. and Mrs. Alan Tewkesbury           Ms. Angela Viney
United Resource Recovery Corporation   Dr. and Mrs. Rich Byrd                    Dr. John M. Theilmann                  Ms. Tammy Vinson
Wade Crow Engineering                  Dr. and Mrs. Chris Caston                 Mrs. Elizabeth Vandever                Chris and Mary Pat Walker
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Cam Cecil                    Mr. and Mrs. John Verreault            William and Winnie Walsh
       river Birch SOciety             Mrs. James A. Chapman                     Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Wade                Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Webster
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Allen           Mr. and Mrs. John Claggett                Mr. J.D. Walker                        Melissa Walker and Chuck Reback
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Randy Conway                 Mr. and Mrs. John B. White, Jr.        Ms. Gloria White
The Arkwright Foundation                                                                                                Dr. Jeffrey R. Willis
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cote                    Ms. Martha Whitney
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Baker             Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Cromer                Mr. and Mrs. Don Wildman               Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wynn, III
Mr. and Mrs. Brett Berry               Mr. and Mrs. Harry Crow                   Mr. and Mrs. Harry Williams, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Carol Bradof              Mr. and Mrs. Ray Dennis                   Mr. and Mrs. Kemp Williams                     dOnOr
Dr. & Mrs. John S. Featherston         Dr. and Mrs. Coy Eaton                    Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Wiseman
Margaret and Julian Green              Mr. and Mrs. Lint Eberhardt               Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Zimmerli             Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Adams
                                       Mrs. Margaret Edwards                                                            Dr. and Mrs. Mitchell Allen
Dr. and Mrs. James G. Hall                                                              Beech SOciety
                                       Dr. and Mrs. Patrick Esposito                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Ballard
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Haskell                                                                                              Ms. Jennifer Bettencourt
                                       Fannie Louise Garden Club                 Mr. Louis W. Adams, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Hulsey               Mr. and Mrs. William B. Ferguson          Mr. and Mrs. Robert Babrowicz          Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Boyd
Inman Riverdale Foundation             Dr. Vivian B. Fisher and Jim Newcome      Mr. and Mrs. James L. Bagwell, III     Mrs. William Broadwell
Dr. and Mrs. Wood Lay                  Dr. Nicholas F. Fleming                   Mr. and Mrs. Ned Barrett               Mr. Timothy E. Brown
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas McDaniel           Dr. and Mrs. Gordon H. France, Jr.        Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bartram            Mr. Dan Bryant
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Montgomery          Mr. and Mrs. James R. Glenn               Dr. and Mrs. James M. Bell             Mr. and Mrs. James Burnett
                                       Dr. Ellen Goldey and Dr. Byron McCane     Mr. and Mrs. Craig Bishop              Mr. and Mrs. William D. Burton
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Parrish
                                       Mr. Edwin Griffin                         Mr. and Mrs. Markus Bolliger           Mr. and Mrs. Milton Buzby
Dr. and Mrs. Brian Rothemich                                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Campbell
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Gerhard Grommer              Dr. and Mrs. Wallace Boyd
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Rush                Mr. and Mrs. James W. Hamilton            Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Brown            Mrs. Bethany Cecil
Dr. and Mrs. Andy Sansbury             Mr. and Mrs. Newton Hardie                Mr. and Mrs. Robert Browne, III        Ms. Kathy S. Chandler
Dr. & Mrs. George W. Shiflet, Jr.      Mrs. Eaddy Williams Hayes                 Mr. and Mrs. James V. Burchfield       Mrs. Jane W. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. George Sykes              Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hays III              Dr. Lucia S. Burrell                   Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Compton
Mr. Mark Zimmerli                      Dr. and Mrs. David Heatherly              Mr. and Mrs. Randall Chambers          Mr. and Mrs. John Connell
                                       Mr. and Mrs. J. Howard Henderson          Mrs. Elizabeth S. Chapman              Ms. Jean Crow
       dOgwOOd SOciety                 Dr. and Mrs. David Ike                    Judge and Mrs. Derham Cole             Mr. and Mrs. E.E. Cubitt
                                                                                                                        Ms. Marie Duncan
Dr. and Mrs. G. Ashley Allen           Mr. Chip Johnson                          Mr. and Mrs. Chris Doerholt
                                       Dr. and Mrs. James O. Johnson             Mr. Gerd Faulstich                     Mr. C. Henry DuPre
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Bebko                                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. David Ellis
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Johnson              Mr. and Mrs. Will Fort
Ms. Dargan Bradshaw                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Ed Frost                  E.J. Emkjer
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Rick Jolley
Mr. and Mrs. James Burnett             Mr. and Mrs. Wilton L. Jordan, II         Mr. and Mrs. T.C. Gosnell              Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Emmerth
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick Butehorn        Mr. and Mrs. Calhoun Kennedy              Mr. and Mrs. Chris Groke               Mrs. Earl G. Ezell
Dr. and Mrs. B. Brant Bynum            Mr. and Mrs. Tom King                     Mr. and Mrs. Gary Henderson            Ms. Nancy Brown Foster
Mrs. Walter M. Cart                    Dr. and Mrs. Bert E. Knight               Dr. and Mrs. Marvin Hevener            Ms. Elaine Gilmore
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Cleveland         Mr. and Mrs. Alan Lazenby                 Mr. and Mrs. Tom Hollis                Mr. Charles Godfrey
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Cogdell            Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Lehner               Mr. and Mrs. Randy Hurteau             Mr. Chris R. Gohagan
Mr. and Mrs. Wade Crow                 Ms. Henrietta Lowndes                     Mr. and Mrs. Roland Jones              Mr. and Mrs. Andrew F. Green
Mrs. Ysal Dulken                       Dr. and Mrs. Brownlee Lowry               Dr. and Mrs. Charles Kay               Mr. Leo Grein
Dr. J. Gordon Early, Jr.               Mr. Frank A. Lyles                        Mrs. Jeanette M. Keepers               Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Hanna
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lyon                  Dr. and Mrs. John Keith                Mr. and Mrs. Phillip G. Harris
Mr. William C. Elston
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Ed Mabry                     Mr. Eugene Kilcawley                   Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Hart
Mr. Timothy Flemming
                                       Mr. Zerno E. Martin, Jr.                  Mr. Mitchell W. Kyllonen, Sr.          Mr. Frank S. Holleman
Mr. and Mrs. Caleb C. Fort                                                                                              Mrs. Jane Hughston
                                       Mr. and Mrs. Hal Marshall                 Dr. and Mrs. Joe Lesesne
DONORS, continued...               Mr. and Mrs. Walter Montgomery     Malinda and Charlie Tulloh
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Kendrick   Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pittman         Ms. Sue Walker
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Layne        Mr. and Mrs. James H. Powell       Ms. Christel Walter
Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay Little        Mr. and Mrs. Dieter Ollinger       Mrs. Janet R. Weir
Mr. and Mrs. Lanny Littlejohn      Ms. Alex Refshauge                 Jack and Linda West
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Littlejohn       Ms. Rachel Ruff                    Mr. and Mrs. Randy Wilson
Mr. George Loudon                  Ms. Amber Scruggs
Mr. and Mrs. John V. Manatis       Ms. Stephanie Seay
Mr. Jon Matheis                    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Silliman
Ms. Marjorie McBride               Mrs. Hope W. Slater
Ms. Katherine McKay                Mr. and Mrs. Adam Strickland
Mr. and Mrs. William Meanix        LeAnne Thurmond and Ed Holcombe

Special	Events	-	Shuck	&	Stomp

Scott Hubbard, left, and Tom and Marianne               Henry and Annie Hargrove, Wes Smith and                        Al Osteen and his band, out of Landrum,
Bartram, right, enjoy the oysters.                      Kathleen Brady, Karen and Mike Fradua.                         provide great music for Shuck & Stomp!

A little square dancing finished out the                Doug Rayner and Mary Williams get ‘em                          Katie Phillips, Pat Parrish, and Helen Cor-
evening. Here is the Virginia Reel.                     while they’re hot!                                             rell stand in front of the Silent Auction.
        Many	thanks	to	the	following	for	donating	food,	volunteer	time,	and	other	items	for	S	&	S.		
                                   We	couldn’t	do	it	without	your	grand	help!
Chris	Walker,	Penni	Patton,	Margaret	Green,	Caroline	Phillips,	Gil	Bulman,	Kristin	Taylor,	Barbara	Barnes,	 	
  Rita	Zollinger,	Betsy	Burrell,	Linda	Harris,	Patricia	Webster,	Rachel	Ruff,	Bobbie	and	Carlos	Gutierrez,	
 Libba	McCullough,	Terry	Ferguson,	Jan	Scott,	Michael	Holmes,	Will	Montgomery,	Janice	Pack,	Pat	Par-
            rish,	Fred	Parrish,	Jenny	Galloway,	Gillian	Newberry,	Rebecca	Mullen,	Gary	Hayes,	
 Lamar	Baehr,	Tammy	Stokes,	Allyson	McPhaul,	Josh	Lonon,	Thomas	Webster,	Rob	Wilder,	Mike	Baird,	
  Jack	Bundy,	John	and	Suzanne	Freed,	Bob’s	Car	Wash,	Creekside	Gardens,	Joyce	Moesley,	Carolyn	
  Schoepf	Harrison,	Carri	Bass,	Isabel	Forbes,	Bill	Walter,	Sarah	Jane	Walter,	Ed	Hall,	Sue	Rothemich

               Many thanks to our sponsors                                            GOLD:	

                                                                                       Quality Engineered Solutions
                                                                                               for Building Comfort,
                                                                                         Environmental Health and
                                                                                               Energy Conservation.

                                                                     WADE CROW ENGINEERING
                                                                             Spartanburg, South Carolina

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Ways	to	Give                                Boy	Scout	Clears	Trail	at	Glendale	Shoals	Preserve
	        There	are	several	ways	to	                                                               Thanks to boy
give	to	SPACE.		Traditionally,	many	                                                              scout Adam
people	assume	that	the	only	way	is	                                                               Nelson, right
through	an	outright	gift	of	cash	or	                                                              in the picture,
other	assets.		However,	there	are	                                                                for blazing a
many	types	of	gifts,	each	with	different	                                                         new trail at
features	and	benefits.		Please	check	                                                             our Glendale
out	our	website,	www.spartanburgcon-                                                              Shoals Preserve.	or	give	our	office	a	call	                                                          He is a member
at	864-948-0000		to	learn	more.		But	                                                             of Boy Scout
whatever	you	decide,	please	keep	                                                                 Troop 2 at First
SPACE	in	mind	when	making	choices	                                                                Presbyterian
about	your	will	and	estate	plans.		What	                                                          Church.
a	great	legacy	to	leave	behind	for	your	
children	and	grandchildren	-	the	gift	of	
land	protection	and	greenspace!

 if you or your company has old but good office equipment, please consider donating them to space.
 we are in special need of 2 good desks, a new copier, and 6 matching chairs for a large meeting table.

                            Give the gift of Nature!
                            Give a membership to SPACE - a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year.
                            Honor a friend, a neighbor, or family member who enjoys our nature trails by
                            giving them a membership to SPACE. Just call our office at 948-000 or visit our

                                                                                       making a difference!
                                                                                       Thanks, Longleaf for
                                                                                       saving landfill space.
                                                                                      paper and saves trees,
                                                                                   of SPACE. Longleaf recycles
                                                                                   Longleaf is a major sponsor



                                                                                     Spartanburg, SC 29306
                                                                                     100 E. Main St., Suite 7 B

 Spartanburg, SC 29301
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 Non-Profit Organization

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