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									Market Intelligence Report:

                              Technomic’s exclusive report covers
                              the latest barbecue market trends
                              with in-depth insights and analysis to
                              help readers:

                               Understand consumer attitudes

                               evalUate menu trends

                               explore hot concepts

                               develop new products

                               enhance results
  Introducing the            market intelligence report: Barbecue
         a comprehensive assessment identifying trends and opportunities.

tap into the BarBecue trends that will drive menu development and
customer traffic...
Barbecue conjures memories not only of taste and smell but of time and place. Restaurant operators have long tried to capture
those moments through baby back ribs, shredded pork and slow-cooked brisket. Despite the popularity of these traditional favorites,
consumers are eager to try new variations, attracted by interesting flavor combinations and ethnic influences. At the same
time, they are looking for better-for-you dishes that don’t skimp on taste.
Market Intelligence Report: Barbecue digs deep into Technomic’s exclusive consumer, menu and industry data to uncover insights
and opportunities in the barbecue market. The report provides detailed menu data from Technnomic’s MenuMonitor, which tracks the
menus of more than 1,200 independent restaurants, high-volume chains and emerging concepts. It also features extensive consumer
data culled from Technomic’s Flavor Consumer Trend Report, Center of the Plate: Beef & Pork, and Center of the Plate: Poultry. Rounding
out the report are operator examples, including the new products and hot concepts driving barbecue innovation.

in-depth coverage and analysis
This all-new report provides operators and suppliers with powerful insights to help:
     discover innovative ethnic and regional barbecue offerings such as Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Caribbean, Cuban,
       Hawaiian, Mexican and other Latin cuisines.
     leverage the popularity of hot ingredients, such as pulled pork, which is growing on menus as sliders in both appetizers
       and entrées, while also appearing on tacos, pizza, baked potatoes, salads and hamburgers.
     Gauge usage of sauce and uncover new applications, e.g., barbecue sauce is the most popular option for chicken strips or
       nuggets—on menus and by consumer choice—but also appears on nearly 10% of specialty pizzas and burgers.
     Market to the 70% of consumers who say flavors imparted by preparation methods such as grilling, roasting
       or braising are appealing or very appealing, and are attracted to flavors, like “grilled,” “savory,” “spicy,” “sweet” and
       “smoky,” all of which can be achieved through barbecue preparations, sauces or rubs.
     explore trend-forward and emerging flavor combinations, such as “grilled and herbal” and “sweet and savory,” which
       can begin with barbecue.
     create healthful dishes with flavors that customers crave, as barbecue can add flavor without fat. While consumers
       don’t necessarily see barbecue as healthful, offering better-for-you items featuring barbecue flavors or preparation techniques
       can alter this perception and boost customer satisfaction.
     Understand consumer flavor preferences to appeal to your target market or add a twist to attract new customers.

valuaBle report deliveraBles
     executive summary of insights, implications and opportunities for operators and manufacturers.
     real-life examples of new products and restaurant promotions.
     company profiles of established and emerging barbecue concepts.

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     i ns rt!                                                     top 10 preparation methods
  ok po
lo e re                                                                       % Entrées menued in 2010
                                              Grilled                                                                      19.5%

                                             Roasted                                         9.2%

                                               Baked                                  7.7%

                                                Fried                               6.9%

                                             Toasted                               6.8%                        analysis: A look at more than 700 menus from the
                                                                                                                Top 500 chains, emerging chains and independent
                                               Sliced                             6.4%
                                                                                                                restaurants reveals that barbecue is still hot. Grilled,
                                             Smoked                        4.7%                                 smoked, barbecued, broiled, seared and blackened all
                                                                                                                appear within the top 20 preparation methods for entrées.
                                             Sauteed                       4.7%

                                         Barbecued                        4.3%

                                          Marinated                    3.3%

Source: Technomic MenuMonitor
Base: Top 500, 117 Emerging Chains and 119 Independent Restaurants

                                     appeal of Basic flavor comBinations/types of flavors
                                                                                           Top five

 Grilled and Herbal                   21%                                  32%                        53%
                                 Skip dessert                    69%                 21%

     Restaurants can
    Sweet and Sour offer food in a way
                              16%                               60% 32%            28%         48%
            that still tastes good

  Integrate at least one healthy element                                                                       analysis: Consumers, asked to rate the appeal of
                                                              46%             36%
                 in my
 Sweet and Savory meal13%                                        32%                       45%                  certain flavor combinations, think highly of common
                                                                                                                profiles that barbecue preparations and sauces impart.
  Substitute a healthier side to go with
                                                         38%               40%                                  Other top-rated combinations can be achieved by
                my entrée                                                                                       combining barbecue with other ingredients, adding a
 Sweet and Smoky          13%                                  28%                    41%                       twist to the familiar. Think tamarind, guava, chipotle,
                     Cut back on beverages              35%            28%                                      Chinese mustard and of course hot sauce.

   Sweet and Spicy with someone else
     Split an entrée    13%                         18%       27% 41%               40%

                                     Very Appealing           Appealing

 Source: Technomic, The Flavor Consumer Trend Report (2009)
 Base: 1,500

                      a sampling of estaBlished and emerging BarBecue concepts profiled
                                                                                     In alpha order
 Bandana’s Bar-B-Q                        Brother Jimmy’s BBQ                                Gyu-Kaku                                      Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse
 Bar-B-Cutie                              Famous Dave’s                                      Kogi Korean BBQ-To-Go                         Sonny’s Real Pit Bar-B-Q
 Beach Pit BBQ                            Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue                     L&L Hawaiian Barbecue                         Spring Creek Barbecue
 Bono’s Pit Bar-B-Q                       Full Moon Bar-B-Que                                Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que                And more...
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