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What do we mean when we talk about treating AHS holistically?

Our body systems are created to work in unison with each other and in absolute perfection. These systems
can easily get out of balance and cease to function as they should due to various reasons. This includes but
is not limited to an imbalanced diet and/or deficiency and stress (emotional, physical or environment related).
These all contribute to weakening the body’s defenses and putting strain on the various organs of the body.

How seriously the horse reacts to the AHS virus depends on many factors, the above included. To treat AHS
or any infection, we need to first restore the normal resistance of the body. This means ensuring health and
vitality of all bodily systems.
During the fighting of infections and infestations herbs assist in eradicating microbes and vitalize the body’s
own defenses. This is carried out through their anti-microbial and anti-viral actions. Herbs that assist in
ridding toxins and waste material from the body are equally important so as to prevent an environment for
microbes to breed in.

The body is effective and an incredibly complex mechanism for ridding the body of toxins, waste products
and poisons. There are many simple and safe herbs that can support this process however it is vitally
important that the eliminative processes are addressed as a whole and not just the colon as is often the case.
Therefore when a cleansing program is followed, it is important that all organs of elimination are helped at the
same time. If certain areas of the body have been particularly under toxic pressure it is important to give
additional assistance to these areas.
Therefore when we consider treatment of the horse if they have contracted AHS, it is wise to treat the body
symptomatically, eradicate the virus as well as treat the body as a whole, to give him the best chance of
protecting the body, dealing with the disease and making a fast, complete recovery.

These are the principles on which I have based the AHS herbal formulas (100 % natural – pure, medicinal
grade herbs).

How are the herbs taken, what are the dosages and for how long are they taken?

The herbs come in powder form for easy administration in emergencies where the horse is not eating. If the
horse is eating, they can be added to the food over several meals per day, moistening the food to mix it in. If
the horse is not eating, you can make a paste by adding water to the powder and syringe it down their

The formulas come in two packets. Anti-viral Herbal Formula for AHS and AHS Support.

The Anti-viral Herbal Formula for AHS: 30 g - 50 g/day for the first 8 days, thereafter 30 g/day till day 14.

The AHS Support: 30 g – 50 g/day for the first 8 days.

Please note: If for any reason use of the formulas are discontinued for a day or longer, they will not be as
effective. They are designed to eradicate the virus as well as to eliminate symptoms and protect the body.
Therefore continued use of the herbs at the recommended dosages for the recommended time frame is
essential for optimal effectiveness.

Can the herbs be taken in conjunction with other AHS treatments?

Most people who have used the AHS herbal kit successfully have done so as a stand alone treatment.
However they have also been used successfully in conjunction with veterinary medicine.
What if it isn’t actually AHS?

The beauty of the herbs is that they can be given even if you only suspect AHS – they will ONLY be
beneficial and have no negative side effects. They can therefore be given even if the horse is not really ill,
but just as a preventative if they look ‘off-colour.’

Can they be used for any other condition?

The anti-viral herbal formula can be used to boost the immune system, for any other viral infections and in
fact it contains anti-bacterial properties too, so will be beneficial to fight bacterial infections as well.

The AHS support can be used for any condition that it would benefit (see benefits of the AHS Support below).

The AHS Kit has been used with great success on horses suffering from West Nile Virus/Encephalitis.

What is the shelf-life?

If stored correctly (see instruction leaflets included), the formula has a shelf-life of a year, if not longer.

What are the safety precautions?

Due to some of the herbs causing possible stimulation of the uterus, it is not recommended to be used on
pregnant mares. However there is formula available for both options specifically designed for pregnant

The only other precaution is to use with caution if the horse is allergic to aspirin or other salicylates as the
AHS Support contains this in the natural form.

What benefits do the herbal formulas offer?

Single herbs can have many beneficial actions. When combined, they can do wonders for the body. The
formulas are designed to do two basic jobs:

1)     The Anti-Viral Formula - Strengthen the horses immunity, promote resistance to invasive infection,
       eradicate the virus and offer protection from secondary bacterial infection

2)     The AHS Support – Support and strengthen the body and bring the body systems back into alignment,
       making sure they are functioning correctly as well as to protect the areas of the body that the AHS virus
       attacks (they will also assist in eradicating the symptoms if they are already present).

I will discuss these functions in detail below:

1)     Anti-viral formula

This formula contains herbs rated the best in the world for eradicating viruses. It assist in preventing the
critical amino acid production that is required for viruses to grow, thereby assisting in deactivating and
destroying viruses. It increases the production of white blood cells to assist in fighting disease and protecting
healthy cells and increases anti-bodies.

The herbs contain additional benefits of building the immune system and promoting resistance to invasive

It encourages the body to produce macrophages that assist in engulfing and digesting infectious microbes
before they invade cell walls and cause damage to cells and tissues.

Added benefits include:

    Combating fatigue and stress, increasing metabolism, stamina, strength and vitality.
    Assisting the body to normalize body functions and reinstate metabolic balance.
    Promoting general healing.

2)       AHS Support

In addition to ensuring proper functioning of the body, the AHS Support contains herbs that assists in
protecting and restoring the areas of the body that are attacked by the AHS virus – the respiratory,
circulatory, lymphatic and the nervous system, the heart, muscles and to a degree brain functioning.

The formulation also contains alterative herbs that assist and restore the body to proper functioning.

The formula contains:

    Natural anti-oxidants.
    Natural anti-septic properties.
    Expectorants and decongestants (from herbs).
    Herbs rich in potassium to assist in replacing that which is expelled from the body due to the diuretic
     action of the herbs.
The formula assists in:
    Stimulating the appetite.
    Facilitating healing in the body.
    Cleansing and stimulating the removal of excess fluid, toxins and waste products from the body thereby
     reducing the swelling caused by oedema. In doing so, the herbs will also begin eliminating the fluids in
     the heart and lungs.
    Calming the nerves, reducing stress and anxiety including nervous exhaustion.
    Relaxing and soothing tight, sore muscles.
    Alleviating pain, neuralgia and inflammation including tension in the head.
    Alleviating spasms, abdominal cramps and relaxing the gut.
    Alleviating spasmodic coughs, respiratory conditions and lung disorders.
    Easing breathing and bronchial asthma as well as congestion in the head.
    Reducing fever by producing perspiration and eliminating toxins through the skin (although it is believed
     that reducing a fever is not advisable if it is not dangerously high due to it being the body’s own way of
     fighting infection, due to the cause being eliminated by the anti-viral herbs and the toxins being
     eliminated through the skin, this is a very effective way of facilitating the body to work through the fever).
    Toning the kidneys and liver.
    Purifying the blood and removing acid from the body.
    Preventing ulcers.
    Eliminating inflammation, swelling and stiffness in the joints.
    Supporting, strengthening and protecting the heart, as well as normalizing heart functioning.
    Allowing oxygen-rich blood to get to the heart and regulating blood pressure.
    Improving blood circulation to the body, including the limbs, heart and the brain.
    Improving oxygen flow to the brain.
    Preventing hemorrhaging.
    Promoting healthy gallbladder, pancreas and spleen function.
   Eliminating gas and intestinal flatulence as well as gastrointestinal inflammation and infection, easing
    stomach cramps, colic and indigestion.
   Cleansing the lymphatic system.
 (Disclaimer: Although Royalynne’s AHS Kit has been used countless times to safely bring horses through
AHS, Royalynne by no means make any healing claims or guarantee success, and do not claim to replace
the value of veterinary services.)

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