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					                                  The professionals at The Center for
                                Rehabilitation at Euclid Hospital share a

                    A           passion for healing body, mind and spirit

                                                                                                    The Healing Garden at Euclid Hospital aids in the
                                                                                                    healing process by inspiring a sense of serenity
                                                                                                    and well-being.

                    By Anne Gallagher
                                                               “I felt better almost
                                                           immediately. I had the right

                          or more than 30 years, Euclid                                                providing a broad range of services
                          Hospital has built its reputa-    doctors, the right hospital                in acute, skilled nursing/subacute
                          tion as a regional leader in     and the right rehabilitation.”              care, inpatient rehabilitation and
                    rehabilitation services. Thousands                                                 outpatient services at its convenient
                    of patients come each year to the
                                                             —Bob Potter, total joint                  lakefront location.
                    hospital from northeast Ohio—and           replacement patient
                                                                                                       What Makes It So Good?
                                                           from across the country—to                  “Our solid reputation is not just
                                                           take advantage of its innovative            based on hearsay,” says Eli Fink, M.D.,
     Rehabilitation                                        rehabilitation programs, top-
                                                           notch professional staff, and
                                                                                                       attending physiatrist, a physician
                                                                                                       who specializes in physical and
     Programs and                                          high-tech equipment.                        rehabilitative medicine and oversees
     Services                                                  “At Euclid Hospital, we invest
                                                           in today’s most advanced thera-
                                                                                                       the team of certified rehabilitation
                                                                                                       nurses, physical, occupational and
     ◆   Adaptive bowling and golf programs                peutic treatments so that we can            recreational therapists, speech ther-
     ◆   Arthritis therapy                                 bring about tomorrow’s advances             apists, social workers, nutritional
     ◆   Aquatic therapy                                   in rehabilitative care,” says Lauren        representatives and other caregivers.
     ◆   Audiology                                         Rock, Euclid Hospital president.               “It’s based on measurable facts
     ◆   Cleveland Clinic Pain Management at               “Our Rehabilitation Center of               and statistics that show rehab at
         Euclid Hospital                                   Excellence ensures that patients            Euclid Hospital has outstanding clin-
     ◆   Driving assessment and rehabilitation             receive the exceptional level of qual-      ical outcomes, a high level of patient
     ◆   Hand therapy                                      ity and service they expect from a          satisfaction, and top-quality care,”
     ◆   Neuro Day program (for neurological               Cleveland Clinic hospital.”                 Dr. Fink says.
         conditions)                                           The Center for Rehabilitation              Care is provided by a team of
     ◆   Parkinson’s disease comprehensive                 at Euclid Hospital is well-known for        rehabilitation specialists working
         care program
     ◆   Pediatric rehabilitation
                                                             “I’ve experienced three different rehab facilities, and I can
     ◆   Physical, occupational and speech therapy
     ◆   Recreational therapy (art, music,
                                                           tell you that Euclid Hospital is the best place to be. Of course,
         horticulture)                                       the medical and nursing care is top-notch, but the setting
     ◆   Total joint replacement education class            on the lake is unbelievable. It’s breathtakingly beautiful and
                                                                   relaxing.” —Gay Roberts, hip replacement patient

vim & vigor   4   spring 2007
              “I was depressed and gave up on everything. Then I went to Euclid’s rehab
                 center. Now I’m even better than I was before the stroke, and I credit
               the staff at Euclid for helping me through it. In addition to their medical
              expertise, they gave me the motivation to find inner strength in myself to
                    work hard and become healthy.” —Timothy Shea, stroke patient

with patients to restore motion,                   for Rehabilitation offers an exten-               a continuum of care, including
movement and quality of life.                      sive array of outpatient programs,                mobility and gait training, activities
   Located along the picturesque                   including physical, occupational                  of daily living and medication man-
Lake Erie shoreline, the hospital’s                and recreational therapies, speech                agement. The Parkinson’s disease
Healing Garden is designed to                      and audiology, and aquatic therapy.               comprehensive care program pro-
inspire a sense of serenity and                        Two outpatient programs,                      vides assessment, coping strategies,
well-being in patients and their                   designed for those with neuro-                    lifestyle changes and caregiver
loved ones.                                        logical conditions, are unique to                 education. It is offered in partner-
                                                   northeast Ohio. The Neuro Day                     ship with Cleveland Clinic Center
After the Hospital                                 rehabilitation program provides                   for Neurological Restoration. ■
When patients are ready to leave
the hospital setting, they can take
comfort in knowing The Center

  “The Neuro Day program
  at Euclid is the best. The
therapists push you to excel
and offer variety in the types
  of exercise and therapies.
    Meeting other people
   with similar problems is
 helpful because it takes the
 focus off your own illness.”
 —Tarsha Baylor, Neuro Day
       program patient

                                                                                                         Rehabilitation takes a team approach at Euclid
                                                                                                         Hospital. Pictured are (front, from left): Julie Bross,
                                                                                                         O.T.; Janine Weisfeld, social worker; Judy Shy, PTA;
                                                                                                         Natasha Friedt, O.T. In the back (from left) are Sue
                                                                                                         Ketz, P.T., and Dianne Vermilya, P.T.

                                                                                                                   More about
                                                                                                                   the Center
                                                                                                               To learn more about The Center for
                                                                                                            Rehabilitation at Euclid Hospital, and to
                                                                                                           receive a booklet describing rehabilitation
                                                                                                            services, call Medline at (440) 312-4533.
Roberta Smith, O.T., and Steve Rhodes, PTA, are just two of the many therapists at Euclid who work
with patients to restore their motion, movement and quality of life.

                                                                                                                                              spring 2007   5      vim & vigor