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 Oklahoma Business Professionals of America                    October 2003           Volume 2, Issue 1

     A Message from Your State BPA President, Tara Smith:

           Hello Oklahoma Business Professionals of America! Words cannot begin to express how
     excited I am to serve as your State President. This year’s state officer team has a lot of great ideas to
     make this year be the best possible. One of the biggest projects we have implemented this year is
     the state website, There you will be able find all the information you may
     need to know about Oklahoma's Business Professionals of America chapter. We also have a special
     site for BPA members called the Member’s Connection, On the
     Member’s Connection there are message boards you can participate in with the state officers on
     various topics.
           We are here to assist you in any way possible. If you or you chapter needs anything at all,
     please feel free to contact us. As an officer team, one thing we look forward to is meeting the local
     members. One great opportunity for us to meet you is at the Fall Leadership Conference, which will
     be in Oklahoma City on October 20-21.
           In the words of Nido Qubein “If what you're working for really matters, you'll give it all you've
     got.” Your year in BPA will be as awesome as you allow it to be. I hope that you “take the bull by
     the horns” and run with this great organization. I never realized how much a student organization
     could affect me until Business Professionals of America was introduced to me. The more I became
     involved, the more I was positively impacted by it. Life is truly what you make it.

What is happening in this issue?
Set your Goals and Reach Them! pg. 2                   Upcoming Events
NW Membership Vice President, Carl Walls
About your State Officers pg. 3-5                         Fall Leadership Conference Evening Activities
Information on your Oklahoma State Officers                October 20
Chapter News pg. 6
Everything going on in Oklahoma BPA                       Fall Leadership Conference Day Activities
The Fall News pg. 7                                        October 21
SE Membership Vice President, Nicole Gill
The Red Cross pg.7                                        SLC Multimedia Workteam
SW Membership Vice President, Josh Hurst                   Nov. 17
Plug into pg. 8
NW Membership Vice President, Carl Walls
Attaining your Torch Award pg. 8                        State Leadership Conference
State Reporter, Erin Lowrance                              March 9 and 10
The National Update pg. 9
National President, David Roberts

      Created by: Erin Lowrance, State Reporter                                            -1
                       Special Feature: Achieving your goals in BPA
                   The Space Janitor and the Silver Medal Man by Carl Walls
    Cable television is good for many things. One of the      what you have the potential to do. By giving ―110%‖
things it is especially good at is repeating old movies       you are really just finding what is already there and
over and over until everyone on the planet has seen           using 10% more of your potential instead. If you truly
that movie at least five hundred times. Recently I got        make the effort to reach everything you have the
to revisit a wonderful sci-fi movie about the possible        potential to do, there is a good chance that your
consequences of genetic engineering: Gattaca.                 100% may produce more than someone with
    In this movie you follow the story of Vincent             supposedly more talent can do with their 80 or 90
Freeman, a man who has a dream to be an astronaut             percent.
and soar among the stars. Unfortunately for him, his              What does this mean for those in the superior
dreams were deemed impossible before the idea to              category? Are you going to be beaten every time by
become an astronaut even entered his mind. You see,           someone who just wants it more? Probably not.
he was born in a time where your genes were believed              Just think about what would happen if you
to perfectly predict your future, and he was not              combined the mentality of Vincent with the natural
supposed to live beyond thirty years. This put him at         ability of Jerome. What if 100% talent combined with
such a risk that the closest he could get to space was        100% effort? Chances are, the answer is success.
cleaning the toilets at Gattaca, the local space agency.      Jerome could probably beat Vincent at almost
    What makes this story special is that he decides to       anything if he wanted it bad enough. He just needed
take his future into his own hands. Instead of following      to realize that his goals were not going to come to
the path his genes supposedly gave him, he decided to         him - it takes effort to truly achieve success. Highly
give everything he had to achieve his goal. With the          gifted individuals can have an advantage over
help of a fallen member of the supposed genetic elite,        everyone else every time, but only if they at least try
he set out with a new identity and defied those that          as hard as everyone else. Only then will you stand
said he should have never made it that far.                   out from the crowd.
   The character of Jerome, with the supposedly                   There is one thing that didn’t come into play in the
superior genes, is equally interesting. He is someone         fictional world of Gattaca. You and I have the unique
who was meant to be superior to almost anyone else            opportunity to not only increase our effort level, but
on the planet, yet he could only manage second place          also our talent as well, through the opportunities that
in his area of expertise. He is the opposite of Vincent,      we collectively refer to as Business Professionals of
both genetically and motivationally. While Vincent is         America. The more effort you put towards your BPA
determined and willing to sacrifice everything to             activities, the greater chance you have of increasing
achieve his goals, Jerome believes that he is supposed        your talents. If you put out a consistent effort in BPA,
to be the best at everything, and hates himself for           you might actually be able to achieve 110% of your
losing.                                                       talent, and come even closer in your quest for
    Granted, the person with greater ability to start with    success.
will always have an advantage if they put out the same            Perhaps your talent is in web design, desktop
effort as someone with somewhat less talent. Success          publishing, computer programming, accounting, or
and natural ability have an mysterious way of clouding        one of the many other business related skills? You
your mind into believing you can succeed with less            can challenge yourself and stretch your talents
effort than you need. This is the X factor that makes         through extensive competitive events programs.
the seemingly impossible possible. If you learn to            Perhaps you want to learn to speak to large groups,
control this factor, your supposed limits will fall away to   or learn to take leadership roles? Through BPA you
reveal true success.                                          can lead groups ranging from just your school all the
    The path to success is not supposed to be easy,           way up to the national level. Combine the expert
because if it seems too easy you are probably following       assistance of all of our excellent advisors, and these
in the footsteps of our poor friend Jerome. If you truly      opportunities give you everything you need to stretch
want to succeed in everything you do, you need to             your talents to new heights.
reach inside yourself and make every effort to bring out          This means that you have three key factors you
your talents, even if they are hidden inside you.             can use to help you achieve your goals for the future.
    Some people would say that is giving 110% to your         Taking your natural talent, multiplying it’s effects with
  goals. That is impossible because you only have             your best effort, and then multiplying it again through
  100% of your talent and ability. What it really means       BPA will achieve far more than you ever thought
  is that there is more you can do if you put the effort      possible. Your goals will then fall within your reach,
  into it. You may be only achieving 80% or 90% of            where all you have to do is reach out and grab them.

       Created by: Erin Lowrance, State Reporter                                            -2
           Tara Smith                                Carl Walls                                        Josh Hurst
            President                         NW Membership Vice President
    Life is all about expeditions. One
                                                                                                SW Membership Vice President
                                               There are many great questions of our
                                                                                                 Today I’m going to tell you what a day in
of which is exploring who a person         day. Questions such as ―What are we having
                                                                                             my life is like. I attend Kiamichi Technology
really is. I’d like to take advantage      for lunch?‖ and ―Where are my keys?‖
                                                                                             Center at the Stigler Campus. I am a senior
of this opportunity to give you a little   challenge even the greatest of philosophers.
                                                                                             this year and I am getting ready to graduate
bit of insight on me, Tara Janese          Among those great questions comes the topic
                                                                                             from high school. After high school, I plan to
                                           of this article: ―Who is Carl Walls?‖
Smith, your President of Oklahoma              When asked this perplexing question,
                                                                                             attend OSU and major in Veterinary
Business Professionals of America.                                                           medicine. Right now I’m way off subject and
                                           people may only give you the easy answers
    First and foremost I would like to                                                       I need to tell you about how I’m enrolled in
                                           like ―He’s that guy over there,‖ or simply
thank you, the members and                                                                   business and computers and how I have a
                                           ignore you in the hope that you’ll go away. So
                                                                                             lot of meetings to attend and how it has
advisors, for giving me the chance         to find answers to this question, I consulted
                                                                                             changed my life in more ways than one.
to serve you. BPA is a major part of       the greatest source of both useful and utterly
                                                                                             However, you will see that as the year goes
my life.      I wouldn’t be able to        useless information the world has ever known
                                                                                             on and we get to meet and talk.
experience it (for all it’s worth)         – Google. (
                                                                                                 There is more than one side to
without your confidence in me.                  With over 3,083,324,652 pages of
                                                                                             everything; there are also more sides to me
                                           information, Google is both an enormous
    I’m the type of person who             stockpile and a worldwide popularity contest
                                                                                             than just BPA. There are several things that
values good character as well as                                                             I am involved in: I am an active member in
                                           all rolled into one.          When given the
honesty, dedication, and loyalty.                                                            my church, which is the most important thing
                                           opportunity to conquer this great question
These values are all very important                                                          I could tell you about myself.
                                           with stunning feats of web-worthy wisdom,
                                                                                                 I love to play the guitar. It is what drives
to me. Most people in our                  this is what the great Google had to say:
                                                                                             me. I can be having a terrible day, then pick
organization have these same               1. Carl Walls has a Café Press store with
                                                                                             up one of my guitars and play, and my
values. Through BPA, I have made           outrageously high prices
                                                                                             troubles just leave. I play all sorts of music
life long friends because each of us       2. Carl Walls is a karaoke singer on the
                                                                                             from Gospel, to Nirvana, to Puddle Of Mudd,
are striving for the same goals-                 Isle of Wight
                                                                                             to my favorite kind of music to play; which is
                                           3. Carl Walls was born on 26 Aug 1938 in
becoming a leader and professional.                                                          classic rock. It really doesn’t make much of
                                                 Independence, Arkansas
    I try to be a professional as much                                                       a difference, as long as I’m playing the
                                           4. Carl Walls is an active member of BPA
as possible, but I’m still an average                                                        guitar.
                                               Obviously, I am not sixty-five years old,
teenager. I go to school at Tulsa                                                                I could continue with a very long list of
                                           and I had to consult Google to find out where
                                                                                             activities that I am involved with; however, I
Technology Center (TTC) - Broken           this ―Isle of Wight‖ was actually located. I’m
                                                                                             am just going to mention one more. That
Arrow Campus where I’m studying            certainly not a banker from Florida. Even
                                                                                             would be the sport of rodeo. My love of this
web site design. I’ve attended TTC         though all the results did not provide the
                                                                                             sport is something that I was born into. I
for the two previous years. Once I         answers I sought, they did let you know about
                                                                                             grew up around it, and I have never gotten
graduated (class of 2003) I decided        the real Carl Walls’ involvement with the
                                                                                             tired of it. I have, and do participate in
                                           Francis Tuttle BPA chapter, like serving as
to stay one more year in order to          AM Post-secondary President and working on
                                                                                             several events. I have competed in events in
receive all the free education                                                               the rodeo industry, but the only one I am
                                           the chapter’s web site.
possible. I can’t stress enough how                                                          competing in at the present is the bull riding.
                                               It would have been nice if Google
important scholarships are. Next                                                             The sheer adrenaline pumping through your
                                           answered the question by telling you about
                                                                                             body as you climb onto 2000lbs. Bulls can’t
year, I plan to attend OSU-                the family that is always there to support him.
                                                                                             be duplicated by any ride and it can’t be
Okmulgee and study multimedia.             (Dan, Cayt, and Chris Walls – they rock!), and
                                                                                             replaced with anything else. I do this
My ultimate career goal is to own          you can’t say you truly know Carl Walls if you
                                                                                             because I like to; it’s something that few
my own Graphics Design Studio              don’t know that he is secretly is a computer
                                                                                             people understand. You can’t fully
creating corporate items.                  geek who creates things like our new site at
                                                                                             understand it until you have experienced it. I
                                  (Just plug into there, wink,
    If there is anything else you          wink) You might also put a footnote about
                                                                                             have been riding bucking horses and bulls
would like to know please don’t                                                              for most of my life, and I still don’t know why
                                           those Thunderbirds that he insists on driving,
hesitate       to    email    me      at                                                     I do it.
                                           despite various quirks. Unfortunately, Google I look forward to                                                                No matter what you do with your life, I am
                                           reveals none of this.
                                                                                             sure that you will, and already have your
getting to know some of you better             More information about the real Carl Walls
                                                                                             stories to tell. I would like to hear these
at the Fall Leadership Conference          and ―BPA‖ can be accessed by querying
                                                                                             stories, and I am looking forward to serving
on October 20-21.                
                                                                                             as your SW Vice-President this year.

        Created by: Erin Lowrance, State Reporter                                                        -3
          Kim Kelly                                           Erin Lowrance                               Tiffany Barnes
   NE Membership Vice President                                  Reporter                                    Secretary
   My name is Kimberly Kelly I am the                 Hey there, OK BPA members! I bet          Hi my name is Tiffany Barnes. I am so
daughter of Ben and Judy Kelly and for the        you have all heard, ―Life is like a box of    excited to serve as your 2003-2004
last five years I have lived in rural             chocolates, you never know what your          State Secretary. I am currently a
Oklahoma. Currently I am your 2003-2004           gonna get.‖ Well you voted for me at          senior at Tahlequah High School
Northeast Membership Vice President.              the State Leadership Conference to            where I am a member of BPA, Science
   I graduated from Oologah High School in
                                                  have the opportunity to be on BPA’s           Club, National Honor Society, and
May of 2003. I am attending Rogers State                                                        RISE. I’m ranked in the top 3% of my
                                                  2003-2004 State Advisory Council.
University in Claremore majoring in
Accounting during the mornings and going          SURPRISE I’m now your BPA Reporter!           class thanks to accelerated courses I
                                                  I am 18 years old and I will be 19 on         have taken. I love basketball and play
to Northeast Technology Center-Pryor
Campus during the afternoon taking                December 20th.                                for our high school team. I look forward
Computer and Business Technology.                     I attend Shawnee High School in the       to making this year a great one. If you
   I am a full time employee at Warehouse         morning and I will have one of the            have any questions, comments,
Market a local grocery store in Claremore.        greatest opportunities this May, I am         suggestions, or would like me to come
When I can find spare time I like to hang out     going to to be part of the graduating         visit your chapter. Please feel free to
with my boyfriend Christopher, rent movies,       class of 2004! At Shawnee High School         contact me at I
read, and do other things with my friends.        I am involved in Tri-Hi-Y, Spirit Of          look forward to hearing from you.
My future plans are to continue my                Shawnee, FCA, Spirit Brigade, and I am
education and go on to open my own                Vice President of Key Club. I am also
Accounting firm. For more information on          attending Gordon Cooper Technology
Who Kimberly Kelly is you can contact me          Center in the afternoon where I will be
via e-mail at                      finishing up my second year in the E-
                                                  Commerce Web Program. At Gordon
                                                  Cooper I am the President of NTHS
                                                  (National Technical Honor Society) and I
                                                  am serving as the President of our local
                                                  BPA chapter.
                                                      I have lived in Shawnee all my life                Josh Straten
                                                  and have sparked an interest in staying         Public Relations Coordinator
                                                  instate to attend college. I am still           Hello Oklahoma BPA members! My
                                                  undecided as to where I will be               name is Josh Straten and I will be your
                                                  attending college, but I am looking at        2003-2004         Public       Relations
                                                  East Central University in Ada,               Coordinator. I am a senior at Putnam
                                                  Oklahoma. If I choose to attend there I       City North High School and I also
          Nicole Gill
                                                  will be double majoring in Business and       attend Francis Tuttle Technology
   SW Membership Vice President                                                                 Center, which I am enrolled in Internet
                                                  Biology. I bet your wondering why such
    My name is Nicole Gill and I am going to                                                    Technologies. Some activities I
tell you about me. I have attended Rock           opposite ends of the spectrum?! Well I
                                                  would like to become a Pediatric              participate in are include National
Creek High School for the past 3 years and
                                                  Cardiologist in the next 30 years, but if I   Vocational Technical Honor Society,
this year is my final year. I am a senior, but
                                                  don’t get an opportunity to do that then I    BPA, and Student Ambassador. I live
after high school I plan to attend Oklahoma
State University and enroll in their Veterinary   can always put them both together and         in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and I
medicine program. I am 18 years old and I         become a Hospital Administrator.              work a Blockbuster. I love video
love to play with animals.                        These are just plans though, they’re not      games, soccer, making web sites, and
     I have a Dalmatian at home and the two       set in stone yet. I haven’t even finished     BPA. With my free time I usually hang
of us love to run out in the pasture with the     being a kid yet.                             out with friends, play video games or
horses. I am currently in 4-H and have                In my free time I really enjoy taking     soccer, do anything on my computer,
volunteered at the animal hospital. I hope to     pictures with my new SLR camera I got         spend time with family, and watch
have a great year as your SW Membership           over the summer. I also like to go            movies. Overall I think this is going to
Vice President and I also hope to get to          shopping with my little sister at the         be a great year for Oklahoma BPA! If
know you as well as I can. You can contact        Shawnee Mall, fishing with my little          you would like to know anything else or
me at for any questions          brother at our pond, or talking on the        have any questions email me at
about BPA, chapter visits, or officer             phone and catching up on the good ole’
                                                  times with all my friends from Camp
          Created by: Erin Lowrance, State Reporter                                                       -4
              Allie Kelley                              Ryan Watts                                 Lacey Roquemore
               Chaplain                                Parliamentarian                                  Historian
My name is Allie Kelley and I am             Greetings fellow BPA members! My           What’s up Oklahoma BPA members!
serving as your State Chaplain. I was        name is Ryan Watts, and I will be          I am Lacey Roquemore and I will be
born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I        serving as your state parliamentarian      serving you as the 2003-2004 State
am a senior in high school and I can’t       this year. I am currently a Junior at      Historian. I am so ecstatic about
wait to graduate!! I attend Tulsa            Ripley High School, which is a small       Oklahoma BPA and what BPA can
Technology Center in the morning and         school located between Stillwater and      do for you as its members. I am a
Broken Arrow High School after lunch.        Cushing. In my spare time I like to        senior at Fairview High School and I
Since I was little I have played softball    play almost any type of sports with my     attend the Northwest Technology
and loved every minute I spent on the        friends, play games and surf the web       Center, where I am enrolled in
softball field! Some of my closest           on my computer, ride motorcycles,
friends are from my team. I played on                                                   Interactive Media. My high school
                                             play drums and bass guitar in my
the Oklahoma Explosion for five years.       band, and spend time with my family        activities    include    cross-country,
Last summer was my last season               and friends. My class schedule this        softball, and FCCLA. The activities I
because I will be turning 18 in August       year includes Chemistry, Physics,          participate in at my tech center
and my team is staying 16 and under,         Accounting, Algebra II, AP English,        include         NV-THS        (National
therefore; I can’t play. But I have had      Government, and Job Out (I am              Vocational        Technical      Honor
my fun and I am ready to take on             currently seeking employment). My          Society), and BPA (of course), and I
anything else. That is where Business        extra-curricular activities include Quiz   serve as our local chapter Vice
Professionals of America has come into       Bowl, Student Council and, of course,      President. I would like to say once
place. I came to Tulsa Technology            BPA. I have one sister, Amber, who         again that I am so pumped about
Center my junior year and became very        graduated last year from Ripley and is
interested in this organization. I ran for                                              Oklahoma BPA because it’s off the
                                             currently a freshman at OSU in
a local office and was elected. I was        Stillwater. My dad owns his own            hook! You can contact me anytime
the historian, but that wasn’t enough of     construction company and my mom            at for a chapter
a challenge for me, so I the next year I     works at OSU. I have two dogs—             visit, officer installation, or any
ran for President at my local chapter. I     Dexter and Frisco.          Frisco is a    questions that you have about BPA.
was elected and ready to do anything to      Pomeranian and Dexter is a Heinz 57.
make this a better organization for you,     Like many of you, getting involved in
the members. I was recently elected as       BPA has changed my life in ways I
your State Chaplain and resigned as          never dreamed possible. From my             Want to find out more about
President to give others the opportunity     small classroom in Ripley, Oklahoma         our state advisor? How about
to be a good leader. And here I am           to the State Conference in Tulsa, to
now… ready to serve you, the                                                             Oklahoma’s      own    national
                                             the      National     Convention      in
members, in every way that I can. My         Dallas…BPA takes you places you             officer, David Roberts?
email is, please feel        never thought possible. So, take it
free to email me if you have any further     from me, take advantage of the many         If so, turn to the next page!
questions about anything!             Fall   opportunities BPA provides!         You
Leadership Conference is coming up           won’t regret it! You can contact me at
and I hope to meet you all there!! Don’t
forget – October 20 and 21!

                  Need to Contact an officer? Try their email address:

         Created by: Erin Lowrance, State Reporter                                                -5

                     Taylor Hill-Taylor
                     State Advisor

                     Greetings fellow BPA members! My name is Taylor Hill-Taylor and I am the state advisor for
                     Oklahoma BPA. As state advisor, my major responsibilities include working with the state officers,
                     planning your conferences, and serving as a liaison between the chapters in our great state and the
                     national center. I also work with your local advisors when they need assistance. This year at the
                     National conference, I was elected to serve on the National Board of Trustees as well. This means
that I can now take Oklahoma’s opinions to the National level.

In case you are wondering about my name, I got married a couple of years ago and became Taylor Taylor so I left my
maiden name of Hill in there so it didn’t sound quite so silly! But, I bet you never forget my name!!! Outside of BPA, I
enjoy spending time with my husband, Mike, and our son, Zachary. We are very active in our church youth activities and
are currently remodeling our house. I am also finishing my master’s degree at Oklahoma State University and will
graduate next May.

You have a great group of state officers this year! I encourage each chapter to invite an officer out to speak at a local
meeting. They would love to assist you in any way possible so do not hesitate to contact them! Their current project is
the new student managed Oklahoma BPA web site—be sure and check it out at They have done a
SUPER job of putting this together! We hope that you like it and if you have suggestions or comments, please let us

I hope all of you have a wonderful year and look forward to seeing you at conference! If you or your chapter needs
anything, please contact me by phone at (405) 743-5117 or by email at See you soon!!

                   David Roberts
                   Secondary National President
                    Hello Oklahoma Business Professionals of America. My name is David Roberts and I am an 18-
                   year-old freshman attending Northeastern State University (NCAA Division II National Champs-
                   Basketball) with a major in political science and minor in business administration. I am really honored
                   to be serving this year as the National President of our great organization. Your National Officer
                   Team and I are devoted to making this year excel among all the other great years in BPA.
                     BPA of course takes up the majority of my time; however I have many other activities outside our
                     organization. I am your average 18 year old guy who doesn’t always make it to class, probably will
 never win the Nobel Peace Prize and enjoys sometimes just hanging out with friends. Sports are probably the most
 active thing I do in my spare time. In my high school days I was a member of the McCurtain Bulldogs basketball team
 coached by Mr. Darrick Farriell…look for them at the state tournament. I also had a few rounds at baseball but quickly
 decided it wasn’t for me.

 I have many hobbies such as basketball, swimming, camping, fishing, hiking and my so-called golf. I am also very
 active in the Oklahoma political field having served on several campaign staffs during various election times. I pride
 myself in endorsing most of the candidates, who won this last election, was it a mere coincidence? I really enjoy just
 taking a day out away from all the chaos of my life and just sitting somewhere just out in the water and having fun. If
 you look at my life it is actually pretty boring if you take away BPA, sports, and friends but it suites me.

 I really enjoy being able to serve our organization this year and look forward to getting to know all of the members of
 the Oklahoma Association. Take care and God bless!

 You can contact David by email:

       Created by: Erin Lowrance, State Reporter                                                -6
                Fall News                               The American Red Cross
               By Nicole Gill                                          By Josh Hurst

Fall Leadership Conference has one major change         The best thing I can tell you about the Red Cross
this year; it is all going to be one event. FLC will    is from my personal dealings with them. I had
be held at the Clarion-Meridian Convention Center       never done that much with the Red Cross, I was
in Oklahoma City. Everything kicks off on Tuesday       like everyone else; I stereotyped them as that
evening October 20 and this year it does not cost       group of people who always want my blood.
extra. The evening events start at 6:45 with            However there are several other things that the
registration. After introductions we will split into    Red Cross does. For instance, if there is a
groups to do idea sharing. This time will be for        national disaster the people at the Red Cross are
people to share ideas with people from other            always called first. They step in and do what is
chapters. At 8:15 everyone will get back into their     necessary to see that people are taken care of.
chapter groups to work on their program of work         That includes a wide variety of things from food
with the help of the officers. The final activity for   and clothing, to little extras for kids. They do it all.
the evening will be teambuilding to help everyone
come together as a team.                                The fact that they step in during national an
                                                        emergency is a wonderful thought, however, this
Starting after all the teambuilding is the talent       is not all. If someone you know has a house fire
show. The show will last until midnight and the         that destroys their house, and in reality a big part
people in the contest will be voted on. The way to      of their lives, you can always find, 100% of the
vote will be to drop money into the buckets that        time, that the Red Cross is more than willing to
will be set out after the show with the contestant’s    help in any way that they can. If something
name on it. The contestant with the most money at       happens on a local or state level you can contact
they end of the voting gets to come up on stage at      Rhonda Webb in Stigler. The easiest way to find
the closing session and receives 10% of what is         where the Red Cross is stationed in your area is
made through the voting. The rest of the profits will   to look it up in a phone book or on the Internet,
be donated to the National Center Capital               which will usually give you all the information you
Improvement Fund.                                       need.

The registration for the morning session starts at      They also teach a ton of first aid and safety
8:15 and lasts until 9:00. The general opening          courses, such as CPR, Lifeguard, Fire Safety,
session begins at 9:00 where we will plan for the       Child Safety, plus education courses in disease
day and have a super keynote speaker. At 10:45          and viral prevention and care.
the officer and membership workshops will begin.
Lunch is the next thing on the agenda. Each group       What kinds of people make up the Red Cross
is responsible for their own lunch.                     staff you may ask? People who have decided to
                                                        put that time to good use helping others around
At 1:00 the first set of workshops will begin. In       them. In a way you could call them heroes, or
these two sessions you will have 9 different shops      super heroes because they do what no one else
to choose from. You will have 45 minutes to listen      can or will. All it really takes is a heart of love to
and ask questions about the topic of conversation.      join and help out because no matter what
The closing session will include the Torch Award        happens there are never enough people to take a
Ceremony and a wrap-up of the day.                      stand and do the right thing. Does this take a little
                                                        bit of work and sacrifice? As a matter of fact, it
                                                        does. You will have to sacrifice some, but the joy
                                                        of knowing that you have helped others is well
                                                        worth it all.

       Created by: Erin Lowrance, State Reporter                                      -7
Plug into OKBPA.ORG
By Carl Walls                                                      officers are doing lately. (Or maybe even gripe at us a
                                                                   bit. But you wouldn’t do that, would you?) Follow the
The start of the new school year is also the beginning of a        instructions on the homepage,
new resource for all current or potential Oklahoma BPA             and you will receive access as soon as possible.
members and advisors: our new web site located at                  We’re waiting for you, so hurry up and join us! In fact, we have two new sites being
unveiled this year if you count our new members only site,         Together, these two sites combined represent a
the Member’s Connection. ( Combined,             giant leap forward for all of Oklahoma BPA. I
these two sites will provide you with excellent resources and      encourage you to check them often, and get
keep you information about everything that is happening            involved. We are working hard to make this truly
around the state. At the main web site you will find essential     effective for you, but we can’t do that if you don’t
information for both current and potential members. Some of        check it out. If you have any questions or comments,
this includes a summary of upcoming events, current BPA            direct your query to and I will do my
related news, and even an interactive map of all the chapters      best to help you out. Otherwise, just point your
in Oklahoma. You can also view current and past issues of          browser to and join in on the fun!
our state newsletter online or even get a copy in your email
by registering on the site and checking the ―Receive
Newsletter‖ option. That way you will always know what is
going on around Oklahoma BPA. Plus, by registering you will        Attaining your Torch Award
be able to leave comments and rate some of the content on          By Erin Lowrance
the site.
                                                                   Love, Hope, Faith, Patriotism, Service, Cooperation,
Another great benefit to our new site is that you can use it to    Leadership, Friendship, and Knowledge. These 7
get potential members interested in BPA. There are sections        torches are what make up the Individual Special
on the web site with information about what BPA is, and            Recognition Award, the Torch Award.
there is also a special section with success stories all about
how members and chapters in Oklahoma have excelled.                This program can be completed on all four levels of
With these, you will always have a resource ready to answer        BPA. For instance if you volunteer at the Special
questions that potential members may have.                         Olympics you can receive 15 points in the Love,
                                                                   Hope, Faith category.          By helping disabled
One of our favorite features that we are most excited about        Oklahomans at the Special Olympics you are not
is the Leadership section. There you can find contact              only earning points in the Torch Award program, but
information for all the state officers, as well as a schedule of   also helping with BPA’s National Service Project and
all our upcoming events. Hopefully, this will encourage you        helping someone accomplish something they may
to use these resources and invite us to come visit your            have never thought possible. If you volunteer
chapter. Don’t worry if you can’t think of a good reason for us    anywhere you can earn points; you can even earn
to come out, there is also a whole section of sample               points for doing something so simple as joining BPA.
speaking topics you can use to get ideas. We are looking           These Torch Award points are only the first step of
forward to visiting your chapter, and these resources will         many to attain your Ambassador Torch Award pin
hopefully make that process much easier.                           and certificate. The pin and certificate may not be
                                                                   with you for long, but you can think back and
For those of you who want to jump in with both feet and            remember 30 years from now how you made
really get involved, the new Member’s connection web site          differences in people’s lives or the many friendships
will be an invaluable resource. Here you will have a chance        you attained when you joined BPA. You can find the
to talk to other members from around the state and share           new and revised Torch Award document on
ideas about things like fundraising, community service,            . Click on over to the National web site and start
membership, and more! Plus, there are special sections             racking up your points. Let’s set a goal, a goal to
where you will get to see more about what exactly the state        double the State and National Torch Award
                                                                   recipients this year. You can help accomplish this
                                                                   goal by earning 50 points in each category for the
                                                                   State Level or a mere 70 points for the National

                Created by: Erin Lowrance, State Reporter                                               -8

                                                                                         is perhaps the most
 G re e t i n g s                                                                        integral part when
                                                                                         participating     in   a
                                                                                         successful       national
            S e c on d a ry                                                              student organization.
                                                                                         Your            previous
                                                                                         Secondary National

            N a t i on a l                                                               Officer Team created
                                                                                         the concept of a State
                                                                                         President Chat, which
                                                                                         was found to be very
            P re s i d e n t                                                             successful. We will
                                                                                         be building upon this
                                                                                         concept and will host
                                                                                         State President Chats
                                                                                         the last Sunday of
                                                          every month beginning August 31 at 7pm Central
        Greetings Business Professionals of               Time. We will be discussing many topics relating
America! It is an honor for me to be serving you          to our organization and hope to have active
this year as your 2003-2004 National President. I         participation from all states affiliated with our great
hope everyone is doing well as we all begin a new         organization.
and exciting year. Your National Officer Team and
I have so many new ideas and so much motivation                  As our organization continues to grow and
both of which we hope to distribute throughout our        become successful and prominent in many states
organization. Among our numerous goals are:               throughout our nation, I believe the next logical
Membership Growth by 3%, Monthly State                    step is to develop strong ties with many
President Chats and Ongoing Corporate                     corporations. This is a resource that should not go
Sponsorships.                                             ignored and should be used by members and
                                                          advisors throughout our organization.           Your
       Out of all my experiences with Business            National Officer Team and I are working closely
Professionals of America the experiences I have           with the Board of Trustees and the National Staff
had with individual members are perhaps the most          to ensure a full level of success in this area.
memorable. I am very honored to be serving such
a great group of student members. This year,                      As we progress throughout the year please
your National Officer Team and I are committed to         take into consideration this quote made by Eleanor
maintaining membership growth and are setting             Roosevelt, ―The future belongs to those who
our goals high at 3% throughout the nation. This          believe in the quality of their dreams.‖ I encourage
however is not a goal that can be accomplished by         you to believe in your dreams and to set your
us alone. This goal will take commitment from             goals high. ―Shoot for the moon, even if you miss
each individual member and will take hard work            you’ll land among the stars.‖ Get ready for an
and dedication.                                           exciting year!

       Communication is also an issue we will
place an emphasis on this year. Communication

              Created by: Erin Lowrance, State Reporter                                           -9
                                   BPA Scramble
      1. UMCEOIQNMU                               __________
      2. SAEUOSCSV∙CSR                            _____ _______
      3. LLSYS∙IMCEPIPAOC                         _______ ________
      4.   BE∙BROUCEAJASR                         _____ ________
      5.   FBENNASYTIRAF∙                         _______ ______
      6.   BAM∙RNEJANORNE                         _____ ________
      7.   LE∙IKKEMYL                             ___ ______
      8.   AIEWRNLCOER∙N                          ____ ________
      9.   LAWLACS∙RL                             ____ _____
     10.   UGOEYSHEAMBOT∙S                        ____ __________
     11.   HTNHHR∙LAJSOCOANE                      ________ ________
     12.   IVRAINKLNO∙OISCS                       ____ ___________
     13.   ASETT                                  _____
     14.   R∙SITTAMHA                             ____ _____
     15.   CNDHENELFPSL∙∙LEIRECARFAEO             ____ __________ __________
     16.   IION∙LELLCG                            ______ ____
     17.   CNYOEDSRA                              _________
     18.   ROENA∙RFAHS                            _____ _____
     19.   LDNCNY∙AH                              ___ _____
     20.   HORSUJHT∙S                             ____ _____
     21.   ALUST                                  _____
     22.   PR.KOBOAG                              _________
     23.   LCOLA                                  _____
     24.   OEICDGNYRR∙                            ____ ______
     25.   OBIDSRAREDV∙T                          _____ _______
     26.   ANTINLAO                               ________
     27.   OOYAECEMQLERRU∙                        _____ _________
     28.   NANIEMR∙UNA                            ___ _______
     29.   LNGPUP∙OIBAT∙                          ____ ____ ___
     30.   ACNIONINCHOI∙,TI                       ___________ ____
     31.   VATIBIARAH∙                            ____ ______
     32.   NBOLHROBIICSA∙SN                       ________ _______
     33.   A∙TUNLEBDR,,E∙                         ____ ____ ____
     34.   S∙TAWARNTY                             ____ _____
     35.   PB.ARGO                                _______
     36.   HSATCDEEANRNICEEREL∙PSFEO∙T            _____ __________ __________
     37.   YTOCOPSDANSE-R                         ______________
     38.   RAC∙HTWARDO                            _____ _____
     39.   LIKEEYLALLE∙                           _____ ______
     40.   E∙SSCODRR                              ___ _____
     41.   HSEOAEM∙LALDROBR                       _______ ________
     42.   ETOHN∙AJSTSR                           ____ _______
     43.   ABP                                    ___
     44.   LKHMOAOA                               ________
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Created by: Erin Lowrance, State Reporter                                               - 10

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