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Issue 24      July - August 2011    bu iness          o   bu iness
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Sydney and Queensland Show Dates
Steering Dampers Made Simple
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Welcome to the 24th issue of                                                                 I’m thrilled to see that at last                                                  their safety and wear proper protective
BIKEBusiness, which also contains our                                                    motorcycle safety is being taken                                                      gear every time they ride. If they heed
annual BIKEBusiness Industry Supplier                                                    seriously by someone outside the                                                      the message they’ll not only be safer,
Directory. A comprehensive list of                                                       industry. In this issue of BIKEBusiness                                               you’ll be selling more protective riding
suppliers to the Australian motorcycle                                                   we report on an independent study                                                     gear, too.
industry, the Industry Supplier                                                          into the effectiveness of protective                                                     The Sydney Motorcycle and Scooter
Directory is a handy reference indeed                                                    motorcycle clothing, and the vital role it                                            Show is back, this time at new digs at
for motorcycle dealerships.                                                              plays in reducing serious injury. It’s the                                            the Sydney Convention & Exhibition
    We understand that you rely                                                          first study of its type in over 25 years,                                             Centre, Darling Harbour. I believe this
heavily on your regular suppliers, but                                                   and it takes a close look at dedicated                                                is a good move for the event – the
if a customer happens to request a                                                       motorcycle gear, with a particular focus                                              Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre
particular product that your business                                                    on body armour.                                                                       hosts a broad spectrum of major expos
doesn’t stock, we hope this directory                                                        The bottom line? Quality protective                                               spanning all manner of industries,
will help you track it down with a                                                       motorcycle clothing can drastically                                                   and the location only emphasizes
minimum of fuss. In fact, keeping this                                                   reduce the severity of a fallen rider’s                                               the credibility and worth of our own
directory as a handy reference until the                                                 injuries. Consequently, I urge you to                                                 Australian motorcycle industry.
release of next year’s Industry Supplier                                                 photocopy this article, place it in a                                                    Happy reading and don’t forget to
Directory is a smart move, as it will                                                    prominent position in your dealership                                                 keep your 2011-2012 BIKEBusiness
assist your staff in handling customer                                                   and guide your customers to it                                                        Industry Supplier Directory handy.
enquiries.                                                                               – encourage them to get serious about                                                    The Editor’s Desk.

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                                                                                the manufacture, design
                                                                                and supply of superior
                                                                                quality batteries. See                                   servicing                                                          20 - 25
                                                                                page 15 for more info.
                                                                                                                                         national industry
 Sydney and Queensland Show Dates
                                                                                                                                         supplier directory                                                 26 - 38
 Steering Dampers Made Simple
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                                                                                                                                                                             3 July - August 2011             business   to   business
Sydney Show heads to the Harbour
Australia’s largest motorcycle and                of an emerging recovery within the           he felt the new venue would provide
scooter show returns to Sydney with               motorcycle and scooter industry.             additional impact.
a new name and a new venue this                      FCAI Chief Executive Andrew                   “The new venue is well chosen,
November.                                         McKellar said the Sydney Motorcycle          giving people the opportunity to see
   The Sydney Motorcycle and Scooter              and Scooter Show played an important         first hand, and in one place, what is
Show will be held at the Sydney                   role in stimulating industry interest, and   available in the market for inexpensive
Convention and Exhibition Centre,                                                              fuel-wise transport – transport that is
Darling Harbour, from November 25-                                                             growing in popularity both in Australia
27.                                                                                            and overseas,” he said.
   The CBD location makes the                                                                      In addition to indoor exhibits, the
show’s scooter element especially                                                              show will also make use of the venue’s
significant, as more and more people                                                           surrounding areas for live action
discover the economic and time-                                                                demonstrations and motorcycle test
saving benefits of two-wheel travel in                                                         rides.
the city.                                                                                          Sites of all sizes are now available.
   Scooters were a standout in the                                                             Please contact Aaron Morrison on
Federal Chamber of Automotive                                                                  0438 602 480 for all site bookings.
Industries’ (FCAI) recent first-quarter                                                            For more information visit:
sales figures, which show signs                                                      

Triumph motorcycles to enter Indian market
Iconic British motorcycle manufacturer            of Triumph’s philosophy is a commitment         Commenting on Triumph’s entry to
Triumph has announced its intention to            to developing truly unique motorcycles       the Indian market, Nick Bloor, CEO of
enter the Indian market.                          that offer a blend of distinctive design,    Triumph Motorcycles, UK said “India is
   First established in 1902 and now              intuitive handling and performance.          a very important motorcycle market and
based in Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK,               Triumph has appointed Ashish Joshi        Triumph has assessed it carefully before
Triumph Motorcycles has in recent years           as its Managing Director for India.          deciding to step in.
been the fastest growing motorcycle               Prior to joining Triumph, Ashish was            We see it as the next step in our
brand in the world.                               heading the European operations for          global business model. The appointment
   For many years Triumph has                     Royal Enfield and he established the         of Ashish Joshi is a signal of our
produced a wide range of bikes which              company’s business in Europe. He has         seriousness about success in India.
perfectly blend design, character,                over 16 years of experience in Asia and      I wish him the best and look forward to
charisma and performance. At the heart            Europe.                                      comprehensive growth in India.

Motorcycle Tech Grand Prix finalists announced
Yamaha Motor Australia is pleased to              attend on c_rollinson@yamaha-motor.
announce an elite list of eight finalists
from Australia and New Zealand who will               Yamaha recognises the effort made by
compete in the 2011 Yamaha Oceania                all participants in attempting to qualify.
Motorcycle Technician Grand Prix.                 With over 200 participants trying out for
    The Oceania finalists named below             the final, the competition was tough and
earned their position by attaining a high         the results very close. Well done to all.
level of achievement in Yamaha Technical              The Yamaha Motorcycle Technician GP
Academy training programs, completing             pits the top Yamaha service technicians
an online qualifying exam and scoring the         against each other to find out who is the
highest mark for their respective region.         best of the best.                               The 2009 Yamaha Oceania Motorcycle
    The finals will take place in the Sydney          The aim of the event is to recognise     Technician Grand Prix winner, Greg Dodt,
office of Yamaha Motor Australia on               and motivate technicians to achieve the      from Yamaha Country (Qld) pictured
Wednesday, September 28. Please                   goal of exceeding customer after-sales       above, will also attend to give support
contact Carl Rollinson if you wish to             service expectations.                        and advice to the eight Tech GP finalists.
Technician                  Dealership               State/Country       Technician             Dealership              State/Country
Nic Kroeze                  Waikato Yamaha           NZ                  Ben Rose               Lismore MC              NSW
Jeremy Read                 Filco Farm & Sport       NZ                  Daniel Farkas          Canberra MC             ACT
Heath Kirchhfer             Yamaha Country           QLD                 Adam Crofts            City West Yamaha        VIC
Steven Teese                Jimboomba MC             QLD                 Rick Phillips          Bridgeland MC           SA

BIKE Business
4 July - August 2011   business   to   business

Gear up for safety
An Australian study providing new                  While there are limits to the extent to          clear message to the manufacturers of
evidence on the injury reduction benefits       which can prevent injury in high impact             protective motorcycle clothing.
of motorcycle clothing in crashes was           crashes, it is in low impact crashes that              The proportion of jackets (29%), pants
launched in Sydney recently. The study,         protective clothing is thought to offer the         (28%) and gloves (25%) that failed under
led by Liz de Rome, Research Fellow,            greatest injury reduction. There is also            crash conditions due to material damage
The George Institute for Global Health,         evidence that the majority of motorcycle            indicates a need for improved quality
University of Sydney, is the first of its       crashes do not involve high impacts.                control.
kind and will be published in the journal,         “Over 200 motorcyclists die and a                   While mandating usage of protective
Accident Analysis and Prevention.               further 8000 are seriously injured on               clothing is not recommended by the
    This is the first study in over 25          Australian roads each year,” said Ms                study’s authors, consideration could
years to examine the effectiveness              De Rome. “For many years, motorcycle                be given to providing incentives for
of specialised motorcycle protective            safety research has been dominated                  usage of protective clothing, such as
clothing and, in particular, body armour.       by debate about the effectiveness                   tax exemptions for safety gear, health
It is also the first to control other           of helmets, with less focus on other                insurance premium reductions and
contributing factors that may affect the        protection for the rider’s body. With               rebates.
severity of injury, such as speed, type of      the increasing human and economic                      Co-investigator, Associate Professor
impact and age of the rider.                    costs of motorcycle injuries around the             Rebecca Ivers, Director of Injury
    One of the key findings of the study,       world, there was a need for research                Research at the George Institute,
which was funded by Australia’s leading         into the effectiveness of protective                said the report highlighted the vital
motorcycle insurer, Swann Insurance,            clothing. We hope that the results of               importance of high quality protective
and involved 212 motorcycle and                 this study will show riders that their gear         gear. “This is ground-breaking research,”
scooter riders, was that riders were            protects them from more than just the               she said. “It sends a clear message to
significantly less likely to be admitted        weather, encouraging them to wear more              riders that protection is important every
to hospital if they crashed wearing a           protective clothing which will in turn help         time they ride, and highlights the need
motorcycle jacket, pants or gloves.             reduce injuries,” she added.                        for further investment by Government
    “One of the most important findings            The results of the study also send a             to encourage riders to wear appropriate
was the difference it made to be wearing                                                            clothing, and to work with the industry
body armour, particularly for hands and                                                             to improve the quality of products
knees,” said Ms De Rome.                                                                            available,” she added.
    When garments included fitted body                                                                 Stuart Chapman, General Manager of
armour there was a significantly reduced                                                            Swann Insurance, said the motorcycle
risk of any injury.                                                                                 insurer was pleased to have supported
    This included a reduced risk of any                                                             this study. “We think it’s vitally important
injury to the upper body by 23%, legs                                                               that riders have access to information
by 39%, hands by 45% and feet by 45%.                                                               such as the findings of this study so they
The results also found riders wearing                                                               can make informed decisions about what
shoes or joggers had a much higher risk                                                             they should wear every time they ride,”
of foot and ankle injuries, as any type of                                                          he said.
boot reduced the risk of injury by 53%.         Liz de Rome from the George Institute                    Visit:

Gold Coast gears up to host anticipated motorcycle, scooter and PWC showcase
Queensland’s Gold Coast will host its third     said Petersen. “The region lends itself to a        with that from South East Queensland,” he
instalment of the Australian Motorcycle         lifestyle on two wheels and the water and           continued.
Expo, Australian Scooter Festival and           there has been plenty of interest in the                “Many have already planned gatherings
Australian Personal Water Craft (PWC) Show      staging of our next exhibition.                     on the Gold Coast for the weekend and the
over February 17-19, 2012.                          “As well as showcasing new motorcycles,         local area is sure to benefit as they check
     Event Manager Mark Petersen said           scooters, PWC,s and parts, accessories and          out the many tourist attractions and sample
visitor experience was a primary focus of the   services, the event aims to inform, educate         the local hospitality.”
Expo, with demonstrations, attractions, test    and entertain. Safety seminars, special                  Ticket prices, opening hours and
rides and guest appearances to accompany        guests, competitions, bike builds and action        further event details are now available on
over 100 different manufacturer, accessory      demonstrations from freestyle motocross,   Connect with
and service stands.                             freestyle PWC, trials and mini bike riders will     the event on facebook at
     “We’re excited to announce the return of   make this a must-visit for all riders and their     australianmotorcycleexpo.
the Australian Motorcycle Expo, Australian      families.                                               Contact Aaron Morrison for all exhibition
Scooter Festival and Australian PWC                  “The Australian Motorcycle Expo                booking enquiries –
Show to the Gold Coast next February,”          attracts plenty of interstate interest along        or 07 5508 7303.

                                                                                                  BIKE Business
                                                                                                  5 July - August 2011   business   to   business
BMW’s Berlin plant celebrates production of 2,000,000th motorcycle
On Friday, May 6, the two millionth               many new tricks, and one real surprise – a           In the course of the presentation
motorcycle left the assembly line of BMW’s        burnout with his rear tyre rubber spelling out   ceremony, Hendrik von Kuenheim, Head
Berlin Spandau plant. Since 1969, BMW             ‘2,000,000’ on the asphalt.                      of BMW Motorrad, said, “The BMW Group
motorcycles have been produced in the                 The mood was one of celebration and          is committed to motorcycling and its
factory in Berlin Spandau for export all over     recognition of this significant achievement of   big tradition within the company. BMW
the world; the significant milestone in the       two million machines leaving the assembly        motorcycles embody ‘sheer riding pleasure’
company’s history was marked by a special         lines in Berlin.                                 in its most direct form and these machines
ceremony attended by the Governing Mayor              “BMW has always remained loyal               are ambassadors of the BMW brand – and
of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, and numerous           to Berlin when others left the city,” said       at the same time ambassadors of Berlin – all
invited guests.                                   the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Klaus             over the world. BMW bikes are exported with
   The special anniversary bike – an R 1200       Wowereit. “Together, BMW and Berlin have         ‘Berlin’s air in their tyres’ to 130 countries
GS – was unveiled to a selection of VIPs and      been through thick and thin and we will          and the long-standing relationship between
journalists by streetbike freestyle legend        continue to do that successfully. With this      Berlin and the BMW Group looks set to
Chris Pfeiffer, after which it was handed over    generous donation of a special R 1200            continue for a long time.”
to Rene Gurka, Manager of Berlin Partner          GS and its involvement in the ‘be Berlin’            With 1900 employees the BMW factory
GmbH to be raffled in the industry quiz ‘Ich      campaign, BMW is supporting our aim to           in Berlin produces up to 510 motorcycles a
bin ein Berliner’ as part of the ‘be Berlin’      improve Berlin’s perception as an attractive,    day from all model series, as well as about
campaign to promote the city.                     innovative and future-oriented city.”            24,000 brake discs for BMW’s car division.
   “I’m really proud to present the two                                                            The annual motorcycle output in 2010
millionth BMW motorcycle here today. I have                                                        amounted to 97,076 machines, whereas in
a really busy schedule but this kind of thing                                                      the first year of production, in 1969, a total of
doesn’t happen every day so I really wanted                                                        12,000 motorcycles were produced in Berlin.
to be here,” said Pfeiffer, who then parked                                                            “Berlin will remain the heart of BMW’s
up the GS and leapt onto his F 800 R stunt                                                         motorcycle manufacture. We are investing
bike to perform a special show in front of the                                                     about 30,000,000 Euros in our factory per
invited guests and members of the Berlin                                                           annum to continue to be competitive and
plant workforce.                                                                                   in front,” said Hermann Bohrer, Head of the
   Always the professional, Chris showed                                                           BMW factory in Berlin.

GPS Imports live online
Melbourne-based accessories importer,                                                              of motorcycle and scooter makes and
GPS Imports, recently unveiled a slick                                                             models. The new website allows people to
new website to showcase its vast range                                                             browse the range and order direct, and due
of components, 90 per cent of which are                                                            to the easy-to-navigate interface customers
sourced from Italy.                                                                                can search the GPS Imports catalogue for a
    Representing over 20 different brands,                                                         specific brand, a specific part, or a range of
GPS Imports stocks everything from                                                                 parts for a specific motorcycle or scooter.
indicators and headlight lenses to brake                                                               There’s also a link to Moto Meccanica,
calipers, bodywork panels, engine                                                                  the firm’s motorcycle and scooter
components, performance parts and more.                                                            workshop.
The brands behind the parts might be                                                                   For more information contact GPS
Italian, but the GPS Imports range features                                                        Imports 03 8415 1800 visit:
products that suit the broad spectrum                                                    

New faces at Team Green
Kawasaki Motors Australia recently                years at respected companies such as
appointed Ben McCosh to the position of           Bel Ray, Ficeda and Australasian Dirt Bike
Victoria/Tasmania Sales Representative.           magazine. A keen and talented rider,
McCosh will work alongside Victoria/              McCosh has competed in events such
Tasmania Sales Manager David O’Brien              as the Finke Desert Race, the Condo 750
to continue the growth of Kawasaki sales          and A4DE.
within the two southern states.                      McCosh can be contacted direct on
   McCosh has worked extensively within           0419 314 342 or by email:
the motorcycle industry for the last 10 

BIKE Business
6 July - August 2011   business   to   business
                                                                                               business services

EVHC: smart software
Autoconnect says its new Electronic         Comprehensive reporting and                             months, allowing them to then capitalise
Vehicle Health Check (EVHC) software     management information is then                             on the additional revenue the system
is the latest development of its         available on all aspects of system                         brings.
established Vehicle Health Check         usage, while diary reminders for                              This short ROI is primarily achieved
(VHC) Management and Deferred Diary      customer contact are produced                              by the impact EVHC has on increasing
Contact System. Seen as a framework      automatically, increasing customer                         the invoice value of each job. In Europe,
of best practice to ensure bike          retention.                                                 EVHC has already proven its ability to
dealerships maximise their aftermarket      Autoconnect says the EVHC system                        make, on average, an extra $94 per
return, EVHC focuses sales through       brings a rapid Return on Investment                        Vehicle Health Check Report.
the undertaking of and capitalising      (ROI). Figures from the European                              Autoconnect says that bike
on Vehicle Health Checks, increasing     markets confirm that existing customers                    dealerships using the software have
customer retention and subsequently      typically see a return within three                        seen the average work found per bike
the revenue from both immediate                                                                           increase to $80 from just $15, while
and deferred work. It uses a fast,                                                                        the average invoice value per bike
simple and logical process that                                                                           jumped to $245 from $151.
encompasses the duty of care for                                                                             Customers are prompted
a dealership’s customers.                                                                                 to return to you time and time
    The EVHC system leads the                                                                             again to ensure that their bike
technician through a vehicle check                                                                        is well-maintained and safe to
on a hand-held device (an iPod                                                                            ride, enabling bike dealerships
Touch), recording work found                                                                              to effectively manage their after-
without the need for additional                                                                           sales service and simultaneously
typing. This information is then                                                                          increase revenue.
processed instantly for immediate                                                                            For more information contact:
                                       Existing Customers Typically See A
customer contact or for inclusion                                                                   Autoconnect 08 7200 0664
                                           Return Within Three Months
in the deferred diary.                                                                              visit:

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business services

Evopos sets the standard
About 10 years ago we were looking at           doing it that way for years. But after we   system, even with the technical resources
how we could improve things at Evopos           showed them what is possible by using       at our disposal.
HQ and someone suggested going for              the latest technologies, they relented and      This got us thinking that we should
the ISO9000 Quality Business standard.          agreed to let us try.                       offer an off-the-shelf ‘Business Control’
Well we looked at it and although the              The result was amazing, especially       system designed specifically for
concept seemed good (to determine               when we took on new members of              motorcycle dealers and built to the
the best and most efficient way to do           staff. Everyone could see exactly how       latest ISO9000 standards, which could
everything and then document and control everything should be done and all                  be incorporated into our Evopos Dealer
it in procedures), we were horrified at the     management had to do was evaluate           Management System. This would give all
amount of paperwork and admin work it           how well people were adhering to the        the advantages without a big investment of
would require.                                  documented procedures. Everything           time and money.
    Some businesses need this standard          was documented from how we answer               This new Evopos ‘Business Control’
to be able to supply to large national          the phone to the best ways to deal with     module is nearing completion and we
companies, but we simply supply software customers and how we book holidays.                are looking for a few forward-thinking
systems to motorcycle dealers and we just Staff were happier because they knew              motorcycle dealers to work with us to
wanted to be as efficient as we could be.       exactly what they had to do. They could     ensure it will be a big success. For the
So our first reaction was why spend 500         also see their ‘Skills Chart’, so they      first few dealers we will subsidise the cost
hours trying to save 50 hours of work?                                                          of the module in return for your valued
We are all about using systems to help       “This got us thinking that we should offer feedback.
dealers to be more profitable, and this     an off-the-shelf ‘Business Control’ system              Evopos already offers software
simply did not add up.                     designed specifically for motorcycle dealers” that allows far greater control of
    However, we had seen some really                                                            invoicing, stock control, job control,
good stuff in the ISO9000 standards so          knew what they needed to learn in order     accounts, CRM, messaging and email
we set up a meeting and asked if we             to progress in the business. Even the       marketing functions. The new ‘Business
could still do it if we automated a lot of      approvers were impressed, and we were       Control’ module will make this software
the work and made it paperless. At first        very proud to be their first ever paperless an un-beatable ‘all-in-one’ solution for
the approvers said no – people needed           ISO9000-approved business.                  motorcycle dealers.
access to these massive procedure                  The big downside is that it did take us      For more information contact: Evopos
manuals at all times and they have been         a long time to set up and fine tune the     1300 652132 visit:

                                                                                        Caught in
                                                                                        the’ net
                                                                                        Link International, the Aussie distributor
                                                                                        behind leading brands such as Pirelli,
                                                                                        Brembo, RK Chain, Motul and Marchesini,
                                                                                        among others, has devoted a section of its
                                                                                        website specifically to its national dealer
                                                                                            The special dealer area features an
                                                                                        online ordering system, up-to-date pricing
                                                                                        and stock levels, and account management
                                                                                        tools. Dealers can also review their account
                                                                                        information, view their order history and
                                                                                        outstanding backorders, reprint invoices and
                                                                                            Dealers require a login to access this
                                                                                        section of the Link International website –
                                                                                        if you’re a Link International customer
                                                                                        and you haven’t registered, contact Link
                                                                                        International to have your login set up.
                                                                                            For more information contact: Link
                                                                                        International 07 3382 5000

BIKE Business
8 July - August 2011   business   to   business
                                                                                  business services

’Net result
                                             on each ad listing, along with any and all
                                             contact methods including phone number,
                                             address, and even a link to a website.
                                                Also, MCSales does not charge for
Online motorcycle sales website MCSales.     leads – rather it employs a simple, low- is now under new management,          cost monthly subscription that allows
with ongoing upgrades either already         unlimited listing of ads at a fraction of the
completed or underway.                       competition’s price, with potential buyers
   According to MCSales, its key point       free to contact the dealer in any way they
of difference to other online bike sales     choose.
sites is that it allows its advertisers to      Each ad has a link to a list of all other
display their dealership name and logo       bikes for sale by that dealer. This ad listing
                                             is also available to be embedded into the
                                             dealer’s own website, if desired.
                                                The MCSales site features both a
                                             search function to quickly find a particular
                                             make or model, and, as an alternative,
                                             bikes are also grouped into categories, so
                                             a buyer can browse through lists of similar
                                             bikes – for example, cruisers, cafe racers,
                                             or sportsbikes.
                                                With over 5000 bikes listed for sale,
                                             along with supporting internet and print
                                             media advertising, MCSales says it offers
                                             real value for money.
                                                For more information contact:
                                             MCSales 0488 776 677

                                                                                              BIKE Business
                                                                                              9 July - August 2011   business   to   business
business services

Globebusters backs Ship My Bike
International motorcycle freight specialist Ship My          or one of 10 Ship My Bike supporters packs, visit: www.
Bike recently handled the shipping needs of adventure
motorcycle tour company Globebusters, as it recently            For more information contact: Ship My Bike
passed through Australia with a 15-strong tour group on an   02 9587 5111 visit:
eight-month, around-the-world touring
odyssey it’s conducting on behalf of
Austrian firm Edelweiss Bike Travel.
   Ship My Bike’s services
spanned airfreight, seafreight,
customs clearance, full importation
and exportation inspections,
documentation, the uncrating of bikes
in Sydney and the re-crating of those
bikes in Perth, prior to their departure
for Thailand.
   To hear about Ship My Bike’s
service from Kevin Sanders, co-
founder of Globebusters, and
to see a time-lapse video of the
Ship My Bike crew in action,
watch?v=gqAVTO1DfB4. And to
be in with a chance of winning a
$100 gift voucher for the motorcycle
accessories store of your choice,

                                                                 ONLINE AUSTRALIA WIDE
                                                                 MOTORCYCLE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING

                                                                  Google “mcsales” to see our sales network
                                                                 Email us: - or Ph: 0488 77 66 77

BIKE Business
10 July - August 2011   business   to   business
                                                                                               bikes & atvs

2011 Suzuki V-Strom 650 arrives in Australia
The 2011 models of Suzuki’s dual-            available on the V-Strom 650A ensures          The Suzuki V-Strom 650 is available
purpose V-Strom 650 and ABS-                 ultimate traction on the road, with the     in black or grey colour schemes, with
equipped V-Strom 650A are now                brakes monitoring input and wheel           the V-Strom 650A available in grey or
available in Australia.                      speed, matching stopping power to           orange. Visit:
   A perfect fit for riders seeking a        the available
multipurpose machine as capable on           traction.
the streets as it is on outback roads,          The V-
the Suzuki V-Strom 650 offers extreme        Strom 650’s
versatility to suit the Australian terrain   easy-to-read
and lifestyle.                               instrument
   The state-of-the-art, fuel-injected,      cluster features
645cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 90-degree,       a speedometer,
V-twin engine delivers smooth throttle       tachometer,
response and masses of torque across         LCD odometer,
a broad rpm range.                           dual trip
   The twin-spar aluminium-alloy             meters,
frame and swingarm provides smooth           temperature
handling with balanced rigidity.             and fuel
   Featuring a relaxed riding position,      gauges and
a wind deflecting adjustable wind            LED indicator
screen, plus long-travel suspension          lights, allowing
and a 22lt long-range fuel tank, the         riders to
Suzuki V-Strom 650 has been designed         monitor the
for comfortable road and trail riding.       bike easily and
   The Antilock Braking System (ABS)         efficiently.

      DEALERS REQUIRED phone: Michael Onrust 02 4285 9400 BH
                    w w w. z u m a . c o m . a u           email:

                                                                                       BIKE Business
                                                                                       11 July - August 2011   business   to   business
bikes & atvs
The new Honda Crossrunner is ready for adventure
A rugged adventure bike with added                    At the rear a cast aluminium Pro-                   The Crossrunner is attractive in
excitement and flexibility: that’s                 Arm swingarm with Pro-Link rising-                 design and sporty in character, all while
Honda’s all-new Crossrunner.                       rate linkage system and gas-charged,               delivering a distinctive V4 engine note.
    Due to reach Australian Honda                  rebound-adjustable damper deliver                  Perfect for journeys into new terrain, the
dealerships in mid July, Honda’s                   comfort and precise control. The                   Crossrunner adapts to different styles of
exciting new entry into the adventure-             Crossrunner has been designed to                   riding as well as to
touring category will provide a thrilling          maximise both rider and pillion comfort.           all types of conditions.
riding experience for all types of riders.         A low-slung 4-2-1 exhaust system                       For enhanced useability the panniers
    Honda’s Crossrunner is powered                 allows a low passenger seat for easy               and topbox allow ample storage space,
by a liquid-cooled, 782cc, DOHC,                   mounting which positions the pillion               the centrestand will permit parking
V4 engine with VTEC that delivers a                at a similar level to the rider, resulting         on the roughest terrain and the high
smooth curve of power with excellent               in enhanced ride feel and better wind              windscreen will offer wind protection
torque throughout the rev range.                   protection.                                        for longer rides.
    This provides the rider with a
precisely controlled experience, for
short trips or long distances alike.
    The rider’s level of control is further
enhanced by the wider than normal
handlebar configuration, allowing
the bike to respond accurately yet
quickly to small steering inputs, whilst
its aluminium alloy twin-spar frame
provides excellent rigidity.
    A 43mm cartridge-type front fork
provides supreme front wheel control
and excellent rider feedback.

                                                      ENGINE TYPE
                                                      Two-stroke mono-cylindrical with direct
                                                      blade admission to the crankcase
                                                      EFI FUEL SYSTEM
                                                      Kokusan Battery-less system
                                                      FRONT SUSPENSION
                                                      Adjustable inverted fork with aluminium bars,
                                                      40mm diameter. Marzoochi Aluminium
                                                      REAR SUSPENSION
                                                      OHLINS TTX Shock
         EFi 2-Stroke Enduro range coming soon. Get on board now to secure an OSSA dealership in your area!

BIKE Business
12 July - August 2011   business   to   business
Bling the Baby ’Blade
Australian Motorcycle Components has           Australian Motorcycle Components
just taken delivery of the full range of    says these R&G Racing products
R&G Racing accessories for the 2011         are built to a high standard and offer
Honda CBR250R.                              premium performance at competitive
   The R&G Racing range comprises           pricing.
aero crash protectors, a tail tidy (guard      For more information contact:
eliminator), bar end protectors, rear       Australian Motorcycle Components
footrest hanger blanking plates, cotton     Pty Ltd 07 5451 8700 visit:
reels, an exhaust hanger, shock tubes
and a radiator guard.

                                                                                     BIKE Business
                                                                                     13 July - August 2011   business   to   business
Iridium ain’t always Iridium…
Aftermarket motorcycle screen and                                  outer surface, although a little care must
bodywork specialist Powerbronze says                               be taken to avoid abrasives and solvents
there’s no shortage of misinformation                              on the inside.
concerning so-called ‘Iridium’screens                                  Imitation Iridium finishes are often
and lens shields, with many suppliers                              simply ‘spray painted’ on the outside of
not even knowing where or how the                                  a screen. These generally scratch and
products they’re selling are produced.                             peel very quickly – even a squashed
   Genuine Iridium utilises Perspex (a                             insect can cause problems.
high-quality acrylic) screens or lens                                  It’s easy to check if the Iridium screen
shields that have been thermoformed                                is genuine or not – it should simply look
into shape then laser trimmed and                                  reflective from the outside! Turn it over
drilled to perfection – and in any                                 and if it has a silver appearance on the
colour in which Perspex is produced                                inside, you can relax in the knowledge
(Powerbronze use eight Iridium colours).                           it’s a genuine Iridium screen. If it’s not
   The Iridium fusion technology then                              silver it’s an imitation and will therefore
stretches a special transparent foil over                          need to be handled very carefully.
the inside surface, which – in dust-                                   Powerbronze always use British-
free laboratory conditions – is then                               made Perspex because the product
slowly vacuum formed and heated by                                 is guaranteed against UV breakdown
a computer-controlled process to ‘fuse’                            for up to 10 years. Powerbronze also
the foil onto the acrylic.                                         achieves TUV type approval on every
   This gives a rich, reflective finish from                       screen and lens shield it produces.
the front and great clarity when looking                               For more information contact:
through the screen. The screen can be                              Powerbronze 0430 535 716 visit:
washed and polished as normal on the                     

       C-EVO. The most technically
       advanced motorcycle jeans
       in the world™
       Only one motorcycle jean has achieved full CE garment approval, the new C-EVO
       by Draggin. Fully lined with Military + Grade Kevlar® and Dyneema,® The World’s
       Strongest Fiber,™ C-EVO provides all the protection you need in a comfortable,
       breathable denim jean. For stockists and further information go to

                         4.4 SECONDS
          Designed to withstand and protect for a minimum of

                                              of road abrasion resistance.

     Draggin’s test results speak for themselves
                    The best of other motorcycle   1.9 SEC: FAIL
                    jean manufacturers             2.1 SEC OF POSSIBLE ROAD EXPOSURE             4.4 SEC:
                                                                                                 PASS LEVEL
                    Draggin Motorcycle Jeans

     OF ROAD
     ABRASION   0                 1                2                 3                  4                   5

BIKE Business
   DRA11955 - Bike Business Issue24 C-EVO HP (190x120+5)_V1.indd 1                                                6/07/11 10:21 AM

14 July - August 2011     business       to   business

Simply better batteries
   Although some batteries may look the same, promise the same and claim
the same, Yuasa Powersports says only its batteries utilise the finest raw
materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to deliver what vehicle
manufacturers and powersports enthusiasts really want – superior starting power,
longer life and proven reliability.
   From the initial design stage, through all levels of manufacturing and to delivery
of the finished product, all Yuasa Powersports batteries undergo the strictest
process controls and quality assurance standards to ensure that every Yuasa
Powersports battery delivers outstanding performance and reliability.
   Regarded as being the Original Equipment (OE) battery of choice for the
majority of the world’s leading manufacturers and race teams, Yuasa has over 100
years of experience dedicated to the manufacture, design and supply of superior
quality powersports batteries for today’s powersports machines. In Australia,
Yamaha Racing Australia chooses and recommends Yuasa Powersports batteries
in its performance-bred race bikes.
   An extensive product range, superior product performance, reduced warranty
returns, exceptional sales support, access to locally held stock and product
specialists, plus
the peace of mind
that comes with
the leading name
in powersports
batteries, are just
some of the benefits
of becoming a Yuasa
Powersports stockist.
   For more
information contact:
Yuasa 1300 362 287
visit: www.

Safe and dry
Aussie motorcycle accessories specialist Andy Strapz says his Stuff Sakz are
100 per cent waterproof, and afford quick and easy access to your gear via an
opening at each end.
   Available in
either black, grey or
orange, Stuff Sakz
are constructed from
the heavy duty PVC
often used in trucking
(commonly known as
‘Tautliner’), and they
have welded seams.
   Stuff Sakz are made
in Australia, and Andy
Strapz says they’re
                                                                                                available in a range of
perfect for hardcore
                                                                                              colours and also fixed lengths
tourers and commuters
alike.                                                                                               Imported by
   For more information                                                                     Motorcycle Adventure Products
contact: Andy Strapz
03 9770 2207                                                                                       07 3139 0387

                                                                                        BIKE Business
                                                                                        15 July - August 2011   business   to   business

Draggin gets
Draggin has been honored as Honda’s choice            “We really enjoyed creating a jean for
to produce Honda-branded riding jeans for the      Honda – Honda understands the integrity and
Australian market.                                 quality of our product,” he said.
   The jeans feature an embroidered Honda             Honda Australia’s Accessories Product
logo and custom stitching and reaffirm             Manager, Graeme Baynes, said he was
Draggin’s strengthening position as a top          thrilled to have Draggin on board.
performer in the motorcycle jean industry.            “The rider gear market is swarming with
   The Melbourne-based company has                 plenty of substandard gear, so our aim was
long been known as the leading Australian          to provide a superlative line that Honda
specialist motorcycle jean manufacturer, and       riders could wear confidently on the roads in
was this year recognised by top international      Australia,” he said.
judges when it won a prestigious ‘Red Dot’            Utilising a technologically advanced
design award. It’s been a winning year for the     hybrid of military Kevlar and Dyneema
boutique company, which is now spreading its       protective fibres, Draggin jeans have a long
wings, so to speak, around the world.              and celebrated reputation for providing the
   The Honda/Draggin marriage is part              best available blend of protection, style and
of Honda’s new line of Genuine Riding              comfort.
Gear, hand selected from around the world             Honda Draggin jeans are available through
specifically for the Australian market.            Honda’s national motorcycle dealer network.
   Draggin Sales Manager, Johnny Moore,               For more information contact:
says the company is proud to be part of            Draggin 03 9646 0377
Honda’s Genuine Riding Gear range.                 visit:

BIKE Business
16 July - August 2011   business   to   business

 Smokin’ Yamaha pipes
Full GYTR exhaust systems are available to suit Yamaha’s YZ250F and
YZ450F motocrossers, and the marque says both have been developed
through countless hours of dyno and track testing
to produce the ultimate system for both 2010
and 2011 models.
   Manufactured from a combination of
stainless steel and aluminium and featuring
a cone-style end cap, Yamaha also says the
systems are both durable and light in weight,
while being completely rebuildable.
   Yamaha’s engineers have added a PHD
chamber (also known as a resonance
chamber) to the middle section of the header
pipe, which is claimed to boost bottom-end
power while reducing noise levels – both
systems are for closed-course competition
only, but they meet Motorcycling Australia’s
94dB noise regulations.
   The system for the YZ450F has a part
number of 33D-E46D0-10-FS, while the part
number for the YZ250F system is 17D-E46D0-
   For more information visit: http://yshop.

It’s gonna get Ugly…

The crew at Ugly Fish know anyone considering the purchase of a new set of sunglasses or motorcycle goggles is going
to have more than a couple of questions, so it’s put together a handy guide to help retailers to direct their customers to the
best possible product to suit their needs.

 1. Do they ride with a full-face or open-face helmet?
    The Ugly Fish multifunctional range is best suited to open-face lids
    as because these products have a snug fit, eliminating wind and
    dust issues. The Ugly Fish shields or wrap-style sunglasses are
    best for full-face helmets, because they don’t adversely affect
    peripheral vision.
 2. Will the sunglasses need to fulfill a specific role?
    Sunglasses with polarized lenses are best for anyone who struggles
    with bright glare, while auto-adjusting photochromic lenses are the
    best option for use across a wide range of conditions.
 3. Does the customer wear prescription glasses?
    If the customer is already wearing prescription glasses,
    be sure to offer them the RX (prescription) gasket as an
    additional extra, and be aware that some Ugly Fish models can
    have prescription lenses fitted directly into their frames.
 4. Does the customer ride in the day, the night, or both?
    If the customer only rides during the day, a tinted lens
    is best, while a clear or yellow lens is best purely for night riding.
    For those who ride both day and night, multi lens packs or
    photochromic lenses cover all riding conditions.

  For more information contact: Ugly Fish Eyewear
1300 369 574 visit:

                                                                                      BIKE Business
                                                                                      17 July - August 2011   business   to   business

                                                                   Pumped up!
                                                                   The Tomcat Mini-Air Compressor measures a tiny 11cm x 5cm x 10cm,
                                                                   meaning it can be carried on virtually any motorcycle, scooter or ATV.
                                                                      The built-in gauge allows pressure to be observed up to 120psi, and it
                                                                   has a built-in LED light
                                                                   that indicates it’s receiving
                                                                   power, while also helping to
                                                                   connect the compressor to
       up to

                                                                   the tyre valve after dark.
                                                                      Tomcat says this compact
                                                                   package means that air will
                                                                   always be available at a

      Cash Back*
                                                                   moment’s notice both on the
                                                                   road or on the trails, without
                                                                   needing to carry expensive
      on any Arrow Exhaust product                                 CO2 cylinders.
                                                                      Tomcat says the unit
               purchased from an                                   offers high margins to
                                                                   dealers and re-sellers.
                Australian dealer.                                    For more information
         Contact us for more info...                               contact: Tomcat Distribution
                                                                   02 4305 2200
                                                                   visit: wwwtomcatdistribution.

               Nothing like an Arrow

                                                                   Night into day
                                                                   Lighting specialist RoadVision
                                                                   says its Darkbuster LED12
                                                                   torch is ideal for workshops
                                                                   and mobile mechanics alike.
                                                                   The torch features a shock-
                                                                   resistant ABS housing and
                                                                   has a rubber overmold for
                                                                   extra protection, while its IP68
                                                                   rating means it’s waterproof to
                                                                   a depth of 100m.
                                                                       The Darkbuster LED12
                                                                   weighs 730g and pumps out
                                                                   a super-bright, high-intensity
                                                                   beam thanks to its CREE LED
                                                                   chip, which has an estimated
                                                                   lifespan of around 50,000
                                                                   hours. This portable unit is
                                                                   powered by a rechargeable
                                                                   Sony lithium-ion battery, and
                                                                   it comes with a 240V AC to DC
                                                                   adaptor plug with overcharge
                                                                   protection, a pistol grip
                                                                   and lantern handle, a wrist
                                                                   carrying cord and a diffusion
         PH: 1300 439 919                                          glass filter.
                                                                       For more information                                           contact: RoadVision
              * offer valid for July/August 2011 only
                                                                   03 9730 7004

BIKE Business
18 July - August 2011      business             to      business

Yamaha Racing work mats
The Yamaha Racing work mat is made from a tough, colour-fast and non-fade
PVC material, and Yamaha says it resists petrol, oil and contact cleaner.
    Measuring 3ft by 6ft, the mat is
ideal for keeping parts clean and
out of the dirt, and it can be rolled
up for easy transport and storage
– it also comes with a handy
drawstring carry bag.
    As used by the top factory and
satellite Yamaha race teams, the
mat features Yamaha Racing,
Yamalube and GYTR logos, and is
available in blue (GYT-0SS56-32-
27) or black (GYT-0SS56-32-25).
    For more information visit:

Hot pipes
Wayne Gardner
Enterprises recently
took delivery of two new
exhaust systems – one to
suit Suzuki’s new GSR750
road bike and one to suit
KTM’s 300 EXC dirt bike.
    The LeoVince Evo II, for
the GSR750, features a
silencer body and collector
tube made from 304-
grade stainless steel, with
a choice of carbonfibre
(product no. 8544) or
titanium-look stainless
steel (product no. 8543) for

                                                 the external sleeve. The pipe
                                                 comes with a carbonfibre
                                                 bracket and a technopolymer
                                                 end cap.
                                                    The LeoVince X3 silencer
                                                 and header pipe (product no.
                                                 3596), for the KTM 300 EXC,
                                                 is made from TIG-welded,
                                                 304-grade stainless steel,
                                                 and features a carbonfibre
                                                 end cap. According to
                                                 the manufacturer, the X3
                                                 conforms with pending FIM
                                                 noise regulations.
                                                    For more information
                                                 contact: Wayne Gardner
                                                 Enterprises 02 4226 2999

                                                                                 BIKE Business
                                                                                 19 July - August 2011   business   to   business

      Motorex: Swiss precision
      Motorex has now been a technical oil partner to KTM and
      Husaberg internationally for many years.
          The Crosspower range of two-stroke and four-stroke oils are
      formulated specifically for KTM and Husaberg motorcycles after
      thousands of hours of real world testing by Motorex’s team of
      dedicated chemists.
          Proven results are clean engines, substantially reduced
      engine and gearbox wear, excellent gear shifting and the on-
      going protection of precious metal coatings inside the engine.
          Motorex says no oil is better suited to the high performance
      demands of KTM and Husaberg engines, while the big bonus is
      it’s perfect for any European or Japanese performance bike.
          Using fully synthetic oils, as recommended in KTM and
      Husaberg owner’s manuals, is the most cost-effective option
      – superior mechanical protection and a longer lubricant service
      life mean fewer oil changes, less wear, and ultimately cheaper
      servicing costs. Crosspower Fully Synthetic is a blend of PAO
      and esters with extremely low evaporation. It’s available in
      5W/40, 10W/50 and 10W/60 in 1lt and 4lt packs, in Motorex’s
      award-winning easy-pour bottle.
          Crosspower 10W/60 contains a specific additive for superior
      protection unique to Motorex for the 2011 KTM 250/350 SX-F.
          For more information contact: 03 9876 8966 visit:
                NG01CH11BB.pdf 1 28/06/2011 3:00:20 PM

        OEM suppliers to 23 brands including MV Augusta, GAS GAS, Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha.





MY                                                                                       OOEM quality at a fraction of the price.




      BIKE Business
      20 July - August 2011   business   to   business

Moto-Tech Diagnostics says this K22 dual/
single-plane electronic motorcycle wheel
balancer is arguably the most accurate and
reliable balancer ever produced.
   A fixed shaft and a unique friction roller
drive system is the heart of the K22’s success,
says Moto-Tech Diagnostics, as it allows the
wheel to spin on its own bearings, thereby
exactly replicating the conditions of the wheel
on the bike. The system means the balancing
itself is more accurate and bearing defects can
also be picked up, while it’s also quick and
easy to actually fit the rim to the balancer.
   Electronic sensors automatically measure
wheel diameter and offset, and the K22 comes
complete with balance weights, weight pliers,
and a 15mm shaft with spacers to fit most
motorcycle wheels with bearings.
   An optional adaptor kit for side-hung wheels
is also available, and the K22 is covered by a
two-year warranty.
   For more information contact:
Moto-Tech Diagnostics 07 3385 7977

   Consistent braking from
   beginning to end     TM

  THE SECRET IS… we engineer the bite, torque and release
  of the brake pad to interact to give riders superior
  control, unrivalled fade resistance and… lowest lap times


                                                              BIKE Business
                                                              21 July - August 2011   business   to   business

TecMate, the maker of this OptiMATE 4 battery charger, says the product
optimises battery power and life, saves ‘dead’ batteries and offers a
unique battery test and maintenance cycle.
    The OptiMATE 4 also features a turbo recovery mode and provides an
early warning of potential battery problems. TecMate says it’s the ultimate
all-in-one battery care tool for the home or workshop – it diagnoses,
recovers, charges, tests and optimally maintains all 12V batteries, automatically.
    TecMate also says the OptiMATE 4 can extend a battery’s Service life by up to
400 per cent.
    For more information contact: BikeDoctor 08 9443 2122 visit:

 BBI                                     Bikes & Bits Importers
                                         Phone: 08 9295 6688
                                         Toll Free Fax: 1800 080 808
                                         Toll Free Fax: 1800 080 808                                                        PROX for
                                                                                                                             All Your
                                                                                                                           BRAKE PAD

         Prox Racing Parts Are Original Oem Factory Replacement Parts
                      - Piston kits - Connecting rod kits - Valves - Camchains - Gasket kits
                - Clutch parts - Cylinder sleeves - Oilseals (frontfork/crankshaft) and Dustcaps
                                 - Bearings (crankshaft/wheel/swingarm/steering)

           BB Importers are the Australian distributors of these and
                 many more high quality engine components

            Wossner                               Athena                         Winderosa                           TKRJ
         High performance forged            Manufacturer and supplier of         Gasket and seal sets, sets       Japans pistons and
        German pistons large range         motorcycle gaskets, fork seals,       made in the USA massive      connection rods large range
        for European and Japanese         air filters, big bore kits, bearings      range for MX ATV              for early 60’s - 70s
               motorcycles.                  pipes, CDI and much more.                 and jet skis.               Japanese bikes.

BIKE Business
22 July - August 2011   business   to   business

Bendix brake fluid raises the bar
Brake manufacturer Bendix                                                              brake fluids minimise corrosion
says its new range of DOT3                                                             of tinned iron, steel, aluminium,
and DOT4 brake fluids                                                                  cast iron, brass and copper
feature an advanced, hard-                                                             components, while being inert to
working formula for optimum                                                            both natural and synthetic rubber
performance.                                                                           used in brake hoses, cups and
   According to Bendix, these                                                          seals. The new fluids operate
high performance Polyglycol-                                                           under high temperatures during
type fluids set a new standard                                                         heavy braking and Bendix says
in brake fluid performance.                                                            they maintain constant viscosity
   Suitable for hydraulic and                                                          even in extreme cold operating
conventional braking systems                                                           temperatures.
in cars, motorcycles and                                                                  The new Bendix DOT3 and DOT4
commercial vehicles, both                                                              brake fluids are now available from
DOT3 and DOT4 fluids meet                                                              leading automotive outlets in 250ml
stringent Australian and                                                               and 500ml retail packs, plus 20lt
international standards.                                                               drums for the trade.
   With the development                                                                   For more information contact:
focused on technology and                                                              Bendix 1800 819 666
innovation, the new Bendix                                                             visit:

                                 Superior spares
                                 BK Performance Products extends                  rubbers and more.
                                 its apologies to any of its customers               BK Performance Products also recently
                                 who have been adversely affected by              announced that it has dropped its
                                 any delays since the earthquake and              Winderosa range of engine gaskets, and
                                 subsequent tsunami Japan experienced             is now supplying the superb Athena range
                                 earlier this year.                               of gaskets instead. Remaining stock of
                                     BK Performance Products supplies a           Winderosa gaskets are now available at
                                 wide range of service parts, including:          heavily discounted prices.
                                 air filters, brake shoes and pads,                  Based in Brisbane, BK Performance
                                 camchains, camchain tensioners and               Products is continuously adding to its
                                 guides, carby needles and seats, conrod          range of parts for all makes of
                                 kits, clutch plates, control cables, engine      European and Japanese motorcycles,
                                 bearings, engine oil seals, exhaust header       so it advises dealers to check its
                                 and muffler seals, fork seals, handlebar         website regularly to keep abreast of new
                                 grips and levers, inlet and exhaust valves,      components as they become available.
                                 ignition switches, oil and water pump               For more information contact:
                                 parts, piston kits, piston rings, points and     BK Performance Products 07 3286 4106
                                 condensers, tank caps, wheel damper              visit:

                                                                                BIKE Business
                                                                                23 July - August 2011   business   to   business

Bits for bikes
Motorcycle components specialist Bikes & Bits Importers
(BBI) is now supplying ProX Racing Parts conrod
sets to suit a range of Husqvarna dirt bikes, plus a
wide assortment of valve shims to suit most Japanese
motorcycles and ATVs, plus KTM dirt bikes.
   BBI says the Husky conrods are available now to suit the
CR/WR125 (1997 to 2011), CR150 (2011), TC/TE/TXC250
(2006 to 2009), TE310 (2009 to 2010), SMR400 (2005 to
2007), TC/TE/TXC/SMR450 (2005 to 2010) and TC/TE/TXC/
SMR510 (2005 to 2010). Each conrod set is supplied with
a big-end pin and big-end bearing and washers, while the
two-stroke set also comes with a piston pin bearing.
   BBI also says the ProX shim kits are made of premium
materials and have been subjected to a heat treatment to
afford durability and minimise wear – they’ve also been
precision machined to exact tolerances. The shims are
available in a complete assortment box or in individual refill
kits in 7.48mm, 8.90mm, 9.48mm and 10.00mm sizes.
   For more information contact: Bikes & Bits Importers
08 9295 6688 visit:

Small part wall storage solutions for the workshop or garage
Kincrome has expanded its popular                  larger areas.
range of storage solutions. The practical              The storage tubs are manufactured
Wall Board Tub System features a wall              from durable plastic with moulded label
board and removable tubs making them               holders for easy identification of contents.
handy to store bits and pieces on the wall         Two different size tubs are avaliable to fit
around the workshop or garage.                     a range of parts and accessories.
     The 15-piece Kincrome Wall Board                  Both the wall board and small and
Tub System includes the wall board and             large tubs are also available separately.
eight small and six large removable tubs.               The Kincrome Wall Board Tub System
     The Wall Board features a metal               and accessories are now available
construction with a silver powdercoated            from leading automotive, industrial and
finish, 72 integrated hanging points to            hardware stores across Australia and
hang the tubs and includes a mounting              New Zealand. For more information and
kit. Measuring 510mm x 460mm, each                 details of your nearest stockist.
Wall Board can be interlocked to cover             Visit:

Motorscan magic
World-renowned tools and workshop                  adjustment; throttle position
equipment specialist, Snap-on                      sensor adjustment; and idling
Tools, says its Motorscan motorcycle               adjustment, among others.
diagnostics tool can diagnose faults                  Also available is a BIKESCAN kit,
and adjust and reset the systems found             comprising the scan tool, a battery
on the bikes produced by all of today’s            clamp cable, a power supply cable, a
major motorcycle brands.                           data router, a universal cable, a master
   The Motorscan is packed with                    cable, a storage case and a CD with
features, including: both automatic and            operating instructions.
manual scan modes; a comprehensive                    The Motorscan scan tool and
database of motorcycle models and                  BIKESCAN kit come with a 12-month
systems; an ECU data display; reading              warranty to guard against faulty
of stored faults (DTC); erasing of                 workmanship and materials.
stored faults; diagnostics procedures;                For more information contact:
service light reset; key encoding;                 Snap-on 1800 810 581 visit:
unlocking of immobilizers; injection     

BIKE Business
24 July - August 2011   business   to   business

Steering dampers made simple
What is a steering damper? It’s a              A steering damper basically                    Shock Treatment says these dampers
compact, fully adjustable, hydraulic        operates under the same principle              have been at the forefront of the
shock absorbing stabilizer that mounts      as a front fork. Valving inside the unit       stabilizer industry for nearly 20 years,
to the steering head right above            reacts to the slightest of jolts that are      and allow riders to ride faster across all
the handlebar mount. By helping to          transferred through the fork and crowns        off-road riding scenarios.
stabilize the front end of the a dirt       of a motorcycle. Internal circuitry and           For more information contact:
bike, the rear of the motorcycle will       hydraulic valving absorbs the energy           Shock Treatment 02 4773 9115
track straighter, allowing the rest of      that would have been transmitted               visit:
the suspension to work the way it was       through the handlebars.
designed to. It has also been proven           The link arm that connects
to help minimize rider fatigue and the      the stabilizer to the frame reacts
dreaded arm-pumping situation that          instantaneously, absorbing any
occurs while wrestling the front end of     unwanted movement.
the bike. Once mounted, it eliminates          Suspension was designed to
the unwanted phenomenon known as            handle the vertical movement of
‘head shake’ that is commonly found on      the motorcycle. A steering damper
off-road production motorcycles. This       completes the suspension package
is more common these days due to the        by controlling the unwanted horizontal
steeper head angles found on the latest     movement that is continually transferred
production bikes. A steering damper will    to the handlebars.
also help a dirt bike maintain a straight      Shock Treatment offers a range of
course over whoops while smoothing          Scotts Performance steering dampers
out rocky sections by eliminating           to suit the majority of popular dirt bike
handlebar-wrenching jolts.                  models.

                                                                   O N AU S T R A L I A N M O D E L O P T I M AT E 4
                                                                             • Dual recovery = turbo recovery mode for dead-flat batteries
                                                                                        • Comprehensive 10-LED status & information panel
                                                                                         • Stylish 2-tone IP64 sealed weatherproof housing
                                                                                                    • 5 possible charge retention test results
                                                                                                     • Easy wall mounting (replaceable lugs)
                                                                                                           • Charge current bar-graph display
                                                                                                             • Stress relieving cable bushings
                                                                                                                 • Improved in-line connector with
                                                                                                                      contact pin auto alignment
                                                                   Limited time,
                                                                                                                   • Buy 2 and we will deliver
                                                                   limited quantities.                                       anywhere for $170
                                                                   Dealer & stockist
                                                                   enquiries welcome.                  You save around $40 per unit!!

                                                                    Importers and distributors of all OptiMate & TecMate workshop
                                                                      & personal tools & battery chargers for tuning & diagnosing
                                                                     electrical problems inc VacuumMate, CarbMate, IgnitionMate”

                                                                             08 9443 2122
                                                                   64 Scarborough Beach Road | NORTH PERTH | WA | 6006

                                                                                         BIKE Business
                                                                                         25 July - August 2011     business     to   business
supplier directory
 The Bike Business National Industry Supplier Directory has been designed to further assist Dealerships to source Industry Suppliers.
 There are three listings first we list available Industry Suppliers in alphabetical order for easy reference detailing their related contact details; this is followed by listing
 Products and Brands available from the Suppliers.
 To use the resource, lets say you are looking for a certain product refer to the Product Listing search for that product and the Suppliers name will be listed next to it,
 for their contact details you can refer back to the Suppler Listings. You can use the Brand Listing in the same way, search for a Brand then reference the Supplier.
A1 Accessory Imports                                                                                                      American Welding
60-62 Burchill St Loganholme 4129 Qld                                                                                     PO Box 7040 Leura 2780 NSW
07 3806 1800 07 3806 1755                                                                                                 02 4784 3012 02 4784 3101                                                                                                                               AirHawk Australia Pty Ltd                                    DHC 2000 OXY/ACET Torch that welds the thinnest
A1 Accessory Imports is an importer and distributor          PO Box 586 Whyalla 5600 SA                                   aluminum, stainless etc. Up to TIG strength with less
of quality motorcycle hard parts. Our mission is to          1300 783 128 08 8644 2836                                    distortion & more pliability.
provide motorcycle retail stores with a simple solution                                        Anderson Bike Stands
for all their hard parts requirements.                       Australian importer/distributor for all Airhawk cushions     12/1 Stonny Batter Road Minto 2566 NSW
A1 Motor Trimming                                            since 2000. The Original Mail Order Specialists. For all     02 9603 6565 02 9603 6566
Factory 1/1 Box Road Tarren Point 2229 NSW                   trade inquires call, fax or email.                 
02 9525 3330                                                 Aitken Motorcycles                                           Manufacturers of Anderson Bike stands and workshop                                  397 Newbridge Road Moorebank 2170 NSW                        equipment.                                   02 9821 1677 02 9821 3333
All motorbike seats re-covered.                    
                                                             We sell only learner legal motorcycles, Full Service
                                                             Workshop, Spares and Accessories. Full Range of 4
                                                             Wheel ATV’s.                                                 Andy Strapz
Admant Industries Pty Ltd                                    Allgo Solutions Pty Ltd                                      16F New Street Frankston 3199 Vic
PO Box 445 Fairy Meadow 2519 NSW                             PO Box 256 Magill 5071 SA                                    03 9770 2207 03 9770 0200
1300 439 919                                                 08 7201 2073                                                                                                                               Allgo Solutions is an Australian distributor of Nitrofill    Andy Strapz make tough, durable motorcycle
Importer & Distributor of Quality European Motorcycle        Nitrogen Tyre Inflation products and equipment.              luggage and amazingly strong, quick and reliable
products & apparel throughout Australia. Products            Nitrofill - Better Fuel Economy, Longer Tyre Life,           stretch straps. Making quality products to make a
include Arrow Exhausts, Shot Race Gear, Work Racing          Improved Handling & Safety, a Smaller Carbon                 motorcyclist’s travelling life easier since 1995.
Parts & Putoline Oils. New Dealers Welcome.                  Footprint and much more.                                     Made in Australia.

BIKE Business
26 July - August 2011   business      to    business
                                                                                                  supplier directory
AR Maxwell Motorcycles                                    Autoconnect are suppliers of leading edge aftermarket
PO Box 39 Finley 2713 NSW                                 software solutions. We have our own software                 Barkbusters is a specialist manufacturer with a large
03 5883 1315 03 5883 1257                                 development team who can develop & deliver                   range of handguards for offroad, adventure & street                                          solutions ranging from local applications to distributed     bikes. Barkbusters handguards have been designed                                       internet systems.                                            and manufactured in Australia for over 27 years.
Motorcycle and ATV Wrecking.                              Autosoft                                                     BGT BRAKEService (AUST) P/L
Aussie Biker                                              Suite 2305, Building Q2, 4 Daydream Street                   10 Webster Street Dandenong 3175 Vic
PO Box 1097 Noosaville DC 4566 Qld                        Warriewood 2102 NSW                                          03 9794 6787 03 9794 0095
07 5474 1050 07 5474 1333                                 1800 825 326 02 9979 7005                                                                                            Specialists in re-lining brake shoes for road and race                                                                    use. Shoes can be machined on backing plate to suit
Aussie Biker is Australia’s leading motorcycle rental     Autosoft is a leading provider of business software          drum size.
company and importer of the Airhawk seating system        for the motorcycle industry. With over 25 years              Bike Doctor & Bike Tyre
for motorcycles.                                          experience, Autosoft have proven their dedication to         City 64 Scarborough Beach Road North Perth 6006 WA
Austech Industries                                        creating advanced automotive business software.              08 9443 2122 08 9242 2451
PO Box 715 Archerfield 4108 Qld                           Your business needs the right tools to function most
07 37231500 07 37231599                                   efficiently & with Autosoft Business Management                          software,you have stronger cash flows, better                Importer/Distributor of ultrasonic carbi cleaners,
Australian owned and operating since 1987.                management reporting, improved inventory &                   OptiMate Battery Optimisers, VacuumMate,
Automotive and Industrial Tools, Powered Equipment        workshop management systems & better customer                IgnitionMate and TecMate Products. Hydraulic
and Compressors. Quality brands in SP Air and Hand        service. Great outcomes, all the time for every              motorcycle benches. Cylinder Reboring & crankshaft
Tools and Scorpion. You will find the right product to    business. Autosoft, professional software for your           rebuilding, Dyno tuning & general Services to trade &
suit your needs.                                          professional business.                                       retail clients.
                                                          Bainbridge Technologies                                      Bike Rads
                                                          1224 Lytton Road Hemmant 4174 Qld                            59 Bennet Street Dandenong 3175 Vic
                                                          07 3348 8082 07 3348 8245                                    03 9793 2798 03 9793 2317
                                                          Bainbridge Technologies distribute Australia wide a          Maufacturer and repairer of aluminum motorcycle
                                                          comprehensive range of battery chargers, inverters,          radiators.
                                                          inverter chargers, fuses, dc power sockets, fuse
Australian Motorcycle Components
                                                          blocks, battery monitors, battery meters, battery
PO Box 6377 Maroochydore BC 4558 Qld
                                                          boxes, power supplies & dual battery kits.
07 5451 8700 07 5451 8777                                  Ballards Offroad                                    2/63 Batt Street Penrith 2750 NSW
Distributor of premium motorcycle accessories from        02 4731 1210 02 4731 1216
industry leading manufacturers.
                                                                                              53 Governor Road Mordialloc 3195 Vic
Australian Motorcycle Headlight Protectors                                                                             03 9587 5554 03 9587 5567
                                                          Australia’s leading supplier of offroad performance
PO Box 384 North Tamborine 4272 Qld                                                                          
                                                          parts and accessories since 1989.
07 5545 4228 07 554 54206                                                                                              Importer and distributor of aftermarket parts/custom                                                                                       bike building and custom painting.
Protects the lens. Easy to fit with full instructions.
                                                                                                                       Bikes & Bits Importers
Full service support dealing with the Australian
                                                                                                                       63 Wandeara Cresent Mundaring 6073 WA
manufacturer. Strong Easy to apply dual lock Fitting
                                                                                                                       08 9295 6688 1800 080808
System. Custom Made tinted protectors.
                                                                                                                       Importers and wholesalers only of motorcycle engine
Australian Motorcycle Parts                                                                                            components including the largest range of pistons,
397 Newbridge Road Moorebank 2170 NSW                                                                                  connecting rods and gaskets in Australia, along with
02 9821 1677 02 9821 3333                                                                                              an excellent range of aftermarket parts.
                                                          Bandit Accessories
Supply OEM parts on line for Honda, Kawasaki,
                                                          2/12 Silicon Place Tullamarine 3036 Vic                      Bikiechic Motorcycle Clothing
Suzuki, Yamaha, Polaris. 75 Years of phone back up
                                                          1300 226 348 03 9335 2160                                    183 Parramatta Road Annandale 2038 NSW
expertise, all genuine parts delivered to your address.
                                                                         02 9569 4111 02 9569 4666
Autoconnect Pty Ltd                                       Manufacturers of Bandit Tyre Warmers.              
PO Box 372 Rundle Mall 5000 SA                                                                                         Bikie chic & Scoota chic clothing is all about
                                                          Barkbusters - Rideworx
08 7200 0664                                                                                                           fashionable styles, great colours & cover from sizes
                                                          02 4271 8244 02 4271 8255                                                                                                        8-24 Bikie chic - it’s a girl thing for women of all ages!

                                BK Performance Products represent
                                Athena within the Australian marketplace.
                                Athena are O.E. manufacturers for most of
                                the European brand motorcycle gaskets                                                               ®

                                listed STREET, TRAIL, ATV/OFF ROAD.                                             by   ATHENA
        Athena individual gaskets & kits for all: JAPANESE: Honda – Kawasaki – Suzuki – Yamaha
             EUROPEAN: Aprilia – Benelli – Beta – Bultaco – Fantic – Gilera – Husqvarna – KTM –
              Laverda – Macchi – Maico – MBK – Moto Guzzi – Norton – Polaris – Rotax – Triumph
 Trade inquiries for agencies are most welcome on the following Models.
 Italjet – Kymco – Lambretta – Malaguti – Peugeot – Piaggio –
                                                                                               BK Performance Products Pty. Ltd.
                                                                                               8 - 11 Trade Street Ormiston 4160
 Vespa. Check out web-site for further details.                                                                      Phone: 07 3286 4106

                                                                                                                     BIKE Business
                                                                                                                     27 July - August 2011   business        to    business
supplier directory
Birdman Motorcycle Accessories                                                                                          Ceramic Coat Australia
4/34 Palmerston Road East Ringwood 3134 Vic                                                                             6 Reese Avenue Richmond 5033 SA
03 9876 8966 03 9876 8988                                                                                               08 8354 2066 08 8443 5131                                                                                                                                                                                  
                                                                                                                        Supplier of ceramic coating.
Supplier of the highest quality technical after market    Bubs Customs
parts to the industry in the most timely fashion.         Unit 4/21 Kangoo Road Somersby 2250 NSW                       Convict Motorcycles
Birdman prides itself on mutually beneficial long term    02 4340 5001 02 4340 5065                                     GPO Box 600 Brisbane 4001 Qld
relationships with its retail network.                                                 07 3103 0511
                                                          Manufacturers of Softail Rear Springs; Pan Head     

                                                          Style Rocker Boxes and Cam Covers to suit twin cam            Full Volume Production Motorcycle Manufacturer.
                                                          models; as well as dual intake EFI throttle bodies to
                                                          suit late model twin cams. Australia’s first fuel injection
                                                          dealer offering service and repair to all twin models.

                                                                                                                        Cykel Products Australia
BK Performance                                                                                                          30 Corporate Boulevard Bayswater 3153 Vic
PO Box 1767 Cleaveland DC 4163 Qld                                                                                      03 9729 4888 03 9729 4322
07 3286 4106 07 3286 3550                                                                                                                                                                                    Cykel Products Australia are a wholesale company that
                                                                                                                        imports and distributes quality motorcycle parts and
                                                          Burleigh Bars Pty Ltd                                         accessories.
Black Mamba Racing Components                             Unit 2/16 Ern Harley Drive Burleigh Heads 4220 Qld 07
5/112 Hammond Road Dandenong 3175 Vic                     5593 7720 07 5593 7677
03 9793 5555 03 9793 5555                                                       Now using American 304 Stainless Steel, we have the                               largest diameter handlebar and biggest range of styles
High quality custom fabrication & welding of              including a 7 year warranty on all our stainless steel        Davies, Craig Pty Ltd
motorsport exhaust systems for bikes, cars & boats.       bars. Australian made and owned.                              77 Taras Avenue Altona North 3025 Vic
Supply high quality grand prix race parts, fluid pumps,   Burleigh Parts                                                03 9369 1234 03 9369 3456
Titanium welding & fabrication. 200HP Engine Dyno.        Unit 2/16 Ern Harley Drive Burleigh Heads 4220 Qld 07
Blue Reef Vision                                          5593 7720 07 5593 7677                              
Unit 3/38 Investigator Drive Unanderra 2526 NSW                                       Manufacturer & Distributor of automotive cooling
                                                            product including Thermatic Fans, Electric Water
02 4271 8382 02 4271 8346
                                                          home                                                          Pumps, Transmission Oil Coolers, Electric Booster www.bluereefvision.
                                                          Machinery for your ride.                                      Pumps, Thermal Switches, Fan Clutches. Supplier of polarized Sunglasses for both
Males and Females.                                                                                                      Dayco Australia
                                                                                                                        11 Dansu Crt Hallam 3803 Vic
BlueAnt Wireless                                                                                                        03 9796 4044 Ext 467 03 9796 4731
Level 4, Build 1, 658 Church Street Richmond 3121 Vic                                                         
03 9094 5800 03 9094 5850                                                                                                                                                                                     Dayco Australia scooter drive belts.
                                                          Carlisle Tyres & Accessories                                                                                                 Donald Motorcycle Imports
                                                          PO Box 6040 Minto 2566 NSW
Bluetooth and Digital lifestyle accessories including                                                                   46 Wood Street Donald 3480 Vic
                                                          02 9820 4444 02 9820 4222
headsets, speaker phones, headphones and                                              03 5497 1611 03 5497 1599
motorcycle communication accessories.            “Carlisle Tyres supplies    
                                                          a large range of innovative, high quality, unique             Cruise controls for motorcycles.
Bluerim Australia
PO Box 229 West Pennant Hills 2125 NSW 02 9624            motorcycle & industrial products to discerning
5255 02 9624 5255                                         customers across Australia. CTA is committed to                                       providing a high level of customer service, which                                        in turn gives manufacturers a stable conduit to the
Distributors of motorcycle communications and             Australian marketplace.
electric accessories.                                     Cassons
                                                          PO Box 2453 North Parramatta 2151 NSW
BMW Motorrad Australia
                                                          02 9684 1210 02 9684 2091                                     Draggin Jeans
783 Springvale Road Mulgrave 3170 Vic
                                                                                      Building 8/42 Sabre Drive Fisherman’s Bend 3207 Vic
1800 813 299
                                                                                            03 9646 0377 03 9646 9277                                   Motorcycle & Bicycle accessories distributor.       
National distributor of BMW Motorcycles, BMW Rider                                                                      The most technically advanced motorcycle jeans in
Equipment, BMW Motorcycle Accessories and BMW                                                                           the world. Draggin products are lined with Military
Spare Parts.                                                                                                            Grade Kevlar and Dyneema, the world’s strongest
                                                                                                                        Fiber. Draggin are designed and tested for rider safety,
                                                                                                                        comfort and style.
                                                          Century Yuasa Batteries                                       PO Box 1022 Double Bay 2028 NSW
                                                          65 Cobalt Street Carole Park 4300 Qld                         02 9344 6523 02 9344 6317
                                                          1300 362 287 1300 361 660                            Australia wide                                                             DUCATIONLY visit - the source                                                                       for Ducati Accessories, Ducati air filters, Ducati Clutch is a group of professional brake      Century Yuasa has been manufacturing and supplying            Plate Kits, Radiator Protection kits for Ducati, Ducabike
hose manufacturing specialists Australia/NZ wide          batteries in Australia since 1928 and lead the industry       Slipper Clutches, Rear sets, Clutch Covers and more.
that have pledged to manufacture your stainless steel     in the distribution of batteries suitable for Motorcycles,    Nichols Ducati parts, B+G Carbon parts for Ducati,
braided brake hose to comply with the requirements        ATV’s, Personal Water Craft & other Power Sports              Ducati Engine case covers, SP Electronics plug & play
of ADR42/04                                               Machines.                                                     Quickshifter & Gear Display for Ducati.

BIKE Business
28 July - August 2011   business     to   business
                                                                                             supplier directory
Dyno Dynamics                                        of a motorcycle as significantly as a properly tuned         a driveshaft. The tear resistant material wraps around
19 Industry Court Lilydale 3140 Vic                  suspension. Asphalt or dirt, Eibach’s Moto Springs           the CV joint covering the rubber boot. Each CV Saver
03 9735 8900 03 9739 5833                            EMS system combines specially engineered front &             is secured in place with a stainless steel clamp and                    rear springs to create an ideal balance between rider,       Velcro tabs along the seam.
East Coast Custom Distributors Pty Ltd               terrain and motorcycle.
PO Box 5625 “Brendale DC, Bendale” 4500 Qld          Electrosil
07 3883 6500 07 3883 6550                            7 George CRT Briar Hill 3088 Vic                         03 9435 7029 03 9432 1995                 
East Coast Custom Distributors is an Importer and    Cylinder repair and re-coating service. General
                                                                                                                  Federal Batteries
Distributor of quality aftermarket components for    machining, alloy welding, head repair, supplier of after
                                                                                                                  D2/22 College Street Gladesville 2111 NSW
the Australian V-Twin and Powersports Industry.                                                 ,
                                                     market engine parts (Wiseco, Pro-x, JE, CP Wossner).
                                                                                                                  1300 133 980 02 9879 4611
Distributing Engine Components, Drive Train          Elstar Motorcycle and Quads Pty Ltd                
Components, Electrical & Electronic Components,      Unit 22/244 -254 Horsley Road Milperra 2214 NSW    
as well as a large range of workshop tooling &       02 9772 1555 02 9772 1855                                    Australian distributor for Deka Powersports and
accessories.                                                                         Odyssey batteries. The best in advanced American
Egress Solutions                                                                      AGM technology plus new to our range are Power and
PO Box 60 Dimboola 3414 Vic                          We are specialized in Motorbike, ATV and Spare Parts.        Motorcycle batteries to further extend fitment options.
0409 959 737                                         We carry Elstar, Motul, NGK, RK, Fastace, Kenda,                                   Ariete etc. Dealers Wanted.                                    Evopos Pty Ltd
Egress Solutions is the Australian and New Zealand   Level 1/27 Railway Street Mudgeeraba 4213 Qld
distributor for Kriega products. Kriega produce      1300 652 132 07 5657 7099
premium motorcycle luggage options including
backpacks, trail packs, hydration packs and          Dealer Management system (software) for the
accessories.                                                                                                      Ficeda Accessories
                                                     motorcycle industry.
                                                                                                                  489 -493 Victoria Street Wetherill Park 2164 NSW
Eibach Suspension Technology Pty Limited             Extreme CV Savers                                            02 9757 0061 1800 674 349
Unit 3/4 Prosperity Parade Warriewood 2102 NSW       2 Tolga Road Atherton 4883 Qld                     
02 9999 3655 02 9999 3855                            0408 336 887 07 4091 4514                                                                                             Motorcycle accessories for all bikes from protective                                                                       gear, to items needed for service and performance
No other modification can affect the performance     The CV Saver is a system protecting the CV boots on          and products to make riding more enjoyable.

                                                                                                                BIKE Business
                                                                                                                29 July - August 2011   business      to   business
supplier directory

FlexVision                                             Formula 1 Motorcycle Exhausts
PO Box 2083 Strawberry Hills 2012 NSW                  75 Ebsworth Street Tamworth 2340 NSW
1300 353 984 02 9690 2113                              02 6762 8077 02 6765 3884                             Gas Imports Australia Pty Ltd                                                       PO Box 249 North Essendon 3041 Vic                                                         03 9338 1664 03 9338 0520
Nannini Motorcycle Glasses and Goggles now                                                         
                                                       Manufacturers of exhausts to suit a wide range of
available in Australia and New Zealand. Hand sewn                                                  
leather goggles and performance riding glasses.                                                              Wholesaler Supplier of Motorcycle Accessories and
                                                                                                             service Parts.
Many styles and colours available, shatterproof
polycarbonate lenses from $89 R.R.P                    Frozzie Bling
                                                       160 Nightcap Range Road Dorroughby 2480 NSW           GO Distribution
                                                       02 6689 5716 02 6689 5718                             PO Box 7229 East Albury 2640 NSW
Force Accessories                                                               02 6026 4886 02 6026 4889
PO Box 6014 Dandenong 3175 Vic                                            
03 8710 4141 03 9792 9676                              Frozzie Bling Factory suppliers of motorcycle after                          market accessories.                                   Ultra violet dye motor vehicle leak detection fluids,                                                                                  ultra violet lamps, LED, workshop and trouble lighting,
We are an Australian manufacturer of accessories for                                                         workshop tools and accessories.
trail and enduro bikes.                                Full Throttle Motorcycles
                                                       4 Miller Street Slacks Creek 4127 Qld
                                                       07 3209 1977 07 3299 2677                             Gowanloch Motorcycle Engineering Pty Ltd
Force Tools                                                    Unit 10/25 Garema Circuit Kingsgrove 2280 NSW
PO Box 198 Dingley Village 3172 Vic                              02 9750 4346 02 9750 7852
03 9551 0077 03 9511 8877                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Importer and Distributor of quality Italian and American
Importer of Force Hand Tools and storage systems                                                             aftermarket and genuine motorcycle spare parts
                                                                                                             and accessories. Specialists for Ducati and Aprilia
suppling the industries distributors Australia wide.

     CYLINDER REPAIR AND                                                          COATING Service

   Looking for The Advantage

  Extreme Power & Reliability                                                                                                          ELECTROSIL
                                                                                                                                      NOW OFFERS
                                                                                                                                        A Power
                                                                                                                                      Valve Coating
                                                                                                                                        & Repair

BIKE Business
30 July - August 2011   business     to    business
                                                                                                supplier directory
GPS Imports                                              Hit Air Australia                                         Hunter Motorcycle Group Pty Ltd
120 Johnston Street Collingwood 3066 Vic                 16 Moyran Parade Grays Point 2232 NSW                      .O.
                                                                                                                   P Box 5088 ‘Erina Fair’ Erina 2250 NSW
03 9415 6117 03 8415 1811                                0430 247 224 02 9540 1500                                 02 9454 7707 02 9454 7700                                                                                                   Australia’s newest brand of motorcycles. Learner
GPS Imports specilaizes in quality Italian made          Exclusive Distributor for Hit Air Australia air bag       legal - LAMS approved all states. American designed
products for motorcycles and scooters. The majority of   motorcycle jackets and palm protecting gloves. 20         custom cruisers. Hunter Spyder - Hunter Daytona
products selected by GPS have a DNA that leads back      models and retail price range from $600-$1000 (incl       - Hunter Bobber.
to development from racing.                              GST). New generation rider safety gear.                   Hyside Trading
                                                         Hornee Jeans                                              22 Holland Street Euroa 3666 Vic
                                                         2060 -2062 Castlereagh Road Penrith 2750 NSW              03 5795 3536 03 5795 1002
                                                         02 4722 2637 02 4731 2099                       
                                                                                      We specialize in Restoration, Race Preparation of
Hardiman ATV/MOTO                                        Fashionable Kevlar lined clothing.                        2 stroke motorcycles, services including cranks,
Unit 5/10 Pioneer Avenue Tuggerah 2259 NSW               Hot Wire Pty Ltd                                          rebuilds, race exhausts, Vapar Blasting/Cleaning &
02 4353 3622 02 4353 3602                                87 Upper Sturt Road Upper Sturt 5156 SA                   Part Supplies. Popular models catered for -- RD, TZ,                                 08 8339 7093 08 8339 7092                                 TR, TD, RZ and RG.                                            Imire
Hardiman ATV/MOTO is Australia’s largest importer of     Australia and New Zealand Distributors of midtronics,     50 Edols Street Nth Geelong 3215 Vic
performance ATV products. We distribute products for     battery testers, chargers and electrical diagnostics      03 5247 1509
ATV’s and motorcycles that are of a high quality, race   tools, and pulsetechs chargers and battery      
tested and backed by the best manufacturers.             maintenance products.                           
Hel Performance Australia                                HPC High Performance Coatings Pty Ltd                     Motorcycle Electrical Specialists.
PO Box 1078 Nathan Street Brighton 4017 Qld              6 Watson Road Industrial Park Leongatha 3953 Vic          IMS Pty Ltd
07 3869 3016 07 3869 0704                                03 5662 4338 03 5662 4338                                 Factory 1,53 Elm Park Drive Hoppers Crossing 3029                                                          Vic 03 8742 7000 03 8742 7015                                                 
Hel Performance Australia brakelines all meet ADR        Ceramic coatings for exhaust headers/mufflers.  
requirements for the motorcycle and automotive           Ceramic piston coatings and dry film coating,             Importer & Distributor of high quality motorcycle
applications.                                            appearance coatings, turbo coatings.                      accessories and workshop equipment.

                                                                                           Boost your coolant flow!

          NO SMOKE, NO FUMES,
               NO SMELL

                                                                                                                                   Improve engine performance
                                                                                                                                	 solar hot water flow
                                                                                                                             	 flow & pressure
                                                                                                                            Long-life brushless motor
                          1800 805 243                                                                              Shop online:
                                                                                                                       or call (03) 9369 1234 for your nearest outlet

                                                                                                                 BIKE Business
                                                                                                                 31 July - August 2011   business     to   business
supplier directory
Jet - Hot                                               local and imported motorcycle parts, accessories and
26 Elizabeth Street Castlemaine 3450 Vic                Service for over 20 years.””                               Australian importer/distributor of French-Spanish
03 5470 6416 03 5470 6431                               M2 Distribution                                            Motorcycle brand SHERCO. Distributor of specialty               Unit 2, 294 Great Eastern Hwy Midland 6056 WA              accessories for the trials community.
Ceramic high temperature coating.                       08 9374 7601 08 9274 8084                                  Moto Meccanica
John Stamnas Pty Ltd                                    sales@m2distribution                               120 Johnston Street Collingwood 3066 Vic
PO Box 633 Cooroy 4563 Qld                                                      03 8415 1800 03 8415 1811
07 5447 7411 07 5442 6094                               Australian Distributor of Drift Innovation point-of-view                                     cameras and accessories. Drift is the market leader in     Malossi Engine Builders specializing in scooter                                     innovative, self contained action cameras.                 and small bore engine kit installation’s and fitting of
The Goodridge Distributors with over six thousand       Mainmoto Imports                                           aftermarket exhaust systems.
products.                                               PO Box 378 Fairfield 3078 Vic                              Moto National Accessories
Karcher Pty Ltd                                         03 9445 9076 03 9445 9076                                  PO Box 274 Banyo 4014 Qld
40 Koornang Road Scoresby 3179 Vic                                                07 3120 4228 07 3120 4237
03 9765 2372 03 9765 2329                                                                    MC Sales                                         
World leader in manufacturing of cleaning equipment.    PO Box 2966 Burleigh BC 4220 Qld                           Moto National Accessories is a vibrant and enthusiastic
Kenma                                                   0448 77 66 77                                              company servicing the motorcycling industry
8 Lymoore Avenue Thornleigh 2120 NSW                                                 throughout Australia. We distribute a complete range
02 9484 0777 02 9484 0877                                                              of products, our flagship products are Shell Advance                                        Online Motorcycle classified ad site. Low Cost,            Motorcycle Oil, OGK helmets, RXT Helmets, Motodry
Kenma Australia are wholesale distributors of premium   effective advertising for your dealer inventory with no    Clothing, Five Gloves, Zac Speed, Armour, Kal-Gard,
quality motorcycle accessories including Ventura,       lead fees.                                                 Rush Exhaust Spex, ABUS security and Two Brothers
Bendix, Oggy Knobs and Scorpio Alarms + Eryyp                                                                      Exhausts.
                                                        McLeod Accessories
Emergency tyre repair trelock security, Fat cat anti    PO Box 416 Northgate 4013 Qld
hopping clutches.                                       1300 300 191 1300 300 181
Kidbikers Australia                           
PO Box 452 Leichhardt 2040 NSW                
0422 384 647                                            McLeod Accessories is the number 1 and longest                    serving motorcycle accessories distributor in Australia.
Kids Motorcycle Jackets, Pants and Accessories          Our sites in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide
designed exclusively for children and teenagers.        and Perth ensure we cover the entire dealer network        Moto-Tech Diagnostics
                                                        with the best service, supply and support.                 86 Ridgeview Drive Narangba 4504 Qld
Kincrome Australia Pty Ltd
                                                                                                                   07 3385 7977
3 Lakeview Drive Scoresby 3179 Vic
1300 657 528 1300 556 005
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Motohansa Pty Ltd
                                                                                                                   29 Clyde Street Rydalmere 2116 NSW
                                                                                                                   02 9638 4488 02 9638 5044
                                                        MetalGear International Pty Ltd
                                                        PO Box 5731 Brendale 4500 Qld
                                                        07 3881 0809 07 3881 1537
                                                                                                                   BMW Specialist. BMW -Accessories and Spares,
Kroll Heaters Australia                       
                                                                                                                   Motorcycle Exhausts. Motorcycle Diagnostic
Unit 6, 4 Kirkham Road Dandenong 3175 Vic     
1800 805 243 03 9791 3048                               MetalGear is Australia’s largest Motorcycle Brake Disc                              and Pad manufacturer offering the world’s largest                                range that is TUV approved. In addition we also supply
Kroll waste oil heaters run on your used automotive     German Manufactured ‘Esjot’ Sprockets and Chains.
sump and transmission oils.                             Monza Imports
Kymco Australia & New Zealand                           74 Alfred Street North Melbourne 3051 Vic
Unit 96, 21 Hall Street Port Melbourne 3207 Vic         03 8327 8888 03 9328 1080
03 9580 0788 03 9580 0669                                                                                          We are Australia’s leading supplier of apparel and         Motorcycle Adventure Products
Kymco Australia & New Zealand is the exclusive          accessories to the motorcycle industry. Combining the      PO Box 73 Dayboro 4521 Qld
distributor for the world-renowned Kymco Scooters,      best brands, people and service allows us to better        07 3139 0387 07 3103 5941
ATV’s and Motorcycles. Kymco is a genuine global        support the dealer network.                      
phenomenon, manufacturing over half a million           Moose Racing Products                            
vehicles a year and also producing parts and            128 Boundary Road South Euroa 3666 Vic                     M.A.P are the Australian importer for Hepco & Becker,
components for all other manufacturers, such as the     03 5795 1828                                               Germany’s premium manufacturer of motorcycle
G450X Enduro engine for BMW                                                       accessories & luggage systems. Importers also for
                                                                                       ROK straps, Enduristan, Photon, 3DX-Motorradical and
                                                        Wheel building specialists & Hagon Shock absorber          more!
                                                        distributor                                                Motorcycle Exhaust Professionals
                                                                                                                   50 Herbert Street Slacks Creek 4127 Qld
Link International                                                                                                 07 3808 9377 07 3808 9010
PO Box 1165 Beenleigh 4207 Qld                                                                           
07 3382 5000 07 3382 5050                                                                                                                     Moto Central                                               We build replica, race and custom systems, we repair                                      12 Sandford Street Mitchell 2911 ACT                       & rebuild 2 & 4 stroke systems. We are Australia’s
Link International has proudly served the Australian    02 6248 0229 02 6162 1064                                  exhaust baffle modification specialist. The Name Says
motorcycling industry since 1987, supplying quality                                   It All

BIKE Business
32 July - August 2011   business     to   business
                                                                                                    supplier directory
                                                            Norma Pacific                                   
                                                            85 Merrindale Drive Croydon South 3136 Vic                The Powerbronze range embraces body work
                                                            03 9761 4416 03 9761 4030                                 parts, screens and lens covers. Our products are all
                                                                                     premium quality UK manufactured to ABE & TUV type
Motorcycle Specialties Australia Pty Ltd                                                standards.
PO Box 613 Sumner Park BC 4074 Qld                          The Norma Group specialise in the manufacturer and
                                                            supply of hose clamping and connecting products for       Precision Performance Motorcycle Parts
07 3375 6600 07 3375 6577
                                                            all low and medium pressure applications, cooling,        PO Box 189 Boonah 4310 Qld
                                                            fuel, vapour, efi etc.                                    07 5463 0088 07 5463 0085
                                                            Off Road Imports Holdings Pty Ltd               
We are the national wholesaler covering Qld, NSW,
                                                            Unit 4,17 Rob Place Vineyard 2765 NSW           
Vic, SA, NT. We have agents in TAS and WA. We have
                                                            02 4577 7022 02 4577 7408                                 Importers & Distributors of motorcycle parts including
Australia’s widest range of aftermarket clutch & brake
                                                                                  English made electricals, Italian suspension, fork
levers, mirrors, indicators and workshop supplies.
                                                                                   tubes, rearsets, fork braces and adjustable riser bars,
Some of the brands we have are Threebond, Rema,
                                                            Importer/Distributor/Wholesaler of offroad motorcycle     German luggage & Swedish Jota bars & rearsets.
Aunger, T-Max, Recoil, NSK, Moto Gold Wash, Grade
                                                            products. Mostly importing high quality european
8.8 and Code 415                                            brands and distribute Australia Wide.                     Pro Accessories
                                                                                                                      Unit 3/711 Boundary Road Cooper Plains 4108 Qld
                                                            Oneup Motorcycle Products
                                                                                                                      07 3277 0693 07 3277 0812
                                                            9 -11 Grange Park Drive Waurn Ponds
                                                            0417 320 742
                                                                                            Established over 30 years ago, Warehouses in Sydney
Motorrad Garage
                                                            Import and supply the UK made Eazy-Rizer range            and Brisbane providing quick and efficient supply of
Unit 1/108 Briggs Street Welshpool 6106 WA
                                                            of motorcycle lifts and stands. Australian Agent for      quality parts and accessories Australia wide.
08 9472 9768 08 9472 9642                                  ‘Gator’ motorcycle tie downs. Supplier of Tyre-Downs
                                                            Motorcycle securing system and Norton Wideline
Aftermarket Motorcycle Accessories which include
Luggage Systems, Cruise Controls, Crash Bars, Centre
Stands, Mefo Tyres (Germany), Offroad Driving Lights,
Arito Desert Evo Jackets, Fully Adjustable Footpegs.
                                                                                                                      Pro-Plan Performance Management Pty
MotoTech Motorcycle Sales and Spare Parts                                                                             PO Box 178 Noosa Heads 4567 Qld
77 Mercer Street Geelong 3220 Vic                                                                                     0429 479 964
03 5229 9990 03 5229 6900                                                                                                                          Performance Friction Brakes Australia                                                    3/11 Christensen Road Stapylton 4207 Qld                  Pro-Plan improves productivity and time management
                                                            07 3807 8766 07 3807 6404
Move Your Bike                                                                                                        in service departments. We specialize in fixed term
1300 972 453                                                                                                          on site contract management. We supply, install and
                                                                                                                                                  integrate systems kits, and operations manuals to
                                                            Performance Friction Brakes Australia is your                                     Performance Friction distributor of Carbon Metallic       ensure a smooth running department.
Motorcycle Transport Professionals. 5 Star Service.         motorcycle pads that are engineered to give riders        Profill Australia
Australia Wide Coverage. All States Covered.                superior control, the lowest lap times and unrivaled
                                                                                                                      12 Alice Street Scottsdale 7260 TAS
Mr Clutch                                                   fade resistance.... NO COMPROMISES
                                                                                                                      0439 475 492
PO Box 1022 Double Bay 2028 NSW                                                                             
02 9344 6523 02 9344 6317                                                                                                                                                                                      Manufacturers of advanced fuel filters that filter your
Mr Clutch -- Resurfaced wet                                                                       fuel ‘before’ it enters the fuel tank. Fitment for most
clutch plates, Ducati sintered clutch packs, Ducati                                                                   current Offroad, MX, Enduro, ATV & Farm Utility Bikes.
stainless steel clutch springs, Sigma slipper clutches      Piranha Eyewear
and more. Dealers Welcome                                   PO Box 482 Fairy Meadow 2519 NSW                          PromechA
                                                            02 4284 7888 02 4284 7999                                 44 Westall Road Springvale 3171 Vic
Munich Motorcycles Pty Ltd
                                                            03 9574 1164 03 9574 1184
Unit 5-6/9 Hayden Court Myaree 6154 WA                      Australia’s largest range of specialised motorcycle
08 9317 3317 08 9317 3359                                   riding eyewear is for active people with attitude who     We are Motorcycle Suspension Specialists. We                                         value comfort and highly functional goggles and           manufacture, import and source the worlds best                                sunglasses. We are an Australian Company proudly          suspension for supreme traction feel, superb corner
BMW Aftermarket and Genuine Parts. Authorised               supporting those who get out and about.                   turn-in, rider confidence and control.
Importer of Hepco & Becker Luggage Systems and
                                                            Platypus Australia
Crash Bars. Australian Distributor of Mahle, Knecht         PO Box 178 South Melbourne 3205 Vic                       Proven Products
Motorcycle Filters. Gearbox, Engine and Cylinder            03 9398 5177 03 9398 5277                                 81 Boronia Street North Albury 2640 NSW
Head Reconditioning service.                                                             02 6040 9955
NGK Spark Plugs                                                                  
PO Box 2004 Rowville 3187 Vic                               Platypus Australia specialises in premium clothing        Specialises in manufacturing and supply of shock
03 9730 4900 03 9730 4999                                   brands such as Skin Industries, Sikspak, Lojak            absorbers and springs to wholesale, retail and trade                                         Clothing. We also stock the best range of moto dvds       customers worldwide.
NGK offer the highest quality for virtually every vehicle   (fmx, mx, sx, enduro, streetbikes) Moto Grips, Helmets
                                                                                                                      Python Choppers
application. Count on NGK Spark Plugs to deliver the        & Accessories also in stock.                              385 City Road South Melbourne 3205 Vic
finest quality products and customer service.                                                                         03 9682 3313 03 9645 9813
Don’t just ask for a plug, insist on NGK.                                                                   
Norden Performance                                                                                          
PO Box 252 Doveton 3177 Vic                                 Powerbronze Australia                                     Selling Sucker Punch Sallys Old School Motorcycles
03 9793 2515 03 9793 9466                                   PO Box 52 Hastings 3915 Vic                               and Accessories. Service Department and RWC tester.                  0430 535 716                                              General Motorcycle Services and maintenance
All fluid conveying products                                                         tyre fitting.

                                                                                                                     BIKE Business
                                                                                                                     33 July - August 2011   business     to   business
supplier directory
Quantum Racing                                           Road Rocket
Unit 15/157 North Road Woodridge 4114 Qld                489-491 Victoria Street West Melbourne 3003 Vic
07 3290 0085 07 3290 5933                                03 9329 7600 03 9329 7099                       
                                                         Importers of world champion manufacturers including
Supplier of high quality performance parts at the best                                                           Ship My Bike
                                                         Termignoni, Arrow, Valter Moto, Capit, Robby Moto,
value price & within the shortest possible timeframe                                                             PO Box 2632 Tarren Point 2229 NSW
                                                         Brembo, Lightech, MarVic, TWM, Accossato, EVR
delivering accurate information & after sales service                                                            02 9587 5111 02 9587 5222
                                                         Clutches, FAR Mirrors, Respro, Puig Screens, Pit
second to none.                                                                                        
                                                         Equipment, Rizona, Fabbri Accessories.
R & J Batteries                                          Ron Angel Wholesale Pty Ltd                             Ship My Bike Australia is a specialised freight &
852 La Trobe Street Ballarat 3350 Vic                    33 Macquarie Drive Thomastown 3074 Vic
03 5335 9888 03 5335 9877                                                                                        customs service for all motorcycles internationally.
                                                         03 9464 3366 03 9464 3386                                                                                             We crate then ship via air, sea or road freight.
                                                                                                                                               We deliver your motorcycle safe as your bike is insured
A proudly Australian owned and independant                                                                       with us while in transit.
                                                         Ron Angel Warehouse has been operating since 1965
company selling AC Delco, Delkor, Motobatt and our       and with a great mix of core consumable products,       Shock Treatment
own brand of automotive and motorbike batteries. Also    helmets, luggage & accessories. They have a lot to      PO Box 3019 Wallacia 2745 NSW
selling the full range of Fuchs Oil products.            offer any motorcycle dealer.
                                                                                                                 02 4773 9115 02 4773 8889
R & R Speed Sports                                       Screens For Bikes                             
44, 40-60 Abbotts Rd Dandenong South 3175 Vic            152 Leamington Street Reservoir 3073 Vic                Shock Treatment specialises in performance
03 9768 2444 03 9706 4592                                03 9469 3192                                            enhancement for motorcycles suspension. Our                                               improvements to motorcycle handling create levels of                                                          confidence, comfort and riding enjoyment. Also offer
Melbourne based importer/distributor of RIVET            Manufacturer of Motorcycle screens in a range of
brand motorcycle apparel. Products include textile                                                               a complete range of springs valves and suspension
                                                         colours and styles, including double bubble, race and
and leather jackets, pants, leather gloves, boots and                                                            accessories.
                                                         touring designs. Screens are made as close to OEM to
associated accessories.                                  ensure a perfect fit.                                   Shogai Imports
Red Line Oils Pty Ltd                                    Serco Pty Ltd                                           PO Box 2 Burwood 2134 NSW
PO BOX 1352 Osborne Park 6916 WA                         108-114 Steel Street Capalaba BC 4157 Qld               0416 023 373 02 9747 2768
08 9446 4455 08 9446 5041                                07 3362 6600 1800 625 356                                                           Shogai Imports Australia is the importer of the finest
Authorised Sole Australian Distributor of Red Line                                        motorcycle accessories available. If we don’t have it,
Lubricants and Fuel Treatments.                          Motorcycle Accessories Wholesaler.                      you don’t want it!

 Springs H Valves H Seals H Bushes H Tools H Performance Upgrades
     Australia’s most extensive range of Suspension Componentry

          Phone:           02 4773 9115                              w w w. s h o c k t r e a t m e n t . c o m . a u

BIKE Business
34 July - August 2011   business     to   business
                                                                                                      supplier directory
Small Coil Rewinds                                                                                                       Tuff Lift Hoists
50 Edols Street North Geelong 3215 Vic                                                                                   31 Ashley Road Yarrambat 3091 Vic
03 5278 8454 03 52721659                                                                                                 03 9436 1809                               Suspension Shop                                                                     257 Heaslip Road McDonald Park 5121 SA             
Motorcycle Electrical Specialists.                          08 8284 8033 08 8284 8389
                                                                                         48 Shamrock Street Brunswick 3056 Vic
                                                            Manufacturers of shock absorbers & springs. Taylor           03 9386 9872 03 9378 9955
                                                            made lowering or rising kits. General suspension tuning,
Snap On Tools                                               repairs and modifications. Steering Damper Kits.   
PO Box 6077 Blacktown 2148 NSW                                                                                           Supplier of tyre pressure indicators. Be able to check
1800 810 581 02 9837 9199                                                                                                your tyre pressure at a glance.                                                                                                   VMI Australia
Snap-On Tools is the world’s largest tool manufacturer                                                                   478 Elizabeth Street Melbourne 3000 Vic
and is renowned for its high quality & innovative           Suspensions R Us                                             03 9663 1200 03 9663 3925
products. Operating in Australia and New Zealand            62 Browns Road Devon Meadows 3977 Vic              
for over 22 years, Snap-On is also one the longest          03 5998 1021 03 5998 1041                          
running franchise systems in the world. Snap-On is                                      Import and distribute a large range of quality chinese
the benchmark for the finest quality tools & equipment                                       made motorcycles, scooters, mini bikes, childrens and
demanded by professional tool users.                        Motorcycle Suspension Specialists in Road, Offroad,          farm quads.
                                                            ATV & Trials. Custom Building Suspension. To suit your       Warana Imports
Sportsbike                                                  needs with 100% money back guarantee with every job.
P Box 1022 Double Bay 2028 NSW
 .O.                                                                                                                     PO Box 281 Eudlo 4554 Qld
02 9310 0732 02 9344 6317                                   Teknik Motorsport                                            1300 76 55 39 07 5478 9833                                       4/5 Harford Street Penrith 2750 Vic                
Sportsbike Tyre Warmers, Sportsbike Radiator Guards,        02 4732 2626 02 8088 7117                          
PVM wheels & brakes, Lightech rear sets, Gas Caps & www.teknikmotorsport.             Warana Imports sells a range of motorcycle lifts and
leavers, B+G Carbon parts, Slipper Clutches, Beringer       com “Motorcycle suspension specialists. Full range of        aluminum racing car jacks and alloy stands. You buy
Brake Systems, Bikeloft solo and quad work benches.         road and off road springs & performance kits.                directly from the importer saving you money.
All with Dealer Margins.                                    All tools, replacement and service parts for any             Warrian Enterprises
                                                            workshop job. Sublet service rates for your workshop.        Unit 9A, 2 Middleton Street Ashmore 4214 Qld
SPX Australia Pty Ltd
300 Wellington Road Mulgrave 3170 Vic                       TEMA Pty Ltd                                                 07 5526 4543 07 5526 4593
03 9544 6222 03 9544 5222                                   9-12 Yatala Road Mt Kuring Gai 2080 NSW                       02 9457 0060 02 9457 9581                          
Leading manufacturer of OEM and Aftermarket                                              Distributor to the Australian Motorcycle Trade.
workshop tools, equipment, and electronic diagnostic        Importers of leading USA spark plug brand, AUTOLITE          Willmax Printing
equipment.                                                  Teng Tools Australia                                         3 Keysborough Close Keysborough 3173 Vic
Staintune Australia                                         PO Box 485 North Melbourne 3051 Vic                          03 9557 4165 03 9557 4166
51 Cavendish Street Mittagong 2575 NSW                      03 9326 5333 03 9326 5344                          
02 4871 3188 02 4871 3581                                                                                                      Willmax Printing has been manufacturing & supplying
Staintune makes high quality motorcycle exhaust             With over 4500 part numbers Teng Tools offer one of the      all forms of printing to the motorcycle trade for years.
systems from 304 grade stainless steel.                     most comprehensive range of automotive and industrial        Products include stickers, banners, motocross graphic
Check out the full range of over 290 products on            hand tools available in Australia. Teng Tools have won       kits plus much more.                                        international recognition for both quality and design.
Steve Cramer Products                                       The Paul Feeney Group
PO Box 1064 Braeside 3195 Vic                               PO Box 3000 Burleigh BC 4220 Qld
03 9587 1466 03 9587 2018                                   07 5508 3000 07 5576 0710                  
Please visit our website for products and news. Also we     Tomcat Distribution
                                                                                                                         Yamaha Motor Australia Parts Division
have our online ordering system for all dealers at www.     PO Box 3148 Erina 2250 NSW
                                                                                                                         489-493 Victoria Street Wetherill Park 2164 NSW                           02 4305 2200 02 4365 0021                                    02 9827 7511
                                                            We are a small distribution company focussing on             Supply of geniune Yamaha parts, accessories,
                                                            quality and functional motorcycle products to make           Yamalube lubricants and apparrel to the franchised
                                                            everyday and occasional riding more enjoyable and            Yamaha dealer network.
                                                            comfortable stocking iMC-Motorcom, Stop & Go,
                                                            Marsee, Helen TwoWheels, BikeVis & more.
STM Australia Pty Ltd                                                                                                    PO Box 1082 Wollongong 2500 NSW
9 Paran Place Glen Iris 3146 Vic                            Topace PTY LTD                                               02 4229 8228 02 4229 1260
1300 131 531 1300 308 508                                   PO Box 5 Casula 2170 NSW                                                        1300 782 990 02 9826 7133                          
STM is a leading supplier of lubrication and workshop                                                                    Australia’s leading online motorcycle store specializing
equipment consisting of hand & air operated pumps                                                                        in classic Z900 spares, metric cruisers, cafe racer &
for oil & fuel, hose reels, grease guns, oil drainers/                                                                   harley davidson after market parts.
                                                            Topace is a distributor of high quality brands for the
extractors & more.                                                                                                       Zuma
                                                            motorcycling market such as wileyx eyewear, body
Strike Group Australia                                      specs eyewear and matador equipment.                         Unit 4/609 Princes Hwy Russell Vale 2517 NSW
4-6 Masters Street Newstead 4008 Qld                                                                                     02 4285 9400 02 4285 7091
07 3257 1747 1300 792 054                                   Tridon                                                                                        15-27 Derby St Silverwater 2128 NSW                
Established in 2000, Strike Group Australia is the          1300 362 263                                                 Long established importer of quality chinese brands
leading distributor of telecommunication accessories                                           of Quads, Motorcycles, Go-Karts and Electric Bikes.
in Australia, providing access to key lines at the worlds   Exclusive Distributor of Bikeservice Motorcycle              Australian Importer for Shineray, ADR complied,
best prices.                                                Speciality Tools.                                            Enduro and Motard Models.

                                                                                                                       BIKE Business
                                                                                                                       35 July - August 2011   business       to   business
supplier directory
     Brand Name - Company Listing
Australian Motorcycle Headlight Protectors                         Delkor                                            R & J Batteries     KAOKO                                         Motorrad Garage      Ohlins                                     Teknik Motorsport
                   Australian Motorcycle Headlight Protectors      Dellerto                                             GPS Imports      Karcher                                                 Karcher    Ohlins                                      Shock Treatment
3DX - Motorradical            Motorcycle Adventure Products        Devol                                            Ballards Offroad     Katana                               Century Yuasa Batteries       Ohlins                               Steve Cramer Products
3M Dual Lock                                  Bluerim Australia    DHC 2000                                      American Welding        Kawasaki                          Australian Motorcycle Parts      Ohlins                                    Suspensions R Us
A & AA Bagz                                        Andy Strapz     Don                                BGT BRAKEService (AUST)            Kawasaki          MotoTech Motorcycle Sales and Spare Parts        Optima                               Century Yuasa Batteries
ABA                                              Norma Pacific     Douglas Wheel Technology                  Hardiman ATV/MOTO           Kazuma                                             VMI Australia   OptiMate                        Bike Doctor & Bike Tyre City
ABE                                   Moose Racing Products        Draggin Jeans                                        Aussie Biker     KBC                                             Monza Imports      OSSA Moto CentralOTC                            SPX Australia
AC Delco                                        R & J Batteries    Draggin Jeans                                 Kidbikers Australia     Kenda                            Carlisle Tyres & Accessories      Pacemaker                                             Jet - Hot
Accel                         East Coast Custom Distributors       Draggin                                           Draggin Jeans       Kenda                           Elstar Motorcycle and Quads        Parklander                                Aitken Motorcycles
Accossato                                        DUCATIONLY        DRC                                     Steve Cramer Products         Keyster                                        BK Performance      Parrot                                Strike Group Australia
Acerbis                            Off Road Imports Holdings       DRIRIDER                                   McLeod Accessories         Kidbikers Australia                         Kidbikers Australia    Performance Friction Performance Friction Brakes Australia
Aflex                                    Norden Performance        Ducabike                                            DUCATIONLY        Kiddimoto                                   Kidbikers Australia    Performance Machine                                   Bikecraft
Air Tech                                              Bikecraft    Ducati                                       Aitken Motorcycles       Koyo NTN                                Bikes & Bits Importers     PETE GIBSON Exhausts                          Hyside Trading
AirHawk                          Bike Doctor & Bike Tyre City      Ducati                    Gowanloch Motorcycle Engineering            Kriega                                        Egress Solutions     PFC                    Performance Friction Brakes Australia
Airhawk                                      AirHawk Australia     Dunlop                                            Bubs Customs        Kroll                                   Kroll Heaters Australia    Photon                       Motorcycle Adventure Products
Akrapovic                                Gas Imports Australia     Dunlop                                            Monza Imports       K-Tech                                               PromechA      Pico                                  Moto-Tech Diagnostics
All Balls                    Birdman Motorcycle Accessories        Eaton                                      Norden Performance         KTM               MotoTech Motorcycle Sales and Spare Parts        Pirelli Tyres                               Link International
All Balls                               A1 Accessory Imports       Eazy-Rizer Motorcycling lifts & stands                                Kymco                        Kymco Australia & New Zealand         Pirelli                             Cykel Products Australia
Alpinestars                                     Monza Imports                                         Oneup Motorcycle Products          Laro                                       Aitken Motorcycles      Polaris                          Australian Motorcycle Parts
Anderson Bike Stands                    Anderson Bike Stands       Eibach EMS Springs             Eibach Suspension Technology           Laser Exhausts                                      Motohansa      Polini                                           Road Rocket
Andy Strapz                                        Andy Strapz     Eibach Moto Springs            Eibach Suspension Technology           Liegeois Competition (Grand Prix Parts)                            Powerbronze                           Powerbronze Australia
Answer                                                   Serco     EK                                 Carlisle Tyres & Accessories                                 Black Mamba Racing Components            Powerlet Products                           Bluerim Australia
Apple                                             Autoconnect      EK Chains                                 Ron Angel Wholesale         Lifan                                                     Zuma     Poweroad                                    Federal Batteries
Aprilia                                     Screens For Bikes      Electrosil                                               Electrosil   Lightech                                             Sportsbike    Pro Hard Parts                               Pro Accessories
Aprilia                   Gowanloch Motorcycle Engineering         ELF (Fuel & Lubricants) Black Mamba Racing Components                 Limit                                     Teng Tools Australia     Profi                                 Moto-Tech Diagnostics
Ariete                             Off Road Imports Holdings       Elka                                          Suspensions R Us        Liquid Performance                         Warrian Enterprises     Profill                                       Profill Australia
Arrow Exhausts                              Admant Industries      Elstar                            Elstar Motorcycle and Quads         Lista IMSLLS                             Frozzie Bling Factory     Promax Suspension                          Suspension Shop
Athena                                        BK Performance       Enduristan                     Motorcycle Adventure Products          LLS                                        Bandit Accessories      Pro-Plan                Pro-Plan Performance Management
Athena & Nachman                        Bikes & Bits Importers     Enzo Racing                                    Teknik Motorsport      Lojak                                        Platypus Australia    Pro-Tags                Pro-Plan Performance Management
Autocom Communications                        Bluerim Australia    Ermax Frozzie                                       Bling Factory     Loncin                                                    Zuma     Protaper                                                Serco.
AUTOLITE                                                 TEMA      Esjot                                   MetalGear International       Lonestar Racing                         Hardiman ATV/MOTO          Protaper                       Elstar Motorcycle and Quads
Avon Tyres                                     Pro Accessories     Evopos                                                     Evopos     LONG Con Rods                                   Hyside Trading     Protek                           BGT BRAKEService (AUST)
AXIO                                            Shogai Imports     Exedy                              BGT BRAKEService (AUST)            Lube Works                                        STM Australia    Pro-X                                                Electrosil
Axle Armour                                             Kenma      Exel                                   Moose Racing Products          Lucas Oils                       Carlisle Tyres & Accessories      Pro-X, Wossner, TKRT                  Bikes & Bits Importers
AXO                                        Ficeda Accessories      Expedition Pannierz                                  Andy Strapz      Luna Air Tools                            Teng Tools Australia     Prox-Potenza                                 BK Performance
B+G Carbon                                       DUCATIONLY        Factory Effex                                               Serco     M2R                                      McLeod Accessories        Puig                                             Road Rocket
Bags- Connection                             Motorrad Garage       Fastace                           Elstar Motorcycle and Quads         M4                                         Warrian Enterprises     Pulsetech                                             Hot Wire
Bags Connectors                                    Aussie Biker    Fastway/Promoto Billet                           Ballards Offroad     Mahle/Knecht                              Munich Motorcycles       PUMA                                          Shogai Imports
Baintech                             Bainbridge Technologies       Ferodo                             BGT BRAKEService (AUST)            Maier USA                               Hardiman ATV/MOTO          Putoline Oil                               Admant Industries
Bandit                                     Bandit Accessories      Ferodo                                 Cykel Products Australia       Mallossi                                           GPS Imports     PVM Wheels & Brakes                                Sportsbike
Barkbusters                            Barkbusters - Rideworx      Flip A Lever                        Donald Motorcycle Imports         Marsee                                     Tomcat Distribution     QJ                                                       Zuma
Barkbusters                                    Pro Accessories     Fluidyne Radiators                              Quantum Racing        Matador equipment                                        Topace    Quick-Find              Pro-Plan Performance Management
Barnett                       East Coast Custom Distributors       Force Accessories                             Force Accessories       Maxima                                Steve Cramer Products        R & G Racing             Australian Motorcycle Components
Baron                                                   Zpower     Force Tools                                           Force Tools     MC Sales                                              MC Sales     Race Tech                                   Shock Treatment
Baroni                                            VMI Australia    Formula 1                      Formula 1 Motorcycle Exhausts          MEFO Tyres                                    Motorrad Garage      Race Tech, Eibach                           Shock Treatment
Beat Pushing Roller Starters                    Hyside Trading     Fox                                               Monza Imports       Megelli                                    Aitken Motorcycles      RaceTech                                  Suspensions R Us
Belray                                     Ficeda Accessories      Fox Racing Shox                           Hardiman ATV/MOTO           MetalGear                             MetalGear International      Rain Off                                         Andy Strapz
Bendix                                                  Kenma      FP Racing                  Australian Motorcycle Components           Michelin                                Gas Imports Australia      RC Components                                         Bikecraft
Bendix                            BGT BRAKEService (AUST)          Freightmoves                                        Ship My Bike      Microsoft                                          Autoconnect     Rechoice                                        STM Australia
Beringer Brakes                                     Sportsbike     Fuchs                                             R & J Batteries     Midtronics                                             Hot Wire    Recoil                       Motorcycle Specialties Australia
Bikelift Workbenches                                Sportsbike     FUCHS Silkolene                              Warrian Enterprises      Mitaka Pistons                                  Hyside Trading     Red line Oil                                    Red Line Oils
Biketech                               Moto-Tech Diagnostics       Fuel Works                                          STM Australia     Moose Wheels                         Moose Racing Products         Remus (Mufflers)         Black Mamba Racing Components
BikeVis                                    Tomcat Distribution     Galespeed/Active                                               IMS    Morad                                Moose Racing Products         Repsol Honda                                  Shogai Imports
Bikie chic                      Bikiechic Motorcycle Clothing      Gator Motorcycle Tie Downs         Oneup Motorcycle Products          Motion Pro                              A1 Accessory Imports       RIVET                                   R & R Speed Sports
Black Mamba (Mufflers) Black Mamba Racing Components               Gianelli                                             GPS Imports      Moto Activ                              Hardiman ATV/MOTO          Rizoma                                                Bikecraft
Blackbird                          Off Road Imports Holdings       Gilles Tooling                                                 IMS    Moto Dry                       Bikiechic Motorcycle Clothing       RK Chain                            Cykel Products Australia
Blueant                                 Strike Group Australia     Givi                               Carlisle Tyres & Accessories       Moto Gold Wash               Motorcycle Specialties Australia      RK Chains                                   Link International
BlueAnt                                       BlueAnt Wireless     Goodridge                                          John Stamnas       Motobatt                    Birdman Motorcycle Accessories         Roaring Toyz                                          Bikecraft
Blue-Point                                      Snap On Tools      GPR                                                  GPS Imports      Motobatt                                         R & J Batteries   Rock Oil                               Ron Angel Wholesale
BMW                                         Screens For Bikes      GS-911                                                 Motohansa      Motodry                           Moto National Accessories        ROK Straps                   Motorcycle Adventure Products
BMW                                       Munich Motorcycles       GYTR Yamaha Genuine Accessories                                       Motogrip                                     Platypus Australia    RST                                           Monza Imports
Bobber 350                           Hunter Motorcycle Group                               Yamaha Motor Australia Parts Division         Motor Tabs                                    Egress Solutions     RT AIR                                   Teng Tools Australia
Body specs eyewear                                      Topace     Hagon                                          Teknik Motorsport      Motorcycle Exhaust Professionals                                   RXT                               Moto National Accessories
Bolt Motorcycle Hardware                       Pro Accessories     Hagon                                  Moose Racing Products                                     Motorcycle Exhaust Professionals        Rytool                                   Teng Tools Australia
BorgWarner                                    BK Performance       Hammerhead                                    Mainmoto Imports        Motorcycles For Sale                                  MC Sales     S & S Cycle                  East Coast Custom Distributors                   Harley Division - Genuine                         Bubs Customs        Motorex                                 A1 Accessory Imports       Sachs                                   Munich Motorcycles
Breeze                                           Norma Pacific     Healtech Electronics       Australian Motorcycle Components           Motoz Tyres                                    Pro Accessories     Sargent Seats            Australian Motorcycle Components
Brembo                                            Road Rocket      Hel Performance                      Hel Performance Australia        Motrax                                      Kidbikers Australia    Scitsu Tacho’s                                Hyside Trading
Brembo                                       Link International    Helen TwoWheels                              Tomcat Distribution      Motul                           Elstar Motorcycle and Quads        Scoota chic                   Bikiechic Motorcycle Clothing
BRV                                           Blue Reef Vision     Hepco & Becker                 Motorcycle Adventure Products          Motul Oil                                     Link International   Scorpio                                                Kenma
Burleigh Bars                                    Burleigh Bars     Hepco & Becker                              Munich Motorcycles        Motul                                Cykel Products Australia      Scorpion                                  Austech Industries
Burleigh Bars                                    Burleigh Parts    Highway Hawk                                               Zpower     Mr Clutch                                         DUCATIONLY       Scotts                                      Shock Treatment
Butsig                                                      IMS    Hit Air                                           Hit Air Australia   Mr Clutch                                             Mr Clutch    SDG                                          Ballards Offroad
CAE                                                    Jet - Hot   HJC                                        McLeod Accessories         MX-Tech                                              PromechA      Sena Bluetooth Headsets                     Bluerim Australia
Camelbak                           Off Road Imports Holdings       HM                                                        Jet - Hot   Nannini                                               FlexVision   Shark Helmets                                    Aussie Biker
Carbon Metallic         Performance Friction Brakes Australia      Honda                               Australian Motorcycle Parts       Navman                                  Strike Group Australia     Shark                                    Ficeda Accessories
Cardo                                   Strike Group Australia     Honda                                           BK Performance        NEP                               Donald Motorcycle Imports        Shell Advance                     Moto National Accessories
Carrillo                                      Quantum Racing       Hornee                                             Hornee Jeans       Newfren                                            GPS Imports     Sherco                                           Moto Central
Century                               Century Yuasa Batteries      HPC                           HPC High Performance Coatings           NGK                                          NGK Spark Plugs       Shineray                                                 Zuma
Ceramic Coating                        Ceramic Coat Australia      Hunter Motorcycles                    Hunter Motorcycle Group         Nitrofill                                       Allgo Solutions    Ship my Bike Australia                          Ship My Bike
CF-Moto                                    Aitken Motorcycles      Husaberg          MotoTech Motorcycle Sales and Spare Parts           Nokia                                   Strike Group Australia     Shockproof                                      Red Line Oils
Clover                                          Shogai Imports     Hyper pro suspension                           Suspension Shop        Nolan + N-Com                                      Aussie Biker    SHOEI                                   McLeod Accessories
Continental Tyres                        Ron Angel Wholesale       IgnitionMate                       Bike Doctor & Bike Tyre City       Nolan Helmets                           Ron Angel Wholesale        Shot                           Race GearAdmant Industries
CP Pistons                                            Electrosil   IKON Suspension                                 Proven Products       Norma                                             Norma Pacific    Show Chrome                                            Zpower
CP Pistons                                    Quantum Racing       iMC Motorcom                                 Tomcat Distribution      Northwest Sleeve                        Bikes & Bits Importers     SIDI                                    McLeod Accessories
Crampbuster                        Donald Motorcycle Imports       Imire                                                         Imire   Norton Wideline Frames           Oneup Motorcycle Products         Sigma                                               Mr Clutch
CTEK                                 Bainbridge Technologies       IXON                                         Ficeda Accessories       NSK Bearings                 Motorcycle Specialties Australia      Sikspak                                    Platypus Australia
CV Savers                                  Extreme CV Savers       James Gaskets                  East Coast Custom Distributors         Ocelot                                     Warrian Enterprises     Silver Horse                  Bikiechic Motorcycle Clothing
CV4 Radiator Hoses                            Quantum Racing       Jett Boots                                Gas Imports Australia       ODES                                               VMI Australia   Sinergex                            Bainbridge Technologies
Davies Craig                                      Davies Craig     JT                                     Cykel Products Australia       Odyssey                                       Federal Batteries    Skin Industries                            Platypus Australia
Dayco                                          Dayco Australia     K & L Supply                   East Coast Custom Distributors         OEM Parts                                     Shock Treatment      Snap-On                                        Snap On Tools
Daytona 350                          Hunter Motorcycle Group       K&N                                Carlisle Tyres & Accessories       Oetiker                                           Norma Pacific    Snap-Shot               Pro-Plan Performance Management
Daytona Twin Tec                                Bubs Customs       K & N Filters                 Birdman Motorcycle Accessories          Oggy Knobs                                               Kenma     Snap-Tight                              Norden Performance
DEKA Powersports                              Federal Batteries    K & N Filters                             Ron Angel Wholesale         OGK                               Moto National Accessories        SN-Motech                                        Aussie Biker

BIKE Business
36 July - August 2011            business              to      business
                                                                                                                                                          supplier directory
     Brand Name - Company Listing
Softail ®                                   Bubs Customs             Suzuki                                     Screens For Bikes        Tuff Jugs                                      Ballards Offroad      Wiseco                               A1 Accessory Imports
SP AIr                                  Austech Industries           SW-MOTECH                                   Motorrad Garage         Turna’s                      Motorcycle Exhaust Professionals        Wiseco                                             Electrosil
SP Electronics                               DUCATIONLY              SYKO                                     Warrian Enterprises        Twin Cam ®                                      Bubs Customs         Wonderlich                                       Motohansa
SP Hand Tools                           Austech Industries           SYM                                             VMI Australia       Two Brothers                       Moto National Accessories         Works Conection                             Ballards Offroad
SP Tools                                Austech Industries           Technotest                                     SPX Australia        Tyrecheckers                                      Tyrecheckers       Works Racing Parts                       Admant Industries
Speedflow                            Norden Performance              Tecmate                          Bike Doctor & Bike Tyre City       Tyre-Down                         Oneup Motorcycle Products          Worldwide (Ceramic) Bearings
Sportsbike Tyre warmers                         Sportsbike           Tecmate                               Moto-Tech Diagnostics         Ugly Fish                                     Piranha Eyewear                                 Black Mamba Racing Components
SPX Australia                                SPX Australia           Tecmate                                           Motohansa         Ultra LAP Timer                             Suspensions R Us         Wossner                                            Electrosil
Spy                                 Gas Imports Australia            Teknik                                     Teknik Motorsport        Unifilter                                  Ficeda Accessories        WP                                       Suspensions R Us
Spyder 250cc LC                 Hunter Motorcycle Group              Teng Tools                               Teng Tools Australia       VacuumMate                        Bike Doctor & Bike Tyre City       Xceldyne                                   Quantum Racing
Spyder 350                      Hunter Motorcycle Group              Termignoni                                      Road Rocket         Valter Moto                                       Road Rocket        Xmoto’s                                               Zuma
Stahlbus                                               IMS           Terry                                          Norma Pacific        Varta                                         Federal Batteries      Yacugar                                   Teknik Motorsport
Staintune                               Staintune Australia          Texa                                              Motohansa         Ventura                                                 Kenma        Yamaha                          Australian Motorcycle Parts
Staintune                             Munich Motorcycles             Texa                                  Moto-Tech Diagnostics         Victron                              Bainbridge Technologies         Yamaha                                   Screens For Bikes
Sterling                         Bainbridge Technologies             Thor                                   Gas Imports Australia        VIO                                             M2 Distribution      Yamaha Genuine Accessoires
STM                                          STM Australia           Threebond                     Motorcycle Specialties Australia      Vista Cruise                       Donald Motorcycle Imports         Yamaha Genuine Parts
Stop & Go                              Tomcat Distribution           Throttle Rockers                            Bluerim Australia       Visu Filter                   Motorcycle Specialties Australia       Yamaha Racing         Yamaha Motor Australia Parts Division
Stuff Sakz                                     Andy Strapz           Titax Frozzie                                  Bling Factory        Vortex                                       Link International      Yamalube              Yamaha Motor Australia Parts Division
Sucker Punch Sally Motorcycles           Python Choppers             TMA                                                PromechA         Warana Imports                                 Warana Imports        Yoshinura                                             Serco
Sunteck                                       VMI Australia          Tommaselli/Domino                 Off Road Imports Holdings         Water Wetter                                      Red Line Oils      YSS Suspension                            Suspension Shop
Suomy                                      Shogai Imports            Torini                                    Austech Industries        Wileyx eyewear                                          Topace       Yuasa                              Century Yuasa Batteries
Super Sprox Sprockets     Birdman Motorcycle Accessories             Triumph                                    Screens For Bikes        Willmax Printing                               Willmax Printing      Zero Gravity            Australian Motorcycle Components
Supersprox                          A1 Accessory Imports             Troy Lee Designs                      Steve Cramer Products         “Winderosa, Carrillo                    Bikes & Bits Importers       Zeta                                Steve Cramer Products
Suzuki                         Australian Motorcycle Parts           Tsubaki                      Birdman Motorcycle Accessories         Wisco                                                    Serco       ZTechnik                                   Motorrad Garage

     Product Name - Company Listing
1 Tonne Alloy Jacks                             Warana Imports       Bike Scan                                        Snap On Tools      Complete Seats                                   Ballards Offroad    Exhaust Systems                           Warrian Enterprises
110CC Kids Q uad                 Elstar Motorcycle and Quads         Bikestands IMSBillet Parts                             Bikecraft    Compressors                                   Austech Industries     Exhaust Systems                          Munich Motorcycles
125CC Dirt Bike                  Elstar Motorcycle and Quads         Blueant Interphone                      Strike Group Australia      Connecting Rods                           Bikes & Bits Importers     Exhausts                                   Admant Industries
250CC Dirt Bike                  Elstar Motorcycle and Quads         Bluetooth Headsets                            Bluerim Australia     Consultants            Pro-Plan Performance Management Pty           Exhausts                                       Hyside Trading
250CC Farm Quad                  Elstar Motorcycle and Quads         BMW Accessories                                      Motohansa      Contract Management Pro-Plan Performance Management                  Exhausts                                         Road Rocket
3 Tonne Alloy Jacks                             Warana Imports       “BMW GS 1200 available in light tint, dark tint or clear”           Control Cables                                  BK Performance       Exhausts                                               Bikecraft
3m Products                                     Willmax Printing                                                  Screens For Bikes      Control Planners       Pro-Plan Performance Management Pty           Exhausts                                            Motohansa
400CC 4x4 Quad                   Elstar Motorcycle and Quads         BMW Parts & Accessories                   Munich Motorcycles        Coolant                                      Warrian Enterprises     Exhausts                   HPC High Performance Coatings
“A-arms, Axles                           Hardiman ATV/MOTO           BMW Spares                                           Motohansa      Crash Bars                                      Motorrad Garage      Eyeware                                Gas Imports Australia
Accessories                     Bikiechic Motorcycle Clothing        Bobber                              Hunter Motorcycle Group         Crash Bars/Centre Stands/Headlight Guards                            Fan Clutches                                      Davies Craig
Accessories        MotoTech Motorcycle Sales and Spare Parts         Boots - Motorcross                         Ficeda Accessories                                      Motorcycle Adventure Products         Farm Quads                                       VMI Australia
Accessories                                      Hit Air Australia   Boots & Glove                             R & R Speed Sports        Crash Posts                              Powerbronze Australia       Filters                    Birdman Motorcycle Accessories
Accessories-Trials                                 Moto Central      Boots                                    McLeod Accessories         Crash protection                                          Kenma      Filters - Air & Oil                           Pro Accessories
ADR Models                                         VMI Australia     Boring                                                 Electrosil   Crash Protectors           Australian Motorcycle Components          Filters                                   Ficeda Accessories
Adventure Bike Accessories & Lighting for all Bikes                  Braided Brake Hoses                    Cruise Controls                                 Motorrad Garage      Five RFXI GP Glove               Moto National Accessories
                               Motorcycle Adventure Products         Braided Brake Liners                Hel Performance Australia       Cruise Controls                     Donald Motorcycle Imports        Flooded Cell Batteries                       Federal Batteries
AGM Technology                                 Federal Batteries     Brake & Clutch Parts                               GPS Imports      Cruiser Leather Luggage & Accessories                 Motorcycle     Fogcity Visor Inserts           Carlisle Tyres & Accessories
Air Filters                                  Admant Industries       Brake Bleeder Valves                                        IMS     Adventure Products                                                   Fork & Shock Springs                        Teknik Motorsport
Air Lifts                      East Coast Custom Distributors        Brake Discs                            MetalGear International      Cruize Motorcycle Goggles                       Piranha Eyewear      Fork springs                                Suspension Shop
Air Tools                                  Teng Tools Australia      Brake Hoses                            Custom Painting                                         Bikecraft    Fork Stanions                       Moose Racing Products
Airhawk                                             Aussie Biker     Brake Light Pressure Switches       Hel Performance Australia       Custom Wheels, Brakes, Disks                            Bikecraft    Forksprings                         Moose Racing Products
Alarm Systems                                             Kenma      Brake Lines                                      John Stamnas       CV Boot Protectors                           Extreme CV Savers       Fuel & Lubricants        Black Mamba Racing Components
All Brake Plumbing Needs                Brake Pad/Shoes                                  John Stamnas       CV Savers                                    Extreme CV Savers       Fuel Clips                                      Norma Pacific
All Purpose Engine Oil/Transmisison/Hydraulic/Fuel UV lead           Brake Pads                                    Link International    Cylinder Recoating                                      Electrosil   Fuel Filters                                   Profill Australia
additive                                         GO Distribution     Brake Pads              Performance Friction Brakes Australia       Daytona                               Hunter Motorcycle Group        Fuel Pumps                                      STM Australia
All Terrain Vehicles          Kymco Australia & New Zealand          Brake pads                                                Kenma     DC Plastics                            AR Maxwell Motorcycles        Gas Analyser                                     SPX Australia
Alloy Products                                  Ballards Offroad     Brake Pads                            Cykel Products Australia      DC Power Sockets                      Bainbridge Technologies        Gas Tank Cover                                 Snap On Tools
Alloy Stands                                    Warana Imports       Brake Pads                             MetalGear International      Dealer Management Software                                Evopos     Gaskets                     Motorcycle Specialties Australia
Alloy Wheels                             Hardiman ATV/MOTO           Brakes                                             Road Rocket      Dealer Sales                                            MC Sales     Gaskets                                      BK Performance
Ancra Fixings                     Oneup Motorcycle Products          Brakes                                                Sportsbike    Dellorto                   Gowanloch Motorcycle Engineering          Gaskets                                Bikes & Bits Importers
Anderson Bike Stands                    Anderson Bike Stands         Brembo                   Gowanloch Motorcycle Engineering           Denso Spark Plugs                  Carlisle Tyres & Accessories      Gator Tie Down Straps           Oneup Motorcycle Products
Apparel                                          Monza Imports       Business Software                                       Autosoft    DG Performance                         AR Maxwell Motorcycles        Genuine aftermarket accessories                 Burleigh Parts
Apparel - Offroad                        Gas Imports Australia       Camos                                            Draggin Jeans      Diagnostic Infomation                               SPX Australia    Genuine Motorcycle spare parts            Aitken Motorcycles
Aprilia RSV4 standard profile,double bubble, Race                    “Carbon fairings, guards & parts”                 DUCATIONLY        Diagnostic Tools                                      Motohansa      Givi Luggage                    Carlisle Tyres & Accessories
                                             Screens For Bikes       Carburettors                                       GPS Imports      Dirt Bikes                                          VMI Australia    Glide Motorcycle Goggles                     Piranha Eyewear
ATV Accessories                             Extreme CV Savers        Cargos                                           Draggin Jeans      Disc Rotors                                        John Stamnas      Gloves                                                  Topace
ATV Tyres                               A1 Accessory Imports         Carrillo Conrads                              Quantum Racing        Discs                                                GPS Imports     Gloves                                         Hit Air Australia
ATV Tyre’s                   Birdman Motorcycle Accessories          Carry Bags                                          Andy Strapz     Domestic Air Heating                      Kroll Heaters Australia    Goggles                                                 Topace
Automotive Batteries                             R & J Batteries     Case Savers                                  Force Accessories      Domestic Hydronic Heating                 Kroll Heaters Australia    Goggles                          Off Road Imports Holdings
Automotive Tools                                     Force Tools     Casual Clothing                              Platypus Australia     Dual Battery Kits                     Bainbridge Technologies        Gold Valves                                  Shock Treatment
Automotive                            Century Yuasa Batteries        Centre Stands                                 Motorrad Garage       Ducati rear sets, frame plugs, slipper clutches & parts              Graphics/Decals                  Off Road Imports Holdings
Automotive/Industrial Hand Tools           Teng Tools Australia      Ceramic Bearings           Black Mamba Racing Components                                                                DUCATIONLY       Grease Guns                                     STM Australia
Axone Smart                             Moto-Tech Diagnostics        Ceramic Coating                        Ceramic Coat Australia       Dyno Tuning                        Bike Doctor & Bike Tyre City      GYTR Accessories       Yamaha Motor Australia Parts Division
Back Packs                                    Egress Solutions       Chain                                 Cykel Products Australia      Ear Clamps                                         Norma Pacific     Hammerhead Designs                         Mainmoto Imports
Back Packs & Tank Bags                           Shogai Imports      Chains                                        Link International    Eibach Fork Springs            Eibach Suspension Technology          Hand Tools                                         Force Tools
Bags & Luggage                              Tomcat Distribution      Chains & Sprockets                       Ron Angel Wholesale        Eibach Shock Springs           Eibach Suspension Technology          Handguards                           Barkbusters - Rideworx
Balance Bikes                                Kidbikers Australia     Chains                                 MetalGear International      Electric Water Pumps                                Davies, Craig    Handguards                       Off Road Imports Holdings
Banners                                         Willmax Printing     Childrens Quads                                    VMI Australia    Electrical Power Leads                          Bluerim Australia    Handlebar Control Kits                          Burleigh Parts
Bash Plates                                  Force Accessories       Chinos                                           Draggin Jeans      Electroplating                                          Electrosil   Handlebar Weights                    Barkbusters - Rideworx
Battery Accessories                              R & J Batteries     Clothing                                       Ballards Offroad     Eliminator                               Powerbronze Australia       Handlebars                                 Admant Industries
Battery Chargers                     Bainbridge Technologies         Clothing                                 McLeod Accessories         Embrace Headphones                              BlueAnt Wireless     Handlebars                                     Bubs Customs
Battery Chargers                                         Hot Wire    Clutch Covers                                Force Accessories      Engine & Transmission Oil                         R & J Batteries    Handlebars                           Barkbusters - Rideworx
Battery Maintenance                                      Hot Wire    Clutch Kits                                      John Stamnas       Engine Guards                                   Motorrad Garage      Handlebars                                                Serco
Battery Mate                            Moto-Tech Diagnostics        Clutch Kits                               Munich Motorcycles        Engine Kits                                          GPS Imports     Handlebars                                       Burleigh Bars
Battery Meters                       Bainbridge Technologies         Coatings                     HPC High Performance Coatings          Engine Parts                 HPC High Performance Coatings           Handtools                                  Austech Industries
Battery Testers                                          Hot Wire    Commercial Air Heating                  Kroll Heaters Australia     Engine/Carburettor Parts                        BK Performance       Hard & Soft Luggage Systems for all bikes
Bearing Kits                 Birdman Motorcycle Accessories          Commercial Hydronic Heating             Kroll Heaters Australia     Engines & Components           East Coast Custom Distributors                                    Motorcycle Adventure Products
Bearings and Seals                      A1 Accessory Imports         Commercial                            Century Yuasa Batteries       Exhaust Pipes                                        GPS Imports     Hard Parts                                    Pro Accessories
Bearings                                Bikes & Bits Importers       Communications                                Bluerim Australia     Exhaust Systems                           Gas Imports Australia      Hard Parts                              McLeod Accessories

                                                                                                                                                                                      BIKE Business
                                                                                                                                                                                     37 July - August 2011                business              to      business
supplier directory
     Product Name - Company Listing
Hardware                                          Monza Imports       Motorcycle Goggle                                       FlexVision    Rear Sets                                         Road Rocket     S-W Matech                                         Aussie Biker
Header & Exhaust Coatings                                 Jet - Hot   Motorcycle Graphics Kits                       Platypus Australia     Rear sets, Gas caps, Leavers                         Sportsbike   Sweeper/Scrubbers                                       Karcher
Headlight Protectors                                                  Motorcycle Grips                               Platypus Australia     Rear springs                                 Suspension Shop      SYM Scooters                                      VMI Australia
                    Australian Motorcycle Headlight Protectors        Motorcycle Lifts & Stands          Oneup Motorcycle Products          Rearsets etc                                                IMS   T1Rugged Bluetooth Headsets                  BlueAnt Wireless
Headsets & Intercoms                         Tomcat Distribution      Motorcycle Oils                             Warrian Enterprises       Rearsprings                                     Bubs Customs      Tacho’s                                         Hyside Trading
Helmet Camera                                     M2 Distribution     Motorcycle Parts & Accessories                                        Recreational                          Century Yuasa Batteries     Tail Tidies               Australian Motorcycle Components
Helmets                                   Ron Angel Wholesale                                         Kymco Australia & New Zealand         Repro Seat Covers                     AR Maxwell Motorcycles      Tank Bags                                          Andy Strapz
Helmets                                           Monza Imports       Motorcycle Road Kit                                Snap On Tools      Rims & Quick Throttles                                      IMS   Tarozzi                   Gowanloch Motorcycle Engineering
Helmets                                      Ficeda Accessories       Motorcycle Scan Tools                               SPX Australia     Rivco Products                                     Aussie Biker   Test Equipment                                             Imire
Helmets                                    McLeod Accessories         Motorcycles                     Kymco Australia & New Zealand         Road and Off-road Boots                    Warrian Enterprises    Textile Garments                          R & R Speed Sports
Helmets                                           Shogai Imports      Motorcycles                             Century Yuasa Batteries       Road Clothing                              Ficeda Accessories     The Bike Lifter                                Warana Imports
Hemipro LED Worklights                           GO Distribution      Motorcycles-Enduro                                   Moto Central     Rod Kits                                        Hyside Trading    The Cruiser Lifter                             Warana Imports
Hemitech Powered Led Worklights                  GO Distribution      Motorcycles-Trials                                   Moto Central     Roller Starters                                 Hyside Trading    The Electronic Vehicle Health Check (EVHC)         Autoconnect
Hi Pressure Cleaners                                       Karcher    Mr Clutch Ducati plates                                 Mr Clutch     Ryderz Motorcycle Sunglasses                  Piranha Eyewear     The ULTIMATE Motorcycle Stretch Straps
High Compression/Custom Made Pistons Quantum Racing                   Mr Clutch resurfaced clutch plates                      Mr Clutch     S4 True Handsfree Speaker phone               BlueAnt Wireless                                  Motorcycle Adventure Products
Honda Parts                         Australian Motorcycle Parts       Mr Clutch stainless springs                             Mr Clutch     Safe Luggage Straps                                Andy Strapz    Thermal Switches                                   Davies Craig
Honda Rare Spares                               BK Performance        MX Boots & Neckbrace                      Gas Imports Australia       Scala Rider                             Strike Group Australia    Thermatic Fans                                     Davies Craig
Honing                                                   Electrosil   MX Clothing/Helmets                         Warrian Enterprises       Scala Rider Q2                          Strike Group Australia    Throttle bodies                                 Bubs Customs
Hose Clamps                                        Norma Pacific      Napalm Racing                                 Mainmoto Imports        Scala Rider Q2 Mulhset                  Strike Group Australia    Titanium Valvetrain Components               Quantum Racing
Hose Connectors                                    Norma Pacific      Nerfbars, Bumpers                         Hardiman ATV/MOTO           Scala Rider Teamset                     Strike Group Australia    Tokyo Mods                                  Mainmoto Imports
Hose Reels                                         STM Australia      NGK Spark Plugs                                NGK Spark Plugs        Scooter Drive Belts.                           Dayco Australia    Tool Rolls                                   Egress Solutions
Huggers                                  Powerbronze Australia        Nitrofill Cap Kit Program                         Allgo Solutions     Scooter Parts & Accessories Kymco Australia & New Zealand         Tool Storage                                    Snap On Tools
Hunter Motorcycle Dist.               Hunter Motorcycle Group         Nitrogen Generators                               Allgo Solutions     Scooters                      Kymco Australia & New Zealand       Toolboxes                                   Austech Industries
Hydration Packs                                 Egress Solutions      Nitrogen Generators & Inflation Units             Allgo Solutions     Scorpion 300                                              Zuma    Toolboxes                                                   IMS
Hydration Systems                    Off Road Imports Holdings        Nolan+ N-Com Specialists                             Aussie Biker     Screens                                           Road Rocket     Tools                        Birdman Motorcycle Accessories
Identification Tags Pro-Plan Performance Management Pty               Norton Wideline Frames             Oneup Motorcycle Products          Screens                    Australian Motorcycle Components       Tools                         Motorcycle Specialties Australia
Ignition Mate                            Moto-Tech Diagnostics        Off Road Apparel                              Admant Industries       Screens                                Powerbronze Australia      Tools and Cables                        A1 Accessory Imports
Imported Motorcycles                         Aitken Motorcycles       OGK FFS Helmet                       Moto National Accessories        Sealed for Life Batteries                     Federal Batteries   Tools                                               Motohansa
Indicators                     Motorcycle Specialties Australia       Oil                                       A1 Accessory Imports        Seals                                         Shock Treatment     TPMS - Tyredog                                    Tyrecheckers
Intercoms                                       Bluerim Australia     Oil Lines/Coolers                                  John Stamnas       Seat Bags                                          Andy Strapz    Trail Packs                                  Egress Solutions
International Freight & Custom Services             Ship My Bike      Oil Pumps                                           STM Australia     Seats                      Australian Motorcycle Components       Transmission Oil Coolers                           Davies Craig
Interphone F4                                   BlueAnt Wireless      Oil Seals                                        BK Performance       Service Jacks                                   Snap On Tools     Transmissions & Components East Coast Custom Distributors
Inverters                              Bainbridge Technologies        Oil                                          Ficeda Accessories       Shell Advance Ultra 4 Oil           Moto National Accessories     Transport - Motorcycles Import/Export             Ship My Bike
IT Services                                              MC Sales     Oil                                    Cykel Products Australia       Shock Absorbers                       Moose Racing Products       Truimph 675 standard profile,double bubble, Race
Jackets                          Bikiechic Motorcycle Clothing        Oil/Air/Fuel Filters                        Munich Motorcycles        Shock Absorbers                               Proven Products                                                 Screens For Bikes
Jackets                                                    Topace     Oils                                            Link International    Shock Absorbers                              Suspension Shop      T-Shirts                        Bikiechic Motorcycle Clothing
Jackets                                            Draggin Jeans      Oils & Lubes                              Ron Angel Wholesale         Shock Absorbers                               Shock Treatment     T-Shirts                                    Kidbikers Australia
Jackets                                           Hit Air Australia   Oils/Lubricants                               Admant Industries       Sigma slipper clutches                                Mr Clutch   Tuff Jugs                                     Ballards Offroad
Jeans                                              Hornee Jeans       Online Sales                                            MC Sales      Signs                                          Willmax Printing   Tyre Changers                 East Coast Custom Distributors
Jeans                                              Draggin Jeans      OptiMate Battery Chargers          Bike Doctor & Bike Tyre City       Skid Plates                                 Force Accessories     Tyre Repair Kit                            Tomcat Distribution
Job Control Cards Pro-Plan Performance Management Pty                 OptiMate, VacuumMate, IgnitionMate, TecMate Products Bike             Sleeves                                 Bikes & Bits Importers    Tyre Warmers                                        Sportsbike
K & N Filters                      Carlisle Tyres & Accessories       Doctor & Bike Tyre City                                               Slim Motorcycle Goggles                       Piranha Eyewear     Tyre Warmers                               Bandit Accessories
Kawasaki Parts                      Australian Motorcycle Parts       Panhead Cam Covers                                 Bubs Customs       Soft Adventure Panniers                            Andy Strapz    Tyre-Down                        Oneup Motorcycle Products
Kenda Tyres                        Carlisle Tyres & Accessories       Panhead style rocker boxes                         Bubs Customs       Solar Panels & Accessories                      R & J Batteries   Tyres                                        Link International
Kids Motorcycle Jackets                       Kidbikers Australia     Pannier Liners                                  Egress Solutions      Solo & Quad workshop Lifts                           Sportsbike   Tyres                                   Gas Imports Australia
Kids Motorcycle Pants                         Kidbikers Australia     PD Fork Valves                                 Suspension Shop        Spare Parts       MotoTech Motorcycle Sales and Spare Parts       Tyres                                           Monza Imports
Labscope                                            SPX Australia     Performance Hose & Fittings                Norden Performance         Spark Plugs                                              TEMA     Tyres & Tubes                           Ron Angel Wholesale
Ladies Wear                      Bikiechic Motorcycle Clothing        Performance Products                                Burleigh Parts    Spark-Key Piezo Electric Crystal Touch Ignitor GO Distribution    Tyres                                         Pro Accessories
Leather Garments                            R & R Speed Sports        Performance Upgrade Kits                       Teknik Motorsport      Specialised Motorcycle Freighters                 Ship My Bike    Tyres                                    McLeod Accessories
Leather Suits & Wet Weather Gear                  Shogai Imports      Pillion Grippers                              Kidbikers Australia     Specialist Tooling             East Coast Custom Distributors     Tyre                                 Cykel Products Australia
LED Alert Caps                                      Tyrecheckers      Pipe Retaining Clips                                Norma Pacific     Speciality Tools                                  SPX Australia   Ultimate Motorcycle Goggles                   Piranha Eyewear
LED Lights                                   Tomcat Distribution      Piston Kits                                       Hyside Trading      Speciality Tools                           Teng Tools Australia   Ultrasonic Carbi Baths           Bike Doctor & Bike Tyre City
Levers                         Motorcycle Specialties Australia       Pistons                                                     Serco     Speedymoto                 Gowanloch Motorcycle Engineering       Vacuums                                                 Karcher
Levers                      Australian Motorcycle Components          Pistons                                   Bikes & Bits Importers      Split Stream                                 Mainmoto Imports     Valve Kits                                           PromechA
Light guards                                                Kenma     Plastic Fenders                           Hardiman ATV/MOTO           Springs                               Moose Racing Products       Vests                                          Hit Air Australia
Light weight fasteners                       Bandit Accessories       Plastics                             Off Road Imports Holdings        Springs                                     Suspensions R Us      Vintage Fairings                                       Bikecraft
Limit Measuring Equipment                   Teng Tools Australia      Plastics                                         Pro Accessories      Springs                                       Shock Treatment     Welding                                               Electrosil
Lubricants                                          Red Line Oils     Polaris Parts                       Australian Motorcycle Parts       Springs                                       Proven Products     Welding Torch DHC 2000                      American Welding
Lubrication Equipment                              STM Australia      Polarized Sunglasses                             Blue Reef Vision     Springs                                              PromechA     Wheel Building                        Moose Racing Products
Luggage                                   Ron Angel Wholesale         Polos                             Bikiechic Motorcycle Clothing       Sprockets                    Birdman Motorcycle Accessories       Wheels & Brakes                                     Sportsbike
Luggage & Crash Bars                        Munich Motorcycles        Powersports                             Century Yuasa Batteries       Sprockets                              MetalGear International    Windscreens                                   Pro Accessories
Luggage Systems                                Motorrad Garage        Powertools                                    Austech Industries      Sprockets                             Cykel Products Australia    Works Performance                    AR Maxwell Motorcycles
Luggage systems                                             Kenma     Pre-Filters                                       Profill Australia   Spyder                               Hunter Motorcycle Group      XY150 GY                                                  Zuma
Maintenance Free Batteries                      Federal Batteries     Pressure Washers                              Austech Industries      Stainless Brake Fittings & Tube       XY250 GY Motard                                           Zuma
Mandrel Bends               Black Mamba Racing Components             Profi Laser B.A.T                        Moto-Tech Diagnostics        Stainless Springs, Clutch Plates                 DUCATIONLY       XY250 GY Enduro                                           Zuma
Mechanical Tyre Pressure Indicators                 Tyrecheckers      Protection                                        Monza Imports       Stainless Steel Braided Brake Hoses
                                                                                                                                                                                                              XY250 GY MX                                               Zuma
Merge Collectors            Black Mamba Racing Components             Protective eyewear                                         Topace     Stainless Steel Polish                            Burleigh Bars
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Yamaha Genuine Accessories
Microgas                                 Moto-Tech Diagnostics        Pump Filter EFI                                   Profill Australia   Steel & Stealth Sprockets               A1 Accessory Imports
Mini-Air Compressor                          Tomcat Distribution      Q2 Smart Bluetooth Headset with HD Audio                              Steering Dampers                               Ballards Offroad                        Yamaha Motor Australia Parts Division
Mirrors                        Motorcycle Specialties Australia                                                       BlueAnt Wireless      Steering Dampers                             Suspension Shop      Yamaha Genuine Apparel
Motocross Graphic Kits                           Willmax Printing     Quick shifters & Gear Display                       DUCATIONLY        Steering Dampers                              Shock Treatment                          Yamaha Motor Australia Parts Division
Motodry DIABLO Jacket                Moto National Accessories        Quick throttles, rear sets, bars                    DUCATIONLY        Stickers                                       Willmax Printing   Yamaha Genuine Parts
MotoGP Team Clothing                              Shogai Imports      Race Mufflers                Black Mamba Racing Components            Suspension                            AR Maxwell Motorcycles                           Yamaha Motor Australia Parts Division
Motorbike Batteries                               R & J Batteries     Race Parts                                           Road Rocket      Suspension Dampers                      Hardiman ATV/MOTO         Yamaha Parts                     Australian Motorcycle Parts
Motorcycle Accessories                                       Serco    Radial Master Cylinder Adaptors Hel Performance Australia             Suspension Modification                     Suspensions R Us
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Yamaha R1 standard profile, double bubble, Race
Motorcycle Boots/Shoes                            Shogai Imports      Radiator Coolant/UV leak additive                 GO Distribution     Suspension Parts & Consumables               Teknik Motorsport
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Screens For Bikes
Motorcycle Cushions                            AirHawk Australia      Radiator Guards                               Force Accessories       Suspension Parts                            Suspensions R Us
Motorcycle DVDS                                Platypus Australia     Radiator Hoses                                  Quantum Racing        Suspension Tools                             Teknik Motorsport    Yamlube Lubricants Yamaha Motor Australia Parts Division
Motorcycle Exhausts            Formula 1 Motorcycle Exhausts          Radiators                                       Quantum Racing        Suzuki DR 650/DRZ 400 range of tints & colours                    Yellow Box Speedo Re-Calibrator      Powerbronze Australia
Motorcycle Eyewear                                      FlexVision    Rain-off Gloves                                      Aussie Biker                                                  Screens For Bikes    Yoyodyne                Gowanloch Motorcycle Engineering
Motorcycle Glasses                                      FlexVision    Ramps & Stands                                  Link International    Suzuki Parts                       Australian Motorcycle Parts    Zac Speed RP3 Lite               Moto National Accessories

BIKE Business
38 July - August 2011              business               to      business
                            A complete range of hose, fittings,
                            pads, brake lines and accessories
John Stamnas Pty Ltd
email   to transform your ride.

(07) 5447 7411
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                                                                      LE. IN NOVATION

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         QUALITY A                TORCYCLE
          D COLOURS



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                                A S K FO R           TO F
                                                     w  ww.proacc

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