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I     .   SOUTHERN DIVISION                 I   NebrasRa, paid us a short vlslt recently
                                                whlle enroute ta Thayer Mlssourl for a
                                                visit with Mr. Ingle's iather. P.' A. F.
                                                Ingle, afient a t t h a t point. Mr. H. C.
                                                Ingle nrns formerly employed by the
                                                Frisco in the capaclty of agent and
                                                                                                             The Misses Mosley's spent the Christ-
                                                                                                           mas holidays a t >iagnolia with their
                                                                                                           parents, Mr. and Mrs. J . C. Mosley.
                                                                                                             Mlss Cleo Rogers is spending a few
                                                                                                           days vlsiting relatives in Boligee, M a .

FREIGHT TRAFFIC DEPARTMENT                      operator, but is now with Rack Island.
                                                  ,Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Ilatthews tendered                         TRAINMASTER'S OFFICE
       MEMPHIS, TENN.                           a lovely bridge party to the trafflc de-                              AMORY, MISS.
                                                partment employes during the holidays.
                                                Prlze for the high score among the                             VT0Lh:T    GOLDSJ[ITH. Reporter
           KATE MASSIE, Reporter                ladies was won bu the wrlter.        J. L.
                                                         "inning high score a m o n g - the
                                                ~ k n g ~ s                                                   Robert Lamm, cnglneer on the derrlck
                                                gentlemen. The consolation favors were                     a t Amory, was seriously injured in a n
    W e e eyed lots of festivities durlng       won by Nr. and Mrs. A1 Kline. We are                       automobile acclclent before Christmas.
the      holgays.    The Frisco Employes'       grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Matthews for                                             since his removal to the
                                                                                                           but is I m ~ r o v i n r                     -
                                                such a delightful evening In their home.

 Club gave a dance a t the Glenvlew                                                                        ~rlsco  hcspital 'in St. Lou&.
Community Clubhouse the rooms were                                                                            Eason Camp is worklng a s yard cleM
beautifully Aeonratd k i t h hollv. mistle-

frnm - -
toe and palms, f h e p%s          being Sent
- - - ... nu? rrlenus In rensaculn.                      MAGNOLIA T E R M I N A L S
                                                                                                           In Pensacola since being b u r n o d OR the
                                                                                                           caller's job here by E.-C. Esger.
                                                                                                              Conductor R Johnson has gone t o t h e
                                                           MAGNOLIA, ALA.                                  hospital in St. Louis but we hope it W 1     11
    Mlss Allle Mai Speight and Mlss Betty
Stewart entertamed eight of their friends                                                                  only be for a few days.
wlth a bridge tea a t the Peabody. Satur-                 0. J. GULICK. Reporter                              Mr. W. M. Christopher Is a s s h e d
d a y afternoon. December 21. Prizes were                                                                  thlrd trick dispatcher. Mr. T. D. Wages
given for the high and low score, con-                                                                     Is assigned third trick Birmingham sub.
solation favors being presented the other          Mrs. G. W. Whitson and Lula Ruth.                       and Mr. F. M. Scott is workina a s extra
gues ta.                                        wife and daughter of Section Foreman                       dispatcher. Mr. Wages is from Carbon
                                                G. W. Whitson a t Kimbrough. Alabama.                      Hlll and ,Mr. Scott from Dora, both be-
    W. C. Hamllton, r a t e clerk. enjoyed      visited relatives and friends a t Pensa-                   ina recently promoted from operators.
Saturday J a n u a r y 4. at home. Hoxfe.       cola, Florlda, during the Christmas sea-                      Mrs. T. N. Trotter, wife of conductor
Arkansas where t h e famfly met cele-           son.                                                       Trotter, broke her ankle several weeks
bratlng {he flftleth anniversary of t h e          Mr. T. Munn who has been thlrd trick                    ago. We hope she wlll soon be able to
weddlng of their parents. Mr. and Mrs.          operator a t Magnolla is now agent, hav-                   walk again.
W. C. Hamilton.                                 ing relieved former agent Henderson a t                       We congratulate Mr. and Mrs. G. L          .
    You have read of the retirement of          that place.                                                Estes on the arrival of thelr new son.
Eugene Sutcllffe, clty passenger agent.            Mr. Bvrd who h a been working a s                       Mr. Estes Is conductor on the Tupelo
December 31, but you probably don't             third trick operator a t Magnolla w a i re-                sub.
know what a hard tlme we had detaining          lleved by Mr. 0. L. Robinette the flrst                       Mr. J. B. Tyler, termlnal roadmaster
him In the oflice whlle a radlo, presented      of January. Mr. Byrd Is now a t Bollgee.                   a t Birmingham, was a visltor in Amory
by Frlsco frlends, was being installed          Alabama. - s
                                                ---- ~ - . - ~a- third- trick o ~ e r a t o r .            recently. -
In hls home.                                       R. J . ' ~ a t t e r s & s ' b r i d g e - gang which
    You wlll be sorry to hear about W.          has been working at Sheppard, Alabama,
C, Jackson, traveling frelght and pas-          has moved hls butflt to Marnolia and                            OFFICE O F LOCAL AGENT
senger agent, being struck by a n auto-         is now working on bridges around Lin-
                                                den, Alabama.                                                      ALICEVILLE, ALA.
mobile, In crosslng the street to hls              Mr. A. E. Beebe, conductor on 905 and
hotel, whlle In Memphls recently. H i s         906 has been laying ofl for the past two                           L. S. BROPHY, Reporter
Injuries were palnful but fortunately           weeks and vlsiting relatives and friends
not serlous. H e is recuperating for a                                                                         Scale men from Springfleld were In
few days In the home of his slster in           a t Kansas City ancl other points, but Is
Jackson. Tennessee.                             now back on the job.                                       Allceville the past week lnstatllng pit
                                                   Jim Bell, relief foreman. has been                      scales In the new freight house.
    Mr. and Mrs. hi. W. Dunkin, vlsited         working on section R-8 a t Pickensville,                       Clerk W. W. Moore and famlly spent
with frlends in Greenwood, Allssisslppl.        Alabama, in place of W. W. Fleinlng                        t h e holldays a t Townley. Alabama. Mr.
during the holldays and report a very           who has been sick but is now able to be                    Moore was relieved by Mr. Merle Cald-
enjoyable time.                                 back a t work.                                             well extra clerk from Amory.
    Mr. a n d M s J. W. Mahanay wlth
                  r.                               A new track w a s installed a t Corry                       Operator S. T. Meek, spent Sunday.
Joseph Jr.. enjoyed a vlsit with rela-          Field just out from Pensacola. Florida.                    December 29, with his family a t New
tlves in St. Louis, durlng Christmas.           on December 31. This track was bullt                       Albany, Mississippi, being relieved by
    Ford Mlller. solicltlng freight and pas-    t 6 l i p r o v e on the service to the Naval              operator Kilgore. extra man.
senger agent, relieved Mr. Sutcliffe.           Air Statlon which Is located there.                            Conductor Beebe is back on tralns 905
F r a n k Smith, formerly assistant ticket         Mr. V. A. Jenkins is now actlng third                   and 906 after a months leave of absence.
agent succeeds Mr. Mlller.          A1 Kline.   trick onerator a t Magnolia in d a c e re-      -              Our locals a r e now operating thru
formerly ticket seller in the city ticket       i&tis -fieid -by Mr. T.-Munn.                              from Amory to Magnolia. the Demopolis
office relleved Mr. Smlth and AI. K. Mc-           Starting January l s t , the northbound                 Magnolia swltcher being pulled off.
Dade fornlerly ticket seller a t the Grand      Sunnvland sets out the dlner a t Magnolia                      Asslstant Superlntendent Gabriel and
Central station succeeds Mr. Kline.             and is then picked up by the southbound                    hls capable clerk Keith Allen called on
                                                Sunnyland each mornlng.                                    us a few mlnutcs Saturday. J a n u a r y 4th.
    January 1, J. W. Mahanay, traveling            A. Williams who has been working in                     while train 946 did its local work a t
frelght and passenger agent, term a s           Amory yards and was displaced by J.                        Allceville.
Monarch of the Mazada Grotto. 31emphis.         I<. Moore, bumped Foreman TV. D. Gadd                          A movement I9 on foot in this vicinity
explred and In appreciation of his serv-        a t Columbus. Mississippi, who in turn                     to plant some 10 o r 1 2 acres of vege-
ices he was presented with a handsome           bumped Foreman H. L. Mllls on section                      tables a s a n experiment the coming sea-
walrus traveling bag, together wlth a           R-16 a t Demopolis Alabama.                                son.. The crop has been nothing but
case very completely fltted with all               Miss Elsie Mltchkll of Sherman. Bliss.,                 cotton for years and It is gratifying to
..--..---                                                                                                  know a break is being made along these

                                                vlsited a few days In December with
   Evening of December 23, M s s Allie          the family of Foreman B. F. Rogers a t                     lines. Our anrlculture department will
Ma1 Speight, with her cousin Mrs. C. E.         JIagnolla.                                                 co-opcrate with the people Interested.
Baaaett. entertained with a Christmas              The new LFLN Interchange Track a t                          Mrs. L. S. Brophy and daughters spent
dance-buffet supper, In the spacious            Atmore. Alabama, was completed on                          the hdidays with parents and relatives
home of Mrs. Baggett on Eastmoreland            December 28 and put In service on t h a t                  in Arkansas.
Place.     The   rooms   were   profusely       date. Foreman L. D. Gardner who w a s                          Oeo. Arnold, tie Inspector from Spring-
 decorated with Christmas greens and            doing the work has now moved hls camp                      field spent Sunday and Monday. Decem-
poinsettas. The m u s k was furnished by        cars t o Hybart. Alabama. for other con-                   ber '29th and 30th, in Alicevllle taking
a flve plece orchestra cleverly concealed       struction ivork..                                          up Frisco material.
behind palms in the s u n parlor. About            The station facilities a t Goodwa                           Almost one thousand car loads t o and
---.- -
flftv guests enjoyed their hospitality.
               - .
   Mr. sncl M s H. C. Ingle, of Omaha.
                                                were completed on December
                                                ready for service.
                                                                                             & %%          from the AT&N RR. AHceville, during
                                                                                                           month of Decemhr.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Page 45

      BIRMINGHAM TERMINALS                              Ingle. agent, Thayer, his f a t h e r a n d                                              full. with her baby and the cafe both
                                                        Mrs. Ingle's mother a t Ravenden. W e                                                    on her hands, so she closed the cafe up
                                                        regret t h a t Hilton Is not bark on his                                                 although her pood doughnuts and pies
 XRS. WELLIE 3 GOWEN. Reporter
              1                                         old job with us.                                                                         will be deeply-missed by the force a n d
                                                            Xrs. Selma Townsend. wife of ouer-                                                   ~ublic.
                                                        a t o r Townsencl, has founcl her household                                              ' A. E. Wilkinson, of Bono, w a s a n in-
    L. S. Tucker, switchman, wife and                   rluties too numerous to 11ermit her to                                                   terestina visitor  flrst of thls  month
 t w o daughters have returned from a                   operate the cafe she had opened up,                                                      when he stopped off here on his r e t u d
visit to Washington, D. C.                              Operator Townsencl had a slight attack                                                   trip from Altoona, ICans., where he had
    M. A. Jennings. wlfe and son Martin                 of flu and wife then had her hands                                                       been visiting Mr. J a s . E. Good.   Mr.
Jr., spent t h e Christmas holidays with
Mrs. Jennlngs' parents in Tallassee. Ala.
    J. H. Johnson, clerk, spent t h e holidays
In Toledo. Ohlo.
    G. E. W a t t s , switchman. h a s returned
from a visit to Chattanooga. Tennessee.
    B. B. King. clerk, and wife spent t h e
holidays with relatives In Haleyville.
    T h e following announcement will be of
interest to t h e employes in Birmingham
Terminal :
    "Mr. a n d Mrs. Dave Snetman announce
t h e engagement of their d a u g h t e r Helen
J a n e t to Dave Hess."
    Miss Snetman Is employed a s stenog-
r a p h e r in office of su~~erintenclent  termi-
    J. W. Skaggs, superintendent termi-
nals, K a n s a s City w a s a visitor to Rirm-
lngham on December 16. Mr. Skaggs
Is always a welcome visitor to Birmlng-
ham. having been superintendent termi-
nals a t Blrmingham during 1 9 2 7 a n d
    Mr. B. F . Elliott and wife of Spring-
field, hllssouri, were recent visitors to
Blrmlngham.          Mr. Elliott w a s f o r m e r
c a r foreman a t Blrmlngham.
                                                                                               T H I R T Y YEARS
    T. P. Mealey. clerk, w a s OK account               THERE
                                                            ARE           MANY M E N in railroading                                                    Eight completely equipped I. C. S. in-
of Illness during t h e p a s t week b u t glad
to report i s now a b l e t o be back on t h e          today who were not even born when                                                           struction cars, manned by a score of
job.                                                    the International Correspondence Schools                                                    instructors, travel the rail systems of thc
    L. H. F r e e z e , clerk. w a s called to
Chicago recently account of serious 111-                began co-operating with the railroads in                                                    continent and furnish instruction to 6000
ness of his f a t h e r who is conflned to the
Illinois Central hospital a t t h a t point.            training employees. T h e r e are others-                                                   workers a month. A t the same time, in
    Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Merrill of Mont-                 gray-haired veterans now - who were                                                         classes conducted at the railroad shops,
gomery. Ala.. spent t h e holidays wlth
thelr daughter. Mrs. M. H. Ford. and                    boys playing around the freight-yard and                                                    more than 5000 apprentices receive 1.C.S.
Mr. Ford. Mr. Ford is employed as chief                 begging rides on the switching engines in
sarrl clerk a t E a s t Thomas. -                                                                                                                   instruction each month. And manv other
    Mrs. Sally Morton, mother of clerk J.               those bygone days.                                                                          railroad men study International Corre-
B. Morton, is visitlng her daughter in
Nashville. Tenn.                                           T h i r t y years have passed since the be-                                              spondence Schools courses a t home in their
    hIr. C. J. Thompson, assistant t o                                                                                                              spare time.
superintendent terminals, is able t o be                ginning of that alliance between railroad
 back a t work again a f t e r illness of
two weeks'          duration. Mr. Thompson
                                                        management and the I. C. S. They have                                                          A regular part of the service of the
spent a b o u t a week In Frisco hospital               seen the Schools a t Scranton grow to be                                                    Schools is to notify railroad officials of
In St. Louis, and reports t h a t i t is t h e                                                                                                      the progress made by each student, giv-
best hospital h e w a s ever in.                        the largest educational institution in the
    Mrs. A. D. Barfleld, wife of section                world's history. They have seen co-opera-                                                   ing the names of the lessons studied and
foreman. w a s called to Hattlesburg, Mlss..
on J a n u a r y 8, account of the d e a t h of         tive instruction spread until more than                                                     the percentages awarded.
her brother. O u r sympathy is extended                 300 roads have special agreements with
to Mrs. Barfleld.                                                                                                                                      Thousands of men who today hold re-
    J. L. ~ o d s e y , timekeeper. and Mrs.            the I. C. S., and a total of over 122,000                                                   sponsible positions with the country's
Godsey a r e receiving congratulations on
the arrival of a baby daughter a t their                men have enrolled for railroad courses.                                                     transportation systems, prepared them-
home on J a n u a r y 3.       T h e little lady                                                                                                    selves for promotion through I. C. S.
bears the n a m e of J a n e Louise.                       Working directly with the manage-
                                   - -
                                                        ment of the roads, the I. C. S. has, for                                                    training. W h a t we have done for them
            AGENT'S OFFICE                              thirty years, developed and perfected its                                                   we can do iust as surelv for vou. Mail
            WILLIFORD, ARK.                             courses of study for railroad workers.                                                      the coupon for full details.
        L W. JOHNSON. Reporter
        .                                                                          Employees o f this Road will receive a Special Discount
   W e Keel t h a t o u r d r e a m s of a beauti-                                    INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOLS
~ U In surer garclen      $1   p a r k a t thls place                                              "Thc Universal University"
I no.w m a t u r m g m t o reality, as J i m m y
 s                                                                                                 o
                                                                                                  B x 8601-E. Scranlon, Penna.
Sandc!rson. agent. h a s received a nice
letter from Nr. D a n B. Fellows florist.                    Without cost or obligation please tell me how I can qualify for the position, or in the subject, belore
Sprin,   gflelcl, in which he h a s 'assured                                       -
                                                           which I am markinn X in the list below:
Jimm y of his interest and cooperation.                     h e a n n l i m Enrinecr   (rattlonForemnn            ClvII Enfilneer          OTelsars~h  Enalmr
Soon a s spring opens up a little now,                      I d e o ~ o l l Firemen
                                                                            ~s         Boilermaker              DBrld~e  Bulldlng          Bpractital Tolephony
we urlll roll u p o u r sleeves and begin                   I l r Brake lnsperlor                                 Concrele Work             Olosel Enalnes
the f cnclna and bedding. Signal main-                      Roundhouss Forernnn        Blncksmlrll                Arehltectr' Blreprlnls    Gar Enfilnra
t a i n e ~ Zitzman, section foreman Smith                                                                        mruclurul Engineer       _Il'lumblna nnd IImllm
                                                            Elcclric 1.oromolive and OCou~er*mllh                 Rate Clerk               OCrsdc School Suhlrrts
and entire offlce force here a r e v e r y                      Train Operator         Rlertrlclan                Strtlon Agent            OlflfihSchool Suhjects
anxlo us to get s t a r t e d on this work. dur-                                                                                           OCnr Rc~r:tlrer
Ins our spare time when off duty. '                                                                                                        UCar Inspector
                                                            S upcrvlror                                                             Typist OHmhsnlcnI Drarinll
    We were treated to a pleasant s u r -
~ r i ~ae u a r y 1 2 , when Hilton C. Ingle
          J n
                                                           ORoad Masler
                                                           ODlr. En~Ineer
                                                                                                                                            Surveynr q Chernldrs
                                                                                                                                            Buslness Cnrrerpondence
steppqad off train number 1 0 4 and spent
the entlre evening with us. Hilton, f o r                      .........................................................................................................................................................................
a few years connected wlth this offlce as
w e n t and third trick operator.               Since      Occnpofim         ..................................................................Employed by.....................................................................
leavir~g the Frlsco h e h a s been employed
by ttle Rock Island. a n d recently s t a -                Sfrccf Addrcss............................................................................................................................................................
tlonec1 a t F s l r b u r y dbpatcher's office as
relay operator and a t Jansen. Neb., a s                   City.............................................................................. Stare ......................................      ;........................................
line operator.         Hflton accompanied b y              Cnnodiom may scnd                lhfr rapm t o l n t r r d i e n a l C a r o a p s n ~ o r mSehosls Cannnlfnn. Limircd, .Ilon;reol, Cotuodn
hls arife. Pansey. were Visiting P. A. F.
Good Is a n old retired Frisco sectlon                     in Kansas City. J a n u a r y 5 , vislting rela-                   t h e season, wlth a promise (or t h r e a t )
foreman. belng in service wlth them over                   tives and Prlenils.                                                from t h e weather man, t h a t It m a y last
thirty-flve years, about twenty of which                       Mrs. R. D. \Velrh. wlfe of y a r d clerk.                      several days.      No,., It doesn't !pok in
h e w a s statloned a t Wllliford. F r o m all             recently returned Prom a pleasant visit                            the least like the Sunny South.
accounts Mr. Good Inherited a proper and                   in Ripley. Miss.                                                       F a y e Barbee. stenographer, spent a
well flttlng n a m e (Good) a s his record                     Speaking of bowling-Memphls            Term-                   Sunday recently wlth her parents in
 shows 111s to be one of t h e best track                  inal has some good bowlers.             I t Is a                   Jonesboro. Ark.
men t h a t ever manned a g a n a of men.                  regular thing every Monday niaht for
a n d the Frlsco is proud to remember his                  the w e a t e r portlon of a certain Mem-
activities.                                                phis bowlinr alley to be oecupled by                                     LOCAL F R E I G H T O F F I C E
     The storms t h a t whlrled s o disas-                 Frlsco employes.       And can they bowl?                                   MEMPHIS, TENN.
 terously southward out of Springfield                     Say, just watch their s m o k e !         If you
J a n u a r y 10 d e m o l l s h i n ~ telegraph poles     don't believe they know their stuff, just
 and creating so much havoc in general.                    come down next Monday nlght a t 7 :30                                   VIIIGISIA G R I F F I S . Reporter
 had       about spent Its strength upon                   anil see for yourself.
 reaching our terrltorv. althouah s i r n a l                  T h e newest and most interesting fea-                             W e a r e glad to have R. J. Rotzinger
 mrlintaincr Zltzman expcriencctl iin dftcr                t u r e on Monday nlghts, however. Is t h e                        back with us, belng employed as veri-
 ~ n i ~ l n k h tfailurc, whlch          he rt.pnilwl     ladles' bowling team which seems to be                             check clerk on the platform.
auickls. H o w t ~ c t ' , continuous ~ x i n sht.-        qultc a drawing card for t h e other team.                             Glatl to report Jasper Tankersle?;.
 Pore and a f t e r this is maklna section                 T h e airls secm to like to roll t h a t wicked                    bill clerk, is improving rapidly. J a s p e r
 foreman Smith step t o keep don' orders                   ball.utoo: a couple of them didn't w a n t                         was on the verge of a nervous break-
 off main Ilne.                                            to quit a t all the Arst nlght, antl I t Is                        clown. therefore his doctor nut him in
     L. W. Johnson, third trick operator.                  reported they were "rearing" to go back                            bed f o r a while.       "Tap" we hope you
vislted hls friend, F r a n k Sulllvan. south              and t r y it all over agaln t h e following                        will soon be back with us.
 section foreman, H a r d y , on J a n u a r y 3.          nlght ! All employes a r e lnvltcd to come                             \Ve enjoycd a visit from F. 3 . Pack-1
Understand Mr. Sullivan                  has   bid    in   down a n d make a personal Inspection of                           n1.d of the Birminaham local offlce t h e
Hunter. Mo.. section. R e m e t t o see h l n ~            both the ladies' and men's teams.                                  latter ],art of Dec-ember.
                                                                                                                                                                         ~    ~

leave, a s we found hlm a b l e a s a n t nelgh-                                                                                  W h a t do you think of a fellow t h a t
 bor.                                                                                                                         would lose his false teeth on Christmas
     Lawrence Sharp, agent, Black Rock.                        SUPERINTENDENT'S O F F I C E                                   JCve?
who w a s formerly second trick operator                                                                                          .J. B. Wright a n d family, claim ad-
a t thls station, assumed a n added re-                            MEMPHIS, TENN.
                                                                                                                              juster, spent several days recently with
 sponslbility J a n u a r y 3, when the new                                                                                   relatives in Crenshaw. Mlss.
Frisco scales were placed in operation.                                                                                           R. A. Gorsuch. representative of t h e
 Mr. S h a r p is now welghmaster a s well                                                                                    Western Weighing & Inspection Bureau.
a s agent. Due to opening of t h e large                                                                                      had a week's \ a t a t l o n during the holi-
 gravel plt a t Lutesville several months                      T h r Frisco ':mployes' Club a r e giv,ing                     davs whlch he spent in Waverlv. Kans..
 ago. t h e cnrload output                from Black       their regular monthly dance a t Glenvlew                           with relatives. -
Rock h a s been m a n y tlmes doubled, over                Community House. S a t u r d a y night, the                            Mr. H a r r y Johnston. travellng auditor.
 three hundred c a r s per month is being                  18th. Hope for a big attendance.                                   is with us now checking up on switching
shipped on a n average. antl a n increase                      F r a n k J . Walsh.    c h ~ e f timekeeper.                  matters. havina been here since the flrst
 to Y O c a r s per day Is antlcipated within              spent ;\Ionday anil Tuesday in B i r m i w -                       of the ycar.
 n e a r future.       \Ve a r e pleased to see            h a m attencllnfi court.                                               D. E . Creeden. clisposition c l e r k ; T. F.
friend S h a r p handling this large business                  Katherine Surles, comptometer ope1 a -                         Bryant. cashier's clerk : Mrs. Lelia T.enl-
in the competent w a y he Is.                              tor, who has been on the sick list f o r                           han. stenographer, and Theodore Birk-
     Second trlck operator Townsend lost                   several days, h a s returned to work. W e                          ner. bill clerk, have been on t h e sick
 three d a y s flrst J a n u a r y due to severe           a r e all glad to see Katherine back a t                           list recently.
cold. Elmer Bllllnsley relleved him, a n d                 her desk.                                                              1'. 1 Stroud. utility clerk, and wife,
from         here Elmer went             to H a r d y aq       Curtis Blackwell, flle clerk, was on                           spent Sunday, J a n u a r y 5 , in H o t Springs.
:I qent.                                                   the sick list for a few days.                                       4 1.k
     ; \ ~ e n tSanderson purchased a C h r y d e r            Curtls Gilbreatli. rodman. is convales-                            L. G. DeCrow, rate clerk in revislng
 i O last week antl sold it wlthin a s h o r t             cent a t his home in Carthaze. 310.. a f t e r
                                                                                              - .    ,    ~-                  bureau. drove to Cairo. Ill.. J a n u a r y 4
time a t a nice uroflt. Jimmy claimrcl a                   a n illness of sevel'al weeks.                                     f o r his family, where Mrs. DeCrow h a s
iiccnse i s entlreiy to costly to own more                     Wm. Marsh. Arst trlck dispatcher, and                          been recuperatlng from a very serious
 t h a n one car. H e h a s a Ford, which                  R. H. I.imkln, wire chlef, a r e both on                           operation performed latter part of No-
I I advises is more fltting to his pocltet-                the sick list t h e past week.                                     vember.
book.                                                          W. W. Cook, dispatcher, h a s returned                             J. Francis Walsh. rnte clerk in revls-
     T h e q u a r r y continues to furnish us n           to Memphis, having bcen assigned regu-                             ing bureau, is now driving a good look-
s t e a d y carload business, although w r a t h -         larly to this division.                                            ing Ford tudor sedan.
PI. condltlons has caused a considerable                       Today, Friday. J a n u a r y 17, we a r e e s -                    J . F. Wright. chief bill clerk, spent
decrease lately.                                           periencing one of the heaviest snows of                            Sunday, J a n u a r y 12, in St. Louis.
     All the land in thls vicinity Is beinp                                                                                       Glatl to report Mrs. C. 31. Davis. wife
!eased by a n oil corporation, and rumor                                                                                  I   of chief claim clerk, is improving nicely
IS t h a t a drillina machine will be erect-                                               G e n u l n e Goatskln             from a n operation performed J a n u a r y
ctl on one of t h e leases a t a n early date.                                                                                        t
                                                                                                                              13. W . wish for her a speedy recovery.
Should oil appear, our littlc town m a y                                                         PASS- CASE
:Ippear on the m a p yet.                                                                 Blirc k or Brown with Corners

                                                                                          Individud Nnmes '25c extrn
                                                                                           N . OF
                                                                                            O               SPECIAL
                                                                                                                                FT. S M I T H I C E A N D
                                                                                          WINDOWS    PRICE      PRICE            COLD STORAGE CO.
                                                                                                                                COLD STORAGE FOR A L L PERISHABLE
    .\I.\IIC..\RI.:T   STE\fT.\RT. Reporter
                                                               Sent Prepaid L'pon           12        2.25       1.39                  Storaoe Capacity, 125 Cars
   3Ir. and Mrs. H . C. B a r n e t t a r e to be               R e c e i ~ of Stamps.
                                                                            l               16        2.75       1.69
                                                             Check or h l a n c y Order                                           Daily Ice Making Capacity, 125 Tons
congratulated upon the nrrival on De-
cember 18 of a son who will answer to                        HANDCRAFT LEATHER GOODS CO-
                                                            Dept. P E. 99 VIIHIA v e . . X m v York C l t y . N. Y.
                                                                                                                                FORT SMITH            - -    ARKANSAS
the n a m e of Harold. J r .
   Mrs. Mr. G. Cary, wife of chief yard
clerk, a n d son, Walton. Jr.. spent several
days recently wlth relatives in Alex-
andria La.
   L. P. Cochmn, chief clerk to divislon
storeltceper. visited w l t l ~ frlends in St.
1.0~1s. J a n u a r y 5.
                                                           I Owens Paper Box Co I
   J . G. Quiett. secretary to m a s t e r me-
chanic. motored to Shelbyville. Ill.. during
the holldays to vlsit home folks. H e w a s                                                                                    Steel Tire*. Steel Tired Wheela. Steel
accompanied a s f a r a s Centralia. Tll.. by                                                                                   Axles. Steel Sprlngr. Roiled Steel
Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Ross, who also                                                                                              R i n g a Solid \V r o o x h t Steel
\'kited relatives. Air. Ro-ss Is timekeeper                                                                                     . Wheeln. Steel H'orfiings. Steel
ill master mechanic's offlce.                                                                                                       Crunher Rolls and Shell..
   H. T. Tobin, clerk. motored to J a c k -                                                                                          Rolled Steel Genr Blnnkn,
son. Tenn., on a "business" trip J a n u a r y                                                                                         Steel ond Iron Mnllenble
1. B y t h e way. anyone wanting t o Itnow                                                                                                C o s t i n ~ r .Steel Pipe
the t r u t h of the saylng "The longe5f w a y                                                                                                      H'iongeu
around is t h e sweetest w a y h o n ~ e , just
ask 3Ir. Tobin. a s we understand t h a t he
made several unnecessary detonrs on t h e
way home.                                                                                                                     1 Standard Steel Works                   Co. I
   Mack Reeves. clerk, spent J a n u a r y 1.
 2 and 3 a t his home In Narlon. Ark.
   Miss Margaret Stewart, stenographer
in superintendent terminal's offlce, was
                                                           1 PLAIN AND FANCY BOXES 1                                              Main office: Philadelphia, Pa.
                                                                                                                                     Works: Burnham, Pa.
Page 48

   Gordon Robertson, cashier, was re-                M r . and Mrs. H. E. C~,owderand chil-               p a r t of town is known a s t h e railroaders
cently elected president of t h e basketball      dren spent t h e holidays in Springfleld.               settlement a n d Mr. Coke feels very much
dlvision of t h e Memphis Church Athletic            Mr. and Mrs. P a u l Schmitz and baby                a t home.
Association, representing two leagues of          visited in Aliceville during t h e holldays.                L. J. Brady, roundhouse foreman, h a d
slx t e a m s each.                                  Nr. Ben Seaman, inspector in the                     a s his guest Christmas his son. A. Brady.
  A good time is expected a t t h e Frisco        brldge department, entertained fourteen                 a student a t the Detroit University.
Employes' dance. J a n u a r y 18. a t t h e      friends Christmas. Mr. Seaman won a                         R. E. Gains. paint and carpenter gang.
Glenview Community House.                         20-pound gobbler for t h e s u m of 10                  have repainted t h e w a t e r t a n k here and
                                                  cents : hence t h e big feast.                          t h e Frisco emblem can be seen a good
                                                     Gradv Bishou of P o t t s cam^ has been              distance off, also t h e cotton belt paint
   O F F I C E D I V I S I O N ENGINEER           assign&] to t h e Terminal extra gang.                  g a n g have     been busy      repainting t h e
                                                  Hansen's e x t r a   gang h m       moved to            union statlon and ticket offlces and t h e
            MEMPHIS, TENN.                        Deckerville where they will do quite a                  boys have been warned about striking
                                                  lot of surfacing.                                       matches on t h e walls.
                                                     C. E. Blair, assistant to comptroller's                  T h e Frisco Club of Jonesboro held t h e
        C. C. SICKLES. Reporter                   a t St. Louis, w a s with us a few d a y s              flrst meeting of t h e y e a r a t t h e freight
                                                  recently.                                               house Saturday. J a n u a r y 11, when i t
   Miss Corrine Harnan of Cape Girar-                Miss Shearin is very much improved                   w a s decided who would All the various
deau visited with her brother. Otis. in           from a serious operation a n d understand               positions carried by this club and plans
Memphis during t h e holidays.                    she will spend a few d a y s in Florida                 drawn and passed upon a t this meetlng.
   J. M. VanDover spent Christmas Day             before returnlna to work flrst of next
                                                                    -                                     This club looks forward to much better
hunting.     H e reported splendid luck.          month.                                                  sollcitation     and   getting business this
getting thirty-four quail.                           MI'. and Mrs. H a r r y Likens visited in            y e a r an competition is getting keen
   J . L. Simpson, roadmaster, is off on a        Springfleld and F o r t Smith t h e latter              around here.
leave of absence, spending part of t h e          p a r t of December.                                        C. W. Yarbrough, telegraph operator,
tlme in Hickory F l a t with relatives.              Mr. T. J. Sweeney, of the auditor's of-              w a s in t h e offlce early p a r t of J a n u a r y
   During. Mr. Simpson's absence w e had          flcc a t St. Louis, han b ~ e nwith u s for a           visiting among t h e boys. Mr. Y a r b r o u g l ~
with u s Mr. G. Honey a s roadmaster.             few days.                                               has been out west in interest of his
W e all welcome Mr. Honey to t h e of-               Mr. and Mrs. A . 15. Biggers were St.                health. and will r e t u r n back to the west
Ace.                                              Louis visitors the l a t t e r p a r t of De-           sometime next month.           While here Mr.
   C. L. Gilbreath is recovering from a           cember.                                                 Yarbrough had t h e misfortune to get into
minor operation and hope to revort t h a t            Mr. J. 31. Van Dover is driving a                   a n a u t o accident but luckily h e w a s not
he is back to work before t h e next issue.       brand new Hupmobile.                                    seriously injured.
   T h e new circle pier in St. F r a n c i s                                                                 W. J. Sparks, traveling freight a n d
river, bridge 443.1, is now complete and                                                                  passenger agent. Grand Trunk railroad.
we do not expect a n y trouble a t this                                                                   was a visltor l a t e l y : h e left us cigars
bridge for some time.                                     OFFICE O F T E R M I N A L                      and big pencils.
   Mr. Allen Harrison and wife of Aber-                       ACCOUNTANT                                      J. L. Jeffords, traveling          inspector.
deen, Miss.. spent t h e holidays with Mrs.                BIRMINGHAM, ALA.                               \Vestern Weighing a n d Inspection Bu-
Harrison's sister. Mrs. C. 31. Scott.                                                                     reau, h a s been in Jonesboro recently
   H. W. Westbrooke spent t h e holidays                                                                  checking over weights. They have moved
with his family a t Jonesboro.                             G. T . DITSI.,\P,      Reporter                Jrr. JefCorcls' headquarters from Poplar
   Ramsey Wall had his f a t h e r with him                                                               Bluff, JIo., to Memphis. Tenn.
during t h e holldays.
   Mr. a n d Mrs. J. R. Scott of Spring-              C. C. Long. former completion report
field spent Christmas a t t h e C. M. Scott       clerk here, bid in similar position a t
home.                                             I.:nid, Olcln.. and left J a n u a r y 4 to be-                      AGENT'S O F F I C E
   Miss Billye Bennett spent December             fiin his work t h e m                                                LEPANTO, ARK.
22 wlth her people a t Jonesboro. I t w a s          J . B. Henson. assistant bill and vouch-
a famlly reunion and we a r c s u r e they        e r clerk, w a s asslaned t o position made
all enjoyed a good time.                          vacant hy Xlr. Long's transfer.                                MRS. .\I. (. WALL. Reporter
                                                      31. H . 'Mrilllams, former completion
                                                  r e ~ o r t clerlc here. now in s ~ e c l a l A&B
                                                  work in St. Louis. visited i n this offlce                   C. B. Callahan. assistant superlntend-
   ST. LOUIS ADVERTISERS                          the l a t t e r part of December.                       cnt. and M. T. Fullington. general chair-
                                                                                                          man of 0. R. T., honored u s wlth a vlsit
                                                      Mr. and ;MI% R. W. James spent the
                                                  New Year's season visltine in Chicaco                   J a n u a r y 7 . Mlghty glad to have them
                                                  and St. Louis.                                          -hope          they come agaln soon.
           Next to Frisco Building                    W. T. Soudrr of t h e superintendent's                   G. G. Hacker of Mr. Ball's offlce w a s
              ST. LOUIS. MO.                      offlce, nnrl wife spent Sunday. J a n u a r y           here flrst of t h e month checking up t h e
    POPULAR PRICE EUROPEAN HOTEL                  12. visiting in Amory. Miss.                            damage caused by Are a t Citizens' Gin
           Absolutely Fireproof                       There w a s unusually w a r m weather               Co. W e had the mlsfortune to lose one
                                                  here for t h r first half of J a n u a r y and          bpx car and 27 bales of cotton. T h e
        Rates: $1.50 and Up Per Day               a s a result. nlanv e a r l s gardens were              cln people suffered a slight damage to
    Electrlc Fan (Free) In Every Room             planted.                                                their property.
    EATS :-Unexcelled  CAFFYl'ERIB and                T h e new plant of the Pullman Com-                      Conductor D. SIoore bumped Conduc-
           COFFEE SHOP ~ c r r l c e
                                      ,   -   I   pany l w a t e d nenf Bessemer, Ala.. is In
                                                  o ~ e r a t i o n and man\- of their new cars
                                                                                                          tor Dan Haclrett on Tyronza Central
                                                                                                          run. Engineer A. E. Nall bumped C. H .
                                                  a r e seen moving throuph t h e yards.                  Bauer on s a m e run, Mr. Bauer going t o
I JEFFERSOS    00114      JEFFERSON 0415      1       I t Is reported t h a t the new c a r s for
                                                  the Frlsco will be showlng up in a short
                                                                                                          Thayer.            Irvin Tyree ( T r e e Cllmbcr)
                                                                                                          bumped Fireman Roy Sigler off Tyronza
 Becht Laundry Co.                                time.
                                                      Six inches of snow fell here on De-
                                                  cember 2 1 and 2 2 , and Birmingham had
                                                                                                          Central branch.
                                                                                                               Cecil Countrvman is back on t h e job
                                                                                                          nwltching box' c a r s a f t e r a s h o r t ab-
              W e Specialize in                   its flrnt white Christmas in many years.                sence.
                                                                                                              T. C. Adams. flrnt trlck opeprator, bid
             Family Laundry                                                                               in agency a t Grubbs, Ark.. Mr. Adams
1 3 3 0 1 - 1 1 Bell Av.     St. Louis1              JONESBORO T I C K E T O F F I C E                    being           relieved  by    Clyde Philllps of
                                                         JONESBORO, ARK.                                  Thayer.
                                                                                                               Positlon a s flrst trick operator was
                                                                                                          abolished December 31. telegraphing fall-
                                                          \V. .\. SASDERS. Reporter                       ing on Agent XI. C. Wall. T h e posltion
                                                                                                          w a s reinstated J a n u a r y 4 . Clyde Phillips
 INVESTMENT                                          Jiln I3lalock, yard clerk, h a s returned
                                                  from hospital a t St. Louis where he h a s
                                                                                                          r r t u r n l n g a s operator.
                                                                                                               Clyde Phlllips relieved E. T. Metz on
                                                                                                          second a t W e s t Plains. J a n u a r y 2. Mr.
    BONDS                                         been conflned to bed with malaria.
                                                     J. I Hbys. demurrage cterk, ha3 Icft
                                                  for' St. Louis hospital where he will un-
                                                                                                          31dz maklng a trip to Springfleld.
                                                                                                               Lepanto h a s        bllled 15.458 balcs of
                                                  dergo examination for stomach com-                      iincompressed cotton so f a r this season.
 We deal in issues of the United                                                                          If no objections a r e received we claim
                                                  plaints: looks like Hays bumped Blaloclc
 States Government, Railroads, Pub-               for his bed a t the infirmary.                          the record for Frisco System.
                                                     T. 3. Bryant. local conductor. made
 lic Utility and Industrial Corpora-              trip to Springfleld recently to a t t e n d con-
    tions with established records                d u c t o r . ' ~meeting there during J a n u a r y .   TRANSPORTATION D E P A R T M E N T
                                                     Evelyn Pullum, daughter of E. B.
             of earnings.                         Pullum, switchman, Jonesboro yard, has                         T H A Y E R , MO.
                                                  returned to California.             She h a s been
                                                  visitlng her kin folks around Jonesboro                          L. R. THORNE. Reporter
     AID &. COMPANY, Inc.                         for past month.
                                                     H a r r y Hayes carman. Is conflned to
 Security Bldg.        ST. LOUIS, MO.             bed a t St. ~ e r n ' a r d ' shospital, Janesboro,         Quite a few borrowed brakemen and
                                                  and a t time of wrlting Is sllowing signs               flremen who were worklng here during
                                                  of improvement.                                         t h e r u s h have returned to thelr homes.
                                                     H. C. Coke, c a r foreman, h a s moved               W e were glad to have them a s they
                                                  hls residence to Bridge and Creath, thls                were a mlghty nlce bunch of boys.

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