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									                                                                                                                                                                   The Crank

 Denver’s Voice for Better Bicycling                                                                                                                                       Summer 2011

Come Play in the Streets at Denver’s First Ciclovía
    BikeDenver and LiveWell Colorado invite you to Bike, Walk or Hula-Hoop from City Park to Stapleton
   All over the world, bicyclists are            Through a partnership between                  Zone, exercise classes, healthy cook-                Streets will showcase bike demos and
taking over roads usually meant for           BikeDenver and LiveWell Colorado,                 ing demonstrations, organic garden-                  mechanics from local shops, B-Cycle
vehicle traffic in an effort to foster        Viva Streets will encompass a plethora            ing tips, and children’s entertainment               test rides and Bike Depot’s Kid Bike
physical activity and civic pride.            of free outdoor activities throughout             including a dance competition, jump                  Rodeo. Make history with us as at-
From Madison, Wisconsin to New                the route: live music, ever-popular               rope and hula hoop activities. And                   tendees walk, bike, roller-blade, jog,
York City, U.S. bikers are taking a           food trucks, a Denver Nuggets Fun                 for us more bike-centric folks – Viva                sit, talk and play in the temporary
cue from their southern neighbors                                                                                                                    sanctuary of open public space.
by offering temporary large-scale bike
paths throughout their cities. Known                                                                                                                    Sunday, August 14th
as “Ciclovía” in Spanish, the first                                                                                                                     10AM – 2PM
event of this magnitude was in Bo-                                                                                                                      ROUTE
gotá, Colombia in 1976. The tradi-                                                                                                                      23rd Ave from City Park/Col-
tion continues in Bogotá today when                                                                                                                     orado Blvd to Syracuse St at
the city’s 70-mile cicolvía is opened
                                                                                                                                                        Fred Thomas Park/Stapleton
for bike-only traffic every Sunday.
   Denver will host its first Viva
Streets Ciclovía Sunday, August 14th                               BIKE, WALK, ROLLERBLADE OR RUN IN CAR-FREE BLISS
from 10 am to 2 pm. The event will                                 FREE VIVA STREETS CICLOVIA EVENTS :
                                                                                                                                          Kick Off Viva Streets with a
kick off with a bike parade at the Mu-                             Great local entertainment & music
                                                                                                                                          BIKE PARADE starting at the
seum of Nature and Science that will                               Healthy bites & street food, including Food Trucks!
                                                                                                                                          Museum of Nature & Science!
continue east on 23rd Avenue to the                                Bike Depot Kids Bike Rodeo
Fred Thomas Park in Stapleton. The                                 B-Cycle test rides                                                     Kids, neighbors, local dignitaries & active
two-mile stretch will be closed to car                             Outdoor Zumba, Pilates & Yoga classes                                  streets enthusiasts are invited to ride with
                                                                                                                                          us East on Montview Boulevard, then com-
traffic and become an inviting space                               Healthy cooking demonstrations
                                                                                                                                          plete the route on 23rd Avenue to Stapleton.
for bikers, walkers, joggers, skaters,                             Local & organic gardening demonstrations
dancers and even hula-hoopers to play                              Bike demos & mechanics from local bike shops                           WWW.VIVASTREETS.ORG
in the streets!                                 LOST? Just meet up with one of the guided bike & walking convoys located along the outside of the route & they’ll safely escort you to the event.

                                                              Complete Streets Paving the Way for
                                                              Safe Bicyclist and Motorist Commutes
                                                                 On May 16th, Mayor Guillermo (Bill) Vidal an-                    which will designate an area for cyclists waiting for
                                                              nounced new improvements for Denver’s bicycling                     the light at busy cross streets.
                                                              community to help foster safer interactions between                    And, by Fall 2011, Denver will have its’ first
                                                              bikers and cars through the Denver Public Works’                    bicycle boulevard. Knox Court, from Kentucky
                                                              Complete Streets Policy.                                            Avenue to Alameda, will be the first neighborhood
                                                                 Part of the new policy is to implement cycle                     street prioritized for bicycle travel.
                                                              tracks. Also known as sidepaths, cycle tracks are
                                                              separated bike lanes that run alongside the roadway
     “Increasing bicycle facilities is                        but are separated from automobile traffic by a physi-
     vital to the growth and sustain-                         cal barrier – such as parked cars, a landscaped buffer
     ability of the city. The steps we                        or a curb. Denver’s first cycle track was recently in-
    are taking today will help to make                        stalled on Bannock Street and borders Civic Center
     Denver one of the most bicycle-                          Park, across from the City and County Building.
      friendly cities in our nation.”                            Area cyclists can also look forward to a bike box
                                                              at the intersection of 16th Street and Broadway,
               – Mayor Vidal

Bike lanes on Bannock St & 46th Ave
                                        LATE SUMMER 2011
                                        Bike lanes on West Florida from
                                                                                                                                    Thank You.
                                                                                                                                         THIS NEWSLETTER IS MADE POSSIBLE BECAUSE OF

Bike sharrows on 23rd Ave               Lakewood to Ruby Hill Park                                                                    THE SUPPORT OF DENVER ZOO,      just like your support
                                                                                                                                     of Denver Zoo helps wildlife preservation everywhere.
                                        Bike lanes in both directions on Larimer St
                                                                                                                                        Denver Zoo’s efforts have aided animal conserva-
FALL 2011                               Improvements to the Cherry Creek Trail                                                        tion projects in 57 countries on all 7 continents, &
Bike lanes on 14th St                   crossing of 1st & Gilpin St
Cycle track on 15th St                                                                                                                  they’ve participated in 568 programs since 1996.
Knox Ct bike lanes from Alameda Ave to new West Corridor light rail station                                                               Learn more at denverzoo.org
                                                                                             1                                         P R E S E R VAT I O N I N C L U D E D W I T H A D M I S S I O N .
        BikeDenver                      Take a Ride With Us
                                     S U M M E R S OLSTICE AT THE ZOO
           President                    Take advantage of the longest day          visiting some of Denver’s best cultural   sponsored by Illegal Pete’s and Avery
           Rob Price                 of the year with a winding bike ride          outdoor spaces.                           Brewing Company.
                                     from the Denver Zoo in City Park                 The 3rd Annual Summer Solstice
           Treasurer                 through the Denver Botanic Gardens            Ride will allow participants to enjoy
                                     to Washington Park on Tuesday, June           an evening ride, a free ticket to the
          Jodi Kopke                 21st.                                         Denver Zoo, a once-a-year oppor-
                                        With start times at 5:45, 6:00 and         tunity to ride the Denver Botanic
          Secretary                  6:15 p.m., meet other cyclists while          Gardens and picnic in Wash Park
      Cassiope Sydoriak

        Board Member
        Rebecca Cales

       Board Member
       Malia Campbell

        Board Member
         Robert Clark

        Board Member
         Dave Cowan

       Board Member
      Bryon Farnsworth

       Board Member
                                     BikeDenver plays host to community rides at every change of the season to showcase Colorado’s beauty
      Carolyne Janssen
                                     throughout the year. Make sure to save the following dates for one of our next COMMUNITY RIDES:
        Board Member                   Save the Date! SEPTEMBER 10TH Tour de Fat                           AUGUST 14TH Viva Streets Ciclovia Bike Parade
         Brent Tongco                  A fabulous day of bike festivities in City Park                     SEPTEMBER 23RD Autumnal Equinox Ride
                                                                                                           DECEMBER 21ST Winter Solstice Ride
  Ex-Officio Board Member/
Mayor’s Bicycle Advisory Committee
         John Hayden
                                        Comings and Goings
      Executive Director                                             Fond Farewells
      Piep van Heuven                                                AARON
                                                                     H E N RY
      Advocacy Director                                                 BikeDenver
      Maggie Thompson                                                Board President
                                                                     since Sept. 2009

      Newsletter Editor                                            Aaron leaves
     Monica Ignaszewski                                            Te x a s - s i z e d
                                                                   shoes to fill
   Communications Intern                                           as he and his
       Erin Hilmer                                                 family make
                                     the move to Dallas where he’ll be Associ-
      Membership Intern              ate General Counsel at Moneygram Inter-
        Kimmi Ward                   national.
                                        We’re going to miss his outstanding
                                     Tour de Fat outfits and ability to look                  Welcome    BRENT TONGCO
         Contact Us
                                     equally stellar in cuff links or bike shorts.         BikeDenver’s newest member of the Board of Directors! By
     info@bikedenver.org                BikeDenver’s loss will be BikeDFW’s                day, Brent works in Denver’s Office of Economic Development,
                                     gain, as they get to know a bicycle re-               where he also helped Denver Bike Sharing with communica-
      BikeDenver.org                 naissance man who enjoys everything                   tions and marketing in their first year of operation. Nights and
  1536 Wynkoop St., #801             from winter bike commuting, to super-fast             weekends you’ll find Brent out and about, helping BikeDenver
     Denver, CO 80202                mountain biking in Mallorca                           meet more people around the city and having fun participating
                                     and Cruiser-themed events.                            in everything from Bike Prom to Bike Polo.
  Bicycle Friendly Business of the Month Awards
Each of the Businesses BikeDen-                                                                                                     May PRIMAL WEAR, a part of
ver recogonizes monthly through                                                                                                  the Denver bike community for 19
the Bicycle Friendly Business                                                                                                    years, makes some of the most dis-
                                                                                                                                 tinctive cycling apparel around. And,
(BFB) Awards are outstanding                                                                                                     starting this summer, you’ll be seeing
organizations that go out of their                                                                                               one of their custom jersey designs on
ways to make biking an easy and                                                                                                  Denver Parks and Recreation’s newly
accepted form of transportation                                                                                                  formed Volunteer Courtesy Patrol.
around the city. The BFB program                                                                                                 In addition, Primal supports many
                                                                                                                                 causes and events that help the com-
has 140 honorees to-date.                                                                                                        munity through cycling, from adopt-
 You can nominate a workplace                                                                                                    ing trails to manning a Bike to Work
 as a Bicycle Friendly Business at                          January                        April eGO CARSHARE provides           Day breakfast station.
 www.bikedenver.org.                                     THE BIKE DEPOT                 the perfect accompaniment to your
                                                         is an innovative non-          active-transportation plan. Members
                                                         profit bicycle col-            can pick up any one of 26 fuel-effici-
                                                         lective serving Park           net vehicles parked in locations close
                                        Hill and surrounding neighborhoods              to bike lanes and bus and light-rail
                                        in ways that standard for-profit bike           lines throughout the Denver-Boulder
                                        shops often can’t.                              area. As eGo Program Director Alyssa
                                           Mendy Evans, The Bike Depot’s                Alt says, “When you consider depre-
                                        Development Director, explains: “As a                      ciation, maintenance, and
                                        nonprofit community bike shop, we’re
                                        distributing bikes to under-served
                                        populations in Denver, helping avid
                                        bikers to keep their bikes rolling, help-                  insurance, even a seldom-
                                        ing beginning bikers learn more about                   used car costs a lot. eGo Car-
   December GRAND HYATT ac-             the benefits of cycling, and working            Share members don’t have to worry
tively encourages its employees and     with the cycling community to advo-
                                        cate for improved biking in Denver.”
                                                                                        about any of those expenses—or           Congratulations!
guests to bike for a fun, convenient                                                    even gas!”                               THANKS TO CLIF BAR FOR SUPPORTING THE BIKE
way to get around, go green, and                                                                                                 FRIENDLY BUSINESS OF THE MONTH PROGRAM
give back. The concierge is happy
to recommend bike-accessible places                                                        February SNOOZE not only                                Clif Bar & Co
to visit and provides B-cycle maps                                                      serves up pancakes with panache,                             started on
so guests can skip the cab ride and                                                     they also serve the bike community                          a bike ride.
really get a feel for Denver. General                                                   in about as many great ways as they                       Founder Gary
Manager Greg Leonard is especially                                                      serve eggs! Snooze is a member of Eat-                       took a bite
proud of his 213-member Team Stay                                                       GreenerDenver, an association of lo-
Fit at Hyatt; in 2010 it raised more                                                    cally owned, independent restaurants                         of another
than $163,000 for the MS Society!                                                       whose mission is to promote sustain-                        energy bar
                                                                                        able action in the restaurant indus-                        and thought
                                                                                        try. Participating restaurants feature                        he could
                                                                                        fork-shaped bike racks in front of                         make a better
                                                                                        their establishments. Snooze’s Adam
                                                                                        Schlegel says, “So far we’ve stuck                          one. Today,
                                                                                        eleven forks in the ground. It’s been                       Clif Bar is a
                                                                                        tremendously successful.”                                 leading maker
                                                                                                                                                   of all-natural
                                 March TONY’S MARKET got its start back in 1978 with a simple business plan for                                    and organic
                            their family-owned butcher shop. According to Mick Rosacci, one of Tony’s sons, “Dad                      energy and nutrition foods
                          and Mom taught us to stock only the best, treat every customer like a good friend, and
                                                                                                                                             and drinks.
never sell anything we were not proud of.” The plan proved to be a good one, and now they have something new to
be proud of, the 71-mile Tony’s to Tony’s Ride, taking place October 2nd!                                                              WWW.CLIFBAR.COM

                                                 Send a message without saying a word.
   JOYRIDE                                       Order online at BikeDenver.org              Adult M-L $18
     Pedaling toward
    a Healthier Planet
    by Mia Burke
     The behind the
     scenes story of
    Portland’s 20 year
   transformation into
     a cycling mecca

  Meet Our New Heroes
Each month BikeDenver recognizes a diverse group of citizen cyclists
who have made the commitment to ride their bike more often. The Bike
Hero of the Month Award is intended to further encourage people to
get out and experience the vital neighborhoods and environments all                    After a short winter hiatus, Denver B-cycle is back on the
around them. BikeDenver has recognized 17 Bike Heroes to date.                         streets with 500 bikes and 50 stations. In just twelve weeks,
                                                                                       about a third of the season, Denver B-cycle riders have
 Nominate a bike hero by email-                                                        taken more than half the trips that were taken last year.
   ing a photo, short bio and a                                                        Save $15 off the regular $65 Annual Membership with promo
 quote about why your candidate                                                        code: BKDENVERB
  rides to info@bikedenver.org

                                          February TIFFANY BARNHART
                                       the Denver Zoo’s Director of Com-
                                       munications and winner of last year’s
  December KELLY BROUGH Wild Ride, the Zoo’s environmental
president and CEO of Denver Metro sustainability contest for employees
Chamber of Commerce, has been willing to give up their cars for a year.
commuting to work by bike since “A number of things occurred to me
1991. She believes that having a solid when I considered it,” Tiffany says.
bike infrastructure is not only a boon “I’m a mother, I have a demanding              April DAVE MOORE, owner of
to business, “it gets people thinking job, and emergencies happen. In the          south-central Denver’s Divino Wine
about how fun bicycling is!”           end, though, I want to show people          and Spirits, has been riding his bike
                                       that if I can do it, anyone can do it.”     to work every day since he opened
                                                                                   shop in 2003 with his faithful canine
                                            March PATRICK DOYLE Senior             companion, Olive, in tow in her Dog-
                                         Editor at 5280 Magazine, shared his       gyRide. Sadly, Olive passed away re-
                                         personal story in the February issue      cently, but Dave continues to ride on
                                         about trading in his pricey car-com-      all but the snowiest days. “Being able
                                         mute and downtown parking routine         to bike to and from work is an essential
                                         for a bike and an RTD pass. “The ex-      way to clear my mind,” he says. “The
                                         ercise, cost savings, and stress-reduc-   few days out of the year that I can’t
                                         ing aspects of commuting by bike or       ride due to events or massive snowfall
                                         public transportation are swell,” Doyle   I feel a little robbed.”
                                         writes,” but the hidden benefit is that                                                 May NICK ROPPO is a hairstylist
                                         you become a more active observer of                                                 at Babooshka on East Colfax, and has
                                         your city.”                                                                          been biking to work since he moved
                                                                                                                              to Denver two years ago. Nick says, “I
                                                                                                                              choose to bike because it’s economical,
                                                                                                                              a good workout, and it makes me feel
                                                                                                                              a part of a great culture of bike enthu-
                                                                                                                              siasts.” He adds, “There is so much to
                                                                                                                              see on a bike that you don’t see in a car.
                                                                                                                              All senses are active on a bike—sights,
   January DORIS KIMBROUGH,                                                                                                   sounds, smells—I love it!”
professor of chemistry at University
of Colorado Denver, has a surefire so-
lution for avoiding traffic congestion
and parking fees: she bikes to campus                                                  Thank you,
in all but the most inclement weather.
“I’m far more alert on the days that I
ride than those I don’t, and it takes
about the same amount of time to ride
as it does to drive, park, and walk to
the office.                                                                             Bike Hero Honorees recieve a $50 gift card from Bicycle Village

   City News
Barnum Park Mountain Bike
Skills Course Opens this July
   Get ready to test your skills and          the bike skills park in response to
enjoy the mountain bike skills course         community requests to bring active
with elevated wooden ramps, a dirt            recreation options like mountain
jump track and a dirt pump track at           biking to an urban setting. Three
Barnum Park in Southwest Denver.              distinct areas will be available to us-
The 40-acre community park, locat-            ers of different ages and skills. Other
ed at 6th Avenue and Federal Bou-             amenities in the bike course area will
levard is getting a $150,000 facelift         include benches, picnic tables, bike          Practicing hand signals with the help of Kid Wrangler James Purcell
that will turn unprogrammed space             racks and landscaping with native
in the northern area into 2.5 acres           plants. The project is in partnership         Next Generation of Bicyclists off to a Great Start
of active, outdoor bike fun! Den-             with Winter Park, which operates
                                                                                                We had a great Sunday afternoon on June 5th during Car-Free
ver Parks and Recreation planned              the Trestle Bike Park in Winter Park.
                                                                                             Day at Cheesman Park at BikeDenver’s first kids and family event
                                                                                             of the summer! More than 40 kids ranging from 3-12 participated
                                                                                             in the first Kidical Mass of 2011. With the help of our expert vol-
BIKE THEFTS RISE DRAMATICALLY                                                                unteer Kid Wranglers, kids and parents practiced hand signals, bike
                                                                                             handling skills, and how to maneuver on city streets. There was bike
   Denver’s District 6 has been               going to the Denver Police District            decorating, mechanical support from Bicycle Village, and snacks
working hard to combat the grow-              6 webpage and filling out the bicycle          from Clif Kids, Tony’s Market and PopChips. We look forward to
ing problem of bike theft in Down-            registration form as well as taking            seeing your little rider at another Kidical Mass event this summer.
town Denver. As the number of                 preventative measures to reduce the
bicycles has increased so have the            risk of having your bike stolen.
reports of theft. Currently most bi-                                                                                                 Upcoming
cycles are not registered with the city
and many owners do not have their                                                                                                    Kidical Mass
serial number on file. We suggest                                                                                                    Programs
you register your bike with DPD by
                                                                                                                                     JULY 16TH    Berkley Park
                                                                                                                                     AUGUST 20TH    City Park
  1. NEVER leave your bike unattended
  2. Avoid leaving your bike locked overnight                                                                                       Help your child improve his
  3. Lock your bike to designated bike racks when possible                                                                          or her cycling skills to make
  4. Use a high-quality u-lock to lock your frame and secure                                                                        this summer better than ever!
      any wheels with quick-release hubs
  5. Make your bike as unique as possible. It will deter theft and                                                                  Pre-Registration Required
      increase your chances of recovering the bike should it be stolen.                                                             Space is Limited
                                                                                                                                    Register at www.bikedenver.org

                                                                             On June 6th, a new Volunteer Courtesy Patrol was launched in Washington Park with a
                                                                          group of volunteer bicyclists to help educate park users on basic safety rules and courtesies.
                                                                          On busy weekends throughout the summer months, this group of 35 volunteers will work
                                                                          with Denver Parks & Recreation at the city’s most popular spaces: Cherry Creek Trail, South
                                                                          Platte Trail, City Park and Washington Park.
                                                                             “Our city parks are an incredible natural resource and this volunteer program will help
                                                                          park rangers ensure that there is someone available to help residents and visitors where as-
                                                                          sistance is needed,” said Chantal Unfug, Manager of Parks & Recreation.
                                                                             If you’re out and about at the park this summer, make sure to thank BikeDenver’s Volunteer
                                                                          Courtesy Patrol for all their efforts. You won’t be able to miss them, as each volunteer will
                                                                          be sporting new green jerseys donated by Primal Wear.

                                                                                                            PROGRAM GOALS:
                                                                                                            Increase the Denver Park Rangers’ presence & visibility at
                                                                                                            Denver’s most popular parks & multi-use trails
                                                                                                            Report on conflict areas and physical safety issues.
The Courtesy Patrol Gets ready for their first ride around Wash-                                            Educate trail & park users about basic safety rules & courtesies
ington Park on June 6th, sporting new custom designed jerseys                                               Assist residents & visitors by providing directions & information
from Denver’s Primal Wear. SEE THE NEW JERSEYS ON PG 4
   Beyond Denver
                                               First Statewide Bike Summit
                                               brings Advocates to the Capitol
                                                 Over 200 representatives from 33            and mountain biking; and a day at the
                                               out of the state’s 35 districts came          Capitol for constituents to meet their
                                               together in downtown Denver this              state legislators regarding the impor-
                                               past February 7th and 8th for Bicycle         tance and economic impact of cycling
                                               Colorado’s inaugural Colorado Bike            in Colorado.
                                               Summit. Featured keynote speakers                With the outpouring of interest
                                               included Bikes Belong, Trek Bicycle           and sheer number of attendees, Bi-
                                               Corporation, and SRAM Cycling                 cycle Colorado has helped advocates
Trek President John Burke giving his keynote   Fund.                                         from across Colorado become a stron-
speech at the First Colorado Bike Summit.        There were breakout sessions on             ger force to be reckoned with by local
                                               complete streets, safe routes to school       and state government.

                         August 22nd starting in Colorado Springs, 128          8/22: PROLOUGE Colorado Springs
                         of the world’s best professional cyclists will set     8/23: STAGE 1 Salida to Crested Butte
                         off to cover 600 miles in the Inaugural USA            8/24: STAGE 2 Gunnison To Aspen
                         Pro Cycling Challenge. Watch the action roll           8/25: STAGE 3 Vail Time Trials
                         through your favorite mountain town along the          8/26: STAGE 4 Avon to Steamboat Springs
                         route, and be sure to catch the thrilling finish as    8/27: STAGE 5 Steamboat Springs to Breckenridge
                         riders charge into Denver on August 28th.              8/27: STAGE 6 Golden to Denver


Cyclists will negotiate mountian roads as high as 2 miles above sea level as they travel through the Rockies.
                                                                                               IMAGE COURESTY OF VISIT DENVER

National Bicycle Honors for Zoo
   The Denver Zoo received national recognition this spring when they were named
as a Silver Level Bicycle Friendly Business by the League of American Bicyclists.
The Denver Zoo is the first business in the city of Denver and the first zoo in the
nation to be recognized for this award.
   The Zoo stood out among the crowd for its commitment in encourage cycling
through its Wild Ride challenge that encouraged employees to give up commuting
by car for an entire year. Staff members who were up to the challenge won bike
gear, massage sessions and vacations for their hard work and dedication.

  Summer Fun
  Bike Prom
  2011                    BIKE TO THE FUTURE
                          They came. They saw. They moonwalked. Here’s just a taste of the all the great costumes from our enthusiastic Prom-Goers.
                                                                                   S E E T H E R E S T O F T H E P H O TO S AT G F E R R I S P H O TO G R A P H Y. C O M
                                                                                   PURCHASE 4”X6” PRINTS FOR JUST $1.50

                                                                                                                                         e erris
                                                                                                                                  G isp o ra

                                                      Your VIP Parking Space is Waiting
                                                      BikeDenver’s Community Bike Parking Program is making it easier than ever to com-
                                                      mute to Denver’s many summer festivals and events. Over the next few months we’ll of-
                                                      fer convenient bike parking in a fenced corral at 14 of the city’s most popular events.

                                                      COMMUNITY BIKE PARKING CORRALS:
                                                      JUNE                                         JULY                                             AUGUST
                                                      Westword Music Showcase                      Cherry Creek Arts Festival                       Civic Center Ride In Movies
                                                      Cactus Bike From Work Bash                   Civic Center Ride In Movies                      Green Routes Festival
                                                      Civic Center Ride In Movies                  Dragon Boat Festival
                                                      SEPTEMBER                                                      OCTOBER
                                                      A Taste of Colorado • Brew at the Zoo • Tour de Fat            Veloswap • Denver Broncos Orange Ride • Boo at the Zoo

                                                      2011 sponsors:

The first Community Bike Parking volunteers of the
season, Quinn Kelsey & Matt Tucker, at The Big Eat.
BikeDenver Membership Form
       Name ________________________________________________ No. in household: ______________
       Address ___________________________________________________________________________
       City ___________________________________________ State _______________ Zip ___________
       Email __________________________________________ Phone (_____) _____________________
       Annual membership levels:

       $35        – Individual Member - Support the voice of Denver cyclists!
       $52.80     – Mile High Member - Go the extra mile!
       $75        – Supporter - Educate neighborhoods and families!
       $100        – Advocate - Make Denver a better place to ride a bike!

       $250 – Champion
       $500 – Elite
       $1,000 – Founders - First 10 recognized as The Founding Family!
                                                                                                A Membership to BikeDenver
       Make check payable to: BikeDenver                                                        makes a great gift, AND it’s tax-deductible!
                                                                                                Join or renew on our website, bikedenver.org
       1536 Wynkoop St., Box 801, Denver, CO 80202
                                                                                                (Paypal-enabled), or by mailing a check with
       or join on our website: bikedenver.org                                                   the form on the back page to:
Our Mission…                                                                                    BikeDenver 1536 Wynkoop St., Box 801,
To promote and encourage bicycling as an energy efficient, non-polluting, healthy, and          Denver, CO 80202.
enjoyable transportation alternative in and around Denver.                                      • As a bonus, members who volunteer are
BikeDenver is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and is registered with the state of Colorado.     treated to a fabulous end-of-season party!
Your membership is tax-deductible.

                   A Voice for Denver Cyclists
                   1536 Wynkoop St., Box 801
                   Denver, CO 80202

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