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Published for the associates of Rise, Inc., a nonprofit agency serving people who have disabilities
                                                                                                           July 2010
                                                                                                      Vol. 34, No. 2

    and other barriers to housing and employment in the Twin Cities and Greater Minnesota

Jeff Katz is a bona-fide sports enthusiast, athlete, and proud employee of both The Hockey
Lodge for the Minnesota Wild and the Majestic Twins Clubhouse Store at Target Field. Read
more about Jeff on pages 11 and 17.                                     1
            COMMENTARY by Rise President John J. Barrett
      Recognizing the people and businesses who help
       make Rise successful is cause for celebration
     n this issue of the Rise Reporter,   In a typical business, managers and       lifestyle, it helps reduce government
     you will see highlights from         their staff recognize and develop         income assistance programs such as
     Celebrate Rise. A key part of our    good working relationships with cus-      Social Security Disability Income
annual celebration is the chance to       tomers who are, in most cases, pur-       (SSDI), Medical Assistance, and oth-
recognize and honor people and            chasing its product or service.           ers. This benefits all tax-payers.
companies who help make Rise and
the people we serve successful -- so      In our business, though, Rise identi-     To achieve successful outcomes
it’s a real cause for celebration.        fies customers in multiple ways. Our      requires that Rise staff be able to
                                          customers include referring agents        effectively work with our participants
Even more importantly, our                who purchase Rise program services        as they assist them identifying their
Celebrate Rise! event gives us an         for their clients as well as the people   personal barriers, and then help cre-
opportunity to recognize in a very        who are participating in those pro-       ate and implement plans and
public way a “typical” Rise program       grams. Rise customers include busi-       methodologies to compensate for
participant.                              nesses with whom we contract labor        and overcome those barriers.
                                          and production services, and
Now there really is no such thing as      employers who hire people who are         In this issue of the Reporter, we also
a “typical” person here at Rise --        job-ready. We also include among          recognize staff who have demonstrat-
everyone is unique. It is their indi-     our customers the people to whom          ed that ability. Please read through
vidual perseverance, drive and            we offer transitional housing and         the stories of Rise’s Champions of the
desire to live, work and succeed in       support services and the landlords        Mission for 2009, too, to see what a
their communities that is the base        who rent to them.                         critical role our talented and profes-
upon which we have built all the                                                    sional staff play in our success.
services we offer at Rise.                In 2009, Rise served 3,875 people
                                          in our housing and employment pro-        As we continue to develop and build
Offering more than 40 housing,            grams -- an all-time high. Of that        program services to meet the
employment, and social integration        total, 2,873 people were served in        expressed needs of our communities,
programs to close to 4,000 people in      vocational, employment, and day           we recognize that the overall busi-
2009 does require that Rise be a cat-     training and habilitation programs.       ness climate isn’t great these days.
alyst to bring many pieces together.      Of the total, the primary disabilities    And with government funding tighter,
This gives people a myriad of service     people served included:                   too, it’s more challenging than ever
options from which they can select                                                  for Rise to achieve good agency out-
to help them reach the challenging        * Serious mental illnesses:       32%     comes and for people to reach their
goals they have set for themselves.       * Intellectual, developmental,            personal goals.
                                              and learning disabilities:    21%
To achieve those outcomes requires        * Traumatic brain injuries and            But we also recognize that by work-
that our Rise’s extended community            physical disabilities          6%     ing together as a community and
be engaged and recognize the value        * Sensory (visual, hearing):       5%     aggressively advocating for much-
of people who have disabilities and       * Other barriers (i.e., language,         needed resources, thousands of peo-
other barriers living and working in          culture, transferrable work           ple with disabilities and other barri-
their communities.                            skills):                      33%     ers to employment, housing, and
                                                                                    social integration can obtain jobs and
You can read about several outstand-      Rise vocational and employment            housing which enable them to live as
ing individuals, business partners,       service participants earned almost        self-sufficiently as possible in our
staff, and program participants in the    $13 million annualized wages in           community.
following pages of the Reporter.          2009! Not only does working enable
                                          people to live a more self-sufficient     That is beneficial, not only to them,
                                                                                    but to everyone.

2 - RISE REPORTER                                                                                             JULY 2010
                                            Rise honors extraordinary
                                            community supporters and
                                           business associates who work
                                           with us to achieve our mission
     Celebrate Rise! was a festive evening during
    which we were able to thank some truly great
        people whose partnerships we value --
    Jason DeRusha from WCCO-TV News hosted
    the event at the Earle Brown Heritage Center
Photos by John Ballew Photography, Crystal

           Lifetime Legacy Award                                 work, public relations, and community education.

      Mike Hyduke, Minneapolis
                                                                 He worked with Rise’s Board of Directors to bring in
                                                                 new members who had the expertise the young

                                                                 agency needed in finance, management, and busi-
  ncorporated in 1971, Rise was floundering and in grave         ness operations.
  danger of going under for good just a few years into its
development. Rise’s Board of Directors asked Mike Hyduke,        The Board offered Mike the job as executive director,
who had been hired under a special federal grant to do com-      but he declined and instead, worked with a search
munications and community outreach work, to help stabilize       committee to help identify a new executive director;
the nonprofit, human service agency and keep it going.           John Barrett was hired in the summer of 1976. Mike
                                                                 worked with staff, board of directors, and John so
For several months, Hyduke oversaw all aspects of the            that Rise could survive this challenging period of
agency, including the finances, program services, production     transition and move forward.

                                                                 Hyduke left Rise in 1978 to start his own company,
                                                                 Pathfinder Print Services, as an independent broker
                                                                 for printing services. Throughout the past 30-some
                                                                 years, however, Hyduke has continued to support,
                                                                 encourage, and assist Rise staff and the agency in
                                                                 whatever way he can.

                                                                 With Hyduke’s professional guidance, Rise did sur-
                                                                 vive those very dark days. He left his indelible mark
                                                                 on Rise which will continue to be felt for many years
                                                                 to come.

                                                           From left are Rise’s Director of HR Mary Stransky,
                                                           President John Barrett, Director of Public Relations
                                                           Beth DePoint, Honoree Mike Hyduke, and Vice
                                                           Presidents Lynn Noren and Don Lavin.

JULY 2010                                                                                        RISE REPORTER         3
                     Close to 500 people attend Rise’s annual
                     celebration - good food, great friends, and FUN!
    Business Partner of the Year                                       Employer of the Year
                   Medtronic                                            Ray Kane, TJ Maxx

R   ise has enjoyed a working partnership with Medtronic
    since the early 1980s, during which time Medtronic
has supported Rise is many ways. Employees have served
                                                            R  ay Kane was recognized for his work with Rise’s
                                                               Minnesota Employment Center (MEC) Program for
                                                            People Who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing.
on Rise’s Board of Directors; Medtronic has hired Rise
participants to work in a number of different departments   In the award presentation, MEC Occupational
and Twin Cities locations; the Medtronic Foundation has     Communication Specialist Kim Revak and Career
made charitable donations; and Rise has a work crew at      Planning Specialist Mary Jo Duncan noted that, “Four
the Distribution Center in Mounds View.                     years ago, Ray agreed to do a job try-out for one of our
                                                            clients at TJ Maxx. After the job try-out, TJ Maxx hired
In addition, the Operations, Neuromodulation, and           this client and she is still employed there.
Cardiac Rhythm Disease Management divisions provide
subcontracted work opportunities to people at Rise’s        “From then on, we have established a wonderful busi-
Spring Lake Park production facility. There workers col-    ness partner relationship with Ray and other TJ Maxx
late and assemble return kits, informational folders, and   stores. He has given several other MEC clients job try-out
special mailings as well as do UPC labeling and package     opportunities at other TJ Maxx and Home Good stores;
devices. Rise is also the proud sole packer of the Earl     many of whom were then hired as competitive employ-
Bears (named for Medtronic founder Earl Bakken)!            ees.

Rise’s Marketing Rep Nancy Hoff said, “Over the years,      “MEC appreciates Ray in that he looks beyond our
it’s been a joy to get to know and work with so many        clients’ disabilities to see their abilities. We also appreci-
great Medtronic professionals. They are upbeat, helpful,    ate his efforts in learning basic American Sign Language
and organized, enabling Rise’s production teams to put      (ASL) to better communicate with these workers.”
out the quality products that both Medtronic and Rise
expect. We are proud to be part of a process that helps
save people’s lives around the world.”

From top left: Medtronic’s Patti Peltier, Rise’s Rosemary   Ray Kane (center) along with Rise’s MEC staff (from left):
Kam, Nancy Hoff, Carol Morris, Linda Kolander, and Ted      Jennifer Anderson, Kim Revak, Mary Jo Duncan, Kathy
Gilson. From bottom left: Medtronic’s Jason Perz,           Schumacher, and Christine Adams
Catherine Zerwas, Melissa Hull, Gretchen Ebert, and
Kimberly Jinks

4   RISE REPORTER                                                                                            JULY 2010
    Business Partner of the Year                                         Employer of the Year
Federal Premium Ammunition                                         Scott Sarkis, Hockey Lodge

F  ederal, a wholly owned subsidiary of Minneapolis-
   based Alliant Tech Systems, Inc., has been working
with Rise since 1987 when a crew of six people began
                                                               S  cott Sarkis, manager of The Hockey Lodge, was rec-
                                                                  ognized as an outstanding employer. The Hockey
                                                               Lodge is located in the Excel Center in downtown St.
working in their ammunition manufacturing plant.               Paul where the Minnesota Wild play professional hock-
Today, there are more than 30 people who work in three         ey
departments: Shotshell, Rimfire, and Centerfire. Their job
duties include repacking, stapling, labeling, gluing, barrel   Said Rise’s Job Placement Specialist Anne Mornes in her
loading, pull-downs, shell separation, plus other projects.    presentation, “Having a supportive supervisor can make
                                                               all the difference in how successful you’ll be in your
Said Rise Site Supervisor Linda Norlund, “Federal not          position. Scott Sarkis is the kind of boss who goes the
only provides interesting and meaningful employment for        extra mile to accommodate all his employees.
people with intellectual disabilities, but offers an inclu-
sive and accepting work environment in which everyone          “From the beginning, Scott has worked with my client,
is valued and appreciated for the good work they do. We        Jeff Katz, to help him discover his strengths. Jeff is pas-
are included with other Federal employees in their spe-        sionate about sports and was determined to find a good
cial events and receive outstanding support from all           job in the sports industry. Because of Jeff’s visual impair-
throughout the company, including Federal’s Marketing,         ment, Scott slightly restructured the job position to con-
Production, Distribution, Human Resources, Safety, and         centrate on stocking merchandise, sizing clothing items,
Quality Control departments.”                                  and assisting customers with questions.

In early 2008, it was noted that in the 20 years that Rise     “In addition to the support other Hockey Lodge staff
had been working in the large ammunition plant, Rise           offer Jeff, Scott provides him with positive and construc-
workers had never had an OSHA violation or accident –          tive feedback, enabling him to expand his skills and
not one! It was estimated that there had been a total of       grow in the position. This job has truly allowed Jeff to
500,000 to 600,000 hours worked without a lost-time            take his passion for sports and create a profession.”
accident – equivalent to a factory of 100 people working
fulltime for two-and-a-half to three years without a lost-
time accident.

                                                                 Scott Sarkis manages The Hockey Lodge at the
                                                                 Excel Center in downtown St. Paul.

      From left are Rise’s Keith Hovland, Marian
      Bodin, Linda Norland, and Federal’s Senior
      Operations Manager Jon Hanson,

JULY 2010                                                                                          RISE REPORTER          5
          Employer of the Year                                 Housing Partner of the Year
Parmly LifePointes, Lindstrom                                  H.O.P.E. on 9th, St. Cloud

R   ise’s relationship with Parmly LifePointes began
    shortly after Rise’s arrival to the Lindstrom area
approximately 15 years ago. As one of the largest and
                                                           R   ise Housing Case Managers Amy Carter and Jessica
                                                               Hagen presented the award to H.O.P.E. Manager
                                                           Allison Hand. They noted that H.O.P.E.’s motto is
most competitive employers in the assisted living and      “Rebuilding, Repairing, and Restoring Lives.” Of the
nursing home industry, Parmly has worked cooperatively     apartment complex’s 31 units, 10 of those are designated
to offer employment opportunities to consumers in both     as supportive housing units for people who are chroni-
Rise’s day training and habilitation and welfare-to-work   cally homeless. The need for this specialized housing is
programs. They have hired people in various depart-        evident from the waiting list of up to 12 months to
ments throughout their facility and offer competitive      become a resident.
wages and employee benefits.
                                                           Carter spoke of the company’s good work: “What sets
Maeta Burns-Penn, Rise’s job placement specialist, said    H.O.P.E. on 9th apart from other complexes is their
of Parmly: “As a management team, they have worked         recognition that there are people out there who are expe-
rigorously to assist people in maintaining their employ-   riencing barriers to housing and have faced extreme diffi-
ment by using supported employment services to the         culties on maintaining and sustaining independent hous-
fullest extent.                                            ing. Residents living in their supportive units have access
                                                           to services, including case management, transportation,
“Parmly staff work tirelessly and compassionately to       and assistance with connecting to various community
resolve any workplace challenges to help ensure that       social service agencies such as Rise.
people are able to remain successful in the workplace
and maintain viable employment in a supportive and         “H.O.P.E. on 9th has been a referral source for qualified
growth-oriented atmosphere. They are committed to          candidates to Rise’s Housing Support Services program
providing a high quality service to our community and      and we have had the opportunity to work with mutual
a positive, healthy relationship with its employees and    clients. Working collaboratively with the individual, we
partners in the area. Parmly is truly an asset to our      have been fortunate to witness the success a person can
community in every respect and Rise is extremely           achieve when the appropriate supports are in place.”
proud to partner with them for consumer success.”

    From left are Rise’s Mike Harper, Maeta Burns-           H.O.P.E. on 9th’s Allison Hand works closely with
    Penn, Jose Clemente, and Parmly’s                        Rise’s housing case managers in the St. Cloud area.
    Environmental Coordinator Sue Mattson and
    Director of Plant Operations Terry Pittman.

6     RISE REPORTER                                                                                      JULY 2010
  Corporate Community Leader                                   reduces our costs and
 John Hnath, Premium Waters                                    increases the impact
                                                               of those events.

R   ise’s Director of Development Trudi Meloche said of
    John Hnath, director of Custom Label Sales, “Under
John’s leadership, the collaboration between Rise and
                                                               “Most recently, John went
                                                               the extra mile for Rise by
                                                               advocating for matching
Premium Waters is an outstanding example of how busi-          funds from Premium’s
ness and community organizations can partner with              internal community sup-
mutually beneficial results. As a business partner,            port campaigns. This
Premium Waters provides Rise with the means to pro-            broad approach to sup-
vide employment for people who have disability and             port, including event
other barriers. Rise appreciates that relationship and in      sponsorship, in-kind giv-
2002, recognized Premium Waters as its Customer of the         ing and a matching gift
Year.                                                          program, has had positive,
                                                               measurable outcomes for our shared vision of support-
“In the past year, John’s efforts have also led to corporate   ing the community.
sponsorship of Rise’s Par Excellence Golf Tournament in
a year when those commitments were very tough to               “We appreciates John’s willingness to explore and
come by. John also supports Rise by donating custom            embrace the wide scope of partnership opportunities
labeled bottled water to fundraising events which              with Rise and we honor his leadership.”

  Champions of the Mission
  Five staff were recognized for their innovation, positive attitude,

 resourcefulness and special contributions to further Rise’s mission

Bezabeh Assefa, Service Team                                   many do not

Leader for MFIP / Pathways                                     understand at first.
                                                               Overall, he is a

                                                               strong example of
    ezebeh Assefa came to work with Rise in April 2007         how a positive atti-
    with Rise’s Pathways program for refugees and immi-        tude combined
grants who are receiving public assistance and need            with resourceful
help to find and maintain employment. Bezabeh uses his         nature can result in
previous experience as the executive director for the          outstanding out-
Ethiopian Mutual Assistance Association to bring innova-       comes for Rise.
tive methods to his work and mentor staff in a way that
they feel valued and capable.                                  Daily, Bezabeh
                                                               demonstrates an
Bezabeh’s extensive network in the refugee community           outstanding com-
has proven to be a vast resource for the work he does          mitment to pro-
for Rise. His positive attitude and ready smile set exact-     gram participants,
ly the right tone for the people Pathways serves to start      Pathways program
down the pathway to self-sufficiency with confidence.          staff, and the mission of Rise, Inc. He consistently deliv-
                                                               ers innovative employment solutions to barriers that
Bezabeh has structured innovative partnerships with            refugees and immigrants face, as well as sound leader-
local businesses, government agencies and participants’        ship to his team of placement specialists. Bezabeh is a
families to help them navigate a complex system that           true champion of Rise’s mission.

JULY 2010                                                                                           RISE REPORTER        7
    Lori Clauson, Job Placement                                   Janis Hooker, CIP Specialist
     Specialist with SES-Anoka                                       with CIP-Coon Rapids

L   ori Clauson has held a few positions in different Rise
    programs since she started working here in 1987. She
first worked as a site supervisor with Rise’s Community-
                                                              J  anis Hooker has worked as a CIP specialist at Rise’s
                                                                 Community Integration Program in Coon Rapids since
                                                              August 1994. She exemplifies the job description of a
Based Training and Employment (CBTE) Program before           CIP specialist and is a positive influence on everyone,
moving to the Supported Employment Services program           treating each and every person with dignity, kindness,
in Anoka County.                                              and respect.

In 2007, Lori was promoted to job placement specialist        Janis manages a caseload of eight participants and over-
and works with people who have mental health disabili-        sees the production contract Rise has with Equus
ties in their pursuit of meaningful employment. She           Magnificus, Inc. She trains and supervises workers who
enthusiastically involves staff, community members and        make and bake specialty muffins for horses which are
the business community to help make a difference in her       sold in local tack and feed stores.
clients’ employment successes.
                                                              Janis has also taken on other leadership roles within the
Lori is recognized as being a team player and a team          team, including training new CIP specialists on problem-
builder who uses innovative, person-centered methods to       solving caseload-related issues; she also has oversight of
advocate for her clients. Collaboration is at the heart of    all CIP participants’ medications under the supervision of
her administrative style. Her people skills and caring per-   our contracted nurse.
sonality allow others to feel comfortable, and she exem-
plifies the idea of building a community that accepts         Janis fosters good working relationships which shows her
everyone.                                                     commitment to Rise and the people we serve. She keeps
                                                              an open mind when evaluating each individual’s skills
Rise’s mission and the community at-large benefit from        and works with each participant to determine their skills
Lori’s willingness to contribute beyond her responsibili-     and finds solutions to enhance or build new ones.
ties as a placement specialist for the SES program. For       Through her optimism and flexibility, Janis has shown
instance, Lori went the extra mile last year to help raise    that with the right mix of job-coaching, natural supports,
funds for Rise’s United Way campaign. She even helped         and accommodations, each participant can achieve their
with the planning for Celebrate Rise!                         individual level of vocational success.

For more than 20 years, Lori has inspired others with her     Janis continues to follow the philosophy that all persons
enthusiasm for her work. Her professionalism, people          are entitled to meaningful work and others’ respect.
skills and competency help her lead others in the com-        Janis is a respected leader and role model. Daily, she
munity toward acceptance and integration of people            exemplifies what it means to be a professional CIP spe-
with barriers. Lori is a great champion of Rise’s mission.    cialist; she is a great mentor to staff and consumers, and
                                                              is a true Champion of the Mission.

8     RISE REPORTER                                                                                         JULY 2010
     Rosemary Kam, Production                                   Jennifer Keifer, Case Manager
      Supervisor at Rise North                                       for Internal Services

R   osemary Kam first started working for Rise as a pro-
    duction worker in 1973. She was a reliable worker
who took her work very seriously, and production super-
                                                              P   rior to becoming the case manager for Internal
                                                                  Services in 2002, Jen Keifer worked for three years as
                                                              a program assistant. On a daily basis, Jen is responsible
visors soon realized they could count on her to consis-       for managing job assignments for 60 people, including
tently deliver high-quality work. As Rosemary developed       job training and coaching.
and expanded her production skills, production staff
competed with each other to get her on their work crew.       Jen always has her program participants’ best interests at
                                                              hand, and is very kind and caring when working with
Throughout her many years at Rise, Rosemary has               her participants. She has great communication skills and
worked in several different production areas and sites,       connects well with each and every person she serves. Jen
continually increasing her job duties and getting promot-     understands the needs of her participants and helps them
ed to increasing levels of responsibilities. Currently, she   in any way she can. She works hard to teach her partici-
works primarily with workers in Rise’s Internal Services      pants to be as independent as possible and to be profes-
program. Among her many work duties, Rosemary assists         sional workers. Jen is very supportive and a great role
in setting up new subcontract jobs, training others in on     model for everyone.
the skills needed, performing quality-control checks on
finished products, and helping with the seemingly never-      Jen is also a staff support for Rise’s Consumer Advisory
ending paperwork.                                             Council and has many responsibilities with that, helping
                                                              to ensure that participants have a variety of opportunities
Rosemary’s reliability and work attendance are exempla-       for self-advocacy. She assists Council members coordi-
ry and her co-workers know they can count on her good         nate fund-raising events, organizes an annual BBQ picnic
work and diligence on the job. She is always willing to       and the holiday party, and supports people in attending
try new tasks and take on challenges, continually             an annual state self-advocacy conference. Jen is a true
expanding her skills and abilities. Rose works well with      Champion of the Mission.
others and is patient when it comes to assisting people
with disabilities learn new jobs. A strong and independ-
ent woman, Rosemary heads into each situation deter-
                                                                  Special Thanks to the Champion of the
mined to give it her very best.                                       Mission Selection Committee!
                                                                Jim Beran, Rohn Industries; Rhonda Sivarajah,
Rosemary’s long work history with Rise – 37 years and           Anoka County commissioner; Rob Kent, retired
still counting – speak to her dedication, commitment,           from Hennepin County Dept. of Human Services;
and extraordinary work ethic. She has clearly demon-            Jennifer Strom, Employers Association of
strated how hard work, determination, and motivation            Minnesota; and Mary Zins, Rise Board member
can help build an interesting career and champion Rise’s        and retired from Polaris Industries

JULY 2010                                                                                         RISE REPORTER         9
                                   Rise’ing Stars
                    Vice Presidents Lynn Noren and Don Lavin presented

                         honors to six Rise program participants for their

                           extraordinary attitude, achievement, and

                         perseverance toward their individual life goals

                           H     eather began working at Data Ability as a data entry clerk in September 2008 and has
                                 been an exemplary employee from the very first day. She has an unwavering drive to
                           improve herself and the lives of the people around her, and has been an inspiration to her
                           co-workers and to staff. A decade ago, Heather’s life was forced off-course after an acci-
                           dent, but she refused to be denied herself the opportunity to accomplish great things, even
                           completing her college degree. Heather has remained determined to be successful and
                           independent. Since she started at DataAbility, she has taken advantage of every opportuni-
                           ty to learn new skills using her computer and her adapted keyboard. She also has worked
                           as a receptionist at DataAbility for the past year and served as a model of professionalism
                           for the entire office. Ever the over-achiever, Heather has begun looking for ways to build
                           her skills. She provides a vital service as an advocate for people with disabilities by inves-
                           tigating community service opportunities. Heather has stated that after years of feeling like
                           she was standing still, she is now finally moving forward in her life. Heather exudes
  Heather Barber           strength and character and has a great sense of humor. She has embraced her co-workers
                           and is always respectful despite differences in ability. Heather is indeed a Rise’ing Star.
     Data Ability

                           T   racy Bird has worked with Rise’s Data Ability program for the past seven years, and
                               has grown both vocationally and as a person in that time. She has taken on more
                           responsibilities and expanded her job skills. Tracy has taken a special interest in state leg-
                           islative issues that directly affect people with disabilities. She is an active voter, writes let-
                           ters and emails to her representatives so they can hear her story and be aware that their
                           choices do not affect an unknown number but a real person. She joined the Rise
                           Consumer Advisory Council and serves as the vice president. Tracy has attended self-
                           advocacy rallies at the Minnesota state capitol as well as trainings and conferences to bet-
                           ter educate herself and others on important issues. Tracy has learned that the voice of one
                           combined with the voice of many can make a real difference! Tracy takes her new roles
     Tracy Bird            very seriously and has worked tirelessly at being a good team member, role model, and
                           leader to those around her. Tracy represents what a Rise’ing Star truly is.
     Data Ability

                           T    odd Bliss has worked exceptionally hard in the past year, and as a result, has enjoyed
                                much success through Rise’s Employment Innovations program. Over the past several
                           years, Todd has faced many challenging obstacles and barriers in his health and personal
                           life. Step by step, Todd is willing to do what is needed to reach his personal and profes-
                           sional goals. He has developed the skills he needed to assess his challenges and commu-
                           nicate his needs. When he needed assistance, Todd reached out to those who could help
                           him address his issues, grateful for their interest and support. With a lot of hard work and
                           perseverance, Todd is managing his mental health, taking care of his financial obligations,
                           being a good dad to his son, working hard at his job, and overall, increasing his self-confi-
                           dence. His housing subsidies will soon end, but in this last year, his growth has brought
                           Todd to a place in his life where he will be able to proceed on his own. Todd is commit-
     Todd Bliss            ted and motivated to make positive changes in his life, and has much to be proud of
                           today as he pursues his own personal measure of success. Todd is truly a Rise’ing Star.
Employment Innovations

10 RISE REPORTER                                                                                                JULY 2010
                                  Jeffrey Katz, Supported Employment Services
   eff Katz has an engaging and outgoing attitude, and does not let his barriers stop him
   from excelling in and following his greatest passion – sports. With a lot of hard work
and determination, Jeff was hired as a seasonal sales associate position with The Hockey
Lodge at the Excel Energy Center for the 2009-2010 hockey season. Jeff worked the sales
floor assisting customers, stocking new merchandise, straightening and organizing mer-
chandise, sizing clothing items, along with some light cleaning duties. With the end of the
hockey season nearing, Jeff decided to look for a summer seasonal position. Jeff landed
another part-time sales associate position working for his favorite sports team - the
Minnesota Twins at the Majestic Twins Clubhouse Store at Target Field. Jeff inspires others
with his courage, hard work, and positive attitude. He has never once let his disabilities
stop him from succeeding. Jeff’s persistence in following his dream of working for some of
his favorite sports teams has paid off. Jeff is an inspiring Rise’ing Star.

                                                         Don Lind, Internal Services
     on Lind is an extraordinary man who, despite having significant health issues and
     being in a mobility scooter himself, works part-time at Rise’s Industrial Services
Spring Lake Park facility. But Don is definitely not idle on his off-work days. He unselfishly
and generously gives of himself in many important community volunteer projects such as
volunteering at the Veterans’ Administration Hospital in Minneapolis one day a week
where he visits patients and offers his assistance to them and their families. He also volun-
teers in the hospital’s administrative office doing clerical work for the VA’s service and
rehabilitation programs. Don is a tireless, hard-working chair of an annual Red Cross
blood drive program sponsored by the Columbia Heights VFW Post 230. During the holi-
days, Don helps distribute toys to needy children in our community. And he is always
generous with his own donations to various causes to help people in need. Don is the big
helping hand we all need from time-to-time. Don Lind is indeed a Rise’ing Star.

                         Michael Teetzel, Supported Employment Services
      ichael Teetzel started with the Supported Employment Services (SES) program in
      Hennepin County in October 2005, and has worked with several different produc-
tion teams in area businesses over the past five years. Michael caught on to new tasks very
quickly, but because of some issues with his health and some side-effects of his medica-
tions, he wasn’t able to keep these jobs for long. But Michael was bound and determined
to find a good job and be successful. He was eventually hired as a lobby attendant at
McDonald's in Brooklyn Center in November 2009, and continues to do really well with
his co-workers and supervisors. It took Michael four years to find just the right competitive
job for him. Today he continues to encourage friends and other associates from the SES
program to pursue a competitive job in the community. His strong grit, determination, and
perseverance to achieve his goals and make a good life for himself are what make Michael
a Rise’ing Star.

       Special thanks to members of the Rise’ing Star Selection Committee
     Morry Akinwale, Anoka County Social Services                 Cindy and Dick Atkinson,
     Carin Anderson, consumer                                         parents of a Rise program participant
     Susan Anderson,                                              Pam Carlson, Greater Twin Cities Arc
       Greater Twin Cities United Way (retired)                   Ryan Marshall, Hennepin County Community Services

JULY 2010                                                                                         RISE REPORTER 11
The ‘Trashinator’ celebrates ten years of keeping
Macy’s at Southdale shining clean for customers

     elf-nicknamed the “Trashinator,”     CBTE Follow-Up
     John Mickelson is one of a five-     Specialist Sue
     person team from Capital             Featherly has been
Cleaners who cleans and maintains         working with John for
the Macy’s store at Southdale in          about 12 years, meet-
Edina. In September, he will cele-        ing with him twice a
brate ten years in this position.         month and is avail-
                                          able by phone to talk
Working from 6 to 10 a.m. four days       about any work-relat-
a week, John collects trash and recy-     ed issues. Prior to his
cle material from throughout the          job with Capital
expansive, four-floor store and           Cleaners, John
deposits it all in the compactor before   worked with a work
Macy’s shoppers come through the          team at one of Rise’s
doors. The job is ideally suited for      community-based
John who is a hard worker, enjoys         work sites at an area business and
working independently, and can            then as the janitor at Rise’s Creative     business card which identifies him as
focus on his work tasks in a virtually    Partnerships South building in             a bona-fide collector.
empty store.                              Bloomington. He honed his janitori-
                                          al work skills and when the Macy’s         “Since 9-11, fire departments have
Rising at 5 a.m. on Tuesdays, Fridays,    position with Capital Cleaners             gotten fussier about who they give
Saturdays, and Sundays, John enjoys       became available, John felt it would       patches to,” said John whose interest
walking the half-mile to work from        be a good location and a great job         in fire departments started with his
his apartment in Richfield; if the        match for him.                             cousin Duane, a firefighter in
weather is bad, he’s able to catch a                                                 Becker, Minn. He also loves the clas-
bus for a quick five-minute ride to       John, who is 55, also loves working        sic TV show M*A*S*H and as a
Southdale.                                the early morning hours because            result, is interested and knowledge-
                                          he’s home by 10:15 a.m. and has            able about the military.
“I have a lot of work to get done in      the rest of his day for other interest-
only four hours so I’m very focused,”     ing activities. For the past 20 years,     John’s good job enables him to live
said John. “Sometimes when my             John’s passion has been collecting         fairly independently in a homey,
supervisor Sam from Capital comes         fire and police department patches.        well-kept apartment. A living skills
to see how we’re doing, I’m too busy      He currently has 209 patches from          support staff from REM assists John
to even notice he’s there!”               stations across the country and            with such things as budgeting, gro-
                                                          Canada on display in       cery shopping, and taking him to
                                                          frames and shadow          medical appointments and
                                                          boxes or carefully         social/recreational activities. John
                                                          mounted in three-ring      checks in daily by phone with his
                                                          binder books. John         special friend Liz to talk about each
                                                          sends letters of request   other’s work days. He enjoys time
                                                          out and includes his       with his brothers Dave and Paul and
                                                                                     their families.
                                                           John is a proud           A well-traveled adventurer, John
                                                           collector of fire and     has taken a cruise and land trips
                                                           police department         with Search Beyond Adventures to
                                                           patches and has           “all points north, south, east and
                                                           more than 200 on          west,” he says, including Disneyland
                                                           display at home and       and Disneyworld, Seattle, and Las
                                                           mounted in books.         Vegas.

12    RISE REPORTER                                                                                           JULY 2010
                                      Generous supporters and sponsors
                                     ensure a most successful 18th annual
                                         Par Excellence Golf Tourney
                                        Proceeds top $25,000 which will be used
                                        to support Rise’s Transportation Services

         espite a rainy start on the     Hoffman and The Grunewald Group.         Net proceeds of the tournament,
         afternoon of Monday, June       Following an afternoon of challeng-      course contests, Wall of Wine, raf-
         14, the sun broke through       ing golf on the TPC course, golfers      fle, and silent auction will go to sup-
after a few holes of play and Rise’s     and their guests enjoyed a silent auc-   port Rise’s Transportation Services.
18th annual Par Excellence Golf          tion, dinner, and awards program         Rise professional van drivers travel
Tournament was a great success!          hosted by Jason DeRusha of WCCO-         more than 1.5 million miles each
Held for the first time at the           TV.                                      year taking at least 600 people a day
Tournament Player’s Club (TPC) in                                                 to and from work.
Blaine, this major fundraising event     Jeff Katz, one of our Rise’ing Stars
brought in golfing supporters of Rise    this year and an employee of The         Co-Chairs Steve Kraemer and Pat
from across the Twin Cities area.        Hockey Lodge and the Majestic            McLaughlin, along with everyone at
                                         Twins Clubhouse Store at Target          Rise, appreciate the tremendous
Congratulations to tournament win-       Field, was the featured speaker. He      generosity and support of business-
ners (two flights) First Place:          told the group of how proud and          es, sponsors, donors, volunteer,
Johnson, West & Co. PLC, and             thrilled he is to have turned his love   golfers and their guests.
Premium Waters. Second Places            of sports into a career. (See more of
were Pentair Technical Products-         Jeff’s story on pages 11 and 17.)

 Flight A First Place winners were Johnson West & Co.         Flight B First Place winners were Premium Waters. The
 PLC. Team members included Corey Edmunds, Cory               team included JD Seger, Mark Lindblom, DJ Welle, and
 Parnell, Jim Saxon, and Mike Saxon.                          John Hnath.

JULY 2010                                                                                        RISE REPORTER 13
Golfers enjoyed the challenging TPC course in Blaine;
several tournament contests spice up their rounds

Ninety-one golfers headed out for their starting positions on the              Volunteer George Jo Schwanz happily sold
beautiful TPC course in Blaine. Fortunately, most of the rain cleared          a buy-a-drive by a golf pro to Scott
up by the golfers’ third hole, making for a very nice afternoon.               Schoeben with team mate Kurt Johnson of
                                                                               The Bureau.

Team members
from Hays
celebrate Tom
Harrison’s good
putt at the
putting hole

                                                                           Hoping to hit a hole-in-one and take home this
                                                                           1960 Buick Electra 225 is the team from
                                                                           Clorox, including Ross MacMullan, Martin
                                                                           Wingard, Brian Steinbach, and Tim Brillowski.
                                                                           Thanks to Synergy Motor Car Company for this
                                                                           car and a 2010 Mustang on the second hole-in-
                                                                           one contest. Hays Companies donated hole-in-
                                                                           one insurance.

                                                                        Board Vice President Julie Weaver gives it
                                                                        her best shot on the putting contest while
                                                                        team mates Terri Doll and Chris Hansen
                                                                        from ActiFi and Rise’s Marketing
                                                                        Representative Nancy Hoff (far left) look on.

14   RISE REPORTER                                                                                              JULY 2010
Evening activities included
Silent Auction, Wall of Wine                                                      Gold Sponsors
                                                                          Federal Premium Ammunition *
The Silent                                                                The Grunewald Group *
Auction                                                                   Pentair Technical Products-Hoffman
offered guests
a wide array of
sporting items,                                                                   Silver Sponsors
event tickets,
home and                                                                  The Bureau of Engraving
office items,                                                             Hays Companies, Inc.
gift certificates                                                         John’s Auto Parts
for theater and                                                           Johnson, West & Co. PLC *
and much
more.                                                                          Corporate Sponsors
                                                                          Alerus Investment Advisors
                                                                          Clorox Sales Company
                                                                          Dailey Companies
                                                   Ryan Gulan from
                                                   Wells Fargo contem-
                                                                          Dan’s Complete Automotive Care
                                                   plates making a bid
                                                                          Hoglund Bus & Truck
                                                   on a mounted           Liberty Carton Co.
                                                   photo of the Target    Littler Mendelson
                                                   Field on the Twins’    Minenko and Hoff, P.A
                                                   home opener donat-     Northeast Bank
                                                   ed by Allegra Print    Premium Waters, Inc.
                                                   & Imaging in Blaine.   Prowire, Inc.
                                                                          Richard Scales Advertising Group
                                                                          Team Personnel Services, Inc.
                                         Steve Swain, vice president      TechInture, Inc.
                                         of Harebrain, purchased a        Julie Weaver
                                         few corks from the ‘Wall of      Wells Fargo Bank, Anoka
                                         Wine’ and took him some
                                         great bottles of wine.                       * Sponsor for all 18 years!

                                            originators Peter
                                            Magnuson (left)
                                            and his father-in-
                                            law and Rise
                                            Board member Jack
                                            Grunewald (right)
                                            enjoy the festivities
                                            with Tom Harrison
                                            from Hays

Tournament day photos by John Ballew Photography
Evening photos by Volunteer Mike Meloche

JULY 2010                                                                                   RISE REPORTER 15
                     Rise is grateful for the generous outpouring of
                   interest and support from our community partners
                                     Terri Anderson-Webb and Samuel   Mixed Blood Theatre
       Planning Committee            John Ballew Photography          Mounds View Animal Hospital
                                     John Barrett                     Mystic Lake Casino Hotel
Steve Kraemer, Co-Chair              Biaggi's Restaurant              Nelson's Cheese & Deli
Pat McLaughlin, Co-Chair             Bill's Gun Shop                  Lynn Noren
John Barrett                         Café Latte                       Northeast Bank
Beth DePoint                         Carol Clemens                    Oakdale Gun Club
Mary Kriz                            Central Park Liquors             Old Log Theater
                                     Chanhassen Dinner Theatre        Oneka Ridge Golf Course
Trudi Meloche
                                     Chiang Mai Thai                  Perfect 10 Carwash
                                     Comedy Sportz                    PORTICO Consulting, Vicki Fuehrer
       Auction Volunteers            Tom Conlon Photography           Rise’s Art Speaks Program
                                     Costco                           Rise Mental Health & Housing
Terri Anderson-Webb                  Dale Studios                       Support Staff
Molly Benson                         D'Amico & Sons                   Rockler Companies, Inc.
Lori Clauson                         Dan’s Complete Auto              Running Aces Harness Park
Carol Clemens                        Beth DePoint                     Saint Paul Saints
Barb Hesli                           edible Twin Cities Magazine      Sawmill/Loggers Trail Golf Courses
Pat Hesli                            Famous Dave’s                    Mark and Catherine Schneider
Peggy Kraemer                        Fogo de Chao                     Stages Theatre Company
Amanda Le                            4 Imprint                        Stella’s Fish Cafe
Rene Mart                            Fox Hollow Golf Club             Ted and Jean Stephenson
Barb McKay                           France 44 Liquor                 Target
Anne Mornes                          Grand Casino                     The Lexington Restaurant
Beth Pogreba                         Jack and Jan Grunewald           Theater in the Round
Amy Weber                            Guthrie Theater                  Thomas Liquor
                                     Pat Hesli                        Three Rivers Park District
  Tournament Day Volunteers          Hoglund Bus & Truck              Toro
                                     Hollydale Golf Course            Trader Joe's
Brigid Alseth                        Hotel Sofitel                    Twin City Attorneys, PA
Nancy Hoff                           Sarah Houle-Johns                Universal Orlando Resort (special
Gloria Koreen                        Bertha Hsiao                       thanks to MotivAction)
Peggy Kraemer                        Hyatt Minneapolis                University of Minnesota Golden
Dallas and Jan Lien                  Inver Wood Golf Course             Gopher Sports
Ray and Phyllis Maik                 Jackpot Junction/Dacotah Ridge   WCCO-TV
Mike Meloche                           Golf Course                    Julie Weaver
Shirley and Gene O’Neil              Randy and Michele Johnson        Wild Wings Game Farm
John Nielsen                         Jungle Theater                   Mary Zins
Shirley Rasmussen                    Peggy and Steve Kraemer
Judy Rice                            Mark and Mary Kriz                     In-Kind Contributors
George and Mary Jo Schwanz           Don Lavin
Jim Valaar                           Lexington Floral                 Jason DeRusha, WCCO-TV News
                                     Littler Mendelson Foundation     DJV Lable and Packaging -
Contributors to the Silent Auction   Majestic Twins Clubhouse Store     Selco Graphics
 Wall of Wine, and Tournament        Barb McKay                       Hays Companies
                                     Pat McLaughlin                   Jeff Katz, guest speaker
Air Tran Airlines                    Trudi and Tom Meloche            Peter Magnuson, guest speaker
Allegra Print & Imaging              Mermaid Bowling Center           Premium Waters, John Hnath
Allianz                              Minneapolis Hilton               Mark Rosen, WCCO Sports
AmericInn Lodge & Suites of          Minnesota Orchestra              Richard Scales Advertising
 Coon Rapids                         Minnesota Twins                  Synergy Motor Car Company
                                     Minnesota Vikings

16   RISE REPORTER                                                                             JULY 2010
Jeff turns his passion for sports into
a great career with two Minnesota
                                                                                       happy and excited for the Wild games.

pro teams, the Twins and the Wild
                                                                                       “As the hockey season was coming to
                                                                                       an end, I realized I wanted another

                                                                                       job that I could work in the off- sea-
                                                                                       son. Anne and I started looking for a
                                                                                          seasonal position for the spring and
    eff Katz had a lot in common with                                                     summer months.”
    the dinner guests at Rise’s Par
    Excellence Golf Tournament --                                                         Jeff immediately thought of the
foremost, his great love of sports.                                                       new Twins stadium at Target Field.
People were rapt as Jeff spoke during                                                     “The day I applied to work at the
the awards dinner, and gave him a                                                         Majestic Twins Clubhouse Store, it
standing ovation at the end of his                                                        was a bitterly cold February day
speech.                                                                                   and I was among hundreds of peo-
                                                                                          ple waiting outside for an hour just
Despite having cerebral palsy and a                                                       to get in for a five-minute inter-
visual impairment, Jeff is proud to be                                                    view. But I got the job and my first
able to live an active, independent                                                       day of work was very exciting. This
life, and working at jobs he loves.                                                       was huge deal for the State of
                                                                                          Minnesota and I was eager to be a
Jeff told the golfers and their guests                                                    part of it. I’ve been working there
that he has never once let his disabili-                                                  since March and enjoy every
ties stop him from doing the things he                                                    minute of it. I greet customers as
enjoys. He was active in Cub Scouts                                                       they come into the store, help
and Special Olympics; from a young                                                        straighten and organize merchan-
age, Jeff participated in soccer, speed                                                   dise, and assist customers with any
skating and downhill sledding.              sports, but I needed some assistance,”     questions they may have.”
                                            said Jeff. “I began working with Anne
“When I was six, I broke the local          Mornes at Rise to find another part-       “Jeff has continued to improve during
record for longest distance in the          time job that I could do while working     his training,” said Lead Supervisor
downhill sledding event,” Jeff remem-       at Target. While searching online one      Linda Hermann. “Our guests enjoy
bered with a laugh. “I was honored to       day, I found a seasonal sales associate    chatting with him and he answers their
take part in the International Special      position for The Hockey Lodge at the       questions with confidence. Jeff’s one
Olympics in both 1987 and 1998 and          Excel Energy Center in St. Paul. I         of our best greeters.”
traveled to Notre Dame and North            immediately applied and was thrilled
Carolina. In 1988, I was one of 26 ath-     to be hired.”                              Jeff is appreciative of the support he’s
letes from around the world who were                                                   received from Rise and specifically,
chosen to attend the Winter Olympics        Manager Scott Sarkis and the rest of       Anne. “She has assisted me with every
in Calgary which was the trip of a life-    the staff at the Hockey Lodge wel-         aspect of the job search, from applying
time. I participated in a speed-skating     comed Jeff and made him feel right at      for positions to taking me to job orien-
demonstration and went to many of           home.                                      tation meetings. Without Rise’s sup-
the events like hockey, figure skating                                                 port, I may not be where I am today --
and speed skating.”                         “Scott knew of my visual impairment        with two jobs that I love. I enjoy hav-
                                            and was willing to work with Anne          ing the support from Anne and know
Jeff is a passionate fan of all the         and me to create a job that would          that she is there to assist me with any
Minnesota sports teams, but especially      benefit both me and The Hockey             challenges that may come up. I’m am
the Twins and the Wild. Although Jeff       Lodge. It was this kind of attitude that   enjoying working this summer at
was already employed as an inside           earned The Hockey Lodge an                 Target Field and plan to start back at
cart attendant at Target, he wanted to      Employer of the Year award from Rise       The Hockey Lodge again this fall.”
work more. Last year his State Services     (see page 5). I have many job tasks on
for the Blind rehabilitation counselor      the sales floor, including restocking      After work, Jeff keeps busy with social
referred Jeff to Rise for career planning   merchandise, straightening shelves         activities at Vail Place and enjoys tak-
and job placement services.                 and assisting customers. I think the       ing vacations with family and friends.
                                            best part about this job is the environ-   He also plays Beep Ball with The
“I really wanted a job that involved        ment I get to be in -- everyone is         Fighting Lions, a baseball team for
                                                                                       people with visual impairments.

JULY 2010                                                                                            RISE REPORTER          17
Rise’s Industrial Services opens new production
facility to accommodate expanding subcontracts
      ocated in the Frogtown neigh-                                                                        Premium
      borhood of St. Paul, Rise’s                                                                          Waters
      Industrial Services opened an                                                                        contracts
auxiliary production facility earlier                                                                      with Rise to
this spring to help meet the ever-                                                                         handle its
increasing need for work space.                                                                            Custom Label
Production Manager Ted Gilson                                                                              orders. Rise
notes that the St. Paul Operations                                                                         workers fulfill
building has more than 40,000                                                                              more than
square feet of production workspace                                                                        3.5 million
as well as 3,500 square feet of office                                                                     specialty
and meeting space. Currently, Rise’s                                                                       water bottles
Industrial Services division is run-                                                                       each year.
ning several large subcontracts
there, including work for Premium
Waters, Custom Water Works, Lube
Tech, Rockler, Clorox, Rohn
Industries, and other customers.          staff from Rise’s Work in Progress       look for suitable, unsubsidized
                                          Transitional Work Experience (TWE)-      employment.
The new Ramsey County location is         Ramsey County and two staff from
close to a major MTC bus line, mak-       Pathways for Refugees-Resettlement       TWE staff employment consultants
ing it easily accessible for those who    Program Office (RPO) also have           are bilingual and culturally sensitive.
use public transportation. It is also a   offices located in the St. Paul          To help ensure people’s successful
great location for commercial truck-      Operations building.                     transition to competitive employ-
ing.                                                                               ment, Work in Progress also assist
                                          Rise’s TWE program offers a wide         with communication and coordina-
Along with production staff, four         range of supported work opportuni-       tion with MFIP counselors, individ-
                                          ties and experiences to meet the         ual employment counseling, and
                                                     refugees’ varied interests,   follow-up visits at employment site
                                                     training, and skill levels.   or off-site to help stabilize job
                                                     Over a 12-week period,        retention.
                                                     people benefit from
                                                     employment planning,          Participants from other Rise
                                                     paid work experience,         programs are working and training at
                                                     job-skills building, and      St. Paul Operations as needs of the
                                                     preparation for competi-      production subcontracts require.
                                                     tive employment.              Workers from Rise’s Community-
                                                                                   Based Training and Employment
                                                     TWE participants work         (CBTE) program, Structured Day
                                                     up to 40 hours a week         Program for people with traumatic
                                                     earning $7.50 an hour.        and acquired brain injuries, and CIP-
                                                     The wide variety of pro-      Coon Rapids, a day training and
                                                     duction work at St. Paul      employment program, provide quali-
                                                     Operations helps people       ty production services to Rise sub-
                                                     build their work skills       contract customers.
                                                     and expand their work
                                                     experience while they         St. Paul Operations is located at 807
                                                                                   Hampden Ave., just east of Hwy.
Rise workers clean and refurbish more than 250
                                                                                   280 and north of University Avenue.
water coolers per week for Premium Waters.

18 RISE REPORTER                                                                                              JULY 2010
Brian Hoffman thrives on his                                                       met a lot of great people through the

independent lifestyle; is especially
                                                                                   Knights,” said Brian.

proud to be a Knight of Columbus
                                                                                   The KC Council has more than 470

                                                                                   members from Anoka County area
                                                                                   churches, said Grand Knight Jim
                                                                                   Masteller. “But Brian is among the
    t’s been more than 18 years since    lenges, Brian never complains. He         40 or so core group of men who do
    Brian Hoffman first graduated        genuinely cares about his coworkers       most everything. He attends every
    from high school and left his        and is quick to offer them a helping      monthly meeting and likes to get
home town of Two Harbors in              hand.”                                    involved in most of our activities,
northern Minnesota to take up resi-                                                including the Tootsie Roll Drive,
dence at Courage Center in the Twin      “I’m proud that I was asked to move       bingo, even riding on our float in
Cities. It was a huge personal chal-     to Rise North to work – it’s really       the annual Anoka Halloween parade
lenge, but despite his cerebral palsy,   challenging work and you have to          and working at our haunted house.
Brian was eager to learn to live on      be very accurate. I like the variety of   He’s a great Knight.”
his own and train for a career.          jobs and that I earn more money.
                                         It’s important for me to work - I’d go    Mike Petschl drives Brian to church
He lived at Courage Center for 18        crazy if I didn’t have a job.”            occasionally as well as to many
months during which time he went                                                   Knights meetings and events. “Brian
through a computer assessment and        Brian, who is 36, works three days a      is an outstanding person. He loves
then attended training classes with      week at Data Ability and one day a        to get involved – to see him in
Marty Olson, who now works as            week as a janitor at Rise’s Crystal       action on a mission in an inspiration
Rise’s manager of IT Services. “Brian    office location. On Tuesdays, he          to me and the others. He has a real
picked up computer skills pretty         goes to Courage Center to work out        rapport with people and we are very
quickly,” Marty remembers. “He           in their physical fitness facility.       glad he’s a member of our Council.”
trained on IntelliKeys, an adaptive
keyboard, and learned Microsoft          While he’s on the job, he’s all busi-     Brian served on Rise’s Consumer
Word and Excel and other computer        ness, Marty added. “But the glint in      Advisory Council for six years,
basics. Brian seemed to really enjoy     his eyes lets you know Brian is           including terms as vice president
it.”                                     always poised with a good joke to         and president. In his free time, he
                                         tell or give some good-natured teas-      enjoys being on the Internet, going
Today, Brian is a data entry clerk       ing. Well known for his great sense       to movies and shopping. Brian espe-
with Data Ability and specializes in     of humor, Brian can take it as well       cially loves going to Camp Courage
entering data for many of Rise’s         as he can dish it out.”                   where he has enjoyed the
administrative departments, includ-                                                Minnesota wilderness every summer
ing payroll, transportation, and pro-    Brian has lived in his own apartment      since he was seven years old.
duction. He also periodically works      in Champlin since
on mailing list and survey subcon-       1994. He is a mem-
tracts for other Rise customers. Brian   ber of St. Stephen’s
uses a customized keyboard               Catholic Church in
designed to meet his specific needs      Anoka and fellow
and skills.                              parishioners often
                                         pick him up to take
“Brian has an admirable work ethic       him to mass. Brian
and each day he does the best he         has also been a
can when working on his data entry       member of the
tasks,” said Data Ability Specialist     Knights of Columbus
Katie Whiteford. “When he comes          Council #2018 since
through the door, Brian has a smile      1997. He has served
on his face, you can’t help but smile    as Inside Guard and
yourself.                                been on the Degree
                                         Team for more than
“Even with his many daily chal-          eight years. “I have

JULY 2010                                                                                       RISE REPORTER        19
    Minnesotans again lead
   the nation in volunteering
     Rise appreciates the many
    supporters who donate time,
        talent and resources

                                                             Cummins Power Generation
                                                             wins award for recycle program
                                                             it has with Rise, CommonBond
                                                             E  mployees of Cummins Power Generation in Fridley
                                                                recently won a prestigious corporate award from
                                                             Cummins, Inc. for their work to help remove recycling
                                                             barriers at Parkview Villa in Fridley, a CommonBond
                                                             affordable housing community residence. Cummins part-
                                                             nered with this nonprofit housing site for seniors and

Area groups help spruce up
                                                             people with disabilities and hired a Rise program partici-
                                                             pant who is a resident to collect recyclable materials

Rise Twin Cities locations
                                                             throughout the building.

                                                             The project has improved residents’ recycling participa-
    ack for the second year, volunteers from Aveda           tion by 50 percent. Recycled paper is shredded and sent
    Research and Development in Mounds View (shown           to the Animal Humane Society to be used for bedding.
here) donated their time and gardening talents this spring
to do some gardening and patio clean-up at Creative          Among those attending a special celebration were Rise’s
Partnerships North/Data Ability in Crystal. They also        Marketing Representative Nancy Hoff (bottom left),
painted two offices; Home Depot in Blaine donated            Director of Development Trudi Meloche (bottom right),
$100 to be used for paint and painting supplies.             President John Barrett (top right), Cummins, Inc.
                                                             Chairman and CEO Tim Solso (top front row far left), and
Again this year, Bailey’s Garden Center, in conjunction      Cummins, Inc. Vice President and Cummins Power
the Minnesota Green Program (part of the Minnesota           Generation President Tony Satterthwaite (back row, sec-
Horticulture Society) donated bulb plants and lilies that    ond from right).
were left over from their spring flower show. Staff plant-
ed more than $1,000 worth of beautiful flowers and           In celebration of Cummins’ 90th Anniversary, employees
plants at CIP-Coon Rapids, Rise corporate headquarters       responded to an Environmental Challenge by working on
in Spring Lake Park, and Rise’s Crystal location.            62 projects around the world. Of those, the top 13 proj-
                                                             ects were selected to receive $10,000 grants from the
In addition, Edina City Garden clubs and North               Cummins Foundation to donate to nonprofit community
Hennepin donated a number of perennials which were           partners of their choice. Rise appreciates being a recipi-
planted at Creative Partnerships North/Data Ability. “We     ent of Cummins’ generosity.
are so fortunate to be able to be a part of this group as
this really helps to beautify our spaces on a small budg-    Cummins has a long-standing commitment to the com-
et,” said Data Ability Service Team Leader Terri             munities in which its operations are located. Cummins’
Anderson-Webb who helped coordinate the contribu-            employees strive to live out one of its corporate mission
tions with help from Community Habilitation Specialist       statements: “Demanding that everything we do leads to a
Debbie Gustafson and CIP Specialist Lori Johnson.            cleaner, healthier, safer environment.”

20 RISE REPORTER                                                                                            JULY 2010
Medtronic employees brave a hot,
sultry summer afternoon to tend
Towerview yards and playgrounds
T  he blazing Minnesota summer sun and high humidity
   didn’t slow down fourteen hard-working volunteers
from Twin Cities Medtronic locations who spent the after-
noon of June 22 cleaning up the yards and playgrounds at
two of Rise’s transitional housing sites in Blaine, Tower-
view North and South. Members of Girl Scout Troop
#50791 also helped them plant perennials which were
donated by a member of Medtronic’s Gardening Club.

Medtronic is passionate about improving the health of
people and communities throughout the world. Its philan-

                                                                               In-Kind Giving
thropic efforts, including its Mission in Motion employee
volunteer program, reflect that passion for community
involvement in areas where they feel they can make               Rise, Inc. greatly appreciates the generosity of our
unique and positive contributions. During the month of           community supporters year after year. In addition
June, more than 450 employees participated in a variety          to gifts and pledges of cash or other appreciated
of volunteer events in the Minneapolis area. Rise appreci-       assets, we have opportunities to contribute in-kind
ates the many ways Medtronic and its employees support           gifts to Rise which are directly helpful to our mis-
our mission.                                                     sion of supporting employment and housing for
                                                                 people with barriers.

                                                                 Individuals or corporations interested in contribut-
                                                                 ing equipment or furniture should contact Director
                                                                 of Development Trudi Meloche via email at
                                                        or by phone: 763-792-2415.

                                                                 Rise is currently in need of:
                                                                   * Office desks, chairs, lamps and artwork
                                                                   * Conference table and chairs
                                                                   * Rack with magnet ID cards
                                                                   * Water-friendly easy lifts
                                                                   * Parking lot lighting
                                                                   * Landscaping materials and garden tools

Evolve your workplace - Think Beyond the Label

       hirty states, including Minnesota, are participating   infrastructure and approach that connects businesses to
       in the Think Beyond the Label program to help          qualified candidates with disabilities. Its goal is to raise
       spread the word about hiring people with disabili-     awareness that hiring people with disabilities makes
ties. The Think Beyond the Label website provides expert      good business sense.
tools and resources to businesses looking to evolve their
workforce. If you are a job-seeker or a service provider,     Employees with disabilities have unique, competitively
you will find resources just for you at:                      relevant knowledge and perspectives about work                                  processes and can bring different ideas to meeting work
                                                              requirements and goals successfully. Hiring someone
Think Beyond the Label is a partnership of health and         who “thinks outside the box” might be thinking too small
human service and employment agencies coming togeth-          when there’s an opportunity to hire someone who lives
er with federal grants to help build a uniform national       outside the box.

JULY 2010                                                                                           RISE REPORTER 21
                                                     Are you up to the challenge?
                                                    Put your talents into action for
                                                     the experience of a lifetime!
The Bridges to Self-Sufficiency AmeriCorps project is an interagency partnership involving seven Twin Cities area
nonprofit organizations who are joining forces to address the need for one-on-one mentoring for disadvantaged
people in our community. The collaborating agencies include the Greater Twin Cities United Way, Catholic
Charities, People for Pride in Living (PPL), Hunger Solutions, Lifetrack Resources, Inc., AccessAbility, and Rise.

The Bridges Pathways to Self-Sufficiency project has two overarching goals:
    * Assist economically disadvantaged residents of the Twin Cities and surrounding areas in identifying and
connecting to public and community resources to support their economic stability and financial health.
    * Promote economic self-sufficiency goals of individuals who have a wide array of employability barriers
through resource navigation, and connections to critical services, as well as offer direct employability and job
readiness assistance.

AmeriCorps members receive training and serve alongside agency staff with close supervision and mentoring to
support their activities. Members serve people with disabilities, refugees and immigrants, welfare recipients, and others
who are unemployed or underemployed. The fundamental objective is to offer one-on-one mentoring support for
project participants to build a more independent life for themselves and their families.

AmeriCorps members willing to make a one-year commitment to national service will join a larger team of community
citizens who are dedicating their collective time and talents to support a better life through economic stability for all
Twin Cities residents. In addition to a great life experience, AmeriCorps members who participate in national service
are eligible for benefits including a living allowance, education award, regular holidays off, health care insurance, and
child care reimbursement.

      Your world.                                             For more information about the

      Your chance
                                                      Bridges to Self-Sufficiency AmeriCorps project,
                                                               please visit Rise’s website at:
   to make it better.                                           or email:
Minnesota officially apologizes for 100
years of institutionalization, deplorable
treatment of people with disabilities

      elf-advocates have worked to        a bipartisan basis, was willing to
      get this apology for 16 years.      make this apology.
      Minnesota finally said, “I’m
sorry” -- sorry for the way people        “For over 100 years, Minnesota had
with disabilities were treated in state   public policies that took people with
institutions.                             mental illness and disabilities away
                                          from their families and communities     denied the dignity that every person
In its early history and for decades      and committed them to state institu-    deserves. This is a shameful part of
since, Minnesotans who had disabil-       tions. In those institutions, some      Minnesota’s history.
ities were forced to work without         were forced to work without pay,
pay. Medical experiments done on          some were subjected to medical          “By offering this public apology, the
them without their consent. In addi-      experiments and procedures without      state acknowledges its past mistakes,
tion to inhumane treatments, people       their consent, some were subjected      and helps put closure on this era.
were given shock treatments or iso-       to punitive shock treatments, aver-     This apology may not seem impor-
lated to punish them for things they      sive treatments and isolation.          tant to some, but for people who
couldn’t control.                                                                 were wrongfully committed to these
                                          “The Senate Health Committee            institutions earlier in their lives, this
Senator John Marty, author of the         heard from adults who spent their       apology is of great importance. For
Minnesota apology bill, issued this       childhood locked in an institution,     the individuals and families affected,
statement in May:                         away from their families, sometimes     they are finally hearing the state say
                                          being cruelly punished for things       these meaningful words, ‘We’re
“I am very pleased that the state, on     beyond their control. They were         sorry.’”

Jenny Johnson participates in the See Their Faces project
to give a nameless, buried Minnesotan an identity
V   olunteers and staff with ACT’s
    (Advocating Change Together)
Remembering with Dignity project
                                                                                  Rise’s Community-Based Training
                                                                                  and Employment (CBTE) program,
                                                                                  was one of the many volunteers who
recently unveiled a series of artisti-                                            put a face to a name or number of
cally created portraits of people who                                             someone who had been buried in an
were buried in anonymous, num-                                                    anonymous, unmarked grave.
bered graves.
                                                                                  Through the See Their Faces project,
The Remembering with Dignity proj-                                                volunteer artists were given a sketch
ect has been converting the num-                                                  pad and asked to draw a face for the
bered grave markers to proper head-                                               buried individual.
stones of people who lived in the
past century and died in one of                                                   Jenny said, “It was interesting to do
Minnesota’s state hospitals.                                                      this. I didn’t think I could do art, but
                                          vided funds to restore 5,629 mark-      I did. I drew somebody who only
Minnesota had more than 13,000            ers.                                    had a number and I feel good about
unmarked or numbered graves.                                                      that.”
Since the project began in 1994, the      Jenny Johnson (shown above), who                  ~ Photo and some information
Minnesota State Legislature has pro-                                                       courtesy of Access Press, St. Paul
                                          works at Liberty Carton through

JULY 2010                                                                                        RISE REPORTER            23
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         Change Service Requested

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                                                       RISE REPORTER

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                                              Published for the associates of Rise, Inc.,
                                            a nonprofit agency serving people who have
                                           disabilities and other barriers to employment,
                                                housing, and community integration.
Rise, Inc. supports people who have
   disabilities and other barriers to      Beth DePoint
employment and housing in attaining          Editor, Director of Public Relations
their personal measure of vocational       John J. Barrett
  achievement, safe and affordable           President
                                           Gene Merriam
    housing, self-sufficiency, and
                                             Chair, Rise Board of Directors
  belonging in their communities.
                                                  Rise is an Affirmative Action /
   Rise is dedicated to building a              Employment Opportunity employer
community which is more accepting
of all of its citizens. We support the
       development of creative           For more information about Rise, Inc.,
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