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					  T. T. Haokip                                                Phone : 258 2153/7

                                                                                                                  Stores & Purchase
 Asst. Registrar                                              Fax : 2582152
 Stores & Purchase Indian Institute of Technology

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To,                                                           • Date: 18.08.2011
                                                              • Ref : S&P/03/S/NIQ/2011-2012/

                                   IIT GUWAHATI.

         Quotation for establishing Rate Contract for supply of Stationery Items in single bid system is hereby
invited so as to reach the undersigned on or before 13.09.2011.

Bid Instructions:

      i)     Tender document is to be downloaded from our web site and there is no tender fee.
      ii)    Detailed Specifications of the Stationery Items are as given in ANNEXURE – I.
      iii)   Quotations are to be submitted as per Format provided as at ANNEXURE – II.
      iv)    Samples must be submitted as per Format provided as at ANNEXURE – III and the same must be
             enclosed in the box containing samples. The box must be marked with name of the supplier and NIQ
      v)     The following must be clearly written on all covers/envelopes of the bid.
                            NIQ NO. : S&P/03/S/NIQ/2011-2012, DATED: 18.08.2011
                    LAST DATE FOR SUBMISSION: 13.09.2011, DATE OF OPENING: 14.09.2011

                                        The Assistant Registrar
                                        Stores & Purchase
                                        Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
                                        Guwahati 781 039, Assam, India

                                                                               From: M/s ____________________
                                                                               Contact No.:___________________
                                                                               Email ID:_____________________

Terms & Conditions:
01. Address: of the firms submitting the quotation and the Officer, to whom the quotation is addressed, must appear
    distinctly on the sealed cover.
02. Rates: Rates quoted should be on F.O.R., IIT Guwahati, on Door Delivery basis.
03. Earnest Money : Refundable earnest money deposit of 15,000.00 through demand draft drawn in favour of
    Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, payable at Guwahati, will have to accompany all quotations to be
    submitted. Quotations submitted without appropriate amount of earnest money are likely to be rejected. The
    EMD of unsuccessful bidders shall be returned after award of contract. All tenders received without EMD shall
    be summarily rejected. EMD of the successful bidder will be released on submission of the PBG.
04. Validity: Quoted rates must valid as rate contract for a minimum of one year.
05. Delivery: Unless otherwise stated delivery of goods at IIT Guwahati, will have to be maximum within 15 days
    from the date of issue of the Purchase Order. The firm failing to deliver goods as per schedule may be debarred
    from further dealing with the Institute

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06. Brand: Brand/make is to be clearly stated against all quoted items.
07. Sample: (a) Samples of the items (even for known brand of items) are to be provided with the quotation,
    without which the quotation will not be accepted.
    (b) Since samples are returnable, the same will have to be clearly marked with vendor’s name and
    properly packed on the cover or box. Address of the vendor must be clearly written on the cover or box.
    Duly filled check-list as per Annexure II must be enclosed in the box containing samples and collected
    back within one month from the last date of receipt of quotations/samples failing which no responsibility
    for any loss will be taken by us.
08. VAT: Copy of VAT registration certificate of the firm, with the TIN number clearly indicated therein,
    will have to accompany the quotation to be submitted. For a vendor within the state of Assam,
    appropriate VAT only (to be deducted at source) will be applicable.
09. Dealer Certificates: Dealership certificate on the offered products and Standard Technical literature on each of
    the items offered will have to be enclosed along with the quotation.
10. The bid documents are not transferable and the seal and signature of the authorized official of firms must appear
    on all the papers and envelopes submitted.
11. The quotation should be complete in all respects and duly signed wherever required. Incomplete and
    unsigned offer will not be accepted.
12. The quotations are liable to be rejected if the fore going conditions are not complied with.
13. Risk Purchase Clause: If you fail to deliver the ordered goods within the maximum delivery period specified
    in the purchase order, we may procure such item/s in such a manner as it deemed appropriate. In the process of
    procuring similar goods if our institute happens to incur any excess cost, your establishment is liable to pay the
    said excess cost.
14. Selection: (a) Both quality and price will be taken into account while selecting items for purchase.
    (b) Although selection as per procedure is on lowest quoted basis from the technically qualified vendors,
    vendor qualified for less than 30 (thirty) items will not be accepted for placing order, instead attempt will
    be made to get the said item/s supplied by the selected vendors, starting from the next lowest quoted firm
    willing to supply the said items as per the make quoted by them but in the rate quoted by the LQ vendor or
    as per the make and price of the lowest quoted vendor.
15. Printed conditions of the firm, if any, will not be binding on us.
16. Late and delayed tender will not be considered
17. In case any unscheduled holiday occurs on prescribed closing/opening date the next working day shall be the
    prescribed date of closing/opening.
18. Payment: Payment will be maximum within 30 days from the date of successful delivery and acceptance of
    goods at IIT Guwahati, generally through A/c payee cheque. In case payment is to be made by DD, the draft
    commission will be deducted from the bill amount. Part payment for part delivery will not be allowed.
19. Default : Default is said to have occurred if the supplier fails to perform any obligation(s) mentioned above and
    such default may result into forfeiture of EMD submitted by the firm.
20. All disputes are subject to exclusive jurisdiction of Competent Court and Forum in Guwahati, India only.
21. Acceptance of the quotation will rest solely with the Director, IITG, who is not bound to accept the lowest
    quotation and reserves the right to himself to reject or partially accept any or all the quotations received without
    assigning any reasons.

Enclosed: Annexure – I, II & III                                                            Sd /-
                                                                                       (T. T. Haokip)
                                                                            Asst. Registrar (Stores & Purchase)

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                                                 ANNEXURE – I
Sl.            Description of items
                                                                28 Drawing sheet
                                                                29 Envelope Brown – 10”x 4 ½”
01    Add Gel Pen [Black/Blue/Red] Flair-
                                                                30 Envelope - White (Plain ) 10” x 4 ½” ,
      Matrix or equivalent
                                                                   Taj Mahal or equivalent
02    Add Gel Pen, refill [Black/Blue/Red]
                                                                31 Envelope (10"x4 ½"-white) window,
      for Sl.No. 1, Flair-Matrix or equivalent
                                                                   Taj Mahal or equivalent
03    Add Gel Pen [Black/Blue/Red]
                                                                32 Envelope – Cloth bound, A-5 Size
      Reynold Jetter Regular or equivalent
                                                                33 Envelope – Laminated, A-5 Size
04    Add Gel Pen, refill [Black/Blue/Red]
                                                                34 Envelope – Cloth bound,
      for Sl.No. 3, Reynold Jetter Regular or
      equivalent                                                   Size: 10" x 14" only
                                                                35 Envelope – Laminated, A-4 Size
05    Add Gel Pen [Black/Blue/Red]
      Achiever or equivalent                                    36 Envelope – Brown colour, A-4 Size
                                                                   (10" x 12")
06    Add Gel Pen refill [Black/Blue/Red]
      for Sl.No. 5, Achiever or equivalent                      37 Envelope – Cloth bound, A-3 Size
07    Ball Pen [Black/Blue/Red] – Flair                         38 Envelope – Laminated, A-3 Size
      Jackpot or equivalent                                     39 Envelope – Brown colour, A-3 Size
08    Alpin, T, oddy or equivalent                              40 File Board, Neelgagan No. 31 or
09    Board Pin/Thumb Pin, Corporate or                            equivalent
      equivalent                                                41 File Cover, Neelgagan No. 55 or
10    Calculator, Casio DJ-120 or equivalent                       equivalent
11    Carbon paper, A4 Size, Corporate or                       42 File - Lever Arch file with Kangaroo
      equivalent                                                   clip, Ambassador
12    CD Recordable, Moserbaer or                               43 File - Plastic (Conference), Times or
      equivalent                                                   equivalent
13    CD-R [Jewel Case], Moserbaer or                           44 File – Spring, Neelgagan No. 888
      equivalent                                                45 File – Stick, A4 size, Neelgagan or
14    CD Re-writable [Jewel Case],                                 equivalent
      Moserbaer or equivalent                                   46 Folder - “L” Type, Plastic, A4 Size,
15    DVD – R, Moserbaer or equivalent                             Sun 12 or equivalent
16    Cello Tape, 1”, Transparent, 25 mtrs                      47 Graph paper, A4 Size, Neelgagan or
      (approx.) Apollo or equivalent                               equivalent
17    Cello Tape, 2”, Transparent, 25 mtrs                      48 Graph paper, A3 Size, Neelgagan or
      (approx.) Apollo or equivalent                               equivalent
18    Cello Tape, 1”, Brown, 25 mtrs                            49 Lamination Card, Size: 70mmx100mm,
      (approx.) Apollo or equivalent                               Desmat or equivalent
19    Cello Tape, 2”, Brown, 25 mtrs                            50 Punching Machine (Single), Kangaroo
      (approx.) Apollo or equivalent                               or equivalent
20    Cello Tape, ½”/Small, 18 mtrs (approx.)                   51 Punching Machine, Small DP-280,
      Apollo or equivalent                                         Kangaroo or equivalent
21    Cello tape dispenser, for ½” roll tapes,                  52 Punching Machine, Medium – DP
      Select or equivalent                                         500, Kangaroo or equivalent
22    Cello tape dispenser, for 1” roll tapes,                  53 Punching machine, Heavy Duty, DP -
      Select with Co’s free offer i.e., with 1                     800, Kangaroo or equivalent
      pc. Small snap up-cutter & 1 roll ½”                      54 Scissors – Stainless Steel [Size
      width Cellotape or equivalent                                21.5cm.] 8”, Corporate or equivalent
23    Cotton Tag, White colour, Bundle of 50                    55 Highlighter Pen (Fluorescent), Faber
      tags                                                         Castel or equivalent
24    Correction Fluid, Erazx-ex, 15 ml,                        56 Rubber Band, different sizes, packet
      Kores or equivalent                                          of 100 gms.
25    Correcting Pen, 6 ml, Kores or                            57 Dak Pad, Neelgagan or equivalent
      equivalent                                                58 Binder Clips Size: 19mm, Corporate
26    Cloth duster (Ordinary) Size: 15”x15”                        or equivalent
27    Cloth duster (Yellow) Size: 15”x15”
                                                 Page – 1 / 2
                                                  85      Paper weight, Round flowery,
59   Binder Clips, Size: 25 mm, Bell or
                                                          Corporate or equivalent
                                                  86      Peon Book, No.: 2, Oxford or
60   Binder Clips, Size: 32mm, Bell or
                                                  87      Pocker (Wooden)
61   Gem Clip (Metallic), Corporate or
                                                  88      Post-it-pad, size: 3” x 4”, Desmat or
62   Gem Clip (Plastic Coated),
                                                  89      File Flag (multi-colour), Desmat or
     Corporate or equivalent
63   Clip Board, Corporate or equivalent
                                                  90      Scale (Plastic), 1’, Kores or
64   Register No. 4, Ruled, Deep or
                                                  91      Stamp Pad, Medium, Violet colour
65   Register No. 6, Ruled, Deep or
                                                          Gripex Gil or equivalent
                                                  92      Stamp Pad, Big, Violet colour
66   Register No. 8, Ruled, Deep or
                                                          Gripex Gil or equivalent
                                                  93      Stamp pad Ink, Kores or equivalent
67   Register No. 12, Ruled, Deep or
                                                  94      Staple Machine Small [Size No. 10],
                                                          Make: Kangaroo or equivalent
68   Register No. 16, Ruled, Deep or
                                                  95      Staple Machine Medium [Size No.
                                                          24/6], Make: Kangaroo or equivalent
69   Register No. 24, Ruled, Deep or
                                                  96      Stapler machine, big/HD 1224,
                                                          Kangaroo or equivalent
70   Register (Attendance-Staff), Oxford
                                                  97      Staple Pin Small [Size No. 10],
     or equivalent
                                                          Make: Kangaroo or equivalent
71   Glue Stick, 8 gms, Kores or
                                                  98      Staple Pin Medium [Size No. 24/6]
                                                          Make: Kangaroo or equivalent
72   Gum Tube, 30 ml., Kores or
                                                  99      Staple Pin, Size: 23/15
                                                          Make: Kangaroo or equivalent
73   Gum Bottle, 700 ml., Kores or
                                                 100      Staple Pin, Size: 23/17
                                                          Make: Kangaroo or equivalent
74   Pencil (H.B., Wooden), Natraj or
                                                 101      Transparency Sheet-A4, (OHP) (100
                                                          Micron), Desmat or equivalent
75   Pencil Eraser, Kores or equivalent
                                                 102      Waste Paper Basket, Height 10.5”
76   Pencil Sharpener, Kores or
                                                          aprox, Hindustan or equivalent
                                                 103      Writing Pad Big (A-4), 40 sheets,
77   Permanent Marker, Kores -
                                                          Plain, Make: Desmat or equivalent
     Britemark or equivalent
                                                 104      Writing Pad Small (A-5), 40 sheets,
78   Permanent Marker refill, Kores -
                                                          Plain, Make: Desmat or equivalent
     Britemark or equivalent
                                                 105      Writing Pad Small (A-5), 10 sheets
79   Marker Pen (OHP), Corporate or
                                                          ( approx.), Plain, Make: Desmat or
80   Whiteboard Marker Pen, Desmat or
                                                 106      Xerox paper A-4, Colour:
                                                          Blue/Green/Yellow/Pink, Make:
81   Whiteboard Duster, magnetic,
                                                          Desmat or equivalent
     Desmat or equivalent
                                                 107      Paper, Legal (Full scape), Make: JK
82   Mouse Pad, Frontech or equivalent
                                                          or equivalent
83   Paper Cutter (Large), Corporate or
                                                 108      Cotton Thread ball
                                                 109      CD Mailer
84   Paper Cutter Knife (Small), Oddy
                                                 110      Photo paper A4 size
     or equivalent

                                                                Sd /-
                                                         (T. T. Haokip)
                                                Asst. Registrar (Store & Purchase)
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