Why Anansi has Thin Legs Story by emsecommy


									Themes:            World of stories
Focus:             Listening and Speaking
Topic:             Spiders
Content Standard:  1.3 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able to
                   understand and respond to oral texts in a variety of contexts.
Learning Standard: 1.3.1 Able to listen to and demonstrate understanding of oral texts by: (a)
                   giving Yes/No replies; (b) answering simple Wh-Questions.
Objectives:        By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:
                   1. listen to a story
                   2. answer simple Wh-Questions
Time:              60 minutes
Teaching Aids:     Computer/laptop, Projector, Internet , Why Anansi has Thin Legs Story,
                   Why Anansi has Thin Legs Activity, Worksheet, What's the Spider Having for
                   Dinner, Activity Worksheet
By                 Roupa Darshany

 Activity                                                                                 Teaching &                Notes
 1. Teacher tells pupils that they are going to hear a                                    Listening &
 story about Anansi. Teacher may introduce Anansi as                                      Speaking
 a very special spider. Teacher asks pupils what they
 think of spiders.

 Possible prompts:

 Do you like spiders or do you think they’re scary?
 Are there lots of spiders where you live?
 When was the last time you saw a spider?
 Do you know any more stories or songs about spiders?
 What are they called?

 2. Teacher plays the Why Anansi has Thin Legs Story                                      Listening                 The story on Anansi is displayed
 for pupils to listen to.                                                                                           from:

 3. Teacher asks pupils questions regarding the story.                                    Listening &
 Wh-Questions:                                                                            Speaking;
 1. What are the animals that Anansi saw in the story?
 2. What are the animals cooking for dinner?                                              Recalling &
 3. Who is cooking the sweet potatoes?                                                    Responding

 4. Teacher distributes the Why Anansi has Thin Legs                                      Recalling &               Anansi Activity sheet is
 Activity Worksheet relating to the story.                                                Responding                downloaded from:

 The United Kingdom’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. A registered charity: 209131 (England and Wales) SC037733 (Scotland).
Assessment:                                                     Recalling &
Teacher asks pupils how many animals they saw in the
story and what their names are. Pupils write their
answers in their exercise books.

Remedial:                                                       Listening &
Teacher plays the story again and pause at each
scene to ask pupils Wh-Questions

Enrichment:                                                     Enjoyment &    http://learnenglishkids.britishcoun
                                                                Appreciation   cil.org/sites/kids/files/attachment/s
Teacher distributes an activity sheet on 'What's the                           piders-activity_1.pdf
spider having for dinner?' Pupils answer the items in
the activity sheet

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Anansi is a clever and cunning spider. He’s got eight legs, a big head and a very fat body. Anansi is always
hungry and he loves eating.
Rabbit is Anansi’s friend. He is cooking greens in his pot.
“Mmmm! I can smell greens!” says Anansi.
“They are not ready yet. Why don’t you stay and wait?” asked Rabbit.
“No, I can’t stay, but I’ve got an idea. Pull my web when the greens are ready and I’ll come running!” suggested
“Okay, Anansi!” replied Rabbit.
A little while later, Anansi meets his friends, the Monkeys.
“Mmmm! I can smell beans!” said Anansi.
“Come and eat our beans with us – they are almost ready.” said one of the Monkeys.
“No, I can’t, but I’ve got an idea! Pull my web when the beans are ready and I’ll come running!” suggested
The Monkeys agreed.
Not long after that, Anansi sees his friend, the Hog.
“Mmmm! I can smell sweet potatoes – with honey!” said Anansi.
“Yes, that’s right. Come and eat my food with me”, invited the Hog.
“No, I can’t, but I’ve got an idea! Pull my web when the sweet potatoes are ready and I’ll come running!”
suggested Anansi.
“Okay, Anansi”, replied the Hog.
When Anansi arrives at the river all his eight legs are tied with webs. All the food is ready and the animals pull
the webs.
Anansi falls over and his legs get thinner and thinner.
“Maybe that wasn’t a good idea after all. Look at my thin legs! Oh well, maybe there’s some food at home”,
sighed Anansi.

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