LOCAL ORGANIZING COMMITTEE

                                                                            Costas Apostolides, CDA President, Committee Chairman.
                                                                            Yiannis Laouris, CNTI President, Com. Deputy Chairman.
3 INTERNATIONAL MULTILINGUALISM                                             Ersin Oztoycan, NCDA President.
AND DYSLEXIA CONFERENCE                                                     Maria Potamitis, EDA & CDA Board Member.
“MULTILINGUAL & CROSS-CULTURAL                                              Olga Messios, CDA Board Member.
PERSPECTIVES ON DYSLEXIA”                                                   Eleni Rossidou, CDA Board Member.

14-16 July 2005                                                             REVIEW COMMITTEE
                                                                                   Prof. G. Th. Pavlidis, FIARLD,Chairman, University of
                             ORGANIZERS                                             Macedonia, Thessaloniki, GREECE.
EDA (European Dyslexia Association), CDA (Cyprus Dyslexia                          Prof. P.G. Aaron, FIARLD, Indiana University, Indiana, USA.
Association) in corporation with the BDA (British Dyslexia Association)            Prof. M. Bogdanowicz, Gdansk University, Gdansk,
and the IDA (International Dyslexia Association) that organized the first           POLAND.
conferences in Manchester, UK (1999) and the second in Washington                  Prof. C. W. Haynes, MGH Institute of Health Professions,
DC, USA (2002).                                                                     Boston, USA.
                                                                                   Prof. R.M. Joshi, FIARLD, A&M University, Texas, USA.
INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE                                                            Dr. L. Peer, CBE, International Dyslexia Psychologist and
                                                                                    Consultant, Herts, UK.
H. Alan Sayles, EDA President, co-chair.
                                                                                   Prof. S. Tresman, Chief Executive and Education Director of
Dr. Lindsay Peer, CBE co-chair.
                                                                                    BDA, Reading, UK.
Costas Apostolides, CDA President.
Prof. Charles W. Haynes, IDA Vice-President.
                      nd                                                    PURPOSE
Michael Kalmár, EDA 2 Vice-President.
Prof. Susan Tresman, BDA Executive Director.
                                                                            The purpose of this conference is to increase our understanding on
Carol Young, BDA Policy Director.
                                                                            Multilingual and Cross-Cultural Perspectives of Dyslexia. The target
                                                                            audience of this conference will include classroom and special
                                                                            education teachers, dyslexia and specific learning disability specialists,
                                                                            cross-linguistic and cross-cultural researchers, psychologists, medical
                                                                            and legal professionals, speech-language therapists, English as a
                                                                            Second Language and foreign language teachers and clinical and
                                                                            school administrators.

                                                                           CALL FOR PAPERS Submission deadline: 15         April 2005
                                                                           The EDA & CDA, in collaboration with the BDA & IDA, request
1.   Multilingualism and Dyslexia                                          submissions for an international conference, “Multilingual and Cross-
2.   Policy on Dyslexia                                                    Cultural Perspectives on Dyslexia”. This is the third event in a
3.   Identification and Assessment                                         continuing series of conferences on the topic of „Multilingualism and
4.   Foreign Language Teaching and Dyslexia                                Dyslexia‟. The first was held in Manchester, England in 1999 and the
5.   Phonological Skills                                                   second was held in Washington, DC, USA in 2002.
6.   Dyslexia and the Brain
7.   Teaching and Learning for Multilingual Dyslexic Learners              Speakers for sessions that are accepted for presentation will have CY
8.   Information Technology                                                ₤40 returned to them from registration for the day(s) they are
                                                                           scheduled to present. Accepted speakers are expected to pay costs for
The symposia themes are subject to change according to the seminar         their own transportation, accommodation, meals and special events.
proposals. Other themes may also be considered.                            For information with respect to submitting an abstract please
                                                                           refer to GUIDELINES FOR CALL FOR PAPERS / POSTER
KEYNOTE SPEAKERS (PRELIMINARY)                                             SESSIONS / FORM A4.

    Prof. Esther Geva, University of Toronto-OISE, Toronto, Ontario,      REGISTRATION FEES
     CANADA.                                                                                            Actual    Indicative only
    Dr. Nata Goulandris, Department of Human Communication                Categories                   Price     Price      Price          Price
                                                                                                                           +            +          +
     Sciences, University College, London, U.K.                                                         (CYP)     (Dollar)   (Sterling)     (Euro)
    Prof. R. Malatesha Joshi, FIARLD, College of Education,               Conference Participants
     Teaching, Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, USA.          (August 2004-March 2005)
                                                                                                        175.00     402.5        213.5       302.75
    Prof. George Th. Pavlidis, FIARLD, University of Macedonia,           discount rate
     Thessaloniki, Macedonia, GREECE.                                      Conference Participants
                                                                           (April-July 2005)full rate   235.00     540.5        286.7       406.55
    Dr. Lindsay Peer, CBE, International Dyslexia Psychologist and
     Consultant, Herts, U.K.
                                                                           (August 2004-March 2005)
    Dr. IIhan Raman, School of Health and Social Sciences,                discount rate
                                                                                                        175.00*    402.5        213.5       302.75
     Middlesex University, UK.                                             Presenters/Posters
    Dr. Johannes Ziegler, Laboratoire de Psychlogie Cognitive,            (April-July 2005)full rate   235.00*    540.5        286.7       406.55
     Universite de Province, FRANCE.                                       CDA/NCDA members/
                                                                           Students (including lunch)    85.00     195.5        103.7       147.05
PROGRAM                                                                    CDA/NCDA members/
The program includes two keynote speakers (1 in the morning and 1 in the   Students (excluding lunch)    58.00     133.4        70.76       100.34
afternoon) and 8 symposium sessions per day. The last day includes two
                                                                           Exhibitions (per booth)      300.00      690          366          519
keynote speakers and workshops.
                                                                           Registration for One day      85.00     195.5        103.7       147.05
We are currently accepting proposals for symposia. Abstracts should        Registration for Two days    150.00    345.00       183.00        259.5
be submitted to asayles@iolfree.ie.                                        Notes:
                                                                           + CALCULATED AT: CY₤1= $2.3, s₤1.22, E 1.73 on 30/11/04.
x All the above prices include lunch and 2 coffee breaks for the
three conference days. Please note that rates (dollar, sterling,           HOTEL RESERVATIONS
euro) are indicative.
* Accepted presenters and poster sessions will have 40 CY                  There are four categories available for accommodation.
pounds of their registration fees returned to them on arrival at the       Prices per night. (Please refer to form A4 below).
conference (excluding students, CDA/NCDA members).
* Exhibitions are not charged registration.                                HAWAII GRAND HOTEL-5 STARS*
                                                                           DOUBLE                                  CYP £ 110
METHOD OF PAYMENT                                                          SINGLE                                  CYP £ 75
            rd                                                             ELIAS BEACH HOTEL-4 STAR*
For the 3 International Multilingualism & Dyslexia Conference
“Multilingual & Cross Cultural Perspectives on Dyslexia”, payments         DOUBLE                                  CYP £ 80
should be made in CYP (Cyprus Pounds). The applications will be            SINGLE                                  CYP £ 55
valid upon receipt of payment. For further information on the methods      NAVARIA HOTEL – 3 STAR*
of payment please refer to our website at                                  DOUBLE                                  CYP £ 65
             rd                                                            SINGLE                                  CYP £ 45
http:/www.3 -dyslexia-international.org.

CANCELLATIONS & REFUNDS                                                    UNSPECIFIED ACCOMMODATION                Less than £ 40 CYP ($80)
For further information please refer to our website:                       Hotel apartments or two star hotels as available.
http:/www.3 -dyslexia-international.org.
                                                                           *All prices include accommodation with bed and breakfast, all taxes,
INFORMATION                                                                meet and assist at the airport, transfers from the airport to the hotel
                                                                           and back. For unspecified the arrangements depend on the
For further information please contact:                                    hotel/apartment chosen.
Costas Apostolides, Local Committee Chairman, 3            International   Suncare Travel is responsible for accommodation, pick-ups and trips.
Multilingualism & Dyslexia Conference “Multilingual & Cross-Cultural       Group rates can be arranged for five or more participants through:
Perspectives on Dyslexia”, info@3 -dyslexia-international.org Website:
http://www.3rd-dyslexia-international.org                                  Suncare Travel Ltd. 243, Agia Fylaxeos Street. P O Box 50546, 3036,
                                                                           Limassol. Tel: +357 5 389191 Fax: +357 5 389292Email:
Tel: +357 22 340909 Fax: +357 22 340934                                    info@suncare.com.cy or incoming@suncare.com.cy
P.O. Box 20902, 1665 Nicosia, CYPRUS
                                                                           For registration, applications and hotel reservations see attached
The 3 International Multilingualism and Dyslexia Conference is             forms:
organized by:
                                                                           A1: General Registration Form
Highway Communications
                                                                           A2: Registration for Exhibitions
Melconian Building
                                                                           A3: Registration for Hotel Reservations
P.O. Box 20902, 1665 Nicosia, CYPRUS
                                                                           A4: Registration for Presenters/Posters
Tel: +357 22 340909 Fax: +357 22 340934
Email: conference@highwaycommunications.com
Website: www.Highwaycommunications.com

                                Form A1: General Application Form        Categories                  Price    Price      Price        Price
                                                                                                     (CYP)    (Dollar)   (Sterling)   (Euro)
                                                                         Conference Participants
                                                                         (August 2004-March
                                                                                                     175.00    402.5      213.5    302.75
                                                                         Conference Participants
                                                                         (April-July 2005)           235.00    540.5      286.7    406.55
                                                                         CDA/NCDA members/
         Please use capital letters or type
                                                                         Students (including
         Conference Application Form                                                                  85.00    195.5      103.7    147.05
Title: Prof. ‫ٱ‬          Dr. ‫ٱ‬            Mr. ‫ٱ‬   Ms. ‫ٱ‬
                                                                         CDA/NCDA members/
Name: ________________________________________________
                                                                         Students (excluding
Surname:________________________Date of Birth____________                                             58.00    133.4      70.76    100.34
Postal Code:_________________City _______________________                CALCULATED AT: CY₤1= $2.3, s₤1.22, E 1.73 on 30/11/04.
Country _____________________                                            All the above prices include lunch and 2 coffee breaks for the
Tel. (cell):______________________________________________               three conference days. Please note that rates (dollar, sterling,
Tel.(home):_____________________________________________                 euro) are indicative.
Email:_________________________________________________                  Payments should be made in Cyprus Pounds
                                                                         Total amount to be charged on credit card _________________
Please indicate any Special Needs you may have:
_______________________________________________________                  Charge to    Visa ‫ٱ‬   MasterCard ‫ٱ‬   Other ‫____________ٱ‬

I would like to attend to the following symposium theme (Please select           Credit card           /            /             /
three and mark your order of preference with by circling 1, 2 or 3 –             number:
Note that there is a restriction of 50 people for each subject on a
strictly first-come-first-served basis for most sessions):               Expiry date ____________

Symposia Themes                                                          Signature of card holder (sign AND print name if different than
1) Multilingualism and Dyslexia                         123              registrant)
2) Policy on Dyslexia                                   123              _______________________________________________________
3) Identification and Assessment                        123              Payment by Bank Transfer:
4) Foreign Language Teaching and Dyslexia               123
5) Phonological Skills                                  123              LAIKI BANK
6) Dyslexia and the Brain                               123              NICOSIA MAIN BRANCH
7) Teaching and Learning for
Multilingual Dyslexic Learners                          123              SWIFT CODE: LIKICY2N
8) Information Technology                               123              Account: Conference 2005

                                                                         IBAN: CY81 0030 0001 0000 0001 2112 4479

Please Fax completed form to Highway Communications:
+357 22 340934
Tel: +357 22 340909      Fax: +357 22 340934
E-mail: conference@highwaycommunications.comWeb:

                                                                          Payment by Bank Transfer:
                        Form A2: Registration for Exhibitions
                                                                          LAIKI BANK
                                                                          NICOSIA MAIN BRANCH

                                                                          SWIFT CODE: LIKICY2N

                                                                          Account: Conference 2005
                                                                          IBAN: CY81 0030 0001 0000 0001 2112 4479
                  Please use capital letters or type
                 Registration for the Exhibition
Company:_____________________________________________                     Please Fax completed form to:
Address:______________________________________________                    +357 22 340934
City:___________________ Country: _______________________                 Highway Communications
Email:_________________________________________________                   Tel: +357 22 340909    Fax: +357 22 340934
                                                                          E-mail: conference@highwaycommunications.com
Fee for Exhibitions: CY₤300 for standard table or booth.                  Web: http://www.3rd-dyslexia-international.org
I order a booth for the exhibition of the following items ___________

at the price of CY₤300 for the three days of the conference, and submit
payment signed: ___________________________________

Payments should be made in Cyprus Pounds
Total amount to be charged on credit card _________________

Charge to    Visa ‫ٱ‬    MasterCard ‫ٱ‬   Other ‫____________ٱ‬

         Credit card            /            /             /

Expiry date ____________

Signature of card holder (sign AND print name if different than

                Form A3: Registration for Hotel Reservations        Unspecified Accommodation:Less than CYP ₤40 ($80) per room per
                                                                    night. Hotel apartments or two star hotels as available. The rate is for
                                                                    1 or 2 people, no differentiation.

                                                                    Please indicate whether you are interested in this service.       ‫ٱ‬
                                                                    Nights ________
                                                                    Arrival Date ____________Departure Date _____________
Subject: “Multilingual & Cross-Cultural Perspectives On Dyslexia”
                  Please use capital letters or type                Other requirements (e.g. dietary, extra room etc)

               Registration for Hotel Reservations
         st                                                          All prices include B/B accommodation, all taxes, meet and assist at
Name: 1 Name:________________Surname________________
                                                                       the airport, transfers from the airport to the hotel and back.
                                                                     All extras should be arranged on check out day (telephone
Address: ______________________________________________
                                                                       charges, mini bar etc).
                                                                     Hotel reservations must be paid in full and are non-refundable
                                                                       owing to July peak-season.
Passport No:______________ Citizenship: _______________
Hawaii Grand Hotel & Beach Resort 5stars
                                                                    Please contact Highway Communications or Cyprus Airways for
http://www.hawaiigrand.com                     Nights Total Cost
                                                                    special offers on flights.
Double         CYP ₤110 per room per night     ____     ______
Single         CYP ₤85 per room per night      ____     ______
                                                                    As soon as you have completed Form 1 (registration) and Form 3
Elias Beach Hotel & country club 4 stars
                                                                    (registration for hotel reservations), please fax both forms to Highway
                                                                    Communications (Fax: +357 22 340934).
Double          CYP ₤80 per room per night     ____        ______
                                                                    You shall then receive a confirmation letter which should be presented
Single          CYP ₤55 per room per night     ____        ______
                                                                    to the Cyprus Airways office of your country (www.cyprusairways.com)
                                                                    and which shall guarantee you a special rate for your ticket.
Navarria Hotel 3 stars
                                                                    If you have any problems please email Ria Argyrides at
Double         CYP ₤65 per room per night      ____        ______
                                                                    When you have all your flight details, please complete the specific area
Single         CYP ₤45 per room per night      ____        ______
                                                                    in your confirmation letter and fax it to Highway Communications (Fax:
                                                                    +357 22 340934) so that meet and assist at the airport and others are

                                                                    Please Fax completed form to:
AVAILABLE EXCURSIONS                                                +357 22 340934
   1) Mountain Villages                        _____                Highway Communications
   2) Shopping Trip Nicosia                    _____
   3) Paphos                                   _____                Highway Communications
   4) Kykko Monastery                          _____
                                                                    Tel: +357 22 340909   Fax: +357 22 340934
                                                                    E-mail: conference@highwaycommunications.com
We would appreciate indication of interest.
                                                                    Web: http://www.3rd-dyslexia-international.org
Gala Dinner (13 July 2005)               No of Persons___________

Payments should be made in Cyprus Pounds                            OPTIONAL EXCURSIONS
Total amount to be charged on credit card _____________________
                                                                    SHOPPING TRIP TO NICOSIA THURSDAY                 FULL DAY
Charge to     Visa ‫ٱ‬   MasterCard ‫ٱ‬   Other ‫________________ٱ‬
                                                                    We will start our excursion around 09.00am. Our first stop will be at
                                                                    the Handicraft Centre, where you will be able to admire the old crafts of
Credit card                    /            /               /
                                                                    the island and maybe purchase a sample or two from the local
                                                                    craftsmen and women. Then we are off to the cathedral of St. John.
Expiry date ____________                                            Around 12.30 we will proceed to “Laiki Yitonia” . There you will have
Signature of card holder (sign AND print name if different than     time for lunch .In the afternoon we will have time to visit shops with
registrant)                                                         jewellery, optical, clothing/leather garments. Return at the hotel around
_______________________________________________________             18.00. Price CYP12.00pp
Payment by Bank Transfer:
                                                                    PAPHOS                           FRIDAY                   FULL DAY
NICOSIA MAIN BRANCH                                                 We will leave for Paphos around 09.00am.With its picturesque castle-
                                                                    guarded harbour, relaxed lifestyle and amazing relics of the past it is
SWIFT CODE: LIKICY2N                                                well worth visiting. Attractions include the House of Dionysus with its
                                                                    wonderful Roman mosaics; Ayia Solomoni church, originally a
Account: Conference 2005                                            Christian Catacomb; and the magnificent frescoes in the monastery of
IBAN: CY81 0030 0001 0000 0001 2112 4479                            Ayios Neophitos. At St. Paul‟s Pillar the saint was supposedly tied and
                                                                    lashed 39 times for preaching the gospel. The journey to Paphos is
DO NOT SEND CREDIT CARD INFORMATION BY EMAIL.                       equally rewarding, as you visit the amazing Greco-Roman Theatre City
                                                                    of Kourion where a magnificent amphitheatre overlooks the sea, and
                                                                    the beautiful stretch of coast, that is the legendary birth place of
Date_____________________Signature______________________            Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Return to the hotel 17.00. CYP15.00pp

Please fax credit card details to:
+357 22 340934


Our journey will start around 09.00am and it will take us through
krasohoria, the wine producing villages, the largest one of which is the
charming village of Omodhos. Here you can visit the old winepress, to
see how wine was made many years ago. We will visit the church of
the Holy Cross and the old houses, which have been turned into
museums. Join the locals in the cobbled village square for a coffee.
We will then proceed to Lania village, popular with British artists who
live and work in the village. In Lania you will also have the chance to
taste some local wine and liqueur. Return to the hotel around 17.00.
Price CYP12.00pp


The most popular excursion of all will start around 09.00am.. See the
breathtaking views of the Troodos Mountains, the heart of Cyprus,
where time has almost stood still in the picturesque villages. We will
pass below the peak of Mount Olympus – 2000m above sea level – on
the way to Kykko Monastery, the most famous and richest monastery
on the island. It contains a golden icon of Virgin Mary, allegedly
painted by St. Luke. Then we will proceed to Throni, the tomb of
Archbishop Makarios, in a glorious setting of tall pine trees. Then it is
on to picturesque village of Pedhoulas.Return to the hotel around
17.00. Price CYP12pp

All excursions are without lunch.
The shopping trip to Nicosia and the excursion to the Mountain
Villages can be half day and the price would be CYP 9.00pp.

       Form A4: Registration for Presenters/Poster Sessions
                                                                        Payments should be made in Cyprus Pounds
                                                                        Total amount to be charged on credit card _________________

                                                                        Charge to    Visa ‫ٱ‬    MasterCard ‫ٱ‬    Other ‫____________ٱ‬

                          Please use capital letters or type                     Credit card            /            /             /
                 Registration for Presenters/Poster Sessions                     number:
Title: Prof. ‫ٱ‬          Dr. ‫ٱ‬           Mr. ‫ٱ‬           Ms. ‫ٱ‬
Name:_____________________________________________                      Expiry date ____________
Address:____________________________________________                    Signature of card holder (sign AND print name if different than
Postal Code:___________________ City __________________                 registrant)
Country:_____________________________________________                   _______________________________________________________
Tel. (cell):____________________________________________
Tel. (home):__________________________________________                  Payment by Bank Transfer:
Tel. (work):____________________Fax:___________________
Email:_______________________________________________                   LAIKI BANK
                                                                        NICOSIA MAIN BRANCH
Categories              Price     Price      Price        Price
                        (CYP)     (Dollar)   (Sterling)   (Euro)        SWIFT CODE: LIKICY2N
(August-March 2004)     175.00    402.5      213.5        302.75        Account: Conference 2005
                                                                        IBAN: CY81 0030 0001 0000 0001 2112 4479
(April-July 2005)      235.00 540.5     286.7      406.55               Date______________________Signature_____________________
CALCULATED AT: CY₤1= $2.3, s₤1.22, E 1.73 on 30/11/04.
All the above prices include lunch and 2 coffee breaks for the
three conference days. Please note that rates (dollar, sterling,        POSTER SESSIONS ONLY
euro) are indicative.                                                   Reservation of poster stand space, please indicate: _____________
*Presenters/Posters who are accepted for presentation will have         There is no charge for poster space other than the registration fee as
CYP ₤40 refunded from their registration fees on arrival at the         above.
                                                                        Please Fax completed form to:
Proposals for presentations and poster sessions should be               +357 22 340934
related to the following subjects:                                      Highway Communications
1) Multilingualism and Dyslexia      5) Phonological Skills
2) Policy on Dyslexia                6) Dyslexia and the Brain          Highway Communications
3) Identification and Assessment     7) Teaching and Learning for
4) Foreign Language Teaching           Multilingual Dyslexic Learners   Tel: +357 22 340909    Fax: +357 22 340934
and Dyslexia                         8) Information Technology          E-mail: conference@highwaycommunications.com
 9) Other                                                               Web: http://www.3rd-dyslexia-international.org
                                                                                9. The filename should start with the first author‟s
                     DEADLINE: APRIL 15, 2005                                   surname_initial_number, e.g. Cossu_G_1.doc. The number will
                                                                                always be 1 unless you are making more than one presentation, in
   Unpublished, original, papers dealing with Bilingualism and                  which case give each presentation a different number.
             Dyslexia, LD or ADHD are welcome.                                  10. If you do not have e-mail, then send three (3) self-addressed
Please use the following format for all types of presentation for               business size envelopes for acknowledgment of receipt of proposals,
                                                                                notification of the decision of the Program Committee and notification
abstracts and summaries:
                                                                                of schedule time, if the proposal is accepted.
1. Language English                                                             11. Audio-visual requirements, e.g. video projector, overhead slides,
2. Typed single-spaced, in Times Roman 12 font                                  etc (in separate page).

3. Title, Author(s) Name(s), Institution(s), City and Country, Home,            12. The time allowed for presentation is 30 minutes of which 20 minutes
                                                                                should be presentation time and 5-10 minutes discussion.
Office, Mobile Telephone, Fax and E-mail address.
                                                                                If the summary or abstract exceeds the above-mentioned word limits, the
4. The Presenting Author should be underlined.                                  committee will cut the proposal arbitrarily.
5. The abstract will include (<200 words), titles, authors, content and table   All submissions will be reviewed anonymously by at least two expert
of figures (if applicable) and should fit in one A4 page.
                                                                                colleagues who will mainly come from the Review Committee of the
6. Also submit two additional copies, which should not include the              Congress.
names of the authors and the institutions to be sent anonymously to
                                                                                Please indicate your preference for poster, poster- oral or oral
                                                                                presentation. For most of the papers it would be preferable to be a
7. The summary (2-3 pages) should include the purpose of the study,             poster presentation, which will also include an oral component, if you
brief subject selection criteria, the methods used for data collection and      request it.
analysis, the summary of the results, the practical applications-benefits
                                                                                Due to time restriction of the program, it may be necessary for a
and the conclusions, with sufficient details to allow a fair assessment
                                                                                requested oral presentation to be designated as a poster or poster-
by the two referees and by the Review Committee.
                                                                                oral, in which case you will be contacted for your approval.
8. Send abstracts by e-mail, by diskette and also 3 printed copies of
the paper. The diskette should contain the summary, the abstract and
the author‟s information, preferably in Microsoft Word for Windows. On          Send all materials to: asayles@iolfree.ie
the diskette‟s label please mention: its contents, the author name and
                                                                                Postal Address for hard copies, cd’s etc: Professor G. Th. Pavlidis,
the title of the paper.
                                                                                University of Macedonia, Macedonia, Thessaloniki 54006, Greece.

                                                                               For Oral presentations, please remember to leave at least 5-10
                                                                               minutes for discussion.
                  Acceptance of Papers Notification
                                                                               Exact Timing The Chairman of the session will have to STOP the
Authors will be notified if their paper is accepted by                         speaker when his/her time is up.
                             APRIL 15, 2005                                    Information for ORAL-POSTER & POSTER Presenters
                          Author‟s Registration                                Please prepare your poster as if it was an orally presented
                       DEADLINE        MAY 1, 2005                             paper.
The physical presence, and, hence, the timely registration (by MAY             POSTER BOARDS
1, 2005) of at least one of the authors of each paper for the                  SIZE 100 cm x 80 cm
conference is an additional necessary condition for the final                  Can be positioned horizontally or vertically
acceptance of the paper.                                                       Posters can be fixed to the boards by Velcro or pins, which will be

IN ST RU CT IO N S FO R PR E S E NT ER S                                       PRINT SIZE PEOPLE will be reading your poster from a distance, so it
                                                                               should be easily readable. The recommended font sizes are the
Include (ORAL + ORAL-POSTER): Title, Author & Affiliation, Tel. + Fax
                                                                               Title, Author and Affiliation, minimum of bold 44-point font,
numbers, e-mail, Abstract, Introduction, Methodology, Results-
                                                                               Graphics are useful
Statistics, Conclusions, and References.
                                                                               Text, minimum of 24-point font, based on clear print.
HANDOUTS YOU may wish to provide handouts of your presentation
(around 200 copies is suggested) or a contact sheet for colleagues to          Place The posters will be placed in the space where the coffee will
sign up, to send them details of your work.       It may be advisable to       be served, to make them as visible as possible.
give your personal cards to those interested to contact you.
                                                                               When You may position your poster from the morning of the date of
Time Yourself Please rehearse as many times as necessary your                  your presentation or the latest at least 30‟ minutes before the poster
presentation in order to fit it exactly in the time that is allotted to you.   session.

                                                                             If space allows it, you may leave your poster in place after the end of
                                                                             the poster session, so it will be possible to keep discussing your
                           General Instructions
                                                                             work with colleagues during coffee breaks, even during the next day.
                           ORAL-POSTER Presenters
                                                                             Helpers will be on hand before and during the poster session.
Each presenter will talk for up to 5 minutes, exactly.    One can
choose not to present the poster orally.                                     If you have any individual requirements for your poster presentation,
                                                                             e.g. because of a disability, please contact us in advance or ask the
The posters will be grouped according to their content to facilitate
                                                                             helper on the day.

ONLY OVERHEAD projector will be available for each group.
                                                                             Proceedings in a CD-Rom
Include in the oral presentation of your poster only the very essential
                                                                             TO ALL PRESENTERS
information and try to present it in small sentences. Describe clearly
                                                                             Dear Presenter,
the aim of the research. Give emphasis on the experimental design,           We are delighted that you will present your research at the '
                                                                             3 INTERNATIONAL MULTILINGUALISM AND
results and conclusions.                                                     DYSLEXIA CONFERENCE'

                       Your talk should fit in an                            It is our intention to make available the proceedings of the congress

                       A4 double spaced page.                                on a CD-Rom. If you would like your presentation to appear on the
                                                                             CD, in any form, e.g. Word, PowerPoint or poster, please let us have
During the poster session, you will stand by your poster so that you
                                                                             a copy of it as soon as it is available and the latest by the end of the
can discuss with colleagues about your research.
This interactive presentation is one of the most interesting ways of
                                                                             It is important that a standard format (PC) is used to make
presenting, because it gives you the benefits of both, the oral & the
                                                                             compilation of the material as easily usable as possible. Therefore,
poster presentation, as it provides the opportunity to discuss your work
                                                                             submit your presentation taking into account the following:
in depth with others with similar interests, without the pressure of time.
                                                                                  It should be in digital form.
                                                                                  Use Word or Rich Text Format (or PowerPoint), throughout.
                                                                                  Put any pictures in the most economical-condensed form - jpg or

       Put your full title of the paper, name(s), Tel. + Fax numbers, e-
        mail and address (es) for correspondence at the beginning of the
        file, e.g.
Pavlidis, G.Th        Samaras, P.
 Professor of Learning Disabilities, University of Macedonia,
Macedonia, Thessaloniki 54006, GREECE e-mail: pavlidis@uom.gr
Tel. –30-2310-891333     FAX –30-2310-891335
       Follow the above with the text of the paper, PowerPoint or
        poster, exactly as you wish it to appear.
       Name the file by lead Author in the style of
        surname_initial_number, e.g. Cossu_G_1.doc. The number will
        always be 1 unless you are making more than one presentation,
        in which case give each presentation a different number.
       Send it to us on diskette, cd-rom or (best) by e-mail at:
Postal Address: Professor G. Th. Pavlidis, University of Macedonia,
Macedonia, Thessaloniki 54006, Greece.

     Mark the envelope or put in the 'Subject' box, and
           We will send you an acknowledgement, by e-mail.
           If any of these conditions are not met, we may have to return
            the material to you, because we do not have the necessary
            staff to do any editing.
        If you have any problems with any of this please do contact
Updates on call for papers will be available on our website:
http:/www.3 -dyslexia-international.org.

Last updated: 9 March 2005


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