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									Search Engine Optimization

       By: Alex Robertson
      Spartanburg Steel Products
Stand out from your competition online


Why your website is important
            of buyers use the internet to research
            purchase decisions

The average number of people involved
     in making a purchasing decision =

                    of buyers will seek a new
                    supplier1 if your website doesn’t
                    provide the information they
                                   ThomasNet / Google Survey
The new process for supplier sourcing

                      The industrial sourcing
                   process has evolved from one
                          that was largely
                      offline & collaborative

                      to one that is largely
                      online & independent

Website essentials

           Buyers Expect

           Detailed information
           Ease of use
           Up-to-date information
           Search tools & functionality
           Ability to take action

 Building a website that works
Start by asking some basic questions:
• Who are your target audiences? Engineers, purchasing agents, facilities &
  maintenance professionals, etc.?
• What products/services do potential customers look for? Can they verify
  that you offer these products/services from your home or landing page?
• How do your customers shop? What keywords or products are they likely
  to search to find what they need?
• What tools do you need to make available on your website to help them
  drill down to the exact product or service they want?
• What questions will potential customers ask about your offerings? What
  info do you need from a prospective buyer to quote the job?
• Does the information you provide on your website persuade people to
  contact you, or buy from you?
Measuring the results
•   How many unique visitors came to my site this week?
•   How long did they stay?
•   What pages did they view?
•   Where did these visitors come from?
•   What key phrases did they use?
•   How many of these visitors took an action?

Search Engine Optimization

 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• SEO - Increasing visitors to your website or landing page
  by improving positioning within browser search results
• Search Engine Rankings (2010 US)

 SEO Success Pyramid
Pyramid Reference

 SEO you can do
        Post your company/product related photos to a free image hosting
        site, i.e.
        Save your sales & company presentations as video files and post
        them on YouTube
 Be sure to tag your photos & videos with relevant keywords & descriptions, and your
          company website URL to link the photos &/or videos to your site!!!
        Enter your company’s website info on web directories, i.e.,,
         Manage & update your website info & business location entry on
         Google (via G. Maps) - this helps your site appear in area search results
         Post white papers / write an entry about your company’s history and
         manufacturing processes on Wikipedia
          Be careful not to “advertise”, only post general information & knowledge using
                     non-promotional wording or they will reject your posting)

  Tools & reference material

        Search Engine Optimization (SEO)                CLICK ICON

How to Plan a Successful SEO Campaign                   CLICK ICON

 Suggested Books:
• Pull : The Power of the Semantic Web to Transform Your Business – David Siegel

• Web Marketing All-in-One For Dummies
 - Arnold, [et. All]


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