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AK Personal narrative November_ 2009 I usually go to the Woodward


                                                  Personal narrative
                                                  November, 2009

     I usually go to the Woodward Dream Cruise in my
family’s ’68 Chevelle, but my older brother got a jeep
wrangler with the big, giant tires and the 3 inch lift. We
decided to take that this year. We were going to go by
ourselves but my brother had to work. My dad is the only
other person in my family who can drive manual stick shift, so
he took us. Your probably wondering who us is it is my cousin
Kyle, my cousin Brandon, my dad, and me. When it was
around 5:30 we left we made it to the Dream Cruise around
6:15 because we had to pick everybody up. Boy was it fun!
We got ice cream, and saw a lot of nice cars. My favorite car
at the Dream Cruise was a Trans Am with an eagle on the
hood. It was jet black and the eagle was sandy bronze. It was

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